The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THD BTA1HFVUU COUIUKU NEWS THE COLRTH < Ml TO HU1. fbUI HS C. R. HA13COCK. &i!lw H W UYIM.0 Au\ a n V ia r S-ff Nail 1] Aclin ''I 1 icon Aiwn. s l> 'i 5 i i \\ \r (. ] IXUOt ^i L<u ! Ins > u s C L\ o !'">' 1 i I i 1 t < 1 11 ml > " f 5"" \ lii tli n i 'i ii \. / li > ' 11 t 1'K IK ! 11 \? i ' n i in Lin i) i> > u ill Serves Dy (lie United Pre; u ^ ii ^ I3v i;anv.-r in the U'v of Klvtlicvillp. ),Vj ™.r < l l r j h n K inr lj\ i I till i l i n i J in 0) ]>t.r i lii tl i inol l (. I i ) 1 U l to ' 1 11H i ^ >j i i c i tn on s un i LI lit 10jd I r p o b t iu J (Uiiiici «1(! I ( 11 0< I II I <l l' | I I 111 I I I cll(" I U I I 1 lit lid I f tic' ( \'" 'Hi 11 ii Mi pui! <'i i \ th y u 11 11 lilt I l ''!' I ' III i i fioiu i'n Qu i tu i I) i i \ ii] a i > t< liinui <ii iit ' ii< ii tut inn ' ( HI <i )•< Hill! 1 l III l tU\ i \ l 1 (I ji'l li tfl—'(u li 1 ' 111 l(Jl I <, X l U I a ^ ^ il! Id 11 am p'i 1 m i 'li \ i 01 (nc I iimn 11 tin I UK l> u ' > Cli in iliii \ ilk 11 It) J s- unl i tl f iijiu \ ill i I»| i h in bai u nil i a\i n \\\*t > i i u il — (>) cl 11 hlh h i' ( \ nl i •Ulll 1' 111 >' ' (.1 1 I I I I Ul ! I ] 1>1H.I> )(!OU l j (. (I I <i dl ') IIII])J 1 1(1 s lilt MJIIIIt, III II (111) 111 lU llll HHitll 1 llll!) tllld l\ tl tlt( J ! il StlMI \ I! Illlilt II \ l i) ( LI 'V\ in l Iu n t mill ill ( |\ il |Vv i m N (I i i n,s \\itli \ hull (\ii\ ii oil' o u o<l lii ii l umlni hue 1 biLuinc nn i 01 K s uS cnu Jill IllJMu M I IL (. IHlltcli()lS\llU 1 one ol tlluin, and il js \vovlh ItxiUin.i; at I'm 1 u inoiuinil ov t\vu. 1 Iu noiti rni inin u 11 I (I'liMii.i aiKkh i 0 i Ir uCtiino id pvi li t a iplll^r Ol 1!!()2 iloolvd Ulc llllldl, hul i 1 11,1 liiUK t If I, u\ dntl Iu « i-, slulnu it ^lound to tin s l tt ot i i s vrni , ii)i\\? Lo >L<.\\> Hvt-HI I IK OllfllLlll f L'lK) ll 111(1 tilt CoiifLilei it ^ \,ni 1 I L \\ i inoih 0 ioiis|\ oiHiicnucict' •>"(! Ih nunoiiMi \1M 1 111! Ill I )kl llotl 1 ll| \\ m 'iiii I ui (nn i ",\ u u tmi Is \M> » <' lull u id u (1 n { 01 Oil 110 u I I lp — tl l ]'l n 1 HI u l ,1 , ^ s (. U lid I IUUY to\\ M i l|,i i oi) lulu ill I ii nut II U ' <-' > id i ul 11 t tin! mi u ul i In M li\ i i ,1 In ilni ml i i tin ! lnul ni i. iu lul s( il ,| I'' '" l i' tma 11 i ill o iu X "V ]1 1 I 1 1 tih. I.^J ... k | U l.ML.k. * *• M ' , Si, Uifi.v divided th:,' ;i n ny, (I'.iitmmlj- crec? as il, \v;i.>-.. Leo, with » I'iaioiiloun- ly iiKidc.'iiiiilc st'tftiKiiil of ii. n-ni;iim;il in I'i"iii of Honker ;;:id i:^i'.-i-^(i^il [hat offices' -that tin;, \vhnh; Confi-ilci-^t!: i'.imy vviisj i'i'dni' him; .latksuii, witli ilio pith ol'. ,tiiu iiniiy, iolloivfii ' UK; i'liink !'i;:«d sik-niiy, nnn^cil ( .,;i Ui;oK- cr's roar at dusk, ftiitl launchcil :i sninsliiiij.' attack wliicli cnimplcd up tlie uordiorn iirniy nuil .scut it back in il'.ll I'i'tliwt. li. \vns Jark.'Oii's lust light. In the fini'k mid t:onfusion his own men iircd ';'! liint, jviviiiK him Hie wound lliiit i-;:(l!!('d his (loillll. .\'o\v it is Iliis t'\'i:iit wlikh thi.s spriiiK's uliain l):ittl(^ will commoiuur- .iti.', an;! it is this old I'lank road which ilic ('('•(' Ijoys Iiavi: put into shape. Pioidcnt Hooscvolt has hfien invit- id lo attend, juiil tin; all'iiir ought to hu v.'ell \vorlli \vati:hinir. IL marks out; of tilt; !{it-at inomutits in American iiisioi'y. Shall We Lo:;c Tins Koatl Money? !'• Hie lci!if,|;iltii'.- [•iiinij ui Kjlj UK; tlalc: «J nv.'ri; dun $7I)0,Wio nf nid in order to lih'r- iho county jiifj-r(., 5 ., i;ii { , ( .f lumlj.'icJ: from f.ta!.- jji|:luv:-y rrveiiue? 'I'i'f V,'."i(l:ki timiliack hil! wnuld uivc Hie w/uiilli'c 75 iicr cent ol nil liighway revenue i'. i-xec.-s ni SIO.GOO.OOO a yen-, Iwwins only 25 ).•::• i-rtii tur lite slale. Tli- mcastav was passed l;y (lie liout'c nlmosl withonl dctalo mid wllli o:>!y alx (llsrieiUIng voles. 'Ilii- lliijdi'li-Ciirtwriglit bill |, : ,Mc:d last year liy convuss was enacted for (he i^piTas inu- lioii.' of slniipliij tlio diversion of state hiyli- v.:iy revenues. H iirovldcs tliat any state div.rlias nny ' pari, of Its highway revenues fr:iiii t!it> uses fir-rscrlbi'd by ] aw lls O t j, m( . is, 103-!, ::!nl! t;: ponnllnccl by n reduction of onir- lliii'il in I!.-; nllolmi'iHs of federal liigliK-ay uid. I'.iti'i'-^r.'a allotment for 1D3C is sa,Ma.72^. 'Ci:'.ili:i\l ol Cini is 5VH.57-1. '11ml, | s , V |,.,t I'lwclswnt of |he Wnr[|=ld bill Into law would co:-t llu.' slulc in n .siiiijlu ycnr in lost federal i'«i. Ami fcilciv.l aH liiiuls i|re our only hope of niKincinu i:.e i-Hitsirucilon iij-jded 10 complete Uii: Male Iji'jlmay .-,.v,sk':ii. (iuvi-inor Fntiell lin-; wurncd the senate iiUiiinsi, tli,' inevitable consequciiCL's of cmi- enri-iii;; u-illi lhc> lioiisc In tills proposal, |[e has in ndililidii :i«aii\ i-emiutlcd llic IcsislaUns nf Hit! jn-cra.ily of Mlliijr (| lc j,| K j Hl ,, y dllbL vc . luiKlhi!; net iiloiic. The refiiudiii(j prograin fliiiiild be complied witliln Uie next -15 days. But if any new disposition of hallway revenna Is imule (lie whole thing will have" lo stop until ii is dclciniiiied by lawyers reprraciillng (iilferenl craii]):, of bondholders whether tlie rights of Hie stale's liighway creditors under tlio vi-fuiuHnv ^irccmenfr, have suffered. Even if it should ba found (hut their security is not liiipitirecl two months or more would lie lest, Aixl-of-course If It should be lick! Hint the stale lias violated lls agreement Ihe ivhole JvtuiKlmj ulan might .lull Lo Ihe erounii. 1 • '-Arkansas'' Gaze I Ic:l well. My heart Is good, my brcalli l« t't'C'd. my lii'c-r i s good. I'm nil riijlit, —Keudor Ciuiliapin, IH-year-old. Riissbn basso. t know it's straiuc fi>r me lo spunk of fun diniciin: anil bnbtie dancing; us tin industry, L'HI ill Illir i'., i:; ]ll:,( (hilt; ;ill iiullislry with u Inr::,: im-uine. —Sally Uinnl. for ti;" inKeiit, Hilii-r I.; . Sll fe uiKt «ill bo as !:>ns: as lie tcinniinwli the loyalty of the (fticliMvvUr. —Stanley Higli. famuus writer and l"utun:r. t Si * II !•: i!?ci-:S(iry lo tli-i.lvoy ihe ent-my willmilt l>ity i::- Hisii'V, and t» pjy no uUcnlion Ui the :-i-;iib and moans of iimfi'ssiunal liiinianiLiiriniis. —.M.ixmi Uovi-.y. Kuv-ian author. » * <• \Vhtn \m\ ;.P! niy ii^o. yonr old li'|;,-, begin i» l!' ; . ynu do\vn. -.Buiii; unit). Bv William* SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ^•^•''^ij^^P^^ i ' M»^^^X^^«f^' <::*&: : THURSDAY, FEBRUARY Si. 1935 l*:t, work* fa (t «IIU aiin, She und hi-jf I«-y*-nr-old brother, l'llll>, MUi»r<'ri tkrtr lovaltd Kuihrr. s'iKvi; SII;VI;KS. wh u B |* 0 »ork« fa tbf mill, a»k* pale to innrrjr him. She |)romUc« to K<T« him un imitwer In a few dny», Gulp true* kkntinc, v br«-ukx (UrouKii •''<• tee und i» rfkcut-d !>>' 1 1 HI A. v vvi;sT>ioiti-:, «t 0 »f rn- Ihcr. ti<>\\ ilrutl, ljnilt the will. llrtnn hn* cyme borne niter twu 3-riir» iu f'arfft tn rtilrr (dc mill. (iitle diJinpi'i-nrJi Ijcforc lie 1*1111 leiirn lit-r came. VICKY T1IATCI1UII, <l«HKbUr of HOULCIlT THAT CHE II. Krnrrnl 1 1 tin in ^er ir( Ihe mill, Mchcuir* Co cniilh »U' llrlnii. Mule nnd Steve yuarrel, laler intiki 1 tj|i. Sundiiy llrlnu oiillit niiil CO K I'dr 11 o[> Iu rent and t i l:m inkc* ihe Bill Iu hU sinui. lu tells Inr he liivm her, tfn Ihi' vn> Imme they fcct WAI^r.V C'Alt- riuli, ;i frlctid til llrlnn'ft. l.aif r hiK nt^lti 11 r Inn ciH-ouuliTN \Vnlly ^ n in, Vicky IH |irenv»t. \Vnl|y htl>K 1 *n\v you \vllli (III a B THIS CURIOUS WORLD S LOCATED NEAR C3RAND JUNCTION, COLORADO, IS BELIEVED TO BE THE LARGEST BALANCED ROCK IN THE IT H^S AN ESTIMATED WEIGHT OF , OOO ONtV ABOUT 100 SQUARE MILES OF ANTARCTICA'S AREA OP S, 000, 000 SQUARE MILE'J IS NOT COVERED IN ICE AtEXANDER 7&* GREAT " COULD BLOV/ A HORN SO LOUDLY THAT HE COULD CAUL SOLDIERS TWO MILES Balanced rocks arc the combing works ol Mother Nature's rcidplors wind, \valiT and lim,:. Miracle Rock stands GO feet hi-h yet ii balance.-; Its 12,rjCO-l<m bill: on a tow only three feet tl,k:k NEXT: ivin- dl,| frayed string? New Surgical Method Cures Difficult Eye Injury Cases JJV DJI. .MO.'tltl Udifor, .lonrnal of the Amcriran Medical Association, and of Hy- gei;i, (he. Jlcallli .llagayiine' Anion-4 11:? moot ricitons ol tlie conditions which n'jy .ilicrl tlie nan eye is detachment of the retina. il by the lens ol llic eye. and passes IlKin to tlie optic new, .MI Unit 'hey will be suitably^recorded by the :s. tf-is tissue may bocoaie :k-tacb- )l vision. Recently two New Yort; iuvcsli- Biitors have discussed llic results ul un operation prriormtii ni 150 eases lor the cure ol dcta^luneiiL of the rclim. This op:r:iu V e procedure is a great suivam-e in mrdi- ral art. became previciu-iy ihere <vas tliouglu to te iu hop:' i,, r 5l]c ], cases aiul most ol llu'n, iust-d au to perniaiieiil hiliKliuss. 'This condition n-.iian,- ;i|)[itls men bliglilly move than «(.»!.n to llic extent ol about un ,.;• (U1 ( o( males and -10 per nnl i; [ a-ilcs Usually il aficels nlik-i i.rh-'r'iliaji yornger prt.|>!:). hut, a cr.<- |'', s ]-,„„,, retarded in a child ;> j, : -,,., ,,'y ^j, •icrage age is -10 years. Cases of detacliiiu-:il n( n;., lc . ] In a considerable number ot cas- ,es. detachment ol the r«i n j seems , to [olloiv an injury o[ tonic "ort [Oiin cjse is rjporlcd in ".Mou"th« :cli::s ]:L-.-J:UC U;l;<.-::- p -',;• -.„" by a rather elderly mull to cure Ms headaches by vlbratina his skull v.Hh an electrical vibrator. . Moil (il ihc ojicrativt- pi-uccdurr iio\v used involve application! ol chemical cauterizing substances, or '""""nn of heal for (iiir- uteii/iition. 'Hn; :;nb- iiiK eaitsrs tllc retina again to b:come allaclicd to the field in ii'liich it slioiiid lie. The NC_M- York ofoervers oix.-nit- cu on 155 c\cs. The condition ivn^ cilhcr Improved or cured in 47.8 per cent, and failure resulted in sa. 1 ) jicr cent, .'iliii obviously is 11 great- advance over the previous situation in which blindness almost inevitably resulted Irom dctaclimcnt of the. retina. Even after .successful op:ra- t.ons, tr.src was temporarily some impairment ol tl u - field of" vision The greater the amount of dHach- mi-nt oj Ihe rcii»a. (he less w«s the liK-cllliooil ol c-jinplclc recovery. More mid morr nidtlesn sclcn- liltc surgery is r , 11(l(ng opporU ,. nUy o aid some ,>I the intractable amictions ol •m.n'.-h-cl. Such t |[ S cases as [>;:] nicions iinnnl;, anil • -^.isc, loinicilv Invir'- ably Inlal. nre now ijolnc.' brointl'l under control. •"«"•,' Because ol tl,,, exlsleiite of cancer, iiirgto-is d.ive [j,.,. .. . remnx'e sin'>T^^f,,n ,. ininuvB ouLtCisiuiiy an entire lunv or one-half o[ the brain. Operations ncrfonned uiwn Uie eyes are among die most delicale of all procedures carried oul bv the inudein sur S2U n ; anj « vel lo '. .vow no o\ WITH THU STOIIV CIIAl'TEU-XXXI 111AN, lighting a eigaret, did not answer Wally for a moment. Than he said, "1 suppose you think "I'd give away my secrels to a gay ilog like you? Not likely!" A slrl willi palo sold braids ivrappcd aioiind her head like- a halo cried, "WaPy Carter—of all tbe nerve! Maj'bo Vicky is the prettiest girl in tlie room but do the re.u : of us hate to hear about il all ihe lime? Give us a. break, can't youV" "Aw, now. Madge — [" "And only laut iiisht," nut ill a coiitrallo voice, "he was telling me about my (lawless beauty. Wally. Wally, you've mined my faith in men!" "I3ul listen—give mo a chniiec—" WIND whipped Vlcky'f h««r b«-A " and a lendrll of II blow against Brian's clieek. Ho asked, "How's Uib head?" "Jlucli belter." Vicky was silent for'a lluic. S)ie slole a swift look at the bcsldo her and thonn lunged. "Urlaii," Vicky said. "I've been thinking about tlilags." "What things';" "Oh—everj'thiUB. fin so tired o! doing the same things.—shopping anil playing bridge and -going lo parlies. Seeing tbe same people and hearing them say the same things. You Ihlnk I'm terribly friv. olouy, ,doH'i;' yuu? I'ni nol--1 mean I don't wiilit to be. I wish 1 could do something lhat really Collins." "Hut yon can. Vicky." "! hailn't thon'ghl much aboui il." Ihe girl went on. "bsfore you came. You've, made me realize how silly and foolish It Is to waste lime the way I. bavc, .the wsy almost everyone I know does. L want to work like you do." flriaii smiled grimly. "That's not much ot an ambition." lie saltl. "So far l;liaven't dune anythI«K at all." . "Oh, biit you have! I've heard Father 'ell about It. He says it's wonderful' tlio ' way you've taken hold at the nilll." ' "Then your father's "not as ob serving as I thought lie was. Whal do yon want to do, Vicky? Is there anything special y™ have in mind?" "Well, there is—" She hesitated "1 wanted to talk to you about it. I've been llilnliiug I'd like lo know more about the people who work at the mill. You're so interested iu on. Only Vicky suid nothing. She Kit. very still anil ivliite, 'looking down at the silver" bracelet on her wrist, fmscrvay tbo bracelet me- qu<titilcd and see It there aren't ways I could help them, little things I could do." "1 tbiuk that's a great Idea, Vicky!" ,, "Do you. really? oh. I' Shid, Thou ivill you help me will) it?" "Of course I will." •Vicky touched bis arm. "You are sweet," she said. "1 thought if 1 ,,.,.», , , li'oulil gn acquainted wilb some Vicky heStaled. Then she sai(l.i gM .j „,„,,,' 1Ily O)VI1 , ]gc Ht . (|I . S( Brian asked quietly, "Wliy so sileni, Vicky'.' 1 ' Sbc raised her !!>3u, met his eyes. "It's— my bead." she said. frowning slightly. "It's aching fearfully." ' "Shall we IniVe?" "I believe I'd like lo if you don'i "I'll drive yov homo," lie said. l''ivu minutes Itlcr thi'y were cut-' side. Ui-fan lielycd her Into the tu;i|ic anil sue le.incti Lack, breath- i'lg deeply. The [rc»h. cool air -slr.nclt. licr..faco. : Vicky closed her that would be l.he easiest way.. You must know some of 'them, don't you?. \VIII yon take. nib to the mil! village and introduce me?" "There's slowly. "I .her—" Vicky's eyes wcre-\V;i oiic girl," liriiin said might lake you to stv the car mored down the driveway. Presently she opened them';igaln. She said, "I feel belter already. It was so stuffy at the cliib—" Brian nodded. "Yes. II was." lie cgreed. "Aro you sure you're warm enough?" . , "Oh, yes."' Tiie collar ol ln;r fur lied." sin.' said. "When can we go —lontorrow?" • "No, nol lomurruw. I coilld lake you 'I'uesday." "What time shall we KU?" "H will have lo be Tuesday evc- niiiB. I'm busy all day. you know." "I .can baldly, wail.", v'icfi.v. lolJ ol H. coat hail sliimcil to one side anil | III in—and meant every .woitl „, „. Flic drew it Into place. Stic said.!"l can hardly wail until Tuesday!" "Let's nol EO home just yet. Tliif ! -..•_...•» pALIS looked at ll.iX'dresEcs Jiang.'. ° Ing limply-hi liieA-loihes' claim.: air seems to bo just what I needed. Lei's drive out on the Morlcv 1!o: " 1 ;" There WHS', very little clioiec— '.'.t Brian turucil the ear at (he uesi jbbck dress will, die ml uuiiotis or corner ami toon they were travel-' llic blnOviltmljc ligliier/'lilnc,-col- ins along ;i country road ii-illi level liar, i'licy were'the"cnVy'two' liiai .' •' • -i -H •i t'l i; nr rTr II. Morcheacl, Falls Oily; Koith ,could be considered. Calo took oui the blue dress and held It up before the mirror. It was older limn Uie black ono, bin really more becoming. 1'es. It had belter be the blue. She'd rip olt thai collar and basle In a tresli while one. '"• There was a knock on Ihe door and her brother opened ft. "Gale," he asked, "could you loan me a dollar?" She loolr ber purse from Uie dressing table and opened it. There were three crumpled dollar bills in tbe purse and some silver. She, held out one of the bills. Phil look it. "Thanks," he said. I'D give it-back lo you on puy day." "Thai's nil right." When he was gone llitf girl sal for a moment, staring at Hie llotir. Oil. well, there was no use worryln<- about Phil. Nol loulElit. at least" Tonight— (Jale began basting the white collar Into place. Even Phil's rayst* rious absents, bis frequent need ol' money didn't seem so alarming'to- night. For two days dale had been living in a dream world. : 'J'llBHE were limes when aha couldn't believe the glorious u>. era locked awny in j 1( , r heart. There were times when sin; told herself that was a dream. Cut it wasn't—It wasn't! Brian Wcstuiore had said, "I lovo you. Gale. 1 inink l' vc been in love with yon from Ihe very Ural lime I saw yon—" He had said that and ho was coming lenlght. There were so many things Gale should have done. Her father, ol course, would havu lo know. Shu should bavc thought how she was lo tell him how she was lo make biui understand how really line and sincere Brian was. There were things ber father was sure to say—objections —ami she should have thought how to iiiecl lliem. 'J'Jio collar was In place now. Gale laid the dress aside and stood (before the mirror. She brushed I her li.iir until the bronze high. lights in:it Ilickercd like gold, tier checks needed no rouge: the ivory Iskin glowed with tlio lire beuoalh ML She touched licr face with a powder pill?, studied ihe effect. She wanted so much to look her best lonighi. j The blue dress vvctil over JUT jhcad. Yes. ihc while eu ||., r (M(1 i make it look fresher. U waa n jcitean Mllle dress, one Gale bad |maileMicTscir;"'She'thought or tin j frock she would like to wear i^, night.' the sort to be seen In shop r windows at Uie other side ol town —siiinihirc satin or niack velvet- Iwith silver billions, slim and sophisticated, i She .heard a knock on the oilier lloor and for Jin Instant her be.-irt ceased Heating. Then she hur.-ictl' into the living roum. She opened Ujcydopr. said "Good avening,"-r Jiidjibcn back. CG.ite> eyes. wide, searched Ihe shadows. Vicky Thatcher was fao IB her anil-behind Vicky. Halt iu ilaiknes:;. stood, Urian '\Vcstmorc.'. (Tii lle\Coinlimed) vy sight is being saved for a trc- Nebraska Governors Are Hardy Race j W. , Bryan,, iand v George - L. j^hcIUon.^p^ttU. 'Miss.;,'Samuel.,lijt 'j^cke'l'vic" Lincoln; . Adam ' McMnlten !.'Btalricc, inui Arthur -J, Vftftytfj" Fal'ls. City, Republicans..^. ;,'>. n! .'••'"",'''•. All arc in good health.-and active, Shallenbcrgcr and Moreliead retired - as; Congressmen" plantation. Neville i-s painqbr'atic Nutional Coin- niiU=«nikn;;;-McMnllen is poslmsis- I ler nt B-ji'r'riBe-.arid 1 Bryan, defeated ' for the senatprlal nomination last fall Is rei>ortc';Lplanning lo run [or mayor of.jLincoln. OMAHA, Neb. (UP;—Nebraska governors are hardy. Eight former governors still are living and only one, Cheslcr H. Aldricli, Republi-' McKelvic was if'mcmbVripf'' can, lias (lied .since IBM. Ahlrii-li .vw'.s P.irui Hoard. Weaver 'is |>rcs- .cfenhed in |'iai. r llu- cisht are. .Went or Hie Missouri River Niivi- A. c. ShallcnlKi'ijcr, Alma; Jbl'in'gnt'-on Association, shcldcn con- OUR BOARDING HOUSE Uses Karor 10Z Years Old TOPEKA, ,,'Knil. • (UP) — T. A. Hcckman, Teadihg clerk In the ^Utc senaUr, has a ra^or 102 years old—not onlyjlia's ft, use;; it every 'lay. The ,:izoi- V:;K imicic by Wad'J |& Butcher, Shellicld, England. By Aheru USED TO. SPX,\V- ID PUT A ' "" IN rAV TWHEKD, I'D M/\KE ASWEVX CAMDLE / I'LL GIVE YOU $1 TOT? WTEREST VA/XW-^VERY WELL—^AYE VOUR LAU6H---BUT I KNOW AN CHAP WHO ATTENDED A WA"REHOUSt , AND BOUGHT A "BOX TOP, TH6 STORAGE CHAT^StS OF ^.—--WHEN HE GOT IT HOME.HE OPENED IT UP, AND WHAT TDO vou SUPPOSE IT CONTA\NEO^ TO TALL "BOOKS OF C30LD.LEAT-1-THE KIND GO WAVE WAMt) ON TOR Trf OTHER

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