The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WKDNKSDAV, JULY 2',',, 1917 Talk from Governor Planned on Sessions Closed to Newsmen in.ri.r: rocx. '.«.i;-., ,'uiy 23. 'L'PJ—CJov. Ben I.rmev : 'id 'tr.d.iv I hat hi 1 ;-!;iM'; Jo .'pr^k t'J Jl'.^rbr'rS of the J'rnd ol Conn-;.' of (he Ru-.te Hcspiial about tiu'ir siuitiulo tc'.varci huhliii!; secret niooiinj-M. To!cl that :i petition had iK-en litKi hi rnlafki C!i"ii;-fi-y C:ur'. s';:kiii« to cnj:,:n the !:i:'.rd frc:u I'dclii]-: clr-:ed sessions, '.he w- mv.r '-via: "I t!;;nk [ (he le.-ird has l/.-e'i br.v,:n;: iis neck n little loo Ivu-d CM .that FU'>;C:(. mid I intend ,\j sp"-ij, : ,1.0 i,lic:n before- ;:ic;r n»:t jiicitinsi." J.".l;ey v.vj attendim; t'le N-- tic-ral Go'.vnior.s' Canfcrcnre in FaH l-i'f.c City. Utah, v.he-i Ja-nei Mn!;-rV. Li' R-;ek radio cam- meetntor. optioned Die cam for an injur.:-tirn. L:.ncy ;.aid he thought t!i" ,'•>"-- frnt ;."v ve:-'urdiii» ixnativc sra- Ficns ~v hr.n.orarv brrirdr> was a j'fid rin-. HP referred t:j :i inn me?sme rrry-|i:::ti!!;; srcyfl ine?^!! 1 ?., imlr'-s P-.U.:?:-S rrivilc-eed to an individual are toil::; discussed. Th- covrninr s-i;d. I nwever, lint lie Mievrd :>ny teani | : - s a ri"ht to held si-rivl :yec-',in^:; at KT.L-S. l.'i:: tint r:-,i: ! .i!,- hu;inrs"; and j.;en- crril r.clicie; s::o'.''.d bo open to the ptlillkv Short!;- ;,flcr M ick-f,'! filed h;s sull ill L'lllo H~-k. K'Tirct Chair- 311:111 r:>l:<-r w;,iu: of Oscor.: i declared I'he '-e- rd •.v.uld continue •lo he'd executive .njccthi'.'s whei it considered them iit-c^.'.sai'v. Rote /ncrccrse Argued WAPin\T,7CV, T3. <UP1 -The In-crpr-'tc C'r-ninicvct- Cr-r.-nis .'ion todnv r«-)iccl«!cti !i-iri:u-s fi Atlaiit-i. o rcqKcst nf for a 13.r^t farts. BLYTHEVH.LE (AHK.) COU1UKH NEWS ^Taking Steps Against the Boss If sue!] provisions wei-e not In lite n-ntal uminKctiu'iits «n Jtitu- 30, i)t Iw nitdi-cl r.o*- under tlie new liny, Mr. napp indicaled tile fBllowliiB whleh ai'tiially was <-xe- c'titcd on a peaee ol tablet pa|irr: . .i; l)cmiilnT ril.l :intli"rl/:' Die Cvn: u;, Idnvaii lo ciil , Ihr 1,-sidenie at uuldrt-xsi for I ll ' t:l '"'•<! l"tbli.!i .slulWlcs on cut Cottonseed Statistics Bill Passed, Sent to President WAS it;\iiroN. .inly i-a. a;i'i mill i!)tt(in;:r«l I i'.st'lll I'iiifh AmMn.t C' une.-;.-, v.i'iiln;; t) L't- ;:v\ L'.lx i-otl iV a ;erL:;iu time, i; ed a [•.;,•;, l,';)? !;vtiVc: :i 111- t .>!•>: i'!»r li".lil. d llu- end. A-; the J nn : " "'"" l i">i'i'. WAMiixurON. .Inly i-a. <t. : l'i ; :,d li-'hl.d Hie end. A-, tlie j nn- Uailas. Texas. July a. 1HI7. 1 do Tin- I ,,• yesterday passed and I In-, ivp.i .• li.-i l< n-d, its hi-.I arous- Bi'ant lease to tiiiune) lor c 1B1 i-igli- I sent ta iiu- White Mouse a bill lo e.l Ihe !.li'r]>er. A datifiiii! pici-.c! !:!••., : H ranee ••eno,,[ j,i I.:-.-. Ai_ ilicyro jiut rH: ; .,;:i r; __ 11.- .i ii'j .1,1 I:.].-:;:- :i!i)n': in front <.( the Arihur Murriiy :;,!;.:. !';;.•;<; is'l inl'.d :il anynr.e Ihoi.-. ihr; r-.alnst linr.'s alleged lockout of ^01) j ;'i itj I.'L'.'; 'i'uj'1; i.tU'.iicy. Simple Lease Forms the Best, Rent Director Explains . . complexities aM'i r-. i."::'u unlv il u hares!, es^eiuial.s air p:\.-viiiL- 'nesk for tlie 15 per i-enl rent inti.-'s'.s provided for by lUe ne-.e Hon.-.ji:-; and Rent Act. ucc-u:t!ii:. ; ( t , (; ,\ CLinnincliani KIT., IV;IL uiiec'.rr of Hiytlievilie. "Very >::nii>le ieasi', v.-j eomply \vitli iiu- illtj approi't'f! b'-' .•.aid, "\vliile a .; .i, c "™ bc ." ! " "i^'-" «x--'-<:x'.e IT:;::,:, nci -suable by ;-.:-oa rent offices. .'-.iiiie such nnaceeptablc ptovl- ;.u:i::, he listed as follows: M' A covenant by \vhich tti. landlord could terminate the lease !>y Diving : M days notice to tlie tenant. (2i A clnus? Biviii;: the landlord .1 lien on the tenants' personal pro- pi rty as security for the payincnt vi rent- C|p A provisions lor evictiiiB the tenant \\ithotlt resort tf3 law In case lie failed to comply \vith one The ni :! -:uolia is r-r-d f-v .i, c ." -- , ni w reso Fran prnlc-sici- of IrMnv Pie-Ve " «x--'-<:x'.e IT:;::,:, -.viti- Ian;;- i ease he faiU'Ci to coin Magnol »-.>"J. >'«..IL (mailers at., uiHv ilal: •:!,••! U t lie coveaanl.'i. loaies thlls far e>::niii::e.l have hec ; j i .!. Usin« July 1 as — - ..... ----- - -- ____ rf>iff t nr Kr>/"i iit-ji . .1 . i. , ....... _ . . . - . . $1000-a-Week r-ilmh I itttnif i line \M_Te f- \CTI i i I it H w<rd hs en \\ti I L L i n t i , e<n it ip i >\ -, 1 v r SlCB-:-a-vsee',; film contract Her income, nuder tourt's dcr.ision. will it lUi « i *H\ in se\t l "i >• J 11 in | t 11 t n mt \, imistid in i \ i i i b i u UNE \ u i photo, i - " -1 -,v.. ^. f . -i. t.i.-iu,^ o m * i ;i^ the eflecttvc _ ictcd beean-ie ui i,:u: .,r mo.-e iii'o- ' date of the lease when the law visions winch ccir.flic: v.;;!, tin• ,„• v; J says tiiev must liccome eta-dive law. he sakl. He:,: in lilvihe.-ille. i ".-liter July I." ' the score thus i : u :s !) ac^! | i'.cpair Clause IIU-Ral and 7 rejected. Mr. Cu:;«.i:i, ; ::a- : i [ tic net ally, he suit.,sucli leases also sa !"' ' | are nnacteptable if thev In Houston and r>,!h s n hm . ,;,„ ; ,,, Rcvl - m th , tri1 .;,, ; to k cwest ration of r,pi..-.n :l h rxistpd me -'remises in B oocl repair at his this week a totn] U ; i-n!v it) li-.i-r s : O-.MI cx|,ense were approved on' of isi sii'imitted ! 13, Restrict the occupancy of the to tlie area rent ,,f,i.v. i;e-:-, : i.,i ,),-, :n ises to a certain number of Rent Attorney II c. Il:i:>;> e.-i.VpM-d : i-r-ons that IOT ratio by ,, y i: !R that : ,ir,,t j ,;., cbiigc the tenant to comply of he leaECocciii.-c-fntd •«-«•• on K >-\ v.ith all city ordinances. iniDH« canert itanclard i- 3f . ff fra -:ns c-sm-] l-.c;:i:ii orders, etc., at his own ex- inonly oifcrcd for sale in ce,;rMi;iU' I paisc ( , •<.Most sncii ronirt. lie s-iid. nave- o-.- j (ii Hec,uirc the tenant to pay ,:t- or mcpie pi-ov,,io,,s ;-.>i::h ,;->„.!:- | torucy fees in case- the inndloril 1 " ' c " e '-" '"'''•' :'.!nf ;:u are n::- ' nmvi report to court action for evic- Wade Furniture Co. .i .. ; Hk'.-'.'Siatiai^'^ -. :•. ' rr;:^-- 1 " FURNITURE GO. More for Your f,\oncy all the Time This l)[-aiitiftil a piece living room ;,yite iu- cllitles tin- sofa and Hie massive Iciun-Te ehnir. roil Miring hass with innei --spr tilled eusliions. built to nive years ol coin- fortabh- service, and priced to lit any budget, covered in loin; woariiiK tanrsli'v. ficc this truly super-value today :il Wade's. . . 2 lew! (Modern! ;,lyltn'4 llujf I 1 . ri-.l:l tiji-to- Ihc-niin- . nlT'Tin:: a b:-r:)l!L-r:ikinfj rx-suity lliiil r;ipl iviil! 1 :; i v<-i y V.'DUUUI. Slll'C coiir.t'.ts tit full M/r ljr*l. ]:ii';r rh:-.- ( ti) <lra\vrr.s. drop ri-mci' vaniiy \viih l:n ire pI;H c i;l;is nnrrnr JM-.fl Hie vsmily Ijvnrh. .Snil<- is <;uM prnolril 1 1n I'll;; limit. u.Mi fi'iiti-r (fi'iiv:*'r f^iiidrs. A ! 1'iilv 1 in- 1 : nil •• of fuM:iiruv UP TO 1 2MQNTHS TO PAY "lr PAGE NINK Tiii-sr- are finely woven ru;.;:. of excrp'ional wrnrin:4 quality and Iraiiliful appcaranre. a wid- •••- lection of colnrs ami patlern:. in rose. Ian, Imnvn, heijj-. blue a ,d many olhcis. fjee (liis larte lection ci! v.ool :\i".-. today. V r.t can purchase OM Watlc'.s e.i y payment plan. 9x12 RUG CUSHION ' $9.95 vi Concrete Culvcrt-tilo Si/es 10" tu 3B" (Itt'liifnrral nr Noii-llrlnlorced) <'lu-a|nT anil l.unijcr l-astlnx (lian any oilier ISrldKC Malcrlul. ('"iii'iole uiilt^ fur Sanitary I'rlvy—Cuiirrcli; Si-ptlc Tank*. A. H. Webb »»y. Bi N. ut Slalu Line I'lMHii! ltl.v(lievllli! 7H S ^Vl (In. t;!|,)l,. family's shoe eilsts lllKlllnl! I!,,' y t . ;lr ),y | u .,.|>_ IIIB Hiriii ill tmiil repiilr «Uli nur line uiirliinaii.ship ajld luu^li tiuality iniiti.rhils. Wliilt-yoii- «nll lii-rl and Dp ropl-iei-im-nl and shines, HALTER'S Quality Shoo Shop For Electric Work v Call 2397 BOB'S Electric Shop » Farm Wiring O House Wiring O Motor Repairs O Appliance Installation 500 N. Fifth St. HlylhcviJle, Ark. Good Used Furniture Is Found at JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. E. Main Phone 'i Pride & Usrey Excavations and Backfills Phone 517 Highway 18 West at Pride Addition FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'honi: (591 \Vrist, pouket and fob walchcs art: restored to Ijuauly ntul tisofulncss with our lino repair service. The finest replacement pails used, and rcnsonabla prices charged for depun- able workmansltip. You t r ct tlie finished product when we promise it—nu delays. 7 DAY SERVICE Pat O'Bryant JEWELER Main sit Swoml Phone 3231 More for Your Money All the Time Day Phone 3371 Night Phone 2527 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Keroiid SI. lil.vUievillc, Ark. IC,sliiii;i(t-.s (Iladly (J I vcn FOR REAL WRCURy S£RWCC AlWMS Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury 'Deafer Phone :il7!) Ulylhcvillc Ark. 112 Wahuit St KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 'The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Tnnr Bonrce e! PETROLEUM Dtiwnd»ble SerrlM PRODUCTS Ort« KR »t

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