The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1935
Page 3
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PAGE' BLVrHEViLLE (ARK.) -COUJIIEE NEWS Chickasaws Face Dell In Second TiiU_BSDAY,_FgBRUARY zi, 1935 BO'flBST CUSS TO TELL AU,BY 001' Sliawnee in Upper Brackel; Chicks Lower; Osceola Expects Crowd The niytl-evillc high school Chlckasnws, uSio en form probably rate ns (ha favorites lo lake the title in the toys division of ilie Mississippi county senior high basketball tourney opening tomorrow at Osco- o 1 .! «lll square off mjiilnst. Dell, th? oiiUtaiidin:; darkhor.s! of the in;el •In a tocoiM hoiinc! game. Announcement of ptiirinirs anil brackets, for the 'tournnnifnt. shows that bocli Del! and niythcvlllc will drn» bjes In the first round but s that the two (cams will clash in the second round Friday night. Slnwi.e'i's Orecn Wove, beiiion bj the Chicks by only one point here 'his week, is in an extreme bracket o'i the other end of the pairin»s If each t=am tlmisus aside- opposl- t'on th« two will IIOL meet until the finals Saturday niglu. • Tile Luxora girls, generally rated as favo-itas to cop the rcnilnliic q honois in the big meet, open against Manila Friday afternoon, if successful they will Inks on lh» win- nci of the Sliawn:e-D3ll lilt, in n eamc niriay night 'and nnd them- ««h« re idy for championship round cppocit'on Saturdny night. Preparations are being; made by O-c»ola school aulhoriiies to care for a larga crowd nt each of (lie five sessions. Th? men starting Friday afternoon will extend through Friday n'ght Saturday morning, Afternoon and night. Tlis schedule follows; Friday Afternoon OsceolfT v Osceo PATCH AS PATCH CAN! — '*- These horse.5, led Clark nnd Top How, arc for )l«"vs. Kciser iboys) No i p™". bp j"» '" u 'c *<"»e bias., a.s to vs. Wilson (girls) No.'I. Cnvn!cllrtc . Ekky nnrl Lmlysman. la VS T.llx-flril f.,l,.r,.\ xi_ f. * * . , (girls) No 1 i, °" ' " (boys) (girls)' Mnnila vs. Manila ve. Luxora. (boys) No. 3' Uell vs. Sliniviice (glris) No 4 Whincr No. 1 rs. Wilson (bovs) No 5 Friday Night I enchvllle 'vs. Shawnce No 2 Dell vs., Dlythcville Winner No. i ys No 5 Winner No. 1 vs. Winner No 3 .(girls) No. C. Saturday Morning Losei No. 1 vs. Loser No 5 (boys) No. !). v Winner No. 4 'vs. • Wliincr No 5 lboys>) No. 7. ',, Winner No. 2 vs. Winner (boys), No. li. Losert, No. i vs. Losei- (girls) No. a. Losers No. 3 ignis) No. 9. Loser No. <l (boys) No. 10 Lo,ei No. 2 vs. No. :! Losei- No.' s Losers No. 4 vs. Loser No. 1 vs. •boys) No. 11. '"""' ' ', S.ilimlay Aftcrn6on i No. c vs. Winner No !) (ghls) No. 10. Winner No. 10 vs. Winner No 9 (bovs) No. 13. Wlnnei No. 1] vs. Loser No 6 tbcssl. No. 12. Winner No. 10 vs. Winner Nuni- bci 8 (girts) No. II, Winner No. 18 vs. Winner No 13 Iboys) No. H. Saturday Night Winnei No. 5 vs. Winner No. C (girls championship) No 1 Winner No. 6 vs. Winner No 7 iboys championship) No. 8 Losei No. 7 vs. Winner No. n •irnls) No. la. Loter No. 8 vs. Winner No H iboys) No. 15. Steele Girls Eliminated in Pemiscol Upset; 'Holland Boys Win ' R - Mo - 'Social to Conrkr .ews-hc coaler girls, favorites in the feminine division of the Pjm- i«ol county taskctball tounwnwnt. will meet the Warden gtrls con- juttws of Stale in an ".^i^, tonight's program here. In another game the Holland bois, favorites in their division will meet { he Hayti bovs oth"r games tti! , finrt thc ..^ girls playing Braggadocio elrls iiirt D«r,n g boys playln, cootlr's toy, ins finals of the tournament will be plajcd Friday night here. an?™ °^ n] " ? round Wednesday afternoon the cooler P i r u E0 t nfi to a flying st: , rl . dofcalln' inf^e? in? girls, 32 to 28. In Ihe 113x1, game Hollanrt's boys champwns of the Pomisc In the third game the W iiris provided a Sh0 c k bv { in» ths Steele girls, 33 to 29 rir ?*%,. £ lnslng tllc w Rlrts from behind to a victory. viluL , "i sht games C S™ , g 'L IS 3f opped a 37 to 1» deci sion to Haytl, Deering's boys trimmed Bragtadpcio, 26 to 17 The " Cavalcnclc Seen Winner In Riicfl for $100,000 Fob. 23 I 11V MAX ItlDDLi: ' NTJA Smtcc Turf M'rller ^I-OS /.NOn.KS — cuvalcnde !<!U!|)3lEC ni!d Ladysman! Ai'jimiiiy iijui ihcw thi-c-e hor-1 es BO to the pen hi Die $100,500 snnin Anlin Handicap, to l:e| nm at inn p!(.'tnri'sf[iic plant at! Aicadln, near here. rc-L 'J3. and "nriiier a'sumln;; that nil ihr?c !iei',ws are in (op shape. Ihp above s ihe \vr!li;r's .S2lfctl<ms In or-! ler fcr [he richest race TO u-1 •'tin In Ani3!-tcn .since the $105.7001 fif'moni Futurity o| 1959. i The distance 'is a mi],. n ,,,| „ ] (iuarl:r. In answer to the (iitffaws which no doubt will arise from backers/ I CArO'T STAY MERE ALL DAY TRYING TO UKirAM&tC- THIS / . I'LL VANK IT L005C - Of£W \ ! ^i ^^_ SOMETHING WILL OffM'/. .tfXk - HAVE TO ^Jm'B\!tftm 6ivF.' itlR:^W,M.j.P wfyijp* Wr t '''(^ . Jf$Mt^ ' fi ft * v* w M*r ^ . How, Rhkiilns. Tul Clark, uiisto, Mute, Sir Thomiis. Silk-sen I Tcail piny, jnbDl, !II :( h CJce nnd varioi.s lonj shots, let them rc- Iw.t on the qiiolnllon, "Class will icll." Cllvra two horses, 0112 a plater nil the other, n thoroughbred of .tfiWIsher! rin.K. the plater hasirt )e chnnee of a watermelon .sur- l( 'ina a nemo family ramlon ot Mtlng the class of (he latter, things being equal. The $100,000 purse of thn inta Anita classic lias iittractcd IB class of the country's linndl- np. performers. R has drawn 31'iner platers, too, two of which i«vc gl | m uxpltnbi: ,», form- Dices on the ill '" l.lkcs Mini The real cream :iis candidates of the niiincr- Inclucle.s tho •i' ter's selections, Mate, Ousto Fnlreno. Time Supply, Iflgl, Glee' Av.L-car and Heart Piny. But. remember that Mate and" Oiisto arc Micro shadows of their former glorious selves. Head Play is a jrjat mud limner. This department doesn't intend to get Inlo arguments' about he relative merits of the two top noi'ses. Ekky ,w:ems to be In n .ills tetter shape thuii Mrs. Isabel Slonne's horse, but If reports that Pony AlcAlce is to ride Cr.valcadc arc true, the wonder horsa of \m, which won the Kentucky, American and Detroit "crbiiyi. „,„! (hc Chesapeake and -lassie stakes, has the better 'bance to win. Is conceding Cas'alcndo one pound ui weight Both lorscs are listed at Hie top by ast of Wcrlnesflny's games, was til-' iiosl Interesting oi the rtnv, ' winning, as ( 0 ty ,..,. i 6oiw& ro DO? I.CAN'T GO / AROUWD LOOXIW& S LIKE THIS / MAYBE I CAW IMPROVE THF SITUATION WITH A FEW " ALTERATIONS - IF IT DOESWT WORK Our, I'LL B6 SUNK.' / NOW, JUST t-OOKATfHAT PCACTICALLV RUINED UT ' ffyfW 'Yw ia '^ „$ &/fr .:'.«• *, or^HiS WELL, WOT SO &OOD. EOT (r COULD BE WORSE .' Ihe hnndlcappcr, tlie former 130, and the latter ill 12D, TH-- ohsc-rvatta, TO bUn, dlrcrtcd b -U of mile. 'Hie Whitney | 10 j S (weight packer. He high us iaa pounds and beaten Die rare off (he puck in Cavalcade, on the other nmsl prove his ability to carry poundage. A bl g . stroii-; nnlinal, Me should do this In no uncertain manner In the coming classic. performances on occasion is in l.i n proved j well might score. , and if ill it. mood to run, . s hr| Harvard Astronomers cnljr rich in the race matter not: Hie Study Moon's Craters j . ,~,*' <n ni%_ JIIHLLl'l rj[ III*-* i ' piirso. but also rich In (he manner! CAMBRIDGE. Mass. (UI'1-IIar of the money-winning total ot the Selecting iiinc of the top rank- Ing horses—Equipoise, Cavalcade. Consider I.adysniaii Lfidysman Already has demonstrated his ninc-fs v for thc tattle with class. A .simulant 2-year- oM In 1032, ami winter-book favorite to mine.-; the 1933 Kentucky Derby, the horse has come back A long way since he finished fourth tn the Blue Grass event He showed his class In defeating Equipoise last Mate, Twenty Grand, 'GIISIU ILadysman, Fulreno, Time Supply and High Glee-give.s A total ol more than $1,420,000 In .purses won. vnvcl astronomers have trained telescopes on tlic d-irt: sid, li iirton Service Sta. AUK. MO. STATi: Of this amount, Cavalcade-, Equipoise mi:! Lady.sman fiai'c won a lotal of nearly S70D,(Mr>-aral that's class galore! Suj)er Shell Gns m Ili2 Suburban Handicap year, and Is reported lo good shiipe. ,, ,- l«« Plenty of speed Rnilwsy antl hearl. U Is possible he doesn't' like so long n dlstntie? as Ilie mile and « rurarlcr, but It was nt that distance that he beat Ekky Head I'lay Is a horse to lie given considerable consideration. He Is an excellent mu ,i riinner. and It was in the goo that he won the Preakness in such .stnrllln* fashion, " HU trainer. Tommy Taylor is a smart conditioner for a given race, and lie won the predecessor. lhl» race, the Agmi Cnlicnte Handicap, w lth Victorian. Jatot and Hisjh Glee, the crack nilie.s, are capable of brilliant IJELLEVIU.E, Kan. IUP>—\Vil- liam E. Wllbert, Sr., 77, ilied on: — -- -. ub . v , ijj., f i t ijlCf] Ull .the day he became eligible for n NC '"jpcnston from ||, c ' Rock Is , Iln(| at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop 111 Now J.ooatcd at 191 Nnrlh Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS. Proprietor !(M of rebuilt Typewriters, iddlnr Machines and rulcn Hepalrinj;— Parts— Klbbons , girls easily, 53 to 28 he Steclc-cootcr boys' (.amc. the First Choice for Spring New Lightweight Hats Stul.sons Oa ,, fln IT*/" r i\ 86.50 SB.50 •'•|»-.VI1 be singing; -You're the Ton" lo these lon- cvc-rv l,mc (hcy'rc v.oni! «•„ suggest Iwo fur r.-iKnnl and nrcss , vc;lr s5 New Tans - Grays - Dines - Greens Arrow Mitoga Shirts N'«v Spring patients ami while, in Hie famniis CO ^!il«ST.i flws-fitling body -?Z New Neckwear $1 R. D. HUGHES & CO. 3 Doors West of Ritz Theatre QUICKER,SAFER STOPS With Dodge Perfected, Dual-Cylinder Hydraulic Brakes J UST when olheis aro oftering jhcir first hydr«ulic-typi; brakes, Dojgc Bivcs you ihe cxlra safely of P CI . fictcd, Dual-Cylinder Hydraulic BitUs, pioneered years a(;o byDoJ RC and proved in Ihe sorviceof hundreds nf thousands of owners. Wilh 20% more braking smfacc- fully equalized ag.insl skidditir; or swerving—they gel ihousa nils of exira miles from tires and brate lininRs — give greater operating ease, r(uickci surer stops —mote safely ilian ever! Kemeiribcr.there can be no successful initiation of Dcxtgo brakes —or uVit safeiyl — williout Dod^c experience and manufacturing jiiecision. Herd is a big, smart, 85-mile.m., horn car thai actual]}, gives you , hl( . c lower-priced cats. And « vm '„.!,*'' """ 10 '"" nc " l " 1! - <:il "'« 1 "Moio» "tonfshine economy of oi |i W i,h 'n ?f,,"'-. VMi , l/a «°OG£ : sets,* 1,60 i« savings, the Docl B c "Red H»"- ,„ "£X^oV"«.S' °sj« i'"*^' engme gives brillUal new range ' —'" ""— ~ "'"'' «ncl case. Its famous patented Float- mr; Power tnjjino mounlingssmoiher vibration, which racks ordinary cars 10 pieces. Thc final word in protection —the famous Dodge safety all-steel body is known lo nearly 3,000,000 Dodge ^'owners. Only the genius of a manufacturing organization such us Dodge — with such complc-18 faciliiifs.vviih^Oyems of experience in building neatly three million fine vehicles— could create such astounding doll.r-fnr. dollar value! CHRYSLKR MOTORS DODGE DIVISION u „,„,, MC1J incnf exlra. Tl.-ne p-iymen/s fa fit DODGE '64 F.O.B. FACTORY DETflDlT w Dolors More Th»n Tfi» to W c S |.p, fccc i Ca « Saturday Is Postivdy the Last Day of Our Used .Car Sale - - of Good Bargains Left., CUP THIS c Bring It With You Your last chance to get a good used Car or truck at a big s Ford Truck 1380 Ford Truck with stake body, 30xa (hiid tires, motor good, Ijody and cab extra gootl, worth much more limn 1930 Ford Tudor RepossesKctl car you can buy for the luil.incc- due—Car is in perfect con- (lition and one real .value for someone at . Chevrolet Truck . 1929 model I'/., ton truck, stake boiiy, 32xG siiiBlc tire.",, all''lives nearly new, • ntotcv OK. Tires iilonc worth v.-hnt \ve ;isk for this ear Nabors Trailer One pole lyj)c Nabor Trailer, IS point stake liody, SCIxf) dual lires. Tires ver gond, new ;>.xtes and bearings in this trailer. Special Price '34 Chevrolet 1% Ton Truck 19IM model lo»s: whcelbasn, I 1 /, ton truck, 12 foot stake body, S2x(i heavy fluty tires on 0 inch rims. Truck only used short time 1933 Ford V-8 Tudor Thi.s car driven only a few thousand miles for home use. Checks perfect in every detail. Can tell former tf»O7fi owner for your inspection «P%> 5 J Dodfje IVz Ton Truck li)32 model Dodge Chassis and cab. 131 inch wbcelbase, nearly new S.Oxij tires, dual rear, reconditioned and ready to' go 1.933 Ford V-8 Tudor Equipped with Radio, just repossessed. You can buy it for balance (Inc. A car that we won't have long at this price Chevrolet jy 2 Ton Truck 1929 model li/o ton truck, slake body, (ires very good, ready to go. Will make a big bargain for you ,. 1931 Chevrolet ( ,Se,rf<m, i'> wire wheel s'edan, original green Diico liamt, motor OK, has trunk and seat covers. A better buy than you expect! . 1934 Chevrolet Truck Chevrolet. 193-1 Mi/V ton Chassis and cab, -32x6 heavy .duty- tires, six inch wheels, motor just ..recondi- ^A/tft IJoned—An exceptional buy! «p4T-»/ ;: 1930 DodgeS Sedan 0 wire wheels, new paint job, motor in good condition,-car"sol'ti. "tor. over .81,200. Some value '-in ...this ' one now at '-'" ' : Chevrolet Truck 1932 model Ions wheclijase Chassis and cab. 30x5 heavy du'ty tires on ,(ltial wheels, tiros, nuaVly iicw, exfni clean " '•'•''' <'- ' • 1029 Ford. Coach •Paint KOR;|, rubber '• very 1 good, motor in good condition, inside ol' car rotifjh. Bill, for real cheap .transportation see this one '33 Chevrolet n/ 2 Ton Truck 1033 model 1 1,<, ton truck with 0 foot stake body, new rubber, 30x5 dual tires. motor reconditioned, ali 'rcadv for work ' Chevrolet Coupe Black Hiiro finish Master Six Coupe looks and nm s like a new one. A new oar value at a big saving— Very Special! ' . 1933 Ford V-8 Coupv~ Jhis car m perfect mechanical con- oition, body blue, upholstery has had seat covers and in perfect con- onion. Von can't ei|tial this for 1927 LaSalte Sedan Tivcs good, paint good, motor runs perfect. Just a l,i g car to be sold at the very low price of Shouse-Little Ch R. R. & Walnut Phone 633 Blytheville

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