The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1968 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1968
Page 7
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- BlythWlli (Ait.) Courier N«vn - Friday. UK* 9, CADETS LEARN SIGNALS - T.Sgt. Charles \V. Bernard, 2101st Communications Squadron, Biylheville Air Force Base, explains (he colors used to move traffic on the runway of the base to 14 cadets from the University of Kentucky. The cadets are one of many groups that have toured the base to belter understand the mission of the Strategic Air Command, a base official said. (USAF Photo) Astrological Forecast Br SATURDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: A Saturday that is excellent for traveling and making changes and new beginnings — although drive or walk carefully — and to expand your consciousness and your benefits so that you have far more of the things that mean the mosl to you. Your judgment is clear, your intentions right, your plans O.K. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Ideal day for being with good pals and associates and showing you are very much on the beam. Strive for greater success in all spheres of your endeavor. Avoid those persons who merely bog you down. • TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Increase good will and improve reputation today, tonight by doing only those things that are of a constructive nature. Meet those important people who have had much experience and can be helpful to you. Enjoy recreation you like. GEMINI (May 21 lo June 21) 'Many new individuals can be met now who can make .your life much happier, richer. Make those changes that bring more success in the days ahead. Some person of importance can exlend the favor you need. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) Keeping rooted to your dulies is good so that you remain stable and get right results. Show appreciation for your supporters, be this in business of intimate matters. Avoid going off on tangents. LEO (J u 1 y 22 to A U g. 21) Ideal day to confer with partners and make plans for a more successful future. Come to an understanding thai makes everything go smoothly in the days ahead. Take time for reading in P.M. that can be very enlightening. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) With all those dulies ahead of you be sure you do that which is constructive in its nature only. Schedules should be made in A.M. Partners will assist you willingly in what you have to do. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) Ideal day to do whatever will bring greater harmony within the important realm of your home. Get that peace of mind that is vital. Make your home more comfortable and charming with a little effort. . SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Make sure you study whatever bills you may have .and plan the future more intelligently, trips, etc. Get. correspondence handled wisely and add to success. Today's activities could count a great deal in your life. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) Some outside work you do today could lead to a definite increase of income in the very near future.. Get in touch with some expert in m o n e y matters. You can get the fine idvice that is so necessary now CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. Q) Ideal day to plan how to lave greater security in the ays ahead, especially in new nd lucrative fields. Look into jrocluires. papers that give you ust (he data you want. Study hem well for best results. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 9) If you get out and be the jregarious Aquarius you like o be, you gain the good will of GRIZZLED Marine George Johnson of Heuvelton, N.Y., digs in at Khe Sahn where 6,000 U.S. troops arc under siege by Communist forces. o oe, you gain me goou win ui ; -• . , 7 nany now. Be with persons Who love of this beauty. _ • • r:«i,i Thfi hfiau .v nf vn experience in your By Lines ...By You EDITOR'S NOTE: This column !x !or use by the readers. Mat- terlil »ubmltted will not b» "turned. Memorials to deceased persons will not Be printed. All material should be typed and double-spaned and l» «*• )°ct to tilting. Write*, should sign their noues and. In tne rases ol students, should jlv« their age. Names will be with- neld on request.) WHAT IT TAKES TO BE AN ARTIST I am asked so often what i it like to be an artist. I think it means first of al that one must love beauty, Th beauty of nature. And one mus be able to see where true beauty lies, and this is not al ways easy. One must be able to se beauty in a muddy pond, piece of drift wood, a stone, a pile of sand, a colorless rock A storm torn tree, b r o k en jranches, a rainy day, a foggj morning. The beauty of spring. This teauly is so easy for any one LO see. The lovely flower spring up as Iho to show the delicate colors and fragile beau ty of creation. The rugged beauty of autumi (he glory of all the rustic col ors as tho an artist had gone from tree to tree from shrub to shrub the paint in all the beauty of-nature in one last display of glory. And the beauty of a glistening snowfall. One may watch the flakes as they drift downward trom the heavens to blanket (he earth with tiny sparkling diamonds. No arlist could capture this beauty on a canvas just as God lias given it to us. Yet we must create our own color from the By HAl, BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - Vou can't hurry a wife or an army. It's foolish to try to. Any male veteran of either matrimony or the military service soon learns the unspoken philosophy of both institutions is the same: "Hurry up and wait." In the Army you receive rush orders to be prepared to move out al a moment's notice. You get ready as fast as you can. Then you just sit there and wait ... and wait... and wait. Marriage works the same way: "For Pete's sake, when are we going to get going?" demands the newlywed husband of his bride as she dawdles at her dressing table. 'I'll be ready when I'm ready," she answers serenely "If you try to hurry me, you'll only make me nervous." What the new husband doesn't realize is that playing the waiting game is one of the major in- dustrys of a woman's life, and that it is a game only a woman can play superbly well. It is her chief weapon against men, her means of keeping them off balance. If a man marries at 25 and expires at 7fl, he'll spend 45 years in marital harness. He can look forward, on the average, to spending at least 10 of those 45 years waiting for his wife to do something. He'll be standing on a street corner waiting for her to show up. He'll be sitting outside the powder room waiting for her to come out. He'll be drooping behind her at a restaurant waiting for her to pick out a seat. He'll be tying up a travel agent waiting for her to decide where they are going on a vacation. He'll be pacing a hospital corridor on Christmas Eve, waiting for her to give birth to the baby that the doctor confidently told them would arrive before Thanksgiving. There are many interesting and profitable ways a man can pass the time while wife-waiting. For example: 1. Catch up on his sleep. Ten more years of sleep is whal most men really need today to cope with the trials of civilized living. 2. Learn to wear a monocle. 3. Practice introspection ant become the first local guru in his neighborhood. 4. Grow a beard. 5. Take a correspondence school course in how to become a vcntriloquiest or private de tcctive. 6. Start a home mail ordei business in selling hand-dippec candles and art objects made o used chicken wishbones. 7. Dig a family bomb shelter in the backyard. 8. Memorize the commercials on television, and see if you can recite them backward. 9. Write helpful letters to the trouble congressman of his choice. 10. Secretly raise a herd o chinchillas in his basement anc surprise his wife on her anniver sary with a home-grown fur coat. Largesr Jade Carving BELIZE, British Honduras (AP) — A Royal Ontafio Museum expedition in British Honduras has discovered a tomb containing what was described as the largest carved jade object ever found in the Maya area of Central America. The object, a carved head weighing about 9 pounds, was found at Altun Ha, a ceremonial center 30 miles north of Belize. The beauty of youth. This is lilVU U.\UU1 ieil^t III yuui ucm " " • ' and get their advice. Got ahead s ° easy to see yet we must be nuch faster in the future. ^\e to see beauty in the face PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) of tlle a « ed as we " as tlle Seek out the articles that need ;o be bought and gel duties out of the way so that you set up a better set of conditions for yourself. Show those around you that you are a most worthwhile person. Be kind, courteous. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY . . . he, or she, will be one of those interesting people who will ever want to do tilings in a different way to others, so do not try to mold your progeny to the average or the fine promise in this chart will be diminished. Teach your progeny to study first the principles of any subject and then much success can come in life. y°" lh - ,,,,,, ° ld ™**>? .beaten shack boar , ds mssm g and ™,, dows broken The accident thai inspired the famous ballad, "Wreck of (he Old 97," occurred al Danville, Va., on Sept. 27,' 1903. , ho!d beauty in a painting than a very modern well landscaped estate. The beauty in art is and has always been in the eyes of the beholder. An artist, first of all can not be a shallow person. He or she, must be capable of deep emotion, and must be able to place this emotion upon a canvas in such a manner that the viewer may share in this emotion.. ID my humble opinion unless this is done then the painting is a failure. And the artist is a failure. —(Name withheld by request) Remember Pay Your Paper Boy PLUCKY PELICAN inarches Into German hotel with great dignity. Bird and keeper are on world tour promoting tourism to Greece and Rhodes. Wilson News The South Mississippi County Bridge Club met Friday with to. Hudson Wren. Mrs. Jerry ;ullom was-a special guest. Upon arrival, guests were seated at the dining room table or dessert. Centering the table was an. arrangement of jonquils tanked by yellow candles in silver candelabra. Winners at' bridge were Mrs. John Grain Jr. high, Mrs. Earl Robbins second high and Mrs. Wren was bridgo winner. JACOBY ON BRIDGE Mrs. J. R. Cullom Jr. spent a few days last week in Hot Springs with Mrs. J. E. Crain Sr. at her home on Lake Ham- Hon. Mrs. Hudson Wren left Monday for Atlanta for a visit with ier daughter and son-in-law, tfr. and Mrs. Keith Johnson. ' Mrs. L. B. Davis of Fulton, Miss.; is spending this week with her daughter, Mrs. W. A. logan and family. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morris, Mrs. Rosiann Adams and (laugher Connie, of Covington, Tenn., and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Morris Jr. of Chicago were Sunday guests of Mr. and .Mrs. C. V. Jones. Mrs. Morris St. and Mrs. Jones are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. John Crain Jr. and Mr. and Mrs. Alex Goble Jr. spent the weekend at the Holiday Inn - Rivermont in Memphis. John J. McKinney of Fort Worth, Tex., left Monday for other points of interest in this section after being the house- juest of Miss Norma Anderson and Dwight Anderson for a few days. XOBTH (D) n *J87 VAK53 4K2 49864 BAST AK8654 WEST AQ103 »J863 #AKJ75 +Q103 SOUTH VQJ9S4 • AQ1095 *2 North-South vulnerable •West North East South Pass Pass 1 •/ Dble. Hdble 3* 4* 44 6V Pass Pass Pass Opening lead— # K ther problem but West showed out on the second lead. South played a third round anyway and was careful to win in his own hand. South counted his tricks. He had four trump tricks in and could make his '—* trump and dummy's last trump separately for two more. The ace o! spades would be his seventh trick and five diamond tricks were needed to bring home the slam. If diamonds would break nicely he could just run '-e five tricks off but the bidding indicated that diamonds were not going to behave properly. There fore, South decided to play West for the jack of diamonds. He led his 10 spot and let it ride. Then he took dummy's king, picked up the suit and made his slam. Wrong Penny SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — Ever put too much money in Expert bidding frequently resembles a nightmare with every player trying to guess what his opponents are up to. This hand went along tamely enough until East's jump to three spades. South had a sound opening heart bid, West had some sort of a takeout double and North had a book redouble. East's jump to three spades was based on a stout heart and the fact that his opponents were vulnerable and he wasn't. This crowded South into four diamonds. West entered into the spirit of the matter and went to four spades whereupon North jumped to six hearts. North had no idea whether the contract would be a cinch or impossible. He really sort of hoped that East or West would sacrifice at six spades but East had bid more than enough and West decided to hope for two club tricks. West did open with two round of clubs. South ruffed the second and proceeded to draw trumps just as anyone would. K • trumps had broken 2-2 _ parking meter or put in change and had nothing happen? Then you'll appreciate the plight of John Cayton, 13. John took a penny from his mother to put in the meter in front of a,coin shop where he was going to let an expert look at his prize 1879 Arrows-type dime. You guessed it. Subsequently, for the _ first time in memory of Santa Monica meter collectors, a patron actually demanded his money back. The request filtered up Wednesday to city Treasurer Kay Watanabe and was granted. The youth, elated at the recovery and also tardy for school, rushed off with the dime —which the coin expert said in quick glance could be worth J150 or more. South would have had no fur- Quick Quiz Q—What is the origin of the word "brunch"? A—The word was coined in Great Britain from the words breakfast and lunch. It: has become a form of entertainment and is popular in the United States. Q—Why was the shamrock selected as the national flower of Eire? A—Because, according to legend, .St. Patrick'made use of the three small leaves of the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity. Q—When blue, white and red bunting is used for decoration, what color should appear on top? A—Such bunting should always be arranged with the blue above, white to the middle and red below. Q-What is a soft-shell crab? A—A crab which has very recently shed its shell and has not had time for the new one to harden. it tastesHexpensive Makers ...and is. Made from an original old style aour math recipe by Bill Samuels, fourth sorter*lion Kentucky Olilllltr. Available In Intemttlontl W Proof, M Proof and Limited Edition 101 Proof. Take Your Looking for one of those great new, grand new cars? Look here ... for the financing you need to put you in the driver's seat of the car you want. A Bank Auto Loan gives you the advantage of fast action, low rates, convenient repayment. Come in, talk it over, soon. New Spring Styles From R. D. Hughes Young Men's Department For Auto Loans at Low Bank Rates, See Us ... and Count On Us for All Financing Needs ... Quick and Easy FARMERS BANK AND TRUST CO. THREE CONVENIENT LOCATIONS • Downtown •lyrheville • Downtown Auto Bank • Northwd* Office You mean business It's your first interview. Your record looks good on paper, but competition is keener than ever in the business world. How can you Impress the interviewer thai you're not just "another face in the crowd." Make it easier for yourself and show him the right appearance. Wear this wrinkle-f ree Cricketeer . Dacron* polyester and wool ' worsted suit. The important new mixture tones will impress him with your good judgment CRICKETEER* From $59.95 fit Regular, Short*, Longs A X Longs Layawoy Your Selection Now/ ID. HU8HES CO. FINE APPAREL TOR MEN * BOYS

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