The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 7
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WKDNKSDAY, JULY 21!. l!).17 (llK.V COUlUEIt Where's Your Hook, Mister? As Bears Falter Mobile Pilot Uses Ace Hurlcrs in Try To Turn the Tide ATLANTA. Gl.. July 2H. lUPl-- Tiie t-lcc-in w ,15 heavy ill .Mobile today /aiicr ihe latest renaissance of 'the surprising N'ew Orleans Pel:cans paiccl the Boars' first place margin to 3-12 BIMIICS -ind kayoed •P-iul Minner and Pal AlcCtfcth- in. two of Al Tofid's huring aces. •Nominated as the Drum starter y lor lonijihrs all-tlar fracas vit Hart'A'jii Field. MiGlolhin was onll- r 'l from ilhe bulliieu in Hie first name when Minner was chased by I he rtiiii)a<;iii<> Pels wiili u five- iun oii'biust. Bui Todd dfnicked !>:»•:-IV Pat. in the eighth in i\vor of Joe Powers alter the liaycn Hombeis pu:-hed across u irio of lall-.e-i ; n the preceding inning. Meanwhile, righthander rieoi'Re Diehl bieeziry; to a 10 to 2 tri- IMPU'I, Ml'.owim-. the Bruins eisht "in^lts iiH'ludhig a two-run homer hy Chuck Conner;. The Pels' chief hat-hr.t iivm w ii h t),e willow. Al| F ih' r al.vo smarted for Ihe cir-! tint with a m-ite aboard. Suuix tv ihree successive Inssiw "I. Ihe hands of Chali.uiaos-a. ihe Nashville Vols turned on their Itiii-d-pl-ico tormentors ior a 0 lo 3 decision :u Sulphur nell nisi night bcinucl Ci-k Crmger. TliL- loss reduced ihe 'Ncov i Indue over Roland Bishop (teaches Finals In Country Club Golf Tourney PAGE MS U: Hc'.ind "Skeoler" nishup. lust 'II vo.-.v's ;unnor-up in the lllythevillo hole meii.d Coi.nltv club's membership lour- lure uolfer ntv.'ient, aiU.mced lo Ihe lir.ils of Hie Mid-K.n ibis year's lourni'y yesterday by p.oHers LI winning over Jiimes G'.MVI! Ihroush \:: :HUT,| |.| :'.:•' ui'., Wendell E '.'.on i:ro ol the rj-iient. 1 c:omilrv Club .uinonnri'd lodiiy. film iHi-.-'ic)) will meet the winner of t fie Oi'orijc lluV;ard Jr.. Dr. John Cal ilvan s: iii-lii.;il malch which will be rluyed Thursiby, £-.11011 st-.'tcd. This m.ilrh w.v; .scheduled lo lie pi'.yed last week bin |->»:pcmd 11111:1 Thursdav due to lli;':)bird competing In tin- SliUe An".ticnr Tinuiu .nenl he'.d hist wn-kcnd. Se r.l-fliiul mai-hes in all Nights will be |i'",vrd lliis week with l!ie < h !-)ipki: :hi;: rounds lo be held EuiHl.iv 'ilicrnrxm. he said, llnb- l'.-ml difeu'.cd ]j|slui,i one-up lor ;l-r- cit\- chanipienship last year, E'.ton ;,'--tcd that pluns for tin 1 nru <' • i- vl r. will be \\ :i«tourney ,ind will !>:'.- rauVi .sedlom of i,. K'p-i.iU- Mmpehls hive :in- u i ruler (he lour: id. an lon. | fourth-rj.ace tenths. ' Bill Dickey'; olers. drocpin" the southern / bowled over : phis 6 lo 2 lander C'-l Little Hock Tiuv- at Hie nctttvi] : 0 f l:i". nielu, as .right- I.itulauisL restricted , -•• • » eight' blows. Ed Weiland an-| Fiynfc "Iron Man" Vevcrka sprit the uiu-Uhi-' '-Lores for the 'losers, wiih Weiland clvirg- ed wiih ibe .sc,'b3:k. j Fone Y. Thcimpran, workhorse of (ho Atlanta Cracker nnuucl corps, nct.-hed his lith success ol Ihe <am|;aign i ; ,si nlulit al HirminB- l-?.-n i •;•* the Crackers overpowered Ihe Buroir; 7 .lo 2. 'Alex Ke'.hicr. Alex .llonuy, like Thompson a -110:11- oer of Ilie all-s:ur IwirliiiK nnd Jack Tea<nn worked in the csin.if cause. The Slat-town crew however, played ihe ^jriic under I l)fot est. The protest 'rim? after a wild , 1'i'n inniii" with ihe Barons al I;'.U.. Bob. Reid ducked away fj'c:» n -nlled third cli-ikc and aricued t'O '(.-•iicv'y -.yith Umpire Jones lhat he ; wjs thrown out of the !!2-ne. Catcher Joe Erautti •';Hilda refi'.scd to -tat and Jones ordeVed riiompson to pitch anyway After -two rolled -Irikcs with "EI uilt out of the b;itlin;; .'-ax. the oilch- Miniijer Diek Porter of the E-ir-. OIK _ entered ^'protest '.'on Vtho JM-ouiuis t'-al .first, ha'scimn char-" '«.'•• rripjii of i lie Crnoker.s <!l P' " UK tlci] In In ; , n is 15 ' lani P lf >» cf the uth Annual Porl Arimsiis ueop Sea ]''ish!ii!' Hodeo. Ultlc'Sandra Kels.,, ;, of Port Aransa, ,,,o had l>een slll ^. mg on the sidelines l,sienin K to Tronson tell how u,, ianded Ihe niree beaulies between 1 0:M a. ,„. :n,d -00 p. m. ,which eslabhsh-d a ,,,w record for Gulf Sal, , ishiui ,, Knfx(teeleat walhwl ,, TeUr " : ' )ki " !: " ltU l " — — ' —-.— ie, |: u. I l' Kins Collcn" Open to bn 1 Dean llu hc:t- AiiRU'.l '.1-10 are near I Prj'.n. :nld 'I'Uvin witli li-Uers of invila-1 T:nne s'e . to of ihe Mid-Kculh':; •K'Icrs ::cini; m tiled ycstfM'- nnd r.ivies .lei: ,1 division ,„ H M , loui-r.ameii-. n. h r, MOO i^'i prize ofte-.'d ii u ii v . iirofes'-ioiul wlniu-.'. Jiiv.i'.y Wii.'i'iibei-". ot Memphis, is Ihe deti'iicliiiH chr.mpion. J:>l nn Hi./.ck, ol Monctte. ind n nu'rbci m i!,,. j;)ncsl)oro Cyun- Irv C.uh., ,n:sel the entire Held ,.iiid v.ii the Hlr'.i! Am Ueui :•!•:• :i:pioiisln|i in |,!tie K,,^ f,si week, .'taii'il ihi'i. In. c xi:et'.cd to f j:npcte in ihe Kins: Cotton Own. K-.llon si ill '.''"Inn, ol Memphis and • tin 1 f-'i-iulieast 1'OA lour•'!"-. '' so oxpeL'lcd lo eom- in -bi 1 ;::<-resio)Kil iiivision. iv. K iv Moore, Curl M. P. ' ChlldiOJ.s. Iho of Jiik v.intu'r the Dodger 'Youth Movement' Pays Off in 12-1 Win Over Cincinnati BASEBALL STANDINGS iU/A^I I •< «>««». UAnm Wholesalers W. L, (» :•» u:t ft r> - , 61 51 . "tl •IH . :n NATIONAL LEAtitiE W. i C:hi>',lano.-;i.M Nashville . . Atlanta . ... Uostcni . I.'II.'K Pet |OverjEicf»N/ne I',!!' 1 l ' H ' K '< w ** Wholesalers took over w sole powesslon of second place IP •"•', the Clly So! i bull Lensiie by downing ; I lie backsliding l.oy u.vh nine 3 lo 0 at Widker Pnrk last. nlgtU. The IJori'ls hrolhers. Tom and Ilinvey, kepi ihe name :| prlvpte finiilly fued, .Aim Harvey, who fyatch Play Stofts Todoy-' In Public Links M&i > ' ?1 Pet. .tun Mil AMKIilCAN . rhi'.idelphi- Cleveland Clilei-ii) U' Vihinu'e w. . lill , -17 . -Ill Southern At I-Stars Ready To Pounce on Mobile Bears MOBILE. Ala., July -a i UPl - Al Todd's !-e.i8iie-leadiii« Mobile Dears take the field here Ion"-',; against a power-packed Sn:iiho-.i Associalion all-star club with ni»" .300 clubbers in ihe stm-tini- line- a fine doubleplay combination if . Stan "Holier Guy" Wasiak .111,1 Ital Younulians. However. Al Kox-ir and Hat Quick flllin.; the bill for , the stars are !;eaw hitters who !<•«!> be expected to do iheir share I ill Ihe plale. Ki Ki Cnyler, Allalila chioft.ihi i Hinninsham's red-headed Mid- direcung Ihe will try to' ey a. fine first-vo „- b [I offset the hustle and elan ol. t !v> I D.lnyci'. off the record slionld 01,1- Bruins with lcn|;-b:ill hiltcrs fmi Ihe oilier league cities. Even in his choice of a starthv; hurlcr Cuyler lias leaned toward -i heavy.••sticker/, ^iy; Ben Wacle. NaslivilleV gangling freshinan slab- ber, lioasls a bcttcr-thnn-.:ioo mark While Todd, following a riigpot! four-same set with New Orleans, has powerful Pat McGlothin. another lowering laslballer. primec! for-tlj'e .lUSt. . s. • .'Wf all picketline go! -.Oil Co.-in,; Charley Trippi and Hal Jeff- _. i (Dainty COOKING FAT JCS Wonderful! i... ••;• ., V'^tiVw.ith Coan ihe low man nt the -—~ f'plale'at :34ri; rales several notches ^ mim above Moliile'f On! Abranis. Florne'' Hatney and George iSho!«mi> ahiiba olfensively: nut. in Ihe throiV- ing-Xiepnrtnienl: the shade lies-aitli the' home club ; Al (Broadway Flair. New Orlo'ans' iClutch-swjnginfj firsl-sncker ranks us the most dangerous hiller in the Dixieland compelilion, while '.h? Bears' clowning Chuck Connors, although a fancy-dan in Ilie field, is 'way below the .:iOO circle. In the middle of Ilie infield. Mobile Bets the defensive nod wil 1 ! hot corner nunrdlnn. Mobile's U1H Hurl. Boih -Uic slars and Ihe front- running Bruins boast lopiicilch tatcliing. anil there's litile lo choose between Nashville's sensational rookie receiver Al Walker anil cliff Dapper, who wears the mask and Dads for the home defenders. Hy COIINKI.IUS Kl'AN ll'iuted I'n-ss Sports Writer) nu Al ll ''"l' NEW YORK. July 23. lUPl — I '5 olh ol '"'" II -.MIS ihe Dodder "Youth Movement" against Ihe Cardlnul "Old lieliablcs" in Ihe Nalional LC:IKIIC loday. Ilrooktyn led the league by five uatnes, with New Yorl; second, Hos- lon third and St. Louis linn I h. C'_- "sanies out. but most Dodder players have admllted privately that the only learn they really fear is £1 l.ouis. the defciidint; world champion And most baseball experts |!0 along wiih Ihe Hrooks. leoliim thai Ihe Giant pitelllii" will hurt New York more and more, nnd thai noslon's butterfiiiKercd defense crosses onl the Urnvi-s' never-say-die spirit. Yc.stcrd:rj's Dailies followed that pnllcrn. Drooklyn. which drew much cri- licism last season when il thrust, youiiKslers into key posilio. 1 -.,', '.ound those youngsters In Ihe forelroni in a 12 io l slaiiBliler of Cincin- nali. Ralph llrnncn, ex-New York. University pitcher, won his lUth same against seven losses. lossliiK a sevcn-liiller lo beat .Red Lively., 'v/o other membqlv;, of "Ridkey'S* ) ami his lelletcrs 'it's lilts were scratches and Liu- Tisier riD] was unearned The Hosion Red Km cd^ed tin- Chicane) White Hox. :) lo 2 In It) Iriiiinj'S, nu Uo:n DiinaKKio's sl:i|;lc and Ilirdii' 'I'l'bbclts 1 double, U(- inaKBio drove in the two l)i>r,os runs in Iho first lunlni; with n sm- B'u after Jolin Pesky slnnled anil Ted WlliiiniK doubled. Joe Dodson won his mil victory an'cl Rd i.op : ii was the loser. In a peculiar v.-une at I'hlla.lel- pliia. the Athletics heiit the Uleye land Indians. 5 to ;t. Koch team KOI Ihrec hits as Cleveland used ihr'e'.- | pilcher.s iinil the A's two. Cleveland made two m'urs and Ihe winners made three, two of ihein by wln- nini; pliclicr Hill Dietrich. .Sam Cliapman hit n iwo-inn hniner lor Ihe A'.v Ycslerday's star: _ Karly \Vynn of Washininon. who slopped ih" linrd-hlttinu Detroit '1'incrs willi two si'i'aleli singles in a (i lo I vi,-- lorv. Yeslei'day's Results soinnr.itN' I,I;ACHIK N'a: In t''e i;, r; 1 ' ttt-ni'ioi-a :i New iliiioaifi HI, Mob,;,'. •>. AtV.inlii '1. 11 rniinut- nn :>. . Little iVhi k ii, Minipnis '.!. NATIONAL I.KAGUK llo^ttm /i-:\ (-hii »••;) (!-•> I'hlluilel h:, al .piitsliivi"ii. 1' ned, i :iin llriuiklyn !'.'. fin;-innali l. SI. [.'.MILS 1(1, Neiv Vork ft, AMKUK'AN Now York (i. S \Vn:;hhmton (i. I'hiladelphia 5. the Kichers to two blnijles while lie i\nil his leain mates were eolleel- l»i! four saieii>.« off Tom. With Ilie es'ccpllons o| 11,,. | WO lilts. Harvey piiclied iH-rfcot ball refiislms lo lilve up a single walk. Tom walked only three, Sonny l.cUbeltor. manager of [he Wholesalers, ],.ire<| his teiim In hlt- Hnil. i-olliT(iiii: iw,> hits III four (rips lo Hie plate. n oy MO,, and Andy Hi'vli lucoiniied for Ihe oilier I wo blniiles. Mullen (liiiiin mid mil Wilson iiccoimlcd f,,r (ii ( , Kidu-rs two lilts. (irui-ois Defeat Ark-Mo The rejuvenated Hays Grocers j Miumped the Ark-Mo ' Kllowallers II lo 10 In lasi nlnhr.s nluhteap In one of ihe wlldesl names played In Ihe leiiKiie this year. •' C Wliiille worked cm the mound for iho cirocers and nave up eifiht hlniili's ate.vni't Clnrley hurled fo r iho Kilott'iiilcrs and also nave up elisht hlis. Hilly Mcharu rapped out Ihree hits In four' trips to pace ihe vlc- i»i's al Ihe plate. Ciurley. Kddle l '" 1 '' 1 ' '!'• .1- Caraway mid Duck Ilonsh each colleet iwo lilts Piii-e th ( . Kllowatlers. '1'wu Annies :uv scheduled lo be Played lonli-hi. wllh (he Fllxpatrlck Jewelers meeliiiij » U iil 5 - It-um fron Kcrnu'tl, MI,,. ih (i,,. f |,. sl , !ame ,, lu Hays Kloic |)layhi|; Wilson In Die MINEAI'OLIS. July 23. (UP) —..'", Survivors of . the 3G-hole 'medal '•••• lests. led by Wilfred Crossley'of '• Atlanta. Oa., jialrcd off for match lilay today on McaclowbrooX golf course In llic Nnlional Public Un»-$ lotininini'lH ' The first, championship - round j paired 04 municipal course' shot- nakers whose medal play scorss •nnged from the winning 139 posted • )y Crosslcy to seven entrants who sf|uce/.ed in with 151's. The field will lie cut to in by nightfall. .• 'indin^ in fo;!l '.i-rr i'.or'v \vl:i'ii '1 hc::ip!.on pU: v hcd !o Kraurl. Junior and Boys Meet Wide Ojien Affair SOUTH BEND, Ind.. July 23. (UPI —The hoys' divisi,,,, of Ihe Western Junior and Boy:: tennis tournameni was a wide oris n affair loday vilh • >rM ranked Dick Holroyd. Del Rav I-In., knocked out by Conrad Woods' ••cies l ""''''" keti Player from Los An-' Woods eliminated Holroyd in tlu-ce f?ts last niKht. (!-•_'. 3-c. G-l. •second-seeded Hamillon Hiehai I s j.nton Rouge. La., was eliminated' .Monday m a second round match /n the junior singles. Herbert I lo 'middy > Bellrens. Pi. Laudcrtialc ! Mflrio " Ma. top-fcetled National Inter- '•eholaslic Champion, -.vent over KimlerBarten,-' Bnicc Edwards and* Ciene Heriuanski. led Ihr batting attack. Hermjinski. Ualjfd. yi| four runs with three hils and Ed.vnrds drove in ' two runs'with (hrec'hils. Each scored twice.' . . f'arils Wallop Giatils l'he .carilinajs- depended on Iheir proven cnnipniKners; in walloping the New York Giants, 10 to 5. Harry Brccheen, a great'pitcher, went, the roule and was backed by hard hitting by sian Muslal. Whltey Kurowski and Marty Marion Johnny M fee-hit a ,t\vp-run homer for New York in 'the 'first inninu, and in Ihe fourth inning was hit on the head by one of Brechcen's pilches. The injury was not serious, and doctors said he suffered neither fracture or concussion. lied the score with „ two-ion homer and Kui'r.'.ski run ihe Cards ahead wiih anolher fourbayger. nd nrechccn each hit two- run shiBle.s in a big fifth Inning that won the game. It was 13re- 'Y'>. Invites Junior Tennis Players to form Team 'A meeting of net eitllinsinsls-will be held ;,t 2 o'clnek tomorrow afternoon in the "Y" rooms In city Hall in form a Hlylhevllle "Y" Jlmjpr tennis team. jAny of the cllv's yimiiK loin|; Player.-i under IB years or ago ire eligible !,, |ry 01 |l for berths on the ni'l liqiiacl, J. P. Garroti. "Y."( se- crc:ary, .said yesterday •Several tennis players have ex- piosseil a desire to iiold an inler- ci^y lotirnamcnt. he said. Youni? rietiiien who have expressed an interest in the formation of a team include Charles Ciifiyer )Jn)old Traylor. R. A. Friend. Russell 'Phillips. John Ed llegenoltl Billy I!ol> Blllnlt. Jim Deer and nick Held. Today's Games SOiriHKKN I.KAC.IJK All-Slurs' :'il Mobile, nll'bl l;;ime. NATIONAL I.KAT.W. riiiliidrlphm at I'ilisbmr.h. niniii. •ilrr.nklyn i| Cini'lnimii. Iloston a'. CMilcasio. New Yc-ik a', Ft. I .mils. AMERICAN LEAGUE SI Louis a: New York. CleviVand lit Philadelphia. Clll::,\j:o :'.t lioslon, l'i'iii:ne i;;ime,s .scheduled lo bt played Tlnustliiv nluhl are hctwrcr the Owens Oiuniilsls and Charlie 1 .- Kli'ctrln In I lie |ir. S | till and tin. Rmtikehonse Hoys and I'hllllps Mo- li'i'.s In the nlf;htt-;ip. Elderly Man Dies in Fire 'l I'LE RCCK, Ark., July 23. Pl I^rne:.". :rrvices were liehf liere tcc'i:,y fcr T^o.n-is Byrd, 79- yei'.v-old Rcdli;!-.l resident, -,vlio inimed lo dos'Ji about midnight Monday nlglii .Coroner Ed Duj)rce wild t!:-:i: Hi c elUer:y man lived iiliuie in his two-room home In Kfdfield and was trapped inside I In- fcnlldli. Two Youths Drowned A'ICKN. S. C,. July 23. IU1=)— A .':•.! ill|! pirnic LvouylM diixlh 10''• '.'•' •" Ivvn yi.uni! brothers who !rll <-•]• JuiiiiJi-,1 Iron] their crowded i'i,w!:i.:»i. ,.-\ ibiul Inol.her In llm nlRhl.I bout w i; s nn.ible lit f.ive them i Imse drowned were John CanU, Jlmuvlc, 10. Your Credit Is Good at DELTA! Bring Tractors or Combines to Us for Repairs Gut ready I'oi- lh u fail ru.sli by (isinjj your cvcdiv \\-ilh us. \Vc ari'auijc long, easy payments on all repair work done on farm macliincry. Hert; you KG* llin l) in factory-trained mechanics lo properly romli- tioii your macliiitc-ry for the coming season. See us today for an estimate on all work you need done! INTERNATIONA^ HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 2£P ST. PHONE863 \Mizc Not Seriously Hurt by Pitched Ball . ST. LOUIS. Mo.. July ;.;,. ,rjp, ... Johnny Mi ?0i Ncv . Yorfc OJanLs firs! l-asernan. was repo] ic<l in sa- HSinctory condition today :il SI John's Ilnspitnt \vhpre he w.i.s resl- I); "k Rie;;er of Knlaintizoo. Micii., 'heen's Ililli Iriuinpli. r '~'-' 'Hie Braves nnd Chieaijo Cubs split :> douWeheader, encli winning hy 2 to 0. Red Barrett pitched the Boston victory, a four-hitler, and ihe Cubs got the second game whili errors by Mauk Camelli anil Nanny Fernando;., allowed two unearned Cub runs. Claudr Piisse.-lu piloted the whole Bnme. the first. Cub hur- lei lo do .so in 17 names. •iflor hr.i.i " i i' •'"' """ '" L " '""' '''u's-l'iratcs t;;inie was rain• |t • |H " '"''"I! .struck oy a ])it c lied ed oul -^ ir h x r,^, ™"" I ""'•"»*-«•£ 'oV^ '-\ til- w-,s •• n •?."•'_ today. i over the St. Louis Browns pulling Ifnu h i ,L , r "In, X 'I 1 ' 1 " 10 NOW Yorhm -'"I'i gaincs in SI lou's C •' the i from of Detroit. Thrown h-r a '"" )als - Thr lj;l11 v,-:is j Trim llenrlch Bot three Yank hits sou'limu• Hnrrv ^ nl<i ,'" : " I''"-' 1 "- 1 '' and ieorc.1 twice, iintl Phil Uizzuto ••.ou.hpaw Many Breeheen. i baited in two runs with two hits. Dr. Koberf p. Hylnnd. u, e C ardi- only temporary injuries. X-rays re- Hals' surgeon. sa i ( l the husky mn- jor league home run lender 'of Ucorgia npparently had suffered I yen led no enncitssion or fraclitre he .said. Washington Dawns Tif;ors The Tigers lost ground when lliey ran into Early Wynii's two-hit pitchhu; as Washington won. G f> I. Jim Vcrnon. with three hits ind two inns balled in, led the attack Football Clinic at ASC To Be Held Aug. 7, 8, 9 •IONESUORO, Ark,, July XI. t UP) —Home one hundred coin-lies lioni Northeast •Arkansas and southviisi -Missouri are expecled to In- on hand for Ihe Arkansas -Stale Culler- Football clinic which will he held in Jonesboro on Am;. 7, (i and 9. The .subjects will cover football fundamentals and .'iiies, nnd the .speakers will Include .officials nf the Arkansas Allilelie ' Associalion (ind several outslandini' coaches. Immediate • < - Dofivcry • ; * ''v,*^*, t'f?'' A Gould's Automatic Water System Gives you the most for your dollar Farmers Terms Part this Fall-Part Next Fall Immediate Delivery Florence Table-Top i OIL RANGES only $119.00 N"O\V is ilie lime to clicck W1NTKH I IK ATI NO NKKDS. \Ve have all si/.cs in oil-liiii-iiinir in slock. Hity now while UK-SO urn avuilutile! Dnii'l l,n in iHH'd lliis fall. 1Z13 WEST MAIN ST, PHONE 2OI5 What To Do For That Sluggish, Down-and-Out Feeling Ilomi-mlifr Dio lime wlicn you could «»t »M ri liorsu. buljblcd-avi-r wllli cnerBy. I.-U lll.|)|,y „, „ | nrkV W »3 It .101 iHrcniM you llkcil to col—dlilii-t know wluit In- intii'Stloji win. roll «lroi>« as ni, ox? As n«o nilvancra tlic "ol<l slonmch nml Ihe i-vot-rhinlBliiij Dloocl" nccil bclp. Now you nmy fic.Hlii relC'fiBC vlbrsnt enerKY lo <my ruiisclo, Illiio. coll. hviTy ilny—ovi'ry hour—millions or liny r«l-mood-celts must pour rorlh Jroln liic ninrrmv nf your lionca io rc- j) neo lliosu that ntc worn-out,' A low Illiiml count may nllcct yon In ncvcral wi>yn: iiu niitii.-tUr. unikTwolglit. .110 lau'iKv. n r;in-ilown coiulltluii luck p< icHKIunri' io liifocllon tinil dlfecAse' T" ml icnl rotlrr you must keen up yoiirWooil iilroiiKlh.McitlcMAUIhorltln. uy ninlysh o[ ihir blnoil. have hy nosl- tl»f tiniul shown Hint SSS Tonic Is ill»:l/.liii:Jy i-lti'Cllvo 111 hnl!cll}i K nn low IXoml HliMiuiii In mm-orRnnlc milrl- tloiml niii'inln. This la <!no to the SSS Ionic runnnlu wlilcli coiilnlrm special iiml poicnr, atrci.,,ti,,|: Ingredients. Also. JS3 'ionic liclps you enloy the food you ,-nl by Inoninslric tllo gaslrlc ullU'fillvc Jiilcu \vlien It-Is llon-orcanl- Cillly loo llltli- or scanty—thus Ihe/tom- nc-li \vlll hm-f Illllc cnuso to eel Dulky with );n«. ljloi\t nml |>lvo oil ihnl sour food I ILK to. ""»'l wnlll KiicmlM your body with noli, reil-l*io»l. Slnrl on BSS Tonic now. ?n.i^ B V r 7 l!> » b l°°' ! • Hllr K' ;s lliro\i|jlioul lO'.ir whnle liody. Kreaicr fre.iliiiti.i nnil xlrciiiilli siiunltl mnke you eat better, slci'ii belter, feel Better, work belter pluy hc'tlnr. luu' ( . n iu.nuiiy color flow In yom tikln—llrm llrali till mil liolluw nliici'M. Millions cl linllk-s eol<l. aet.a tiottlc troin your clryi! slurc. SS3 TglMil lielpj; llxuld sturdy Ekiilth ». New Theater Manila's Finest Shown KVI.P.V NKiin ftfMdiiec Saturday >&' Sunday Box Open: Week Duyn 7:»fl f.m. B*i.-8an. 1 p.m. Conli Showlnf iiy and Thursday "The Beginning or End , with. Itoliert Walker and Turn Drake Selected Short* "DUEL IN THE SUN" (liTtfory 1'cck Jc'iinifcr Jones RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Wednesday ;md Thursday "The Private Affairs of Bel Ami". WifH... with Siunlcrs anil Angela Lnnsbuy Xews and Short WHATEVER HAUL OR DELIVER You'll be uhcnd trucks that fit your . . . 0 Op«n at 7:00 p.ra ONLY DODGE BUILDS ' AND ONLY DODGE DEALERS SELL THEM! BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR COMPANY 217 S. Second Street Phone 422 Wcdh€s<lay &• Thursday 'Home Sweet Homicide" with i- Ann Garner, Randolph S<olt Fox Movietone News Also Shorts

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