Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on July 8, 1950 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1950
Page 5
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East Bay Drive-In Church Havward Motor Movie. Nile Highway . Official Opening Sunday. 11 a.m. George and Rowena Pestana with organ, accordion, taw. ate. plu Metro Goepei Tmri 'Prophet of Tears" Oiklind Tribune, Saturday, Jury 8, 1950 CHURCH SERVICES . .r'va U Gurnssy, In the rote of Jeremiah 7:30 p.m. Tennyson Union Church Goepei Service -BETHANY HALL- Bethany Gospel Hall IM XJRD AVENUE Sundav School Bible Class. I JO am Breaking o Bread 11 on a m CATHOUC St. Francis de Sales In th Heart e lha CHv CORNER GROVF., 4IOBART and SAN PABLO AVENUE Speciel end Seasonal Devotion Gospel Meeting. 1:41 P-m. Mr. Wtniam Raid Thursday, 1:41 a.m. Prayer and Ministry. Mr. Mark Levengood Sunday Ma 00. 7:3. 100. le w, 11:00, 11:10 Sermon. Muaie at Hllh Meae, It a m. Sunday Evening Service. 1:30 a'aloek With Sermon of the Dey Daily miun T OO and 1:30 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes Church TTZfZ!? 100 LAKESHORE AVE. GLenrourt 1-1700 clock Holy Day Minu: 30. 1 1. 0 and 10 o'clock -CIIRISTIAN- First Christian 2DTH 6TREE Neat BROADWAY LtONALD I WES1 Minister Ernest Wnt Minister ol Mum Church School All Aaaa I U am Worship Service. 11 a.m. "Is the Exercise o( tha Vato Christian?" Rav. Everett B. Luther , fViio hy Carolyn Pryor VACATION CHURCH SCHOOL Aug 31 lo Sept. 1 Fruitvale Christian E 17th and rrultvala Ave. HUGH N. McCALLUM. Minuter Harold Kyle, Choirmaster Bartha C Kitchcl. Organist Mills Terrace Christian FLEMING. NEAR UTH AVE J. MUNHOB WARNER Mlnlst Inej Plemmon. Organist 11 a m. "THE FIGHTING INSTINCT" Solo. -THE HOLy HOUR," Nvl Soloist. Dick Taber Anthem, '"THE GOOD LAND," Lorcru 1pm, 'THERE IS NOTHING Solout. Dorothy Murray Church School 1:45 a.m. Adult Bible Class 1:45 a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. CHILDISH THINGS" Siecial music Youth Groups 0:30 p.m. University Christian BERKELEY Bui 1 to EUCLID and LeCONTS Or. Jack Fineaan Minleter Letter G McAllister Auoo. Worship Service. 11 a m. "THE PIONEER" Solos by Harold Oxsen, Tenor "SO NEAR TO GOD AM I" (Evillel "IF WITH ALL YOUR HEART" -CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE- Thc Neighborhood Church "THE CATHEDRAL Or TOMORROW" Mac Arthur Boulevard et S4th Avenue WORSHIP SERVICE, 11 A.M, Rev. E- D. Sexauer EVENING SERVICE. 7 P.M. "What Do You Want Lord?" r,,:attl wrmon pr-priiir! n hydraulic taf. The People's Church 1M0 Bancroft Way. Berkeley 11 m. "7 he Mission to Nineveh" 7.30 p m. "The Trip to Tarshish" Utn V "The Bible In the Newt" KHE.10 a m., Saturday Thomas Williamson, Minister Christian and Missionary A I.UAHCE- PIEDMONT 1300 Grand Avenue. Piedmont North ml Lake Merrltl Grand Rev. Roy Peterson, pastor. Sunday School 45 a.m. Worship Service, II a m. Youth Hour 0:30 p m. Evanselistic, 1:41 p.m. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE Christian Science Churchei Branches of The Mother Church. The El ret Church of Chrtst, Scientist, in lUMcn, Ma.achuctU Sublet of the Lesson-Sermon, July 0 "SACRAMENT" First Church "l franklin street Sunday. 11:00 am. and : s.aa. Wednesday Evening Meatlaea at (a1 uaday aVkoel. 11 M a.m. Errs Rearltr Room-FTl IT St Open Dally. 0 a.rn, ta p as. Erert Suede? a and Holidays Meanradar 1 e en. so T p na. CHURCH Of CHRIST Second Church 47 34TH STREET Eree Reading Room 1471 Telearep Open dally lam ta ft p na. S jndars and beiidare I to ft p as. Sunday. 1140 ass. and I pas. Wednaeday Eveatn leeanaa at 1:00 Buaday BrhooL 1140 a m. 1 hird Church Suadey, 11:00 a m. and 10 psa. 1MJ rRUlTVAUl AVENV - u--.. , M Eite Heading Koona Ckurek Edifies Wedaaaday ayeaauad alee tea as at ft: 00 Open Dally Except Buadsy and Holidars. 11 .( a m so 4 so e i Saaday ttcheal. 11:00 a.m. Fourth Church 1U0 LAKESHt)R AVENT Eree Reeding Room Church SdlNee Open Oaliy Esrept Sunder snd Houdav. 10 W! s m ta 4 0 a at. Sunday. 11.-00 am, sad I pan. Wedaaaday Bseaeao Muslnae art 0:S) Susiday aVhaot 1140 a as. Fifth Church 1 vw otm AVENI E Free Rcsdinf Roam Chnrek Edlflea Open Psile Escept Suadsy snd Hcl flavi 11 to 1 00 p at. under. 11.00 a.m. and 1:00 pas. Wednesday (vealaf MeeMnoa at ( OO ondsy sVckeoi. 11 M a.m. Sixth Church ft 41ST TREST Sunday. 1140 s as. Wedaaaday Breaaag Sunday Sekoal. I M l a Eree Readme Roara (Siureh Edlflea Open Deny Except Sundsy snd Hoiidas 1.0k pas ta 4 PS p a Seventh Church 1M1 HABBJSON STRETT Eies Reading Room Charek Edtflea Open Dally Esceat .Sunday aad Holidays. 1100 lo 4 a Be thmday. tm ta ska Bairasso and t tm tha a ft eras ea Wednesday Evealag Maeslaas) at 0:00 Sunday Sktkoal. 11:00 S ss. Eighth Chwch- U1 FILBERT STREET Eree Readtad Roean Ckureh Edlflea Oren Tueedays and Thursdays 1 00 p m. to 1 nO am Ninth Church ism mtr Avimr Free Reedtr Pewaan Oarek Edifice Onn Dalle EsreeM Sisadar snd HoUdsjs. i 00 p an to 4 00 o as trndr.-Jl aisfc Wedaaaday Even lag Wee tiers at I Oft Sunday aVatoa. 11:00 a.m. Sunday, 11:00 s ss. Wedneedar shreeilad Meeelnrs at 14 Sunday SkakaoL ft M aad 11 a m. Chnstian Science Society till LA SALli AESV Oakland Sunday i 11 am. Wedneedar shranleg Meeting! ft -00 Ruadav ckaL : sad 11 a m. r ,. n I ta a m m 0:00 p.m Dally DowntOWn Heading Koom tEscept Wednesday UatU 1:00 pan I Sundays and Holiday (Reedlaa Only) 1530 SAN PABLO AVENUB t . m. :Bo .... All Are Cordially melted ta Attend Sareieaa and Reading Piedmont mST CHL'RCTI OF CHRIST SCIENTIST. 801 MAGNOLIA AVE. Corner BONITA All Are Cordially Inrtted Alameda E1RRT CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST J'.M CENTRAL A VENT I A.'l ere cordially tntted. Sunday Servtca, 11:00 a.m. Sunday School, 0:M and 11:00 a.m. Wednesday evening. Testimonial Meeting, 1:00 o'clock Reading Room Daily Except Saturdays and Holidays, 1:00-4:00 p m. Sunday Services, 11 a.m. aad S P-m. Sunday School. 1:10 and 11 a.m. Wednesday Meeting, 1:00 p.m. Readme Room, 2437 Santa Clara Avenue, 11 a.m 7:10 p.m. Exretyt Sundays and Holidays. Wad. 7 p m. San Leandro First Church of Christ, Srlentlet IM Duttoo Avenua 1 CONGREGATION Ale Sunday Services, II o'clock Also ft p.m. First Sundsy In Montk Sunday School. 1:30 and 11 a.m. Wednesday, 0 p-m. Readme Room. Church edifice 1 1-1 except Sundays and Holiday First Congregational KITH STREET at RARRIRON CLARENCE REIDENRACsl. Eajrtee Nohle Rerhe. Orgsnlel and Cholrmastec 11 jn. Church Serrlce Rev. Rttmnee H. Gtll Pllvrtm Con , Worcester. Mane, twee preacher Pi I . v Sunday School 0 4 s m. nntvale Conpregahonsl Wnr,htt service n tm. FUl'TTVAI J AVE AT 1CTR STREET William M c Reynolds. Oueat Speakar ERVEST M. FOWLER. Minister Pilgrim Fellowship Opm. Edgsr Therne. Organist Couples Club 7:30 p m. r I . , Church School, 0 30 a m, rlymouth Congregational Clasar (or all age 30J PIEDMONT AVENVE Worship Service. II am. PHILtP.Q. MURJUV. Mlnltter Sermly Mufrsy. Elun Tabernacle 1U1 anGalTH AVXNVS Jaha K. Kubbard. Psstor 10 am.. Sunday gMiual Worship Btrsieo 11 aun. Sermon by Mr. Hubbard . Evan trut arvteo T:tl pjn. Sermon by Prol. John W. Hubbard Philadelphia Church 111 MaeARTHUst BOULEVARD DAVID EARLSSON. Minister tfunday School. 0:40 aaa. GOSPEL ACDITORIUM Worship) Sarelea, 11 SJaV. Youns Paople, f :N SJsv EvsnsTrtis-Uc Service, 7:41 p.m. Wed.. 7 41 p m. Prayer Sere lea Gospel Auditorium Youns People'. 1-30 p.m. Smm, Pellniweim g:s an. UNO STREET. Comae RICH ST. Gospel Service 1:M p.m.. HITLER TO CHRIST!! Hear Fred Catmir, a German youth who fought in Witler'i army, tell about condition! truring the war, the dumay of defeat, and new hope in Christ. A fluent and inspiring speaker, Casmir ii now returning to Germany to preach after two yean itudy in this country. SUNDAY, JULY-9 1 1 a.m. and 3 p.m. Also at 3 p.m., Wm- M. Green will report on his visits to the German Missions. CHURCH OF CHRIST PRINCE AND FULTON BERKELEY Church of Christ S4S1 SHATTUCK AVENUE Servtns Berkeley Oaklaad and Alameda Phone OL ymplc I-3S3S 0 4S a m. Bible Class 11:00 a m. Morning Worship 7:30 pjn. Mutual Edification Program Wed.. 7:30 p.m. Midweek Mae Una Everyone Welcome Church of Christ CENTRAL. S31 ZOth STREaTT GUSS EOFF Minister TEmalebar ft-4104 to 1:30 a m.. KROW Broadcsat Btm. Evans. M. R. Phillips. Victoria, Texas 10:50 a.m. SATAfJ-APPKOVXD CHRISTIANS" 7 SO p m. 'THE PARABLE OF THE ROWER" Meetings every night at 7 .30 o'clock Church of Christ M.1S WHITTLE AVENUB EAST OAKLAND Joe Gilmore. Minister Phone KE llogg 4 -MOO Bible Study iO e m Worship Hour. 11 s m EVENING SERVICE. 0 11 p m. Wednesday 7.M p m. Gospel Singing and Sermon Church of Christ SAN LEANDRO Carner lewis Street and , MacArtkur Boulevard Lloyd Moyar. Preacher Bible Study 10:00 a an Worship 10:50 a.m. and 7 pm. Tues ft p m.. Men' Trstning Clam W'ed. 7:30 p.m.. Bible Study Thurs 10 ta 1. Ladies RiMe Class LO ckhaven 1-0910 LO ckhaven 1-701 EPISCOPAL Christ Episcopal, Alameda Santa Clara Avenue at Grand Street RSV. HENRY M, SHIRKS ThD Rector 100 am. Holy Communion 1 30 s m. Church School summer immn for krndergarten. primary and junior departments 11:00 a m. Morning Prayer and Svrmon by the rector "THE JUDGMENT OF GOD" St. Andrew's Episcopal 701 R1LLEN DRIVE. OAKLAND West of &Sth Avenue David Gordon. Student Minister Misa Diana Stewart. Orgsnlat Morning PTaver at Mission. Fontaine and Mountain Blvd. J0 a.m. Morning rrayer at Church. lO jn m Holy Communion. First Sunday, at R snd 10 SO a.m.: Evensong, 7 30 p m. St. James' Episcopal "Church of Interior Beauty' 13TH AVE. AND FOOTHILL BT VTV Rev. W. B. G. BettarahiU. Recta Rev. T. T. Denhardt Aaseolate I no am.. Holy Communion 4.1 s m.. Church School Pummtr Session II a.m. Morning Praver. Sermon "MEASURING UP TO OUR OWN STANDARDS" St. Paul's Episcopal BAY PLACE and MONTECTTO ATE, Benjamin C. Do Camp. Curate Mrs G. M. Day, Orgsnist Mr. Sherwood Tkataaier Chotrmatter I a.m. Holy Communion It a.m Church School II a.m. Morning Prayer, with Sermon by the Rev Ber iamm C. DeCamp Wed., 10 a.m.. Holy Communion St. Peter's Episcopal BROADWAY AT LAWTON CANON U D. GOTT8CHALL Cenaell K Cimita. Organist Broad call KSFO. 1:11 am Adult Bihle Class 0:30 a.m. Low Maw a m.. Hlgti Mass 11 s i ' THE COMMANDING PRAVER" W'ednesdey p ra. "ENDOCRINE TYPES AND PERSONALITIES" Trinity Church TELEGRAPH AT MTH STREET Busses 40. 41. 43 Rev. W. R, H. Rodgkin. D D, Holy Communion, 1 a.m. Church School. 9 30 a.m. 11 ajn. Morning Prayer. Sermon (Holy Communion. 11 am First Suit-day of Mor.thi -EVANGELICAL tNITED BRETHREN- : jtpgu S.S.. stlkla RaaeHag U Ivr. mara. uwnpea ' - . Wed.. 1:S l a, Ptsyee, B.kla Btaery Rockridge Evangelical United Brethren Church College at Hudson and Mantle Q. E. Hrnricks, DD, Minister OL vmpic 3-4135. HU mboldt 3-79M Morning torshlp 10:50 a.m. "WHERE IS YOUR. FAITH'."' Evening Worship .Vtn ' WILDNERNES6 FINDINGS" Daily Vsrsuon Bible School, July 10-11 Central Lutheran Church EL-C. IIS RIDGEWAY AVENUE Between Broadway-Piedmoot Alf M. Kraabel. Pastor HU mboldt 3-M23: OL ymple 1-1741 .LCTHERAN- 1010 a m.. S S . Adult Bible Classes 30" end 11 a.m. Divine Worship. -A MESSAGE A MIRACLE AND A MANDATE" Sacrsmenl of Holy Communion Reception of new members Faith American Lutheran 341 MTH AVENUE RSV. W. GAME. Parte KB Uogg 1-4M0: KE Uoe I MI Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. , Divine Worship. S SI and II a m. "THE HOUR CALLS FOR DECISION" First Lutheran UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCa GROVE at UTH STREET Donald E Wagner. Pastor Church Phone. TW tnoak l-lltl Sunday School 1 41 a.m. Worrhlp Service. II a.m. "IN THE TRE!ENCE or THE LORD- Havenscourt Lutheran Al'GURTANA SYNOD ril HAVENSCOURT BOULEVARD Ret. Donald E. Rydbeck. Pastor Phone: BW eetwood ft (Ml Bible School. 9:45 a.m. Wnrrip Service. II 00 am. ' TO EVANCEI !ZF" Anthem. ' RIMOICE YE CHRISTIANS. LOUDLY"- Bach Thursday, 1 M p m. W M S. ChitSaviourj. Luthertn V EL-C 1740 SEVENTH ATErtVE REV. S. S. PETERSEN. Parter Church phono. TE mpleher 4Vt3H Sit. Bible Claaa, 0:40 a.m. Divine Worship. 10-4S a m. LAUNCHING OUT ON THE PROMISES OF GOD" -Luther League, S p.rrh St John's Lutheran (United Lutharaa Ckurck) 1:0 Hth Avestua Below Foothill Boulevard Parsonaaa aeiana. Sunday School. 0:41 a.m. Divine Worship, 11 am. "DO GOOD" PHILIP W. BESGSTRESSER, Pastor St. Michael's Lutheran The United Lutheran Church AICATRAZ at BENVENVE AVK. ROSS HIDY, Pastor Psrsonaga Phone BErkeley 7-4711 Worship Services. 1 and 11 a.m. "THE FISHING TRIP" Second week of Daily Vacation p-'hie School. 0 30 to 13 noon St. Paul's Lutheran BeeeWer Avenue tt WoodnrM Phone: KE Ilea 4-0444. ki. I TPH REV LLOYD L. BURKB Pastor 0 30 m Church School 30 snd II a m.. Divine Worship Lutheran Vesper. 4 30 p m-ICRl 0 30 p.m. Junior Leaf!! Trinity Lutheran Now Wershtcvlno at East Oakland Seventh Day Adventllt Church. stk Ave A Foothill E.L.C RIgst i-tm Sunday School. 0 4S m. Bihle Cleasic. 10 a m. Worship Svrvice, 11 a.m. "GlXlD MANAGERS'' (iordon Hansen. Pastor Cooper A.M.E, Zion CHURCH. 14M MYRTLE STREET O. Llawood EsunUeroy. Minister -METHODIST- Men'a Dav II a.m. "GOD'S NEED FOR MEN" 3 p.m. Men's Service Rev. Chas. Warren, Taylor Memorial Methodist Church, Speaker Cathedral Choir First Methodist Church OF SAN LEANDRO 1600 Bancroft Avenua Res. Howard Greenwalt. Pastor Church Phono. LO ckhaven t-0000 Church School, 1:41 a.m. Worship Service 11 a m. Bishop George A. Miller Guest speaker ' . Melrose Methodist 04TH AVENVE and WsarTWOETI Edwin R Freeman Minister v Mrs. Marl Stahnwskl. onanist Church School 0:41 a m. Warship Service. 11 a m. Evening Service, 10 p m. Pioneer Methodist Church Telegraph at 37th Street . Rev. William C Eddy, Ptor 10 SO a.m. "Christ, The Cross and Mars" 7:30 p.m., Dr. A. U- Michelson Convarael Jew, M'nmter Hebrew-Oirtstlan Synagogue. Lo Anfeles, noted radio minuter: former Imperial Judge of Germany Tho Jew and Palestine In the Light of Bible Prophecy" MISSION COVENANT - Mission Covenant Church East list Street and Fifth Avenue Off Park Blvd. Bus No. 11 to Newton Ave. HAROLD W. UtlCKSON. Pastor 11 a.m. Rev. E. R. Watson President at Y.F.C. of Australia 7:30 pja. The Heralders Grand Rapldi School of tha Biblo Team First Church. Oakland Lakeshere Avenisa at Foothin ' Eugene Stow. Psssaae Sunday S a.m.. "Shower of Blessings" -KRE K AZAKENI 141 a m. Sunday School llJn. "WORDS THAT UPHOLD 30 am. Youth Hour 7 45 p m. "A MISSING NOTE IN OCR MODERN CHURCH" Mala Quartet PILLAR Or FIRE. f Pillw of Fire 1M7 BARRING TON AVENl'E Rev. Rvron E. Hopkins, Paatr Sunday School. I d a m.' Worship Service, 11 a ns. Evening Eajtlw. 7 ta Wad, T p.m.. Prayer Meotinf sTERiJENOMINATIONAL Mid-Century Revival Echo Sunday. July 9 9 :00 p.m. Oakland Auditorium Theatre Sing with Hilding! HILDINO HALVORSEN lead great program of aongsplratinn tnd Inspiration ' Dr. Louis T. Talbot Just rturned Irom a most enlightening world-wM tour Colored Motion Picture MID-CENTURY REVIVAL HIGHLIGHTS, evangalHWe tem, choir, children'! meetings, piaza meetlnss and ball park rally "The Heralders" SlunlcMn from Grand Rapids, Michigan Testimonies From converts of the Revival Special Meeting of Forget Me Not Missionary Circle Sunday, July 1. at 3:10 p.m. at Danish KaU, IM 11th street featuring Zola Louise 4-5 ear-old native African princess, ring Vernon Nepstead Norwegian tenor Pearl Holm Mjsitpnarr to A'rwji for M years. pakr. Evvrybnrjy vilrnmt t i LUTHERAN MISSOURI SYNOD Churches of "The Lutheran Hour" International Broadcaeta EVERY SUNDAY AT 10 30 a m , KFRCj 3 p.m.. EGO-Not Identical Services Bethlehem Lutheran Iftth and Magnolia Streets TEmplebar S-4073 CHARLE9 CLXNE. PaMnr Sunday School, 10 a.m. Divine Worship, 11:11 m. "ANTIDOTE FOR WORRY" Bethlehem Lutheran ASHBY at GROVE. BERKELEY M. ENGEL. Parlor Phone TH arawall 1-1007 Suaday Scaeol. 10 a.m. Morning Worship 11 a.sn "LAUNCH OUT INTO THE DEEP" First Trinity Lutheran "Oakland Church Beautiful" 17TH AVE. and EAST 1STH ST. ALFRED W KOBHLER. Pastor KE lloas 4-la0, KE llogg 1-Mi Sunday school 1:30 a.m. Worship service 10:43 a.m. Rev. Waldemar Menrel. Guest Speaker Bernard C. Mleger, Organist Grand Lake Lutheran "la the Heart of the East Bay" EUCLID AT VAN BUREN 13, 11 or 17 Bus Higha-ato 4-1317 ! ghgete 4 IMI Sunday School, 1:30 am. Adult Bible Class 1:50 a.m. Wnrship Service. 11 a.m. THE TRAGEDY OF NEGLECT" Vested Choir. W. G. Ruehle. pastor Pilgrim Lutheran 300 UTH AVENUE R W. tXnrWEtlMANN. Peetne Phoao KEllesa S-aU KE Uogg 3-7314 45 l.m.. Sunday School. Bible Clsa 11 in. Worship Service "FISHING WITH JESUS" Redeemer Lutheran HOT AVE and SRANN ST. FRANK HAEDICKE. Pastor TR landed 3-ls03-.TR kaidad 1-7011 Sunday School 1:41 a.m. "THE PURPOSE OF THE LAW" . 1 30 and 11:00 am. Rev. F. A. Haedleke preaching St. Paulus Lutheran Telegraph Averru at 41it Street WM. F. PETERS. Pastor Phones: Church, PI edmont S-0714 Reetdenee. PI edmont i-lJOOJ St. Peter's Lutheran 4 PROADMOOR BOULEVARD Ban Leandro; SW aetwood 1-470. HERMAN C THF.1SS. Pastor E C. SohJL Amistant Sunday School, 1:41 a.m. Worship Service. 1:30 and 11 a.l Sermon by E. C. Sohn "Holv Communion at 1 30 a.m. University Lutheran Chapel Divine service, nam. visiting 3740 COLLEGE AVENUE Speaker. Rev. Enno Klammer. BERKELEY Concordia Seminary, St. Louis REV. DON DEFTNER. Pastor Phone BErkeley 7-0114 p m., Student Supper Hour Zion Lutheran Church 1JTH and MYRTLE STREETS REV ARNOLD LEVENMAGEN Paatm Sunday School. 1 45 am. Adult Sib! Class. 10 a.m. Divine Worship 11 a.m. "ISAIAH'S STORY" PENTECOSTAL AT THE Big Downtown Mission 415 Nin'h St. (Ninth St . near Broadway, Oakland A Latter Rain Revival It on In full s ing .,."i;;;,;..;:' :., Hear Rev. Ronald V. Sittser of Sdtm and Hex Ralph T. Megrew of Seattle, Special Bible Conference Begmmrn Sit. night and runs through to Tues night. Iso Sua,U a.m. Rev. Fred C. Poole, formerly from Wales etrr! Rev. A. T. McKeown formerly frm Ireland Have a sreclsl m!mtTy in th:s. Harn' Morse. PaMor 1 rRESBTTERIAN Alameda Presbyterian "Tha Bajieeuarr Beautiful SANTA CLARA aad CliESTNUT .h-e V aa.yarlMae Is Is sfiaiatea? Reward R- Brubeck. Organist Director : P-m- SeK gh Fellowship 41 am. Sunday School far everyone 11 a.m. Dr. Gerald B. Switzcr, Ph.D. "WHAT VITAL RELIGION CAN DO FOR A MAN" Sunday Ckurck SckaoL 1:40 jb- Worship Service. 11 a m. Brooklyn Presbyterian -THE FRIENDLY CHVRCH" ITTH AVENUE and EAST 15TH ST n ..... u il u tl "A" Train RALPH E V ANDERS ALL Minister Nursery during 6ervire Guest Sneaker. Dr. Francis Fotiauet "CONCERNING THE SCJUPTURES" First Presbyterian Church of Oakland Broadway at 26th Street DR. THOMAS FB ANKXYN HVDSON, MINISTER Worship Service 11 a m. - Lazy, Brains" First Presbyterian SaW- "TOE message or ROBERT E. MUNGER. D D.. Paste w p m rbIGHT SPOTS IN A W M PhOifB. Minuter ol Muste DARK PICTURE" First United Presrij-tcrian "Tha Friendly Church SMI COLLEGE AVENUE iBuaeee 11 aid III Rev UoydJ a Oeut MUiUter Wo'fhip Service. 11 m ' THE LAMB AND THE SON"" Evening Serrtre, 7 30 pjb. THE MAN WHO WAS NOT THERE" Park Blvd. Presbyterian PARE BLVD. tad EAJiPlX No. 18 Bua on Fnaklia S. DH. A. LORDJ RIDINGS. Paste Phone AN dever IOTS Worship Service. 11 a.m. THE RELIGION OF A BUSINESSMAN" Soloist, Miriam Dorkin ft 4k, Three Westsusatar Groupa Samt John'a Presbyterian SS4 Coll earn A vacua. Barkaitp DM. STANLEY A. aJUN-EE. Paaaas 10-90 i n. Dr. Stanley A. Kknter "STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS" Kathleen Ettineer, aololat I 00 l it "BIRDS AND WILD FLOWERS IN CALIFORNIA" Color Film y Dorothy Deaa Scott REORGANIZED LATTER DAT SAINTS B BEOBGANiEV . Church of Jesus Christ OF LATTER DAY BATifTS SM ASHBY AVE.. BERKELEY ELDEB A. C ANDREWS, restae tt a m.. Church School. AD Age ' 11 a.m. Preaching. Bishop E C. Burdick -7 30 p.m. Preaching. Elder Jam Cumming Sunday School at 1:41 a m Dtvme Worahip (German) at 10 a m. Divine Worship (English! at 11 a m. The Christian's Reservoir of Strerurtk Vacation Bible School, July 10-31 each morning st 1 a m. Join tha. "Morning Watch" I M a.m. Weekdays KRE DIAL 1400 RELTOIOT78 BROAPCAIII . " Religious Science Oakland Chapter ef Institute of Religious Science Dr. Elmer M. CUford. Mlnlst Thalma Do Poystir. Pianist Ptpo Orgai--Cllm0 , i Inspirational Talk East Bay Church Federation RELIGIOUS SCIENCE At 144S Henaaual t Sunday, 11 a.m. "HOW RJXIGTOTJE -SCIENCE WUX WORK FOB YOV, Bay Manton, aototst At 14&3 Alice SL. Wtst, turn. Healing Service , Harvard Coureb at Religious Science Rev. Batty Baaaatt, Leader Metaphyseal Book-Nook Opened each Sat. at noon. At lOSS "A Sunday. 11 "ENLARGE YOUR vTSJOir1 Friday. S p.m. Healing Maetlns Phone LU l-ll or Pteaaantoai 4410 THEOSOPHT The Theosophical Society Sunday at I p.m, 170 13TH STREET .H(, Rrrr.NCE OF THE BBLT" Library open 3-4 p m. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Mr- G"- Bsrtholomew UnitedLodgeofTheOSOphisU ThurMay.. I , atudy elaaa ha MASONIC TEMPLE. BANCROFT and Etfal Verttla THEOBuPHY, SHATTUCK. BERKELEY. CALIF. using tha work ef H. P. RUvataky, AU wwm?""" '. n 8brt Cnmhi- First Unitarian Church In Downtown Oakland Hth and Castro Streets Next to Mam Library ARNOLD CROMPTON Minister UNITARIAN Church Service. 11 a m. Sermon Subject: "MAKE YOUR VACATION COUNT" This Is our final church service for the i UNITY Alamo' Unity ALAMO COMMUNITY CLUB Highway between Walnut Creek and Dtnville MARIE M. GILES, Minlaler Affiliated witk Unity School Claaa each Monday at S ra. Monday. July 10, "The Thing That Brings Results" Healing Conadou nea AO Waloorne Lakeside Unity Temple 144 Atfcol Avenue Affiliated with Unity School Rev. ALMA M MORSE. Minister 41 a.m.. Sundae School class 10:40 a.m, Organ Prelude 11 a.m.. Devotional Service "GOOD PREVAILS" Tuesday Healing t p rawed. I p.m., "THY WILL BE DONE" Rev. Alma M. Mora Oakland Unity MADISON STREET TEMPLE MAY ANDRL'W WIGGIN. Leaner 1453 Msdlson Street Sunday 11 a.m.. Church "BE NOT DISCOURAGED" Dorothea Mill Thurs.. 3 p ra.. Healing Reallratloei "FREEDOM," May A. Wiggins Richmond Unity Center 1131 Nevis Street. Richmond Affiliated with Unity School WINIFRED DEMINO. Minister Sunday Behcet, 11 a.ea. Church Service, 11 aju, "FREE FLOW OF JOY" Friday. 11 in.. Baal Ing Sas Leandro Unity Alia Mtra Club. ML Lafayette Week Dsy Services: Tues. Wed, Thurs.. 3:0A p.m. Rav. Barbara B. Lyon, Minister. Affiliated With Unity Sunday Services at Maeonle Teas 110 Hepburn St, San Leandro Church Service It a.m. "SPIRITUAL FREEDOM" Vedanta Center HASTE AND BOWDITCH STREETS. BERKELEY Busses 51 and 43 VEDANTA Sunday, July f, I p.m., THE POWERS OF THE MYST1CS" Swsmi Shanto Swarupananda, Speaker APOSTOUC Emmanuel Apostolic Chuich Zfflgf SSW, .Ji,; n .TA , K? o AV,nu Sunday. 1:30 p.m., Praia dt Praaciucg TRmid,? Mltl 8"lc- I Tues., 7:45 p m.. Evangelistic Friday, 7:41 pjn.. Evangellstle ASSEMBLIES OF GOD Bethel Tabernacle 1421 SSth Avenue near East 14th Street Wlllard C- Petrce, Pastor Sunday 11 a m. and 7:30 pm. t angelist Peggy King, Radio Speaker and Singer Evening Service will start promptly at 7:30 so that all may Join fit Civic Auditorium Service at 1 p.m. Sunday School 1 41 am, Christ' Ambassador 1:30 p m. Wed 7:45 pn.. Prayer Song; Bible Study Coming July 11th. HOWARD CARTER ol England "Revivaltime" Radio Rally "THE RADIO VOICE OF THE ASSEMBLIES OF OOD" First Assemblies of God Church 101h Ave. Ac E. 14th SL See and Hear a Transcrrntton made for a National Broadcast featuring: WESLEY 8TEELBERG, General Superintendent of tha Assemblies of God, Speaker. MARCUS GASTON, Director Rerrvaltim Broadcast e REVIVALTIME QUARTET from Springfield, Mtseourl. FIRST CHURCH CHOIR directed by NAOIfl LOOrBOLTtHOW. SERVICES SUNDAY . . . JULY 43 A.M. SUNDAY SCHOOL II 00 A M. DIVINE WORSHIP -1 45 P.M. EVANGELISTIC SERVICE BAPTIST , Bancroft Ave.. San Leandro r4i ,cl,ooi BANCROFT and JOAQUIN AVENUES 11 " Worship Service off ESTUD1LLO , jo p m.. Youth Group Buse 43, 10 and "N" Dr. Richard Augustine Pastor 3 30 pm.. Evealng Service Brookside Baptist Church 3300 Mac ARTHUR BOULEVARD WM. E APPLEBERHY. Minister AN dovcr I-0O01 Sunday School. 1:41 a sm. REV. MELVTN HAMRO Guet Preacher at 11 a m and 7:30 p m. First Independent Baptist K S3rd Street, near Telegraph Dr. H. O. Van Gilder. Pallor Worship Service II a.m. Ches Ansley and Youth for Christ Talent Evening Service 7:30 p.m Rev. Keiichi S. Hiraide, Tokyo Fundamental Baptist OAKLAND 1400 Seminary Avenue OrvtUe M. Tuck, Pastor TBisidad 3-340 Sunday Schoot 10 a m. Moming Worship. 11 ..m. Evangelistic Service, TiSO p.m. A GROWING CONGREGATION Lakeshore Ave. Baptist 3111 Lakesnore Avenue R. N GEISTWE1T. D O, Pastor . Broadcastt, KSTO. Sup. ll a m., S-S-SB p m Television K.P1X Sun.. 4.30 o-ra II a.m. Dr. H. N. Geistwelt "WILL SPIRIT WIN'" I p m.. Rev E P. Y. Simpson "SAVING ' FAITH'' Lakeside Baptist 3rd Ave and E 15th Street Oriel L Hansen Psstor Melrose Baptist 47TB AVENVE and BOND STREET ERNEST U HASTINGS Pastor Bible School 1:45 a.m. 11 a.m.. Prof. Kennith Norauist Bethel Collet end Seminary, St Paul. Minnesota 1:30 p.m.. Earl Byleen . Worship Service Ham. "COME HOLY SPOUT' Evening Service 7:41 p.m. Bob Jones' Bra Ensemble Oakland First Baptist TELEGRAPH AVENUE t TWENTY-FIRS! STREET Dr. George M. Oerbysntr. Minister Church School 0 40 a m Worship Service. 11 a m.' "A DOMINATING PURPOSE" Dr George M. Derbyshire People' Service 7:30 p.m. "ONCE IN A CENTURY" Dr. William Aiding, Missionary San Lorenzo Baptist 4TH AND La WELLING San Lorenao O Glenn Orr Paetec Sunday School. 0:3 a.m Worship SenMre, 11 am. "The Resource of the Children of God ' Evening Service, p.m. Sound Film: TCinjl Come Home' Calvary Baptist Church of Alameda Hotel Alameda. Broadway and Santa Clara REV HAROLD THOMAS Pastor -CONSERVATIVE BAPT1ST- .b am. auoat ftacneet. all ases 11 a.m Morning worsens 'THE KINGDOM OF GOD" 7:90 p m. "THE PURPOSE OF THE INCARNATION" Elmhurst Bapust Qurch Jffili: Oi cSS oHth TONGUE" REV PAUL t HORN Pastor Evening Service. 1:30 pjn. LO ckhaven t-7111 TRUE SELF DENIAL" N lies First Baptist Robert H. trreachlng 111 1 STREET Sunday School. :41 ajeu Serving the WasntriatMi Tewnship Worship Seiak. 11 am. area el Alameda County. , , . M j W. F. HUNTER. Pastor Evening Service 1:39 m. -1 , Dr. Lx)uis ,T. Talbot ot Lo Angel e Missionary Movies Nightly 7:45 p.m July, 9 to 14 Sunday: 1 1 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. 23rd Ave. Baptist Chiirch 23rd Ave., near Foothill Blvd. Guy Archer Weniger Paster Calvary Baptist Corner Grove and Adits an. DR. S. O. POSEY Passer Sunday SchoeL thai am. ' Clarence Kennedy Supt ocrirjCaTjr BairnsT- sstaataa Wonhis II a.a. -OREAT raRumAN LrVTNO" Evenlna Servtoe S P-m. "THE PRODIGAL SON" I tt Southern Baptist Church 1711 11th AVENVE J. E CHAFTTN, Pastor Sunday School, -.tt a an. Morning Woaahipt !M J Traintral Unaens. 0 41 p.m. Evenmc Worship. SS e m Prayer Meeting I' w C- aaa' ear'Bi mt'-iS aC

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