The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 8
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Flaming Wreckage Lights Night Train Crash BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NBWfl licad from a z-foot rattlesHake, ate the .THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 193T Agricultural Agent Bases! Answers On Latest Information Received i A number of (iii^tion.s have been raised relative to the application of the subsidy program to certain .specific instances and (a<"s acco)-<!h)'i lo D. S. l.antnp (cvn'v ai;iiniHura! agent. A few (if Die tyoiori] questions are re- rcn'.ert with the answers based an \'nc latest informalion mxl intc: elation:; rtC'-ived. My. Lriiilrip tiaf; not received ('eriniW inslructlciis front W'asli- Injfloii coiiccrni:;^ details cf ud- r.iimitration, but. nl conferences iTC'ntly held, tentative anw?rs r.'i-r« cli'di Ijy AAA represeiita- tii-e.s. Tiiese instructions nmy 1:2 changed. In this event fanners will Vc nollfied through the papers. Mr. Ixuilrip stated. Typical questions and answers iv; ^iven by Mr.-Lanlrip are: Question: A produce.! 1 obtains the rcvm-iiment loan and cloe.s not sell l*ie cotton before July 1. 19U8. Will lie receive .subsidy on 05 per cent of the tanu allotment? Answer: He will not receive sub- I'rly on any cotton unless sales certificates arc filed in county Agent's office showing cotton WBS said prior to July 1. 1S38. Question: Should ihe subsidy nle certificate be filled out in County office or be turned over to the cation buyer tj be. filled cut? Answer: Subsidy forms should be fimiislied buyers who will execute Section I, Section It should he executed by the operator of the •farm on which the cotton is produced. . . Que/ilion: May a producer who raised: cotton in 1937, ou a farm which had never produced cotton hefore this year, apply for subsidy? ' Answer: "New Producers" ,shoul:l \ file sales certificate's in County | Agent's office, and at the lime | Mothers." certificates' are approved by the All lmflgiulu . producer, a work sheet should be • • - ' executed and filed- 30 that, in case i I'.-.e j nonchalantly crawled away, it required 45 minutes to compute Hie 1.1 dlamondback honor, it was like this, t hadn't I a ken a drink since I was here last. reptile ond County's Negro Baptists Holding Five Day Session CfiftEOLA. Ark., ' Nov. 3—The Mississippi County Friendship Baptist District Association, colored, convened here at the Bethlehem Baptist church yesterday morn- !n(f for a fission o/ five days running through Sunday. Rev] J, H. 1'iilih, D. U., is Moderate;- or the parent, body and Nellie Glass Is 'i.-Kidriit ol" the women'.* auxiliary a^ oc:ialion. Th:- outstanding feature yf this annual rnoiHlnn is "Ooo'-lwlli Hour" plumed for Friday afternoon from .1 I/dock to 4-/M p. in. A munbcr 01' white citizens will take- prom- mi'iil part, in this .'ipa-lnl "Mum" for tJicom-aglne (.'Oodsvill, bettor iindci.standlan and mutual cooperation In the common interest things of the city and farm immily. and the liquor was all out of my system, so thut when I took a couple yesterday they Just bowled me over." Tlie judge believed him ami stis- pracied sentence. ilcuHiire conservation Association. uiher county farm leaders appearing; before the senatorial sub-committee were: w. N. Rnnkln, Haytl- Judge T. R. cole, Paseola; tl F Greemvell, Haytl; Crews Reynolds! M. O. Martin and JERUSALEM (UP)—In the un- dent Samaritan community In (lie Holy Land, where women are "more precious than rubies," the first marriage fw 10 years Is soo)i to take place. It will be between a Samaritan priest and a niece ol Urge Compulsory Control Of Cotton Production OARUTHERSVILU3. Mo., Nov. 4 —Members of flic I'eiufscot County Farm Bureau appeared before (he senatorial sub-committee on aerl- cultural affairs at Jefferson City tills week, and presented resolutions asking for and urging national compulsory production control of cotton. The county farm bureau went on record to work tor a general acceptance of this request. The resolutions were presented by Chairman Charles w. Reeil )•• Haytl, In lieimif of the County A°" O r f n rr* „ 7. Samaritan jirltst and a niece of O. C. Coffman, Bm Be City; and E , the high priest of the Samaritans. ! E. wiscner. Warden. Fire Losses Heavy At Caruthersville CARUTHERSVILLE. MO., Nov 4 —The Caruthersvillo lire department made .six runs In four days this week, the total loss amounting to $(i,025. The largest loss was at the W. B. Greenway Gin where two cotton houses containing about 30 ! bales of seed cotton were lost at an estimated value of $3000. -fix next i largest, single loss was when a por- lion of a block -in negro quarters it | was- burned; the loss estimated $2500. ••••Y. 1 -*i'li/l.l^.'l-sir;.";!•,£•• _ LiKhUd by IW.ntUB wreckage.of splintered freteht cars, a derailed locomotive fotms the backgroumi'C- llns unasua) nigla phot! of ,, train wreck near Danville, ill., ,,hm- a passc.igrf train smashed into' ', Mailed friWit. killing Hircc Inilnmen and injurln B 20 other employes and passengers Forej-round .„•',. the ovonm-nod coaches of the pa.ssemer train, ami at ri^ht ; m rescue workers. A moken telcgrajri, pole blocks the second track. ton produced on his (arm? Answer: It, Ls necessary that the proclu;er file sales certificates only I en lliat cotton produced on his . Keiscr News' P. T. A. Meets Thirty-live members ivere present ! at the Reiser p. T. A. meeting held ! In tiie Home Economics building on 1 Tuesday afternoon. Mrs, J. T. Polk ! presided, ! After several co;n mil tees were appointed, the program for the year 1 Wiis read by Mrs. \v. C, Walls, pro- i gram ciiiiirniaii. | The program which followed was a Red cross seal talk by Mrs. R. H. Robertson, who Ls in charge ol Ihc Red cross drive In Keiser this year. Mrs. J. K. Chllds c«>'0 a talk on i "The Value of the p. T. A. lo the A that these producers could qualify for a subsidy payment, bases may he set up for the farms. Question: A producer • owns two 'farms mid has executed separate 1 work sheets wiih i'r.c intention of' combining thciA under one application. The cotton acreage allotted to the two farms \vas planted on 1 one farm. Can Ihe prcdiircr obtain subsidy on 05 per cent of the lota! | farm nllolment on both places when all his cotton Is grown on I , cue farm which carries only a part of Hie total cotion base? i Answer: Tlie producer can obtain the subsidy ou 05 per cent of Ihe total cotton base for the two 1 farms. If the farms are clisibtf (o j be combined on one application. I they will be considered as one : farm and will be eligible to receive payment. | Question: Henry Smith has n > base allotment of 100 bales, G5 per >, cent of Ibis allotment would be '•. 05 bales. Smith makes 75 bales of ' cotton. He wishes to sell the US ! tales, apply for subsidy., and ob- , lain loan on Hie remaining bales. Is this permissible? | Answer: This procedure will be permissible in case only one in- i dividual was interested in Ihe farm allotment because of the fact that j the slale office will only check t!i; ' base allotment made to Use farm ' and determine that the G5 per cent i has not been exceeded. f * fn the event thai two or more ; persons are inleresled in Uie al- \ lotment lo the farm, the safest' plan would be for these persons to I file sales certificates on all collmi ! produced in 1937. However, it has not been delin- i Itely determined that only 05 p-;r cent of the farm allotment will be j considered in making the subsidy ! payment. ' j Therefore, if it is finally deter- 1 mined that, subsidy c:in be paid on 75 per cent of the Allotment, those producers who have onlv .filed certificates on 05 p?t cent will lose 'the difference. Sales certificates should be filed in chron- , ological order tor all 1937 cotton 'sold. Question: A cotton producer owns a gin and buys co'.toti from other producers. Ho is not sure which tales weie ginned oft r.u /arm and which «-erc brought to the gin by other parties. Is it ab- £o!ule)y necessary lhal any sales certificates i:e submits be on cot- C. Walls. Membership drive plans by Mrs. Coieman Cre\vs was rend and discussed. 'Hie drive will continue through the month of November aim pri/cs will be given to the room lhat has the largest number of members. The school mothers for each room were chosen and approved by Mr.?. Polk. Miss Betty Joe Crews entertained n number of her friends with n birthday party at her home west ol Keiser Wednesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Abe Brock arc the parents of a baby girl born Satur- diij-. The child 1ms been named Jerry Lou. Miss Elizabeth Isom was Inken io the Baptist hospital Tuesday «f- lernoon in a Swift ambulance. She has been sick n week. Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Forbes, of Trumann, ami the Rev. and Mrs. P. P. Slmrpe, of Forrest City, were Sunday guests of Mr. anil Mrs. Walter Allen. Harmon Wilson and family drove lo Comvny Sunday to visit Mr. nnd Mrs. W. E. McClain. Mrs. Wilson and. Mary Elizabeth, remained throughout the week and Mr Wilson will go for them Sunday. All of ihc Keiser teachers will leave Wednesday for Little Rock to attend the Arkansas Educational Association meeting TliursdWund Friday. Sentence Is Suspended On 64th Appearance NEW LONDON. Conn. KJPi — l'ii-»ntc:l for the IMth time in Hit- police court, charged with intoxication. Robert OUgcrs was qui's- lioned by Judge Nathan Belcher. "Well, Mr. Otlgors," he said, "you haven't been around to see as fn about five months." Said Odger.r. "I'll tell you. your lilarksnake Kills Kultlcr SAFETY HARBOR, Fin. 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