The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
Page 3
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SATUHDAY, MARCH 7, 1931 m.YTHEVIUJD. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS PAOR THRBL When Storms Lashed New England Coast decision that New York stal.i hr' nc ilijht to pass r, law limiting \\::',-. in b.'.keries to 10 hours a day. Ji'?li'.i- Holmes wrol?: ".\ Constitution is DOC Intend^:! '•> embody a pjrticuUr economic ti.i.ry. whether <.f paternalism a;::! iVe- organic: rcir.tbn of ilis lu Hie .slit*, ov of !n!s-v. fair.-v II is j> for i:?op!e to fundamentally diltwiiw vie.vs. r.nd-liic accident of ouv Ilmlin: ccitaln opinions natural nr.:l ft milur and novel and even a >;j=i:- inj or.slit not to consliitte ouv j.idgment upon 'hi: question of v.lKHhey siatu'.es embodying llie.'it cciiflict with the CciK-titiilbii cf the United States." Whca ti'.c Toledo Ncws-Bs: ,\vr-; held In contempt in 1911 for lenglns tlie jurisdiction of a foJt;:- !:;id Sketch of Justice Holmes Born March 3. 1811. in Hasten, (he .son of Dr. Oliver W:r.- delt Holmes. Use pcot. Reared in th? atmosphere of the t!y. l n intellectual aristocracy of America. Studied under Ralph Wal-i; Kmfrson at Harvard, bjln;; gi-.idiialcd with tlie chss of 1851 as the Civil Wur brcks out. Cciinmirjiflned a first lieutenant iii a Mr.^ncr.u.-eK} infantry u^ime-nt. Wounded in thre despeint; battles, ai Ball's Blult. at Anuetam, at Frcdericksburg. Breveted colons! before lie \va- 2-1. Kntorcd law practice afler llu war, became editor of the American Lav, 1 Iteview ill 1'JIO. Professor in Harvard Li'.v S;licol in 1882, and also name;! to supreme raurt o! Alassachu- srtls. Appointsd to supreme court by President Roosevelt in 1002. Dorothy Williams Prettiest Girl in School at Wilson WILSON, Ark., March 7.—Mr-s Dorothy Williams was ticdatmM not only the prettiest elrl, but nip) lliu most •.ludiuus, (lie most in'.em- i Kl nntl tlio iuii'.w>l girl !:i Wiho.i higli Frlicol in 'a recent "Wli.Vr. Who" cc-ntest, when tellinv ftiidenl:; also voted Dorothy Gideon the inc.-,: popular mid tlu> tal likwl girl. Guy McAlexnndcr Is the handsomest boy. according to results o! tlie election; Johnnie Mnnker the most. popular boy; Cliimle Pipkin most studious; Howard Norwood, moil, liik'uutl; Virginia niiiinvntu, cutest nlrl; Charles Ileall, ciili'sl ^boy; Hatol West, wittiest girl and i Howard Norwood, wittiest boy. They couldn't decide between Harmon Gray and Charles Ileall for the best, all round boy, bill <ic- | | claimed Howard tvnzler tlie best I ! liked toy. Hazel West and Charles | I Beall nre (lie best alliletes; Don Hudson tlie neatest boy; Verna Spears, the most modes! girl; William Scrams, most modest bsy; Edith Millican, tapper, ami William Srrnins, sblek. As Democratic Leaders Wrangled Battered buildings and homesteads, flooded streets, and demolished tea walls lay in the wake of mountainous waves piled up along the New England coast during the winter's severest, "Crumbled houses End tlie wreckage-strewn waterfront at Point of Pines. Mass., where the storm caused .heavy property j loss, are shown below after the high s:as had subsided. The photo above, taken at Winthrop, Mass., while the winds and the record tide were at their height, gives A vivid impression of the ferocity of the storm. Note tlie railing that has be -n torn away by the pounding waters. J. HKKSCUEL'S B1KTII"~ On Mnrch 7, 1102, John Frederick Wlliom Hetschel, famed English nstrotiomer, and son of Hie eminent Sir William Hersctet, wa-, born rear Windsor. In 182.-I. after his education at Cambridge, he began Ills observu- I tiom of stws, to which he chiefly devolve! himself. His grcnl enterprise was his expedition to the Cops of Good Hope, in 1833. to lake observations of the southern firmament. Fourteen years later hu published his results In a volume! called one of the most valuable of our time. His residence at the cape gave Scci>.?s that nltemlcd the slormy esslim of the 1 Doir.oirr.tlc Nalonal Ccmmlllce in Ww.lilni;toii when the liquor question was brought up by Chairman John J. fiaskoli pictured hete. Th; group above is nn Informal pose cf the "bis four" of Ihc conference; Al Smith, titular head cf the parly, Chairman Kaskob, K.XCC- inlvc Chahinan Jewell Slinuso. and former Oovornor James M. Cox uf Oliio. 1020 presidential candidate. They look quite calm lirvi!. even If the meeting was far from that. Al right are shown Chairman Ruskol) an;i Jewell Slionsc opening ite meeting, which led lo acrid discussion of the problems facing Ihe party. Observe tile pictures of Thomas Jefferson on the wall. Still INo Title Fighis ill judge in 'a street car rate cas? and Chief Justice White and a majority held that the newspaper haJ attempted to taiimidato th2 judge. Holmes dissented and wrote; "When it Is considers:! lso~ contrary it is to our practice and ways- of -thinking fnr tne Earns person to be accuser and sn!i lge. in a matter which, if ha sensitive, may involve strong :rsonal feeling. I should expect Ihe power, to b:~ limited by lh; necessities ot 1 tlie 'to insure order nnri decorum in thpir presence.' " Wire-Tapping Evidence In-.1 the Olmstead wire-tapping case Holmes disagreed with the majority, as follows; "I think,, as Mr. Justice Brandeis says, that apart from t!i? Constitution the government ought not to use evidence obtain- • eel by and only obtp.inable by a criminal act. It is <lesirable that criminals should be detected, and to that end that all available evidence should be used. It also is desirable that the government should not itself fester a!:d pay for other crimes, when th?y are the means by which the evidence is to be obtained." Holding against a five to four majority thai the child labor law was valid. Justice Holmes assarted: "If there is anything upon which civilized countries liav? agreed—far more unanimously than they have with regard to intoxicants and some other mat- emolicnally arotucd—it is the emotional! yaroused—it is the evil of premature and excessive child labor. T should have thought lhat if we were lo introduce our own moral conceptions where in my opinion they do not belong, this was pre-eminently a case for upholding the exercise of all us %\>vers by the United States. . . . It ;is not for this court to pronounce when prohibition Is necessary to regulation. If it ever may be necessary- -to say (hat it is peimlssaWc as against strong drink but not as against the product of ruined lines." Many- of the Holmes distentioir, nre'flghlJng opinions. He was time limes wounded in the Civil War where he won « colonelcy. They •]-• say that he sometimes fights vigorously In conferences with the other justices. And it was .Mr. Justice Holmes who.once expressed an important part of his philcsonhv in the words: "After all, the place fcr a man wlio is complete in all his powers is In the fight." I UACE COST SZOO A MILE | EVANSTON. tUP)—Thomas J. | Hart paid S200 a mile for the fun of staging a race with police. That was the amount he was fined on i.charges of driving while iiitoxl- ' cated after olficers . chased him two miles. valuable additions not only lo ns- Ircnoiny but also meteorology. Ills observations on the milky way, on tlie brightness mid the color ot stars, on the sun's rayt, on the atmospheric air, are all very important. •Riilroad Right of Way to bo Bird Sanctuary CHICAGO, (UP) -- A wild life sanctuary has been created along thec risht-of-ways of the Rock Island Railroad. Acting on suggestions of 'conservationists, railroad employees have been instructed lo protect birds and well plants which arc COW CiOKKS I'AIlt WATER VALLEY, Miss. (UP)— thelr'jil. T. Hendilcks and wife were re- food supply. Icenlly gored and stamped upon by Care will be obsoivcd In burn-j an infuriated young cow. Hcnilrlcks Ing grass from the right-cf-way tojwas milking when Ihe animal be- prevent destruction of birds' nrsts. came angered. His wife was hurt Wherever possible sumac bushes attempting to^drag him from Iho will be sav'edl as they provide ajcow stall. Herschel also made valuable re-| valuable food source for the birds.] The action was taken at thei Kadin Mi-dlcal Service Oprns i.ugncstlon of John S. RCES. Ml5-| GREMEN, (DP)—Tlie R.jichspost souri ijame and fish commissioner, has Just opened n radio-telegraph searches Into light, sound rind celestial physics. He is remembered as the first to apply the now unl- vtrsally known term "positive" and "negative' to photographic Images. Telegrams giving iympioir.s anri details of the illness arc delivered, lo the slale hospital nt. Cuxliavcn, diagnosis Is made there and treatment is recommended by radio. . Itcnd Oriiirlei News'Wan! An- Read Courier News Ads. service for giving medical advice to ships at sea which carry no doctor. Fisjhtinj champicn? Yes, but not the kind that makes one get hot nnd bothered, evc-n at Hot Springs, where this picture was taken. The photo shows Tommy Freeman affixing his signature to a contract calling for his appearance 'in the ring against Alfredo Goana in a non-title fight at Mexico City. March I. The Mexico City promoter is Jimmy Fitten. left. If ycu'll recall. Tommy won his welterweight crown by z gruesome decision in Cleveland o«r Young Jack Thompson esrly last September, and lias not risked it since. Free Brake Testing On our modern Rayijcslcs Hrake Testing Machine, untler the expert supervision of Roy Willis. The finest brake service between Memphis and St. r.nnis. Dixie Service Station I'honc 315 Broadway Ptiucess Charges Soviet Amasses Revolt Fund DETROIT. <UP) — There are ; 144 paid Soviet agents In the Unit-' ed States \vhofi? fo!c duly is to | encoir.-age Communism and> pre-li pare lor a world revolution against capitalism. Princess Alexandra Kranotkin, former member or tlie. liiibslati ncbilily. charged in an ad-1 diess her?. ! IMncrss Kropotfcin is noiv the,! wife of Iroriuir-r Hammond, New' York Journalist. Fifty per cent of ihe profit front nil Soviet, foreign trade s used to "mass funds for the support of | (''•CM agents, and S100,W»,Oeo Is : I *'" deiKjsit in English and German, for tilts purpose, she claim-i Kentucky and Alabama Hc<i Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Ear Corn, Oats, Mixed Keed. Special Prices on Car Lots. C. L. Bennett & Co. Phone 61 AN ENTIRELY NEW CHRYSLER SIX SMARTEST, SNAPPIEST SIX IN AMERICA '885 Chicago Mill And Lumber Corporation A: Chinese day is divided intD||l I twelve parls of t\Vo hours each. ll' FINE, big Six with a ,. wheelbase of 116 inches, and a yo-horstpower engine that will show you something new in pick-up, speed, smoothness and endurance. An entirely new Chrysler Sir styled like the smart Chrysler Eights. A new Six with a double-<Irop frame that creates a very kw center of gravity—giving the car a dashing effect in appearance as well as a perfection of balance that benefits both safety and performance. In body construction, the New Chrysler Six excels its price field as dearly as it docs in its chassis and its engine. It has a steel body that combines tremendous strength with rich appointments and comfortable roominess—.1 motor car body tlint rcslly protects you as it catties you silently and rcstfully ovcr'the miles. This car is now on display. You will have to revise all your value standards when you see it—for it will give you new ideas of value. CHRVSLUR SlX-Gw^<r JSS); RojJster fSS;; Stdan $S$j. Fire Rj'rc or rctd iani Ail prictf f. o. b. faclcrf. Morgan Motor Co. Blytlieville, Ark. Attention! MR. FATtMKU: For your convenience wa have In our warehouse fnv rale fur account of sliiiiprrs: HAY— Timothy Hay CImfr Hay I'rairic Hay Soybean Hay Peavinc Hay Rice Straw Hay GOOD KAR CORN— (Shuck on) Frcdingr O.lls Mixed. Feeds for llcrscs ,.Mul;s ai:d Il.iiry Cows— MR. POULTRY MAN: For ycu we have: Scratch Feed Mtllc Chick Fcr3 Starling Mash Greying Mnsh laying Mash Fallcning Mash Mil. IJETAII.Kft: For you we have: Flour Meal Chops Wheat Rmn Corn Bran U' Sliorls Hominy Feed Crurhed Wheat Farm Smh D.iiry Feed Poultry Feed lUrse & Mule Feed FARM SEEDS— Daring-the planting season we will carry: Soy Bean Sew! Ccw Pea Scfd Sir;l Corn Seed Oats To the carload Buyer: We earnestly hope when you .ire in the market for a of any kind of feed, hay, com, oats, mixed feeds, tliorts, br=n, chops, flour cr ireal. that you will allow us to fuere wilh yon. Come to iff us. Cotton States Sales Company Will Fylts, General .•Minajer WarclionJM S10 West Vine St. LD Thone 1806 I.ccal Phone 174

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