The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1947
Page 4
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iwm BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.J 1 COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 23, 1047 * Alert Police Save Even a Prince Has Spelling Troubles Denies Attack On Elderly Woman in ; Georgia Berry Patch t ATLANTA, Ga , July 23. (UP) — Charles Mosley, 13-year old. Negro accused of attempted ra^e, against, » 72-y«ar-o'd grandmother 'was in police custodj today'saved'from an »ngry* n()b of »liltesi- ; b;»nl on ly riching him ' :v i iMosley was taken in the Strons County jail frpm Marietta, Ga., tome 20 miles rtlstant K'ftis^ Mrs. Martha Youngblocci aiid^:her two young v g ra n i 1 - da ug h lei s' h'a d id? nt 1- fled bini as,ttie assailant who sur prised* them h> a berry patclv' i A nibb of'almost 3CO armed with Shotguns, rifles, pistols, brass knuckles and clubs searched for the youth but the police got to him first. ..', "Vff' slajfed' abend l-io jumps a- hfart'-of that RDII?." Police Officcl- Paul* West'Bald. "We- were worried, They] were 1 "breathing ciown our necks." Two , c cTaratc posses had searched for Mosley, the mob and the pollcp. Both'groups arrived at the " brambles of the berry patch where Mrs.' Youngblood fou'ght off the Negr£. Weetls and bushes were matted to the ground during the strna- ! K Ic i i Polics got to the Negro's hous? f lrsl.J Mnsley bounded , out a back . dooriand practically into the arms IJ of West and his men. I . v Mdslcy denied the attack, lie said I1 that'he had 'never seen the woman;; ^ "I was half way to Atlanta 'before. I knew what' %yn:j the trouble," Mosley said-from his jail cell. MijS. Young blood said that the Negro "came up on us wibhotit warning." "Somehow he threw me to ' the (•round," she said. "He put one of his hands across my mouth and pinned my arms to my sides. 1 could hardly struggle. Each time he'd take his hand from my mouth I'd stream to the children to get help," The granddaughters, aged nine and '11 pum:nclcd the Negro a' therj, rari._sc:'caming for help. Tho Negro became-.frightened and fled Former Officer Freer/ /n'S/oy/ng Over Dsbt M: A c,,~<ii,rr !TC in Hovs Peers Hi«li School, in ToUyo, found:Crown I'rincc Altaliita Tsugu, left, .first '. sin at nVror Kirol.ilo. stuck with llio word "dnlh." Scratching his royal noKsin. and searching , his vovil n-mory the Japanese hoji- r npn:u'cnl tries to nuzzle out the spelling, w.ulc Ins tutor;,,Mrs.. v vilzancfh "fi ii"- ri-ht ol Philadelphia. Pa., wails to s<x:\t Akuhila nets the royal correct aoswcr. 1/his Russian, but that blue- rln'.s. pViolograplis , 'and tcclml- inlonmation were invc'ved. Soviet, captains in civilian •lies were engaged In this work,' iravcl'.cnko mid. He said the information on \n\c-. Scan svb-iKirlnes also was de- vc-rcd to Moscow, lie raid it was not unusual for Russian .military experts Ho comf o the United States as civilians, r d-r civilians to arrive In the •ulse ol military men. Few of !iem ho said, "arrive without M ircial assignment i *.' to the col- t'sticn of sccr-t docunnenl.s." Workers Closely Guarded "A*, leasti every responsible rep- •rst-nlatlve of .the Soviet Union 1" the Untied States may be regard cd as economical or . political spies." Kravchenko sal<i that when hew-as assigned to the United States, he was given pi chance lo comr under another name so "I would net be pucs'.lcnMl because I was connected with Hie government.' lie snid lie checked In with Mr, Sedov -and «!« cautioned "r lo te';' fnyonc In what capacity 1 w?s employed before," "Yon wouldn't fiii'i in TOY record -ny r«ferm>c'cs to <my past vrark. 1 !•<; f.->\<\, "They vm-c dn'.clcd at the cliv-;t, r.-rier ol M-. Srdov." H? did net «ay what his pas w-rk w-s. . Kravc-hci-ko sold S-dov olficial- der-":'v .will' l-'-'c Snvl-l L rjiiissitin. nut iistuillv. i-'c ^iid, '{=c('ov was more power- In) ns far as c^nvrainisl policies .We coiiccrnrd, t'-an the Bcneru' i-)-'i linked -l.hc nii's-nii. Kvnvr-'-enkn scoffed ft what he the "hr-1 in nmnv CCMIII- rics" Ih-t i'ie Russian pcciile will oi-rlhrow tbfiir present covcrn- l --,-i->.. He .said any sii?h hcpcs arc hr'U on sand." T'C ISovlets. -he said, have a ii-'iter police contra! over tlioir •it'z-n'i than the former At, ,ne factory l.COO suards now police •>nrcn workers, he s-'d. wlicrens 100 Cossacks KUtrdcd 27.0-fl work- there Ijcfore 'the revolution. ly Former Soviet Agent in L/.S. Soys Most Russians Are Spies '(UP). Ark., July Ecl-.r.ond-on. r^iqt'jr-"-i^"rii . v'.is f4ip',',tc(kr; iif- ' ' WASHINGTON'. July '3. (UP» — Victor Kiavclienko, once a Soviet imvchrslni; ;v;L-nt in tliis eoiinti'V, tcitl the HOURC UiiA:nerican activities c'Ti-iitlec yesterday ''.':"t "t'V- cry rcrp.ii'.sili!.! i-eprer,ent:vilvc; ot t.:\K^ Soviet Union In IJic United Stales ir.ay be nynrdi-d r.i ccn- nc,f:;].:' cr political Kpies." Kruyciienko, who served .on a pcvirt' p\])'ohns!:v.! coiiunlttce. in ^, .-Duiilry, latqrjbroke <\viUi'. the. .. "" ' "V"cv,"r OMuituinist 'palicier. )c<i Choose Frerdwn." lie le'ilillrcl ll'.at the UnAiiieri-l c-in Llclivilies CouwnllU' souchl tol find out wluit. kind ul a :.; y :ys-j tcin Rnr.!. ! v h:;.s in <he United! confidential American, military sco rcts. One instance Involved aviation secrets, he said, while the othei involved A-'ticrican submarines. '11? s'.iid the intomnation on avici- tion was collected by a Rinsian Kliimusish who ostensibly raiiio lo 'Ibis country as an ordinary engineer from a Russian metaliiir^ical plant. Kravchenko said the Russiai . of ar. tV>arges in r.-rs^ -oil', ig of Jolin ntn^ctor, >ast slroo'.ini MVwcd «n a 510 debt. rj-T-.^fel Fcl- rf tile fi 1 ;'••>! Stcne, Hairi- nild wrote ;i •' '• S'."les l".!: 1 -ll —.! V.yf::.'.v Tito is al-lc t" upenilr an lil"i c-nlimin hue. A'tcr lrn;:lhy '!r.sli:uoi'v on condition:; v-it-hill iRlissin. Kravchenko w:'s ci. i -ked. iibcul. S->vict espionage r.rtivUi'.'.s lirre. , ' . •[ illo, rc{i'-jrc! U-al he knew ' of ,rtt t\va intoii^e-; in wli.ltl) offi- Marsliidj crflcctccl "enormous confideiiLia "' •"' irnl'cria; conce'rninj uVivoricaii aviation, including confidential data photographs and 'blueprints." Hi said the engineer p:--.sonally ric tiverfid the.material to Mascow. ';"Thh':s3nic l-liins lii-ppcncd a regards !to /Ampcihan submarines,'! Kmvchfrnko !*afd.^.He said lie wa. 1 crs. Hlrtdcp by Curvature •Hie ear'.h's curvature is greater Ihnn most people think. sight line. ;; book : , "I I,cinl 'Ru;si;m vl:Ut;ns had collected :iol prepared'to' nat .w ECZEMA ITCHY SCAUNG Qnicklv apply soothinE R"d com fortinK GRAY'S OINTMENT with its wholesome antiseptics and nature aiding medication. Npthlra; else Hike it -nothing ao comfortliiK--or .pleasant for cxternnlly caused skm ilroubles. 35c. Get a package .today. ariiun-.cnt in- Hiffpital Bond Election in Polk County Ark.. —uly 33. XUP>— Crtnitv Jud^n Tom Pell l:as nn- nc^irced thq* l rv elij tion ,wil. be he^"* in Pc?i|f ^^quiitv Axig P2 on •fth«ctt-er R tl rr e-TOl ( ax wi 1 be levity to In ince a prcixced C 30J flO'^.J' sri 1 s 'B»ll aiid tint p'^n.^ pn-l s"-r?i- fic^tions for Hie building have bccrf-filed in his office. The r.nun- tv^>v l "P- >ses t-° , r ^.tse some S201 '•f'-'wv itax funds pjid wi',1 ask tl'C fecJerTl government for an addt- (ioffil 5100,000. A'titn Thief Sentenced JiiEMPHIS, .Tcnn.. July S3. (UP) —Grc-dy 'L. Smith, one of t.^ree Shjy. Mfes;, '.men who r'e.ideci irui'lly to chn-^es tlvrt thrv ft 18 J5wtcnTOblles hrre 'ind '".inn in ^ir.uisiana 'and?- 'Mis.3 ; .?si;:"i. to- idiK*ftfa:ed .tencinrcn',^ penal faren ' rri^on tenp's ""b| 'nct^-njcre Vliai ' ofi '' 'tr' Watkim 'i E. Jcncs. who also plrr lty, were not sen^nccd v-encllir J.of Charlis M. K'ine. who niefl" charts in connection thaame thefts. 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