The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE TEN BLYTHBVtLLJi, (AfiK.) CUUR1KK MEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. B ABC OCR, Editor H. -W. HAINE6, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkanws Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, 6t. Louts, Dallas, Kansas Oily, Little Rode. thai wJiicli Is at stake to<lay in our vast recovery program. —IJntce CatlOll. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday. IRJ Uulcrcrl ss second class mnlicr ni the post office lit Hlylhcvlllf, Arkansas, under acl of tobcr 3, 1017, Of- Scrvcd by Die United Press. SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the City of BlytlJCVtlle, 15c i>cr week or $6.60 per year In advance. By jncill within R radius Of 50 miles, 43.00 per year, 51.50 for six months. 85c for three months; by mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, SS.50 per year. In zones seven and eight, $10.00 l«r year, payable In advance. Freedom of People Is At Stake Albert Einstein's slutnmuut in London lhal modern life will nut bo woi'lh livinir unloKs Uic liberty of the individual i.s preserved comes to us with tspcc- iul force just al Uiis time. I'l-ol 1 . Einstein ]>oiiits out tliiil Ihe po-.vers which seek lo suppress intellec- tiiul and iKi'^oiiJil freedom ;ire slronst- cv now than they have been in years. Without siicli freedom, hu reminds us, there would have been no Shakespeare, no Goethe, no Faraday, no 1'asleur, no Lister; we would not have comfortable hoiUics, or railway trains, or protection against disease, or books; most of us would live a dull life of slavery, just as under the i'licienL despotisms of Asia. Now this assault against freedom i* succeeding, not because Ihe mass uf mankind suddenly has become; convinced that freedom is worthies*, but bv.- cause the lurrilic pressure of economic calamity has forced people out of the old grooves. + * * In Russia, in Italy, and in Germany freedom has been discarded because it has seemed thai only a ruthless despotism could straight nn uut the tunirle of modern life, and keel) people from starving amidst plenty. Kat'L'isl and Communal alike share Ihn.l belief, They differ only in llieiv ideas about who. .should be Ihe despots, And all of this becomes especially signilicunt when viewed a^uinsl the background of our present recovery program in I lie Unilcd Stales. V 'f- :• What is bciuir attempted here is an experiment ijuite as far-reaching in its jiotcnlialilies for mankind as Ihe experiments of Stalin and .Mussolini. \Ve are trying lu find some way of sultlini; Ihc almost insoluble ei-i'iioinir problems of the twentieth cenuiry without resorting to despotism nt all; tryinj; to straighten out Ihc erased wires of production and distribution on Ihe one hand and to preserve individual liberty on the other. It is an enormously liilVicull job. Three of the greatest nations uf liur- opc already have given il tip as utterly impossible. Other nations arc drifting .slowly lo tin; sumc conclusion. If the freedom of Ihe common man is to be preserved in the world, the job will have to lie done in the United Stales. And il is nothing less than The Way to Recovery An idea of the possibilities for American industry, which are inherent in the present eJlori to increase tin; purchasing power of I lie wage-earner, can be gained from Secretary of Labor Krimces I'erkin-' leccnl address lo the American 1'cderalion of Labor convention. Miss Perkins iwinled out that two- thirds of the goods disposed of in America each year are sold to people whose incomes are less than $2,000 a year. The moral is obvious. The wage- earner represents the greatest of all markets. Increase his purchasing power and you give industry Ihe greatest .stimulus il could gel anywhere. And, by the same token, if you decrease it, you make industry's recovery quite im- wssible. The best way to induce full recovery, in other words, is to start al the bottom. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark F!W ft>-xt-s, e>-.yA, rfr- n \/fm: m Tl j An Orchid for Uncle Sam 11 limy be (luilo true lliiil our ttiplo- malic representatives in Cuba have not been very successful lately in estimating tile strength of the various revolutionary factions there. I5ul il does seem that our Stale Department as a unit deserves a l'c\v bouquets, for the patience with \vliicli it has handled a very difficult situation. We have come to reali/.e that American intervention in Cubr. is a thing lo be avoided as long as is humanly possible. It is to be avoided, if for no other reason, because il would hamper American interests in Latin America as a whole, And NIC Slate Department has done a prelly good job of holding •oil 1 . Under all ordinary precedents, we' long since had ample excuse for iutcr- venliun. So far, however, our marines have remained aboard ship and our naval guns have been used for nothing mure serious limn target practice. The responsible officials in \Vafhinglon deserve a good deal of praisu for their intelligent forbearance. Canada Opens Drive on U. S. Booties Radio Set* MONTREAL (UP)— A warulUg a(j«i(u>t the use of "bootleg" radio receiving wU maimfaclured in the United States has been iswed here by the Province ot Quelwc Trades Association. 'Hie association warns thai U", 1 Canadian Patents Act forbids the operation of u. B. radios not li- ccnstd lor sale In Canada even if the customs duty liws been paid. Anyone using an unlicensed set Is liable to a line under tin. 1 act. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD -' Jobless Man Makes Rings Out pf Auto Parti ONTARIO. Wis. (Ul'l— Robert Cordon turned his hobby into a business when he lost his job ;i!id row makes a small im.'Oine by making linger vines out of old au- toniobilo parts. !a his unique craft. Gordon uses pistons, fan pulleys, and wrist pins. All arc hollow, and come in enough sizes so thai Gordon is able to oflei- n large selection of sizes in his finished rings. From Uic piston and inillcy. which are bronze. IniUnlion gold ngs are made. The- wrist pin is longht into a ring that rescinds diver. Afiei the rough product is nootbed out on an emery wliecl, ordou cither places a selling or arves initials in (he surface. "I like to curl up wit' a i>»ocl hutik." You'll Look Well, Feel Well If You Stand and Sit Erect sized the importance of proper sitting und standing for comfort anrt good In Hie. appearance, first place, every desk and every chair should be designed (o lit the persons who use them. If the scat you occupy Is too low. GlINOSNAKtS, FOUND IN TBOPICA1. AMERICA AFRICA, AND ASIA, NEVER Rt THAN A T=BW IN LENGTH. ]oast Guard Mascot Dead at 14 HAC1NK, Wis. <UI'> - Coast uardsmcn here are mourning the rtciilh of Pal. u huge collie, who bund n home on Hie waterfront because he cmikln'l stand the tii; ol fireworks, Pal came to Ihf coast xiiurcl station, trembling with fright, during |iln Fourth of July bombardment eight years ayo. lie became :i ascot and soon learned lo make ON THE GROUNDS Of^ THE. NATIONAL „,„,,, ,^,r MUSEUM OF CANADA, AT OTTAWA, WAS DESIGNED MILLIONS OF YEARS AGO! IT IS CAST FROAA A DINOSAUR. FOOTPRlNl./ PuiilR Arenas, located in the southern end ot MIC ;ons, ilr.-m n-oul coinury of Chile, is about 54 degrees south of the equator. Hiimmnfei. Norway, has the distinction of being the northernmost city of Ihc world. NEXT: Wliv (to the .seasons mine earlier cadi year.' rounds in the morning to! lie rode many a roiiKh HM. bin jiwakeu Lhe jiUhnLs. ; t!:ninjer:>loiii]5 as well as fuovvoik.s He was (lie. lirst 10 leap inlo a i made him tremble like « leaf, lie ioat when a rescue call came and', H. BY I)K. .MOIililS KIS1IBKJN I place, the iipiicr iwrt of his bud Kdllur. Journal of U.ic Alain"" I will lean (orivnrd antl pres. Medical Assutiatiou, nud qf ' fly- l.against h« de:ik coiiitricting h ccl.i. Uic Health Maputo* {circulation and dislmbing h Again and again I have cmpha- ' blcKxl uipply. To relieve the stra: ot lllis posture, Ihc boy is likey lo slump back in the seat, resting on his shoulder blades and the lower end of his spine. Then the back is uol supiwrtcd properly, so lhal il sags down aiid curves. This iwsition stretches the your bhouldcis will become round-! muscles and ligaments of the bucked ami your head will droop. I bone so Unit the back becomes Every seat, In school should be rounded and the chin is shoved made so that may lean ou In correct .siting posture-, Vyu should be erect. Your head shunld Ije poised to brinB the center of Hie child's elbows forward. the desk, without, making lilm lean over or slrctch. • Many schools have uniform Beats for the children in eacli grade, while the children may vary considerably in height and size. It would ta better il every schoolroom had a few desks of odd sizes lo accomodatc the children who have lo sit at them. . Dr. TIIit McKcnzic lamoiis ,Mrn Ltiusl iiavi 1 ctJiilLdence u; the liuiiesty and falrnv&s "f their- nuGiul, tlicir economic, (heir liuanclal and Ihcir political order. —Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler, president o! Columbia University. t * -r EdiUMliun is the vaccination and lli'j .s|»nach and Ihc tod liver oil of the Widy politic. —Dr. Uau. 1 , /jin^-ci 1 of Harvard. * * * l don't feel that you can ask people lo your house without offering them something. -Mrs. rranklin U. Huwcvclt. » * * I o'Ac my luiij hlc lo and shower - Augu:-t Hi'ckochcr, New Yo:k icaltor. ! tiiil mil im[H)ji: myielf by force on Ihc |Koplc uf llaly. — i'lemLer Mubsolinl. I'lilliidelphia Mjulplor and ti>ccial- on pliysical education, emphasizes the Importance of change ol losture at various inlcrvals, to •cst the tissues. The child becomes weary unless- allowed lo exercise ml change position occasionally. If a boy sits too long in out gravity In the lino joining Ihe seal bones. This posture makes a minimum demand on energy and lends to good iwstme when standing. You should also tec that your cjlild sits properly when reading ur writing at a desk. . Children in (he higher grades in scliool should lc;ist two CHURCH EXCUSES By Gen. W. flVC-iniiinl« periods duriiig their hours of study when ihuy may stand and stretch -and' 'perhaps lake a few corrective exercises These should be in addition to the games played during, recess, Purposes of Ihc exercises are lo encourage deep breathing and lo aid circulalion ol Ihe blood, to counteract the stagnation associ aled Wilh sitting long in one posi Hon. HOR WBS'IO.V, »on nt m mlT- Monnjrr. ban fallen in love ullh JO.A> W.VRIXU. ureitr Mtnphia Mirl, Dob **t core* t» Memphl* in rnnncelluM \>ilh n tcx*Hr plant undrr cunstrneilon for hln la- ihcr'B cowpnnr. UAltUAII.t (;ui;Kl'M;\ r , •norlrlr Ktrl, i* xekeBiEpfr <o wla hl«i QTV»7 from Joa«. PAT, Jutin'm yrtUlic«r *l*(»r. In Ulic«r *l*(»r. In JERHY i-'OH- fnfniunfed i» Kb IttlS'n^H. n .ni of her employer. MILS. WAItl.VG, hopeful <1i»t her Inn riiiuKlitrrN will Minrry ncll and pafnyc the ira&gnry thai linn hern her Inr, bead* *!T«ry effort lo girc hrr riaHRlitcm »4>q»4aav^ TJPST U fur wore dressing locking Jii;in IK Invlfcrl to • k«t*^c i»«r'r fhrriugfc Bnrf>«TH'n cfCort*. Bar- l-aru rcalUca Joui T*JU be HI nt run*: nraooc «o MRny Htmpcei* and nlll tliercfore vpprir at a <H»attrnotREc before Bob. Jc«o, Kflrnilcd br IloVn nc^lci:*. pUyn into Dntbarn'M liandii br (JrlvJnp: ('> a hnrlK-cac »upper ntth J1H \VA KHl : ;r,IK naThara d r a IT a •lu:ia tnln n bridge jrarac nflrr *Tlhrm F crinK tttmt tihc f* n notice = md .Innn, a* nuh'n portorr, Mhnitn | Shanghai Resident Has Midget Auto Built .vow (;u ox WITH 'nil; STOUT CHAPTER" xiii 10AN was determined not to show '" lier embarrassment, trying to tliink sensibly, conscious ot tier strained voice and stiff smile. f}ueer bow anything so unimportant as ,1 bridge gamo couhl eecn sn terribly irnportHnt, as though it j clasped Ilio anlirni might affect tlio rest ot one's life. ia'l been licr grarr 1 would not or do not want any- I CHEAT FALLS, Moul. (Ul'i one to think lhal t (eel .-mpt-noi I John Gray, u resident ol Shang- lo any oilier inlchipcut man or hai. China, for 2-1 years, went a woman but a man of my know-[long way to gel an automobile. ledRe and nullity cannot help but Gray, a consulting engineer, trav- hold himself aloof from Ihc :iver- clcd to Coventry. England, lo have age man. As I have often told my a small but uovcrlul car manulai;- on-ln-liiw «nd hired man thai i:, lured under his suuerviiion. the reason that I felt Uial a cre,u| The machine, tiny in SIM?, ha:, a Injustice had been done the chuvcli'"oniUliiB ipcc-cl" of CO miles :m when Ihcy put me oft the board hour .and a lop s]iecd ol BO miles and forced me to mill .church an hour. Gray claims. "Gadgets' 1 work or even unending church. Uic car boasls include u lop wl.lch For a man of my <us some Fiiyi cranks back lo aid ventilation ar.d super-knowledge and abiiily must turn the car inlo an open model, either run a think' or let il alor.e. and headlights which become spot- Miuiy people who have discussed lights by a Iwisl of another crank, the question with me gel the id^a' The cnr was shipped lo Canada that I did not alleud school in ir.y f rom England, driven through c:::i- carly life and this is Iruc lor r .n^o ami Great Fails lo San Fr.ui- when ciullc a young man I liccaine cisco, then shipped lo China as a stole.imd us such. I found il i'.:i- Gray returned to his home. necessary to allciid school. In fan. • ' the church or school lhal could j nf tes j| lls t || ;1V c Tail NEW ORLEANS lUP» —UctaubC Slic wished sbc had refused lo play, yito would never have allowed hr-iTelC to bo drawn into a tennis KLIIIIC, knowing Ehe wag a poor jilaycr, or Konc to a dance- if slic danced bailly. llarbura was playing nn unusually good game. She seemed lo ni;ikc impossible contracts by some I'^Hlnc bid or lucky play. T\vke Hub praised her with a brief, "ll.uiil -ork, Barbara!" 'i'lic ifCC'jml rubber emlcd. Ifar- lwr;i Fiipgcsteil anulbcr r kiinr: ,^iie ami Fred \v«ru winner.H. "I'm afraid we're nut lucky to ilny." Hob saiil. "How linicll do svc owe you? 1 ' "It':; a :to i-'ihli.-r. Tliafs 51.10 i-.i'li. We'll liavc [i> lake yen and JI>:HI on agiiiti." Joan was liiinkiML- passionately; MHS dinner. Joan, Lliroiigb Iicr ineagcr wardrobe, iu.- spcctod Pal's red cliiffou. loaned for ttie boiiEo uarly. She had brought, also, llic wliile dress sbc bad worn Ilio uieht slid saug at tbe Junior League benefit. Joan fiuajly decided OR tho white. It was simpler but smarter thau tlio cliirfon. Stic slijiped inlo Hie drcs^, dusted ' clear skiu wilu powder and added more rouge than usual to her lips. in ttio mirror 3)10 saw Barbara walcliing her. Their eyes met aud 1 held. "Why," Joan thought, with a flash of intuition. "She's afraid of mo!" Barliani was wearing a black frock wjth a cape, oC s°''l sequins. Sho was ;i picturo of. sophistication with lier highly colored linger nulls and smooth, perfectly waved hair. No detail of her toilet hud been overlooker!. "We arc liku two fi^lilerd girding for battle," .loan thought. Tlieix; was :t touch of high comedy about it all. She studied bcr re- Ilcclion for a. moment, llien 1111- o necklace that duiolbcr's, lifted t Irom her slender throat and laid t aside. "Oil. llarliara, lhal dreEH is (jor- 'eons!" cried Sally from Hit 1 iloor- ho lllkd her sla?s-. biuiliii; ai Jim. "I IboUKbt yon were :L y-riir- woman witli iilcaa nlxiiil lif.-," hi- said. "Whal nudo you eb. *r;c your mind?" He added, when H|IC ili'l »?t anhivcr, "H'y at'iisiblo lu lul tip. shift alone." Aa Joati pul duvrn Hi-.goblet bcr Teeliiu;. ot. dcprcinu"! lifted. Lalcr ?lio wm even ni'>rc lsht-hcart«l, InuBhiiiE » urciii deal. * It was tliis youns, clear langidcr (bat caiihcd Bob to froivn ilowii ;H litn plate, wcro !=iiillini: :H this too-guy Joan. What way the matter with bcr? Attracting attcu- tlon so buliily! IJinner was (ivcr and Ju.nj roso from Uic table, tslie blnni^J«<l slighlly and stooped in cin';4A5U. a fold of bcr tlrcs's from (liv chaJr. Jim put a slcadyiii^ liaml OB taer arni. Bob heard Charlie saying ti Sally, "Our little frlentl li;:-ii'i learned how to hold her liiU'ir." A colored orchestra in tlic ;ii> under IhR staira playing. Joati, swept from the arm* ui 'jiif. 1 man to another, fi-lt a« if :jhr 'v.crr iu a tliftciciiL \vorliL tins frcnucully. L'rcd wiir. i «ii- Charlie, Barbaia.'s out for more scalps. As if tho blond scalp t=he'_s flaunting plioulihi't lie cuonsh for any I girl!" paid t'arot. "Shades of Helen ! of Tmy, IMcopatra liiirt the Queen } ot Shcba!" : "Tho sirl hu.-i ,-lamu'ir," paid i Rally. I bringing up new mm and inln-iliic- inj; tlieni. .lim secnieil always jH.--i. at. her elliow. Sin: felt guycr thi'ii sho bad ever been iu lier lifr, yet paradoxically, lliei'o wa? a lightness aiioiit her heart, a pain s-jinc- "All I was lo be : Uic "Xcver 1 k, brujHcd. a.; thniigli L:]LU had il;i'n a iH-athiL'. ii|'.-l.iir.i ID set her n: lulilc where n-^ wilh IjiTd, Clnirlic OUR WAY \-f\TE. VMiTi-V e PA'l-L BE \3e AM&nV — I'LV. AMD GET THE MEAT OM! OrA, 1-1O-M CA'ltLt-iS, 0\- ME I liavc me as mnnagcr would indent be extremely fortunate for as I did In Ihc church, I ran so \n".f biing into Its life so much wno- LMH that only the mon inlelljcnit men or women felt at case, th.ii gave us, though small, a very te- Icct. group. [ the number of bicycle accidents ere recently. Com;nis.sioncr Go- lilla has warned cychM.s li at their machines must have lail li'•ht^. October V& ; cvny ela."bo- ra-te receptiorv. iC'onllnuetl on Puge T«elvei "1 liki: j-inir lull- II'--* Icriiiu.i ami alluriii-. IJob vra.H in llic hi'll when Ihc | four cirls <Icsi-cndeil. The sjglil of 1 lliinj; furlorn iilmiil litr. ili>|iilr. lln: :l |,,, rr ,,, M1 , Kiillrtlil J-rl I" her llL^il ami stioul- : K ]i n , f.jriu. dri-.i. lie IhniiL-hl ^lic Piukcil lican thought did not bring hiipiiir::.--'. « « * I)OH, Grinding with Ihe .itj,- !:-iii kci-p liio cjrs iiway fr'iin i!n- steii'ler lit;iirt: in white. 111" !'.n; skirt ;^wirlin^ aluml a:s slic il;ii:---'J. Ho hail ncvrr HC-II .Tnan l',iiliin^ ifivclirr, more vivlil. IIMN': i.oinp.^. nn ''illr;ii'•'! ••!, -"i" Hhe'Ml iliful ami a Irillo ;<H <I. lie Her |0 .1>NII>. nul 'i 11' Mljlll l>:r I Hi ill Hi... n h- slr.itig*; lifJi.T.inr. :.]>:ik|. brllili't liini. -niu Mill.; siil ; li-;uly, liusky. "Will you ^n in In dinner itir; 1 .'" Wlml. In; wani'-'i lo j--i>y "WliaCn hapiK-m-il. J'Ki'i' VHU'VC ! ^:'-u's Ii hi: Jim. hail me on ulna and nee'lles." i -Wlr.- of emir."-." -Iwn tol'l liiin. Pairtsay jMsc OotiaJd,'ftritis^ std-teswfl.ii,, bom; but doe^ npi dti- cover .America, until several years Later kliow.i licr ' 'UK l;]blt w;,s irnliMX-'i by .1 sil -.T ba.-licl of riwi", anil Jim- ju'iil.-. Da inly place canlj markcJ inlinilleil lo h^ridf. lhl . ,,]. R .,,,, o( n, c giicM-. ; 3cl " »•"**">•'• .'s^iv-vr,,, and I-VH Ih'-rc fool iMolim-. b'll lil lr:ifb >oii morn alioiil il if you'<l lu lr;irn," -lim i ; ai'l. "I'm eut- n'll i>[ llic turn': after I1M-. irr. If j-o'l llhr; I'll give you a ".Sally—j on and Cjrul was fiyliifi. "H-jl". S''."i I'cic by Jiirbara. .loan and Ji"' ar- over Ilirn-.- "I'm livii-tin; Uic bc:t U-Ui!i5 I i,i tho tnhlc," .In' 1 i-r}«L-'J. llini Slic (ctt car-y anrl .liiii. .j." Rio'.ciul I') Joan. "\Vill you drinl, il vsilh : inr?" . - 'Iriiik." i""-.' 1 IJnrlMiu talil. ••Jin) Vim*:; I'jls u( sann-.s" 1'vcil ^prrril. " '\Vlnc, women innl yyii",' Tlio liny i^as wrlllcn aliunt llnl ftlli'W." ' ".»ttcr warn jour friend, liub," "i.3 :ih-)'.il lull s nrlMr.i fiiid l«- l:ik';> .,i,l Jim.- liul, iliil no; ..• thr rest uf MT: ^nnlcarc. Me !: walkrd aiviiy finm I!": Bro-ia. •'•- ll'j-i!r,| by iiii'l lie i"cl be; i-; U'.'tlflin:; f.jlrily. llr liail Hi-: "CM iJ:n".~ A . u iirhliril . slit wclnjinc.! liiiu •.•. ii raiiiiint Kiullc. iirri;i<"J I":- I' • iiip liradaclir. Will yi iH>\l iliiiicc with ni':?" HLIIIH: one clairncd 11'1 ;> :l'j"'l hnt-k a:;!iiii. wuhjr- 1 ; Thl i nr. 1 ,*-. blnnse .luan. IL whirl. ITcr ilnrk tyc., V'MI:'.: il,,-, t.-ln^^ly in Jim W.-irh-M. II-. i in in. crn^liiiiE lirr ; lu a p)"il Kir' hnl m>l I'J" ! fur Ihc K'JWl die juiuig nud hair, ti dead one." "Barbara, roy cbll'.l. wiierc [ K>''- . iirnllll'l llCI Joilifl ot tbo 1'hlMS. di-1 "Irnlly, l»i. ;;c.ifiVi:i/ :i lu be i>ou" resurrect lhal annr-nt molhcr'a favorite." jutt haiipcncd lo llilnk of H," snld Barbara. "Sri falllas for Jim'a line." liob Mid nothing. Ho njii Ihor- ouglily anunjed. lie batl bccu GO I'ruud to bilug Juan liero but EUIUC- Ifjlil Barbara. liilug bad cerl^inly sopo wrou?. Join's thoughts <v«rc trivellns a. Jeau dld-'l tSJUl lo bs Ibc tame , csa-'^.lb. "II 1 h^'J t = ::1 - are IILt 2irl be bad kno\vu in Mcmpiil; ?.! ihem lie «o-jM ba\e liked rat bsl- ..bil. . l Ur," ilie told bcrtell. TnyibmlmHy Hrr head »3- ' agalufl liis Fh'rii'lrr. But »iic!i ?laiKCi! IIP *i him, bit f.v: set and roM. "Ha doesn't Bho tliuiijlil clipped irom 1] ot dull miterv (lo «• ike mo any ID

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