The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1950 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1950
Page 19
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THURSDAY; MAY is, 1'sso (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williorm Our Boarding Hous« with Maj. HoopU E6AO,3MOM/ L6T6 CtAMP 1 - - WAS ACCltsetfTAL ASA ST6P ON TW BATH SOAR Tb Be AS GEKSTLS ASA M/XMft PIGEON, BUT He CA we , OOWKJt)(?AlMPlP6 STIFF.' CLOUDS--BAH.' WHY DO I WANT TO BE LQOKW6 UPAT CLOUDS WHEN) IT LOOKS- E>i\CTLY THE SAME IX3WM HERE? VEH. BUT WHV PICK. TH' ONES THAT WORRV VOU? BOVS-~ HERE COMES THE , MOM600M! SOME UMDER THE WIG. JASOH = WMCT Television on Thursday 1:30 p.m.—Neivs Koumlup 1:45— Movie Malinee 2:00—MiilSoulli Nr-ws 2:15—What's Coolilny 2:30—Fashion Parade. 3:00—Jr. Disc Jockeys 3:30—Howdy Doucly 4:00—Cactus Jim 4:30—Spins .t Needles 5:00— Kukla, Fran & Ollie 5:30—Spinning Images 5:45—Xews Caravan BJK-Stop the Music 7W—Kay Kyscr 8:00—Martin Kane 8:30— Dliml Date 9:00—Morey Amsterdam 9:30—Garrmvay At Large 10:00—Alan Yoiiny 10:50—News We offer complete Television service.. supplying and itistall- Ing General Electric, Motorola. i »nd Capehart models. FOR FSEE ESTIMATES TELEVISIONS RADIO. .. 5 AUS AND SERVICE '38E MAIN ST, BiyfMEVaiE. ARK Rent A Car... Pfs've.It Xourself Fresh Crappie Chicken Dinner Package Delivery Any where Simpson's Cafe STATE LINE Phones '1948 - 937 <IDS Pony Rides Are Fun I . Open Daily 3-0 P.M. :5hetland Ranch Just South of SlarvnB Drive-In South Hi way 61 K:i« lONt her br-art rOM*pl^lrl7 f« 1 ''•" Amlifrlrj. JuM'a arttlbrr. •! »Ho.« Inmrlon. Nnrlk Afrlr«B koine (he ruml!? 1[vc«. Syrie. *e• tiiklDK her wrak an»ba«tf avd !• tart with I'lt-r* b^rHrlt. !• blilutely Knrrnitlc »hrn nbr bcar« Ibr «»w«. AnU. Mihr.uck brr lip. *n ._ll- IIIK. Clrmenry rrvounl**' «^rB l.rtlr«i In her fyra. And inrmcncy h^» the uncomfnrlahtr Mrainry nr .Inn iT^i,h|,, B hi. trllr „!,, aa aliiin>i frlKhtrnlnc „!. .1 ami- UuBle *mu&enir»t. XXV and Pier, dined VJ alone that night after all. Syrie was sliU nursing a headache, and Piers dismissed with a shrug the fact that he did not know where Jon was. Tliere was only one crumpled rose leaf. Once or twice Clemency cau;;ht her beloved in. a thoughtful mood, and with her natural intut- tion sharpened by her love, was sure that there wai still some shadow o< his old unhappiness hanging about. It must be Jon— but still he avoided that subjc/rt ol his brother. The day ended with an episode which upset Clemency. • ; When she anally went npstairs •she passed aa usual through the - night nursery to her .room. I She had accepted rt as a matter i of fact that Louilie would have gone to bed. Baba nearly always woke at 9 o'clock for a drink and went • promptly . to sle«p .again, when she could be depended-upon not to stir until the morning: but she had a habit of throwing ofl the bedclothes. , A email night lamp burned in the a room, and as" she crossed the floor by its light Clemency was suddenly aware that the room was I actually cold. • The long window that opened j onto the balcony beyond was lisu- I ally tight covered by a slatted | jalousie; tonight it was wide open i and the cold air blowing directly from the desert was also blowing traight In on Baba's bed where he lay sound asleep, every stitch if the covers thrown oil her. With an exclamation o! dismay Clemency Hun-led across to Baba'E bed. As she drew the covering over the sleeping child. Baba woke and sat up shivering. Then she began to whimper: 'Cold, Clemency." Clemency shul the window, her ips setting angrily. She went back to Baba again, and taking her ui her arms, a bian- ;et wj-apped about her, held her igainst her own warm body, chains the little [eel In her hand. ' How could such a thine have lappened? Clemency wondered If he ought to get a hot water bottle —though she doubted if there were one to be had. Then as Baba warmed up she decided against It. WHEN finally the child was back In bed sound asleep again but coughing a Little. Clemency went to lier room, determined that tomorrow Louilie was going to get into trouble. The moment she woke to find [he Arab girl putting down her morning tea tray, she remembered, :ut before she could say anything T -uilie told her: 'Misa Baba has a Little cold, I am afraid," and added: "Shall I not bathe her?" 'Of course she has m coM!" Clemency sat up, looking at tv assistant accusingly. "What were you thinking of. Louilie. to lea - _ the 'nursery window open last night? Why did you open it?" Louilie stared back, her sloe- dark eyes wide with amazement. "I did not," she exclaimed. "1 did not go near the window." 'But I -found it wide open, Loullie,*' protested Clemency "Baba could not have opened it, you know—" "Of course not," agreed Louilie readily, her pretty face distressed "But—it was shut when 1 left th« room.--The Sidi Jon sent me away alter Baba bad bad her drink—' "The Sid) Jon?" asKed Clemen- y. "You left him with Babat" "Yes, he said he would rit with ler in case she woke again. I said he would not, but h« wa« quite angry—he told me to go away. That he could be alone with his iwn child sometime! If h« wished to. I had to obey." "I see, Louilie." she said. "I houid have known you would not >e so careless," Thank you. Sitt. Shall I keep he little flower in bed?" No. But Just sponge her face hands. I will come and take her temperature." said Clemency. Drinking her tea hurriedly, she' nought with angry contempt: 1 suppose he was drinking' again. ?hank goodness I came up when did. Baba's temperature was a little up. and Clemency decided to keep her indoors, but she had reckoned without Mrs. Jon Amberley. Syrie looked into the nursery to nquire coldly what was going to inppen to her daughter that day— obviously Implying tkat she could 101 expect much attention from icr governess. "1 am keeping her in," replied Clemency. "She aeema to have caught cold. In any case 1 ihould have stayed with her. but Piers went out early—before we were up. He has some businesj oo the oasis ot El HassarL" • a « CYTUE gave her a curiow look. "That's 50 mile. away. I «up- he'» gone to >ee HoWn Cher- ringtoo and won't be back til) late." ' 'Perhapc not until after dinner," agreed Clemency •ereoely. Bow stupid it seemed that £yrie ihould so ' resent her engagement "She hesitated,' then: "1 shall look after Baba ro 'exactly the same way until you find someone to take my place." •Well be packing op noon," Syrie gave a hair-shrug. "It Hardly seems worth white Importing anyone Louilie can cope. DO dovbt. and 111 soon (el tomeonc when we get back." And what will happen to the poor infant meanwhiia, thought Clemency in dismay. (To Rt CwttaBci) PAGE HTNETEEN The Santa Ke railway wa.s named (or Santn PC, New Mexico, but never ran through It. Instead, a spur line of that railroad serves Santa Fe, capital city o( the state. V»«'H Love Our Flowers! BLFTHEVILLE FLOWER MART Memphij Hlwa; rhwi« «MZ LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency .it Main Rear Gil; I)rn{ Blytheville, Ark. "Simple? Why I merely hinted to the GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION for a little loan'and they let me have it ..." SHEET METAL WORK— — OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway Phone 2651 Hearing Aid Users Now, you can get fresh, pre-tested Batteries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid nt KIRBY DRUG STORES FOR SALE OnereU emlTCrta. IX Inch u 41 Inch, plain ai motored Aim, U«ncret« Building Block* cheaper than lambei for tarm chlckrn hoiJM. pimp hone*, tenant housci tool shedi W> deliver Call ai r.r fret OSCEOLA TILE I, CULVERT CO.* ML For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning—Call 4474 BETTER LAUNDRY NU-WA Chamblin Sales Co. • Sales & Service • "Your Friendly Studebaktr Dealer" RAILROAD & ASH PHONE 6888 FltECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS B* MERRILL BLOSSE* So I. on if, Bub "Mom, can you give me any dope on Beethoven 1 can use in my essay? You told me to be careful about asking Pop intelligent questions!" «IF|£^'^ RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES IAU Types Eicepl Oncer] Clink 514 Main. Bklhrrille. Ark. PRISCIIXA'S POP Problems of Youth KY AL VEKMEEB AND HERE'S A A BONO?? THAT MEANS ! CAN'T SPEND IT FOR DIME TO HELP YOU BUY A BOND! LADY ~l HAVE FUN! A View Is Spoiled BY MICHAEL ,0'MALLEY and RALPH LANH ON A BEAUTIFUL DAY \ / THIS VIEW 7 LIKE THIS, IT'S HARD TO ) /ALONE MADE THE / BELIEVE A POTENTIAL. / ( TRIP WORTH- MURDERER IS OH THE IOOSE. VI\WHIVE,ALEC IT5 MAVBE I'VE LED YOU UP //kv TERRIFIC CHASE CAPTAIN EASY The Mystery Man BY LESLIE TURNER THOUGHT SOVE1HINS MOVED BEWND- TH£ ROM),,. HMMi I BUT THERt's OULV OWE- BLAZES, ir's MV SHPlGGV-HAIEED MVSTEStV MftM. lEHVIMG HIS S1LUEE DotLAEs! ME DOESW'T KHOW DEAL WITH MRS. COWDREV !• THE AlERT FOU THE PUSH BOYS CREEPS OK m SHOOT!! IS BUNNY I COULD USE THAT POLISH FORA BASEBALL GLOVE=j BUGS. PO YOU \ ANYWAY YA CARE HOW I \ WAMT TO, COUNT THOSE 1 CICERO' JELLYBEANS? ~, THEN, REST THING. IXL SEND you BACK TO MOO WITH THE THAT'S THE THING TO \ SMILE IVE SEENCN IN D\YS.' ALLEY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Nee Oxygen HY EDGAR MARTIN YVirt; VC«. VOO \O GWt (At ft WACIW^OM of OT

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