Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on September 14, 1950 · Page 15
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 15

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1950
Page 15
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-A . v. 9- v ire f -..-L W 71 1: STC.1Y C7 YCUH TOVU 4 MOSQUITOES QUIESCEtiT FOR A !TIME ON SKEETER FRONT -i i w :. Ey JACK BURROUCHS ir.'Ja' general annoyance wu ? Thus la five words, does the Alameda County Mosquito Abatement Dktrict engineer T manager summarize we mosquiio wruauon In a report to the abatement dis trict board of trustees. f The period covered by this report is the month; of July, last. ' Normally, a July news item concerning mosquitoes er humans. might well be considered stale by now, but there ia more than mere news item here. It is practically a philosophy of life wrapped tip neatly la a five-word package. In the last analysis, what more can any man hope to report ox mosquitoes or his fellowmen whether at the end of one short month or one long lue than tnlsT We have had cuoted to us an end less array of last words uttered! by men who were famous, or infamous, or anywhere in between the two. But few of these utter ances have a more poignant im port than that of one who, looking over a lue about to ena, can non- stiy say: "In general, annoyance 1 Was sliaht' f? CoiuUderinrskeeters for their I own sweet sakes instead of re- I carding them as objects of phOo- t sophical contemplation, we Jeanrf that they didn't do so well m July, for it "was a relatively cool Ifaoontk f production was at a compare- i tlvely low rate." This explains I in cart why annoyance was slight jf But not entirely. The main t reason annoyance was slight for f the most part in Alameda County far as the mosquito situation This Was Your Town This cultural note appeared in roe TnDune on April "Haywards (they spelled it with "s" In those days) wants a free library and should have it ffwas cencernedr war becanse-biUlfcf must, be enough valuable lions of mosquitoes had not been f permitted to come into the world, f due to the unremitting warfare waged on skeeters by the Ala meda County Abatement District forces. This is one preventive Jwar that has certainly paid oft Skeeters Outsmarted lime and the tide wait for no ekeeter, as witness thisgwrt ot Engineer - Manager Harold F. Gray's, report: -- "At the southern end ot the county, considerable improvement was obtained a compared to last year, as the result of drainage, and other work performed since last autumn. Since the extreme high tide at the end of May, there has been only moderate mosquito r induction on the marshes in Santa Clara County and few adults disnersed from there to our district -The high tides of ihe laRer part ot June flooded some minor marsh areas at Point Isabel just cross the district boundary in Contra Costa County. This marsh had not been flooded for several year previously, and as a result a small hatch of Aedes squami ger occurred nearly three months later than the normal hatching period for this species la this area. . ,-. , . The flight came southerly into North" Berkeley hut covered an area of only about three dty blocks at any one time during the migration along the lower hills." ' Looks like mass lnffltratice for w report continues: . "We had not ' anticipated this flight, as the normal wind direc tion (westerly) in Jul usually carries any salt marsh mosquitoes from the Port Isabel section into Jucnmoni but several days of calms occurred just at the time the Aedes squamiger started. At the same time, a brood of Aedes dorsalls also developed on . this marsh, but emerged a little later and apparently (dispersed into the tucnmona-Kensingtott hills.' What with the winds, the tides and the temperature, Nature plays a dual role in Skeeter War, sometimes throwing her ' weight on man's side of the strusKle and sometimes on the ikeeter's side. Chemical warfare is a vital fea ture ot the Skeeter War; We fight the skeeters with such skeeter menace as le thane and kerosene and DDT, and the skeeters fight back witn- bayonets. Train Engineer Faces Charges PITTSBURGH. Sept li W The Interstate Commerce 'Com-, mission today weighed the possi bility of punitive action against a ea-year-old engineer who testl- field he ran his passenger express through a stop signal shortly be fore it struck ;.a stalled troop train. . . ; The Pennsylvania Railroad en gineer. William E. Uer, told a joint inquiry yesterday that the crack "Spirit of St Louis" passed Stop signal just before striking the troop train Monday near Coshocton, Ohio. . ; ' ;V. ! Iller also "guessed" his express train was running St about SQJ miles per hour at the time of the crash in which 33 members of Pennsylvania's recently -federalized 28th Division were killed. More than SO other soldiers on the troop train were hurt but no one on the passenger express was injured. B. W. Johnson, a road foreman of engines, testified the recorded tope .taken from liter's smashed dlesel indicated the train was run ining about TO miles an hour shortly before the mishap and about BO miles an hour "immedi ately before- the crash." The inquiry wu conducted jointly by the ICC, the railroad. the Ohio Public Utility .Commis lion and the Army. ICC Commissioner W. J. Patter son declared: "When we get the record a re port will be written and made public. If it tarns out any law was violated "that Jr administered- by mt commission, then we will take punitive action." - x. -Wi i 3 K;3vv sV 4 OiUinif'Tfitu'ne.Ttgny.St;!. 14. K0 ' E '.. 15 Trinam Appcare os Cepil:! 'S!' V WASHINGTON. Sent 144ftl rresiaeni .Truman' showed him. self off last night as one of thl ngnts oi the; capital. He toIdVsome 1900 persons at a convention of the National As sociation , of , Postal Supervisors mat the bad weather since Monday must have kept them from seeing the other sixhts here, t " , So, he added, he dropped over to "let you see me as one of the 'sights in Washington.", . i In an unannounced appearance at the association's banquet at the Sutler Hotel, the President again criticized persons whom, he iac cused of throwing bricks at gov eminent employees.' ' J He repeated what he has often said before, that he has had trou Die nnaing "a man who is willing to take the rough treatment he. has to receive in key positions." and interesting books- getting mouldy on shelves in mis county to stock naif a dozen libraries." Progress note -in same issue: "Santa Cruz, in a desire to become metropolitan like Oakland, has adopted the ordinance against; expectoration on sidewalks." - Drama note, same date: "Pro fessor Charles Mills Gayley of the English department ot the State University will soon leave for Europe where he will spend a year at work on the editing ot a new edition of classic English comedies for the publishing firm of MacMillan & Co." British UncoYtr Ntw Ship Soborogt Plot LONDON, Sept 11 sU The British Navy haa discovered the uta major case ox suspected sa botage to ltt ships since the Korean war began, the Admiralty sua toaay. , v ' Sand was found In the lubricat ing system of the main engine of the 13,180-ton light aircraft carrier Vengeance on September 4 as it churned through the English Channel to join home fleet maneuvers; the Admiralty said. - Naval intelligence agents al ready were investigating mysterious damage to two other aircraft earners, at least five destroyers, two submarines and several am munition and troop ships. '."V I Wcrtcfaba SuperrUoe Thomas JL Coldacott (toft) and Herbert Beach, director, oi Joint Ho wcry District No. 8. break cjround for the now Mountain Boulevard, Freeway cm (left tc right) Emu taleexhke. district treaiurerj Walter rrickstad, district encjlneen Wallace iBoagt; county ayrveron Col John HTSkeggs, oaslstricrnf state highway engmeer. and Charlee Reed, dty encdaoat, Caldecott fa dbatenan el Ami high wot dlstrlct-Trflune photo. " ' ' WORK STARTS ON MOUNTAIN BLVD. FREEWAY nut W HOT Ulll HNUUI mUUO of the Mountain Boulevard freeway began here today, following formal groundbreaking ceremo nies. Contract for the first section. totaling $521,000, has been awarded the Itederickson & Watson Construction Company. Engineer ing and other costs boost the total to more than $1,000,000. with an other 1790,000 expended for right- oi-way. The work will extend from two-tenths of a mile north of Broadway Terrace to the vicinity of ThornhUl Drive and Morara Avenue, including intersections at Broadway Terrace and Moraga Avenue. The former win be overpassed and connecting ramps erected, while the Moraga Ave nue section will be channelized and signals installed. The main highway, to be pro tected by a retaining wall, will consist of two separated two-lane roads approximately S3 feet wide. The crossing of the Sacramento Northern -near Moraga Avenue will be protected by automatic signals. - - , The freeway, which eventually will extend from Broadway to foothill Boulevard in San Lean dro, is being financed by the state, the City of Oakland, and Alameda County. Supervising the project is Joint Highway District No. 26V - Among those present at ground breaking ceremonies were Super visor Thomas Caldecott, district chairman; Herbert Beach, former mayor' and a district director; Emu Kaleschke, district treasurer; Walter, rrickstad. district entri- Folk Dance Class Schedules Posted ALAMEDA. Sent 11 Folk dancing schedules for the tall quarter of the Alameda Adult Schoo'. were released today by Marvin Hockabout Principal- Bill and Gretchen Castner will conduct a beginning square dance class Monday evenings in Porter School Auditorium, a beginning folk dance class Tuesdays in Estuary Auditorium, and advanced folk dancing Thursdays at Por ter School. BUI and Nancy Murdoch wOl hold third Quarter folk dancing lessons Friday at Endnal Audi torium: Jim and Endree Hull will conduct fourth quarter classes at Porter School Wednesdays, and Cliff and Milly Von Konsky will conduct sixth quarter folk dane-tnx classes Tuesday evenings in Height School. POUCE PROMOTION EXAMS OCTOBER 17, SAN LEANDRO, Sept 11 Promotion examinations for the ' appointment -of - two-additional erceants on the San Leandro Police Force are scheduled for October 17, City Manager Wssky McOure said today. Only otOcers .with two years mloyment on the force are eligible to take the examinations. Applications must Tee returned not later than S P-fiv, October L The salary range will be- $340- $390. Not Too 0!i to Fist A tablet marts the spotbUas-chasetts where James Miller was slain by BrlUah troop re treating from the Battles ef Coo-cord and Lerington, AprQ Is, im. MUler, tS, said: 1 am toe eld to run. - JTILLUATEn c:ye PAUTRM - OflXt Sva. 1 neer; Wallace Boggs, Alameda County surveyor; CoL John Skeggs, assistant state highway! engineer, ana Cnarles Reed, dty engmeer. , . I T ' '" j' - , 'i I ' . li W ll.-ii- nan, j f I - , j. i . . Again-Psn AmsiimkzMi ray StAlltakfOrUlD, MMt U . t. HMronaseef ltit."h( ef wmf Nettyweed atari wke sslea aity le the CaaNw Caalr Uaaee. V . XJ tmm ia ' Hit Pares ef mi," n mm Tl A L?;,. , .i - -ef wmf Maffywaad slit wee aetaa , $ , ('"'',. '.delly JsteleoTCIistf tsss ' 7 . ' XL-'"- fc ' Ci''4$r:r-'i-.r t- ' - h ' jt ' f. Yi : srrs; ? V ' . v.- f r l V - ' v Jr mil rmmmi) mfmm UUUL5 vmumi3 vijjTjiijjLy- ooo Just tit In a Contour, Chcur-loungt ond letl WTWi ftlaxIng mlradt," with its : ortho- naturtlokt nstount.ytfJftlutflOrnin.' ptdlcoHy-correct tosturt contour, maitf you t vfi youH Uar n mOr. about th bintflte of ? ffcI ,-. ; , - ' w nahirol, most retfrul potihon so you mutf trut rtlaxohon that way, than wt could ten re!ax-oa can'l Jiefp ft. Try ft today-and .P?JjOP0W.wofdi.'; T' set for yountlf. hMP'lt " V - . it . v. to sf . - W Teeeen yszZ? cohteui ysfs .nrwT.f i iii s -Odw 1974 ROADWAY, Corner 2Cth Sfrttt Im Frsnclsce: CC3 Setter Street Come Mates 5 O MJ4 6tle, Urn. Tre 4 !. i on Choice of day cr cigftt fHts! On nijfit flights, fiKiyonj sl::j$riD a t:rtli cr i!::::rete! V t with Ghampagna an d vintage wfcs ! , Gaiif kw t!oat!3:ilCkEd Cfps - go ; ski! : (I r- K ; ' 1 -sBaaasssB1 . j Iff iiiLgiaaWaWetoaW lajaj i ri nl ,mdm4 & ' " Fate American presents .the mast Yonr saesis are new, exodngf Yoor larnrions air service ever ofTcred . dinner is deblj scrrcd in coursci.and across the Padfk. Yon 1 ia a giant ' die chaapafoc and vintsje wine are dcwUe-decied Clipper, woaif s iary fornrJiroentary. Yon enjoy compiete e fastest, saoscccmibrtaliesirl barservkn. Yon can walk dows so the intimate dab looage oa lower dds - 16AeMway,ttutttl0Ssetiiif oa ronnd trip. Same de kxe service ea fjfhts cooAmunf oa to ilanila and Toiro. Male rour rescmtioni tdrf. flight so IlawaS every day ac 9 ub. Yo arrive ooJy $r bonxs larerf Night fufhts go via Los Asgtles. Yoa leave Can Frandsco at &tS pjeu sad arrive ia Hawaii earl the aczt snom fog. At no cxtri charge yoa can sicca ia a special Sleeperette seat that rs dines "ff Cat sad trtrtyft to rVTl bed see-th, ear for 10 a!ccp i a sbem-ect beni Cel yeae travel "-f -Ti . . a i u I Mf m Ctr. M S ' ' ,, 1 Omtm. Saw. warrt en ree . A. I. aiTTtNDEN rHU tdlJuLU sLiUd L .Jl u ccuoi non ixr::t:::c:D a::

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