The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 20, 1935 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 20, 1935
Page 1
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^E TWO Rl.YTKEVTU.E. (AUK.) COURIER NKWS «S>CrCi bocid! Calendar rs ^rs ^iiT; kiwx 23? c-s bi!!K ° ,??«»[ ^!^ ,««n|!« .« wiu * accompanied' to the)? 1 ' " Hol> Name society of Immaculate tiw Morgan home, IiM Clilckn- 'Conce;jtion church having Bingo ''"wl-M. yjrsy at social hall Miss Era Wright won the liicli Mtsstoipp, Xtiutuy W. M. U. s - co >o l>*e, Mlfs Marie Ilunilsh meumg ,u Fiisc liipllit church l[ l ? traveling aware] and Miss /J lor al! day meeting //,,//„,. i »i •• '*0<«"ltt i\eWB :!i Hoi Splint's by Mr. und .wre. Mm Prestige, of Tyrom.ii, wlio will Ihcm for two weeks. Evrn a Mummy At This Say* NOTE: A, Q. Morrison, subject of th« /pHdwJiijf ijory, Is llW husband <rf M)re , • Betaa UnU Hlorrisss, of BlyUievllfc Illgll fcllQoJ /»culty. , Would Laugh A. Q. Morrison Khrey, ihc pest prize. ' The M members nnd four Biii>Uf .rid Mrs, Mor- CTf « served individual cherry tarl? . Jaffee'6 liomc al! <l coffee. George Wnslilneion colors were used in the refreshments. JewUli Ladies Ant meeting wllh Mis. ID. M. jHlfc-e nnd Mrs, M'or rfs Silvcrfield at Mrs hi Osceola, 8 p.m. Armorel P.-T. A. linvlntj mecl- •l«g at school, 2:30 p.ui, Yarcio NVoman's Missionary so- ^''^ Slroct Wvnii-u c'et> meeting whli Mrs. Will Iu- itilu ' Study McMhijr. ferney. 2 p m for .social service, i Members of ihc Wonian'u Mis- play tchcol auanouum. Mib Ross U Hughe.- ThuradHj Lunchron cluo. ^Mrs tu^ar Boiuri enterlauiiug TiiiiiiQi. LOmritc. tint). 'UiJi-asi liiiti e club mcetirig Will' Mis Tica mitlieiiord. 1 rtlDAVc, nVLi-iTS CCitun L na'in'M.'ile dance ;U countrj tluc, s jo p iu tuuci hiB'i V -1 A presenting plaj ala^x Eved Eus'in" ut hlffli ^chool audi.orium. dub I'icetliis at club houe, 2 if pin 0. A, R, Chapter Holds Jls First Official Meet inn D Tho 'Charlovoix chuliler of Ihc NtUtoiial .Society of Daughters ol' Willis Ray Prow, who' lives on ihu gravel roud j'Jst/ : off Highway ROCHESTER.' N Y—When Ar 1,,-nTi' M °^' v ^ SWloiBly In- lluir C?.'Morrison, chief p|, ' rte 1 lYinT i,^ 1 Bol) ,' Wint<;1 " 6 " lier of " 1Q SplBriiflhlo m (j m n ™ ih , , : a1 ' 01 "'- °" c ' r - clll >'«' FMiecllHon of the ~,.v.,;«i •; 't 0 "W Sunday, ijfl (al Inetltut* of the University of WKen Immediately tn isi nhir-nen uihn u«,. \ !/..V "/.."_ terney. 2 p m for .social service.! memoeis ol nu; Wojnan'e Mis- ulv '"IHUICHII itcvumtion, initde Semoi high ! -r A |)re.->viuii..;l* loilar >' '-'id-ty ot iho Lake 'fitrrcl " 1J of 1D "'yi^'il'c women, hud l>lav Blacl. Kied Susan' al hi»,u M(> lhodiu cluircli met, Mo'fttttiy of-l ILs (lrst official meeting ul the tchtol aumouum. (crnoon, at the ebuich, with'Mrs ' itllcl Noblc; Tuesday. - -• w - k- Own, in charge of the rte- Officers of the gmnii ur«: Mrs. teiionai. She used Ihe third chap-i' 1 "' 111 ' 3 R - Clurk, le-yMit; Mrs. C;. ler of John for iho licrlplwc Its-, c <" l(lnl ' vl « 1'WiH; Mru. F. I), son. Mrs. C. T. Shainbjln offered! Jojrncl '' secretary; Mrs. J. w. prayer. Parker, corretpoixling sccrelary; hnvmi; Flans Arc Announced ' .For fllosciueratlo Dunce Departing jrwn the luual .dunce, interesting ...plans nre. hrtns marie for the masquerade dance at the counti-y chiu Friday evening. All members are asked to come marked, and before the musks are discarded prijss v.'lll l;e awarded (or toe most original prayer. I'or Ihc sludy Mrs. George I)!s- :ii6er was Itri'cliir of the llion'ie; "Grlentulu In American Lffe". Mr::, A. S. Dfen uiivc n report I the rtisirlcl meeting. Included In the 20 present, was cue new member, Mrs. Robinson ind. as ttitsoj NULS Mostly Persona! und Mrs ,\v. Leon fjnillli Miss Alice Backuc, ol Car- Mrs. Oulhrlc Klni;, trcnsiirer: Mrs'. Jiimcs Hill, reuisbnr; Mrs. M. 0. Wisrcy. liisiiTrinn: Mrs. A. M. R, Uratison. cliaplnln; Miss Cordciia Wiiniic, Mlmirlnii. Ol.'ier inembfiis ul (he tiroup are:'Mines, p. C. Laijgalyn, W. T. Obcrsl, Olio .KochlllKky, C. F. Tucker, C. S. Stevens. George M. Leo, A. Conwny, C. jl. linn und iz. U. YVhllclaw, who is a cousin of Miss Mary De Bha, rounder of (lie National Society. Mrs. Bufus N. Garj'clt o/ El Dorcf.o, state rpgci'^ was Sliest ol honor ut. » hmciiecn and (he meet ins which followed. She spoke on "The Purpose and Work of the their guest for "the 'week!N" lit ? no1 Society" and conduulcd Hie mslailaUun of llu: officers. ''Charlevolx" WAG selected as Ihc arrests made as yet. Mr, and Mrs. yvilllmn Secoy an-' "ounce the hirti, or • a/ daughter Mehiuiiry i) at-Die {ionic of Mr Sec'oy'A' parents, Mr. and MIN' rieaa. Secoy, in Mesboto, Ark llic hnby, who weighs (our pounds '"is been named Ullly 1^ ' Mrs. accoy is Ihe former Miss liose tmma Seabaiieh, O f lien- (iiiujhler'01 Mrs. Francis Murphy Miss yeiTia Richard returned Fviday rom u, e Biytheviik i,™- pltnl, where-she was oprcated on Jor ii|)|)cndlcllls. Miss Hiiby.i,y nil CapeharL was ,lhe week end enest of Mr. und Rire. Cecil Hurispplj) crtville, last week end IS "Wcctcd on u,o ground "tlwi. few if uny.of, the best E S yplo!oglste thp. tim.lsuU art - guerilc Well, 187 university avenue, offered hereoll as a victim for ihe demonslrutlon, ho wound hundreds of yards of ac|liesive tape around her In an intricate crisscross pattern until Hie lnpe ra.n out. "'iTieco pej-e)i|q»lf would gjv* evsn u mummy » big juugh," Bald Morrison, blushing. •. l The Eplgraphic' and Arcjiitec- .Uiral lixnsdition of the Oriental Inslitute .was located at the litlle from I-iuiigoiiKi, wnere he-was the guest, of Mr. an d - Mrs _ Kcssel uooker. They, relumed with 'him and will he the guests ol Mr. nml Mrs, S, E. Booker. Mrs. Lily- Mlchlf, of Mjcoki' Bunrtny .here ,os guests of rdalivcs. Miss A. Christine, of vllle, and James fiamplpn, Madrid, wero (juesli} of friends for a slioji " ~ ' ' ' , - ..... - • both ladles and men. As. te|1 vHle, Cta. TcmpJe of Medliiet 'Habu, built during Ihe reign ; -or Rameses III, about 1250 B!-C. Some eight miles away Howard .Carter carried on [he woit.-b.cgigi by Lpr.d Carnav-1 voij aj, 'Ihc lpii)b' of Tutunkhamen, to .Mr. Morrison, l|ie mmmny' of King- Till, 'encased in heavy gold leaf,- remains In its original sarcophaens in Ihe lopib, jwhece lie snw.'ii. The rich collection o.l jewels' found there is lion- .oil difcpjay jj) iho EBypt.ian nieul Jvl.useuni in CaJro, p.roperty ; : il is'. ..,. ...„_,, and two blue < ; .-.-.-.v. Tllf.bllie P/inls were ciil up and collected by "two"expcrts In hieroglyphics. The experts compared ttiesu corrcclton sheets U|id gave one set to a draftsman who cori'cclpd ihe drawings." Mom'son cpmc down wi()i (he tisupl nitacks of dengue and sand- Jly fcvor. The members of tlie cx- pedilioii worked only seven months pf ihe year due to the heat. Diir- iili! the five months of vocation, Morr|pon adveiiUved, IJirousb Greece, Syria, Bulgaria and T«r- Kej He smiled at the mention of Hallibiirton's story of the swimming of (ho Bosplionis. "I could luivc done it too-by Bwiimning it piecemeal," he drawled. Morrison Is now ntlacheti lo Die Ojiic^gp olTicc of BaiiH'li & Uimb. When he \vas esken recently lo J^"_ an cxpedilion for a survey Positive Relief For Itchy Skin Jf ajjd seolhlue Blue Star yiPuwDl ixitlts on the skin, seiidiiif twtcd .incdiclncs detply into iwrts «lici t it quickly kills itch, teller, null, eczema,, fool -itch, ringworm, clc. Moucy back if first jar fails. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2Q, ilie print was'of Alaska |ie tunwd Jt down W |H, toemphet 1 who (he remark, "I have been u i;oj! " white sheet dler, cowpimcjie.r, explorer and but the pho' " ' I'm gpjng lo bccoti« a eltlzeH?' An expert In photographic lenses and photography,' he will represent a phase of Industry for Rwteitcr is noted. Hospital Notes Admitted: Ire Gaines, Ai'tUltr QWlls, Stcele, Mo. FOR SALE ' TOftDSQN Traclor with pu||s7. in good running order, Cheap, j. A. Manila, Ark. 20p k28 Burton Service Sta. AUK. MO. STATE LINE Super Shell Gas at Missouri Prices Frances' Sandwich Shop iu connection Muiribon dcmou-slralcs how Jigypllans wapped tbtir Uead. was rcQiiired in order to have tjic photographs tit in the final design. Photographs were made and enlarged, llicn a draftsman pejicillud in Ihe inscriptions In front of the wall. After. these ^ deuce in remembrance of George Washington's birthday, ten coii- .ples will dnnce the Virginia reel .during intermission. Severn! - solo dance numbers will also be given .Tss Ruth Gamei. who recently came here from Me.npnia lo be assistan to Mis- Margaret Moffjtt The .hall, rcn:» is to be nrrenjj cd 'in nlaht c'ub st>le \ ith maji tables also .iniinged In the sun rcom George Was!- naton decom tlcns will be used Heroin Sudoury ? id Jiis u n fiece ^orchc-tra, \\tth Mi*s Betty ^MeCu'chen as entertainei —'" /iirmMi the mvslc for the fhlch is jed visit wjtjj |ior s.lcleri, Mrs. I^oy ~ean, who 1)53 recently 1 moved Jicrc from Monroe, Lo., and Mvs. riipintLl- W. Milter. Miss Kill};, A'lio hjis been iu the hospilal some inic because of ji. fitlilciicci kiiee I pin nrljnltls. Is''now iiuicli bel- ter a ••'•'' 'Has Club'' / " ' ' ' Mrs , T 6, Sjal end Mrs Ren kert Wetenko-np were guests oj Sirs Murray Smart when she had the Young Millions, Biidge club TuesdEy afle'noon ihe piite overi .vrare, went lo Mrs. • -Dixie Crawfgi'd. The 1-ostess served a £alan plate 0 E. S. Initiates Tv.o ne\v in v itibeis, Mrs. Hubert Potter and Mis J M. Aycpck ftere liii'ictcd as members ol (he local chanter of ihe Order .'-of the Eastern Star In a uipeting last .-.; ' membcis of the. Sieclc l -^,.^^ ! —^jjnvj piujjti itUlUlrl, and Mr, and Mrs. E. R. Bogan of Luxora, were gueitb Informal' talks were mnd<i and ;n the ioclal hatn refrcslimenu . v,ero herved ^ i.iid js able tp wclk \|ith a Mm. Clurk waii prcsenled an of, llclul hiyiyniu by other nieiuben; the chapter In appreciation of licr work in organizing Ihc group. She wus assisted by Mre. Cuuctlll, vlce-iegciit. The- George Washington Ulolll was eanled out in Hie lunchoon table. A boMciuet of ^pung flowers, the ccntcrplecL wut n^nkcd \vith tace, without cr.utches. Her fa- hcr who hn nlso tcei) oriou^ly I, is sloivly recovering j ~* """ ""^'i^^i »n/ji M s O \\ McQutUi«n undu lllp6 , *" a Am <™«n flngs, in ill- ut u toiisllcclomi tortdv at thc 1 ^,, , " u>1Lh ra " tho '"""M cmpln Baptl I hospital Mi of Ult i olls ! (nble ' Iilc l' Iut - c eaids ccnleh(» Mi" day Mi remain there for a A Stickmou lia-; go le §o (Spen^v ^fiveiftl da\s, duugliter ftrfl 'ininfiy W Rhd Mr-! Jefl Mott lol \jnonlur& Mo have einved fre lor several days stay vith lathe* hiding coin, bcciusc of ie (I alh of M^i MolU biothei a> >'utl B A Ijn ii oiid Dick Relnsma it- P Jidl) g todny u Memphi MnrMall 'otl o r Poplar Bluff io nirtve-l 1 t night to attend he funeral. pf his brother, p.ij •foil, Vilio died at n Memphis hos- .ilal yesterday jnorning, .Ciil of toivn rclativ-es wlio ar- .ved this morning £or the funeral ;f Fny Molt were: Mrs. R B -se Wilson. Mis' J. A Merrill .. v -- •• ,.,-ov. ! 1: ; m f 1 ! id ^ is ' ch " i ' ii!s Eiki » s -^ lio chapter, Mrs Flossie' Barney 1 •?P ?Wc . r '.^j ra - * n « *to, Eva Elof L»panto, deputy grand lecturer I , il)s ' of Wi! ^», Mr. and Mrs. J -"•*•"--"'---- :| -•. Farrell and daughter. Ami Mr nd Mrj. Allen Mdtl nnd Mrs H i- Neaiiroy, of Memphis. -Mrs n y Mott. viio ii «'Uh her mother, Mrs. Eva Elkins «t Wilson, accom- anied Ihem. Mr. antl Mre. Eve.relt B. Ore •nd Mrs. Julieit; Collier went 10 -ape Oirardcau, Mo., today. They Hi return lomcnow night Sf.". and Mis. B. G. Bcmcr lefl J.tcrdty aflcr n -visit wilh Mis •'--r«. uarsnts, «r, and Mrs ill Washington hatcheft, of red mint, and greui nut cupb were ravois- ^.- centerpiece of jfi|j»cluli\i was used by ...rrx. Kteby i n dccoratino table fpr-the Tnes,ciay Linich. club party thU week." she server a t\\o course menu. The pnre, }ii the bridge games v.ent to Mrs. w. D. c Afuiorcl Sphopl (o Have .Ojps-eUa'Tonigtt The fifth and SIMJI grades ol lhc Armorel school will prcfcm an operetta this evening, s </c!uck, at Ihe schoo' Mii-b cii'ulcc Kennedy Is in clwrec ol Hie produc- lion I t t t Annct.-l j'. T. A. Jlcels. The Armorel p T /y. will nicol tomorrcft aflcrnco:! at 2:30 o'cioclc at the school to observe Founder's Day Tl-e pro'ram will In6lud £c>eral cadresses BJKI a rantlli lighting ceremony. Evcrycn» ' '« Invited to attend. » * Hnttrijiu Ba-jncsr. And rrcfcs-icnal Wome;>, Mrs Oarland Mcr 6 -.-n mid- Mr , fl P Wiihngham eulcrtaSncri i und frlc)\Uly mjii iYou had a kindly word for cnch i And died beloved by n)j. (You me gone Lut not foigottcn Noi th.ill >oii eicr be 111 ulvmjs remember _.^ A life of scriicc lo niniiv, Husband devdted ,ii)d One Many lonely hours dear, Sadly mitsed by a broken hearted companion done," said Morrison, who l.ijis voajncd Iho world wuh a c-vjs'.j: ;,v -willjin one millimeter' WANTED! Men, women and childreii that are suffering -with ITCH, RINGWORM, POIEJON .IVY, IMPETIGO, TETER, EOZLMA, ATHLETE'S FOOT, FOUL SMELLING FfJETl' elc to try ' BROWN'S LOTION for iri- stant- relief of: itching and discotn- lorl. 'Don't.jisc messy salves and bahUages. BROWN'S LOTION is if'ljquld. jr.penetraleK the oilier £kli) '.and kjljs the bidden g'eniis and parasite's. First bottle sold with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Ul BOc aud 51.00 sizes' by KIrby Drug Stores. ' —Adv THEY ARK HERE! FLORIDA FERNS 0 Varicfics, ' Ferns Received Every Other U a y— Flower Pots. Bulbs, Plants and Seeds. KIRKINDALL'S 5c-10<;-25e STORE SECURITY Something To Think About Your garments are protected by yj; jjijiurancp policy at #U .U.njes vjiej) jn .oiu- .CHW; Np.t we'anticipate any harm, but ."just in case" of fire, biirglafs, • etc., our customers will not Jose. This is just one .of-tjie features .of Uniciue Phone 171 Unique Cleaning Service "Good .ClutlMjs Deserve Goad Carp" rp ihey won't help you catcJi rivets «'\V^ they wont cause any ills or cure an* Sluggishness Mont lime spcnl mdoora. Less excise — lesb cunllgh't. Fewer greeu ^o^ttablC3 and fresh fruits Now's tb-e time foi all o't UE lo watcb plo^r than e\er, lo gu^rd against consflpallon, - ' j <)> " "Vl 081 ^ °^' l3M f"'<'"S Work. K«p Ulo SOTOH Vcsi When astlstanco 13 needed tLe purelv «sotabje Tlitd- forJs ^Slack ; Draught In au easy, nalu- ral way, frltliout bad afler-cWecta. them •'Our'Terms »l.v(l\cyi!]p, Ark, ft* .. ..whew anything satisfies it's got to be right..-. no "ift" or "huts" about it. Chesterfields-satisfy because, first of ali, they're made of the right kinds of mildnripe tobaccos. These tobaccos ure thoroughly aged .and iJieu bltinded an4 cross-blended. U takes time and it takes money, but whatever it costs i» time or money,we do it iu order to give you a cigarette that's milder, a cigarette that tastes better, . .''•^ S* W4 i^i'^

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