The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 5
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BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) 'CQUItlER NjJM8_ PAGE MVfr: Sleele Society — Personal last week. Mrs. Jack Rushing and; St. Louis were gumta of Mrs. S. J.! sry *«h Mr anil Mirf J*.-<R. Ball-1 -^ On H>c average, screfn stars linve .Jr. and Mrs. J. R. Morgnn and i.,:,:,,.,r [>anlini> arc sjwivJing this Wesl Plains. Sam llnmra and children returned from a v ' sil llamra's parents at C.j«'k al \ '.''Mrs. Sa \vitli Fulton, •hie received lhc low • cd Iron) an extended visit at pi !sou- . I Mr. and-Mrs. Herbert Waters- Ultlc Mary Wuisc F.lhrldjjc was have returned to their home in cut by gluw when an automobile Ohio aller a visit with the former 1 * ran inlo lhc front of her father's mctlier, Mrs. V. E. Waters. grocery sloro. Mr. and Mrs. AH'ic McBridc nl Mrs. Paul Hipp of Kcniictl is Ihe Dearborn. Mich., have moved here, guest, of her pin-ins, Mr. mid Mrs. Mr. McBridr is employed at a fiin. Lnther Winsiead. -1 K Dr and Mrs. H. G. McDinlel and daughl'.'r Patricia spent Sunday awl Monday ill Mississippi with relatives. „ Mr ami Mrs. V. U Bhcksvcll. Mr ami Mrs. J. W. Blaekwell ana son, and Mrs. Smith spent Sunday in Memphis. Mrs L.. W. Weaver and-.Miss Mary' Newt Can- were guests of Miss Ruby Ashley ol Armorel. Ark., Sunday In the aiterncan Miss Ashley accompanied them to Slcele to be tlielr gusst for Uw week. Mrs. ll. L. Williams and children left, Sunday lor an t-xtended visit Mrs. Williams molhcr at, Pig- Leachvillc Society — Personal Holland News over the Joe Cohoon returned from a visit with his Russell Devoir- am! Miss Cohoon, who attend school at Glrardcan. _.. , Mrs. P. G. Morgan returned ( Vi Arkansas .rendered on'Eeptem- homc Friday rcllowing n visit with i^,. 25. 193) i n which Clifford U. her mother. Mrs. G. M Colioon Piem rt .,, ,,. U!) , CC lv ,, s plaintiff of Chaffcc. Litlle Jimiuii- May, who was I slightly Injured when one wheel 1 of his Krnnrifnthrr's car rolled Notice is hereby given tinil imiti'isigned, us commissioner, pur-1 suiinl lo the decretal order of the Chancery Court fur Ihe Ch!cka-| Miwbn Ulslrlcl of Mississippi Coun- . _. his i;i rmrifatlicr's car ! Mrs. Hussell Ullle was I he'.over him. is much improved, tines', of Mrs. Jolmny Kduerly of M,. nm i M rSi \voodrow Koonce | Memphi.s las'. week. She relumed an u,,, )):U vnts of n son born last Sunday with her husband, who week. Idrovn'ilomi for her Saturday; Mrs S;(m McCra| . y „,„, n'Bnl. i Grace, of Hnyil. are vlsiltiw Mr. Tlie community house was gaily! Mrs. Delia Ulley nnd her mother,' all ^ M IS j 0( , Le.sli>r this wcek. Pierce rl nl, triiMec, and T. H. Keltli el nl were de-! fcmlnnis In whii-h Jmlgmcnt was against the ilclcndunts iinrt the, sale of the minis ordered to satis- | ly same, will, pliisiianl lo the ill-, ivcllons of suirt drcrdnl order. of-;l for for sili- lo the hli'.licst bidder':I .upon ii i-i-eiin (if three months;I sister, with gnml nnd approved fccurlly.:| at the frotil door of the court-! house in lllyihcvillo, Arkansas, be-1 Fred Alexandria and Mw. John; Boarden entertained nieniljers o(: Ihe Civic League witii an interest-1 Ing program, followed by games. j Trie program includwl: "Out- \ decorated wish autumn flowers and! Mrs. I.lly Oakley of Cooler, were; m rs . carl Keulcy, who has been iwi-i-n lhc limirs ol nine o'clock In foliage last Thursday when Mrs. E., guesls Sunday of Mrs. Holtord of ; ni since Sunday, is Improving;. ih«' inornnn: and three o'clock in! E. Byrd, Mrs. L. B. Ilubliard, Mrs. [ Cottonwood Point. I Tom McConnell Is recovering lhc afU'iiiCTn. oil Ihe 3rd ilny o( C T. Criltlc. Scou Ulley and'from :i severe Illness Ho Is wllh November. 1033, UK- following de-1 Wallace Ulchard were in Slkcslon his brother, Hob MoConne-ll, In scribed limits located In tile Chick- on business Sunday. , Slkeslon. where he will remain iisnwbn Ifclricl of Mississippi Mrs. Canie White is belter fol- until he recovers Ills health. .County, Arkansas: icwing a severe attack of malaria. standing Event of the Monlli," Mrs. i Mr." and Mrs. J. Eclgeily of yolt, Ark. Mrs. Hamilltai nud Mrs. Tiun:e Bon-l and daughter Bellic were Ihe finest; of Mrs. Virgil Davis of Ca- rutliersvillc Sunday aftcrtwsu. Miss Eunice Gulhric is recovering from a tonsil <>;>?r.v.:on. performed al the McDaniel clinic Fri- ' ^ir. and Mrs. C. H. Whistle and j children of nese'.aiid. Ark, sp?nt lust, wcek end here in tlic horn? o. I Mrs. Sophia' Wall. Troy were accompanied home by little C. H. jr.. who had been visiting his grandmother lor a week. N. Kou-.v left Sunday for St. Ixjuis to get mother who will make her home here. Mis'es Coldia Marshall and Dailie Lane spent Sunday with the former's mother. Mrs. Viola Marshall of Gibson. Mr. Walker, Mrs. Johnnie F'/il lips, Mr. and Mr.-. Johnnifl R!ic:!e: and son. Kcilcy Jor. and Mike Kelly spent Sunday in Memphis. ' Miss Juliet re-aiifc was to undergo a tonsllsclomy at the McDanic! clinic today. David Spencer o! Washington. U. C, will arrive Sunday by nil-plane for a Jew days visit with his fallicr, L. G. Spencer, and :,Liters, Mrs. Ab- n er As r. croft and Mrs. Klwood Brown. He will be accompanied by- Roy Mauley, who has been boxing in 'Washington, and who win vis: 1 his pan-nils at Map'.ewcod. Two Washington friends will accompany them. Mrs. Spencr-r aiul who !:ave been here for si:-: weeks, will return to Washington with Mr Silencer by rail ihc latter part, ol next week. D. L. Potts, Misses Mabli 1 Smith and jjuesl. Miss Alice Sinilh oS Clii- to:i, Tenn., ! visited friends in tugcville Sunday. Missc-i Josvplnnr Holly and mi- aye Barker spent last wcek end at 1 •ijyinrsum as gucsls of Mr. antl Mrs. Avery. Mrs. Glen While cnl-rUuiicd her bunco club and Cooler bunco club al her home in Cooler Stomach Trouble Ended After 35 Years Suffering | "I I'tcl Liti- (ily-Cas Saved My Life," I.(ifill l,;uly S;iys; Could Hurdly Kat. So Norvous She (.'oitldh'l Sleep — But N it n Feels Fine I'ilol Saved Karnirr E. H. Tabor; -An Afternoon Wilh : Memphis were the dimiL-r guests'. SI'lllNGI-TELD. Mo. (UP)—Pilot Edjar Ciuesl." Mrs. Hubbard; vocal I Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. C. -P. Jack Wade saved Ihe life of n solo, Mrs. J. W. Moore; piano mim- j Jenkins. ; farmer nt the muivcipal aiiiwn ber. Mrs Stanley Hnncock. ' Flclchc-r Bailey, who was injur- • when he zoomed his crafl sud- Prtofs went to Mrs L G. Byerley.'. ed lasl week in a collision between denly a s the man walked in from at bridge Mrs Stanley Hancock. : n car and Ihe truck he was driv-iof the plane. The farmer, witness- at rummy and Mrs L'. il. Taber at ing. is reported lilte improved at.cs said, evidently fallwl to hear lhc rook. A consolation prize was Ihe Blyihcvlllc hospital. jlnndinc siren. awarded Mrs. L E. Wells. ! Dave Lowell of St. Louis, who; -, * « , is connected with n real cslatc Pure hydrogen docs not have Mr. and Mrs. Charles Druckc cf ' compan..-, will be here-until Janu-' any odor, taslc or color. Lots Quo ill mid Two (2> in In Block "C" of the Unrron ,\: Lilly Addition to Hie Cily ol Blyllievillc, as shown by the recorded plat of ."aid addition. Purchaser will be required t« Kivc bond with Rood and approvi-il sccmlly on Hie day of the sale. ' Given under my hnnd and seal of the couil on this 5 day of Oc- tobre. 1933. i 1!. L. CiAlNES. r -!.^-in Commissioner. Straps! I'umps! Oxfords! Novelties Trim, :;nuirl— yd they hulil tlic The "Blue Eagle] CHILDREN'S COTTON Waist has a [osi- suiniorl- rs rcinforci-d \ frcm :-iiould- i-r. \Vith all t Ei r hilllons for outer gar- inenfs. Bleach- cil ribbed cotton, r a y o r: trinnucd; drop ;tat. 'i to 12 ycarsl • Never j'e ;o havi- I smi a r.:i:cjicinc t;iv- ihr rc.tli!:; lit thii -Ca^. ;-. is acliiiilly aslon- sa:-1 M:s. Alice Hester. Ci^e::;. El.. Elylheville. • ; ¥\ ~\ • sins. .M.ICI: HKSTS:K '.\~eany all r.iy Hi":' I h,r.i: i 3:- year.-, il v..!^ a-.Ut:l. Was liara- ly ah!': lo i-.'i iinyihina, bbntco fc.- 1 coiild in,illy ^f'. my breath i,r,-ai ijaipiiu'iid and 1 rcallN I lie ugh*. I luci l.i'urt troubir. .'.oiilci :ir.:l v.ns r-^> ii'jrv 1 couldn't tiiep. i would :,c d.-ar down a'ul b.' confiiici! Ii ny bed lor r. week al a tinn v.'li !h;.sc attack-;. Then In n,al:i in lUrrs v.oi.s-: hers: ol lair I-.un b'i'.;o and kid-.'ry iroubl- added t m> inisci.ible cumiUion. \va:. haru i> :si)!^ to w:-ik and In cnnstan !-^:ii Absol'i'.ciy tvcrylhinj '^Ifi 1 (ailed l:> l-.clp ir.c—iniUl 1 '-'•a.' inially lo yivc- tin? lie-v: tily-Cas a uial. Why I! il w,-,s m;ip;c it would liardly l;avo i;.vcn mi; br'.icr ic-sults—in no eanmg hen\ r x\. Quality JKerterized HOSE! Sn popular u' o have t r o n b 1 c k c c pi ng t Ii c m in l.lork! Slur- rt y, well m .'l d c — Gnort colors. i 11 This has a Special Meaning for Homes The Penney "New Deal" has brought direct benefits to many millions of families . . .-three generations of people. These benefits... direct sav-' iugs in money spent antl the satisfaction in use which only honest merchandise provides ... rest squarely on economies of operation passed on to the customer. This did not take place overnight- It took time. The national p "New Deal," too. may require time before each one of us feels any direct benefit. But the purpose of the program provides j'jat that..; better opportunities, better conditions, lo-.vcr taxes. That means n lot to every family. Bat it demands cooperation and sujport. The Penney "New Deal" is in effect now. U offers values for every member of the family. It offers, loo, interested, thoughtful service by store personnel who take a real interest in your needs... they're local people... your neighbors. t?-«? :«*>-*»'_ For 31 years the'Penncy organizatmn has been proving in actual service the soundness of today's "NEW DKAL." O NE of the very first organizations to display this symbol of the industrial "New Deal" was the J. C. Penney Company. To qualify required no great preparation ... no drastic "reorganization." For the Penney stores had been conducted on N.R.A. principles ever since the first of thes< p stores was founded . .. back ir> 1902. At Penncy's the "New Deal" is actually thirty-one years oldl For many of the fundamentals on which this national association of locally operated stores rests are strikingly similar to thori- of today's great governmental program. J. C. Penney's idea was simple. Employees were to have a chance to share in ownership. Wages would provide for real living, not bare existence. Kach sale would show a small profit, hut there'd be many sales. Merclur.dise would be plainly marked, sold for just what it was. Experience would be pooled to ilcvei&j) operating efficiency at rock-bottom cost. Waste would not Ix: tolerated. Commonplace phrases today . , . but "revolutionary' 1 in the mercantile world of 1902! The Penney "New Dea!" worked. More and more stores were required to supply the needs of a buying public that, almosl for the first time, was actually sharing in economics of operation. Penney values simply could not be duplicated. For serving (not dominating) these stores was a skilled and experienced central buying staff that knew values and where to find them. Today there arc nearly fifteen hundred Penney stores, living proof that the principles for \vliich the "Blue Eagle" stand; a;c sound, that the difficulties can be overcome, that cooperation will make such a plan win out. That's why lhc J. C. Penney organization believes in the " New Deal." U has seen it at work for 31 years! J. C. Penney Co* Incorporated h ii'iu 1 /.L ,ii] i \ :i(-\v la-l.stl:. 1 r li-ij.s I v.iinl ;H bii'Iicrcd u'.th n: :. fccjiiig iiK'; a n cat ino;,t uliy- HJ«- nnd never :<:n Unit aivftil isirrcr- nflrniHi-cU, i-.crvcs quieted, .vu.ip jjoccl. kic.icy.s regulated, luni- I... 1,0 lia-, Icll :i,r nnd I can! lulhlkllv !-ay Cily-C'a.'- bus :;ivcn !:-i- tut 1 belter remit:, ilun I rvcr' i: jAC'.cd and ; -am I ;nn <i|> and i-.Miiind and fi-cli;ij hko my real Cily-Ca.i is told ny Kirby Uros- U:a? Co., ana by nil 'r-.utin-,' C!U;K .u-'c.-, n: Mii:-"'.iiidini! lonr.v —Adv. Ask daughter! She knows these, arc grand far Dress and Sport! l ; ccl the material! Xoticc live cnl and tailoring! The slylc details, and the full sizing! You'll agree with daughter . . . these arc coals worth buying! Girls Dale on Fini: Kavt '•^1 <( :S' UNDIES A girl's never too yoting to c n j o y their 1 ii x u r y. Bloon and French leg pan- if' :\c:. 2 to 12, built- / up-slioiildCT vest: 12 / Ul bodice lop. 20c We are just beginning to run out of some items and have to replace them at new prices. Now it is hard to believe that prices on,some items have actually doubled in the last few months. Take, for instance, the 2-piece overstuffed Mohair living room suite we have advertised at $39.75, we wrote the manufacturer of these suites Cor their lowest cash price now in larger,quantity and the best he offered was $1.00 more than double the price we paid him for these S\iites in June. This is one item but there are hundreds of others that are nearly as bad. Now il' you expect to buy furniture this Fall why not buy now ami save as much as possible. IOUR FURM1TURE SPECIALS Bedroom Suites, 3 Piece $29.75 $39.75 2 f ' K Mohair 2 Inch Iron Post $3.95 i Bed Springs $2.25 : Um^^JBCCBKESSSQ? m iattress $4.45 lest Grade Cane Chairs 90c $1.95 Kitchen Cabinets % Kino (jnulu Oi iol, w i t l> .iliisswarx 1 , Ivory ;uul Marliolizctl $19.95 6 Eye, Medium Size, Enterprise, Cast Iron $24.75 With Fine Felt Pad $12.75 Heaters, 22 Inch MOORE'S HEATERS and Heatrolas Cheaper Than Eticr Before Ibore's Cabinet Heater 3 Roam $47.50 Moore's Cabinet Heater 5 Room $65.00 >'s Cabinet Heater ? *«». $80.00 m.\ Room Heatroia .75 \\^ Tlie Miiarlcsl hanils look Mitarlrr in thric imported ^unic plain, sinnc • Icii'MlKl! $1.9@ I.atlics Smarl Suede Juckcls Sinatt as .1 wlu'll—And -n llniftj: Sizes II di 20. $5.90 V**** Limited Quantity! Hurry! l)c(.'|)-N;ii) Plaid Blankets liXllX'UIL'l.V £00(1 values! Soft, warm and co/.y—rvnl win(IT priili'cUun! $a.79 ..^^ « P E NISI IY co; > I n c Heatrola i $95.00 These prices are only fjood us lony as our present siock lasls FURNITURE CO. BLYTHEVILLE, ARK, // costs nothing to figure with Uubbuni on Furnilurt: and mic/!it save i)ou money. SSSEEli!:! I

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