The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1935
Page 3
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Pintle's Toss Wins Game As Wlmlle Blows en! Gills Tiiumph riV J. V. FRIRKD .1. W. Pin-tic singed n "Prnnk McriiweU" acL Itisl, nlghl bj in-f n field goti) in the closing seconds 'of play to clvc ihc -lily- tlicville HiRh school Clilckasnws rt 31-2(1 verdict over Coach Johnny Burnett's Slmtviiec Indhns, and ^imblfd thcni to closi! lliclr home schedule iii n bla/c of ulovy. The finale was macly to order foi .i Uuuimti stoiy booj- ending. .With lliu &con> 20-10 in Inn vls- ilor's favor, the brilliant Chick fonrard er.ibbcil .« ; loose b.ill In si nilxiTO .under lllytlicvllle's tos- 111 look i couple, ol steps backward and :ict the sphere liy. The ,BLYtHfeYJLLE,. (ARK.) COURIER: NFiWg By Harry Gray son 1 nfinlil Wnlker Is now'miighl liy HIP Nrsv Yml: Vnnkces as well us by i)'ji> si. Luiil'. Urown.^. V/nlfcor, suspended by Mickey roehraie, of tlio r^lrolt Ti^irs, r-mly hisl cwsnn for stuplil \rnrr '-O-jninnliii!, sliov/pd how rnucli he Imil |ltnj)K>vnl liy l^clrif rnujilit pff nrst jlw.e ; ific-i iMlvciliiR n heroic hlov; '!<:• n tilneli'hlltfr In tli/> wollil fr- gonl was soinidod 'li'ri was trim nnd ti3od Jiist as llio ending tlio gamp Eugene- rslackwcll was Die. co- hero, -but .|)o came near ' , . (lie "coil 1 , loo ciene lllpiicd in llolli .lot' McCnrthy nnj Itojjm llomsljy htive nil lUcn Hint they (•(in reform llio Mississippi |?cl»l, however. 'Van crtn'i lie enizy on llio Ijn-sos without gelling on," wiys Mc- Cimhy. "Wnlkcr KC[S to first bnse, vvhlcli Is soinclhliiK thai cannot bo snlcl for some of tlic oilier outfielders tlrnwlm; pny In'.tlio Aiii- oilean l.piijjiic." Hockey Flops In Si. 1/nuk Prim): T. Aheani, hockey huckster who .soiighl a new field for his QUiiwn outfit with the opMiliii; of Ihc cnrrcnC rainpnltrn. set-ins ready lo chuck It In *» l.mils, wliere it nppc:u:i that (he major Icasilc version of (he gli.s- Icnliijr .(nine Ir, mistnkoii for Iho IJiwvns. ^ field knot .the cmint at' Alienm Is Ihe lee sport's coun- JO-nll with thice iiiliiutes (o play Iciuirt. of Bitiiicli Rickey, tin find then on ihc ne>:t pby fnnlmi bruins behind iho St. Lonls Cnrd- A'-hlcy 'Hie .Slmvuico puai<! tossed llln i s '.md. tasclMlh; forcmau In Ihc fioc tluow lint put them unk'siniiii. And his peddling proc tltpl tn(n I ho Itfinit • . Kvff (f-i i<inr<n irim-.i n t-r, » n ,...r.L» .. i... COACH. STAGG? OOP sun Into Hie lead Both Tmms int: Ncllhei coicli umilp n „..,.„ - ilo'i Uiiuilii ihf rntho lonlrsl. Thc ^.u,™, ,,„„, Us frann of lluimin Koehl<?r : 'he Detroit fled Wings for Syd |)liiycd no -mull put in shnUhiR Howe and Scotty liosvinnn, ami cfl v\oiild-l)o uniikci's Herjihcl - $8000 from the Toronto Mnulu Kvitfc.-i once more nre serving him in «o«<l slcnil now llinl II In lime for lilni lo Imll out. Ahenrn collected J50.009 from to lend the locals with seven points; Dick Tipton ilhiycd n mni-vctoiui floor ijninc uiul direct . Alien i-n kept the Otlnwn dub solvent for years by dlsi)oslii|. of He 'has .bunked $135,000 In stars, . , fills manner since lf)2a. n c Klht! Clancy for 05,000. ooo pfiinii for 322,G(H>. Hoc Klircn fo Oiikmnnt Jfos( id the Icun offense well He i imlo <;!>• points too Ashley, Slmwnco's fine guard, vvns y "> KZ,I>IH>. nee Kllren for tlic offensive Mai vvllh ten poinls. jS'WOO, Cooiicy Weilland for J7600 O speck, giant centci vvns u Joe l,amb for 4r,(JOO, uncl numerous unnlinl illicit, ultlioueh pretty ft-ell taken en re of by Kochlcr. A Jlsld gonl nm! four foil! throws VW3 lib, olTcnslvc contributions. Oein. Sin-azen consl'ti6i-s Onk AL Hit oiitiet Ihc jimi develop- >"out. In the Allegheny Vnllcv etl Into i simple between two th » die. of the u. S. Open In June l;i«il diftnsci. n iwttle of two i'he most CMellhe Irat of. nolr-in different styles of pins with lion- [the world. The wiutittv Sara™ ou fnirlj s,ven Using- ihe man- should know.. He's plnycd his 'wav to-man Ujle of gum din; the' n round |],e »; 01 . Wi „„,! R . on . lhe p ChlcknEovvs held the visitors .to °--A. nt Onk'ntoiU as u vouh«ii>r seven fHd goals vhllc the tribs.!" 1352. >«">ISMCI slipped eight throush tlic wicker I "No one-shot, player can win n fiom tiie flow agalml the shift 'Hlto on tlic £9(H)-vnicl OnkniaiiL "IB zone method cmplojcd by tlio comie, explains Sa'rnren Oak Indians Shaunccs falline to con- mont bilmc, out such iiwwimi vert Iiom thc seventeen foot line cliite us (he bro^ie nml Niimiiw co,t them a victory making but |1 Iron ty long second s i,otl sK eoort out of (hhtcen trie* OH ' Urtoufih foe fall green Ho art the other hand, tne, tossed ting home tiler,, with a ch-ivc-timl in five chnritv tow? out ol -Iv Pilch routine •tUempts Ten personal foul, were Onkmont mils a. picmlum nn charged to the inbesmon Thc loiWH plus dhccllon off Ihc tee gieen clnds were pemltstcl only Unteis i0 uf ( nhc |, i-..' . «H times , itrnlfilK joii haven't n Sew K nose I'clihie home In two or me bcoie vns nevci Pnoir than tlcult JMI 4 holeh- T live points npnrl ^rhc first rpiai- bimkcis aic rmrowcd 10 1C To stnrt (he W0 nd half from hiltlne fT rilll" lion'mil V «'J Pmtlc sent Ills m-itcs into llio "irm Those mull"* CK ,L lend vvith a field soil bin I> .S|>eck n o le stioko penally you ml r,« Mlpr™ bj Ihe seniincls and (hop- i hooi m slice lied one Uirc-ugh I'milo loitW I « • V O Sped tis he nltcinpleO lo shont lloni-si Alinvr.iioinl Tfql and (he big cwila made both I 'AlttiouiMi ifio iollln» ,,„,„ shols (jood Ashley Liole ihiough of giouml nml (he inurehial inn tlie defense and iccoulut Upton ping male M.OHIIK difflrult oZ «ns guilty of md Aslilev inont is in lionet nbmV^, promptlv boosted the cnemj total tc=t ""uurmiia to 17 vvllh a Ifree toss Taking Then- nib no woods to i-obble he tip-on Ihe tribe mincmvered up shot off line Tlie % cei« n« Ihe melon docn hi lhu r terr!- ijcncnitu In ,|» ..m, G ', n '\ "^ !° 1> ..^ lie , rc ., T " 1 ^! 1 . n'^'l "> one ln,e. Sinngh.-Biained Bn ^ir ilw Aliioa Alnnvn SUi|!B, ,!i nf llio former U. of Cl Ki'til mentor, vs-ho la [i coiifh ,il College, of Hie . ..„.,., may,follow In hhj dnd'a. fool sli'jis. • VOIIIIK Slrtgdpliinnei) lo confer vi-lth olliclnls ot ..Kept Klnle College,-Kent, 0., on tiio position-m lii|'nii. conrti thcro. •However, an attack of, nppcndl*' fltja pu|:)ilm tn « Clilcsgo lios- pltni. where lie Is Bhow'n'aliove. Hin father, oa" tho way-.east^ Etoppcd oft at Kont and .siiotco for Mm. Ills appointment r la f>x- _,pectoil to be amiounccil snan. New Needle Threading . Champion. Proclaimed OTTAWA, Out. (DP)-Stcp up, oiks, and meet Tailor J. ScVrelll— ' the new • necdlft-lhrcftdlnit : clmm- )Ion of Cniiiitin 1 and 'tlin United Sfiltes. - . • .-.--.•. Scrrelll. 'dcfcalvd Mrs. Jcnnne :Joutlcr, •Eiincook, N: Y. ; house- vjfc, Iii u sllrrliV oiliest, 2BO. Ib 22J. Boo 1 cry Takes One On Chin in Upset; Terry Loses , Oily ttoBkHliall- League m \v. i,. pel. rtolniiil's noolery j 3 7M East. Arkanjjis n. fiup s i '71^ Pnsllme BIIDnrds 34 42!i Terry'.s S. Htnlion ' i j; ' M ?, ftV J. | h . PltlENf) Witli a brilliant reversal of . form; Knsl Arkaasns niilldcr.s Suri- ply bounced bnck Into tho c;o,,i- mcrclri) Uaskcttall "r,cngiic tklo I picture by drubbing jpff )io] nm ]' s : ifnst sti:j)pln(; Jiootery, .10-17 ; TlH' • victory pimhled them to go Into :i do will] (ho commteloncrs rm Iraguo lend :iiid gavi: tliem n ! f . : ,,i <>f 2-1 in llifi seiison's scrlc'i T'VII more Rnmcs for each Irani rwnahi on Hie nehediilc, Pnstlme millnrd Parlor conllii- ««1 their .sensational wlimhic dog the -pacers with a Imi-d fought 24-10 win over Terry's lejuvciinled .-Service. s(n(io» crew' v,i ? (tp ,;,'-' nml " W1Lso "' oralwlific lylhcvlllc HiRh school slnr. led ;lhc alliick on Iho noolery .with ax Held goals nnd nn'ostra free loia-.for.high Coring honorsi Clar- raice Webb, a team mnt n,> will, cighi^ iwlnlB, W , 1R runner nj>! Mnr- |)acc(i his mates In poliil'irinklnV wllh five.' • • "Rw.flcr's" Wings Clipuctl 'booster" Wnrrliigtob, , whose twenty one; pblnls lust' vvceV ingttlnsl Terry set-ft ,scnson''s : rec- joi'd, was nimble to get coin" ,against the. Lumberjacks. Ih' tho early part -oT• the' game he si:eak- ed a field goal .but. olerl Biiardln'" kept him well subdued after :thut. ijrt. fnct, tltu entire Dootery of- I Johii"'/!?™' 1 by " BlU (16rcnsc ;!»' llh'o floor gnlue,i. Her- tlnu> Erore st les _. jl.'s nlrmlng ; . »'' wa ^ '""< " poli.l In tiller,-, f.fe.ilin K!!V' l ?, nB n Mm fro,,, " ull l ers to the first game, *. rsp fl '- THE DAY ISN'T OVER-YET I J1H5I JA ^ 20, isss lie i Hnotcry i\1) Wfirrlngtoii 3 C. nfojjdon 2 Clii'l.stlhii-3 1 • I lilncknrd '!i ! McAfee 2•• : - rkansos Rtato College £ j nr , nfl?.V(l F|g|lj>.»» n -.l.,t fi j nfl( game. Tho b "t f : \"r "",'"->^'was a pair .-.f field eoab and a ffo.p throw. -i±',r ,J ( ° a !" ? Bm ^<". '«n r.iiitmil. too, O f Arl'nhsas Stste played well as did Toih ] The llneiips: rsl Oninc Pos. East Ark. .<30) P - - Webb 8 P . Potter. 2 C . Rcll ' ,,CJ • ' Holland G -- Wilson in Bootcry— llnrrls 2, 1-icld Goals :- Webb' :t. Potto- Holland, ,Wilso,, 0, W,.n-lns- , \, "™« (l011 - Christian, Hlackfi. j i, McAfee, UniTlt ! l-'nul Throws-WeWi 2 Bell HoK «i«l * W««o«. Wftrri^un,; 'Clirl - linn. Blaekard. l-'oul Tl.rows Mksc<l-Wcl)b.' noil Wilson. Wnvi-lngton/ 2, Christian 1 McAfw, ilrooks. ' licfei-cc—^"Triggc-i- 1 Second ' 1'astltnc <2<0 ''p os . "Wall (Dell!, Mullens a Darnes f! Medlln IJ " '.'. Karls 1 Burroughs' n Northern :) n. p. urogtlon G" Terry ..I Pastime— Rylce. ., P ' 'p O WEVER 1'HOUSHr I'D MAKE I &UESS THIS MUST Y-.tUCKY-DAY needle with n . couple hundred slvnnds of cotton, iin'd set but to beat, his; record, she. jammed' it Etruulitrd tlnrning necillo wl(h 224 strands of while cotton, thread'and into It and returned It i of tho ,li? , ^™ °. « lf * 1 Marked W « ciic• fims Improved iprovemenl in team ''B Oassers and thc ciiturcd thc. second =d. by ihe addition Puekett 3 ouustitutes: i-usttnic—nvioo i'n, , , '.• Held .-Cibnls^Muitens • a Barnc, '™ ''"i?, n (< ; rn 9°» nml'-Uicn nil I JlMclwil fw Sampte Casc^ nie.l a, Medlln. 3/1 Saiirtcraon. : Puekcw fi"™,? '" K-l 0 ,'--'f 1 ^ at: lileht ' DOVRR ' O- (UP) _ i^,ls I «y Ears 3, Burroughs 4, Nortlfen,- 'iS^T ^ v?"l " L ' ^ 3 ° " p trftvrtl " B <«*"<"«>. s mcV to Foul Thvows-Mullcns,- Barnew- •> I " lt " lll<ll ynli''l "hen there will reacli for his .sample in ; a sloip '«, juris, ^rthcrn,Tcrr^ ^ J^ft fe.«"»«.«i<i. tte* will 'here, taU .hop^d^Vi'S lch^."iu"bo;:lun,ed but at ^^^ ^ «« "»« Bnol.pi- Tuesday • for ihi> Imlancn 01 (lie week to enable students to attend the . tourimmeiii;.. Officials for the lolirhament nra. i*ferccs l.yman Dale of-Maiden aiiil Herbert ScliwhHu of Luxora,' Ark- scorekcpper, naipli Capps, ; 'time keeper. D16U Miciiie. Foul Throws MlKoa^-None'' ncferco—"TrlBEcr-^vVall (Delfi. •each it. Hollaivd'poys, Girls -Favorites CQOTEH . . - ' —,-*", .* *•". iy.—-unu.simi in eresl is biHSg displayed tliroiigh- out this county over the Countv tournament thiif,' will take place on the local court Wednesday Thursday and Friday of. this week. The Cooler . girls.' are undefeated h y ^^".^.'n'WsjcdunlyaM SY. LOU 13, Rio. (UP)—Bowling two rnma imvci too ,tn.ihious (or Edward M. Wiilson 4J He lajMd mid ciied of a heait nt- Inl in every quarter. id 17-14 but hid to . list minute scoring splurgti to come put nhead Mnrshall' Bui-roughs speed} shooicr of Tcn-j, UK! Fi nest Barnes. of for OPC "'w g , B<IP1 , C *'" bC ^ B ^ Hat^Ui ,, V , <Klnc " !( " > l r ^ hc " the I Claude F Coopci Plfly thl> Dccrl "« Attj Ad Utcm D ...i i"".y iin iJ^.trijJK I ™ \verc girls fom earner v 111 be plajcd WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT CHICKASAWBft DISTRICT MIKSrsSIPP! COUNTY,-' ARKANSAS. Walter Cooper, Plaintiff, No.' 5902 vs. ' Bell Cooper, Defendant., Tlic . defendant. Bell Cooper is warned to appear wllhln thirt ',''' Walter S15 C 30-0-13-2C to pull, back within potnici points seeded type. "There Is nothing lr : C ky or „ - sunny about Oakmonl — no hole :»ell -ind Ashtcx col- ; ns treacherous as the nth Ml Sojk Snnderj Merlon, for cxnmplo. where \ foul on Moslcy Bond shot mny linvc liorrlblc con'"" \vis fouled ,s«iucnces. "Von cam what yoiV'gct nt Oak Girls Win, Too! -The Blylhevlllc High girl sextette set ihe winning spirit In the prc- liminnij game by trouncing Dell 8-1 Handicapped by (lie loss of tvvo leeulars, Dell vvns nimble lo cope vvith (he local-ferns. , Pete Wilson with three field goals led the attack. Bendonna FJtiey ,and Margaret Prullt continued iheir fine work.; Katharine c.111, and I he Aglchnrl. sisters, shone for fho visitor. Tlie line-ups: '.GUIs' ••''<». Dlyiherllle P . \\1iceler, 2 F Wilson. 3 c Koehler C Huey G Pruitt Substitutes: Dell- N'oonev^T Thornton. Blylhevlllfc-liawks, Fos- aT' k f° UtIflnd - Rcftrce^Marshall to lie for (lie ul - -'v... u»jvllu,t; 11UUUI the rabbit ball distorting stroke values nl. Onkmont, with nil thc nation's hendllners In action I'll wager thnl Ihcre will be more 80's than 70's in the next Open." Dell Whistle, 1 K. Olll. 2 M. Agrlhsal ~ W Aglelicat ' Gill vValrup Shairiue (20) P. Speck, f R. Cinrcy, f G. Speck, c Mil hail, g Ashley, <; Boys g F( Ft TV 2024 0010 1416 0000 4 2 1 10 1211 r Total? BljC-cviilc H. Mosley, Purtle, f Koeliler, c Tipton. g Blackwell. R Totals S 5 10 21 Referee—Marvin Sanderson (Arkansas stn(e). 7 C 5 20 Fg Ft Pf Tr 3127 2024 0030 2226 1214 NOTICE CO., not Burke Hardware Co. Wl Main Blytheyille. Ark. Radiant Health! C Itll Time Today . and they all concede that AerotypeEsSO outperforms all other fuels ROXY Wed. and Thursday »UT & NITE— 10c 25c HE HELD LOVE IN ONE HAND Paramount Cometh Novelty Reel Thursday & Friday -Horror in the other! MODKI.Ul) AVTER U. R^.AK\i\ tfOMIHl : ; AVIATION I UK I, ArrotVfic RSSO nas |1 I( . f,, t inllnr cur fuH f>cr iu.,,K-!,,l "Ireclly oficr cotntal a\E»ll,tn easotlnr-lhr ti, n «i powerful nioior fuel knoun. Jt \\ ih c cloml opproncJi to IT. S. Army Halillna Gra.lp Ulallon Pud rracllcal for vise In aulomoMIc*. tn ntUllilon. n |, an „„,, iMinl Iia Hat .Wroijpe i:\.so »t«iinukVwaiul siiinln, nlal |- niuni efflHtncy In IrM llmtanj wllli IOM " K ,, m ,, p " lhlr , nnj , ollitr lutl on ih c niarkcl imlay. 30Y AT THIS SIGN fMj ji«[, idtouCtl 111 i!,c 30,000 EliO Suiiooi 10 J paltti from .Vfamc to ton. ">">. tcpt«sen:in« the «,. ""' ,«"•* rtodoat of Ae \\hcn I,'i29,639 niers out 9? i totil of 1,529,752 £|\L i prtHluct,lhcirnn<|mlific(l cnJorsrmcnl llu product must ho j>oml Fhit's cvictlv what happtncd in the cciso of Aerotype KSSO. We Simamccd tlut ii would ovitp^r- form any other motor car fuel rti-.ulc. We offered :i rash rclun J | 0 n ny user who was not completely satisfied. Of tlie I,5J9,752 molorisls who pur- rlinsoil Arrolypc KSSO while our iniro- ilnoiory su.iranu* offc-r remained In force' only 1U nskcd lor rtfunJk . .less (hnn i out bf.ovcry 10,00'J v,h>i Jv/ujlil. Nearly $.(,000,000 vt«rlh of Aerolypp KSSO vsns snlJ during iln' above period while refunds iiinuuntcd to only Here's proof of performance far more repressive in<! eloquent thin all the cs <nv igint cliiimv and fancj phrases we could invent. In thc light of this conclusive evidence, we ask motorists to try Acrotype ESSO vvith ihc expectation that It will prove the finest motor (ucl thcj'hav««veru»*d. And this plcdgcof performance Is backed by thc world's lendIInf> petroleum organization. Fill tip with Aerotypc ESSO. You'll find (htil the first tankful makes a noticeable difference In the'way your car performs. *£V)rh Refund VtiarantCf jltftmti 21. 1931, on uncantejHA ttitins t>f fttroltiim AJtntnitlratlve Board. AEROTYPE ^ T A N D A R D O €SSO T.L CO M P A N V OF L O U I S^lT^A \l i^'i ^- s loan Bennett ONLY A HUSBAND COULD PROTECT HER! So lliis poor mnvie ushertlte picked one outjif n tclejihone hook and made him rich!. . How? It's loo funny, too charming lo spoil by telling! . . you (iiutl see it! Carl laeinmle presents HERBERT MARSHALL in Kerent Molnar s Ataslerpiece •' " 'The-' :•GOOD i Anrly Clyde Comedy Fox News A UNIVERSAL PICTURE WITH FRANK ^MORGAN •I Star Comoriy Song Hit Scries "Good Old Days" "OJIiNG TO THK KITZ- 3unday & Monday, Feb. 24-25 Shirley Temple and Lionel Karrymorc ,in "LITTLE COL.6NBL".

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