The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 7
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THURSDAY. NOVISMBKU -i, ion? (AKK.)' COUK1KR NEWS lulanc Stadium Enlaced To Seal 47,000 For 1 Jan. I Game \ II V WCKNEM, T. t:ui:A.VKS I I'nitnl J'res.s SlatT (-'nrrc^pomleril NEW ORLEANS (UP i — Mirt- wiuter visitors to Key.- Orleans ; may we an Eastern football team jj) action in the New Ysar'.s nay ' Sngiii- Bowl classic. ' 1 Several oilicials of the Midwinter Sports Association, sponsors I of tlie gallic, arc knotvii to favor ' the selection of a strong team i Iran the F.-jbt to face (he best Southern eleven as a cllmisx to i DIP Christinas holiday spoils bill. . The loofaall game is the major ' oven on the calendar for the noli- : <la.v season. Preliminary plans, al- ; ready anncunce:! by oflidals. reveal ihat stare in other lie-Ids of ! sport will compete. ] The same will to played in Tu- : lane Stadium, \vliicli is being ?n- lai'fjcrt to sent 17,003. TuUme Uni- • versily. under ajj aj>rccmrai witli j the Mirt-Wintcr Sports A'.-so?ia- tion. is building a new north end to Its stadium, adding spacs for ' 19.CKI and completing the "horse- ' shoe." ; Choice Early in December Ollieiah i Sugar Bowl opponents said the teams would be chosen early in / OACKv ROBBINSj i ARKANSAS' *i TRIPLE-THREAT QUARTERBACK December — witli After nro weeks of idleness because of a leg injury. Jack Bobbins, the University or Arkansas charge of <cle-ti.v- I"*" lh " al S "" : ^'^ ^ ere(ltcst Ba '" e of his ciu ' ccl a S<" nrt Tra « s *• & M. last Saturday, tlob- opponcnts said" the •' mns l )cisol!nll - v amounted for the Razor-tacks' first touchdown, taking a pass from Sloan .and "running aa yarns for (ne counter. Later in (lie game Bobbins pegged lime perfect touchdown passes, two O r them x.^ ^., „, - r,»...v. ,.IUM»J>".' (jLg^u uii(.[_• ijiuitti' luuunuuvin passes IAVO of Encni ----- —•<-,•• from the South, Ea^ X^ ! !^," »°™d ~ thT^"' ""T " ","* * >'"'" °" ^ ^^ ""•*" ^ "»»• W "" ^'"-cSS son Cornell w« believed favored ! ' ' , ' > aui " nc '" " lc ""«' I""""'. R°bb'!>5 completed three passes in succession to Atuood. to -vln 10D-0 ,,, for (lie Souths™ team's opponent, j ^ ^Ihin ° 8 °"!? ° m , to , scorc °" lhc <hil ' d ' J:>ss - In ^idon to his marvelous passim; perform- system o( ciiinling 'em is differ-j H Ihtld . . . oil (o il ftood stun they have wuilod ihruUKii Arkun- i . 'IVsa.s Asglcs, Tvxns Chris- l Han. Ceulcnary, oi^aliomn City rma Sou'.hwistern with 131 polnU 10 10- . . Crcdlls !ir,rd '.voi-k,; not mngic . . . Will not stand lol have Hose limvl mentioned , Ilcpe only to clean tilato ... 'Ten dolliirs or 'i touchdowns" was ilk- i)iu< ImpMPil on Howard j Venter, iu-e Sunli. Unrlyiru Shite' ball c.uriei-. for .siiecdlng , . ,: "S|!iuhy" Wudo. 1.. S. U. gunrdj' iind one (if ||ic uivnlcsl cngcr;' rvcr (h-viloped, is plnyljif sejnl-! pro bni.k«lbt.U In the Missouri Vullcj l.iayue wilh Oklnl.onni.Cliy. Only KW.'JDl pi'i.soii.s will !«• per- i milled in n>c the Ai'iny-N:ivy this year . . . 'Hie Raine; is f;nmc iiiue oil but :i cDinplotcj «')li-!il bas iK'cn niiKlr . . . Even i Ihe Slio slB.i has bi-cii !;n»lcil j ( 'c'^'n . . The way thr papers- liavc- lucii plnylnt; up tht kill i Kill Hi'Orrtvoiu. Austin Illali; tack, cmisi's one l« sui>pevt llnil j he may have a press agi'iit , . . There Is no doubt Hint l«n l'»s what it lakes . . . Showed that in Memphis last year . . , Dc-i splti; tin- luct Dial C.-jlumbus «.j.i,j 7-(i. thi-y failed to slop him . . .j Directors of the Pacific UMIBUCJ limy aljuiicloii the St.nii»lmcssy' lnyr-11 , . . \) t . BIK! Mrs. J'niil i Tlpton .'.topped Ijy Lexington eu- rcutr to tin- nation's capltol and . vlsltfd the I asllcs . . . Memphis, J Hill Teiry. N. V. tilant boss. Is! j expected to confer with local' ! busiius;; mon \\-lth reference to ancther (arm team hern In "lai . . . Tied S; Siillba say slhat Blyllieville will III.VB anolher taim rcgaidlrss ot whether the Nation-; nl L'.awie champs come In . , . j Hoy. pngc Robert RlpUy . . . I'al-' mclli) High miide but t»o first i dcwns against Liberty but ,SCOK,|| 16 (cuchi'lmsMis and 13 extra pulnhj Maybe llwlr! , PAGE Completing The Cycle K^ i|i« Courier ppw^ want suit. _^ "' ~ '~<i Fuv Coat Alterations ' Custom Tailored Sliits ns of ;t)l IMxmc 5K HUDSON'S --i' With llu- pnlessioinil same pitying «•)!. fooll-.till ucv.' rot =nly :xe:> a player throng)) college, but emiWris him to complete ills education as well, Tony Jlla/bii'. left, CnrclliliU l.-.cklts, "ami Wend Kil|jr Mansko, ci.lraiio Bt-nr end, arc Nnllonnl Jfntw rivals .:iltlmti(i!i rlimiimuii In nio lav.' sdiuol of |.nyoln University ot Cliicusj. \\ Oman's Work Nevn >>«,,; , ivnslws mv mile.; O f dqors, Them MANCHESTER, Enjlnntl iUP>- n S UTO wero oirei'e<| by Mrs Wet III » year (lie "avcraae woman" -- • i . . i.\. washes nn ucrc, of dlrly dixies, Ibrec miles or clothes and one mile of fjlass, and .scrubs nhd . Murphy, home service director of the. Hrllish Commercial Cms Association; hi ,nn address al a con- fe; dice hero. bul Coinc-ir.s defeat by may have eliminated, it. However, an Eastern team is expected to tic chosen In the past, Southern teams linvo faced opponents from the East. Southwest and Far West. The first Sugar Bowl game was between Temple University and Tuimic. Tulanc wen ttiat game. 20 to 14. The next year Texas Christian University of tr.e^ Southwest Conference dsteatfd Louisiana State University of the Southeastern Conference, 3 to 2, in a heavy rain. L,. S. U. returned to th Syracuse ! nlKC > Bobbins carried i Rnzcrbacks punting. still 1 sras the hall .six times on running play.s-. gaining 27 yards. He also did 'nil of It was tht last game of his college career on the Razoiteiek home the top-rankinij team in the East. Then comes the Sugar Dow! football classic on New Year's Day. The holiday prom-am will taper off Jan.. 2 with a track meet in Loyola University of the South stadium. Many of the nation's best runners <»-i> expected. Cunningham May Hun L-. di Benedetto, member track committee of the :odatio;i. announced The Dope Bucket Uv J. I'. Frieml -• -" ••"• > >-*"linn/.,. ciiu:u(iiii."ju he .ilreadv Bowl for the last game, losing this; has acceptances from Al Tolmicli' time to Santa Clara of California | national high hurdles champion'. i who defeated Tonne: Floyd honia, ; i event; 1 Glenn ,11.1- r iii I Tnc Kope Esbcals liave a J:\vcH M oils « in - ll;e ccmcr of lh( -' ir lille »' 1 L* .: Hlr. first name is Robert . . . by a score of 21 to The nine-day mid-winter holiday program starts tte day after Christmas with a yachting , and •• rowing regatta on Lake pontchar- • train. Boxing events to bixheld it. ly Eiscoe. Pine Bluff star of yes- tcryrar, is promoting boxing Hi Clarence (4-H) raies enampion. ..-. • • ~Forrest tSpec) '" s h °™t°™ • • Loekufr. of Okla- Fose " - WhD lm ^ steeplechase j-uiinsi- and Bow! record fcoldor In that Archie San P.cmani and Cuiiniugh-im, or Kansas, Coliseum Arena the night of f)K. i l j :)l ° ''an .1 floss race in the Sugar 27 wjll attract amateurs 7 " (Tom jTBowl track meet last winter Southern states. ' ~ •- • -" i— - Ifoxers to Be ffflcomcil still, fast and slow motion, a .••port wi-llcr said (lint it was "as illegal as convicted first degree murder" . . . Have a sneaking] suspicion lie can't take it ' "here are several football wars that, have bfeii «-ni:ed .since the Inception of the pigskin sport . .. Cue of the oldest. Is the Minnesota-Michigan meeting . . .The toys have been playing this sine? mutton-chop whiskers were a part, cf the uniform . . The prize for this carnage is the lltlle brown Harry Cooper of .several timesjcajio hasn't, won n single big golf here, is slated to headline the' tcurnanunt, yet tops all In win- cava thsi wEek . . Albert Kroll, j nlngs ... So far this season his Lake Forrest tackle, bruised a leg i earning.'; from the cow pasture during a game with Mlllikln u.JFOol have been better than 13,000 It became infected and had to be; sheckcls. amputated lo save his life Virginia Military fnsliUite stock 1 vvft.t ."oaring this week prior lo] ll.clr ;ii-id lest witli Maryland . ..: Doc Knimders, high scorer In '3ti/ has recovered from Injuries . . ..' Tr-amwl with Pn>il Shu, present] j lender, the Kaydels may i;n to [ (OKU to remain nt lhc top of the] Soulhrt'i. Conference . . . r-'nns in; Win 1 Kladlum (hiring ihe Auburn-; Rice game cheered wildly when' the report came over the loudspeaker lhal T. C. U. and Texas A. & M. had been beaten . . . Mityl <• they don'l core so tmich ( for 1 horned frogs or farmers . . .i Ainrj.'firrl n^nohtte has checked inj rccriuts nl Wrlgley Field for 17 [ vcars without missing n'tlny . . .' Willis Hudlln thinks nob Feller Is as fust P.S. Wnlter Johnson was in his prime nml faster tlmn Bob Gro\c . . . Schoolboy Rowc's case is still as battling as ever X-ruys failed lo dlsclos: lhc ana. AHliougli not listed olficially as A Sugar Bowl event. tliL> Jackson For tSe first time in' th? three- year liisloi-y of Sugar Bowl events, lioxers will not be limited la Mew Orleans. Douglas Walters chairman r' ° ..HIH.^.,, UlUUJlllrtll l,. | .. ^J,,;,,,, UV/.M U.VLJV, I I I L' JaCKSUIl the tennis commutes, announced I Day Run on Jan. «. nnrtiverai-y of a large field of lop-night players j Ihe Battle m New Orleam lias'bc- for the tour-day invitational meet ! come » part of the hclidav sports scheduled to start Dec. 28 at the i festival. The race covers approximately 5'-; miles from St. Louis Cathedral to Old Spanish Fort— the same route covered by .lean LaflUe and his pirates in when they rp.n to :Bowl track meet last winter- nm l mt!Uc d lo save his life ... I ' * " | "-se is still as batlling as ever 'Dlaiiic- ai)d ftvaync Rlseout, fa- Art, (The Great) ShjrpsVvsnffc'feeli i Tl>i's department's nod (or thoj ' • X-ruys failed lo dlsclos: the rnous racing" twins of North Texas!" dislocated vertebra whcri a tele'*; bjsC ccacliiiW''-ioli' of v liii' c nrrr--ri Ci lrmll)lc • • • Snys.j.t feels' State Teiichers - Coilcgc' and Don Phono pole got in ciie 'path of hfsi fco Li, .™°. " " . ",' ( *'- v (iolip » nw l;IJl "™'" 1 •>•»"«' Tn<;l> niilitnirlmta ,^;|«,. ,.f T.,.;.- i r ; 111 mr, nhi I,- n,,,l „,„..!,:.,,. .._. _..» , >"'"•"' ..season "OCr, to Money : What, 11 will do when he IIPL'IIIS Slate Tciicliers • College' Md Don ! i !l ">nc pole got in the: path of his j fcoi'bal! 'season Lash, outstanding mile.- of Iniii- j automobile and wouldn't .get out,.; Jel , ni - tlgs of ' Bavlo - r ': cxlhiguislie.-s:,,,,! ol) .scrvcr.s siivcd the He peddles Nesv Orleans Country Club. An inlcrEcctionsl basketball game in Tulane gymnasium the night of Dec. 29 will biing together cage quintets from the Uni- vei-sity of Kentucky and the University of Pittsburgh. Kentucky holds the Southeastern conference tille. ivliile Pittsburgh last year Tor a Chicago btave ton Redskins, will go south wjth U.c St. Lciiis Cardinals ... Ho played tliiicl and s!swi with Texas Christian. Morley: \vhal il will do when he begins I'rc-scn- • bearing down . . . 13S records cellar cs-\<:o(. tast year by American alh- Bcars and felt|letcs will be acted upon by A. A. land there with-U. this month. The much discussed hidden bull — 1815 | play employed by VandcrbilL to - Lake Pcntchar-I beat Louisiana State is still mi- tram to aid the American forces j dor fire down in the Tf"cr lair under Gen. 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