Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana on March 31, 1919 · Page 11
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Palladium-Item from Richmond, Indiana · Page 11

Richmond, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 31, 1919
Page 11
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PAGE ELEVEN V THE RICHMOND PALLADIUM AND SUN-TELEGRAM MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1919. 8S.JLLPR0ES BEST SEA IN: LEAGUE DRY Return of SerriceBwell Ranks of Indust Clubs. Name CENTRAL LEAGUE CLUB HERE NOW. -ball Indications axe that.tnrday afternoon League trill baae- d&u z&ns sit up ana tfce this year. Followers of. thh. hall clubs are predicting oie best seasons in the history 4gue. iuess preaicnons, iy gje hased on their study olnstrlal league which has in ribrs developed some good b&taterlal ana with the return of u play-era this year the rank! Saturday afternoon pastime Jed until It -will he hard to dho will be chosen on the six cj Starting next monthbs will commence training ligth the idea of getting an eat. Already some of the ms commenced to warm up Various Plants and should he lnape by the time their rezulari May S. 1 1 Especial attention wjaid to J the batting as the battere high- ' n ww u. ut; oni ali V CI cup by Walter Stien an&ny ot Cincinnati, at a banquetjend of the season. Several b-men did duty last year and be cup in the ring the horsehfcld do some tall Bailing thla -i No Diamond Ar As yet there is no defospect for a diamond but It ift that by the time the league ta first exhibition game the lrt of April, arrangements wlUjpleted for a diamond. "Doc" $ East-haven is still thinking thr over of letting the Saturdfernoon league have Its groundsiso has been Invited to join sonjin tbe circuit In order to s$n the lineups of some of the i clubs. When Earlham term f, Reid field can be used but forknth of May the league has no djunless it is able to play on tlibition ark The idea of ma&egular 3. A. L. ball lot down river "bottom has been given uj Tickets -will be distrlat the next meeting. This yeiickels will be Bold to insure tiess of the league. Each tickeiost 1 and entitle the holder ttss the fifteen S. A. L. games duje playing season. Some dlsciill be made at the next meetintive to raising the price of singissions Heretorore the league fifteen cents, which will fiarged suffi f In tbe '-ti&f Af IKnlil . -,- ..... year w t. . ' tyjf y?t to e r ciub. Pt.e ,4a SEEM S ASSURED 1 - The player above is the last star in our flu-masked player contest. He may not be popular with the fans this season because of his actions last season, although he is a tried veteran and a mighty slugger. Can you name him! , , " ' DRIVES CAR NOTED ON TWO CONTINENTS cient this year. No menjs been made of raising the nrlcc teeason iicKeu. V i, tttsch o as burled nia. . club to vibr tha ast few years, ha3 not btached to any club, and will ndntil a meeting of the manager derisions as who will be thiached players and who will ie the agmes. Reddinghaus is jr free agent that has not" beeiached. , "Foxy" -Schepman is flit the johnson-Frye-Indianapolis teara want3 him to hurl for it. Factory Lineu Johnny and Herbert Ix-e not working at any factory plj team in the field this year, and it is in the same fix. "Ernie" Bosworth has -ed in a great number of the (A. L. players at the American jg Machine company, and is loojround for more. Some of the mjo will he likely to line up with ttrican Seeders this year are RijHawe-kotte, pitch, and Everett Icatch. His lineup will also incf'Bud' Johnson, first base; Leviigley, Si Fitzgibbons, Craycraft, Lawrence. "Windy" Knight, Bill Knight - John-Frye I. G. C. thi: will present a strong lineup tq Donald Byrkett who develop 3 one of the best S. A. L. fir semen last season, at the Exhi park is there this year. He for play-players who will probably f luded in the team are Harrison ho Is the only regular back; Jolfceger, who played right field forllalls; , ,"Ho" Hawekotte, pitcher;! Rife, ' third base: Han-v riann I Kton- l"Foxy" Schepman is wantAiitch; I&uck to catch, and Chailstad, piuh or fielder. Alstad olln the 1917 season bu was in frrvice last year. Clarence Niebifl play outfield for the Johnson At the Starr Piano cny are Paul Witte, catcher; Sturm, pitcher; "Cal" Cutter, pitcHller, Merrill Justice, "Blandfdkett, 'Tuts" Kehlenbeck, Harrji and Al Meyer, to start the se Ten good players are 3ng on the pay roll of the JenkWcans and Pennsylvania club, fy are Claude Knight, Emmet H Icatch; Don Long, George Fine, CIifcerin, Carl Rufe, "Chlng" McCoi Wil-coxen, Red Foebal and Bilnters. i -"'v1 J'K 4v&Jt XI 4 v , ? 1 ' 1 V I 1 1 v Milan Masked Star Printed Saturday Jules Goux. Jules Goux, one of the entries in the $50,000 Liberty Sweepstakes of 500-miles on the Indianapolis Sweep-way, May 31, will drive a Peugeot, famous on two continents. By N. E. BROWN. Clyde Milan Is set for another sea-sen with the Griffmen. Clyde is one of those quiet chaps who has helped make baseball a great game, but who has kept out of the limelight considerably himself. He hasn't figured in any world-shocking trades. He never staged a well press-agented holdout. I don't remember that he ever slugged an umpire or any little thing like that But he has been playing baseball. . He is one of the most consistent stars the game possesses. He Is fleet afield and on the bases. He hits well and just as consistently as he plays. Lamp his record. He bats between .273 and .295 year in and year out. His bitting has been timely. His speed is shown by the fact that he has averaged thirty-two stolen bases a season and ranks well up in sacrifice hits. He is a hard man to pitch to, hia records: would indicate. He has drawn an average of close to fifty passes a season. Milan is the player shown in our nu-masked star contest Saturday. Eggemeyer, Back From Indianapolis Conference, Says Prospects Are Bright. The probability of Richmond having league baseball of class B brand this year has never looked better than it does today, declared Elmer Eggemeyer, who was at Indianapolis Sunday attending a meetinj of the men interested in the old Central league. Four towns were representedv Those attending were Harry Chambers, Mun-cie; Elmer Redelle, Springfield; Louis Heilbroner, Fort Wayne, and Elmer Eggemeyer, ' Richmond. :, - The meeting was called to interest Charles Carr of Indianapolis, in the Central : league, and to swing that league into action. Carr was not approached on the question of presidency definitely, but it-is thought that he will pilot the organization when the time comes. ii.iJijjiJ Want Lima In, : -. - I Louis Heilbroner announced that he I would have both Fort Wayne and Grand Rapids ready to commence reorganization the middle of the week. He will make a trip to Grand Rapids and Muskegon and start the ball rolling there. Carr left Indianapoli3 Monday for Lima, Ohio, where he will try to swing that city into line. Either Muncle or Lima will fill up the circuit, the latter town being favored by the men interested in the project. Tbe towns to be in the circuit are Richmond, Fort Wayne, Grand Rapida, Muskegon, Springfield and either Muncle or Lima. . Both Evansville - and Terre Haute have been asked to join and it Is thought that those two cities will take to this proposition better than the proposed Three-I circuit which makes them take long jumps. Will Elect This Week The plans worked out at the Sunday meeting will be concluded Wednesday or Thursday, when the managers of all the clubs interested will get together in the final organization meeting and elect officers. Eggemeyer announced Monday that Richmond would have no trouble In obtaining players as there were enough old players retained from the Central and other leagues to make the circuit one of the best that ever played league ball in Richmond. It is expected that reorganization of the club here will start next week. Earlham Girls' Basketball Tourney Will End Monday The girls' basketball series at Earlham college will be completed Monday evening. The seniors finally won a close contest irom ue junior gins Friday afternoon by a score of 10 to 11. Because of the -absence of the forward and two star players the seniors almost succumbed to the juniors. Unless the sophomores win from the seniors Monday, the senior class girls have the class championship packed away. In case the Sophs do win the enio-eophmore game,' the winner of th juniors and senior contest will be tied, and another contest will be necessary.- - The teams stand as follows: : t ' ' - ' W. L. Seniois 4 , 1 Juniors 3 2 Freshmen 3 2 Sophmores 0 5 Pet; .800 .600 .600 .000 HUNTINGTON TAKES TOURNEY ANDERSON. Ind., March 31. Huntington basketball five outweighing the fast Lafayette quintet, captured the Y. M. C. A. district basketball tournev here Saturday night and won the right to go to Indianapolis. The score was ' Muncle 26. 38 to 28. Kriegbaum was. the star forlington 42, Anderson 21; Lafayette 42, Huntington and Campbell, former Purdue star, was the Lafayette favorite. The semi-final results were: Hunt- A glass horn is said greatly to improve the quality of the phonograph. Case Plowiri 1 uemonstxat ion Tuesday and Wednesday, April 1 and 2 Afternoon only. On National Road Vl mile west of . . Centerville on the Clarence Brumfield Farm. w CenterviOe, Indiana. Phone 75-B P: ANDERSON BOY SCOUTS WIN JUNIOR TOURNEY NEWCASTLE, Ind., Mar. SI The Anderson Boy Scout troop 21 basket ball team easily w6n the state junior tourney here Saturday night from Marion in the last game by 23 to 4 score. The Anderson boys did not allow the Marion five to make a single field goal. Its four points were made on free tosses. Scott, forward for the Anderson "21", was the backbone of the team and led his teammates in the scoring. Anderson started the scoring with a rush. , In the first half four free tosses were made but in the second Anderson failed to score. The Madison county lads outclassed their opponents at every point of the game. In the last half Anderson added five field goals, three fouls to Its total points ending the game 23 to 4. With the Majors CINCINNATI REDS WAXAHACHIE, Texas. Pat ' Mor an has just about lost all patience with his late comers who have not even yet appeared. He has had other -reasons for being out of temper. The weather at Waxey has been anything else but the kind to build a ball club. Lee Magee, second bagger may find himself traded this year because he ditched the training trip at the last moment. Morris Rath is showing up good on second and may play that position the entire season if Moran can trade Magee for a shortstop. Cueto and Luque who have not reported from their Cuban home yet may find berths in the minors this year if they are not careful. Moran is negotiating with Indianapolis for Sam Crane. Johnny Ertle to Rlet Frank Mason at Terre Haute Clothes 632 v MAIM mi ll I St TERRE HAUTE, Ind., March 31. utiiiuj 4-4 iavj v aj.vr iiuo ucatcu c v d J bantamweight in. the country with the j 1 vaiepuuii vi r Mason or r on Wayne, is expected to meet Mason here April 28. Manager Sworth announced that he is expecting Ertle to sign the papers in the next few days to meet Mason at 115 pounds so that the guarantee can be placed. Ertle is matched with Pete Herman for bantamweight championship of the world at Minneapolis on Easter Monday. I "SAY IT S WITH FLOWERS" 8 Hyacinth Plants are in per il fection. A charming gift m for a birthday or anniver- A sary. Wft alwavs have fresh flnt M jf lowers also. We are as near to you as your nearest telephone. Lemon's Flower Shop 1015 Main St. Phone 1093 m ffr I23 ' " fin 0 iaLPO " : V Ton 100 Wheat Hour Middlings ...... $58.00 $3.00 Rye Flour Middlings $57.00 $3.00 Schumacher Feed . . $55.00 $2.85 Mixed Feed (Bran and Shorts .$53.00 $2.75 Bran .,...;..;: ..$50.00 $2.65 Quaker DairV Feed . . . 1 . . . . . $50.00 $2.65 THE PRICE O ALL GRAINS1 Hay selling higher than in war time. Clover Seed selling highest we ever knew. ; So why won't feeds advance. Figure for yourself but take from us. BUY NOW. "THE FEED MAN" 31 and 33 S. 6th Street. O Phone 1679 Dayton Triangles Witom Indianapolis tRoes INDIANAPOLIS. March f- The Indianapolis Em-Roes mad4r bow to the Dayton Trianglesturday night by a 34 to 20 score, ck and Rye of the Ohio team e caief honors for the victory. j In the first half the Emi playing an excellent brand ofketball outclassed" the visitors iniry department of the game leafat the beginning of the second bjM to 4 score. It appeared that tlisltors wiuld be overwhelmed easut the Em-Roes had cot reckoned! Rock and Rye, the stars of thilening. When that combination eoti? good each Buckeye forward nid six field goals, and showed thelanapo- s five up. Bacon. Reeled Cald well also eot in snma ' Srho- peirematf was the chief stfor the locals. j EARLHAM BALL TEAM TO BE PICKED FIRST Starting this week, if the weather moderates. Coach Mowe of Earlham, will meet his track possibilities on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the base ball men on . Mondays and Wednesdays, instead of dividing the time each evening with the two sports. Coach Mowe has completed his preliminary work with the men and will commence as soon as possible seeking the men for the two teams which will represent the school this year. As the baseball playing season at Earlham starts in April, that team will be the first chosen for action." The probability of a good Quaker nine this year is excellent as plenty of pitching material has appeared and enough good men have developed for the other positions to keep Earlham strong throughout the season. ' ORIOLES ST. LOUIS. Fritz MaiseL third baseman has been sold to the Baltimore Orioles of the- International league. Maisel played third on the St. Louis Americans. COLONELS DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. Bruno Betzel will play short for the Colonels this year. Bruno has passed time at both second and third but never has cavorted at shortstop. Johnny Nee Is Elected Captain at Evansville EVANSVILLE, Ind., March 31. The directors of the Evansville Baseball Fans' association that will back the local team in the Three-I league, today elected Johnny Nee of Dayton, O., as manager of the local team. Nee managed the Dayton team in the Central league for four years, and last year he was manager of theTopeka team in the Western league. Nee has lines out for several players and will get his team together at once. Hrtrfc.t.ii in i rw t ll Xi-rVt'i , 9 m fix P m M N 79 S'.1 4 Peptiron A Ral Iron Tonic Combines Iron with nux. celery, pepsin and other tonics, nutrients and digestives. Of wonderful help In nervous weakness and debility. V fl 11 w Mrs. Austin's Buckwh f has a world-wide reputation on unt of Hi ED BRANNON for your Double Tread Tires The only properly constructed Double Tread Tire on the . "' - ' ' market ' B. & J. Auto Exchange " At the Rear of 13 N. 9th St. , ; a 1 Fancy Special Announcement Fish from the Atlantic Ocean direct to your table PRICES SMASHED DOWNWARD We will retail one car Fancy Fish to the people of Richmond at Wholesale Prices Tuesday, all day, and Wednesday on railroad track in Pennsylvania yards, North D and 5th Streets. r ; , . Our method is to introduce ocean fish to the people of inland cities at attractive prices. Our stock is chilled immediately after being caught, so when it reaches you it will be perfectly fresh when it is defrosted ready-to be used, thus assuring you of receiving fancy fish. : We offer the following varieties: .... ' Dory Haddock, Boston Bluefish or steak pollock, Market Cod, Flounder ;sy ; : White Sole, Dory Steak Cod . .... . lb. PYfra Qrrioi FANCY FINNAN IIADDIES J-LXird OpeCiai While They Last, 2,000 lbs. at Note the large assortment and the most extraordinary low price. All fish remaining unsold Wednesday will be donated to charitable institutions. Any deserving institution willing to accept same will leave name and address at car. BUY FROM THE CAR Car open Tuesday at 7 a. m. till 5 p. m. Open Wednesday at 7 a. m. until sold out. Kindly bring basket or paper if possible. - ' .- .... " v i. . - . . .. Fish Distributing Go. , Main Office Boston Fish Pier, Boston, Mass. 1 Atlantic m r-2 its genuine Buckwheat flnl Don t forget the name. Adv. IT r--iw .

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