The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 5
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WKDNBSUAV, JULY 23, 1947 MacArthur's Japanese Policies Make it Hard for Communists To Compete With His Program BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'Seal Cave Where Boy Met Death FAGB F.:l::or's Note—The flnO ncrvs 511 Up,:led Press i.s on Par Eist and i.s hi n'H' : 1 c])|>r;rtunity to study the allied occupation c.t firs', hand. One of liis dis^r.-ichc.s fellows: i IIY EAlll, J. JOHNSON 1 (United rrcss Fluff Corrrsiinndcnll TOKYO, Ji-fy 23. (UPi—Abcut allsanyoiic in nulhorhy will say of Cnn:!rimi»ts in Japan (otlay is IliH'l thus f'l'itheii 1 influence the perrle us "nffg'.igi'olc and under control." There is n tendency .here to .soft rc;liil the Communist isfii? te- f"(i:;e Russia i.s a p'.uty to alliod' coritr<; of I'.his country. A.r.-vTjcaii Arjny censrys won't i)er:n:i Jaii»- ncse newspapers to bl:u:t nussli, as'ino.-.t ol Ihem are 'it'll to i : c do-' .siroiis ol .dnitu;. Critit:i:::n of that kind would come under the hcad- v:ce-i:rpside:il Ja]).m." But when you ask whnt uiascr of t!:e| ck-inents or what union they . lo-.n- of tho I ;•!!•,„ up. .ns t-'ivcn an | Cbvicirly what the KoneraT:; arc (niK'Miied about i; Russia. They don't wa:*-l, to s'.'e ber ^el a r rin- i:er toehold rn tins (yirt. ol II'." world than she has already. Despite- ''.'.\e hum-ini'arian principles whit-it guide orc;ipnt!on pal;;T out hero, the professional so!-1 Uie-i' wants «itv eco'no:nica>:y strong j dc.-i'cq-jtic' Japan .mainly hs an'ai- ';• iii/.t.lic event of. some'fiit.iire'\vai'. , MacArtlivr. Outsmarts Commj« O:ie American tre^cra'l; w'itli tiie ne'n°nm>n! O'lstcrjpal perspective pe- •puliar..lrv this-Ilicatcr, put it this w=y:_. "What a pity ifor rr.inlcind If-Soviet.Influence is ever pepniU- ted nny rcix! growth in this' country 1 ."... •.:. •'.- -,;•'.' , , .' .., . . Ornc'"l :MMArtln:r is slid to believe that the benevclcnt nature ... — - of !•';> oc-cuixition threw -the Com- of articles designed to dividel,.,.,,,,^^ - -- e •the allied .occupation powers. Thew are l;>coo. A nerican brio r in;; officers . c .;:ea-; of "eerl''in cle:i!enls" or "certain nations" beii'.;; ready to "li;i (hi- vaei-.iMi 'croalcd by 'withdrawal of American iroops from Korea and Under Fire Declaring "it . . vole frauds, election irregularities OH! the iiurclu-E-j of vc,tc- \vcro prevalent," the Senate Kulcs Committee nnanimcu?!/ aulhorizcd a complete investigation into the I f J4 f J election of Sen. Ilarley 1M. Kih'.ore, above, Democrat, <;[ \Vcst Vircinia. Tliomi-s Sweeney, GO*' car.ui-, is contL-jtiiu; Iii2 election. fol a Hg , Brulal tactics by the occupation forces cr denrlvini; the Japs of t.hrir own civil sovcrnmci't could i !"ive civcii I he ConnuunisU some-1 thin-; to fnstrn x>n. Tiic sener?!: h"s been careful nci. in .martyrizD. anyone in that camp. His view h thst these tactic.'; riisTOnc-rted •'.lie kvwrl'n and now ill t.'ic Com- iV'iists can do is infiltrate. 'Pev: arinv stitislics and rpin- icns are Available on Hie extent or si IU[K MICC of this infi'lraiion. AI- tl r- !i the Communists have only iv seiW of 5f6 in lh = Japanese Dirt, tlicv clmir.atK rno union of |20"O.COD ir.ciV'bers (K'CIO) and are Mrrn, in one of the farmers' un- nn-. In tl:~ latter they are ic- 1 cirscd of diverting food to the 1 ->(A i -.arket. This con.'ri be a dan- .perous weapon because big cities in Japan, rarely, have food stocks/ for ) -re than 'five .to seven 'drys..' '.> 1h" Army watches Co:n:r.uuist. l'iic\ n-<nts [among yculh .Errups 'in rc'leges find' the vohvne of traffic ever -rommunicatiun lines betw?en Tokyo and Moscow. It has :een fciind tl;at about 2CO mcsMges » month are fil<H frnm hers to MJ w—-oushlv 90.C03 words—^ii- thc'fh Russia has no troops licre <> I presumably wouM not have n h to report. Tar v.lnnie fi'cd frcrii Tokyo to :he United Stales is CO) messatjes a ivonth cr acout 1C5.C03 words. One braiu-h of the Army think.-, •'!\H 21 per conl of O-ika. 'jn in- city of 3.c;o.CC3, are susceptible to Cnvininist influen-e. fc'it doc-; net explain how this de- noe of'"susceptibilitv" is arrived r,t. ' .' Tew'Farts Available^,; • Cp Mejnheishii) countrywide. • is eslimiued «it ItO.OL'O. ''' Due to ; the" undergrcmid iMturc Lnsl March yo,n, K Kenneth Vannest Government to Pay for Foxholes Dug by Army Men on Tennessee Farm WASHINGTON, .Inly ->\l. <(jp, — 'l':n' ILous: vWeil tudny lei pay 10 rents r:n-li for ;m foxl'iole.i on the prop 1 '! 1 !}' of the lute w. Ii. KodHeri of Trousda'o Ouiinty, 'IVnu. f llu' fcx'iolc.s were (hi/ by the ASM-.V diirlivi the 'IVinn;sse« 411:1-! nc.ivers In Ip-o and 1011, ! A "([i::tht!cd i;"vennn"nt rn- 'ii cr" arrhvd at n <luiniiKe fin- lire (If 10 d'lllS l'lc;i, ltl|.;l Irilsll'rs for Uodpers' estate nccep.'.ed the 'J'H' (117.51 lo ray for tlin fox- holi-s VVMS included In a bill <ij:- iii'in'cd by tlu> Mouse nnd sen! lo I he S:>n»! •• to pay Ibo Hodwrs r-Mate $1,0'.'0 In «e(ll!'iiiKiil of Bear Barrel Choker ^H-;; lilc^ *• was irappcri and starved t,o dentli In a iiarrcw limestone ciive near Pueblo. C.>lo. Above, his family [;i ithri':;-around the ontianra lo the cave Just brtore It wiis reccnll- tcalcd ,vith ii blast. Rev. T. C. Perry is .slio\yn rccltln.. the S.'nplufa! parable-of Abralinn.'.s mirlal of Ilia wife Sarah, in a cave. (NEA Tcleplioto.i ' Is lie? county. North Onrdlina, (•(iiiluln.s Ilio KUIVC of 1'clef -Stuart Nry. believed ty n.:iny n.illi-es lo have buen Napjlcnn's Innious mar- :,h:l] felack Market In Used Cars I « ' of Ihc movement' plus the delicacy | of the .'j-.-bject in a country undLT -i'-Me'j, ccnlrrj', it. is e\'en more dil- ficiil' .'.o j;et specific information .aboi:', .Coninnnr.its here than in Ihc United States. MacAi'luir das a theory l!:nt i! r tlie allied uoc;:s outst.-y tlieir wel-ij cmr.o here—"no likes to live I it the point of a bayonet—Miej cominiinisls will ir.ake capital of it! and sain strength. If w^ |:u i' om i . . . ;:oon enough and leave the co'.mtry! rci :t " invcstigaliiin into <illcucd on i's feet cccncxica'.ly.] t'.i"k market cpcialions In used wruld discour'gc the Cc:i.-'nanists. ' L ' : ""' here, it v.ns kvirncd today. Nc-l all of -l.!ie supreme C'-.T.-nan- j ' ] wl> A'.lauta dealers .it was dei's. staff agree with that. So:ne ^"''"'-cd. wei-j ci-ried before a coin- ATLANTA, Ca.. -lu'.y 23. (UP( frdcral yrand jury has launch- politi'.".\\ vacvnun -that our ho'.d to the ory, nsiincly, that our departure wil' create a vacui :n that will idi-.uv tlie^ComjiMinlri's. in. inese rep ba:k to tiv..Ucc of the. gram) liny yesterday to |"ivc- "info-ination" ahcut black market c;:?r?tions. . It was holicvc-;! that (heir lesti- Wt KL S 1 S DO YOU HAVE $5 or $5000? '' V;| THEN ... THIS IS FOR YOU! f >; Fii'ini; your savings <ir invt'stmciUs lo Blylhcville >• Fciicml for "something bottcv" much bolter! ' S the rate of ciirning.s on your .savings; every dollar of v your money from §1.00 up draws full earnings, re- £ t'jinlless of-the size of account. Every account is in- =j surccl by an instriiniciitality of the >[ U. S. Government up to $5000.00 i= BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL | SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION 124W. Ash St. Phone 3545 (he .ncirtej^l: •rtu-ss:? d p^r ,>,--— ,- tlie rbod(|ib|,;fli1c:n he •ndrtesijla.-.idy^fejji'litlicr non- VJS?:an I ziM49»sJ-rflfar.'- 1 )eo]:'.e are lpt*!e:,^p:3«Sli Srii'^tWy complicate and worry tlio . y as rf'ipoicntia! source of s«' ,. fraiy ,\vou!d. lie v.lacod belore the ni.tull' pi'jujl. jni'o' wlien lit coiivcncs inirtidry.. althoush, court cfliulnl'j ould' hoe v eminent on ;thc .probe. ! The FBI sakl fv.tly it vws not y. Mack urtarkcl i Thc''«ats:ans still held BC0030 •Jf5]a!;es2..iii Soviet, areas. They are belli i ; ^rciight home at the rr.'.e of ,Sp,C03 "Aivii-.oiUh an-i this wi • con- '«nus.,t;iirc'.nvh next JT.-.I-. MMI:-,- of thenTV'.' crir-;ed bv overivork ands c.l.he:' forn-:-, of ni^itrcatnien' in Russian camps. The Tokyo Hi;r- LIKE GOLDEN BROWN;,FRIED FOOD THAT 4 S : DIGESTIBLE 1"bo Kentuckians Accused LlTI'Ll: liODK. Ark.. July 'JJ. •UP) Four Kcntlrcky youths involved in nn uutoomblle collision near iiaxen in which !•'. t!i. Nixon of Greenville. S. i;.. was killed lo- day laced federal t-liarKcs ol car Ihctl. The c.lui,.'j;e.s were filed by Federal iDureau of ion nuenls, Sjicclnl lAgenl Dean Mor!cy .said. -^vose as to xvhat jfiyleral law nii::bl be invoked lo •prcsmnc h;(.;cj!; .lu-.rkelepcs if ever. it-liev are Irfcui^l to 'trial', ; !f L'M'.on C-Ft.!o^. pi-csjdenl of , |.j^; [cihtion, who »;ns c"f'cd Lv>fore 'lK" Ijljry co:innittc'r refused to' coifi'- Infrnl rn (lie rxarl rrocedure fce- foHmveil bv the Bovcrn-nent. flf did say. Irnvevcr, that at Ifast iyo autria-rjih' dea'.crs were on the i .The cllirr dealer to Ics'.ify, TI,-; AV. aobir.son. 1-rc.sidenl. of the A'tV iHil-.i Anl-.nobile Dralors Ass.-cia-' ; |iAn. K-,M not i.-e reached. He ahcV pj.sH.'> 1 were ):r,lh in Savannah to convention |>:ans for tiie GADA. Dry l.'our. (iry rice, dry corn niflil. dry rereals- all contain 10 lo 15 per cent cr more of water. e.ui of Hi;' United Press was c-rit- ii-ized rcL-caily by Izvc: tia for interview;, :', clv-iii-.c'.l wild some of thr:.c i'C[>atrialcs. Busy pause BOTTUO UMDER AUTHORITY OF Tli= COCA-COIA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING CU. 0 J BLVIHEVILLE Jry (Ills on your upper set some dull day. Caimicliacl, polar bear-. tit llic riiiladelplilii.'I'ii., zoo, dcmonslralcs his-dental strength., by totiny n helivy e.isU iirouiid with his teeth. • . r* Go/c/doesn't mean anyt6/ng fome, /r Phillips 66 Motor Oil H BESSES Summer Styles-Complete Run ol Sizes -• •'; '- '• Being Offered at PROVED BY 66 BILLION MILES OF SATISFACTORY SERVICt JUNIORS-HALF SIZES-URGE SIZES Including Nan Carson Clock Wise and Other Nationally Known Lines the Finest Selection You've Ever Seen On Sale! uiy juvuup Brcntwood Sleeveless SPORT SHIRTS Were 2.98 1.98 BVD Brand SPORT SHIRTS were 2.75 1.75 in Lui-rnicu nc WINGS T-SHIRTS Smooth White Were 95c 65c Men's Summer SLACKS From 4.50 miaiiuiH, . One Lot T-SHIRTS were 1.25 79c AM T-SHIRTS GREATLY REDUCED JOE ISAACS STORF Buford Martin Lonnic Boydston

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