The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 7
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER .12,.,1983 (ARK.) COUBJER NEWS PAGE NIJ4J5 Savs She'd Kill Husband K She .Had Life to Live Over Again EniTOTl'S SOTR: Tlir ama/in* slury of h»r life 'umons the sarii- •lers Is iflal*il here by Katlierine Kcliy, wife uf the notorious (irorgc "SCwhlne Can" Kelly, in the llrst of two intimate disclosures based on an inti-mew ubtainfd by l*e Milk. Oklahoma Sen's staff writer and NKA Servile esponilent. wedding anniversary. Last' J'»r Vf had a big time sU tile Frolics, Chlrago nlRht cliib. H wasn't so much nf a c«!ebrailon ihls year. U came Just before titty ur rested us In Memphis, when 1 was mitly in give up, nuyway. We lived In Minneapolis finite n Then ve lived In Chlrago. I was with while. nnd a lot of the leave licr husband, but she's nfrold to. She. knows too much. SII.KNCE TO DEATH WAS conr, They'd kill yon In n iiilmtlr. And they let you know it In no uncertain terms. Nobody talks. They die flrsl. 1 Thnt-'s their code. 8!lll. they're pretty squnre shooters. They might gel liieir money ....... . Polly ami my daddy <J. E- Hrookf) I dishonestly, bill they're not so had. The story, told in Mrs. Kelly's words, n-veuls vividly ihr [Mrs, hatreds and foibles of a ganjf stiff's wife. The interview was eranttd upon written order from red*raT Judge Ed K ar S. Vauehl anil 1). S. Marsha) W. C. tieers. KATIIUR1NK KELLY'S OWN STORY U Told to l*-c HlUs, .Oklahoma NVwx Stair Writer :irui NKA Ser- vl<* Staff Correspondent (Citnyrfirht, 1M3.NEA Service. Inc.) OKLAHOMA CITY.—H ' >'«i il to do over again, I would have killed George Kelly long before ihe Urschcl kidnaping. •I'hal would have saved my moth- or and my step-father and my baby irom all this trouble. They would have got me. Kelly's friends, but what would I care iibout that? II would have, saved my mother fr&m a life li-rm in the •p'-niter.tiary. No. I wouldn't have had long to live. Tntre's too masiy, of them. It doesn't nmter if you kill ufl hall 11 dozen of them. They always net you. 1 toUl the government men Hiat 1 would plead guiliy If '-hey \vould- n'l put my baby on the stand in at rny home In Fort Worth. I.ON<:, l.ONKSOMK JIOl.'KS KKCALLKU I wouldn't BO through II not foi any man. The longest and most lonesome hours of my life were spent In apartments in Chicago, waiting for Kelly lo come home. I'd sit at. home nnd rend, nnd then go for a v>a!k in Hie park. Sometimes he'd I/! gone for two or ihree days, sometimes tor o week Or lwo. 1 don't know why I'm not a raving maniac. Whtn he'd come tack. I'd beg with him 10 se-ltk- down. I wanted place of to bay a farm, just oui own, near iou*n. He'd say, "Well, Precious—he lik- j -Bailey." c-d to call me Precious—we'll do thai." Hut lie never c°l "found ] Kelly made n]» do everything 1 did Kelly never would tf-11 mo wlu his friends were or what fcv ha; 1 done when he iiilredtiiAl thorn I: me. He just imrodnrfd them a: gambling friends. 1 didn't think much of It. lieeair I's'e seen Kelly Ramble a lot. He'i plenty lucky wli.i the 1, never could win anything. Ijut he! coiild ituike a fair living at U. Yes. I've known Harvey Bailey (given a life sentence in the Ur- ( schi-l kidnaping) n lone time, lie's I ihe best of the bunch. You'd lake him for a banker. He always was a gentlpman. and wanted to do l!:e lit thing. He was pretty decenl. f never knew him by the name to ii. He was a I way.; Tom Brennan—Big Tom. we called him. and everybody respected him. I ! honestly don't think liis «-i[c. ur He never would "own up lo doing j j n Wisconsin, ever knew lliat th' man known us Harvey Bailey was her husband. "TURNING UP" MILLER WAS Bf.UFK I didn't know nates so very well Albert Bales, blond Denver gangster, liailey and Mr. nnd Mra Shannon, Katherine's parents, were the first four lo «et lite sentence: in the Urschel case.) I don't know Dab Brady or Jin Clark (other members of tile Hai!e.\ gang caught recently carl, N. M.). Verne Milter gangster indicted as a machine anyihitig except gambling. He ul- ways to!<] me that's how he got his money . When I'd accuse him of something just to try and line! out \vhai , he'd been doing, lie would .say: ' , "Now, baby, let's not talk about ' thai. You take care of -your affairs and I'll take care of mine and we'll get along swell." "BUNCH" FOKCIJU TO RLSPKCT HKK If 1 insisted on asking micsllons. •Didn't ! give up If thfy would let my mother oB, I toRJ him Kelly also would surrender nnd llml I'd turn MU- >r in. Thai was n Jnke nbniit. Miller. 1 couldn't, have to'.d tho'm about him. because 1 didn't know where he was. I wouldn't have told of I'had known. . : They're all right. Tliey .treated me O. K. Kelly kept everything from me. When some of the'boys were around they never lnlk<'d about anything Important. DOUBTS MACIIlS'l; OUS SKIl.t The first lime l ever r.nw n nm- ihine gun was when Kelly had one at my house In Ron Worth. He was shipping a bunch o( guns lo Chicago when l saw it. No, he never laiight mr to use a machine gnu or any other kind. 1 wo;ildn'i know what to do with one. This talk about him Wing able ! to write his name on a wall .with machine sun bullets mny be so, but 1 don't knosv whether he evc-n can shoot one. When we went back in Texas from Minnesota, George treated my narenis fine an;', they ihoughl a lol of him. He bought th.r-tn groceries, and ears, and they thought he was a prosperous business man. He lolrt them he gambled. 1 can remember him telling my about winning $1500 Jn a gambling game and Mr. Shannon laughed and laughed about it. I don't know why he wanted to bring all this double down on them. They ore innocent. Why. my mother never has done anything wrong in her life, she didn't get. justice. Thai's what burns I l;e'd get lough. •'P!j>e down." he'd say, tell you to pipe down?" K(;lly nevf-r did admit lc> me thai he was doing unyl.iing wrong. He :hoiigtii ton much of me, I believe. He really re.spetltd me. \Vlyn u bunch of us v.oukl be Mitint/ around a table having a few drink.';, urid .somebody u'ould swear, lie'il jump up and lell tr.e fellow to waicli what he was saying, that I was his wife, and they had (o re- MEYERS' BARGAIN CENTER Continues the FALL OPENING SALE With the Biggesl Bargains in History % .Munlhs ago our buyers stitrti'd scouring Ihe markets <if (he I!. S. 1'or desirable merchandise :tt :t price . . . They bought plenty lung before prices started rising . . , They paid cash and Ixilifthl al a mighty low ligtiri' — That's why .Meyers cim offer you hellcv values today . . . 'i'hcse savings are passed on lo our ens- toniers, many of whom have already lM)ught Iheir winter needs . . . Ynti, ton, ran save by shopping at Meyers, llelow we i|iiote just a few of (he many bargains to In- Tumid here:— YOU CAN SAVE AS YOU SPKNI> HKKK The Colors; Tht Furs: my trlul. I'd rather die than CM Uicm i!n thai. Pauline is only 13. J-'EARS FOR MOTHER AND DAUGHTER She's jusi a baby. She doesn't Xnov; what It's all about in ihis big world. Bui she believes in me. s'ne know-, 1 wouldn't do anything to hurt her. I can'i. help it if I cry when I ihink about her. 9!ie and m>- mother (Mrs. Ora G. Shannon) art- all I've got In the world. I expect to be convicted. They wrm'i belitve nic. But. it .almost drives me crazy to think what will happen to mother and Polly. I'd do anything, I'd go to the (Metric chair, !f they'd let my mother go. siirely they'll keep us to- pf/iicr utterri-ft^tl-would'kill ino» ther if they'd lake her to one prison and me to another. I'm afratd she won't last long, anyway. She broke down after she leti the courtroom Saturday. If tlic government will put me Mhere I can be with her, I'll be a s'.ood prisoner. .1. wouldn't . cause them any trouble. . I.OVES KELLY, BUT 4'OUL'b KILL HIM Btil If they don't, I'll l>e in the newspaper. 1 ; again before long. Yes, I could be plenty mean. George Kelly brought 'all this trouble on us. I feel pretty hard him. If it would .save niy mother, I'd walk up to him now and shoot him, but I guess nothing can be done now. i Still, I think a lot of him. and I'd do almost anything I could for him. He sill] loves me. He worships me. I'm the only thing in his life. I didn't meet George Kelly in Tulja, like ihe papers said. I don'i know why they want to give out such trash. I never saw this man Stephens in my life. (She referred to "Liltle Steve" Stephens, one-time notorious Tulsa bootlegger, who was reported lo have put George "Machine Gnu" Kelly in the hip- pocket and brief case bootlegging business iii Tulsa.1 No. of course I was never mar, ried to him (Little Steve). I never k> lived in Tulsa. 'Just passed through tliere a few times. -SECOND HUSBAND KNDED OWN LIFE r met George Kelly in San Antonio about seven years ago, after my second husband. Charles Thorne. shot and killed himself. <Ij. C. Fry of Asher, Oklal, was tier first husband, divorced after a childhood marriage.) spect me. Trey did. too. Once you get in with a crowd like that, you never can get wit. I know one girl now who wants 10 Ride Safe and Save Money —put on new GOODYEARS Now! ^ Slippery roads, coU*r 'w thither, more driving on dark roads —. Fall arid" Winter make smooth, thin lires more dangerous, (iet sale-gripping new (Joodyeara vrhile prices are low, enjoy i ii>"ir protection all Winter ^ they'll still be almost new neit Spring . . : More people prefer Tire* than the lie.u three rart£esi-*selHag- makes combined — more people buy Cttoilyear Tires iliaii any 1 other GOODYEAR PATHFINDER it Cora Trrri M il cadftwrped up 3* "« — ire*d M? 0 thicker with Full V-tater Traction. 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THE richer, lower flavor of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer—its delight', ful tang—its full body and strength — these are the qualities that wi win you, once you compare Blatz Old Heidelberg with other beers. {*§fr Order a cau nJaf. j9ft BtATZ BREWING CO., filabliiktd 1851, MihMkf* lf£L Simmons, All Colors 2-Inch. Iron Post $3.89 S-l.l). din fil)-l,i). Can 52cT SHOTGUN SHELLS 11! (Jitujfc - All Sl/e Shot 55c MATTRESSES •If.-l.h. All Cotton Roll Edge $4.29 SPRINGS Full Size To Fit Any Bed $1.95 A. S. BARBORO CO. Phone 920 Blvtheville, Ark. CLEANING SERVICE h I've had bad luck with my husbands. George and I got pretty well ac- qnaUiled. We had met nt the home 'of a couple we both knew in San Antonio. Then he left. I Sldn't hear anything of him for a Ions lime. Then my friend in San Antonio ;ol a letter from him from Lcav- emvorth penitentiary. He'd been sent up tor whisky, in Tulsa. Tha was %n awful lot to give a guy jus for whisky, don't you think? They had about 15 counts against htm. Anyway, Kelly found oul from tills friend that I was living at in home tn Port Worth. I was sic and in the hospital st the tun George^wrote to me. When he go out, he telephoned me from Mln neapolU and asked me to con there. •THAT WAS A SWELL WEDDING" 1 went, ond we got married. Gee that was a swell weddlngl It was In a big church. And th had lots of flowers and every thin About s hundred or Kelly's frlcm were there, race track gamblers an< such. They all treated me fin Naturally. I didn't know who th were 'or • what business they we in. - : T. • TlinL Mils three years ago S4 54. We nlways celebrated on o HATS We have recently secured the newest l.roccst of restoring Hats and can finish them in any desired shape ... a service vou'll like. Let Us Renew Your Hat for the entire Modern equipment in the nknds of master workmen enable us to offer you an imsurpnsscd cleaning service for your entire wardrobe, bedding, draperies and ruga . . . We want you to give our thorough methods a .trial. 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