The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 10
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.-PAGE 'TWELVE Bi.vnlT'VTi I.E (Am< i Off A-Ridinc with'Her Undo David Canada Nearer Gold Basis Than in Years In n hangar, • will bulk! a \ \hui\wr nccomodatlng 100 rilnnc-s'nl ' • -i ,1 «T.UT;t \ ' NSWEFW is In Domln- K lion nnlc covi-iiiB' 1 ! has been In yi-urs. Canada iinw C.WTIS ill.924,000 ol gold aitiiinst Us nute u-si-rve, nndj (he Mint pilf at pre'cnt on uoltl: Is .532.15 |X'i cinl. but n.s thi-ro Ls; In premium of '/>'.- jKr cent, the valul- of (In- mid lielel by tin. 1 ' nominlon us ;>o>«- bnckiiiK Is lenlly ! illi.a-ll.OflO wbl-!i. if uchnlcalliles i v,t-n- ii'tiiidi'd. v.oiild mean (hill I (here is n:on- i-olel held today by ' the IXiinlnion il.nn ttii-u- wns CM' rninlou nou-, in i-lrciilatlon on Auc. ''1 o! llii.- vf-ar the (owl nt thai I itnu- l^-mi 1 SJK.430,000. avlallou students. Clam Ban Lifted To Aid Jobless 11ELOIT, Wls. (UP)— Removal of. n H-yfar tan on clumnilrig In'tlie Tiwk lilver to relieve uriemploy-, jnent has-'revived an old Industry The finr-11 of rooking i-lains and i l.iiiic |ii!es ejf thelLs mark the lo-1 tatlon cf ficorc? of camr; TUKC O1KSK !&• r.v^ | Sl' / '^ i r.l ve.w.-ls enteiin^ Caimdlan! ... l^iH.'i. bill li also hud iln 1 lunicsi! m i lunber ol ex-e-ui-i-.tjiJif; shljj.-, r-n- .' ier tlie hni-lx): 1 . Ooonn-Btilng era it enieriii£ i H. O. porls during the vear i 11!>32-33 munbmd 8.2^2, svllh B j ! irglstored 12.488.201 ions. Qiteb, 1 !-, | ifrowrd Hie next heaviest Ion-, iliage. with 0,021,01-2. Vancouver I also led (he Dominion In' lotai • ! number of all kinds of ships. TTTlfhSlJAY. uf" lion; --.iff. (Dili :'. sun. Conrud, bad ihe .< i i.n.'i. i. . i .... - ' ;; [)!!n-j |K)l!tli.u n-IJJiniJilllon , -.1:1. :ui*i -• ^-uti. i^umtiu, mui uir Qmlr<- !.; MipjxiM (in- <-:i!M- ',.,'.|-:,.-i- l-l iM;ibM.-Ol 31 nt v: bakery. On liic- Jii-^t ilfiy Ihr-y mr.di- ,11 - | I-:'* i l «i<Mi Pi? Bn<(inp« i Nfltt l! "'- v IMkf >nare '""'i ;t - ni)il LSMI.II rie nvisinLss j_ ( (|ay ([o hllsilin .,. onoiisluiin NOW IS DOOming Males, mid employ II ;icltlillnnul ! kinds. 1IOI.VOKJJ. ,M:i«,s. il)Pi — Tun, ~ •:u-: ai-o a! Hie- dr-olli of the de- . Immigration lo Canada npprox- r-'S'ion Ariii.iiid J. l..i-;r-!lc. Mi' iiu.!tr-.s I:',Of.f) n year. I1I2KT wrote the OPC-I-K nidi. SALT Is (he chief siilutl- ni(e foi- suow in niovifi sceiius. H.Hiii-k Homy ilellvr-rr-d his famous <ir:aio» it ST. JOHN'S VA, "• Women Plan Suffrage Campaign for Quebec! U. S. Plans 100-Plane Hangar at Pensacola PKNSACOl.A, Fla. (UP)—V!W]e.| Slim, ruririiibi-i inn tlial n ft-v; yc.irs nso 19 "t lil^ t'liolcc nrniy | plnnf-s -^(-v<- ili-.sti-oyi cl l:y n hiin-l- lipic l;pcfliiM: IlK-y wore- not British Columbia Leads I he riv.-r bank.-:. Five w six bushels ol fliclls n j r J • <iny-is ;m average cnicli. They: vanada in l-rlnt: alwiit $:tfi n ton "on tbtl - L:.iik." or'at; much ns SC5 a Ion VANCOUVER, J). C. ( \p (be city. . The 1 .shells 1 I s ' 1 Columbia It-ads 'il run nlX)iit'40 buslicls I'o (lie [on. ; In ships ajid lojinae' Hoffman- ftoi-kforel. III., :o MalLslk's 1 In the Mini wlio tollcclcd five; tons, of shells t-ntit llr-vlcw. ii. 10 il:iy.\ hns the "i-tcjrd catch Not ' only docs 10 <lllt( '- ' Inkc first place 'in MONTOEAL i UP; -- Plans for. iMinuhing a n-ldc.sprr-nd noinan '. .-uMragr- campaign in ilit I'rovinti- ol Quelx'C thi.s \sinti-r me l>"iniy ; slndiecl by the- lx:.-i;;in- uf Women's: Hi^lits here. j Tlie I-eagnc plans to iniiodnco I c- bill srf-king a provincial vfjLinK' Ironchlse (or women at the ncxi .-f-sslon of tlie Qui'bec l.i-gjislatnr.'* ' nonunion | ant] will rt(|ii-.-si. the Conservative • '• Cu -' cor(lln 8 i patty u> r.ilopL woman Milferase as • itional !«•»- . ,„„. (lf Iiu . mnin pj.,,,1,., in n. s I ;l,lfiLfonn at |]ie coming Provincial j the province- i Conwrvalivc convention at Slier- total tonnage' brockc, Quc. The leusiie will ako'' 'IViiile M-IIPTO Hie [Hue :iiiil ihc (•'rcni K:iiilc are on I hi 1 .job , , . you'll s.-ivc money and fjcl hcllcv We llflivi-r Anyulirre Williams Grocery and Mai'kd "Ik-st J'lilto Tn Triide" 221 S. l.illv I'lujnt 9h'.-W TRADE WITH NRA MERCHANTS AND HELP NATIONAL RECOVERY He^sHhe Prince of Wains to all the world, but to Prince Ell/alx-Lli, duiighic-r of (he Duke and Duc'tip.w of Yoik, lie's plain "Unch' DnvW." The; Prince and. Princess are here pictured driving back Iroui church •- 'at Balmoral, Scotland, where the royal fiunily are In rr-.sklencc. Silver Solder Improves Beer Vat Construction '•YORK (UP)—With Hie return of beer, every effort. Is being made, to' perfed. the machinery of production, with remarkable results. ' Th« efficiency ot our com- j)licat€<} brewing machinery has l««n: Increased by the Incrnasing usev'of silver, an American idea. TJhich"-glvf-s-• U. S. machinery an advantage over machines used abroad. Tlie great cauldrons, holding 500 barrels' of wort, and (lie compH- catetl piping, arc Joined logethcr by uijne'a precious'metal In t.helr rotiXlructlon. Silver Is employed to braze the heavy copper plates of (lie great vals, as well as lo join the piping and other It- lins been ffliind that this is the idenl alloy for ll\c purjiose. Silver solders mell.and then flow like water a I- extremely low bracing temperatures, which Ls n bl<j advanlage. i-e!icf fron n radio enslncer there. However, Stephen A. Klsh of the Rndio KnKiiicerini! force ihcre proiiilsccl a relief. KWl S115 ' S lle Ls " 01 s » r P rLs "l thal doctorB wwc „„„,,,,, , o ,„,,„. nose the man's case, but thought, it was funny (hat any radio engineer couldn't, fiml a remedy. He simiriird nn Ills J)l:m for re- Itevinij liodkc-r by ontllntni; n ri.'K- nlalion of the man's diet. Hn mid the reason nodker receives ther.c waves when a radio Is turned on L< because he dots not hnvn as litKh reslstanre ns other iwr.son 1 !. Radio Man Seeks Cure ;;Vv:: '•' From Engineer Slurlrd liy .luplli-r AI.EMCON 1 . France. (UP)—Overtaken by a thunderstorm. J'' an Lapef'e and his broU'ic-r. of I.cs Pas-Sl-Lhomer. stopped their auto under n tree. Lightning struck Hie tree, a falling branch knocked down a cow. and slnrted the. motor of (he auto.' Tlie cow «ot up and walked away, (he car anil us i>'.'- cil]iants escajicd injury. •PUYALLXJP,. Wash. (UP)—Martin Bodksr, the man who hns Knined nationwide publicity because 1 of his i>miliar reaction to radio waves and who is termed as "the radio man." may return to L«s. Ajigelcr, in an attempt to find a remedy that will relieve him of the effects of the waves. Bodker went to Los Angeles once before and failed to get any ',**4OS OJ nn£3T SHMOtlfJ OAXQa ITISL (SHAVING SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 40S West Main St. The Business Cowernp listed on this pa^c have signed tin? President's blanket e o d e <>(' shorter luMirs. lii^her wa^is, more johs and fair compeli- tion. Yon can do your part by pairotii/inff them, CO OUR PART \Ve belong to the NKA licc:iii«c we \v;int to <ln nur p ;lr ' —NOT for selfish liusincss re:isonn. We respettfully solicit your grocery business on (lie basis of FAIR 1'HICKS, (iOOD QUALITY and COR- RKCT WEIGHTS :nul MKASrHKS. RitePriceGrocery&Mkt. T. H. Van Rililiev, Proprietor I'hone 2.'i:i . fiirnov Main & First OT PIG BARBECUE ODGES CHILI UNTS HOT TAMALES ALSELL'S PIES OT COFFEE RUSTIC INN W.nlntif anrl Division ]\Iotl<Tii - - Sanitar - - ( l Broadway Barber Shop A Master Rarlmr At Kp.cli Chair Dii-k ]{olierls liill Ulcvins Visit the Broad way—We Guarantee You Will I'e Pleased Next Door to Farmers Bank I 1 k TAKE CARE OF -, YOUR EYES '•'-•: Why not have us examine your eye? or your children's eyes now? We're ^prepared to do this with the latest ''scientific methods. -V We Test Your Eyes We Grind the Lenses We Make the Glasses ; All Work Guaranteed Guard's Jewelry & ~—Optical Store J..L. GuardijOptometrist Skillful Airhh The makeup i? not Kootl \yilli- con-ecily arched browft: Do not trust this work- to amateurish hands when our o])cralors (.•mi give you ; that clever, PX- pre.-wive Hue oi'"lieaiity. Ucon B(;anty Shoppc Phone 100 America's Thrillini; New Six DODGE With 1'loatin.n Power The new Dodjje is truly an engineering achievement. Among its most outstanding features are- the all- hody, hydraulic brakes,, oil tilter, and <iuiel helical V Buy On A Showdown nf Quality ;ind Economy W. T. Barnett Auto Sales 117-119 \V. Main 1'hone 888 FOR THE BEST BEFORE WINTER. •IWIRING SERVICE •yUGHT FIXTURES ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES tMOTOR REPAIRING Walpole Electric Shop V»';irren .la Kilwin .Inn Anollicr Slnnmenl of ]\cw Ifals and Dresses ^ v Is lid'e if-/ if- Thcy'i'o as l«voly as nnyiliing you've \ \~i .«ncn this <eason. Thunks to tho co-npc'ralion of mliinifactnrers WP arc able 10 reploiiisli mir stuck with sotnu of the Ijesl-lo'ikiiiK Hats :m<i Drosses that hsive iicen «liovvn hero this fall. THE LAPIKS TOGGERY Three Doors West of Kvnss' —Alnhama Coal— Montavallo Now River Km (lire —Illinois Coal— Premium —Kentucky Coal— All nf KenhifKy Coal Gay&Biiiings,i nc

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