The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 8
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FACE BIGHT BLYTKEVILLE :<AR1U; COURIER NEWS WKDNKSDAY,^JULY 23, 1947 FCC Digs Deep IntoRadioTangle * Many Angles Develop ' Out of Plea to Move < KTHS to W. Memphis * WASHINGTON. July M. 'iup)~ OM E Eoilcy. foraier governor of Arkanrss, yerterdny vonrhcd for ihe oV.ora;t<>r of his ao- direct ois •nd ftocklioldersinthe <Hot Springs Brcadcisting Co.'At Federal Coji\- in\jnica.*i:ns Commission 'proceedings, but iRimty" grand jury indlct- nier.ts •vJinsl" two of .them were Is^ter admitted into ths record. 8 (BMley is now.• urc.iidcnt ;.oj - Uin ^oo-Dany, which 'has.'iipp/Ied.. to $ujld \\ rt?n*ird suiicn in 'Hot Sprims. The cc-p'pany J'-ls..asked lor the frequency i;cw- assigned to JffrHS, Hot .Sprinss. which is seeking an increase In p:wer .'ind <ui- thorlly to inovc lo West Minphis, Ark. i Radio Bro3d32?tinK Inc., owner of KTHS. has proposed building phc'licr sv>,'i3n ir, Hot Springs lo replace KTHS if if is vllcwcd to ort-ive. The Hot Sprin?s Brmd-nst- Ihs Co. is opposing r/. KTHS pvo- - Teddy's sr~sion was called by the F<X3 f .o ol'-w introduction of ndtii- engineering testimony and {o hear evidence on a change of jersonnc! in Ithe Hot /Springs Brcadcartlng Co. Bailey is rcplic- ing in Ihe presidency Leo P. M^- fornier jri^yor of Hot Queen of Aviation > IklcLau^blin's ••rHrcclorsVjip; would Ije assumed by. rfnrry G. O,i T ONvay. ; The indictments were returned by a grand jury of Garund Coun- fyj Ark., '.-fjalnst MrL.axi.3hhn and jiy M. Pclind. formfr cilv'attoi- r)e.v of Hot SpYliiV- Bi'hl 1n>e s^bscrib^d to rr.r.iTH i>ir.3mvts of »So:k in tho H^t 'Springs IBrcacl- ' Paul JJ.'.P. .EprAnran, .^vashin?- <qn .p-Horney for the cc.Tpiny. Objected vigorously when the dae- \-:ncn.'.s were offered for' the record by WlllS:.:n C. Pitts. Jr.. New York,"attorney for KTTHS. -Spmr- •irpn nvaii^.ained th2:l an indict- rrient is prejudicial and does not constitute proof of puilt. ^ Presiding Cr-rrmiscioner Rosc^" H. rjj-de agreed (that 'the indictments ^9 not prove the men. irullty but •fi,evct- L .hcless ndmilted tlie dccu- •m^nts. I Later he denied ^ motion by $5pairman to ha\'C Ihtfcn stickcn from 1 tbe record, 'Hyde sairt the FCC T'-^s taken "notice, of ^ Ui^xct- kricnts in previong'' C^SOB ^:ncrcty Vs R prcoarMon to vraitch future <lc- Mfss Kitty Adnmson'ijis 'presented with a ticket to Minne.i)!oi:r, uj Jimmy Dobbs as a jirlzs for winning the title .of "Grew County Queen of Aviation" nL Uio dedication oi the three million do'.inr Gregg Coutity Airport. While in Minneapolis Miss Adamson ,will compete for the title of Miss calendar Girl." (NEA Tek-phot'j.i Slain Official's Widow to Get Compensation LITTLE HOCK, Ark., July 23. (UP) — The Slate Hoard of Fiscal Control volcd yesterday lo uive Mrs J. n. Newcoml), Jr., of Lltllc Rock $8,500 as compensation for the death of her husliand at (he hands of Arkansas' notorious toxl murderer James W. Hnll. Newcomb, employed l>y the stale 'as chief boiler Inspector by the Department of Labor, was shot by Hall near Comvay March 9. 1945. Ills body was charred practically beyond recognition alter the confessed murderer set the car afire, The hoard allowed Mrs, Newcomb $8,724 less Ihe amount of any Insurance she mltjht liavc received un the automobile. Hall died in Hip electric chair 'Jan. 4. 194C. after being convicted in Pulaskl Circuit Court of the death of his wife. The board also allowed a claim uf former C.iur.c Warden Robert L-, Myers of $7,001 for Ihe loss of both eyes when he was shot while nr- rcsltiiK a same law violator. Sept. 8. 1SM5. in Union County. Myers 1 assailant, slimns Cole, is serving a 15-year sentence on a charge of assault with intent to kill. In a third accident case, the board awarded Mrs. Laura M. Harmon of LHUc Rock $5.000 for the death of her husband seven years after he was struck by a highway department nutomobllc. Harmon died of a cerrcbral licmorrhng? Nov. 1C. 1938. Tile' accident happened July 27, 1931.' when Harmon wns struck in' Little Hock by a car driven by \V. T. Vandcrburu, a highway department employe. In other aclioii, the board voted to allow other state employe claims on a basis of the Workmen's Com" I'pcn.sntlon Law, and Gov. Hen La- icy' 'appdlntcd a three-man 'committee to work out the amounts. Young Mother 9-Year-Old Boy Saves Neighbor's Daughter, Who >s Just 2, From Fire DURHAM, N. C.. July 23. (UP)— 1 A small Iwy's heroism was credited today with saving the life of a. two-year-old child when lire destroyed the home of the foaby'.s parents. Fire Chief Cosmo Cox said llav Dawson, 9. a neighbor, dashed Into the blazing house of H. H Parker to rescue (Avo-yeai'-old Phyllis Park"!. The tot hud followed her mother when Mrs. I'arker went Inside thn burning house to save valuables- • The house was a complete loss. l_l___t_ [~_- r1€QQS rail Legion Post Commander Addresses Lions Club A n::i(;hiiie to kst nui'-'iiine:; and jtthcr lhinj;s-iv;e;l in regions whtve sand and dust storms cccur h'js recently been patented. Mcironl oi an armored division ami i:~s vehicles by railroad' requires 75 trains of from 28 to to ;'ais each. EARL WALKER & SON PLUMBERS Contracting anc! Repair Service Prompt Service—Local and Out of Town Phone 3553 IH. Q. Piirtlow, commandrr of Dud Casan Post 24. reviewed the f-aft year's work of l»he 'American Lepion here at the weekly meeting of the 'Lions Club yesterday neon at .the Hotel No::le. j CARUTHEHSVILLE, Mo,, July 23. Two new members were indu-te:l — James T. Ahcrn, Peiuiscot Conn- inlo t)\e club. Thev were W. M. ty j-ccorder of deeds, was re-elected .\fcK?rz'C aii;| Dr. P. E. Utloy. E.' president of the American Legion N. Shively was a guest. I j^'air Hoard at its ann'iai n|ec' J "'i ! meeting held here July 14. Mr. 1 Ahern has held this c,;,:je ior several years. Other officer 1 , named include: ^ Harry E. MBUourc. secretary; R. C. MUlliniks. treasurer; and boai'd members: James M. Reeves, J. R. Hutchison, of Carulhcrsvilie. and Jack Dowdy of Steele, and R. Some .species of spiders have itwo <ets of eyes—one for day use and one In- night use. I Mrs. Shirley Mitchell, 15-year-old icfrre the end of six 16) months Ojrpsy Sirl. has Blven birth to H from the dale of the first r.ubiica- six pound 10 ounce baby girl hi :ion '3f iMUs nclico. which is 'isi/.i 'Ilie proud father, H, Is also u mcrj Chelsea, Mass. Miller Mitchell, her of Ihe Romany I'elcplioto.) clan. (NEA for of tbe'Chick- the Trob:<:c Court jistuvba District County. Arkansas. , • - 'All persons having cbiinir, or demands 'against said estate present them, dtfy lautlibntio.itcd. Attorneys. to the undersigned for-'allowarico' liny of July i.V D. 1Q17. If not so presented within such time they will be forever tarred. The address _ uf the nndorsittncri is Lee Hill.: Unite 1. U-x S'll. ll'.vt»cvillc. ! Dated this 18 day of July. A. 13. 1341. ' L-.-e Hi'l Fxccutnr of the Estate of ClVii'les A. Hyde, deceased. must O. E. Keck. II. G. Parllow, L. Gilbert, Hayti. Ji Fair dates for 1047 are October 1 to 5. and livestock, and auri- eullure exhibiU will be stressed as one or Ihe major departments thio year. The committee in charse »f this comprises J.'H. Farrar. R. C. Mulliniks, and Harry E Mallour Guaranteed i Watch i Repair Prompl Service Expert Workmanship I,el Our Kxpcrls keep your walch nnining accuralely and stnoolhly . . . your satisfaction guaraiilccfl! Fllzpatrick Jewelnf Store I H lakes (inly .'. miiuili's lo open an account Glycerine is put en tlie skin of tlie ncw-iorn baby and i> tised •. 7]19-2G-82' to crnbaJm the dead. at t£ eoprnsns. 'v^v ';K-.i'' 'Pitts qucffiinB'ert -jfi\Jfc ' ' c:ais; he ,hr. ( i $2G.O:o Invested In its stock and \vantcd to :.:c what wns gcing to happen to it. He paid he had known the ])co]:'.e connected \vith -t.he company for 10 yen's had confidence tr them. Pitts «-kcd Bailey it he! were aware that C. E. F.\hncr, vice president of 'the company, can- ducle(l , n jfuurt-rjising cami^iign his -Hot 'Sprini>s uewspoper f.d r.iise m:ney.for filing the ^ippli- "• •• ! ' Two Join Air Forces Two Blytheville men have enlisted for Ihrcc-ycar periods iu the Army Air Forces, the Recruiting Station here reported today. They arc John D Harvey, son of Mrs. Beatrice Harvey, and Frank McGnidjr. son of MIS. Lucille McGruder. out his 'attiy.Ity fpf^' tei»rc:' of ' : arid'' iprogr&n ptSnrilng • ... .,.,y_. kji5wledge~ of the financing clet«ils and no connection \vlUi prcgram- ming. . 'He , Pjvid ,he ngrcd 1 to become president of the .company be- cs.tion. 'BaUey ho.; had no specific . , knc\vlcc!j;o of^the- arran^c:r.ent. but, ' ' that 'li M'.ud ,13 teiipvcd r^jsViU . to th.e \vhole be' interested in KTHS cr."ves away froir "I ttm one of those unreconstructed fcllcws who believes n>ap. do with his money what lie wants to," he said. : DANCI Saturday Night 9 'til 1 Air Conditioned Mirror Room HOTEL Adm. 60c Inc!. Tax -' THK 1'ROltATE COURT KOR THE CIllCKASAU'HA DISTUIOT OF niississirn COUNTY. ARKANSAS. u ".he yr.Jtlcr of the.- est'ilc -of ihai'les A. Hytle, deceased.' -: '.- . ' -Noit.'.lSOS . : • ' NOTICE Notice is Ihcreby siven thai Ihe ast Will .and Testament of Charles A. H.vdc was pro'cnterl in common ovm by the .pi-objito Court 1 'for the Chltkasawh\ District of MIssiKslppl Ccunty. Aryans IK. on the T 'diiiy 'of July, A. D. 1847/ An.appenl fi'oin s'.icb iJrobate'can te effected only by filing.a'petiUoU, I'.-ir.g the grounds ' of *'suc!v appeal, 'wllh this 'court withiri"-six (61 months from the : date W'thls no.tice. • ' " • -.'••' WITNESS -AvrT-liauil and llii. r . 17 ihiy of July. 'A. D.. 19*7:, , Elinbeth TVytlic (SEAL> County nnd Probate Clk. G: E. Keck. II. G. Pnrtlow;' Attorneys: • /' :'. •JS19-28-8J2 IN THE PROT-ATK COURT I'U TI1K CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI CODNTV. ARKANSAS. In I'he tnr.'Urr of 'the e-statc of Charier, A. Hyd;, deceased. No. 1806 llee Hill, Executor. NOTICE | Notice is hereby given that lul- i iters testamentary were granted to the •undersiRncd upon the esUtn I of Charles A. Hyde, deceased on the 7th d.vy ot July, .A. D.- 10W, by We Handle Your Car With Care! Wheel Alignment Eliminalc unnecessary expense in wear of your tires !>y lei ling us keep your car in perfect alignment. Our guaranteed work will save you money- Tuneup - Lubrication Your car's motor will hum smoothly if you hi ing it lo us for regular checkup. Our. experts will spo( Ihosc iniiuir flaws before lltcy develop into serious trouble. Expert Motor Care .You can entrust your motor, troubles, no matter how serious, to vis. Here you'll get a prompt, accurate diagnosis of your car's ills . . . and factory-trained men will make those repairs cfficcntly and economically. LEE MOTOR SALES / ' Eas» End of Main St., Blylhcville How to be a Country Slicker in t (and vice versa) city City smartness and country comfort meet and shake hands in our Arrow Sports Shirts. They're expertly <le- 'sigried'on trim lines that give you lots of shoulder-swinging room as welL No pampering needed in the washtub. These Arrows will get along swell in soap and water, like your regular Arrow Shirts. Drop by and see them. Long and short sleeves. 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