The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1935
Page 2
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fAGB FOUR THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABOOCK, Editor H- W. HAINEB, Advertising Manager BLYTHEVILLE. (ABK.) COURIER NEWS Sole National Advertising Representatives' . Aromas Dallies, Inc., New York, ClUcugo, ^ Detroit. St. Louis, Dallas. Knnsas city, Memphis Published Every Afternoon licet) t Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post office at Dlytheville, Arkansas, under act of Congress October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES l)y comer In the city of Blytheville, 15c per <vcek, or 16.50 per ycnr, In advance. By mall, K'ltlim a racnis at CO miles, $3.00 .per year, 51.50 for six months.: 85c for throe monllis; by null In postal zones livo to six, Inclu-sive, ?6.5t) per year; in zones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Let the People Say The Arkansas sewile, by a OHO vote margin, has approved the Hall bill for a 2 per cent retail sales tax. There is strong opposition to the measure in the of representatives and it may meet defeat there. The senate, afler passing it, failed to approve the emergency Reconsideration of tliis hitter vote lias been asked^ with results that remain to IJB seen. May we suggest to members of the senate, ami lo those of the-~'hoiise ;ts well in case the issue , arises there, that to attach the emergency clause to legislation JIK important as this would be unfair to the people of Arkansas. Wo do not iliink (lie people of Arkansas want a sales tax. In (his •n-e may l>u wrong. But []u> legislature should not deny lo UK; people of the state the right to express themselves. Adoption of Ihe emergency clause would make H impossible to hold up application of the sales tax .pending a referendum. It would impose this tax on the people of Arkansas, regardless of'their values, for at least two yeuvs. That woultl be wrong. The way ilionld be left open for it popular vote on this iiucstioii. Morale for Relief The man \vlw, is onilic rolicf' rolls needs n smuko, no\\i and 'the)f,;-/Jti well .as . something to eiil;-and reliui' im- Ihorauies .at jCleveland, 0., arc .requesting state relief auditors to permit tin-in to put in renuisitions for cigarettes as ivoll us Tor i'oorlsliilTs. 'Hiis tlevelopniojit occurred after someone had protested Hint. recipients of .relief had no business inking lor smoies. The -county relief chairman retuiteri jnslantly. .lliiit "in some, eases ;i package of cigarettes will do more good than food of equal value." There is good sense to this Httittide. It is important to . preserve the morale of the jobless mini; and for some reason being cnliiely without anything to binoke ruins morale ; i| jyu t a s A fc\v 'cigarettes c;m suniulLmiis revive a man's spiril.s more than a 'whole cauldron 'of soup. Night baseball is a joke. -Joe Croiiiii. manager of the Boston -Itcd Sox. OUT OUR WAY Germany May Have Answer, A t'ootl slififc of Ihe pending invcsli- iralioii inlo llit> failurt! of our greiil naval iiirsliiiis might very properly lake |)lac<i in Germany. When yon have sfiid nl! there is to' s«.v about the tiubrokeii record of clis- ;i.stcr \\-hid\ our fiirsliips iiitvo tompilctl, fliore I'cmiu'iiii one fact which is not cNplninctl— llu; renuii-kablo niiiunei 1 in wliieh (he Germans are able to build itnd ojiurato airsliips witlioul ever en- coiinlcriiiK any companiblc trouble. Tim, thing is \vcll»\vorth loolung inlo. Tin; bij; airshi|) has vast polenUiililics. It could be an extremely both in peace nnd in war. We don't wnm lo be iible to cash in on potentialities— but the Germans can. What's llio answer, anv- liow ? Hardly in Good Taste. Dramatic irilics liavo written ;t dcul in recent yeare about Ihe decline of Ihe slinfo; but however t'l'cal this de- dine m »y have been, (licru seems to have been no decline whatever in Mm appetite of a certain section of the theatergoing public for dramatic tare of an exceedingly odd kind. This reflection is brotifrhl forth by announcement (hat at least a few of I lie members of the j ury (.hat tonvicl- «a.l Bruno Hauplmann are jfuiiij; lo go on the .sfago. '!'(> go on the statrti is an inalienable i-iyhl of any freo-born American cili- xen, to Ije sui'e, provided Ii c can get away wiUi it; and a public which has recently financed public appearances of !'a Dillinger has small right to be linicky. Nevertheless, ;l inimbei- «r ,, M ple wonki be left witli a better taste in their mouths if those jurors should re' consider. Beyond Law to Stamp Oul • Radicalism Tlie numbers of llio loflslatlvo investigating committee are Mid' to IiUve been shucked by evidence of "jniiiiniil comniiinisllc tcitch- liiBS' colicBe neur lilc.iiii. • The ClaaHie lui.s- no use 'for ^Commimlim. 7 nut ArkiinsiiK sliould not be stampeded ink, atttniptcd luual proscription oiicusurca. You can't jiroscribc Idens, right or wrons;. Tiiotis- ..auds of years of history hnve proved tliat neither honest convictions Jior cherished de- hisloiis cim be crailicntccl from luimim iiuiids by force or I error. —ArltnnsnB Dazcltc. The United States military swvicu has not o»e plane iu service which is suitable to clique in war against a iirst-nile IIOWIT. —Drle.- Cicn. \S'illiain Mitchell. * t- + There is no tension lotlay between Catholics nnd I'roti'slnnls. but only between llicin and ItcaUienism, -Curtlinal Faullmber, iirclibislioii of Munich.. *' * * I think probably I've enjoyed most just talk- hie lo. people. You don't have to come to liny decisions or any conclusions and you just . talk. —Herbert -Hoover. By Willianw ^HOW LITTLE IT TAkES To A T-H1MG' SHOP.T cur ' DIME BACK r SEE- n n o o n n n M 'i i • n ri n ^ == P^^ :i ^^^^^^^^^ zi: ^~ n l=^= : ==^^^ ftmttyt-Ubttvici.ive, MVSTGRiesOF LJFE a/-r.wavHMc, ^r;.'- =. s\r r /T. a-2.O By George Clark WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 1936 «I:OJ.N i{j;ut: TODAY „ «*Wi IIUJVUKHS'ON. urcuy «&d -o, *vurlf» (u n ktik uilll. tibe nnU hw lU-year-uld bruikcr, I'llH., vuiivart i heir ItivalM Ulbrr. &TKV1£ MKVK1E3. >vbo • *U<; *vork» (u the mill. UMltk Cqle m ntarr.v biiu, Slit t»ruru1«c« 1^1 f \ vv h(m itu an*iT«r lu u ttvt duy*. lliroucb tlie li't aod 1* rracurtl l>y nitiAjs vius'r.MDiti:, tvhoxe m- \\h\-rf 'now dftiil. built th<< will, cttme honit- after luo url» lo ralrr the will. ,. ,.-,-'^Mtf* bf'urc iic run 'WKtti her nariip. 1 Vlt'KV fit UOWlvUf, , «,..^.,,. —T-- .ot •• Ihe^'iuUI, Mchcmeji iu l(ivm« ;Wrian. tc I (junrte), lufer •Jdry ....-. »il>l|klkiauil llrlitn mkcH ihe tilrl In hiidi iilnniUMiiiiiirli of y,, m - cheerful -good mornings.'" THIS CURIOUS WORLD B £ William Ferguson KOIV CO OS WITH THE STOJIV CIUPTEH XXX fAIiF. drew back, glaring at ^-" ^iriau Weslmore. Sho wid, "1 shouldn't Imvo come—" 11JE hand on her arm tightened almost roughly. "Don't!" ho said "You don't understand. 1 love you. Gale." "Hut you can't! Yon mustn't say tliat." "Why not?" "Because you—uiuslu'l." Urian laughed. "That's not like- you, Gale. You know that's 110' rea : .son at all. U'B—"he paused suddenly, and tbcii went on In n dulled tone, "Oil, 1 atiess I understand. You uieau you're uot In lovo with mo. ]g that UV clue?" Oli, Onlc, you are so sweet! , uu T V done something to mo, do you know that? Hypnotized mo, put uie under a spell. 1 haven't been tbliiklng about aiiyllilni; for days oicepi wlicn 1 was lo sec yon again.' You can't keep me away from you from t«r, president ot tlia Citizens' National Dank. Wally Carter was one. of Brian's friends, Just as Vicky Thatcher aud lier crowd were. Suddenly Gale saw again the deep chasm Ihat lay- .between them— Brian and bis frfenils on cue side, now on. tlie way you have been, elic and ttie rest of tlie mill workeia ""'•'"- ""' - '- -- -'•- tlie other. She had almost tor- , You've got lo lei mo take you .u bul vu , V i ulu luhl . Jou nll ule o ll]er . CJNQ | U iu aimos places, got to let me come lo see gotten for u litllo while; it yon. "I'll let you." she vroniised. surprised at herself. nnisl BO now;" "Want to get rid ot me, don't you?" < She smiled, "No, U's not thui." ' "Want to get rid of me— ever 1 !" "Muybo .not." ' IN SOME BREEDS OR CHICKENS, IS A CHARAC- TEFUSTIC, . WHILE IN OTHER. BREEDS IT IS DOMINANT Only tho night before Oalc had heard thoeo words. "Someone else." Stovo had said them. And she had nwnrcil him Unit there w:<c no one <.'l:in willi wiioui slid was In love. Bho had told herself she w;ts ucver Kolng to sue Urlan Wc.itmoic ngain. She couldn't be in love 'with him. And here ho was waiting, watch- iug her with thai hurl, au^iuus lool; In his face. Bho auid, "It'a.nol that—" "Then whal'is it, Darlitia?" Her liearl beat a mad lalloo. "I'll always have this tu remember." Dale thought. "I'll always rciuim- bcr ho called mo 'Darliii!;. 1 " She luokod up :uid said, "You liiiow it's It WILB as niuch 'of an admission as ho could coax from her, ami lie had to bo satisfied with It. They started back along tlie path. It was narrow, hardly wide enough for ouc hi some.places. Gale walked a few stops ahead timl Urlaii followed, talking eayerly. Most of the time tlie girl did not trust liersolf to answer. Onco she looked back and nriaii said something about her eyes being 'brighter than tho slurs, lie said n good many extravagant, delightful things. After a while,Unit ashed,' "llrlan, didn't you say there was a Hbort cut?" "Yes, we'll come to it In a few. minutes. Take tbe turu to your left. See here, you salt! we hadn't _,, , i found any treasure toduy. You were There's someone wron( .. I've discovered tlio oweet cst, most precious thiug in all the world! Of course I brought my pleasant to fornet. Hut slic mustn't .- __. ilo It again. Tlie cliasm was slill 'but we really there. No matter what lirian said it wasn't cliaiigocl. Or was it? Could it bo? West- mores had built tlie mill, built the town. Could a Weslmore—if be wanted to—sweep away social distinctions? Could he? Her heart Quickened at the thought. She said, "nrlan, 1 wish you wouliln't come any farther with me. I'd rather go ou alone." "But why?" Slio smiled. ."Dura (liero need lo bo a reason?" No—not if youM ralher have it that way. Hut when am I coins ' to see you again. Tomorrow—.?" "Not tomorrow," "Tuesday?" • .- treasure with me—!" fPUEY reached (Jie short cut aufl presently turned iu to llio oireti road. Walking along-the highway, back in tliu everyday world, their cuuversiilion took a more matter- of-fact iiirn. Urian tallied aboui the new advertising campaign the mill was going to launch. It wa= unbilious, expensive, but It was sitro to whleii tho mill's market. Brian described one of the advertisements iu detail. "What ilo you ililul; ot it?" he asked. "Think it will anpeul to women? They're lliu buyers, you «Jj^ ONE PAIR OF ^w^-uwoHi POTATO BEETLES COULD HAVE /O, OOO,OCO DESCENDANTS IM ONE (N WAITS, AT KINGSTON, STREET UGHTS ARE TURNED OFF OM impossible. You und I cun't be 1n i i",",!'!,"' ,,,i ," '.', ~"~ ""•— '"" luvc will, cacl, other" t V y -''° ^ °" Ua ' mfn lry ' ,.„ , ,, , IIIFT lo gel interested. We want I)ut Unit a uoiiaenso.- I think'them .tc recoEiii/o Ibc Wtslmore i vc Iran in lovo you from ibej label urn] ask for it—" very 'first timo 1 saw you. Duca i -Then ilon'l you think there M <7ocL' r '' r it 0 sur >11 r ? t5C5 V mc Pt rllilps If, 1 '™ 1 ' 1 , ^.i 1 " ieUlrc ot l «» label in d/rf)tnow—I dictn'l realize until a inir.ulo aso. 1ml oli, I've been crav.y ubouL you ;tll .along!" He would have taken linr In his •VHI.-I again but slit! drew bit it "Yon keep forgetting so .much," Gale (old,him. "You forget you're Urian Weattuoro and I'm—just a Sill who works in tile uii))." "You're, just lhc : uiost wonderful Jtirl ia Iho world; .that'll what you. QALE consider^!. -Yes." shu aulil. "I tliiuk Tuesday will bo all "I'll bo tliere," lie assured her. Slie sold goodby aud hurried away before he could say auythiut; more. There wus so much to 1m thuught aboul, M u,,, u ii lo bu planned anil decided aud licr thought;! refused to he orderly. Uvcrylhlug had beeu changed by those three ivonls Brian had said: "I lovo you." He Tied i;aid it, though E ln: couldn't believe it, yet. He'd called her "Darling," too. and said, "You're so sweet." Gale wanted lo cuddle Hie worfln iu her hnml, to cherish them ami keep them where nothing could possibly harm lliem or take away thoir magic. Briau Wcstmoro was in love with ber! A shadow crosEcil the girl's happiness. Sieve would be liurt when •sue told him. Slio didn't warn to hurl Sieve but what other way wasi there? Ue'd liavc to know. J walked more slowly. Dusk irad fallen bytbo lime she reached . :he house. She remembered, iuiit More slic oucutd the iloor, that Slcvo was coiniug tcuiEht. -. -.- ..~n Gale aud Brian halted, waHiujj for it to pass It was a roadster, driven by o yont|i wlio was hallesa..-There was Eirl cotiplc Geneticist., have JoiinU Dial there nrc dlirermt, kinds of while The while of White •Leghorn chickens nets in a different way in than dor, the while of SIlkiK and While Hose Comb Bantams Al so thc-whilc, ul While Wyinulotles is dlslincl from cadi of Uic other two' MiX'l 1 : Which is llio largest balanced ruck in Uic world? Sponge Balb Affords Effective, Way of Reducing. Temperature IJY UK. SIOKKIS nsiiwjlN laTrvTcovcrccl' before Ihe child is Milor, Journal of Ihe American allowed to net tin iHcrtic.ii Aisociation, and of Hy- j » , , scia. Ihe Htallh Blagailnc | Whenever iherc is a fever, the The must common cause lor It- body intul he supplied with plcn- QALij: tmileS. \vi,al £ i r | ivoiildn'L Tilth,Briau looking at bor like that. "Well," ahn, said, -(ho most 5?o!ii!oi-!t!! sM ia Itia world wants "Kat no'ivl J Ct-11 yoti I'm in IOTO ' : v!?.li soj, Rirl! I rant ID turn cart in I lie and auulue rumble teal, cur wan cotuiug a l. lerVJUc i;pecd. AB if rushed past there wa:i u shout and an arm raised in grceliiiB. "W,ko WM that?!' Uale asked. "Wally Carter. - r Boi!io day • he'll Clalo who Wally Carttr was. 1'lic ncplicw cf Josiab Car- Driau dropped bcsido her. "Hope you haven't waiting," he said. "I didn't know it was late," "H Iwi't—uot nearly lulu enough." A'3'ouns jnau upiiearec) In tha doorway ami nomeone called. "HI, Wally!" The young man came tor- ward. He saw Brian and grinned and said, "Kay, how do you do it? Always beside Lhs prettiest girl iu , - , ,, — .^^ ">;, illcLUCSL gill m trouble, diiviDg ibr, way Uio roam. By tho way, BrJau, who nus that unappy number I saw you Ford Rebuilds Another Old Time Grist Mil! JASPER, Mich. Ilil')—Tlestorn- tlon of tlie Sclmylei 1 Grist Mill ou the' outskirts of Saline by Henry l-'ord wfll make Ihe fifth uf Ihe old-time mills ptiicliascd and rebuilt by the automobile mugntilc. The .Saline mill was built in 1845 by Schuyicr Hayeood who migrated - lo Michigan from (he vicinity ol Uonit-giit, N. J. a lias slocd idle for 19 years. Many spring ice jams have destroyed with this afternoon?' 1 {'Jo Do Cuutinucd) the dam-(hat once held back wars forming a picUin>M|m- inili- ,-'..!. •, .. ' '•. ' ! ! r "' mm in the world recently wai J" one of Mr. I-orcl's "Hobby located by Soviet officials in a re- mills. 1 machinery lias been mod- -..-".. - - — - crnized^tuxl ' riulo'mou'il .'cliehls arc Ilicn.'. ](. is siiimlvd tit I motc provinc His imhic is" -was-torn OUR BOARDING HOUSE of Uic Far EH si. lit-outi PONtnov OIK! •„. . •.•««..•. nv i iii. \"j.-\ i.,/ui in— [771', before Hi*' rial Itock: At the Tccumseli inill Napolconio %ars. Uos|)itc his las new modern steel wnlerwliuel years,'he; afccrdiii.; to reports, still iias been installed which develops works' on his farm ' nearly 40 horsepower. Mr..Ford' • •' had iilsp acquired mills 1,1. Norvcl!' One 'ami four~nrths billion cubic and Naufcin. jj ccl . of wr)oU ilK t ,,, stroyort , )y nr ,, s „„„. ^~~. • • • • • '- •' i liml ipsecte iu 11115 country an- ncad Courier News Wanl Afc 1 nuully. - inlcttion, 1 V' of water. During n fever more hi children ..,.,.. as in the common coki or [water is evaporated Jrom tlie sur- ?orc lliroiil. All infcrtioiis disease. 1 !, |Jfncc of the body. . ., s. (li]ilillicvl», jcarlct. fi:v- or. ruumiKi. etc., .begin willi varying tlcfret's of fever. • One of the • simplest, v.av.s to lower tcniiKnititro Is. n :'poiiuc butli with \vann wider. Tlie wa- tcr nwy be between 85 and DO dc-< Bices or even slightly wanner " O'c child will iu>|, UiJ;,- un \(. ''i"iy water, it may .sometimes lv.- [encouraged li> do no if the w-nlcr i! s • s "B'llly lluvorccl with a [mil J uicc ' or " llulc - s ^B ar «>«y bi: aikl- ! C(t - A' fever alfn liurns tifsiu-.'i ol llle tad1 ' a " 1 ' Uic • provision of rx- < • : ll ' il £U 8 al " way ssivc some ot the tlc " lcl ' 01 - <"' tllc tuv^j v. ».>l,tl ^,.[,IUI> '..lltUUl • -••«-- w . .«..i^ oullit; UL 111 A .sponge DatU should never be j^^"^ '"', "T tte " c:i ' Bivcn in a cold room. The raw-!, . , '•, ui , to '"' il supcrslilio: .sure may he more ilanm-i-nin nU,, •* ll ". c ". !l(lvls '-'d lo "iUuve a fevr the of Iho may e more anei-rous than , , - er fever. Fever, niter all i s O n c "," , ' , " coi(i -" Mmc «:ientil\c ' ' Cider chilrtmt lath iu-lic<l by •licet tinder (he --»4.^'%Ctuh^'^^ l,,,; 11 *^ 'l^.lbihty ,,| ,-,r"Tiljini' .MtMiiWc washing it Ihovotinjily 'by the iisi- l (l< '" s:1 1:lt '" v " '« have ttiis 1: |(ccl. of u clcmi clolh \v-t uitii n-inn' MWild ticvvr | )1: taken ra - vnU-r. H is well under M,,:(, " t lr- I™.". 1 ™^. "^ : ' r •' DhyMcian 11 "g continued This np- , s that llio body the i, u .- vc t, , , , ?"™ y 0[ llu ' vn '> which the s to keep in.*.- •„;„„ ol ""i 1 s "°, " IU)l : in (his miniii,: f'..-'iu. n «»^ "'c dov.;jt Hit 1 body iu (his maim Alter tiny purl i. v.;i>i ( ,.-d. », j.^ lluiicnir.hly (Ivied. Ih'-u ihi blanket is iuic(I lo cover thiii ^m , V |',)[ C uiiollicr part i:: \vii> : ]i.-,i Spontnv, 1 the budy in hlis mniitin t or ijvu lo Ifti ininiilvb will ITOCI ||ii i,.,,,. pL-iatme anyulicic iruin iui" lo two degrees. jlilicii not only tu the mm IfiU drugs i-ucit a-s acceianilid pliriinci'tiii. I .•odiinii salic.vlale but alio K. II,, (I,,,;;, uf j, wn : y-ilu-. Jurup r.; i-f r e cn j, CANTON, o. <UI'.-Thc Bcrger - --- i MaimfacluihiK romiMtiv n no Alter a yomis chUd i a , Jlad a J, mbUc steel CorSc,' s ,b jd -" tuincil U, u 01 ,n"| !1E 'u l ' J , 1C ^ re " " lVl liai "f 0 " 6 " " ™ 1 "* 8«"» "' -—j I 01 . t i lc nri)t , a d;J} . s us yesv over the fame OPEN IT UP,TIRST, AM' LETS SEE WHAT'S IM IT !-^TH" VAST T\t-/i£ \OU "BOUGHT ONE OF- THESE WAREHOUSE EjLtND BUYS TOR TH" STOP.AGE CHM^cbE-S, AN' I BOU6HT A H/\\-T- \KfEP,t.ST TROM YOU.lTTU^rJETJ OUT TO "BE A CASE OF CLOTHES -THIS MIGHT TURN OUT TO T5E CO/XT HUNGERS OR _ STRAINERS ! dfAOM.OPEM By Alierii ^W.?.--t6At),LA-D, '^ WHERE IS YOUR SFORTlNKs "BLCXD'D'?—I "BOUOHT \X CONTENTS UNKNOWN!, E A INTEREST IN IT, AND ILL OPEN THE T3OX 1--3.UST TH\N\<. SLTPPOSINCb T,_ ,^ CONTENTS ARE OV^ V^| •""' VALUE/

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