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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 31

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

OikUhd Tribune Friday, July 7, 1950 31 Fain Hurt Seals Nip Stars in 12th as to GUMBERT PHILS NEAR flKW! iiainnin Restelli Four-Master 9 'I Yankees on Berra's Double HALTS' S.D. ON 7 HITS TOP SPOT; BEATN.Y. Cards Enough iflvs IT NEW YORK, July 7. (T-The New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia Athletics yesterday, 5-4, to sweep the two-game series. The Yanks made the winning run off rlif nltrhsr SACRAMENTO, July 7.

UD Sacramento made it three straight Twinks Lose Tilt With 6-5 Setback; Lien Gets Victory PHILADELPHIA, July 7, over San Diego, 4 to 2, here last The Philadelphia Phillies ad -By Ray Haywood night. Harry Gumbert, veteran; Brissie with two out in the ninth inning when Gene Wood- ling got an infield hit and scored on Yogi Berra's double. ST. LOUIS, July 1 tft-Ona inning tha first waa all the 8t Louis Cardinals needed to beat the Cincinnati Reds last night The Redbirds pounded In 19 runs in that frame to start off toward a 13 to 1 decision. vanced to within a half-game of first place yesterday by over-powering the New York major leaguer who was making his first start of the year for the Solona, held the Padres to seven hits Brissie came in for the final inning after lefty Bob Shantz had gone the first eight.

im LINES PENNED while seated in Wrigley Field, Los Angelesjust before the posse arrived to drag us home. During our short but merry trip with the Oaks, we noticed that most of the lads have their peculiarities. Giants, 9-8. A 12th-lnnlnf homer by Right-fielder Dino Restelli with none on gave San Franciico a hard-earned 8 to 5 victory over the t- rAirjTrt toiu, luume suuiuudw iiidav 9AN D1RCO Bob Miller, sensational rookie righthander of the Phils, started Ah lib ing Ms lirst start as a major! ABHOAI By that we don't meaiv such minor idipsyncracies as fail- 4h CINCINNATI I ST. LOOT3 1 leaguer, lasted seven frames 1 arid Tom Ferrick.

who hurled and posted his eighth victory Si Aftftft'X WYNN FANS 11 CHISOX; TRIBE TRIUMPHS, 5-2 ABHOAI ing to score from third on a triple, taking two and then hitting 1 0 White.lf against no defeat. He JWeded Adm.jb a 1 j'e a the lnal w0 innings, was cred- to the catcher, or sleeping In tpe hotel all day and in the ball r- park all night 4 i ited with the victory. BrardlnoZb 4 1, 4 1 4 nr. k. 1 3 1 help, however, from Jim Kon-j wyrostk.rt a stanty, after being knocked out of jjj'y the box in the sixth inning.

a 4 Willie Jones slammed his 18th 1 DiCiavUnoJb 4 4 OSchndntt lb Mil 4 110 1 0 Slaughter ji 1110 4 Walker jf 1110 5 11)1 3 1 Wilier ja 1 1 7 a 3 4 1110 Rice.c 9 0 Brajle.p 10 1 0 1 a (CRlimorKti.c 4Mt 0 1 Gumbert.p 3 14 4 1 0 CLEVELAND, July 7. The OlMTl.p I Artams I 0 Storey 1 home run for the Phils, Andy SffiTl 9 Cleveland Indians swept a two- i ne km was Brissie uui, high in the Majors. The win was derrick's first since joining the New Yorkers three weeks ago. Shantz was removed for a different from another and ball players different from people. For instance, GEORGE BAMBERGER, the lithe and lean right-handed pitcher, doesn't want anyone, including close relatives, to touch his glove when he Is attempting to earn steak and caviar money laboring on the well-known hilL game series by beating the Chi-iSeminick his seventh and Granny Hetxi.p Totals 34 It Totals 34 1J 7 12 Adams struck out for Tresh 1n 7th.

Slorey grounded out lor Catron in tth. i cago White Sox, 5-2, yesterday. Hamner his fifth. Bobby Thorn-Early Wynn struck out 11 and son hit the lone Giant round- Totala 33 1 24 I Totala 40 It 37 IS Score by lnnliuu: in Sella Stadium. It waa a towerinf blow.

The ball cleared the left field wall by about three feet and was still going at the fans, weary after three hour of baseball, straggled out of the park. The victory waa credited to Al Lien, hia 12th of the season. Lien took over in the eighth after Chet Johnson and Harry Feldman failed to atop the Stars. Hurler Ben Wade of Hollywood banged out the first homer of his career to open the Stars' Cincinnati 000 100 000 1 Scnrr bv innings: San Diego 003 404 Hiti mi oni rpinch hitter in the Philadelphia iveup only four hits in winning tripper, his 11th. 21 MffMh cram I.ic tfi in a vnw i vrur vad tv i SL Louia (10 1 01 000 03' 13 Summary: Wyroatek.

Glaviano. PHILAMBHIA oin (mi 4 ninth and Brissie came on. The Sacramento Hits AB A i nunaj Btaugnier, now- ABHOA om 113 32- 121 ms single in tne lourtn scored! ntr-her-' pitcner gOl IWO OUl Rnhprin Avila and hi Mn.iKI. 4 2a 1 3 1 3 0 Ryan. Adams.

Wyroatek. RBI Slaufh Bomb! Keeps Busy Bambi brings his glove back to the dugout when the Oaks are at bat and guards it zealously. When it is his turn at the plate, he spends half his time watching Manager Chuck Dressen's signals from the third base coaching box and most of the other half watching the dugout and his glove. This undoubtedly prevents him from tr ft Vh it tA th.n K.rl KrooV Jntnwi-t 5 1 1 2 Hamner ji 4 me sixtn scorea Jim neean. Avna Mueller.

5 a a Ohn 7 3 4 13 4 1 2 IVAjilitaa inwA aimnU had ufl kerf Ann Hooan hzA mmmn.n i crnit WUllHl MKKV" D.a..K.v Thnmw.rf 4 1 2 0 W. Jones Jb 4 4 0 9 1 Si.lrr.rf 4 1 4 Smith. singled. Gumbert 33 3 1 Summary: Tresh. Wilvin, RiHhv.

Srtuchock. Tabor. Reich. a 4 ljter, Howerton 3. Miller 3, Nelson.

Brad. 0 10 r. Glaviano a. Mustal, Ryan. 3B Howerton 1 2, Miller.

Adcock. SB Adams. DP 3 3 3 Hetki, Prameja and Alcock; MUIer. 1 4 0 Schoendienrt and Nerson-; StaJJeup ana 4 3 8 Adcock. LOB Cincinnati St.

Louis 10. 1 3 BB Off Blackwell t. Braile 3. Eraurt 1. 0 1 1 Hetkt 4.

SO Bv Blackwell 1. Braxle 4. 0 0 0 Hetki 7. Oft Blackwell 3 In 'i In- WP i The victory the Tribe one iV a tame back of the second olaop Dark. 4011 Miiier.o a 1 grounder to Pete Suder, the first baseman.

Suder was playing the bag because Ferris Fain had to quit the game earlier with a pulled muscle in his back. scoring in the fifth. Murray getting many hits, out it aoesn i stop mm irom winning Dan games-Franklin singled, was sacrificed which is what counts. to second and then scored on GEORGE KELLY, the Oakland coach known to the trade as single by Frank Kelleher. Long George has one of the finest coaching voices in baseball.

Then CILnt Conatser'lt will pierce armor plate at 97 1114 kilometers. v- xr 1 2 10 2 rtonalnty.o 1 New York ankees who beat Kennedv.o 0 0 1 Philadelphia. nartung.D J( rungs; JTjautt 4 Hetkt 1 In TW. i HBP Hetki (MlllerV PB Rice Wtnnet Braxle 'S-3i.

Loser Blackwall tS-S. Gunihert. LOB San Diego 5 Sacramento 7. 2B Nielen, Beraraino, Souchock. Tabor.

Wnt. 3B Ralmondt. SH Olaon RB-Nielen. RBI KaimonfJI. Niel'en 2 Reich 2, Snurhock.

DP Smith to Wilnon to Cnnyer; Berardmo to Ratio to Souch-ock. Winner Gumbert. ler OUen 1 Crahicci. Kngeln and BenU. A i CHICAGO 1 O.KVFXANP Totalt 11 24 lOi Totala 32 10 27 Ballanfant.

Barlick and 2 11. A 14.7JS. 1 AB A1 AB A Score bv inningj: Ua kail Tlri-I 100 001 301 i New York 5 0 4 1 4 1 sie could not get to first base in Phiiiey.rf Philadelphia 010 043 10 jj. I Summary: Starky. Jorgensen.

eStem InfernOTIOIIOl ik. i a nicRen.rr Thomson. Wentrum. Hartun. Ashbum 2.

nine tu UiC uuuw aucau ui Zemlal.ll 4 1 Lin scores: Hamner. W. Jones 2. Semimek 2, Goliat 3, 2 3 0 1 3 1 5 1 0 0 1 0 1 a 3 0 Woodling. Berra, hitting in his "bnso" Stankv RBI Thompson.

Thomson. Victoria 001 on 101 a I 1 Tacoma 300 100 SO 7 9 2 Mitchell If 3 0 Tucker If 0 Raster, lb 1 0 I 2 Rosen 1 1 Boone. 2 3 Aula 2b 3 1 Hegan.e 1 0 Wynn.p 0 0 0 Cubs Rally For 4-2 Win Over Pirates Batteries: Marshall and Ronmng; Car Stanky. jorgensen. Mueller 2, W.

2. Ahburn. Hamner 3. 2B Mueller. Westrum.

W. Jones. Semlnick. I One night while the Oaks were playing in Seattle, Kelly was getting particularity good distance and the wind was right. A young maiden moose reported at the will-call window and asked for George.

She said she had heard his scream in her home In eastern British Columbia and had trotted down to the park to see what he had in mind. When ahe learned that all he had in mind was the hope an Oakland batter would get at least a long fly and thus bring a run in from third, she went back home, where the moose mean what they say. ter and Sheets. jlinn straignt game, men aouoieaicrrMaueUs 3 (into the left field corner and g0 Woodling beat the relay to the CoMberry (Completion of unfinished May con whammed a double, scoring Kelleher, and scored himself on a single by Jim Baxes. The Seals tied it up at 4-4 in' the seventh.

Jim Moran, Ray; Orteig and Les Fleming walked! filling the bases, and Moran! scored after Harry Feldman's long I fly to centerfield. Jack Tobin's! grounder scored Orteig and scored himself on Restelli's single after stealing second. HOLLYWOOD SAN rRAVCISTO I Hartung. 3B Ashburn. HR Semintck.

Hamner. Thornsn. W. Jones. Miller.

test! 0 0 I.OB New Vork 7: Philadelphia BB in TK Plate. IHrafrer.D Line scores: It Yakima (330 210 000 10 0 A 0 0 0 Miller 3. Kennedy 3. Hartung 3. SO S.

CHICAGO, July 7. Chicago Cubs routed 0 1 Dili PHILADELPHIA I NEW YORK Tri-Ctty 1300 19 1 11 14 1 0 0 0 IJnnrc 3 Hartimi KmLSntv Miller I Baker Ulli HCl It ABHOA ABHOA i. HO S. Jones In 4Mi lnninas: Ken-I Batteries: Savarese. Rial ill, Powell with a three-run uprising in the eighth inning here yesterday and iose ri ABHOA defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates, 4 to 2.

The Cubs split the two- 'nlbb game series. i Hitchck.2b PITTSBURGH CHICAGO I Totals 31 4 24 Totals 32 10 27 4 nedv 2 l's: Hartung 3 in 3's, Miller (5) and Tiesierai Logg. Teiliiatto (4, 0 Ooldiberry walked for Scarborough in Konstanty.I in HBP S. Jones Greenlaw and McKeegan, Pesirt (). 1 Goliat Winner Miller 'l-0i.

Loser Jones Line scores: i Pierce ran (or Goldsberrv In Tth 1 10 Bogeess, Robb and Pinellj. Yakima 014 001 001 7 11 1 0 Baklr out it So te th T-2 23. A-7n. Tri-City 001 001 001-3 0 1 Batteries: Lamer and Tiesiera; Stone, bT 'nnln: ,1 Olson and Pesut. Chicago 000 030 0002 2 Cleveland .100 102 10 -S SUIISet LCaQUe Una scores: I 0 'Vancouver 004 SOO 0002 10 0 1 Summary: Carrawmel.

Ktarhot, iRiversida 00 000 001-S TWenatchee 010 Oil 3 10 Xk'i; PbZ; Wyn iMexicalt Ill 000 010-4 Batteries: Nicholas and Brenner; Rami 0 RBI Doby, Wynn 2. Fox. Phtlley. Mitch-1 Batteries: Edmunds and Soecht: Ochoa and Len Nsnl. Souraeon ().

3 0 10 5 2 2 3 12 4 2 2 3 1 1 Brrra 5 2 2 3 1 3 4 3 4 0 0 10 4 1 8 2 0 0 0 1 4 2 13 Johnson. 3b 3 1 1 4 1 4 3 1 3 4 I 3 Mapes.rl 4 1 3 3 10 3 ford.p 1 0 0 110 0 Brown 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Ferric 0 0 0 The Old Kelly System When things aren't going right, and the Oaks can't get a hit, Kelly has a habit of picking up small rocks and rubbing them between his hands. His theory is that perhaps he can generate a little heat. Sometimes, Kelly admits sadly, his pebbles get hotter than the Oakland batters. 1 3 3 0 SiHolderJf 3 17 3 Restelli.

rf ABHOA SJintl.p ABHOA' a 4 1 3 3 3 1 II 0 3 2 5 rrankln.Jb 5 4 4 Pave.3h 3 3 3 0 race, lb Lehner 1 1 4 fojck.a eard rt 0 1 1 Owenx 0 ell. Avila. 2B Wynn. Rosen. Mitchell.

Marr.n log i Line scores: Siuer.rf c- i no,. n'liAn it AmA in rniitmc it ie j4if-fiMll4 41 eiirnace Kiner.lf a nrisfcic.p 0, Totals Line scores Paenke.c Salem 300 025 000 a 10 1 32 f212 100 111 no 4 It 1 Spokane 003 300 101 00 4 It 000 100 300-4 4, Haeiner 3 Alma 2. Wvnp 7. SO Sanrntsrdtito MANAGER CHARLES DRESSEN. Chuck always walks behind PhuupJib home plate cn route to the third base coaching box.

If the Oaks' Wade Ssdiock Milsbtgr.p 0H 010 4 1 1 Batteries: McNnlty. Tlemey () and 0 I.anl.Jb Vlnran 2b 0 0 Ntcri 2 johnson.p 0 Keirtman.p 1 ieniing 1'iendMa White Jonways 0 Philadelphia 0 New Battertes: Conules, Nadeaa (7) and Beard; Rockey, Kohout OTlyna ough 4. Haefner 3, Aloma 3, Wynn 1. SO 0 Rummirv: Chanman. a.

Ewin: Gonzalea and Cuno. 0 3 O.Verban 3 3 0 Walker 1 10 1 CavartU lb 0 1 2 Saner. If 0 2 0 3 0 Bnrktki.rf 0 0 0 1 Serena lOt) Mmner.p 0 0 0 0 0 0. th'rri haveman hacJeft his mitt alrinp thp nath. Dressen nicks it uo Turner.

i and Rossi. Rl7ZUto. Woodling 3. Dl r- v. L- Murtaufti I 1 1 0 ana carries along wnne ne aocs wdsi oe aone.

i Mueller and carries it along while he does what must be done 3. E-Dilllnger. uiMaggio. kbi- MrGown. stevena and Hurley.

4 Di.Maggio. Berra 2. Coieman, alue. Hitch-I oa 2 0 1 First of all, he kicks the bag twice with his right heel, and then does it twice more with the inside of his left shoe. 1 1 rock, 2, Dilimger 2B Valo.

DiMaggio, Lehner. Berra. 3B Gucira. Valo DP Coleman to R11- CSVTRAL LEAGrt Totals 4 14 34 17 Totals 40 3 3614 rirmtr.g walked for Nicely In 7h. Sheridan tan for Totals 31 34 Hi Totals 11 ZU0 Mi buder to wani to buder: FISIlERMExV! COMPLETt REPAIR SERVICE ON RODS 4 REELS P.

W. MeCLIXTIC Fias Sperling Geeas 127 Irsifwir Oikliis" CrSTABS This done he takes the glove and tosses it inside the coaching box. If the glove is out of reach, he might let it go until he has kicked the bag, but it alwavs ends up in the box. When the Oaks Saginaw 11. Grand Rapids S.

Flint 4. Charleston Dayton 13. Muskegon T. El Centr-o Ore) an 00 a 4 Las 100 100 4004 12 1 Batteries: Bennghele. Gower lit and Sady: Merrill.

RadcUffe tl. Flinn ill and Johnson. Line scores: (1st fame Yuma 000 000 0011 7 1 Tlltiana 000 003 5 I 2 Batteries: Evans. Gilbert 181 and Holmes; Clark and Villanueva. Line scores 3nd garnet Yuma lot 000 13 10 0 Tijuana 000 000 0000 I red.

Murtaugh struck out for Turner In tn. va 10 nncncocK. i-uo rr.uaaeipnia Hopo struck out tor Dtcksoo in Ms. York 8. BB-ShanU 4, Ford 4.

SO Owen in h. -Shanti 2. Ford 1. HO Snanta It in whits flted cwit for Sneudsn if) One out when winning run si Score bv Innings: 'IK wood eoo 044 000 Hit5 101 r.o Hkl San Francisco loo or 2 .0 010 1U0 ino 5 complete their time at bat, he torses the glove out where the in- innings: Briisie 2 In rord 1 In Fer- 1 Score bv Innings: riCk 1 in 2. PB Berra.

Winner Ferrick ARIZONA-TEXAS 1UGI I Pittsburgh 001 oon-3 4, V-Gneve. 1 Phoenix Tucson 4. Chicago 000 001 30 4 svtn Honoehick. 3:13. A Juarel I.

Biabee-Douglaa 101 IS 30i neiaer can una u. ne is inougnuui inai way, is. Thev say. incidentally, that Dressen is the only coach who can Summtrr: Kiner, Turner, Verban, 12,027. Paso 4, Globe-Miami 0.

ruchers record- give nine, complete sets of signals to nine batters and remember iVniBi-Bolek. csiiios. amaiiey. uer. IP AB tH BB SO Pafko 3, Smalley.

2B Roiek. Cavarretta, Smallev. HR Satter. Westlake. DP Smalley to Cavarretta: Minner to Smalley to Cavarretta: Rojek to Schem to tad.

Johnson Feldman Mslubsrgsr Lien io 4S 31 3V 30 17 them aH--'wiucn is often more than one batter can do with one set. Stealing signals from Dressen is Interesting work and apt to gtr One the impreasion the bead nan has St. Vltua Dance (by lnTitation only), the galloping hives, poison oak, and the old hot foot Summary: Franklin. Kelleher, Conat-aer 3. Wade.

Tobin 3. Restelli 3. Moran Orteig. B- Hicks, Lang. WP-Wade.

LOB I Phillips LOB Pittsburgh Chicago 4. i BB Off inner Werta 1. Dickson 1. ISO Bv Minner Werle 3. HO Werle Innings; Dickson 3 In S.

Winner i Minner i3-5l. Loaer-Werle 14-4'. Dascoli, Jorda and Goetl. 3 IS. A i 12.853.

Hollywood 13, San Francisco 3. 2B Conatser. Tobin. Stavens. Ss ier.

UK TSnmtn't KJaSOrl TolssnnAna) Wade. Restelli. SH Restelli. Orteig rea I CIQpnOnS While he lacks Kelly's volume, Mr. D.

still has saner, white, Resteih i sandiock' Moran good power. He can hold long distance conversation without DP Moran Nicely-Grace; Orteig to tang- Bases to stern -3 houtu, bothering with the telephone which saves a buck or two, rates Goran, Mutart, Ford and Barbour. whj(t re days WESTERN ASSOCIATION Hutchinson S-3. St. Joseph 3-S.

Salina Topeka 3. Jophn 4, Enid 0. Muskogee 5. Springfield Here Then he rubs the front of his pants with his left hand, pats the liag Skinny Stop BeVOS iback of his pants with his right hand, puils the visor of his cap iZJ, xmc City, postponed SEATTLE, July 7. ur-Hector with whichever hand is handiest, points at right field, left field is some "SUtnnv Hrown Chet'ked the vrini i uriu, as-uisja sua am 1.11,9 uxa sioiiuo aiiiu wiuakica.

tarrnage 4, tola a. ChanuU 7. Miami 3. three-game losing streak of the! wnisue a anrm miiair, aomeuung axin 10 an eagies Seattle Rainiers last night by tos-maUng cry. It appaj-efitiy is used only in moments of stress, and sina a five-hit 5-3 victory wt can't gurantea its meaning in the future, we know that I 1 in times past it has been a very important signal.

the Portland Beavers. Turn nt th hlnwa wrri homers by Mirkey Rocco and Jim Gladd POHTLANP I SEATTtl 1 kiH ABHOA It was an order that the batter should: Walk, kit, or get hit bat get on. WHICH ENDETH LINES PENNED WHILE 5EATED IN WRIGLEY FIELD the posse is here, with its little handcuffs and lariats, and we are on our way home. 6 Frev Sb 1 I 1 4 1 1 1 3 1 4 Marauexd 4 0 4 0 4 1 Hnri-'vlb 4 I 3 3 3 0 3 1 0 Hacklev rt ICotmen.if Vico.lh S'Saikelr! 1 DavllU' 1 0 Brots n.p 0 Lyons cf interesting news your automobile 5 IIUIIIIJ klvUU VUUyVIJ Line scores: 4 0 3 1 3 1 3 1 3 0 0 0 1 0 Gladd A Pobf to Cree: Llndr Bros is Dntrrrgp 8 )o 3 Victory Reno OKI 000 000-3 Medford 031 000 3 Batteries: Torres and Bonch; ears as fa awl gs lT aa a sawl ea ta aa i at" lew tf ma. 431 flu SWeragi Vtti, aaB.

1 4, 1 aj Line scores: aT" 4 1 10 0 I I 14 1 3-fAn-1 Andrew Gross 11 about TotaW 30 10 37 12 Totals 31 i 34 31 3 34 BROOKLYN. July 7. iatv-Two ptttsbatg ant ao 300-a Brovis tanned for Linde In tth. Mmtttr VA Ulb.i. mA Eugene IX 000 10 Ct( ui, uuuiti, Batteries: Carr.

Armstrong tl. Score by Innings: soft 7 1 and Eraser; Walbel ana McMillan. Portland 300 310 001 013 000 100- 3 Hodges paced the Brooklyn 020 000 Dodgers to an 84 victory over hi tne Boston Braves last night. Hits rattle Wta Pitchers reco rd MarvsvlUe ..,.000 OOO 300 14 10 3 Redding 400 JOO 000 3-4 I 3 Batteries: Mfrhaelson and Olaon: Dillon. Roil (7), Tobe? () and Choukalos Onr 130 S4t It- iwiiioms rasao bad sea ear aesr.

ass 4 era stars HATS, rsesarr -te-IOl'1 Save she tr-frereaee. 1551 Son Pablo Art. TE mplebar 2-5563 BOSTON BROOKLYN bb sot TfTFT AB II Al AB A Klamath Falls 340 101 44 17 13 1 0 3 1 4ICoJb Vs. Batteries: Brean. Younte (t) ant Hel-muth; Spurlock.

Foster (it ajtd Trtandoa. C.esl 23 I 2 0 l.lnde 3 0 1 0 1 Drilling 1 3 0 0 0 1 1 Brown 0 21 3 I 3 1 Summary: Basfcnskl. Rocco. Gladd. Frev 3, Raottlejf 3.

Schuster. LOB Portland 3. Seattle HR Gladd. Rocco. SB Jethrotcf Torg FJlmtt.Jb Gordon.

If Holmes. rf rr 3 0 1 3 0 a i i 3 1 1 1 1 3 1 0 Russell If llHrmmkUf 2 Snider cf 1 0 Hodges, lb I 0 INiriTlo.rf OiCampnela.e fl 1 Reese. ss 3 liMiksWJb 0 0 Roe.p Hacklev. S-Judnlch SH Schuster RB1 Cranctail.c Rivta Jrin4 fnlmei RMklkv Gladd. DP Bastnstsl to Austtn to Rocco.

Loer Creel. 3. U-Somr, Cunningham and Young. A StttJ. Spahn.p R4cford.p Slstt Mojor Ltoguc Ltadtrs Be I'alsM Preas tEADINO BATSMEN AMERICAN LtAOl'E Totals 34 7 34 111 Totals 31 14 31 I Sisti singled tor Bicklord tn tth.

Score br Innings: Boston 030 100 100-3 Brookljrm 004 134 43 4 Summary: Elliott t. Crandalt, SnVaer. Hodges 3. Funllo, Campanella 3 and Pet Player and club AR 30 1 107 333 44 44 Kail, Detroit 73 Dobr, Cleveland 70 Dropo. Boston 41 F.ers.

Detroit 4 Zarilla, Boston 41 Miksis 3 Jethroa, Mlksls. Kerr, Cox. RBl-Clliott. Crandsll 3, Mlkata 3 Boa. Cos.

Campanella, Hodge a. 38 Campus anella. Hodges. Torgensoa. HR Fjiiott.

ill Crandatl. Mlksls, Hodges. SB Jettlroe S--Smdcr. Re lOB Beaton Brook- 44 43 9 44 31 232 337 I i i i i i i Imi 9 PB Ott Roe 3. SO BT spann '71 1.

Roe 4. on Spahn 11 in 5 Sss innings: Btckfnrd In 3 Winner Roe. 10-4 Loser Spahn Stemart. NATIONAL I.F4GI p.iblnson. Bmottlyn '7 Musial, St Louts 3M) 87 Siaughter, SL Ixiuls 70 173 40 41 I orkman.

New York 41 ti filslrr. Philadelphia Ot 333 34 TI HOME RUNS Roaen. Indians IVSnlder. Dodgers 33; Conlon and wameke. i jaJ And what Happened? Then the oil In these cars was changed to Mscmillan, the tarn petm wis dntUpmi with tmrtgt tj 8 Uss gsulm.

Do you know what this means in money? Figuring gasoline at an average of 2 a gallon, it means you save 2 1 a gallon simply by changing your motor oil to Macmillan. That's a big saving isn't it? Yet it's small when yoa realize bm waxb mart you save in repair bills. Because: The less friction, the leu mear and tear on your car. Hnalh, ronember this Macmillan Motor Oil not only fifbts frictim but rtmms urlm from your mooor cleani your motor as you drive. Ask for this fine motor oil at Uadependent dealers where you see the sign of the big red "MT It means Money in your pocket, Mileage in your car.

JPionetr Looguo I wunams. It en pox asimepnena. nan box mrm-Kiner. Ptrate. MiDuita, Y.nU WaukTc.ty Dropo, Bad Sag li BilMnas 100 too ano 1 7 3 013 000 00 a 3 roster and Henaoet: thspard BUNS BATTED IN i Barters: Just suppose you ire driving at 40 miles aa hour on a level road.

The power, of course, comes from the gasoline you feed your motor. Yet 50 of the power generated by that motor doesn't do a thing to make your car go farther or latter. Why? Because that power never gets to the rear wheels. It is used to overcome internal motor friction. And we don't ask you to take our word for it America's automotive engineers have pnvtd k.

Now, along comes a motor oil that proves it fvrthtr rUmce this internsJ fhcricaaX7liich rneaQi ttt engine delrvcrs the tame power with Uss It's simple as ABC: The lea frictim in your motor, the Uss rakes to run your car. This has been atrikingly demonstraterl in recent months. Hundreds and hundreds of cancan of all makes and ages cars that had been wing mrj ristiooally hjown brand of motor oil were given the Dvnaunottseter Test. This is a machine devised by engineers to measure the power an "engine delivers to the rear wheels. Dropo.

Bad to I Warg. Tlgem TJ aad Myers. Wtlliama. Fed aos II Roaan, Indians 44 Una scores Stephen. Red Boa ISi Osden RIB asn 13113 It 1 tot 030 tat 3 0 1 Great rails 35miAHC3)AL ifDQG 0AHG Kail.

Ttaera JA fnjehi anl Lsiadberg. Rlnuto, Yankee Werta. Tiger Una aenraa: Twin rails WO tot tftt-t 1 3 Idaho rails 330 100 4B-T 3 I. miiingers, Atn. wm riTC'HINO Miller.

Phillies I McDermolt. Red Boat Maclie, Giants 4 Chlnman, Bravri 4 Roberts, Phillies 10 t. 1 Batteries: Labrum. Mctalteer earn V. ai-takar; Cltssm, Colling and aUrfucrl.

Line scores: 1 5 (son. 104 001 044V- I 4 3 Pocatello 000 tat to 11 1 nanuses: uumora. asesaas. ssnder and Romers; Barkseesr and Rand. TBirC I LEAC.l'B Ivansrllls) Tarts) Haute 14.

Sinner 3. Quad Cities I. aterloo I. Cedar Rapids (Only lames scbaduladi. NOBTREBN LEA0C1 Bat) Oatra 4-4 Dulirth 1-4.

Farco-Moorhaad 11. Aberdeen It (ftrMV IMwl OCJ EVERY tStt ocvzQaAL mo Acn tc3q tvW llsWI boi IVw Mi atasfgsssl aspWM C. RAND CO- ZOtk A Wibttir $tu CikU5, 44J77 Pndimt I MACMILLAN PETIOLE UM C01P0JLATI0N Pfy Today' Ftutest Gmtne mt the Dmy Aren't Newe Sprt Center CAUFORIilA TABLE TENUIS COURTS CPEIIIQ SATURDAY, JULY 8th 1116 CLeY STREET, OAKLAND lltO FLOOR COtNEK Of 12TH STREET Nman: WtasV Daya 7 t.m.-ll antai(M XppmtoJ SlMfj Bi MlseJatafr a svt aaa A tB 12 awsM 12 gai-anjK U.S.T.T.A. gqwiprntfit Mmmw MmmktHt9 AH Antfr 4av Phone: TWiaoaks 3-8161.

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