The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 21, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1935
Page 1
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"-AGE TWO BLYTHEViLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS, THURSDAY,.'FEBRUARY 21, 1935 Steeie-Cpoter x>vieis Personal .A \\edSing pi much Inteiwt here was thet of MUs I. Ferguson lo Percy Pollard, and flater, Miss Allene, who are spending the weelt ,mo with friends and will attend ilio comity tournament, here. "Mr.-RiVd Mrs. J. !l. Morgan, Mrs; Ecu W. Burns and Mrs. J. It- Ncclcy were visitors In Memphis the latter part of'last week. Miss Mnttlc Sue Curtis left, the . LJUVu J . OOCK'.tV-l Miss Mattie sue uunis icn i"<-inm-sims l al ° ucpuruneni. OI lllc t'resrjytcr first of this week (or Phoenix, Announcement hns been mode church .school on March 10, will Osceola Church School Sponsors Kite Tourney OSCEOLA, Art.— AP spring outing and contest (or and girls ol tho Intermediate age, ta be sponsored by the Inlermcdl- jalo department, of Ihc Presbyterian i Arlii., to tie private tultor for Jnck! or ^ mtirrlage ot Mies Audrey a kite toiirnnmcnt. Early registry-' arid Mrs. O. A. took, place in Blythevllle last Sat- \irday night. They will make their liouie on a turm near this city. son of Mr, HuWhlnson, son of Mr. and Mrs.( anl Daughter o! Mr. and Mrs. lions Indicate boys and girls will' -•'• RaVulv Hutchinson of OavnUiers-, w ' ' am ° s l)lls c | lyi ^ j,j r . p c .u> enter several hundred kites of.their i ville, who are spending the win- Bj ' ^ gt _ Louis, January 20. own make. A number of. valuable! tcr there, Miss Ciirllss' position as > Mr ' 6 glmSi a popular yoimjf prtos will ha given to Avinncrs, ' tcMluir In Stccle high school ls!| a( |y 0 [ this Wy, Ss'« graduate ot The Uev. Marsh M. • hiiss Fredia Rovelle. .»wl Har- ro'uld \vere- married at qar'uthersvllle last Thursday morn- Ing' by justice of Peace A. Elliott. Only very Intimate friends, at- tfpded. The brlrje Is the daugh- t«r r of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Revelle. She attended Cooler high, school. ^l;e groom Is the son of Mr. and Mrs.. T. J. Revelle. They . will make their home on a fnrni south- A'est of Cooler, '' i + GucUaiinuiv-Bomar , Mfs. fate. Frarni! is announcing the marriage of her brother; Johnson Bucrmnnan, to Miss Laimi Bomar. Tho ceremony took place Uyo weeks'ago at Caiuth- usville. The only nttemtants were being filled by Mrs. T. A. !'ag-, ;i]c , j [(1 ,, t | high school awl at, pros- pastor of the Presbyterian church, gard. ' cn i |s employed nt the Welts Dnm Is taking the registrations. Young Mr- apd M,re. tcop.. Earls uve 'uomnanv people ot the county are. Invited to ihc parents of'a 7-pojmd dausli- wl <»- - - tcr, born nt their home here Saturday morning. Mrs. Earls is the NRA COMPARE ALL OUR PRICES NRA LIBERTY CASH GEOCEES SPEND YOUU SCRlV'HERE Customers Scales in Our Storq—-Guaranteed 16 Ounces to the Pound Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday lormcr Miss Eloise Clnrk. Floyd Dledsoo and Miss Helen Marshall of Memphis spent, last, week end here as guests of Mr. and Mr.s. Thomas Northern and ..irs. Vloln Marshall. kj< Mi'. a s>ms Is employed with ihc p.uilclpalc. The ojily requirement kriinkl company. for entrance Is that the boy or girl They are now Fern Alike, annul daughter ol M'r. and Mr.v Jobnrl Marshall, is Mlss ImproVlng after a three weeks ill- ; ng< , r ot .less of pneumonia. Mesdnmes Pete colemnn, 0. W.. u Reno, Sinix Mlchlc and Kulhj Lu'whon shopped In Memphis Moiulny. Mrs. S. B. Tnle and son, A/ C. have returned from pecu'lur, Ala., where they were called by the licrc bill In a few weeks will move to Charleston, The Senior I). V. r. U. ol the Baptist church enjoyed 11 .social a(, the home of tlie pastor, Hcv. Cecil >day evening. is now inan- rccently their home attend some Sunday school rcgil- liirly and that the kite entered li;\s been made by the entrant. Thief Leaves 13lh Fowl' XENIA, O. <UP)~A superstitious, 1 ! tlilcf raided the chicken yard of J. u. Watts, chief probation of b(jught by Ml , Wl1g i lt , ,,l Caruth- , • Mr. Buchannan Is the J. p ' y. Buchann&vi, J)t Qllv? Hill, Jhrcc years Is visiting Incctc!: 1 »•* '" nc "' s i ; a ' J^'she 1 Jfi week" J °' return by way of Brunswick, Mo., "• Bob IJurkovlt-a nf Pp .. and Noah Barkovilz ol this city motored to Blythcvlllc Monday ni- tcrnoon and visited the former's sister, Mrs. Zckc Jctdcl. Mr. and Mrs. W» Dublin of Memphis were here I-Viday iitlcnd- ,n(j to business Mrs. a, A. Gardner is ill this Mrs.'nuchannan Is the da« S hle, »- son, Ui who of Mr. and Mrs. Alllo Homnr °f JC M,'« 1S '-nnn niirnott Dentoi, She attended Steelc 1,1,1.1^% °°^a! at' War fllfff I has been taken to the homo of dco and is in honor ol Mrs. liuch-j™ "> uu T" iXrn'iTl o°t'this aruian Friday afternoon at Her 1CI •new Iiomo when over twenty friends attended. G. McElroy of Cape Girar- denu spent Wednesday morning on business. [week. Mrs, JDaston and daughter !~Mrs S B. Biyant was hqsless fo the Stcele Woman's Olufo-Fri- day afternoon at her home- on Miss Nell, Misses Hazel MeAdam» land • Iroiio Wallace shopped in Saturday. Courier News Want Ads Pays MEANS INDIA TEA A BLADDER LAX Uso juniper oil, liucliu leaves, etc. Tills B5c teal, free 1( 11 fulls. If Ivvcgutarity wakes you up, lUtsli "I've tried ull \L\ivls of tea. An^ Indja out Iminu-ltlcs ami excess acids. Tea Is my final cho|c$, There'? mare to Gel buctui leaves, Juniper oil, etc. It. It's a good Black tea . ,. rich, wmy 1 'unfavored. Its cost is no more ens, yet it offers so rnuch more. To gee liv clia Ten, look for 3 Mrs. Lester Cecil arelln little green• liihtcls called B«- •," dB ^f» v ™ < ; s of « 7-|)mm(l son born kcls, • the blnclder tax. Works on than ordinary r. 25c. Get your regular sleep " rul1 day in ScnatU as guests of Mr. and Mrs. RtehiiM Hairii-a. They went especially to see Master Don- I |,' ar i cy ( 0 Dedicate Duliilliis aid Hamia chrlslehcd in -the NORFOLK, Va. (UP)— Poslmns- Methodlst chiiK-li. [cr ocncnil Fiirlcy will coine to Sam Avcry of Marstoii spent, Wcr falk, March 6, to dedicate the last week end as guest, of Mr. mid , rew r ct [ cr , ( i building. >lrs, Joo. Travis.' .' Fiank. HUiper, Mrs. Ruth. Law? •ho'n and son, Elbert, spent, Sun- 'day in Jonesboro nl tlic bedside ol Miss Irene Gutlirie at St. hard's liospltal. '; Miss.. -Huoje AsWey « spent' last Seek end wllh paronls in Joiner, •Ark. ' ' '*-Mlss Cieo..Vaughn has returned ^frpm ft week's - visit in Ojdcon. Jvccompanylng her home were V E AT Phone 122 : hursday & Friday MAT.—2:00 - lOc & 25c -NITE—G-.45 - lOc & 35« livery Diiy I'l'icus That Should Be Interest ing - W Your own druggist is autlionicd to ' thccifuHy refund your ironey on ihc spot * tt jicii are not i^rcv^d by Gcotnukicm, BOXY ':. 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Do?en lOc GRAPE FRUIT COMING TO THE K1TZ— Sunday & Monday; Feb. 24-25 Shirley Temple- uad • Lionel LITTLE COLONEL" Florida. SO's 3c APPLES Extra Fancy Winesap. H Fruit. Each ENGLISH PEAS Fresh I'ound Tic CELERY Fr«sh California. Jumbo Stalk Each lOc Lilly-Insulin Regulav Prices—Don't Pay More : U-20-Scc S3c U-20-10cc 98c U-40-lOcc-, $1.77 U-SO-lOcc $3.48 Special Week End Prices Lasting Through Monday, Feb. 25th Coiy's Face Powder , 69c 50c Hinds Honey & Almond Cream 39c lOc Lux Toilet Soap 3 ior „.... 2k 50c Pebecco Tooth Paste 34c 50c Fitch Rose Hair Oil ?lc SLOG Cardui, Female Tonic 69c $1.00 G. F. P. Female Tonic 69c $1,20 Syrup Pepsin 98c $1.5» Super D. Cod Liver-Oil ....:...,.., -... $1.19 25c Black Draught-...'...'..'.....:..'....-..'. '...."...: '-.: '...17c Bottle of 100 Aspirin Tablets 5 Grain Pure ..37c "l5c Putnam Dye or Rit 2 for 25c 75c Listerinc Mouth Wash : 59c 50c Full Pint Peroxide (regular strength) ....23c ' 50c Miik Magnesia (Full Pint-P. 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Mustard. or Turnip C*» UlifclillO : .Bunch DC tXTRACT Vi SBou,e I9c MIXED VEGETABLES^S 8Jc DICED CARROTS l ' hi S 6c rloU KIVKR BUFFALO and FRESH OYSTERS CROUNDBEEF Rcill S n d lOc BFFESTEW Gflqd ?^?£ ndor lOc BRAINS IJeef or Pork i>«und lie MACKEREL... Nic * s tc h 5c HENS & FANCY SMALL FRYERS BOLCGNASAUSACE L ,12Jc POTATOES Whitc Cob! Sn :i lie SALAD DRESSING Tab ^«?gm25c DItTTKD Cloverbloom Process OC*» PUllLll Pound O9C rhrnMIFTC Vresh. Full of Milk Ol^ lyiUINlJ'iS Bach «C AVAITIMP Lc ' s You Sleep Small - - - - 31 1 » V rl |J 1 llr/ IMi<rh<c 'T'lrirn 5' .TCTIWC TPA '/i Lb. i ..21 ^IfcrlJimiM'-'w Lb. .. -•- -, •;-,.', v!-35 rVTl \TAAI\f TCI Mrs Grass' *9 1 ^ EGG NOODLES ££££* 7i< BRAN FLAKES "S 1 ,^ 11< TI?T 1 Oi ' Ali Flavors 111 . JlitLv 1 2 Packages , 1 * < .MOCCIATE "nrcane 23« RUTABAGAS 7 TURNIPS u2i< SPINACH Around 7i( KIDNEY BEANS Phillips 3 Cans 17c TOILET TISSUE Seminole 4 Rolls 23c CANOVA COFFEE Lb. |> on Vail "IT SURE IS GOOD COFFEE" 31c €AUUFLOWER FreshWh itS- ds 71c SARDIW American 3 lOc Liberty Special, Ground While O 1 tf« You Wait. I'ound «• Ji V COCOiNUT _ TOMATO JUICE Premium 'A'i.b. Box 17c Stokely's or Campbell -Can 5c Maxwell House Coffee :.- -"VITA ; FRESH : ' : -'Vk "GOOD TO THE LAST nROI > "LU« 31c Or Macaroni 3 Boxes lOc TURNIP GREENS Ark. Special No. 2 Can 7'/jf No. 2'/ 2 can lOc GRAPE JUICE Nelson's Pint 12ic SQUASH Fresh. White Lb. DEL MONTE SPECIALS PEACHES Large . 2>/ 2 Can 18 C PINEAPPU: feir TOMATO SAUCE 8-oz Can BfiAIJS Sm; Green ICC ' SARDINES Oval Can PRUNES Fresh .Lge. 2'/j. Can •Iff PEARS 8-Oz.' Can- -ff ASPARAGUS TIPS LargeOCC nui nil Green;." Can uJ' FRUIT SALAD.-'&-JK COFFEE Del Monte'. Lb, HOMINY Sm. Can - - - Lgc. 2Vi Can Dot -A OLEO Elgin Lb, .13 C KRAUT Stokejy'.s. Lge. 2Vi Can_i TOMATOES jr io c I Stokely'sllC No. 2 Can 11' CALUMET Baking l'o\v. wm. ^Sc».8 ! ? gippALlJES CAlUP Large Bottle .'- ' , Each 1 HfiCABONl'^JS.'lg SPAGHETTI C«i\ 10 C RADISHES LIBBYS SPECIALS SPAGHEHI 10 CORNED ie,Qz, ice TOMATO JUICE PORK" BEANS ^ 5f KRAUT JUKE ^il c KRAUT Lge. PEACHES. Large ,18° PINEAPPLE No.- CUR 17 u ' Country Gentleman .-'.'No..2 Can Piri/T FO "Swccl or Sw.-OQC ritlVLliO Mixed. Jar ^0

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