The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 2
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PAGE TWO PLYTgg V1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NKWB THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 193S 1! Social Calendar FRIDAY'S EVENTS American Legion Auxiliary input-1 iii'g with Mrs. >'. P. Jacobs a'.i CiridiM'. i Mines. Riibsell Phillips. Olto[ Kochtltzky, J. W. Morse and A. Conway entertaining with btidae piu-ly at Woman's club, 3 p. m. SATURDAY'S EXTENTS Children of Confederacy nu.H;t- «;g v.'ilh Miy Martha KoMMiis at Slccle. 'Luck Makes Slain on Hand Worth Only a Three Bid Gtrlr Join Sororities Mines Jeanne Harrison and Jeanne Dillahunly. who attend Mississippi Synodlca! eolle^e at Holly SpriiiRS. have joined local sororities. Miss Dillahunly became a member of Hie Theta Tan Epsilon srority and Miss Harrison joined the Sigma Iota Chi sorority, liolh are seniors In the high school department. Mrs'. I'nc-lor Appointed State Americanism Cualrrmin Mrs. Howard Proctor, president 1 of the local chapter of the Am-1 crlcan Legion auxiliary and nn' outstanding figure in legion auxiliary affairs of the state, has been I made slate Americanism ehnir- man Mrs. O. L. Bodenhamcr. widow Today's Contnict Problem Vf/lTH riiibii 11 inn p. In tile fol- '* 'lowing liand, It look* as though Koiuli uuisl lose a club anJ u spade How should he play the liaud to innkc a utuall si a in'i Xnrtli: A A I VAC!. « <] 7 II * » G 5 4 J l^isi: * K 10 6 D ¥ :> 'i D -) » or, +Q j 10 Komli: A t}SS V 1C « A 1C 'J 4 4. A K S Vi'cel: A <,J10Si Vd J 10 S3 4. None SoUitioiL ill next issue 4 J 7 i • 10 » S A K & C A ;•< :> s o :i V A 1 il 0 » A <J 2 *AQ N \V K ^ A K f' t y K .1 ii 4 K 5 11 4. .1 > 0 7 - 1 4k A 1 0 VQS 7 ) 4 J 7 6 •) # S 5 3 12 Bits oj Netis Mostly Personal New Liberty News Solution to Previous Contract Problem 'Hit- llfddhie The iirOiiCr lilrtdtng Is South pass. | West JI.IM. While North holds n ! live-card spade suit, his hand is : strong t'lunigh to justify an orig- ! Innl bid oi our no trump. E:\st passes. South bid two no lrum[>, North can then bid three spades i School opened Monday with a ' good attendance. Joe Martin, of MlssisMp;il. spending the week willi his :-!stcrf =-' i Mrs. lien Aycock. and family, an Mr.s. C. O. McHntfcy has gone - Nlls - J A' : Aycock, anil Inmily. '.j the; suite sanitarium lit, Boonc-' Kenneth Aycwk !s ill Ironi iiiit- vllle, Ark.,' [or several months stay. Jarla. Mr. McHnffey motored over with : Mr. and Mrs. Morris Singleton her Sunday jand family spent Sunday with HID Mi- .m:d Mrs. Elmer Hazcll and former's parents «t Blylhcvltlc. .von, Gilbert, and Dick Lewis, of' Mr - aml M "; 5 - J - F - Epperson. Mr. Csnithorsvillc, Misses Tisha Smith nlld Mrs - Wheeler Epperson wen and Alberta Elliott; arc to spend s ™> s >- e» cst f ° ! «, r - !U! " Ml ' s - wnl the weekend at Hwdy. . Wheat nl Blythcvllle. M,s. J. M. White is « patient ^^.^J^ 5 !^ 1 ^ 13 -^;.^ at the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs. Arrtcn B. Crowrtcr has returned from Jonesboro where she had been nursing l»cr brother. Burl niytml. who was 11) al the St. Bernard's hospital from Injuries received in an automobile accident. He accompanied her home were giKLib ~j'. Mis. Bearen's parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Wheat, Sunday, Miss Florence (iraccy'u Sunday school class >.vas entertained ju the ionic of Pauline Whatley J-Yiday night. Games and contests v.tro enjoyed and refivs'::mcnls served. The R«v. Mr. Hem will begin revival here Sunday niglii. Mr. and MLS. (jcurxc Carter were Sunday quests of Mr.v lien Aycock. Mrs. Carter is a niece of Mrs. Aycock. \ViiU-h! Don't He Him i-'hunmcd on Price or W CASH GROCERS f An Hemi/cd Cash Krister Slip \Vilh Kiich and Soulii j trump. go to Hires lio Tlie Way II Y WSI. K. Mi-KKNNKY Srcrclarj-, American lirlrigc l.i ajue Regardless of how scientific (he of the" late Mr. Boclenliamer whr> j'gninc of brirtg; becomes. Lady Luck wr.s a national commander of the: will always govern her share of the •--••- - ' ' -" ' hands. There will always be the "coed-breaking" hands an:l the "hard luck" hands. Th; preceding American Legion, has offeree! an Americanism award to the unit in tlic slate making the bcsl record in this phase of .the work. The Blylhcvillc chapter plans to try for this award. Dorcas Class lo Mcs-l The Dorcas Sunday school class of the First Baptist cliurch will meet Friday cvc-nUip at "Lone Pine," the countrv home of Mr. and Mi-s. T. H. Hnynes. Evaiib'-Siirauls Aniionnccmeni lias been made of the marriage of Miss Tlichna SprauJs. of Clinton. 111., and Howard E. Evans, of Marlon. Ill The wedding WBS solemnized here October fourth with the Rev. W. J. LcRoy. pastor of (.he Lake Street Methodist church, vending the Stop Chills and Feveri II Kasi elects to open n heart, the ilcclarei- is relieved of the gViess. With a diamond opening, declarer will win the trick and must lead a small spade to dummy's king. When Kast's ten drops, declarer must try lo determine \\-lictlicr East's remaining spado is tr.e jack - or aec. Of course, If ho plays Fast problem hand, shown here, Is one [ or ihe ace ami returns a small 3f those ix-ricct-breaklni; hands. | spade, ilt-csslng the eight spot, this \vr.ile ihe declarer, by making ihe 'right he.ii't and spade play, can make six no trump, il should for seveial weeks stay while con-; jj;j Your Svstem of Malaria! valesdng. , Mrs. O W. McCulchcn and; Kmvcrin; with chills one moment dauijhtcr, Sara Lou. and Mrs. Ed-ianri limning wiih fever the. n«i gar Boi'iim will arrive home to- — tint's cue of ihe eiTects of Ma- morrow night torn Rochester, i a Unless checked, (he disease Minn where they have tx-cn at! v. ill do Miriruis harm to your heal' 'h Malaria, a blood inlectlon, rails for (wo tilings. First, cle- Stciml? building up the blood to ar.d to fortify asainst further at- Cvovc's Tr-.stelcss Chill Tonic supplies both these cITects. 'It con- uins las'elcss qv.lninc. which kills the Mayo clinic. They went up j last Friday. | Mrs. A. M. Butt,' and daughter. I I Mrs. Faimworth Black, Misses j Mary Blanche Gay and Martha | Chambers spent Monday In Memphis, today. Mines. C. J. Little, T. E. Talc. C. G Redman, A. M. Washburn, not be bid, of course, will force EasCs ace. Tne club finesse is right and the declarer can spread the hand for six no tnunp. (Copyright. 193H.NEA Service, Inc.i Librar George Hamilton, Ciigger Howard Proctor, John Meyers, j! tlw hifeclion in the blood ana H. Smith and Tiobert Blaylock will', *•<>», which enralies and builds up BO to O rider lomorrow for Fi \i- Ul Wields !i)fluonre Public Good • Miles-.Vipleton Miss livy Applelon. of Tylur. Mo., and Roy Mites, of Sleek-, Mo., were, united in marriage lu-re Thursday. October fifth. Jiisllce G. .1. Walker performed th? ceremony, ii.. t* ••» •*. •-.^*.«T < " Domicr-ilaU-hcr The marriage of Miss Dorothy Hatcher and Joe Donner, both of Man Hi;, oraim-d here Saturday. The. ceremony was read by the Rev. J bltiford Caldwcll. t. c - Wailc-Olaylon Announcement has been made of I he marriage of Miss Zcttie Clayton and Lowell Dee \Yuile both of here. Tlic Hcv. H. Lynn Wade performed (he ring service last Friday. Miss Lois Owen and Howard Hushing, both of Manila, were united in inarriagi: in this cilj Friday. The Rev. P. Q. Rorie. pas lor of the First Methodist church officiated. ,, Sliiploy-Auiburii t Mis.s Margie Irene Ausburn 'be came the bride of Loander Rhip ley in a ceremony performed ln-r Sunday by JuViicc John K. McU gcr. o[ Miss Christine Harmon. wl:o is attending the Southeast Missouri Teachers college, bill spent tlu week end ns (he guest nf her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Harmon. Miss Riitli Cunningham, who is : attending Jonestoro Baptist college Tlic influence of the Blyihcilllc j nl Jonesboro, Ark., spent the week library is inestimable, according to : end here with her parents. Rev. members of tlic board who will I nn d Mrs. J. W. Cunningham, launch Ihe animal membership' John Hall, who spent n few days drive Monday. That the library' I" SI. Unite, returned home Wed- ean do more lo moid ihe lives ofjiiesday. ':copk- if i here are. more and bei-. 1 Rev. J. W. Cunningham and Mr. l?r booi:s to be read Is the rca- • and Mrs. Sctli Compere closed the: 'on donations and memberships H. Y. P. U. training school at will l:c asked to support (he lu- i Kcekcrlon ihis week. Hev. Cun- Chillr and fever, soon meeting nf tlic American Legion ! si m nnd you are restored to auxiliary at the home of Mrs. F. I l-.i-alth and comfort. For hulf :i P. Jacobs ci'inury. (.'.rove's Tasteless Cnill Walter Rose-iHhal has returned ' .Tonic has ix-cn sure relief for fiom a buying trip to Si. Louis. I Malaria. It is just as useful, too Mrs. Lowell Foster, who has! as a general tn-ilc for old and been convalescing at the home of; you;:?. Pleasant, lo take nnd alisu- hcr parents in Caruthcrsvllle, Mo | luHy harmless, following an operation, has rc-.<Iren. ""' - '* turned home. Permanents IN THH NK\V .MODI; Tnulr- Where You.Ccl Ihe Most of the «f^ !!est for Your Money .,-.-•Specials Friday, Saturday, Monday MEM BEANS ris^r 1 LETTUCE Firm Heads. CD's "Sif* K;u-h * '2*> PORK STEAK Nk-e and I.eitn ['otind WHKA'I' Hox lOc CORN I-lakes Miller. ls>-cl)ox Heads iliii lall IVIVL- :: sculptured beauty. K.u-h wave, eaeh ringlet o:- sof: roll defines iho contour* uf thij heart. lt'.= only «itii a ix-r- inanenl b'ki this thst you'll gel a truty becoruiiij coillure. Grucf Beauiv anorc HCMINY No. 2-2 Can. -1 Limit Can BACON Swift's Empire. Sliced I'imnd FANCY YORK APPLES, I.b. 5c DELICIOUS • AI'I'LRM. Each OATMEAL u " 55-0/. Box 12 y, Regular Size SWIFTS PURE LARD S Pniint Carl on PORK SAUSAGE 100', I'lin- I'o 1'(iu ud :litulio:i iinplher year. A true sioiy lold by iiliiiihniii taught the Senior man- a local nil. Mr. Compere taught the III Wiindn Toik'l So; Deal Laundry. ;i liars No. 2'-. <_';in Kath Swifl>s S'lvcrioitf. ion I'urc. I'numi House, Ccinovu, S lirnnk. Demi's. 1.1). (.' 32-0*. .F;ir UNUSUAL VALUES MATf RESSES APPLE BUTTER One \\t-i-ii r:;iiuruiiy, ocuiuur l-lth Luxora Society — Personal Merobcrihip Quola for l.cgion Auxiliary js 7j. The American Legion Auxiliai of this city will attunr.t to no 75 mcinbcrs fcr tile romltiB VL-J was announced by Mrs. HDwar Proctor, president of ti-.o lo:? chapter, following her return (roll the autumn coufcTenci- al Liltl Rock. Tl;e quota cf fo aooc-pied b Mrs. Procter after ;ho had r.skc for a reduction from Ja^l year' quota of PO when 53 nioir.tersm;; were obtained. Mrs. W. J. Pollarrt, innnkcrihir chairman, and members c[ he 1 commillc-e are wagin? an artiv campaign xvhich will end Armisiic: Day. Wives, mct'rers. daujiner and sisters of veterans of the- worlt war may beloilg to this o^'ganizs lion which fc'tors the care c! tl-.t veterans and their families. Plans Made for the U. 0. C. Benefit Tarty. Miss Margaret Merrill is, ir charge cf the reiorvaticns for the benefit bridge and rook party of the Elliott Fletcher chapter "of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to b; held Tuesday nftcniODr. at the home of Mrs. G." S. Barnes. Those desiring to make reservations arc a.skod ID call 215. There are to be table prjz:.v •nn'.her lo Uic_ librarian. Mrs. H. i; .lenncdlatc manual, and Mrs. Cpm- A. Smith, e.xemiiliik-.s • (lie above ; -'|wre l.iughl- the 1 Junior '' j slali-nirnls. In ihankir.s (hf librar- • Misses Emillne and Evounc Ham- iau for nlloivlug lie: 1 .sou to read ra of Fulton, Ky.. and Miss Saliic : io:iks free, because In- had no'Hamvn of Carut.iersvillc were the money for a membership or ren- gui-sls of (he. former's 'rousm, Al- al f?cs. the mother declared her bcrl liamra, who is employed al •on had been freed from a spirit the SMI II,mini store licrc. of 101 Ins and mischief making Judge J. K. Duncan motored lo hich. she had feared, might have | Charleston Sunday where he spent !cd him lo law breaking. (he night and held circuit court J5u-fovc ilu- lnii bewail In read j Momloy. ir vas a membi-r of a yang of'. vliom- he seemed tlic leader. None f Ihu yiuig was abln lo gel work j '.:d they spent the days and most! •f the iiiRhls i-oaming around. The I nn hcar<l of the library and when' le found he could read free, took | v,u».iv,i., — ! tidunoi : -. friend with him the next time.; The buys of the yang are back [ n school now. nnd are still read-, . ,,, ni: so , lu , LUXOR A. Avk.—Miss Anna Mar- 'in uddilion to her work as lib- fi nre ' Wo «l .was hostess lo the •arlan Mrs. Smilli seems lo be! 'numbers of inc V. W. A. Monday in infallible fuurcc of information , uvening. Mrs. R. A. Kimbrough 'n recent dnys she has been asked ' conducted the devotional. Follo*'o (live advico for domestic troub-, '"B the roll! and the secretary' 'e.s and In iccommend an allor- I report. Mrs. Kimbrough led il-.c mis- ;icy for one .sct-kini: a divorce. ! sion study lesson, which was lak- ; i'n from the mission book. "Minis ' try of Women." ! Mrs. Will Woo:!. Mr.-,. W. T. : Tl'.weatl, C. B. Wood. C. II. Wood ; jr., Walter Wood. J. I. Mifflin nnd 1 Herman Spiccr vorr in llariisburg | Monday nnd •Tuesday 'attending the trial of tlic murderers of IjeRo; Wood, federal rcveuui- ayciil. Mr. and Mri. John Thwc.itt spent 45LB, COTTON MATTRESS 50 LB.MTON MATOtSS S44S $4.95 VEAI. CHOI'S, I,h. Ohl'X) Wilsons Ik'.si, I.Ii. Lihl>y's or I'Hde of Illinois .'^ Cans for 55 LB NO, 1 COTTON MATTRESS §6. l-'itney Red Clohe or Lge. Span- *|JL,oi ish. I'otind ** 2 ** ? 55 LB, FELT MATTRESS 'I Heautiful Covering SI2.SS HAJIS Swift's Picnics (S) Pound *c i SEALY I TRU-KASK 1NNKR SPRING MATTUKHS jTC 1 !/ '''rfsh Cnmnd. All You \Vanl 4 tf*,^ POIIIK! £,%*(y SEALY NATURAL REST 1NNKR SPRING JI'ATTRKSS MILK Ullby 's. I5ahy Can 3c ' >ge. Ciin >€ Ilayli Society — Personal in Memphis. C. and MID end in Lux- Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Wmuterlicl .. p'ris Wednesday. Mrs. liusler \Vi-lls nnd dmisli- j[ 0[ ,^.,.. |, Icrs. Mrs. HutM L?-,us and Viiss' ^trs G Hallir Fvrn Luirf. ucroinpaniixl by i 7) 0 ' ttc '|! s ,' x Mrs. Alicu B. Davis, allciidt-d to | o| . n busine?s in Cariithcr.svillc Wedni-s-1 '"hc'S'and Chadcr Ci Uh :not \ ™« ™'?• »' » unl ^ '« «™ al tl-.c horar oi Mr.v Wylr.- Kirhy .-riaay alteriioun with ciijhl mini- • :c:s present ai-.d cm- now incmbjr.i 1 ! UTS. F. Kr'nsail. ! Fred Challiii and Clinton T:-nnij)- : son oi CariiUiersvilfo attencir;! tl:» piny. "Pur]ile To-Acr. 1 -." prcsfiiti'd «t t!:c lilsh school Tuesday rv.-niiv.-. Mi\s Virpinia Uiiiikh'n ct C.i;>n' • Girardcau was itie -AOJ^k rud t:i:p-i;' G. G. Caudill (icncral lusurAiiiT IOC X. Rrnadniiy 1'honr Tfi^ Apple."! cchUin cent water. about 82.5 per There's much monthly suffering that CARDU1 would prevent. llfHOKKHOIUS (l-n«) cured : *ilhoii( (lie kcifc. Skin oikcr, varlcosfd ,«ins, «on«U»,- rtwovcil nwt-sorgically. v i 'UllS. NIKS and NIKS onic« au AMU riione for SALE .'•(I A. NKAR IS SCHOOL Sit A. NEAR IS SCHOOL SO A. MiAit 7U1RDKT1' :i—in A. TRACTS NKAR POPLAR COUNKR 2—SO A. TRACTS NKAR POPLAR CORNKR li—U) A. TRACTS NKAR MAR1K 5—511 A. TRACTS NKAR LKPANTO 1—lid A. TRACT NKAR LKACHVILL1' )—,vi A. TRACT NKAR LKACHVILI.K 1—SO A. TRACT NKAR LKACHVIL1,]-; 1 —III A. TRACT NKAR I-KACMVILLK Abo have many mure t>!;ifcs not nicntionvri for stle iUoa|) with small t;isli |>;iymen( nnd balance spread over term of J. W. BADER Itlylhevilk-. Avli. SEALY ST/ AR INNER SPRIM; MATTRESS I'resh. I'ull Dressed. *f ©i/r;> Dressed Diiily. IVr.iiid Ja © 2 v SEALY ; AIR VENT INNER SPRING MATTRESS SLUMBERON INNKR SPRING .MATTRESS The Miillress Del.nxe DE LUXE c JOII, SPRING For Sltimbcron Mattress Blue lUmny 21 Lbs. 2-1 Llis. ©*^Cr 4.! SPRINGS FOLDING SPRINGS HEAVY COIL SPRING Viilite COIL ON FRAME SPRING Sjietiiil CCII. ON KRA.MK SPRING Heavy iielital Tie-l. Special $5,95 PORK SHOULDERS llnlf ,°4ir Tie Q ? (Our Kest (inule of U. H. No. 1 liecf) S Itound or l.oin. 1'onntl ----- vn c I'cpperminl. I'resh. Clciin. Pure (Slicks or IMllows) \.KC. USR REX JELLY ' No. ^> Can GROUND BEEF Nire "1i an und SWEET POTATOES S; Hal " IA - " : Ificans. 1,1). DOUBLE DECK ON I'RAME SPRING Ilclical Tied RANGES •"> litirner.s. l-'roin $35.00 CAST RANGES For Co;il or Wood. Krom $23.50 RUGS 9 X 12 FELT BASE RUGS v 12 FELT BASE RUGS l-Atr;t V;tliiL' $5.95 9 X12 GOLD SEAL FELT BASE RUGS $7.95 See Them Before Buy inc; Priced I'rotn You i- |i;ilron;i;>e will lie iippreci!\led, ;ind you \\ill receive every cou- sideritlinn you desire ill this store. CHARLES S. LEMONS Fuirnsture nant1 >' ^€ ' rhick !{il) - '•''• l2 -!'Ol Shoulder Clod. Lh. - - - - - !:,<• VANILLA WAFERS SX'S MUSTARD iMiirco (luart .liir Wisconsin Nn. i Full Cream Pound SORGHUM T T^-^u,!hin SPARE RIBS Rc;\i Nici- Ponnd BANANAS I'lint-y Yellow Fniii p 3 ^ Pound sS V SALT. All Yon-i _!_« WanL i,h. * 2 V ROACH POWDKU, |jd\ ^AIT MR AT )3AL1 lflE.'Al 1Jcsl (;ni(U '- l>lenl - v « Lean. Not Tcni-th. SiU-h Ik ' >l Cri ' lim ' 21-1,1,. Savk STARCH Hulk. All TURPENTINE-EPSOM SALTS 3c

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