The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE Si*. BLYTHBV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WRDN'KSDAY, JULY '.'.", Indonesian War Problem for UN Legislative':. Council Gets Salary Fund Dutch Warned Not to Expect Sympathy From United States LITTLE HOCK, Al'k.. July 23. "(UP! _ TUP recently activated State Legislative Council, pushed with victory today after obtaining an emergency appropriation for By R. II. S11ACKFORI). I 1947.48 operations, will hold it; (Unltied Press Staff Correspond™) > £C cond incctiui! in Little Rock on WASHINGTON. July '23. (UP) —'August 11. If the Indonesian "war" case is- T], C dale was announced by Stale brought before the United Nations.; R< .,,. james Campbell of (lot .The Netherlands can not expect i siirings. president of the comr.-il the same sympathy from tlic United all< i ;> mi)oi of the bill creating it. States 1 that It received when the I Campbell said the group wonl 1 Soviet Ukraine rSi^ed the Ildonc- probably meet In order to hea- .1 Too Late To Classify yon want lo jiul iu liciif- inn plant, you can save money. IMionc 8(>1. Tom Lillle Really. 7 2.'! ck :iO For Sale ~ sian question 18.months ago. it was learned today. American officials admit that technically the present situation in "Indonesia Is an internal doinostii! report from its personnel c«'.:i:'i;- tee. headed by W. I. Smith "f I.iltle Rock. Campbell said the cou.Kll , „—„ .„ - not obtained tin. services of an mailer. But potentially it can en- [ executive secretary flame the entire Southeastern Asian area where native populations are extremely conscious ot'newly-tound nationalism and desire independence from their colonial masters. In the current situation, the Dutch government decided to proceed with force without acceplinK the British mediation offer which was accepted by the Indonesian Republic: It" thus appears to have burned its chances of both official or unofficial sympathy In this country. The U. S. statement that it "profoundly regrets" the turn of events was designed to be a rebuke to the Dutch government for re.'ortlnp to force to achieve its ends Tbis despite the fact thai many American officials admit Dutch patience had been sorely tried by the Indonesians. The major hone here Is that the shooting phase of the Dulch-In- dohcsion argument will be of very short duration — sufficiently short to avoid stirring up .similar reactions in nearby dependent areas. Dutch Laic in Notifying UN In contrast to' (be attitude laknn in January, 19-iO, the United States feels now that the Dutch should have accepted the British offer of- mediation or at least have gone through the motions' of MisliiH United Nations machinery. Instead the Dutch failed to notify UN until yesterday — nearly two days after Dutch military forces had moved on Indonesian positions. The first United Nations case concerning Indonesia — like the first case on Greece — was rnlsed by a Soviet republic at the UN Security Council meetings in London early in 1946. Then the Soviet actions were generally interpreted by the Western allies as retaliation against Iranian charges against the Soviet Union,".., ,...-, .::: ,' Ukralnlttfi'torclgn-ihihlstcr Dmitri Mamiilski sponsored the 194G Indonesian case m the\UN. alleging ' Ifie , use tit British': and' 'even some 'Japanese troops against ; Ve Indonesian population. .The British lroo]K had been sent to the area by the joint" chiefs of 5t:i/f at I lie end of the; war lo effect the surrender of Japanese troops. They had met resistance from the.Indo- nesians ..who claimed Britain's objective was to "save" Indonesia for the Dutcl)'. The Ukraine asked at that meeting for nil on-the-spot Invcstlgn- comideied the key man in tlv; council .sct-n[) 11 was the siTrelary'r. salary Uwv made neccs.s:iry yesterday's request for SO.-108 from (lie State Board of Fiscal Control The money, granted by the baiml in what amounted to an executive session after action was delayed in open meet - ing. will inert the salary of '.he director, a stenographer and 6t- tice expenses The council went to the board after the !941 Senate' refused to appi'oi'a iale money for its op- et alion. Three Arkansons Lose Lives in River Tragecjies Illy l.'nltcd Vrcsisl TiTU^hci-o.ri 'Ark.ui^i.s walor.s h:w t^ken Mu' lives of throe Arkun«:i persons williin HIP pnst 21 liotirs. Levey Lcop^r. 34-your-a'(I l''oi Smilh bus driver, ami his 1- vc:r.--al:l .':on. Jhiynie Vlnyne, \vci tlnnviicd while [i = hinj> near N,M\ reel BMI on the Pourche I.e •Hivrv in Yell County yesterday. Two other oi-:Mi]>mts ol tlie bn:it. Mi's. il.nm:er aucl nnotliet 1 soil, clunji to DIP overturned cr.ifl and swum to shore. 'Mrs. Lccpfr snifl (he :n'. ovcj'tur[i'. l d when her hlls- Ainl r'.i:acl l';) lo fire ;v Bun. At n.-irdanelle Willium R. Moore, scvcn-vcnr-olil sou of Mrs. Uovic l.olt of D.ift'i'uclle, vras drowned when he fel! .Irmii a boat In the Arl;aU!'.is river. He :uid two other boys were in :i lioat. with ,Ioe Stor- nv.iTi win? was..settiui[ a trot line. 175 acres of land of Hit 1 finest' type of soil, l.ociited on I,iltle Ilivcr- This is :i highly ininrovi'd fann, with gravel rouci through !!._ 'J'liis farm would he class-j cd as a AAA plus farm. None finer anywhere. 500 acre farm, south .Miss. Co., new $7500 home with plenty of other houses and barns. This is a good mixed soil. Will grow any I hint;. 20 acres south of Hlythevillc jnsl off <>1 Highway on snivel I'oiul. electric lights sch(H)l route, mail roiite, choice neiifhliorhoocl. (> acres south of Manila, Ark., has tnodcrn city home, wilh hath, all other conveniences. (!ood sandy loam land. SO acres land west of <>os- nell, has three KUM\ himsts and two liarns. tlan be hoii^hl for ?!)0 iier acre and ?7")00, cash, will handle lialance much less than rent. SO acres south of Dell on National ditch. [£xtru fine land. Terms can he arranged. 12(1 acres with fine SI 1,000 home, all modern and ex- Ira fine land. This would make a fine home for someone. acres west of 1-onoUi-, has gravel road, house and barn, extra soqd, small farm for small family- SI 75 |>er acre. acres west of Walnut well located, \Vilh lillle woulil he a north work honey. II si. this I'rk-e , "Mechanic's Special" l():!(i Hudson Coach. Air conditioned. Sell cheao. Call Travis, 52K, Jjlyllu-villc. a-'i ck 25 Board Bowers Get Special Study odt-i ii mom-y nr.iklnt; ^ro^ory store. ! block off Miiin SUm>t. C'otnforla- UU- MvlJiii cjitnrtcrs iiLturtwtl. Will f-, clt a n v. 1 1 L 1 k cm l pro pos L t km . •) room Jiurfoiulmn home- East of cltv L! i nils, Nc-w and well built, nil modern couvctilencos. L:c>;f HiirlniLban lioirii'. a Ijc-drocmui. 2 Ijiilhr,. Cool, Kh;uly tnwii Clly viitrr, j?!f.iity of I'urtifii & oivburtl :ii>»rc- dpal bonic bulUI an . ii i-'i[r\ :\|)T>rovt:d lots. I 'A' ill sett you a lot. iiiiiit'C you n lioititr. For iippoititmem to M-C the mnni' otbers, Set; or Call MAX LOCI AN. riEAi/roH. (•:. T. HUMHAUO SAI.KSMAN. rhoiio ^034. Lynch IJxiHcl- iiv.' 7 2a-ck-:ir Donsr with bath, located or H-r of Chrjrry nlHl First Streets ull housi> In hiirh rc-nts- for $2! moiilh. ninlii house can >>c rent for $72 monthly, milking iota iK-tifilhlc incouie from ttil.>> uroprrL: 302 tier mon:h. Ownor sivys m\ist sol! 1'itcc-f! lo sell. Um«H <!owi» pnynient lifi-ssesslon with deed. l.UTIIEJl OKAY. REALTY. Ph. SI'J DKUT noss. SAI.EMMAN. i'h. wiih W.M.WULtnniN In i-d llici-i' HIT 41),32:) uiill'lTlll ])'«: Mi' r.LTaiiBCiucnl'i for t»c order in 'i-!iU!i the major, le.iguc base- Srn'l ic.».n:s linifh tlio season. Wiitmiidons HIK! cant.ilcuiH's were not knou n in U>e United Stales riitll 181S. wlicn they were intro- •.luml frcni n'ripDli. ArV. inr romim-le Or n now floor walnut sccrt?- [Q-.lfil-hOlU KOOClS IIH-I l*In-bc<l loom Hullc n-o<U-i radio: (ifllkiu t:uy: anlKn'c mahogany i: ii'Hiquc walnut ctmlrs; :uHU|i mil hcclslili- iiimi-; '1 omisloiuil i-lmlr .• cllvun: WIIcox nml CilliDs lUilonilillc sr.vlim mnctilm-: ruas. lumps: illslir.-,: fi-r. l'3-.'jnc VO Osci-'ohi. ^ jn IHillv Struct. IXKittlon lino, lot \vilh 5 room home, and 5 room u-nam house furnished. v»c;ml 1"t iLdJclnUiu. Also 1 vacunl lot pnmt- !>lor!;. All prli-tcl rc-iis<iiiul>li-. NVw ', mom home a»'l l»'« lols S-ldOO. 1-ridc- Addition. 3 oslallhahi'd uroccry linslllcsTjCs Living looms on iv.-o I'l'.oue Fit-Id 2:iil4. "i 23-n!:-3'J I room house on l/iiruer:<(c SI. inside loilcl, p:ived St.. H'ond iu'iKl''> m 'hitod, to high school. ['rice ^1750. 1 room house on Holly SI. has nice hiith and perfect location. So&IIO. 5 room new house, hitfli dry lot, lovely bathroom and screened in hack porch. $<J5<H>. Terms. New '•' lied room home in finest location, has auto- malic (jas heal, attic fan. K'aragc and brct/eway. j corner lot. Call early and] he (he first lo live in this fine new home. r'lVu'nc aisV. v 22-nit-2s I Kriiuliful •'< hedroom lujme on highway IS, lar}-e frontane on highway, other rental property in hack. ICiiuipped with electric appliances. Factory site with two U.It. has rental property, consisting of 5 houses. This is aliout (> acres of land. Old house on corner lot cheap for S2000, 1-2 cash, can lie remodeled for a fine home. Have fine restaurant, doipn H<>od business, same owner for lasf 10 years- This "(.iT^ph W ircs~"i"~Easi Africa is a KOOtl paving business' >, :> vi- to be carried on px:ci>lionally and can he hou«hl on terms. stores, well lo- Illvlheville. <-rs in yn;r.;tr; oU't opinion of Ailhiir Jciu.s'.'yro. c.):-.iiin-..n cciu'.ic £!:'.!!' C'niMi .'-I.; ls ir.ivc i;nv I') j [ vol- :^. h) ilv' Acinus o! tlic- Dom(:. is of ttio ijly sv.stotn tlllil till- cut-:: i the .-[uri 1 <iJil p niaitit;ii]:cd c'/on til! vif^li tr-'.ivcs lo climinalc- tin- poll tiix a ' I'rtiiV-' vcC]uir( nient . l hrr-'d he I' Tlie hill ;; i.ssocl tin 1 Mcusi 1 .Mrnd;'.% bnf, isn't. ::-:';jcc't('(! lo c:~ne ui) in Itie si.-iKitc this "irt'nis said lie bclicvr:! the lo<^1 <'l?: - tioii br 1- :(K are e!ii;:ov.'cr».'c! to rx:i:nine c'lsnf'.i'.lv the tiu-.ilin- cr.tions of i>ci'"ons vcliiio 1 in ^'K' I.TIII .irics. l'ii(i!'i- Art::':rns Uivs" I'lf ?:ate nnuc<'. s-~: r:) anr'.hT .svslein of rossis'-ir'irn ::if..' M 1'JF.O and thru only if ilic voters in lB4'i upprave ';> i-c-stili'.tiun itui'ofiivcd I);. Sen. P. C. Crow of Urn:;- al I ho •tsl se'^jiCi'l ''i the lie;: is'al uve !!M') k'S':"'"i'"c t<> s<", ".' : soni .sy.'Jeni of \ - oU'r fe^LJr;!!:^.i^n. Closing Out Rabbitrv '5.00 ANY DOE BUCK OR Some Docs & Bucks Any Bunny, Live or Pressed $3.00 $1.00 The Dixieland Rabbitry (',. U. COLLINS, Owne 51 1 Chickasawba The ChnUk';ur, cf il'i- <' rntl :'io Trr.rmris Inrti'il Nniv Will'UI 1: >tb fii'c:i Di;:;;er "Th:' Hoar. For Ren* lurnlslltil. 322 N. (ilh SL. cables. Railway Mail Clerks Hold 5-State Meeting UTJIILE'.'ROCK. Ar'it.. July 23. fXjp)_T!ie llt'.i Division. Railway Mnil A'-'JCJition, opcne<l its bit'iinh] ccnvTiilinn hcic lo<l;iy. Dele^'.es fi-cin, Arkhiisiis. C'On'iCT'.n. Texas. Ne'.v Me-Niro and Missouri are in linn, \vlilrli was voted clown with tlir- United State.? In tlio opposition. % (irovc one mile from highway (II- Two houses and one burn, I'ricc $1(10. per acre. 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"Unblock" your Inteitinal tract ftirtual relief Trora indiscatinn. :'wo grocery caled all Ark. Three brick Main St. Ark. Less balance b\ in buildings on in Hiytbevillc, than '/> cash, • I he vear or llevin Comments on "War" LONDON ..July 23 (UP* — For- i-ipn Sccrrlnvy Ernest JJcviu . (old Commons today thiit lie "AOtild "take nciynnlfiRC of any onnortn- iiiti- to brim; r-.bonl :i penceful so'l- tl'piiicnt" of tiie ftghtlni; tn Indonesia. T3cvin sflid he \VI\R ^cnplni: In yery close touch with developments, but eoulrt not- express any view as lo the (iiiickest and w^y of ending the lighting. Tie siticl he coulfl not "cive nn opinion as to whether the United Nations Security Council is the brst anci most appropriate means of acting on tills sub lee!." Bevin referred to Indonesia after reviewing tlic political arrests in Homania and telling a questioner on the Greek situation that "when any party like.the Communist Party .set.s out lo destroy the elected authority of the state the state is entitled lo defend itself." He replied "No Sir" to a question by Communist Phil Pivntin whether j Britain wonkl withdraw the British I police mission in Greece iiccmisc I the government arrested lhoivs;inds I of "Hade nnioniFts, Socialists ami ' Communists." lights, houses and (wo burns (iood liny, ternis. One ol" the fines^l liiinies .(m Main SI. in IllylheS'ille Ark. H;is 2 1-2 balhs, air lomutiC' heiil. and ; basjc ; inetil. This home Has*,;' bedroirins and Js Jitcjiled (in ;i fine liirs'e loi, own 1 , er is lesivinir town. Have fhnice building lols for homes located <>n iMain, Walnut, and Hcarn slreel.s in Blylhcvilte, Ark. Nice (i riioni house on Lilly SI. has rental properly in connection brings jp S-'iS.OI) per month, I'I rooms and hath, corner lol,. paving paid oul, window fan, electric hoi wal- er, all for §150(1. IJcller see this one quick. 'I room house corner lot month. Rented at the present for S2IIO per month. Nice cafe on Highway lil.j fine ..eijnijnueiit,. and. doinji'l good business... ••. •. '-. - i •••! DAVllV RKA1. KSTATK fc INVKSTSIKNT CO. . ' HON. 2nd St. Hlytheville. Ark. i •hone Mtm Nighr 2-1 Sfv Night :i2(>r». K. Ii. .lo.vner, v UM2 Ford. I 1 '3 , truck for sale • Travis, 5*28. Ion dtirrtv cheap. Call 7 -23 ck .21) One new Hiilnne tank. 150 ivie 1000 gallim Hulaiie "lanki used very little. Will sell these tanks al b>s discount. Phone Slil. Ti'iu Little Hcally. 7 2.'i cl; 'i new type hot water radiators. Several different si/«B but they can be put logelher lo make any si/.e necessary. Used lo heal home only one winter, ii SCREEN DOORS NOW AT E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. 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