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The St. Joseph Weekly Gazette from St. Joseph, Missouri • 5

St. Joseph, Missouri
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uorrxu the master of ceremonies was Esquire Charles E. Knapp. Ihe wiuow the bond of love between herkelf and her husband had leen broken, and she declined to provide for bringing the remains to rfewburg for interment, and the v-were re-interred in the poor Pretty Mary "Woods Elopes with Seventeen More Bpdies Taken 7 From the Wrecked Steamer i Yesterday. 1 i The Number of the Lost Now Expected to Reach Fully -115. Children for Infants and 'Ct ori la so well adapted to children that I recommend it aa superior to any prescription known to me." H.

A. Arcukx. M. Ill So. Oxford St, Brooklyn, N.

T. Th Sour KiUa Caatoria eorea Colic, Const! Stomach, Diarrhoea. Eructation, Worma, giYes aleep, and promotes restion, Without injurious medication. CaxTAca CoKraxT, 77 Murray Street, 5. 4T 7ZV W.V, t'hinWi graduate prevcnteil, owing to America jlTi, from prat tUis eo he ha9 prepared a lineof Chines cifics for the cure of all tYeasS.

His rcraedies r-cheap, harmlesc, quick to act and certain to cure They are old in Chwia, thDiiga new tq Americ, aa I quickly cure Consumption, Asthma, Rheutut'iU Scrofula, Female Vreaknuss, Cancer, Piles, Semioxi AVeakneasi, Catarrh, Loss of Manhood, all Keryoo, Blood or Chronic Diseases, Panuysi3, Tane Worms and all other diseases sd afflictions. You can call at his parlor and have a private, coufijjgptial tslk, which costs nothing, and he will giTeyoa valuable information or advice, or you can write him and receive larse circular and a Listorv of his life, and testimonials of wonderful cures of home people. Voi'tiji. tiH.lle-ajet -vud oM men 3u8erij irom eaiv follies or excses shoulu rii otuinunj'vtionc Catyou or address Gun BS1 Mala street, over Central Bank, Kansas CI tT, John are. rx or some months past Mr.

Shallcrosa and Miss Pinston have been The latter is scarcely twenty years of age and her parents opposed the" match. Mr. arid Mrs. Shallcross returned to this city after the wedding and after two days had expired the bride returned to her home in Hawesville. Her parents were not and have not been acquainted with the truth and are unsuspecting.

A Severe Storm. Kansas Ccty, July 14. The spell of extreme hot weather which, has prevailed in this city with only one day of cessation was broken today by a heavy storm. At noon the thermometer registered 98 degrees and at that hour black clouds appeared simultaneously in the northeast and southwest, m'ov-ing slowlv towards each other. At 3 olock "they met.

The result was a very severe storm of rain and wind accom panied by brilliant lightning. The rain fell in torrents and the wind blew almost a hurricane. A fev out-houses were blown down and shade trees leveled to the ground in some parts of the citv. No severe damage was done. 'he thermometer fell nearlv thirty degrees during the storm.

A LSmall Klot. Scottdalk, July IS. Keports from the Smithton region are to the effect that a small riot has occurred there and there are indications for a larger riot. Two deputy sheriffs are already on the ground, protecting the property of the Waverly Coal company where the men have been on a strike for over three months. Fifty Italians were imported there yesterday to replace the Waverly strikers.

The new men all went to answer important queries to-day to replace the Waverly strikers. The new hien all went to work to-dav. This so enraged the strikers when the Italians refused to unit work that thev made an as sault. The strikei-s are badlv worked up and bloodshed would cause no sur A Bold Robbery. Omaha, Julv 14.

Mrs. Flor etta lhtssell of Ottawa, was rob bed of cash winch she was carrying in a hand satchel on Satur day last. She had just cashed a draft for that amount and was passing the corner of Fourteenth and Capital avenue when she felt some one jerk the satchel from her baud, arid I turning saw John L. Rush nni amps Hogan, two Ottawa men who had come to Omaha on the same train with her, run through the JJeland hotel now in course of construction. The police found and arrested Hogan this morn- Kush is still at large.

A Bloody Feud. Puts Dluff, July 14. C. L. and r.

Jiuddleston, two brothers, weie shot and killed hv Chas. Parrott near Orlando a few miles south of this city, Saturday evening, ihe killing was the outcome of a longstanding quarrel between the two families, both of whom are wealthv. The Huddlestons have five brothers left. who swear ven good deal of blood will be sheu ueiore f.he affair is settled. Kingman County Republicans.

Kixgmax. July 14. The Republican county convention; held in this citv todav. was a harmonious meeting, present. Cannon, ham, J.

There were 151 delegates Martin Albaugh, W. T. L. L. True, J.

O. Gra-W. 1 Rush and F. P. Wilson were elected delegates to the congressional convention to be held at Dodge City, on July 30, and T.

E. Gil-left, Harrv Gillen, M. F. Young, S. Leist and T.

A. Russell, delegates to state convention. Yellow Fever. New Yop.k, July 15. Passengers arriving to-day on the steamer Crizaba, from Havana, state that yellow fever, of a violent is raging in that city.

They say that fifty new cases a day are reported; that foreigners are leaving the city as fast as they can get away. The weather is very hot and the sanitary condition of the city is bad. Walked Out of a Window. Atchison-, July 15. At 10 o'clock this evening Henry Smith, day operator for the Hannibal railroad at Last Atchison, while in a somnombu-lastic condition walked out of his room window in this city, falling a distance of twenty feet, striking an apple, tree in his fall and breaking several ribs.

Three Miners Killed. Deadwood, S. July 15. Three miners, John Hart, Thomas B. Bun-ney and Richard L.

Abb, were killed to-day by the timbers giving away after a blast in the Highland mine, near Lead City. Another man was killed in an accident in the mine this afternoon. i Against a Former Cashier. Atchisox, 14. An action was filed in the district court to-day by! the Atchison Guaranty Investment! company against Frank H.

Wilson; its former cashier, for the recovery of 1,966, alleged to have been embezzled by him from the company. Wilson has been quite prominent in Atchison business and social circles for several years, and the serious charge against him created a profound sensation. A Strike Knded. New Yokk, July 15. The cloak makers' strike was ended this afternoon by the manufacturers agreeing to discharge all non-union men, with the understanding that they would be taken back soon as they joined the union.

geance for the death of their brothers, Yf hile iiC Parrotta assert they' will die I by their kinsman, and it thought a Sad Story 1 of Widowhood and a Fall From Opulence. The Wife of a Once Millionaire Reduced to Abject Poverty. Scorned By the Butterfly Friends of Other and Better Days. Noiiwalk, July 14. Mrs.

Caroline Miller, colored, of Westport, well 'known in that little village for her lionesty and thrift, received from Manhasiett, L. one day this week a letter from Mrs. Georgiana AldenJ the contents of which show to what dejpths of poverty those in opulence mav tall. The writer is the widow of the late Stephen Alden, who for years was one of the -wealthiest men in the country She is now without monev or friends, is sutiering irom nunger anu wanx oi proper shelter, and is reduced to the sat I 1 'i lowest depths of poverty, and bes this poor woman, who was once employed in her household for aid. So reduced had she become that only 53 cents were in her purse, and two of them were used to buy the stamp for her letter.

Mrs, Miller sent 2 of her earnings, all she had left from her watres of the week previous. Before doing so, how- ever, she showed the letter to persons who hand asssociated with Mrs. Al den at a time when fortune smiled upon her, thinking that they were bet ter able than herself to answer the appeal. They offered no assistance. One of the parties to whom the letter was shown is the wue oi a weu-Known citizen, who, when the unfortunate lady was shining in society there, borrowed her diamonds, valued at many hundreds of dollars, to wear at an evening reception.

1 wenty years ago Mrs. A Men hus band was reputed to be worth from to 5,000,000. He had pre vious to that time been president of one of the banks in Albany, and was also a prominent resident and politician of that city. Subsequently he married, removt id to ew ork and became a broker in the stock exchange. By a series ot aaring manipulations ne maae the major portion of his ereat wealth.

He spent his summers est port, and at the expense of many thousands of dollars erected an elegant mansion, with spacious lawns and parks, and lived in princely style. His home was tilled with servants, a small army of workmen kept the house and grounds in the best possible order and a stable full of thor oughbreds with drivers and footmen, were always ready at a moment no tice. The quiet, easy-going citizens of the place were overawed at their neigh bors lavish expenditures. No society- event was quite 'complete unless1 Mr and Mis. Alden were present.

At last business reverses set in, heavy Tosses followed, and in a surprisingly short time money and property were swept awav to satisfy the claims of creditors. Mr. Alden died under the wok'liii his obligations, and his widow, shattered in health, started westward. For several years she remained on the Pacific Coast, but later returned East. She is now poverty-stricken and a wanderer, arid aid is now refused her even by those who at one time were her firmest friends.

A Farmer's Mad Acts. Owosso, July 14. About 4:40 o'clock this morning, six miles north of here, a comparatively wealthy farmer, Perry Comstock, aged 60 yeas, shot and killed 'his wife and then killed himself. The cause of the tragedy was largely a quarrel over property. Comstock lost nis first wife two oi three years ago, and afterward married Miss Mary Collins, about 20 years old.

Quarrels were constant and yesterday Mrs. Comstock decided not to remain with her husband and went to a neigh bor's where she spent the night. earing the wrath of his father, Ollie, a youth of 20, jpent the night in the barn. The young man was sent after Mrs. Comstock very early this morning and she returned home.

1 Another quarrel followed and Corn- stock got his gun and followed his wife, who meanwhile had run down the road about twenty rods. A single shot killed her instantly. Comstock then returned home, and after ineffectually chasing his adopted son around the Lam fired one shot through his own breast and died instantly. It is generally believed Comstock was insane One report says he was jealous of his adopted son. I.

Cut to Pieces by a Circus Train. DuQuoix, July 14. At 2 o'clock this morning John Upchurch was killed by the French Company circus train in the Cairo Short Line yards here. It is supposed he tried to jump on the train, which was running at a high rate of speed, missed his footing and fell under the wheels He was literally cut to pieces. Mr.

Upchurch was well and favorably known here, having been night clerk at the St. Nicholas hotel for a long time. The body will be buried to-morrow. He was about 25 years old and single. Love's Way.

Louisville, July 14. The news of an elopement and marriage which has a spice of romance about it became known to-dav. The principals are James S. Shallcross, collector for the freight department of the Ohio and Mississippi "railroad in this city, and the pretty Miss 10. L.

Pinston of a Man via Enough to Be er Father. A Quiet Massachussetts Tow Shaken from Turret to Foundation Stone. The Sequel to the' Many Neighborly Visits of Farmer Woods. Pl-txam, July 14. Little Mary Woods of pretty Oxford village, just across the lirie in the Bay State, was young to e'hjpe, being only 15 years old, but hek time had come and she ran away with a farm hand also named Mary was pretty and demure and nobody had an idea that romance had got into her little head.

Her father is a well-to-do farmer on the Thordyke road arid the man Woods, who is 535 or 40 years old came to the house frequently to talk about the crops and speculate whether the hay crop was going to pan out as big as it looked and whether corn and potatoes were likely to 3-ield well. Mary's folks never guessed that became to see her. The other dav the young girl went slyly up stairs, put ori her best dress and strolled down the road to a love tryst where Woods was in waiting. the couple then drove merrily to Chicopee, where they hunted tip a clergyman, who married them. Thence they went to Springfield, and noLody knows where thev are now except there is reason to believe that they are in the west and have gone to farming.

Mr. Hoods, father of Mary, traced the elopers to Chicopee and bpringheld and there lost the trail. But he savs he means to have Marv back at anv cost, and if he can bag the groom will prosecute him for running away with a child. A Girl Killed by a Youth of 17. Columbia, S.

July 15. Informa tion 01 the killing 01 Annie lSovd, a voung girl, by James Watson, a vouth of about 1 1 vears, has lust reached lire from one of the remote section; of Laurens count v. Ihe young peo ple wero seated on the piazza of the Boyds1 house. They were alone, the other members or the Uoyd family being within doors, it appears that when Watson came to the Liim flint tvfninrr hrnncrht. a.

crnn "vuuv "-p 1 mm 1 1 m. wiiu 111111. J-iie cuupic iiau nui. been on the piazza many minutes before the father and brother and Mrs. Bovd heard the report of a sun, followed bv screams from the girl.

They out, to find Annie lvinjr on the floor shot through the stomach. She made no statement and died shortly afterward. Watson looked at the mortally wounded girl and asked her father she would die. Upon he ing tola that he aid not Know, ne shouldered his gun and left the house. He has fled the country and cannot be found.

There is no explanation of the shooting. l.llll I. 1 To Bring on a Rain. Nevada, July 15. James How-ward, the 18-year-old son of A.

H. Lak? Xownship, near hera. who has Wen deranged for several years, and was at one time confined in the asylum here, left his father's house Sunday morning, saying he was going to bring on a rain to save the crops. He went to a country church near by, which he het on then started a blaze in a number of hay ricks half a mile away. He was detected and arrested.

He declared that it was his intention to burn all the hay in the neighborhood, and also the new town of Richards, in order to bring on a rain. The fire in the church was dis' coverered and extinguished before great damage wa done. Howard was taken at once before the Probate court, and again sent to his old quarters in the insane asylum. Died a Full Centenarian. Pittsfielu, 111., July 15.

Mrs. Elizabeth Troutner died at her home at Time, near here, yesterday, aged 100 years and 4 months. Sine was born in Germany and came to this country when 15 years of age. She leaves eight living children and sixty-eight' grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The deceased was the oldest person in the county, and up to within three days of her death, which was caused by congestive chills, she was alfle to be up and wait on herself.

Is He an Imposter? Leavexwokth, July 15. A man named Cecil H. Woods was arrested here last night on the strength of a telegram from the St. Louis chief of police, where he is wanted on a charge of embezzlement. He claims to be here for the purpose of putting in a new system of block signals for the Union Pacific road.

Plans were found among his effects. He is an Englishman and has traveled in almost every part of the globe. He is said to be an imposter. Killed in a Collision. Rochester, N.

July 15. Walter W. Harris, of Buffalo, and William Call, of Hinsdale, N. engineer and fireman of a West Shore freight were killed in a collision between their train and a (western New York and Philadelphia train at the Genesee Valley junction four miles south of this city, this morning. Burned to a Crisp.

Scraxtox, July 15. Last night during the storm, Swan Mc Arthur, a miner, wis struck and instantly killed by lightning. The bolt entered an open windo striking him in the breast and burning him' to a crisp. He was 28 years of age, unmarried, and the sole support of his mother. plot of the Cornwall cemetery.

Found In the Milwaukee Milwaukee, July The body of a man about thirty years of ag, dressed in the uniform of a Knight of Pvthias, was found in the river at tfuron street bridge to-day. His watch and money wbre in his pockets and a tag on hisrcoat bore the name of H. Hitch, Geneva, Neb. Nothing else was found to identify him. It is supposed he walked or.

fell off the Ooodrich cqmpany's dock. Fellow knights are trying to reach his friends telegraph. John auhncr. acred 50 vears. was taken to iail to-nicht charged with try in? to kill his wife with a knife.

He lives in the town of Milwaukee and ha? threatened the lives of his' children heretofore. Jerry Kolman, aged 20, was drowned while swimming in Milwaukee river to-dav. His parents reside at 1005 Vliet street. A Fatal Collision. Dloomin-gtov.

July 14. At 8:15, as the local freight on the ville, New Albany and Chicago, wa going down Summit Hill it came in collision with an accommodation from French Luis. The accommodation was (lwniniisneu anu severni ucium uis 1 1 1 4- I smashed. A dozen passengers were in jured, some fatally. Uonuuctor m.

Penn, who was in the baggage car was crushed and he can hardly re- cover; Grant Johnson of the Monon, living in Chicago, head and back crusneu, very uu igeiuus, i lf engineer. UlinirerOUSlV IlUIfc 111 back; James; Meyers, engineer on the affiininiodatiou. cut in neau aim iaie Drowned WDlle Boating. Gaixksville, July 14. party of thirteen were out in a sail boat ves- terdav afternoon on Alachuz Lake, in that of it known as the "The Sink.

When about a mile from shore the boat was capsized and all were thrown into the water, len were aved bv to the boat, but three of the party were drowned and the bodles 1 to ho hour of 10 look last nicrht have not been recovered The' names of the drowned are: Mrs. L. lkirkheim and her 2-year-old son, and Miss Lilhe JJrown. Indians Join the Church. Mobile.

Julv 14 The squaw and papoose of Geronimo, the notor ious Apache, have been baptized in the Catholic church. The ceremony took place at St. church Mount 'Vernon, and was performed bv Kev. H. O'Gradv.

a missionary attached to the Cathedral of the Immaculate Con- r-entinn in this bevommo and a laive number ot his Indians in run wal TT 1 It paint attended the services. The snua nr received in baptism, the name of Maud and the papoose that of Frances 4 A Rich rind Denver. July 14. A telecrram from Landus, kays two boys- Phil Hirsch and Sam Davis, 10 and 17 vears of ase, resiiectivelv, who for sonie weeks have been working three mining claims 500 feet south of the famous Puckeye mine, 20 miles south of here, on Saturday struck oer which assays from 2530 to $400 per ton in free This is the richest discovery ever made in the territory and miners have started for the new helds by nun dreds. Horrible Result of a Runaway, Ihr.MixanAM, July 14.

The team attached to the dead wagon of an undertaking establishment ran away on one of the principal streets mk aftern0(m. In the wa20n were the jAa(i nt th nh fiAr- ment and horribly broken and mutil ated. The sight was a sickening one. Breweries Consolidate. Mixvrapous, July 14.

The four big Minneapolis breweries have consolidated with a capital of $1,000, 000. The firms are the John Orth Brewing the Heinrich Brewing I). Morrenberg, the Germania lirawinff Co. The above are the sole shareholders in the new concern which will le known as the Minneapolis brewing and Uo, Fatally Bitten by Skunk. rEw ions, 14.

An Arizona cowboy is the latest patient to arrive I a aw ir. uiuier asieur insuiuie. lie was bitten by a skunk while sleeping on the ground. His three companions, who were also bitten, have since died. Dr.

Gibier inoculated the cowboy, though somewhat doubtful whether his case comes properly under the treatment. Carthage's Lead and Zlno Output Carthage, July 14. The output of the Carthage mines for the past week was: Porter mines, zinc ore, J. C. M.

O. company, zinc ore, Myers Herrin, zinc ore, the Globe mining company, zinc ore, 20,000 Herrin, lead ore, total value, $4,880. Illinois Farmers Swindled. Bloomixgtoh, 111., July 14. Sharpers are working a clever fraud among central Illinois farmers in the nature of an alleged remedy for hog cholera.

The preparation is iniected nypoder-mieally the hog, 25 cents per animal being the fee. Wanted lor Forgery. Lexisgtox. July 15. B.

S. White, waited in Washington City for forgery, left last night under arrest for Washington. I The Bodies Taken to Red Wing, Where They Will be Identified. Lake July The exqiteme'nt (Consequent upon the awful event of last night as reported exclusively by the united press, -has now nearly subsided, and the scene of the wreck of the steamer, Sea Winy, has noW a prominent place in the history of the greatest catastrophe that ever occurred in this vicinity. All day long the rescuing crews have been at work on the wreck in the continued search for' the bodies of the victims.

Two mall steamers attached lines to the overturned Sea Wing and succeeded in hauling her near to the (where during the day the corps of volunteers with axes and picks in cutting away all of the inner walls and partitions of the two decks of the boat, leaving only the bare hull which will be blown up with dynamite. Since this morning the rescuing parties succeeded in taking seventeen more bodies -from the wrecked steamer up to, o'clock to-nicht. which, in addition to the fifty- two taken to Ked Wing, one picked up on the shore of the lake, near this cltv. and another a mile above 4 I fn-onnn-n nmn the total number of bodies recovered i TV, VJUl. J- ihi.hi.m near titv was that or a woman, as vet umuentihed.

lhe one The found above the wreck was that of John Peterson of Ked Wing. All day Ions the first battery of artillery N. G. from St, Paul has been firing over the lake at intervals of every five minutes in the hope of raising some of the bodies vet in the bottom of the lake, away from the direct vicinity of the wreck, the officers of the ill-fated Reamer were more or less under the influence of lijuor last night when the boat started from Lake City on the home journey. The number known to have been save 1 is now estimated at about seventy-live, which leaves about 115 people thought to have perished in n.

-i nil ine wrecK. mis nuinuer win uu doubtedly bo diminished as full re turns come in of those who escaped Prom all that can be learned, the 'did not seriously affect anv lo cality other than thOT of Lake Cit home of the crop on the tarms whicn were in the path of the hurricane were more or less uama; less damaged by wind and hail. The damage to buildings in Lake'City will probably not exceed all told, and may fall, 'consul- i 1 MM 111 tfraoiv s.nort oi Tins ngure. ine oou ies taken out were taken to lied Wing this evening bv a steamer, where thev will be identified as fast aspos.ii i i ie. The following tr those miss'nz ls a list of the dead, and believed to be dead: Mamie Adann, Mrs.

Ulakely and two children, Miss Breman, Katie Berkholdt, liierson, John Uo- i hems and wife, Chas. Urown, Fred Chasite, Eddie Christotivson, Katie Da vis, Kate Daley, Charles Dinglag, John Enciftbarten. Mis I-eates. Minnie risli Ira Fulton, Peter Gerkin, wife and five children, Mrs. Green, Miss Ida Green, Fred Hempling and wife, Herman Heniplintr.

Lizzie Will Hepser, Theodore Bardwell, Ma- 1 -1 II 1 1 uei noiion irs. xiunLer, viara uonn- son. Myrtle Lmraa kelson, Lizzie Ann Hamson, Theodore Horn- Jell, Arthur Hamlin, Thomas Leazon, Nellij Miles, George Nelson, Sadie Pearson, Armie Persaig, Nettie Pal mer, C. h. Iteiheder and two children, Mrs.

bhrundbert and daughter, Mrs. F. Sereff and daughter, Amie Steger, rancis bteiger, red IJeveres and daughter, Henry Stegany, Floy Smith, Mrs. btawson, John Schemer wife and two children, John btrope, Annie bny- Ier, Miss Seibrasse, Mary Skogberd, Mrs. rsellie ethern, Pearl ethern, Auaie ana sister, uertua in- ten.

At Lake Geruis, the dead and miss- mg are: 1'eter tteorge J. Miller, Hev. Dr. Pfafie of Brennon, Texas, 1 1 inrs. i.

11. ocneiney, vnarue ociier- mer. 1 She Would not Bury Illm. Newiu uo, N. Ym July 14.

Itetribu live justice has oveertaken Charles E. Knapp, who now sleeps' in a pauper's grave at Cornwall. Last April, Knapp, who was a carpenter, by occupation, and about 83 years of age, left his wife and four children in their home in this city and eloped with a pretty Newburg domestic, Mary Jane Callahan. On Tuesdav last an unknown man was found 5ying at the railroad coal pockets at Cornwall. He was cared died in half an hour.

The dead man was well dressed, but there was nothing about his clothing by which his identity could be determined. The coroner's jury rendered a verdict of leath from sunstroke and the remains were then buried in the potter's field at Cornwall. Mrs. Charles Knapp yesterday, suspecting that the unknown dead man was her husband, persuaded Undertaker Ryder to exhume the body. The face was so much decomposed that Mrs.

Knapp could not recognize it. Then the arm of! the corpse was and there were found certain familiar India ink characters that revealed the vrnn ysKey, rersaig, Alice 1 ai- mer, Knute Petersen, ilham Hemp- ling, rred Hajteme, George Harris, S. bv office of coroner of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. We are authorized to announce the name of D. Beaton for the office of Coroner of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic election.

For County Clerk. We are authorized to announce W. R. OIlTer as a candidate for tbe office of County Clerk of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. Trk Gazette Is directed to announce that T.

Ed. Campbell will be a candidate for the office of County Clerk, subject to the action 01 the Democratic primaries. I For Circuit Judge. Judge Henry M. Ramey will be a candidate for judge of the Twelfth Judical circuit, subject to the action 'of the Democratic primaries.

V- The Gazkttk Is requested to announce Joseph P. Grubb Is a candidate for Judge ot the Circuit court, subject to the Democratia primaries For Sheriff. Eugene H. Spratt will be a candidate for reelection to the office of Sheriff of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Demo cratic primary election. W.

B. Tullar requests The Gazette to aa--nounce that he will be a candidate for sheriffubject to the action Qt theDemCK cratic primaries, For Assessor. Harry D. Bassett will be a for wunty Assessor, subject to the decision ot the Democratic primary wyYr: We are ecuo dis as announce John C. Lan- candidate for the office of Assessor "i Buchanan county, subject to tbe dadsioa 01 uis JiemAcratic primary election.

For Prosecuting Attorney William E. Sherwood a candidate for the office of Prosecuting Attorney, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary, July 28L Lawrence A. Tories announces himself as a candidate for Prosecuting Attorney, subject the decision of the Democratic Drlmarr. J. Caste5 the announcement that he is a candidate for Prosecuting Attorney of Buchanan count, subject to th decisloa of the Democratic primary election.

For Justice of the Peace; John L. Sutherland announces himself as a can-. didate for Justice of the Peace, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election, July 26. Mr. E.

Bradley authorizes us to announce! him as a candidate for Justice of the Peace subject to the decision of the Democratia primary election July 2ft. For County Collector. Dr. J. H.

Robinson authorizes the nouncement that be is a candidate for tha office of County Collector, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. James Hull will be a candidate for county collector, subject to decision of (he Democratia primary election. KILLED BY LIGHTNING. Hiram Lindsay, a Farmer, Ix stantly Killed by Near Bolikow. Another Fanner Named Old- eon Miller Seriously Shocked By the Bolt.

Some of the Strange Freaks or the Deadly Electric -Fluid. Bolckow, MoM July 15. Special Last night as two farmers, named Hiram Lindsey and Gideon Miller were driving along the roatl three miles east of this place, a storm broke -and a rain set in, accompanied by a great amount of lightning. The two were on a load of wheat, Lindsey sitting in front driving and 'Miller at the -back end of the wagon. A bolt of lightning struck the wagon killing Lindsey The bolt struck him on the head tearing his hat to pieces and burning his body badly Miller was knocked from the wagoa and wandered around for a couple of hours before he waj found.

He 13 better to-day but still in a serious condition. leaves a wife and fire children in poof circumstances. ANNOUNCEMENTS. For Recorder of Deeds. We are authorized to announce John Kelly as a candidate tor Recorder of Deeds 01 Buchanan County, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election July 26.

James A. Millan announces himself as a can didate for the office of Recorder 01 Deeds, subject to the Democratic primary election, July 26. We are authtrlzed to announce Joe. K. Gates as a candidate for Recorder I Bu chanan county, subject to the Democratic primary, election.

We are authorized to announce Ed. Penney as a candidate for the office of Recorder 01 deeds ot Buchanan county subject to the Democratic primary. Thomas J. Woodson announces himself as a candkiad for the office of Recorder ot Deeds nf HuAhanan countv. subiect to the decision ot the Democratic party at its primary elec tion.

Wa are authorized to announce Noah S. Tho mas candidate for the office ot Recorder of deeds of Buchanan county subject to the decision of the Democratic primary eiecuon. Judge James Ferrellwill be a candidate for County Recorder, subject to the decision ot the Democratic primaries. For County Judge. Mr.

Patrick Mclntire authorizes us to announce him as a candidate for Judge ot the County Court for the Second District of Buchanan county, subject to the Democratic primary election. hereby announnce myself as a candidate for County Judge, First district of Buchanan county, 'subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. A. G. Pbosseb.

Charles W. Spencer announces mmseii as candidate for County Judge lor we fin district of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. W. B. Smith authors the hat he is a.

i'nlMate for VoUnty Judge, Buchanan subject to the Democratic primary election. FOR COUNTY JUDOH-AT-LASGE. Bernard Patton authorize the annmincement that he is a candidate for Judge of the County Court, of Buchanan couni wgs, subject to the decision of the DemoCuC primary election. The Gazette is authorized to announce that Thomas A. Brown will be a candidate for Judge-at-Large otthe County court, subject to the action of the Democratic primaries.

1 For County Treasurer. f7. A. Jordan announces himself as a candidate for County Treasurer, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. We are authorized to announce George B.

Mokel as a candidate foi the office of county treasurer, subject to the action of the coming Democratic primary or election. M. McCrary of Crawford township announces himself as a candidate for county treasurer, subject to the decision of the Democratic county primaries. John Carey announces that he is a candidate for the office of Treasurer of Buchanan county, subject to the result of the Democratic primary election. D.

Gilkey authorizes The Gazette to announce that he is a candidate for the office cf treasurer of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. Probata Judge. W. H. Kearby authorizes the announcement that he is a candidate for Judge of the Probate court, subject to the result of tbe Dem-cratic primary election.

We are authorized to announce Alphonso Bowen as a candidate for Judge of the Probate court ot Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. We are authorized to announce Judge John M. Stewart as a candidate for re-election as Judge of the Probate court of Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. For Representative. SECOND DISTRICT.

DrT E. A. Donelan authorizes The Gazette to announce that he will be a condidate for Representative from the Second district, subject to the decision of the Democratic primaries. 1 FIRST DISTRICT. Abraham Davis announces himself as a candidate for Represesentatrre from the First District, Buchanan county, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election.

THIRD DISRRICT. W. S. Wells of Rusbville, will be a candidate i 1 A 1L PTL- I ior me legiBiaiure iron; me xuiru reyre sentative district, subject to the decision of the Democratic primary election. For Circuit Clerk.

H. B. Connell of Eaeton, authorizes the an nouncement that he is a candidate for clerk of the Circuit court, subject the decision of the Democratic Primary election. S. D.

Cowan announces himself as a candidate for the office of Circuit Clerk, subject to the result ot the Democratic primary election. John H.tJtz announces himself as a candidate for the office of Circuit Clerk, subject to the result of the Demnr-vc primary election. County Coroner. Ws are authorized to announce W. L.

Whit-tington as candidate for re-election to the taken to the to shipped away. The wagou was broken to pieces, and the yfM thrown onthe ite 1)ave. granite pave.

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