The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1935
Page 3
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PACE SD? Clash in Final Game Before Tourney Play; Girls Mccl Doll : riv j. . ll.iskctball funs niul fnneUos will !-c (rented (o n double lirnder ciml lontslit nt Urn tirmory at whfcli time llic.v will get Lheir lnt> IjHlnpse of (he HlytlK'vllle hlitli Ch.'ckns.'iW.s Ix'fon 1 they rngngf? In tte county and district toiinm- inehts. Conch Carney Ijslic's warriors will face Mentor Jolui M. Um- 'ncll's (sreen clnd Shinvncc Irutlnm Irt. tlio liiinl home ghine or the Beacon. On the same hill (lie niylhei'lllc girls phiy Do.ll. Tlie Klrls t'limn win stna at 7 o'clock. Khawnrc Socks Kevrngc Tlie Ch!c?.s r.nd Indium linvc met this your, the trite doubling the score, 34-n. However, since that game Slmw>«> has nmw.wrt ten consecutive victories nml arc out/ to make (lie locals. No. II For Die season they have won H and lost only to Joncsboro nnu Blythevillc. Perhaps n,e oiilslnmllnt; feature or..B!irncttVi iirolc'ses is their defense. They use the shifting zone guarding rather -than the "man- io-mnn" melhod. Whether it lin* been succcwiul Is Indicated 1)1 the unusually low .scoring by tlieh opponents. In three • ssnmes op- posins teams. tin vc fulled (o crash into the two figures. Wilson in O. Speck 1.1 icy nnon niicl Ihp ivorkoute hnvr .show l-PJStllls. City leogiie gnmp.i will bo held following fh« htg], spiionj j, nys game. The probable slnninc line-up of Ihe niyllir-vllle-Slunvnct- follows: Sliawni'c j'nv. Ashley p\ Nfiilitin v, O. Cl. O, >YtHP/yiUj^(ARK.l COURIER Hlylhfvllle II, Mosley I'urtlc' P. Speck or P. Wrl;i))l llpioii lil.ickwll SlmnWs SMSOTI flfroul: Slwwnee, 1C; • Wilson a 31; Earle, 10. 32; O.«-eoln. 0. 11; .loHcsboro 27 Shawnce, Slwwnee, Shiiwiice. Slimvnsc, Slmwnce. 22; ] 7; . Shawnee, 2!); Shnwncc, 22; , Hliawnc-e, SJiawriice. Slmwntic, aii; 41; 20; Trimmim, 17, lllylhevlllo, 34. Cruwfnnhvllle, Ott-eoln, n. Unlbnrt,' 13. Karic, 15. Wilson, , a. Tyronai. 19. Marked Tree, Tyroncn, 13. 17. Shawwi', 2.'); Shawnee, 2, r >; Sliawnce. 31; Slinwncc, 2; _ Slm-noe, 20; Hiilberl 12 Tolnls-ijliiuvnco, 380; Opponents, Opponents, Tim-ell , (forfeit). five two the two games registered- but . points, three In one and In the olliar. Osccola In ...^ firet game was held lo nine points and boosted -Hurt total but by five points in (heir second meet- ins. Only the two learns whc brat (hem scored more thnn twenty points, Joncsboro ran up but 27 Hcrshel Moslcy tallied 22 of (lie Chick's 34. •Tlie Maroon nnd Willie enters have bad a good season, annexing fen victories 'mid • dropping but four, Uo of them In ine district champions, wolnor, hnd one each lo Joncsboro nnd Slkcs- tcn (Mo). Lcachvtllc, Slkcslon, Osceola (2), L»\ora (2) Wilson (2) Steel, (Mo) nnd Shawnee are' numbered among tiieii victims I Sickness nnd Injuiics have harassed them nil season and played no small p-m ln , lwh |OSSM H lias been some time since Coach Lnslie has been able lo rail his'fiul suing in good shape oii he nooi. However, hard work has been llio older foi the past week and Indications mo tlmt InrririB further compilations, the oitrnamenis should uUch them co»'S nt top speed Scveia! of I!"- :!rl''^L bM '' ^«»".<&t"B ; TUESDAY, /FEBRUARY.'.'™ .'tflPB GEE,If SUBE ._, NICE TO 6E HAVIN& ANICE.CJUIEr BATH -O^OH. AN INTRUDER/ I'VE GOT TO GET • RIPOFTIJATTHIKI6 QUICK-OR TIIERe'5 WO TELLING WHAT1L HAPPEN.' mm^^ms^ -SSs^SP 7 "™""" Ql«5BYJ*r-ASERVlcr.:iHC. T. K. REC. U. S. PAT.'SFfl Mr. and Mrs. K M. Huffman and son, Elbert, of Blythevills. motored to Memphis Thnraday to intend llio iimoj»«biic sliow. lined posslblo op|x>nent of n MIC "car fninre. I point niarRln, Ketwr had Die Etnne 'In n sack untl] a last minute spurt by J.Ymik Sanders' Ijoys Simlchcd (lie Into victory. This defeat of Kelser, -one of Die county*, 'slronurat teams, ' , "P the...05ccola -|;irls as serious Seminoles Girls' Stock Rises As Tourney Wears; Boys Win OSCEOLA. Ark.-ln a fnsl and ""•1'lniB taUtle, Osecola's K | r ", contenders fov the cup in tlic tourney licry Oils week-end. rj n dcr banders, new Seminoles coach IDey have developed from a weak, mifoTOful Icain a month ngo, Into i fnst, liard-fit'litlne; comblnaUon Banders' boys are also making narked Improvement. Rins are 'um"-' " lcy wi " t(<lie Keli » r ""« Wilson In order "In Hie tbiir- nament bracket, and will meet. Blytlicvllte m the scml-nnnls to l!™ , "I 10 wl11 tnkc 01 > "'« wln- " In (be Sioux Proves Best at Grip Swapping; Black Up- sols Knichel Will Hold Regional Meet Pemlscoi. Dimklin ' of seven-i and New n"', or 0 "!° flnals Saturday night Qsceote coiicliicies her pre-toiir- m will («im administered a 27 to 21 dc- sllow llc !'° thls on Ihe Ma"nlla b'oy's 'c first time for n girls'' [eim ri'om that S ! t ] e of the county o Snoyj }tm-<\ M.I.. „ . . J • ory wlieii Keiiny Holt, ow t il. loiinmmcnt, winner ol will lie eligible to play turned back.. . . In Uic feature nialcli. ..^ " lld .? f ": f <«(. I'M on ' >*• n\j uiu urni- " '*; enyirjie to Dlav nil, Sion'x red-!'" «m stfttc meet lo be held later Chief Barfool, i '"• Col »mbia. : lire nialcli. ' i ' rlle seventeen schools thnt vill ^.,,k _._ • . . Mil:i,p ol r»^_i ,., nmu ,,iii exhibition all the way. in a preliminary match Freddie 'I'*". 1 : 1 ' ;°™»'- Wol of local ,„„' returned after an cx- Play at PorVagcviiir^: Arbvrd CAnilhcrsvillc, Cardwell clai'k ton Deorlng, Cideon, Hayti, imi- comb, Kevvanee, Lllbonrn \talden Afarston, Mallliews tagcvlllc, Risco ai»' Parma, 1'or- Senatli. and met defeat at' """• iKiinmistcrcd a 27 to 2i~do- t "' ow " cro thls "year'SanSi' l ^nl« ii'wv^'m" 1 '' > 0t Jlm "U c Black, a! """' 51 to ,,»..^ ™* ^.^^^^^^^^^^^ Clear Lake News -—•- * iMu V in^nt, the lx>ys W ei-c tAklnir Ihe ns e r«°T,? lscr lo Ui ° tiinc °r 20 to 2J, This was Ihe fl i,. . c:r * , Kelsor B irl s . j - «,>mi. njf jvt'JMT Kir]*; LroS?.^ tnttheh «^ I'nlc'nshlng Manila •• ••••*•} vitnulLCU boys here last week. ,", "•'" " Curing spree that o^f-hK,: Mo.. <ett them 18 points before the [i "l! s 'Jasketbiill timers gun co ,,ld stop- (hem for n " nl • snmes this ler Us l " C ViS "° VS C0l>l(1 rc H is - " ' ' Keiser came, bnck win, a vm, Steele Teams Lose Two To Braggadocio ^r^i:"?^ s '«'o D,,I,- .ga ie's -were 'close Ihronch- d the liracBarlnein hr the Ohiekasa -.; sank n sj ]u t, thnt started another shaollng rally ns the score lo 27 as Ihe ended. It was (he most Ke ii- sallonal season. Tire The boys E nmc was a lie until (lie last two niliiules. 'Hend Coin-In ; 'MCWS Want Ads. here e. boys' game, though sloWer, was n Jinrd-/OHghi uatde, ivltli the lend swinging back and forth ev- ' mlmilcs. The Seininples tnc inmcli thev showed earlier in thc week,. wlion they io n 5 llc|d Phone 644 • HALF PRICE SALE Mcn> Suits and Accessories • $27,50 Suits $13.25 $3.95 Hats $1.98 : $M Suits $17.50 $1.50 Caps 75c m Shirts JL25 35c Socks 17vic $1.65 Shirt? 82V 2 c ' 65c Ties 32^c 1 $lTies50c Pajamas, Underwear, Belts and other accessories all go at exactly half price. HUDSON Clothier, Tailor, Cleaner some. A couple of women (lopped around in the r,,i B ior scv -•ml minules lo open-the show Hie two Indians worked!: ,'fa.u all o lake (he deciding: fnll.'"oi'ie an- >«rcnlly not dbplayed here ba- oie.^K, took but a moment to ap- Black was.-'n- rminK •••'••'.ready --•« '•KLiitji^ VL'<JfJl(i(l ! . I •nough keeping at each other .is clliitei- guest., Sunday Mrs Mamie Hmitor-k. and family. ' Hoy Shepurd and Miss Mildred arner were married Saturday AieTr/uby; N^' ™% h™[ Mr nnd Mrs. Hubert Jniiies. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Vnlvert are «• re '^, ellt - s of this comninnity. Miss Olive East, Ralph East :and Thomas Via spent Sunday wh Mi-, and Mis. Murk' Skcllon. Huffman News , . Ohio, and Mrs. c. C. Rvvaf were wceK-end guixfls o Mr. and Mrs. George Adams Mss verdie Brewer, of Herman dale, was tl,e hoiLsegncst of Mis Dilhc fiay the past week. I. H. >fiifniiiiii, nccompanlcd by HI Located at 101 North Swond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, Proprfefor iunrtypewrK^, Wdmg Mach • ; ,K«Pauins_Parls_Blbbona home nfli'r spending n week as Ihe Riicst of Mr. Smith's mother Mrs. John Kyan. ,„,.„ ,, . ., •". ! Plfly-nvn fiicncls were Miter- •Joniv Nfetcalf, loinicvly o! here, [ mined whh music at ilin blrlhd-iv has__ moved lo Gideon, Mo. j party in honor of riiiftis Norlon 'TlmiMlay nlRlit at his home. Ke- frc.slmienis were served. Rd Walker, of lilyllievllle, Is llio eucst or his son, Clnick Walker Mr. and Mrs. 3ack Duncan en 7 (erlaincd a number of friends with [a hot lamnle supper Saturday eve- t nine. Everyone is invited to a meeting to be held at the Ekron school house Thnnday night, when a ball (cam will be organized Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Forshce have moved lo the house formerly "•"""-'-' by Mr. nnd M,,, ; Pol . t ^ Miss . rjildlijo c . raW) „,, . t ends .school in cooler, .s^nl week at home became of an ( . n |- demic of muiniK JM tlle Kch » al «. II. Green attended to business I,, Osccola Saturday Mr and Mrs. c. L. Crabb and daughter, Gerald!,,,.. s ,, cm l(| , t week, as B uc»u of Mrs. Crab£ Ekron News Notes Mrs. James Smith has returned ROXY Tues.-Wed.-Thiii-s. iMAT. & NlTE~10c - 25c LOVE -ife^i^gi IN ONE HAND **^B*F''^affllB| .^orrdr m the other! .\, Tuesday - Weds. MAT.— 2:00 - lOc & 25c NITB— B:-I5 MOc & 35c hi NO EST ENTRY ' Pure aluminum alloy throughout no pamt, rust and tarnish proof, extra rugged trame, built in head and tail lie-lit oversize peddles, new chain guard ' the sensation in bicycles. ' ' ' Hubbard Hardware Co. Phone 32 Lionel Andy Clyde Comedy Fox News On Display wllrf EDMUND LOWE RUTH ETTING Gloria Stuart Phil Baker Paul Lulus Chester Morrii fiinnie Barnei. • Ksrloff Graham McNamee .Alici White. Victdr Moore Hugh O'Conntlli Sterling Holloway Downey Sisteri Douglas Fowley .Helen Vinson and many others Paramount i\ ews Comedy Novelty RccJ COMING TO THE/ RITZ— Sumlay & Monday, Feb. 2J-25 Shirley Temple and Lionel Burrymorc in "LITTLE COLONEL" y, February 20th NEW MASTER SIX DE LUXE CHEVROLET SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. .

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