The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS W'EDNHSDAY, JI:LY 23, 1017 IHE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS TBK OOUHJER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher ' JAMES U VQiHOEF)*, Editor ' PAUL D. HUMAN. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: W«na«, Wllmer Co., New York. Chicago. Detroit. AtUnU.' Memphis. ___ 'Every Afternoon Excel* Sunday ere s second class matter at the pps - oniwTat Blylheime. Arkansas, under act oj Congress/ October 9, 1911. ___— Served by the Citfted Press SUBSCRIPTION KATES: By carrier 5 the c«y ot Blytheville or nny yea" ' fostx months, 11.00 yea , . by mail outside 50 mile zooe, J10.00 per yeac pa y a ble in advance. ______ - Satan eutoml Into Meditation And after Hie morsel. ,„,„ and J^us said to .urn: That th,,u rtosl. ,1. quickly.— John 13:27. • * * * Get good counsel before you begin: and «•'«'» have decided, act promptly— S*""*'you A Brave Beginning Russia's abuse of Uio vclo !'«« in the UN is cerlninly a strong UK' 1 ' force behind scvunii resolutions, now • fore Congress, which favor a -sti ening of the United Niitions. For tluu abuse has shown how periously weak the UN must remain so Ion;; as t!u- veto in its pre&uit form remains ;'.'. tiie Charter. One resolution, which would make the UN capable of enacting, intiM-prel- ing and enforcing world law. points toward limited world government.. Such n move seems inevitable and inescapable. A beginning had to be made, and it is well that the Congress of this influential nation should make it- If t'.ic 30th Congress passes the resolution.-*, it will have added great luster to a record which, lo date, is not overly distinguished. Hard Job of Education A majority of the UN commission which investigated the border fighting in Greece held Yugoslavia chiefly to blame for the frontier incidents, with Bulgaria'and Albania responsible to a lesser extent. The vote approving these conclusions was 0 to 2. Rttsi-.ia and Poland abstained. Now the Soviet government, tlirvnijtli its representative, Mr. Gromyko, has offered the Security Council a different proposal for settling the Balkan dispute. It starts out by rejecting the UN commission's findings and holding the Greek government entirely responsible—on the basis of the commission's investigation. This odd reasoning is not Mr. Gromyko's, of course, hut his superiors'. Still it might be suspected, from the Soviet reresentative's angry speech which accompanied the proposal, tha 1 . it all seemed perfectly logical to hiiv>. This is not very encouraging, if true. But neither is it very remarkable. Andrei Gromyko was 8 year.-; old when the Communist Party took over in Russia. He is one of a new generation reared and nourished on Soviet ideology. That generation has bt-on taught to suspect and reject not only non-Communist politics and economic.--, but also non-Communist thinking. Among the rejected concepts i.s the acceptance of majority decisions. !n Russia's political and economic lit'o there are two sides to every question —the right, or government, side, and the wrong one. The party sanctions no opposition. Suggestion, debate and differences i of opinion seem to be permitted in minor matters- But on any matter of major policy there is no such freedom. The party-government decrees, and Uie citizens must obey. This is not a new system. It is ancient absolutism. Most of Russia's neighbors discovered long ago I hat the ;, way to avoid constant turmoil or severe repressions in national life was to let both sides have their say on n question. The resulting decision by a majority.of the people or their rcpre- j sentatives won't leave everybody hap- 1 py. But there will be fewer dangerous frustrations and disappointments. Democracy puts its faith in .the collective wisdom of the majority. Com•' munism insists on the collective obedience of all. Each system is foreign to the other. Yet both can and must exirt side-by-side on a national basis. When these systems.clash in world deliberations, real trouble starts. Mr. Gromyko, in the United Nations, ,«hows that he feels his noverninent is absolutely right in international as well as national affairs, and that its decision must be obeyed. If the rest of the UN takes the opposite view, no matter— ho will sulk, denounce, abstain, veto or walk but. Gracious acceptance of majority opinion seems beyond his comprehension. U is men like Gromyko who soon will )jo running Russia. Generalissimo Stalin ami his contemporaries are ihc architects of Russian communism, not its products. They deliberately planted the idea of government infallibility- It has not flowered iiito a national state of mind! And it i.s not a state of mind which lends itself to peaceful, productive world relations. There seems no discernible way to combat this ideology except by tlits continuous pressure of world opinion. That does not mean that Russia will always bo wronj.-; or all her policies should be opposed. It means I hat Russia somehow will have to be convinced that world deliberations must really be worldwide. The UN cannot go very far, oven in slrenKllH'niiiK itself, until Russia conies lo reali/.f that, in world decisions, a deadlock is not the only alternative lo a unanimous approval. The process'of briiiKing Russia to that realixation promises to be a slow one. VIEWS OF OTHERS Officials Should Obey Laws Cur mil.lie ofiieiuls should be particularly direful lo obey the constitution nnii ihc Inws. The; :iro. the Boverninciil. They linKl n.s l)re- lige. its nulliorily and its dignity in llieir hniiils. When tlicy flniU tlic law, they set the worst kind of n but! example in the vilul matter ot law observance. They weaken I he respect, for huv, which is the very foundutloii of orderly and secure living. !'U" more than it.s violation by any private does. A t;Iarin|; instance of ofticial ignoring 01 lav; is the legislature's repeated trampling on Amendment* No. 7. by enacting a grist or local and special bills. These urc flatly forbidden by Amendment No. 7. The .supreme court lip.:; invalidated them again and ngnln. Yet every session puts throiiRh scores ot uiese p.cts. and the governor signs them. Our highest la'.\. the constitution, the ijas 1 ..-. or all ol our rights and liberties, is thus delicd by ollicials \vhoi;c Huleinn duty i.s to uphold it. Another example of olficial law violation v, T ns ixMnlcd out n fe\v \veeks ago—and ndmiticd by suite officials-in n report Irom the Arkan- SHS Public Expenditure Council. This was a failure to obey the budgetary control act ol lfe4'J —adopted to keep expenditures within revenues. Now. apparently, we have a serious cast: ot oflicinl-s Hauling the law in the continued secret mcetini! of IHc control board If the State Hos- r.ilal fur mental patients. A 1S47 act siis'3 ll<:u all board meetings shall be open lo the public, except M-'ncn considering "privileged iutormalio:! concernim; individuals." [.veil if secret meetings of the hospital board were not forbidden the board should rule tliem out, in fidelity to democratic principles, and in the lir.hi of past unfortunate experience. It was secret meetings that spawned tbe hospitals recent mess of trouble. Too many officials act as if they had proprietary rights in their ollices. This is a proven recipe fcr bad government. 11 is condemned by its record. l^incy could do a fine se-.'vitv lor r,oc,d f;overtnneni in Arkansas by moving to :.i'ip this practice. Ottr cons'.'Hntion s:iys the '.;ovfciT,pr "shall .sec that UK- Imv.s arc failhlully oxei-uied" — and that't mean made a dead leUcr^ — ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. BARBS BY HAL COCIIKAN SO THEY SAY A Pair of Spectacles / Senators Questions Lead Boss Of CIO Into Variety of Fields The DOCTOR SAYS lly WIl.l.IAM A. O'BKIKN, M. »• Written foi- XKA Service Sea sickness, air sickness unit car 'sickness are due to distuvi!- l!y Klii:i)i;i:tC'K C OTHMVN ll'nitcil I'rcss Staff Cm respondent) WASHINGTON, Jl'ly 22. (Ul>) — Let's talk Uidiiy about automobiles. lii'-'Ji price of. scarcity of, and olci- riishionedness of. Walter P. Rruiher doing the talking. And saying n few things he may no', have In- jended. You understand how it is when senators stnrt asking questions; nnccs in the control mechanisms j irst lnii)K vov , k , UJ ,. v j. ou 're sounding in the hesJd -AhU'li iielp us to IIP.!- Ol , OM uiinKs that" weren't even alice our bodies. Associated arc disturbances of vision and lack of emotional and muscular control. Symptoms come on suddenly or slowly, us the victim becomes quiv' and then sick to his stomach. Skin turns pale and IK- 'jrenks out in •••. cold sweat. Ren! dizziness is uncommon. Many of the signs '»nd symptons of motion sickness i' 1 - .sembte those of shock except thai certain features are mining. Sea, air and car scorn to he more common in cerla'ji families, suggesting tlml tno tendency is inherited After years oi immunity, any one may surcttMiu to an attack. It is helpful in seasickness if the victim con lie down in the center of the ship and keep pcrt'cclly mentioned in your 19-pase mimeographed statement. Thai's what happened (o yeiing Reuther — he's US -- The red-headed president, of the United Automobile Worker Union. ' lie slipped into a well-pressed and well-tailored gray suit fwitii pleated trousers' and dropped in , on the Senate Small Business Committee to s;iy that if the steel industry didn't stir its slumps and bring production up to 100.0QO.ODD tons a year, it would plunge America into a swell-elegant depression. He mentioned 115.000 Cadillac. Chevrolet. Buick, Poutiac and OkU- mcbile workers walking the sired s no.v in Flint and Detroit, because the factories arc fresh oul.ol shcr- f steel. He said it was well and gocrl j <miel. Eating a light, meal be!on- | f r president. Truninn to ask Array Man Says Koreans, Who A?e independent And Individualistic, Are 'Irish of Orient BY PKTKK KDSON iac'.-:cd i-.p throughout the \I-:A Waslilm;l.t>n fari-i-si 'WASHING 1 ON. July 23. INEAI— , 5 .M'.l't' 1 IVi: IH1AM1I U. K. t-j-Gcn A 1 . 1 v'-.ct' U Lurch, lilltarv Governor c! iStttilli Kore-i. iuk in Wislilnulon 'to rcpr,r; rccry he l;:is to tall is allot 1 .!. io-.',- clctnccr.icyi is pet.'.inK alone in •'. liberated country. It's luwir.s; 's uoubles. lt--.i'-m; t.'.ie •liar-.l: av. BIT. it's n-.jifcinc,' such pro-' •-ofs IV.< t n;:Aily every day more -.ail 1C03 Kr.reans frr n tiie Rlts- ,'«n 7:nc in ll'.r: north cr,-~> *h-i "th j'i-rilltl' dividing-line into the \m?rican mm. where Ufa is nicer. G?n. Lrvc'.i l::<s nolMtn (o tl0 c-illi the R'ivsi:ins. Hi.;' j )'• ry to help t!u' Hire vns c ••.•r-'ravrn -n:::!'.. He .':.i-r> il .1 .'lii; t'.--' nr.?t indc::emh lo I -C;«;i. Jo'iin ?(. I!" 1 ''. v ->,-> t:--i' in K'veii, c •the Ir ! -.h of I!'.'- Crien:. 1 b;rn politicians. In the J^l> ucvenvaic-"'. r.r-i to Ija f'-'i i"-. '•v-is the i>:-:ccii- ;\e I:-.-I'.ch. Twenty-two U. S. "•'-i r- \v:i^ selected and each cue ,;•<!• .c:-d of a dcp • i-.-aii-nt. Then .'.:• v-i'is were Vand-picla-d as tle- < v t:> these "Dire-tors." •Vlc-r a t : ir? '.he clc.:tries '.vcrc •i -<le" rt;v:ctars 'inn the A-nerirms \> • iv- matte advisors. Fin-lly th' i-.irr-.n cabinet Le'CL-tcd its owi K-i'd. Aim C'i'ii Hone who beciii: -•-eti;-.irs '.veve moved cut. Tlii Civil A<! rinistrMr.r. Today then PIT- oi.'v fnrv TJ. S. officers wi'. 1 •\'.i:iil-.- CVIT the exe:uMvc irancli oi ihe ; T o.T-.i':n?n'. P-T till step vyas to set tip Inn •Mir j'lii.H'S The Japanese -.c-, (•••••.T'nrd and such section? .'•riK-rlutit was rn elcrlioi journey or siippovling the alxlu men with a binder are reconi- nirndcd in car sickness. Parents of children with a tendency toward this malady also surest tliat limiting milk and other'drinks before starling helps. They also (ry to distract the child to r-rcvetu .suggestion from inducing an attack. Although many drugs have been used for motion sickness, the most cfleclive arc sedatives which belong to Ihe Dhenobarbilnl group. IlKKT EYES OX TKAINS i 01 Sickness on a train can result on from watching rapidly moving objects through th* wihiio 1 . 1 :. Reaci- ins fine )i!int has a tiring eil'nc'. on tile eyes muscles and may cattle nausea, ^-omitinp, antl excessi'. r e fatigue. The eyes should be closed ami rested from time to time w!-.:l? leading on a train. Hei sons who become air. sea or ear sick often become greatly depressed at the height of chcir lor increased production, but you can'', make motor ears of chewing gum. Sen. Harry p. Cain of WashinE-tor. reminded him that last week a steel maker had tes'.Kied ibe nutoiao- bile industry' didn't need as much .steel per ear as it used lo because it now makes bodies and fend - ers of liyht land easily crumpled 1 metal. "No sir." snid Rcuthcr. "Most automobile companies slill are using their dies from tbe 1311 nione!" atid you can't change the gausjo of the steel if you're going to keep ns;nt> ibe ,s;nue dies." 'You mean they are using Ihe dies today that they used in 19-10 lo make the '-11 models?" Sen. Cain insisted. They are. Iteuther replied. This meant tint few motor cars being produced today are different, aside iroin tbe rht'om-U'i; knick-kpack t: . from their aiiccsteus which rolled off the line seven years ago About tbe only difference- between ll e;-UK?d"qn:ic a tat.'.ic. They j attacks. Emotional factors play 'a!'"'; 19 ' n modcl nl)l1 the 1!M1 J ob ls -rH, i"'i-Lr ,"! "• "" : :"-. were • :-ns-der:;l clivnacraliL' wen: reU'HH'C!. sin": ihe people were ii';?d Aireri' ns hc AM poMic-.l parties were rcquir- •l to ".CRl'tor— and iVirrc or ir-~iv •vf\f. assoc'-v.xl f(i» i-.r'.c-.icni ;:ur- -SES we..-; cci".i'-U-vi'<i :i tiii'iv. The A--) 1 . :ri"i"\ns in itli- :ni i .itr.irv '"IlnMion nf d--r ;rr:K:y. 1: '.;•:;"i and (luty of i-vcry citi- •: ' in ^-cveriKiU'n'. ,ctr.-=rui- v.ovs'vn- nf thi-i-i- '\>-C'-;::il ;ud!-i:'' MM li'K- tM-tm Legis- set r.">. Ha'f elr -ted. h-' J ' -cricans. They i- rivK ^u to !3 'he idea ent c:;i OMl '.fl^'y..:' '" •i Kin Sic. •lev did v. -^ -I-.:!:? \vcre a''3'iVC<l ta do was the fir-.t tim-' freedom of -pecch -'.- ever. A'U-r they ] i'rnntin» •"'•.n it v.:s .;-inteil | K-ven'.s ir\v 1 v.vs iice.-!ctl;.trusteeship. lii'. ill" f.:f-scd that only those over S5 fhoii'd veto. Canscrvr lives t!:c.";ht young f.-,lk-> woiVtl be ton' Ul)e: '. The " military Bovotncrs thout'llt otherwise. 'Hi? Koreans pcintcd out .that 1~. \\iis ths votins -i?o in EelKiuni. Tlu- Americans said Hint dicln'i •i"ike .ins' (inference, it still wasn't clt'-i-r:-rf'J:. Finally Gen. Li-fch 5t:2[ze:l:;i the Koreans cuaiit to earn ho;v to com::: 1 v.'culcl a^prave :i law. he slid, '.v :i ',2-year vDiing The Korean's I -.hciu-lit it over. c?-i:2 ivick anil j • -'-!." "Make it 23." Eo tlicv mad? it 23. [ On Ji".ie 3fl ''' ; s Interim L:^islr.- :i?;ed iUs 01e:'.:OTi law. With- :r.uple •>' moi Y.l-5 the Ka-! svill he'.:! tliCJ: first general al-.tticns. 11 D::v.-.,ML-J wi'l cc 011 irs v -v. Next will com? a Con; rittnicn. This isn't the whole r'crv. by •in^ r'lct. There are still prob- l'.-rs "i tKod supply, lliul refMT!-, la'::.', educatioii. curren:-;,- reform rrd ''ic ?ri-'i!iicortar.t question oi i-f'.atio:':S with the Russian z?nn u:: liOl'll. T'-» R< siaiii ore sticking to the kit prominent role in all types of mo lion sickness, and in some case-; tbe only wav in which they can is through psycho- v.'av he therapy. QUESTION: I have a wc-a'K stomach 1 vomit enfiily niifi it is eniljarrassin^. as almost anything uill upset me at times. ANSWER: You develop reverse . jj.J pnistalsis o: the muscles of in ISP. _--| jtu,,,;,,;!, ijccaime ble emotionally contlition you need 50 per cent boost in price. Retl- Iher liad .something lo aay about that. too. He said critics of labor charged union men with feathcr- j bedriing, but they hadn't seen any- j thing in that ' ! -ie ti^til tl.?y examined tiie sleel business. j "1 mean real, high-priced feather- 1 bedding." he said. "Before the war 1 the automobile industry used mostly 'voiir i not ro " ctl steel." you are not sta- i T!lis - lle explained i.s n rough- To overcome thr- 15 Years Ago In Bli/theviUe — •lative— « cr VOTING Cnrl Bnnskp. Lloyd Hitt .and Charles Ozier proved Ihe best marksmen in the camp of the "Sline Klin^erp." leeently or^niuzed horseshoe pitcliing club. The club hel.-i its first weekly tournament last ni^ht at its new lighted playground on the vacant lot ndiarcnt to liie C'Dttrier News. Close conipecituiii marked both : the singles and doubles. Ganske cl 'the M:-'co\v '.ttecmcnt j v>o:i over W Frazier bv the barn \viv-"i provided for joint U. S.-| niarsiin 25 tu 21. He hati previous! 1 .- VK<--K r-:c',:yition. then a Bi;-| beaten M. L. Miiner. Jr., Charlf-s , Inistecshio fcr five years, before | ozler and Wi^on Henry 24 plav-!' inrtca;ndei:ce. The Eout'.i • crs competed in the tourney. i war', no |-:;rt of tlnsj Mr . l|U , Ml ,. Ocori ,,, R Crockett :m|p.ncn_-; ot Cap ,, oinuiieau are visiting friciidF here for .si-vera! days. They formerly liveci here. loor:in<z. semi-finished product, which is perfect for most auto construction. "Nov.-." he said, "they're selling us mostly" cold-rolled steel, which is smoother trui'l 'coks prettie.'.- ii; ihe rein, but v.'hic'.i does no better job in fin automobile. Only it ce-u:> an extra SH a ton." He charfU'd tiiat tiie automobile makers have been forced to buy 1.000.000 tons of cold-rolled steel they didn't want at a cost of $14,i OOCKOQO. -And who paid the S14.000.- : 000? Why. he said, the fellow who put his name on the dealer's list | for eventually (("livery, i In the one month of April, he \ continued, the automobile business w?.s rhort PC much steel — hot and cold both — that 98.000 new sedans disappeared forever- because they They want dcnce. and -the. sconer the It's the oriental Irish If you save 25 crnls a day from no-.v until Christinas you'll be broke on Ocr. 2C. .^ome ;-.uto speeders don't wake up even alter they n- pinched. • « • This is the season when son.e men go iish- inc and others do their drinking at home. I don't think we're headed tor another war. and 1 know we don't need to hnve another depression. A strong America can keep both wild wolves Ironi our door. A strong Atr.rrica and a productive America are synonymous.—Eric Johnston, president. Motion Pu-turc IndiiF.trirs. o » * ~~ Since we strain at gnats and swallow cnniels. give us a new standard of values and the ability to know a trifle when we sec it.—Rev. Peter Marshall, chaplain, U. S. Senate. We must make tlic federal government a friendly, vigilant defender of the righis and equalities of all Americans.And again I meav. all Americans.—President Truman. IN HOLLYWOOD »o*«e»*l nv EIISKIXK ,:OUNSO\- NEA SUiff ('iiri'i'spnniirn HClAYWdClX .iu' '•'.'• olly.vocri's siviiv^ •->; ••.-( -r-.n 11.-'. on'.v iir'ii- !i •-, (;1 the v.'ciltl. tu: n -if ; ev.s. "Plares." •\-here four of f'-\ •ic 55700 a week, uo n 'i t-iril." •I,-.His llavwaul deliL'h ••-<j alonr :he ^u-hv '-• •t.wcr. Oi'.c r-iirneird •e was wc'.kir/', in "i ormnnce." \V!ia! wore .'.-';? tuni-.-d en hi.- -i ' ' <" r. and then iirc-r'nted h: 1 c"ril e:ieh wonl, -Cern^s ,<l m> tortiis In- 1 il. "kissin'L is (lanrt-rn'r-.. Tl il an end In u Inl "f Imrbc During a ll'-rr.' riMrrllCi'-v.- t 1 of "•'-i'- i-r..n • " it . i 1 Vl ." in of tne ^;!U(Uii ^-.illrd ir. I'Cther -niii f.s'ied rve-.;. • f51 a week cu'.. .-'i'rr oj'.iiv: : I'sr:-- . rrr'e.-trd. "bo-.v a.'--*ni: Ijuthc:-? He's ^etlsn: CO n \ car, "Ycii l-.-.iv? nf.'hir..: ;o -b:ut on that -core." IT- •^" n" ""'I. "He's ""ns'.-n' • -i,-e •• UP '.">ri en' . ' - '' " xvnA'i's riiAT i .\\m-.\ci: Pr-veral 1 : avo rn :!v;> •ibii I tinicii I'll! :" T <-IH'.-: ':cin^ p-.YV-C'.vor' i:\ T : .'ll\v\; 11 ^f^rt i-ro'.ip Tiu- sl-rct:lf '•! \-irv\inv the Tli:'<ri tor tli' 1 its buy w:-o could bL 1 irr: hi". ' i -r=n'r, <!•>?" bis-, Hollywood war. the lies;. er. hr- hwl lo make. Tlv: ibe :iyin course i'.u- 1 ' 1 ! descended. tr. w'na; to f.i;.'. him !:.u-h li'-e '.V, (..n- c:( ! p;cilics ihr.'n • at the end d! an,cuu-e-- meat !l-.c-,- I 1 , id was h^'': No cm 'Kit 1 ",v cx:cpt Eentiv Hi;h:n. "T Mie^osl." hi- s:ii(l. uith the frc-st forming cm his ucirils. "tlnil the iirxt linn- you n-n-c it ynll tTl'T off I lie- Ivirlli'S-i." iioiv TO c.\i!vi: A f^i^cs'i Dr. .Irrl ?i'i-ss:n:'.n. !ii:s':niu! c>--r (iim-er tiie fr'll »f c-.-i ; r.ird r-lt"|i-d :!i hand is this: Wlirn declarer is in ! nummv with the of spades. 1 should he take the hcarf finesse or | the club finesse? Of course, looking i at all of Ihe cards, you will say that the club finesse is the corroc'. play. Am! it is — but why? Weiss' reasoning is that if ti:' king of clubs is i". the Eas'- Vu:.i the club finesse is the correct play whether East's holding is the king and one. the king three times, loin- times, or even eight times. En'. Ihc heart finesse will accomp'is'i no good unless declarer happens to find East with only the kirn and one of the kinj; a.:! two l-.rj«-.'.s. In this hand Ensl tins four hem's. Freedom Party "Dies" i i Bi;r..-'.r. : s r. juiy :.2. <UPI— TI-.C Hi:n-jar::.n frerdo-n pai'v tDd;'-y aii- iiriinc-d it- cv:n tii^.fil!iiio:i rather the ny more will K" IIP the flue of the steel shortage this month. "And in Detroit." he added. "th?y lire selling slcel in the classified ads. atnon£ the b:lbv buggies." He is an unhappy man. He'll not be appeased until there's steel enough to grind out some new. new models at a rate of around 5.000.COO a year. Think I'll open a pai'king lot and get rich. fe ar.d safety" c.:f :>i:os!ii!> the lef'i'.t- :c:m ol the oppJ- 1:1 v.;is m ; in a : v'.inmsnt during :: :'^e;i revision ot =: I (iT£Hlo:v! party ;it oi the 1 ns.semb'y Fish Bites Man GnAXD RA7IDH. Mich.. J'.lly 23. iUPj-rd.v3Kl G. Y. -;:-ir ant fight- crok? w and bit bis ft A 7 -1 3 VQ7 O 10 8G5 2 * J 5 -k-' •! "If '•r-'rr flcnr, rr.-s : 'U-rir inc tiu- fnwl. TMo kniIf. slid <"ui ".\ M-r r.iul fi'V in thf^ "r;\vv on :ui a: 1 ' - d, Q J i o a ', * ' « It 7 -1 c> 10 U U Ll N W E S Dealer A65 y K!)83 • QJ 9 A K 8 7 4 nr "I TIT' "Neve: medico, me." sh-> -A "-.'.dn't <?> K U 2 V A J 1 0 C 5 -1 * A 3 * AQ Kubbc-r — Neither vul. South West ; " ''i ! f Pass 1 N.':'. I v I'ass Pass A Q f:nr-.r. - K-.ispnr jr:::;: fist-la-fr.i wirl emerged v.ilb ]-,oi>r.:l catfish. i in ai'.d batCcil his fituirry. He ]:uiir>'.-dnink. 40- Recls' Manager IIOKI7.ONTAI. 1,7 Pictinoil McKEKINEY ON BRIDGE "tl's finr " ^,l]^t\ln^^^ np pt» rr .Viilnt'v S<hi'iirh, \\lion tJiT us \\;\** rouc1i r fl>Hl. *'Ui't nnuhl to dub it in t.n^lbli.' A t n •-IK i: k pro\ :c\v o f Frci:u n Sir: n"-r." in v-hich HodiPk ) 1 :;.s I..SR'- anil If.r ^ uusnsj'.f c'iiu- Sylvia -H:ilii':y. tl;. 1 ^ \ slir/Mi ha it) it) * of V across th! 1 ia:e. It NM^ mnmmt. 'Vhn -xiy'.iriK'c u«s Hi- wi-.ii S-dnev nse Musi Choose ' Finesse for This Hy WII.I I AM i:- SlrKKXNKV Ainrrioa's Cnnl Autlioril- \Vritteu .Tor N1CA Service Alexander Weiss .of New York, this year's winner of the national masters inoividii;\l title. >:ave uv.- l V.- tod:i\''s li.-ind. '1 lie point in thc- tlie heart finesse Is o.' no vcihn ih"!rvi>n thout'h it- works. If the queen of hearts Is 'eri from dummy. East covers with tin kin!;—and declarer cannot avoW losing a trick in every suit. This is n good illustration of I proper "percentage" play Althon^.i ] it is a fifty-fifty guess as t" i the location of the two things, th^ ' club liiiesse will gain whenever Kast has the kinp. regardless ul the n !11 nber o. r clubs East holds i unless East lias nine clubs to tl-." kins, a virtually impossible s.-'.n 1 '- lionl. On Ihc other hand. Hi-: possibilities of winning with the heart finesse ore limitert ; 1 Mod ir vehicles 12 Flowed M One- poi ITUllcr 18HOMKI-1 /n Dc-pic't ..I Mii.-n ;il in^tii inn-r.t 22 Ti; iH-lnVed ••'. Mure v.,-in 23Hiv, T in AilSccla VKKTICA1- •2 State 3 Hour (;.b.) 1 Pinch ;. Hequivo f; llclj'jar'. ri\'er 7 Sli;:hl l)i)-,v !K;<iod (prolix) 2.1 Vcilunies (KJirl's name . ^.| M a |ay>inn 111 Tidiei 1 t :iiH)',-s unau 11 Ko seat I2rlmrch lliColiirei's IfiSun licit! l!)Crnmtry in Africa 21 L'lyss'-'s' fathci 1 2:1 Serip- cif stops 11 Circular plate :)() Acid MiliL-tance 42 A--tei isk •!:>lns!-et ttj Petition ; 4!l Kxists f)l Cerium (symbol) :tl Pnriiills 35 Ksse illi ill Evenly Divided ! One-third of the pccp'e.; of the i wcvld still rat with tluir fingers, [ a:irlhcr one-third us? knives and | ;<ii;:r.. and a third use chopsticks. •ii Adjusts accounts •IV Golf term ' •'.? V.'isconsin city '.-1 Small dishes

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