Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 30, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1891
Page 7
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SYMPTOMS OB UTTEK DISEASE I Loss of appetite; bad breath; bad taste In the mouth; tongue coated; pain vmdertho ihoulder-bJade; la the book or side—often mistaken for rheumatism; sour stomach with flatulency and water-brash- indigestion: bowels lax and costive by turns; headache, -with dull, heavy sensation- restlessness, -with sensation of having left something undone which ought to havo been done: fullness after eating; bad temper; bines; tired feeling; yellow appearance of slan and eyes; dizziness, etc. jNotan, but always some of theso indfc cate want of action of the Liver. Fos A Safe, Reliable Remedy that can do no harm and has never been known to fail to do good Take Simmons Liver Regulator —AN EFFECTUAL SPECIFIC FOB Malaria, Bowel Complaints, Dyspop-Ua, Sick Headache, 2S s r pation - Biliousness, Kidney Affections, Jaundice, Mental .Depression, Colic. A PHYSICIANS OPINION*. " I have been practicing medicine for twenty years and nave never been able totnit up a vegetable compound that would, like Simmons fiver •Regulator, promptly and effectually move' the liver to action, and at the same lime aid (instead of weakening) the digestive ami assimilative powers of the system. L. M. Hih-roK, M.D., Washington, Ark. ONLY &BKUHTE HAS our Z Stamp in red on front of wrapper. J. E. Zeilia &, Co., Philadelphia, Pa. PROVIDENCE IN WAR Instances of Divine Interference In Battle. How Gcnrnil O. O. Howard's Prayer "Was Answered at Bull Run- GuJUeral Grunt a Firm Believer in Providential tnt'erferoiico. [COPYRIGHT, issi.] A short time ago the writer of this paper was walking with an intelligent ycmng- man through the crowded streets of New York; we were conversing- upon ordinary topics as SYig-g-ested by our contacts and surrounding, when he without any apparent connection slackened his g-ait and asked: "Do you think that Divine Providence interposes in events, in war for example?" The writer answered: "Surely. God is everywhere and in every thing;." He replied: "Ft may be so, but with ray cliiily associations and adverse influences it is hard to believe in any Divine Presence." Within an hour after that time and conversation a paper was solicited upon the subject: "Providence in War." 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ARABIAN PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, both Externally and Internally. • It is safe and certain in its action - ForBurns, Poisoning, Erysipelas, Inflammation of the Eyes or Bow&, Earache,' Deafness, Rheumatism, Pains in Side, Back, or Shoulders, Files, Sore Throat, Croup, or Bronchitis. Price 25 cts. and Si. at all druggists. E. MORGAN A, SONS. Proprietors, .,'•;,' PROVIDENCE, -fc. L - - IBAKJ!SPPPLIEDby RfJSS GORDON; LaFtyottc, Ind. ' -r For sale by B. F-i bands or servants to recover ' his nepliew's belongings, through all the battle-fields under Moses when CD route to the Promised Land, through the fierce conflicts of Joshua and the judges of Israel, the wars of SauL, David and other king's to the close of the Maccabers superb and courageous efforts to gain and retain the beloved possessions of their fathers. When the people of God did that which was rijjbt in the sight of God, He blessed' them in rich abundance and success attended their arms. When the people forsook the Lord their God, as Solomon had predicted, success did not attend their arms. If' we study the subject of idolatry as herein set forth, we will, have a very complete mirror in which are reflected the 'general and special providences of the Great Ruler in human affairs. The worship of an idol — be it sun, moon, .stars, man, woman, mountains, rocks, carved images, bulls, heifers, calves, birds or other animals, or things however adorned with gold, silver or precious stones, always has lowered the soul's standard. The first strong commandment for Jews, Mohammedan or Christian is: "Thou shall bave DO other gods before Me!" Hence, as far as we can trace the facts of" history, profane, secular and divine, we fled that nations and rulers whose people have lowered their standard and become corrupt have sooner or later lost their courage, their patriotism, their prowess, their virtues. .'• When finally, the Lord the Almighty has withdrawn his favor and blessing, as in ancient Israel, in Egypt and old Eome, there comes a crumbling- to pieces and a.scattering- to the four winds. Ten thousand are driven by a thousand and no Goliath has been able to save the fighting, forces. . . , Now' we- may write for "Idolatry" "Corruption," and declare without fear of contradiction that ' soon or late, but as sure as, there is existence, ."Corruption" will ; enervate and destroy the defensive forces of any people:' : When there is no Immanuel (God- with-Man) there is something else. For Love of God and Country read; "Love of business," "love of gold," "love of great possessions," "love of self." These worshipers flourish for a time like a green bay-tree. But look again I .They are not Children have varied the corruption carrying it perhaps into magnificent display and a vain show; but grandchildren comminute and dissipate the whole upon the wings of the wind while they Uiemsdves retain little, if anything, but imbecili^ But where is ProvideKe in all this? It is simply this: Not a sparrow falletb. to the ground without our Father's notice. He has made it so. In all physical laws, the Great ' Designer's presence is usually admitted for it is sensibly felt. But when spiritual force comes in from God, .there is a more.. uncertain" hold as to which is the monition of my own mind, of my own conscience, and which is the monition of the Divine Spirit? What matters .it? . As I conceive it the conscience could have no play, no force without the Eternal Presence? As light is essential to this earth,- so is. the .Eternal Light essential to the human mind- essential to the activities of the human conscience. The compass -guides the ship, * but intelligence adjusts and regulates the compass. Without adjustment and regulation the ship will drift and probably finally be wrecked. An army is made up of a multitude of minds under discipline and command. In time then should come a common mind. There are many consciences-— but in time there seems to be a common sense of duty — a common standard of right and wrong—acomihon conscience, if we may so speak. Let this coiamon conscience lose the light of Divine presence and monition, the army drifts • and will finally be •wrecked. Its compass is out of adjustment. Its intelligent regulator is not holding the compass in its position. When the Lord adjusts and holds, the common conscience there must always be a veritable success. ' The battle of Bull Rvra was the writer's first experience under fire, lie stood with Ids brigade by the well- known blacksmith shop, a few miles behind the main lines, in reserve, waiting orders with his brigade. The artillery made the neighboring woods resound, and the upper air was filled with shrill sounds—men anticipating- great danger to life and limb grew pale. The writer was at first overwhelmed; his limbs grew weak and trembled and there was literally no strength in him. A feeling of shame and sorrow then filled his heart; for he had not dreamed of such senseless weakness as this, but he had no power in himself to rouse his manhood. Then instantly it occurred to him to lift his heart in prayer to One who cetainly was able to succor him and prepare ftu'n for the trials now so near at hand. Me well remembers the substance of that prayer. '-0 God! fill my heart with Thy spirit and enable me to do my duty." Swifter than the whizzing bullet, quick as the lightning' and brighter than the sunbeam was the powerful response. Words can .not express it, but it came in effects. All • fear and the consequent results of apprehensions at once disappeared from his body and soul. The prayer was heard, the sad condition of human weakness did not- recur in that mode during the great war. Was .that a special act of Providence? : Certainly '-special," but precisely according to God's promises and according to His spiritual laxv, which is often enunciated in the' Bible, to-wit.: "Call upon Me in the time of. trouble .and 1 will hear thy petition." An army officer who had just had his leg almost severed, from his body began to cry out: "0! Lord have mercy on me, have mercy and help me to bear this." He saw the eye of a Christian friend fixed . compassionately upon him while rie> was trying- to give him some air. Catching the scent of sympathy the wounded officer smiled and said: "One always does so in trouble, then only he remembers and calls upon his Saviour." "Why shouldn't .he? Until I was afflicted I went astray," his friend said. Since that day that officer has been a faithful servant of his Saviour. In his wounded condition- Our Father found him and healed him. Such instances that are known among both Onion and Confederate soldiers are numerous, and doubtless the Heavenly Father, whoever dealeth directly with, human souls, has his own abundant multiplication. Providence exhibits his dealings with great leaders. Onecouldnot be long with General. George H. Thomas without noticing this. He was wonderfully successful in his operations, especially at Mill Springs, Ky., and finally at Nashville, Tenn. A sense of responsibility and a sense of duty pressed his mind and heart without intermission. He once said to tbe writer: "I can not leave the front; I can not go on a furlough, though I haven't seen home nor my wife for more than a year. Should I. leave headquarters this winter, something would be sure to go wrong." Here was a constraint and an impulse beyond those which came from the ordinary conscience. They kept him solid at his post out of battle and in battle. They imparted the same discipline to his men at all times and made them partakers of his imperturbable character, unconquerable.in battle. These exhibitions were even more,'marked in General 'U.S. Grant. "He must not do that! If he should he would- be flying in the face of Providence!" He could not swear, the feeling of God's presence was.so strong 1 . It inspired ' him with courage when other hearts :failed. It kept him on the offensive till the sin of slavery and re- catod against war and ail connected with it instantly reversed the wheels of their whole being, buckled on the armor and went forth, without compunction of conscience, to fields of strife. But one asks: [low about the other side, where there was an equal sincerity and a like unanimity? The spirit was not the same. Yet in neither the Union nor the Confederacy was there positive clearness of conscience. The Union clouds would not clear till our Leader's purpose was absolute aid fixed that human bondage should be destroyed. : It must alw'ays be remembered that tfie Lord's prophets on the subject of ilavery were persecuted unsparingly in the North, Massachusetts egged theso in > Fanonil Hall, Connecticut drove them from her .shoi-es and Illinois hanged them to the nearest tree. The Lord guided the terrible conflict till both Jforth and South were brought to a repentance in the ashes .of great losses and superabundant affliction. Indeed, "He moves in a mysterious way liis wonders to perform." There is another illustration which the writer has given before, but from its aptness he will venture to repeat, it shows how the prayers of two men who are leaders on opposite sides may be directly answered without a violation of the idea of providential care and supervision. There were two army corps opposed to each other in the terrific conflict of Chancellorsville. Tlie commanders of each were known to be men of prayer. They both besought the Lord for success, always adding, "not*, my will, but Thine be done." Doubtless both were equally sincere. The Union General suffered a dreadful defeat and was made to pass through the dark valley of humiliation like the prophet of old—he wanted to die. The Confederate General had an abundant success. He overwhelmed his enemy with numbers, when triumphant shouts filled the air, but in the dark wood that lay between the two armies, when he was reconnoitering during the night, probably for a renewal of the conflict at dawn, he fell mortally wounded and was carried to the'rear soon to die. 0e had gained his victory, his life had ended in' the •coveted glory and his prayer was fully answered. But the Union officer feeling The Chastening Hand did not give up the prayer. From that time success set in upon him and his cause, and he lived to see the Onion restored and the blot of human slavery wiped forever from the land. So to the pleading soul it is often darkest just before the dawn. • In some similar way the Lord heareth and : answereth every faithful servant under His Providential Sky. 0. 0. HOWARD. ," Continual dropping wears away the stone." The continual breaking of lamp-chimneys costs a good deal in the course of a year. You can stop it. 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'S??, rounding tlie base of Lookout MounK&r^ Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Tlirough Train-*. tho bellion had been subdned. This as we have endeavored to express it was his own-view; that is: The Lord's hand is in this contest. When we shal] have Buffered enough to bring us'to-.our proper senses • then we .shall: have the strong courage to meet the enemy and prevail. •'...:. - . '•-..Abraham Lincoln, the more, he suffered in spirit, the more he pondered the problems- ; of • war. The more he prayed in secret, so much the more was he able to see the doings of God and interpret them to his people in thosb messages so' beautiful in their simplicity and so marvelous in their wisdom. These were a revelation to all, from the small to the great. To most minds the Northern,.revulsion '. of sentiment after the Sumpter affair was a direct work of Providence. It v^as so contagious, so simultaneous, so universal. We cried out:, "The Onion; it must be preserved." Men brought up and edu- doesn't the Democratic press call for the resignation Of C:d Brice from the Senate 1 and from the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee, since he is precisely as much :"a branded criminal" as Matt Quay?— Sioux City Journal. [SF'Since the adoption of the protective policy in 1801 by the Republic- .ans tbe added accumulation of wealth in the. United States counts up at the rate of S2r>o,000.an hour, 56,000,000 a day and S2,190, UOo.OCO a year. There is no parallel to this record. {5F"Democrais'arg;ue as though every dollar of revenue paid to the Government by duties on imports, was stolen from the people. The money.goes into- 'the public Treasury for public use..The Government is not our enemy, but Democrats seem to think tb-atit is. ^[SF~The mugwumps hate! him, the Democrats fear'and. respect him. That is .the kin£.of broad-gauge, level-headed man and Republican James S. fclarksori is.- Iowa is proud of him, and gratified tp.know thathe will retain a citizen, among us.—Chariton (-la.): Patriot. B39""Thornas B. Reed, formerly of Maine, but now of the. United States," is; the way the Indiana Republican. State convention addresses che Speaker' of; the House. It may >be added -also that,this is'about the, ivay the .matter strikes the average citizen of the country.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. ' E®"Con'gress'man Breckinridge says that he will.be .vindicated in the 8ec- ond ArkansaS'district,'but.the fact that they have just given:an anti-Demacratic majority of about 1,900 is not.calculated to-encbiirage him in that lo\v yiew of their intelligence and self-respect Still,'by the.assassination of the opposition candidate, he may get hia vindication.—Chicago. Journal. , !S^""There '..has been an -increase ol only.: 11,325 in the population of the State of Maine in the-last ten years, but.if tuere-are any future Blaines or Reeds among the number the commonwealth will not need to regret the smalLness of the total increase. Two such men give a State : more prestige than half a million mediocre persons ever could.—Cleveland Leader:' GET WELL-STAY WELL It canbedonr.. If yon.SHAS, yomii; o-old have any Weakness, llulformmiuu. Uefoilitv QarEx- clusive MiilhadiafMoiio/iulijo/ffiir.cfsatxyltiuitin (mailed free Sura, llm- Over One Million Acres of Laud in Alteimn, future Great State of toe. Soutb -subivctt ure-cinptlon. Unsrapasspd climate For Correct County Maps, Lowest Hams <uj« SS«S?S3JffS&* EWABD$ ' Queen & Crescent EoutP, Cincinnati. 0. BIG FOUR HARVEST EXCURSIONS IflURKEWiBaPK you.-. can Cure ' address :'., uiid be TO THE CARTER'S ITTLE 1VER PIUS. 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