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The Richmond Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 2

The Richmond Item from Richmond, Indiana • Page 2

The Richmond Itemi
Richmond, Indiana
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That's capital. And the United States can t'ike an ounce and a quar THE EVENING ITEM. Pub ished Every Evening, Sundays Excepted. ter 01 gold ana st-nmp upon it an "Eaglebird" and "Twenty Dollars." "THE POPULAR CLOTHIERS," NOW OPEN WITH A COMPLETE'STOCK OF N'S, YOUTHS' AND BOYS' CLOTHING That's money. The memanic can take the mateiial worth $50 and! make it into a watch worth $100.

OFFICE OVER 805 MAItf IZ That's skill. The merchant can take an article wrorth twenty-five cents mt MONDAY. MAY 9, tbS. and sell it ii you for $1.00. That's 1 business.

A lady can purchase a Tost com 01 table bonnet fo" $10, but pre Entered as second-class matter at Office at Richmond, Ind. fers to pay 8100 for one, because it's I Our Aim shall be Good Goods, Well Made, and at the Low more stylish. That's foolishness. I The Item will be delivered to suoscribers in The ditch-digger works ten hours a S3 the city at the rate of 7 cents per week. dav and shovels out three tons of in earth for 82.

Tliat labor. CO The Official Paper of the Cltv. est Prices. PETER LICHTER1FELS COFtflPMlY, "'HIM POVVLAIt CLOTHIERS," 622 MAIN OPP. CITHENS HOTEL.

Richmond does not claim vto have manv works ot art out sue nas "Xews was rcceiyed here this morn three which now rank among the highest, and have, a history befoie ing lltat Harding, of the Indianapolis Herald, is dead. He was one of them, judging fjom the celebrity of Indianapolis' foremost journalists. other works by the same artist which are said not to he as good as bosses The old-established custom We are in receipt of the Minnes these. Mrs. 1 Flanagan has three was 10 woik seventeen aim eigiueen SLUE 9 dD IE ota Farmer, the great agricultural journal of Minnesota.

It has the heads by Healy, which were painted hours a day, at salaries averaging be in 1507 ana sent ner iroiii nome ecu (umi i wccn. ucinu enormous circulation of 25,000 copies some years ago. ivn are me size, uuoojua wu ouujai, urc uuoara uu and 1'iom the appearance of the sheet i i I i I r.lmm.1 ilmiM lirt 1 I ItlVII Ann 4n itlliMtr iliA THE ENTIRE STOCK OF before us, deserves us. one oi tnem ueing tne portrait or iui.ucu uieu ffjiimsucaaiurtuutYuiD Rifsimn Tiirro-nn. iinint.l wlnle he men to work only twelve hours a i "or-" i j.

I was bishop of Chicago. The other day for five days, provjded that on By all means turn out to-morrow I ft i i 1 1 "1 1 I two are of her mother and her patumays tney wouiu woik niteen night to the meeting to be held for brother, and while we are no critic hours. The journeymen reinsed to the decoration of the soldiers' graves. of art. we can say what art critics accept tins proposition, ana notice The oOtli of May doesn't occur on have all said who have seen them- was given that unless the demands Sunday this year, and there need be that they are probably the finest of the workmen were met by Mon no bitch in the arrangement.

pieces of work in the state, day morning a general strike would MMAIBIE9 II AS AM, NO. 720 MAIN STREET, TO CLOSE OUT BUSINESS BY JULY 1 And Remove to Cincinnati, be ordered The bosses held out, and A examination into the causes of There is a great deal of talk at as a result, there were no bakers in death in the case of Smith, the con Buffalo over a proposed Penny Sav- the shops yesterday. vict whose remains were recently ings jjanK, tne ingiiest deposit to oe an army with banners. sent home from the southern prison, limited to one dollar, and the lowest About 1,200 shops in this city and has developed that he died from to a cent. One of the most promi- Brooklyn were represented in the pro- typhoid fever, and Major Finney nent bankers, at a meeting held the cession.

The banners bore such de- now rests serene and satisfied. other night, related how he had vices as "Down with Slavery," staited such a bunk when a voting "Workingmen will not be Slaves," The Eastern Indiana Dental Asso man, opening it at daylight and tak and "Fair Wages for a Fair Day's ciation will meet at this place on next ing his meals in a tin can. He gave Work." Tuesday and Wednesday, 10th and cards of credit for as low as ten In the room of the executive com invEivEEnsrsE lushes of 11th the parlors of Stahr's Central hotel. The meetings of this cents, wnen tnese aggregated a mittee it was stated that 400 of the dollar he booked the amount in the boss bakers had already given in, association are usually interesting usual way. Within three years, he and their employes were to return to even to non-professionals, and we are NOTIONS, FURNISHING GOODS, CROCKERY, GLASS said, he had from ten to twelve work.

It 'was further stated that informed that any of our1 citizens thousand depositors, some of whom everything had been placed in the who may attend will be welcomed on live in Buffalo to day, and are able hands of the committee, and they the occasion. Wayne Citizen. to draw their checks for $100,000. would listen to no communication from the bosses other than an un- Considerable complaint is made Trade marks procured, and old cond itional surrender. by people living in the neighborhood WARE, TINWARE, CUTLERY, CASTERS, MIRRORS, ALSO, TEN SILVER-PLATED SHOW CASES, COUNTERS, SHELVING, STORE STOOLS, ETC.

trade marks renewed, according to THE DOOllS LOCKED. of the old fair grounds, of people the recent act act of Congress, bv At 3 o'clock the committee of the dumping trash aud tilth on the corn- W. Dennis, solicitor of patents, strikers ordered the doors of Irving 440 Main street. 4-lm Hall closed. None of the striking mulls emu in me aneys.

mere is nothing in the line of rubbish that can't be found theredead dogs, journeymen were permitted to leave The ab XicDUm still the building, while those who hap heaps, ashes, old boots continues. If you want your paper pened to be outside, were sent in. everything that anybody else has hung by these paper hangers, cive They Played Ball On Sunday. NEW HARDWARE STORE fins, the committee slated, was done ana uon want to keep, eventually them notice a few days before you in order to prevent the men from una its way there. The want the work done.

7-2t. This morning complaints were fil molding any intercourse with the city parents should look after the Having opened in'the new Dickinson Building, No. 901 east Main street, 1 ed against a -large number of bovs Novel Features of the Bakers' bosses. They had heard that several of the strikers had returned to work who were bending the. day of rest my Mum iiuuuie an tne oest goods in line, such as, Strike in New York.

yesterday, by playing that immoral IIoboken has a fight on its hands without their approval, and they and death-dealing game, base ball, on oven Greater than had Richmond in Irving Hall presented a scene of 'the time of the Bennett-Elder mc-hmusiuil excitement Monday morn all the commons and by-ways of the city. The police raided several were determined to put a stop to it. So the bakers remained shut up within the four walls, and contented themselves with listening to the lion. The newly elected mayor, one "ig.says the New York Star, when Hardware, Paints, Oils, Nails, etc. And invite all to call and get my prices before feeling conlident that 1 cm save Ihem money aud dve them the best.

gangs, making home runs in several Beeson, sent his message tj the hvith bnnu" playing and banners ily- instances, though the boys invariably ronncil. the other ninht. and it is over 4,000 men emerged from music and the speeches and rejoic commenced an immediate rbsence coreher." He makes an attack on tlie building, fell into line, and in an ing over the prospect of a bread whenever one of the bluecoats hove i he police, denouncing them as orderly manner marched to Irving in sight. Tne smaller lads who famine in the near future. During the evening several em Tools, a Specialty.

C. H. POGUE, obese," "invalids" and "duffers. He The procession attracted vary iho. onmil iurv of t.lm general attention, and the banners were caught, were lectured and re ployers called on the executive com leased on promise to go and let their showed to the public that the jour Cor.

Ninth Main. Sts. Apra7-im sin find them no more forever, but mittee of the Baker's Unlou and said they were willing to take the men back on their own terms. The about a dozen big ones, and some county with being amenable to a certain of "influence." It is thought the grand jury will take ogji'zance of the message, which is considered the most remarkable little ones who promised to reform ney men bakers ofewr York, Newark and Brooklyn were on a strike. At Irving Hall the executive committee of the strikers were in session all day, and the men gathered SHOES but were caught a second time, hav committee stated atalato hour thai About 1,000 of the.

strikers had re turned to work. ing gone direct and reorganized and document of this kind on record. together in knots in the main hall, resumed their game, have been informed against and will have a IIeke's about the difference, as discussing the situation and urging defined by the Richmond, Mate: their co-laborers not to yield until We Invite you to call and examine the stock and get prices at the GreatSueriff's Sale of Boots and Shoes, to close at a sacri chance to learn mayor Bennett's rules with regard to the national Ice cold soa Water at IaIB, II. Scott's. Received this dan a bia "Tennyson can take a worthless their demands were fully acceded to.

game to-morrow and some will fice, at lot of Mknximl Boys suits. lutve to M.cet of paper and, by-writing a What the bakers demanded was a poem on it, make it worth $5,000. reduction in the time of labor That's genius. Mr. Vanderbilt can to twelve hours a day for only six Jjatest oit.

Gxve us a call write a few words on a similar sheet days in the week; the privilege of anagetimtesJ Striivyf7iats at Peter 704 MAIN STREET, Opposite Huntingion House. Mar3i-3m 1 make it worth boarding elsewhere than with their.

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