The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1935 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1935
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR THE BLYTHBVILLE COURIER NEWS Tdg COURIER HE\V8 CO., PUBLISHERS 0. B. BABCOCK, Editor • a W. HAINE8, Adyertlalpg Maatjer Sols National Advettmns RcprcsentalU'es: Arkansas OMIIw, inc., New York, Chicago, Drs, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Exceut Sunday Entered as second clnss matter at Hie post otTiw <U ISIylhevlllo, Arkansas, under act of October 5, 1311. Served by. the United Press RATES JJy carrier In the City of Blythovillc, 15c |«r week, or $0.50 !>er year, in advance. By mail, wlUiln a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $150 for six monllis. 85c for three mrnilhs; by mull In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, «,50 per year; in zones seven anil eight, $10.00 .per. year, payable In advance, Gold and Morality, To a Itiyniiin there seems lo IIHVC been more tliun n little lego! basis for the dissent of four justices from the supreme court decision upholding repudiation of i;ol<1 contracts. Perhaps the coml's inajorily strained u •point or two to meet the public necessities of the .situation. But it is unfortunate for Hie minority case that Justice Me Reynolds, in announcing the dissent of himself ami three colleagues, was not satisfied with stating: the legal and consliliiliomil grounds for their position but undertook instead to attack the majority opinion as immoral ami inequitable. For il is in the honesty, justice and reasonableness of the congressional action reducing .Hie gold content of the American dollar and nlji-ogatinjf contracts calling for payment in gold that the majority opinion of the supreme court has its greatest strength. "You must lake GO per cent of what you contracted for," md Justice Ale- Reynolds. " Here we have a monetary system the wickedness of which is atmc-sb beyond comprehension. ......The treasury Kays hero is a depreciated dollar from your government in answer lo'the government's contracts." The answer to the learned justice, of course, js that this depreciated dollar, this 00-ccnt dollar of which he speaks with such -magnilicoiiL -'scorn and .contempt, is still a better, dollar ''than ./was used by most, of the' purchasers of the gold contract securities who arc compelled to accept "it in lion of the t'ok! iv-liieli they claimed. As Walter Lippman pointed out this morning, today's dollar, poor thing dial it is, gives a very nice profit to the holdeis of securities bought at wuy time from 10M to 1030. This little GO-cunt [dollar wi]l buy more, than would' the goad old tOO-cent 'dollar, and if that doesn't make il every bit •as good a dollar wo should like to know what is lacking. Mi-. Lippman cited the case of one of the plain tills who came before the court seeking the gold his conlracl called for or its equivalent. lie had . bought a government bond in 1!U3. AH ' a result oL yesterday's decision he will be paid back in dollars with a ' purchasing power of 1.7 times that OUT OUR WAY of the dollars hu spent for the bond. Had Justice McHeynolds' views prevailed lie would have been, entitled fo dollars With a purchasing power of 2.87 times that of the dollars he invested. To limit him to a 70 per cent appreciation j n the value of his investment is described in the minority opinion as wickedness "almost beyond comprehension". If it is wickedness it is indeed of a kind that i s beyond our comprehension. Something Wrong The rcw between tenant. 1 -, share cropper:; and wlnntws over In ixslcrn Mknnsus comes as- no credit to the icnnnUi tinU far less credit to the planter*, operators or landlords, or whoever Is responsible for (lie people on (he land over tore In that section, It Is not strange that the richest laml in Arkansas alloi-d:, Ilic cpa>vnin;i ijrmnul for the dirrat |»veity In Hie slutc. Tlic lund Is cx- plbUcd by tibscntcj wealth, the people- arc exploited by operators mid on tlie other hide the rather fruitful ami easy existence oi live, dcliu attracts ii type of while us (fell its Muck lo the hind (hut, arc not particularly a credit, to iiny (stale. 'We ;iru not suylng, however, Unit Ilicre lire not many sincere and rlr/scrv- 1ns people in the' ranks ot the tenants as well us the planters wlio ore trying to do tlic right til fill;. But, rcsimlk'ss of the nuc l>eop!c on both tutus of the fence In the controversy, this Jlnrc-up is finidnincntnl In its beginning. It Is as serious In oilier stntcs of" |lie south as it is In eastern Arkansas, rind political wire pulling in Wiisli- liiislon, kangaroo courts and suppressions will not sulvu It. In the llrsl jiluec tlic absciHri- ownership of ,' lund Is fundamentally wrong. • Second, admit it, icmmls arc being discharged Iron) rnrm» by plunk™. A|;rec ntui admit also thnl the spirit, of rental conirncU in tin; cotton acreage reduction Is being broken. Wo luwicltecl In tll'j Unltctl Sfutes lasl year a [ rural rehabilitation program. We are supposed lo have eiciit million dollars to spend In Una work in Arkansas. Elgin, million dollars is. a loL of money. Umv milch was. SIKIII we dou'l, know, but wu do know the number of persons placed In position; to be kept oil relief permanently in that lir'oBi'uiii is relatively small. We limy as well face It. Tills tenant problem which received Us minor flare-up in Arkansas in Hie orennhtnllon of a tenant union may he suppressed and hushed up now; it miiy | JC disregarded now, but it's still a sore mid still n concern not only in Oils Male Imt throughout, Ihe South, Owners of Innd might as well face it; government olllcials attempting to better the condition ot the men and women on tho soil may as well face It, H is a fact,. Unit llio richest laud in our stiiti; pauperizes Hie men mid women who actually (ill It; breaks the men who own and operate. . it, and fuik In the very function of rural existence, as we sec Itr-lhi'a is livable, comfortable homes and an-Independent existence for those who live to work and live close to the soil. There is u way out, fov Arkansas, there's- H wuy out for the tamnts as well «s Hie owners if we will look at UvJs rich hcrUugc In terms of homes ratliei- tlinn tlollnre. History has proven thai, as we build homes, as we develop u contented and right, ili'lnking people, we create ivvullli No coinniiinlty or group of any size ever yrew wealthy, ever created wcaltli that existed beyond a generation or tn-o, oa squalor. We cinrt. do it in Arkansas. Tlic 'richest land in our slate is the poorest In Improvements; has more delinquent tuxes; has more busted banks mid more busted people than any part ot the .state. Something is wrong. —Arkansas Fanner. The "pink slip" income lax provision in effect furnishes a who's \vlio list of prospects fcr every Bungler, racketeer, mid kidnaper in the country. -R C i>. Rofccrl, b. Bacon, New York. By Williams EXPEMSIVG, LEARNIM' T' ROLL. WITH HAND, MAiNj'r IT WES? ER. IS O' BRAN, BUSTID? YOU KNOW IT'S 8RAM BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS | SIDE GLANCES % George Clark TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1030 r>i#>> IpPprTSs^ej""" M^SJ^^^^^L,£^2ir (J m 1 Olf J([A SCRVICC. IKt I. u RED. I). 6. tn. OH (JAMS IISifiDKItSUtfi. irrelly and !9, «ork. ID u lltll Bilil. "kJ ,,,,; er la-rcur-ola hr«(fc, r , ", 'j ° •upporl ikflr lovnlld fait,, STEVE HKYKHS, wlTo .l.o itort. In ike mill, a.k. c.alt lo nitirry klui. nbe t»romUc« |u tlve Hul II B tnHHttl l» „ f <n J B y». <•"!« IJ"ej •kxliic, bituk. M,r<Jiij;b ihr Ire uad !• rcM-n^ bv IIIIIAN WESTMQiie, "ki" iJ. Cher, no>» dtad. bull< ihr mill. tltll.n come hour «(ltr c nu ».«"'• '" ' •''• <" «»1" Ihe mill. (.jili! ftnstturt l/tfore ». clln iirji Iter name. VICHY THATCHER, dauulilor of HOUEKT TIIATfHBn, «"t«™' lunnncci «I Ike will, tek«mti to caii(li-«ce Brian. . Oale und ftcere iivarrcl, lAl«r ninku a p. Vk'hy irci Gok la Or| u .. 0( . Ili-e one afccrnuon and au.»)>rcl» Itii-re ]• an uffuli: bcUveea (licm. X'lekr leiivt.'! lo n raise, deier- iillncd to aliow ttale aht: ctioiiol Inko llrlnw from h«r. .•juiUnj luunilBjt Gait un.Mer. a knuck on IHc door. A rouuc tnrm • "SDrcl«l deliver/ (or Blln lcndL'rHon.V KOW GO ON Wl'i'jl TUB STMIX CJ1APTBU XXIX ALli look the slieet of paper and pencil. She, said, "Wliol— " tlicu stopped. In au entirely different touo aba went on, you dolnu here?" "What aro burs' 0 wVlcs" 1 "" K ' m ^' U " (l ' ly> '^ scoopinif <)ff lllc ' lu;i K h ' TA//S Owous Wfe/?LD.'±1" tiiWt BIRD L(Pe IN THE UNITED STATES HAS BEEN DECREASED SEVENTV-FIVE PERCENT IN THE LAST 6O YEARS. %* GAUGE OF A SHOTGUN \^> DETERMINED BV THE NUMBER. OF LEAD 'BALLS , REQUIRED TO /"AAKCE A POUMD • • • THE BALLS BEING OF A SIZE THAT FITS SNUGLY IM THE MUZZLE OF THE BOR.E. SALE. IS A SPANISH WORD, MEANING >v OUT (T GOES." Dr. Hornnclay, former director of the New York Zoological 1'iiik. estimates tlii.l Ilircc-tourllis of the bird life of Ihc country has been killed oil In ihu last 00 yeurs. Thirteen species of ini B ratory birds have been exterminated, and ninny others arc fatte; lire .«mie fate NKXT: Where arc street tights turned off on" moonlight nights? Fever Thermometer Useful in Checking Serious Illness 1!Y OK. M.OKUIS l'UiHM:iN ilure us UV-- l.ditnr, Journal nl Ibp American Mcs brtwiicn , gria. Hit: Ilcallli Mai^uim: Jivcry luuilly in wliii-li llicre are elilldrcn ouglil, to have a fever llicrmoinctcr. With it, you uilylil worry H (jood leal by ucciisional iiutanccs In ivtiich Hie temperature us ubuvc nonunl wild in which Hicic is iiotliing seriously wron;;. lint joii will also rietcc-L many cw«llt(ons in their earliest stages and. by Ci ,n- ins H phy.Mctan piomjiUv. you will •sue .yonr.srlt n groat <lml of urii- tcil iilne:.", uud .v,-ii,, v , , mm . Hie first i,,;.,i lo "ir.-tsure KVucpnidu'c w,u-; au luil- lan named Sanctcriiif., who ( | c . vclopcd a thcrmonicier. Alter He built liis thennomclcr. which a-jis 'in exceedingly bulky hUuuiviii I!, occurrcc) to htm to mrainrr trffi heal of the botly. About 17M, Fnhrrnlicit imcnlcrt Ilic tlicrmomclct \\:~n[ j,, u,] 5 country, the iiicmin- IIKIIHO- meter with Ihc Iii]in-ii!i.,t ; . c;1 [,./ As Jalc n:, (II70. Miviniimiclrrs used In mcfiMirim: I,VH, U( -rc II) Indies Ions. wn'» .i]. 1( . c( i under the arm and lwl; -,' ,',," Hies to register. The ,„«.„,, com . pact fever Uiemiometer, used In SiS ^:, ls L'Ti 11 '»<« »«Mt ol In the case ol tniali baWcs the temperature should always be tak <n in the rectum, rather than In motitl.. rite iK.iiru.1 h:mi" r ; n li\ Ihe itctiun vnr- S and !W.C. You Mirjuld always bu Mire Hint Ilic mercury is well shaken down before putting the thermometer into the body. In taking lanperaluvc In tin: rectum, a .special thermometer with a blunt tip is used. The child l.i placed luce downward, preferably on the mother's lap. The thermometer, well greased with I vaseline, cold cream or pclrolntum, i.should Ihcn be placed in the rcc- Hurn and held in | Wi Hioti until removed. The mother should not 1:0 away au<i leave life child with Ihc Uier- niomclci in place, because Ilic child may turn and b rc ak the thermometer anrt seriously injure ilieif. Neither KhoiiM (fie'thermo- meter ever lie placed in the rectum wllli tin: child Ij'ins on tte barf;, After llv- Hicrtm.i-. tcr is feed, 11 should in; V.-II-H',,: thoroughly with 4()3|) and wiucr, th c ,, p]i UT( i In iiu-nmil tovr, minutes, dried <nul returned u, ii,-, Cilse . never wash n fnvcr Ihriiiiumelcr with hit .water. TJii.s may break It. Says 1'coulc Don't Ihlnk CINCINNATI iup)_"0ur civilization Is in a Jem because of the lallure of both our leaders and the masses of people ( 0 think," said Blalne E. Kirkpatrlck, Chicago, be- jfore the Intel-denominational Re- of Orian Weslmoro pushed tho cap back from hla eyes, grinned engagingly. "I came," lie said, "to tell you It's exactly the sort ot day to be out tramping around. Won't you come exploring with me?" "Exploring?" lirian nodded. "Yea. Down by llio river, out toward Deer Creek. Have you aver been Uicro? We might find a clicsi of burled treao- uro of n haunted house. I used t.o go tliero ou exploration tilpa when- cver I bad the cliauco when I was a kid. Used to encak away trom home- Ouco I found n nest of baby Held inico and a harmonica that could only play two notes. And another timo I discovered a cave f U"t1 mpr*» Tin nn 1 1 seen. I haven't boon out there in five years—longer than tlidt. I guess—but It was always fuu. Won't you come?" Gale smiled. Sbe salil. "! shouldn't—bin I will. Wall until 1 get uiy lini and coal." In five minutes she was back. She had changed her houscdrcss for the short bluo skirt she «"oro for skating and a sweater. Over this she worn her leather jacket, anil her hair was tucked under a scar- lot tain o' sbantcr. Drhiti sat on tlio lop slop, the youngest O'Connor bcsldo him. "He ilh thowlns me iwlcks," Hie four-yeur-old anuounccd, liHins tils head-on one shlo anil sazlns with rapt, attention tia: [irian's Imnds moved deftly. Brian said, "Watch it now!" aud suddenly tlio (losers , . heard the babyish vole* repeating. " . urapety-unipety— " Gale said, "You shouldn't have fold lilin ttiol. He'll be worklag away at that trick for the iiest four hoiira." "Well, ft ivon't hurt liim, will It?" "No-" If oycs wcro necrliiH otil from behind curtained wludoiva Diere was nothing to arouse comment ID tho Blelit of Gain and her com- lianlou. Brian's wtndbceakcr and corduroys and the old cap were the sort of clothes lo which the mill village was accustomed. Oale glanced at litrn and asked. "Whcrc'd you set tho disguise!" "You mean these dollies? They're among my niosl cherished possessions — hail them for years. They've !IOCM on huiithis trips and tishlng trips here nnd abroad. Mother ragc.3 whenever she sees them and every BO often ! have to rescue ilie'ra fror destruction. So far I've 3eoii lucky. IfaiidEomc, don't you It hesitated a moment, ilieri began > eating agMn. A moment lute: li : dropped the acorn, disappeared, "There!" Galo whispered, pglnt. Ing. The squirrel's licud caiuo fmrj view on llio opuosllc eido of ibc tree trunk. Urlan Picked up an : accrn from the ground, moved forward cautiously. Uut tue S'lulrrol was not to be tempted. It ran iip • tho tree again and eat there, cbat- ; tering loudly. Galo and Brian walked on. She told lilm about the sijulrrel slie and I'lill tad taught to cat from ihelr band3 years before rtud how lie bail j grown bold enough lo perch on \ Phil's shoulder. Brian described ' the net coou a friend of his )i ai | "Very,"" Culc agreed. Sho meant it. There wns a jaunty, r.igabond ilt to Brian's cap. Broad-shouldered, tall, lithe, he swung along beside her. Hu eald, "Did you say you've never been to Deer Creek?" "Lots of tlmea, bul not since— oh, not for ages!" "Then wo'll really be exploring." :-lo went on. telling her ot advcu- urcs he'd hail as a youngster. Gale vau glad that he said nothing about lio scene in his ofllco when Vicky Thatcher arrived a few days be"ore. They hail been walking toward ho river ami now wcro lu sight of It. Tlio Ico was covered with water and, wliero llio road cut through, a band of sunBhfno fell across It, "'isfon/ug like diamonds. Gale said. "l.onk how tlio ico has molted. Another week and it will bo goae." ' ! It will be if Ihls weather keeps up. Ah—here (3 where the exploration begins!" r pHBY turned into a narrow nalh- way through tho trees. .Kailcd. colorless Icnvus crackled under Ihcir feet. There was a pungent scent In the air—the seem of cariB ,-ind damp (caves and tree bark Tho path was winding, anil here aud there sumac and other shrubs had spread their low brandies, almost blocking tlic way. Calc called out gtiyly. "Slioiiiihr way back7" ,, , , , . — -—=,-.- "Mot necessary," Brian ns<.-iiror1 that bad been linked together were her from ahead. "We onl come BCiiaraleil aud ycf-tho links haii • • •- »c won i conifi not been broken. "Tliayl" tho youngster exclaimed escilcdly. "Ilow'd you do that?" Tho young man stood up grinning. "It's tlio uia^Ec words." he said. "" Muiiiho-Jifuil/o, u ID [i c t y- uniii.' Say.them and you cnn do lie told her about animals owned. HI he had seen In xoos in New York and in Europe. T.TIS stories wcro amusing and he •"(old llioui ivoll. They w a 'ik c <] on aud on aud the nun thai had,I been shining brightly slid behind :hc lice tons. Now and then ihey lieard a bird's song and saw a Dash oE feathers. Sometimes there was motion In the undergrowth which meant that a rabbit-or chip- iiuuk was Bcurrying for cover. Otherwise they were alone, li was heir wor/d—a world of sunshine nnd rustling branches and carlhj odorp. They caino to a place \rlreio the vo." made a wldo bend. There as n clearing hero and several abandoned campfircs. Tho irecs parted in the distance, leavlug a 'ibbon ol puro gold on tho water. Galo halted. "Oh," she said, "did you over sea nuylhlus lovelier!" "Never." She imllod oil her lam and let :bo wind nifr'Jc her hair. "Till! jas been the grandest ntternoon I've bad in a long time.", she said. "I told-you exploring Is fun." "But wo haven't really done nn? exploring." "Wha! did yon expect to find?" "A chest of buried treasure. Isn't :hat what you promised me?" She ivas smiling at him. The wind ilew her bair back ami fi curled nto careless ringlets. There wa= warm glow of color In her cheeks. She raised her cliln and Urian saw igatn ihe soft, white line ol Her throat. He said, ."I'd like to paint von like that." laughed. "I'm alraid I'd lio i poor model." we notch the trees or leave a trail I "You'd no a perfect oiie." be lolil of .some sort so >e ciiii .nml onr[ llcr - "Can. 1 jryV.soiifc day ? \vil(J hack this way auyhosv." Tbc path nearer to Hie it every time. Sorry I cita'l slay longer, partner. Clot lo bo on my way now." V • • > (•">;,,vTil,, na ,M uy. U*Ji!|!.||KC Ol'CS I lib and Gale duwu the slew, tcalus' and dririiug f , 0 m jcfi -^feaving the younasier to expert-[ right. In Hs;pitws the river and prescin|y they iverc tie- side it. It was warm In Ui C suu- shine. Trees behind broke Uic wind. Suddenly {Man balled and motioned for silence.' Gate crept up behind him. ....... "What is HV". shb' asked. fJo pointed to- a tree a few yard; ahead. A red squlrrol sal oil a lo« «cr. uin.l try it,sonfc aay? \vil(J you let me skcich yoiiV" j/fc, "Why, yes—if yon want Vo. llav,./ you teen [raiuting umch lately;" ' i "I haven't touchcil a brtiEb or pencil binco I left Paris. I haven't I wanted to—uiiill now." j Gale.was silenu llrinu wont on ] after a moment. "You're au unusual girl. Jo you know that? Bit- j |bMi,cli,,ils.tlijy. bead-llkc ejes glis- i' fcreui from auyonr, I've ever known. I ihoiigln I wanted ID lulk lo you about the mill, but you've made mo forget all nboiii Hint. You make me for-'ci oveiy- " fliii nrnis (To ere aruuud it Continued) er. Wyoming Set To Start Divorce Mills Grinding CIIEifENNE. Wyo. (UP) - Wy- omiiiB's new easy divorce nilli will IX! open for business about May 17. Uudc ranch operators, hotel proprietors and attorneys are preparing {or out-and -out. competition with Nevada for the uullon's divorce busincw. The stale Icgislat'iirc enacted OUR BOARDING HOUSE new liiws sovcriiiiig divorce early ii; ;;.he .present session and on Feb.-I'.'GovcrniuV;Leslie Al Miller . Hie new' 'laws, declaring ttiat,, lie jiad the "fullest confidence in the integrity of (lie judiciary of : our -slate, anil in Mint, conli"- clencc' I. feel assured no Hist nnd loose •methods «l granlint; divorce to transient vlsUor-^will be in- dulsed' in." ; ,- : : '• .Dci-pito the 'governor's slalcnuiiil many rcsorl, lowns o! the state arc planning to niaU- the mas! or Ilic statute which reduces the period of residence lor persons wanting divorces from one year lo Co days. 'Hirer Aulos Kim Over Mini /AND i.Vl'i— Tlirct automobiles all sinici: wuijain liakow- skl, '15, to' tniisc lii.s cleatli. Ttie first stnick him as fie was walking across a boulevard, drarjBiii" lilnl 30 feet. As he lay in the road. two more 1 machines passed over his. l/otly. He died InslauUy. f M*$sk ' DOMT A6K ^ E> %jjjr 1 T50NT KNOW YJHM4 XMA »M IT l~\ JUST GOT ~\^A HOWE SO^E TSRIfiHT PROtA AN OKDtP. TO PICK YT UP /^} A.N fcUCTION),HE CsOE&TO* ^^fl AT TH& WAREHOUSE ^' "DEUV&-R IT HERE TO A TJOU-rXP, COLLECT ""c -^IF HE; iSNT THESE WAREHOUSE HOOPLE/ THERES 4^\ R3R TME STOFA&E. A "DOLl-AK COH.ECT I TH' TOP SUP / V^. S\J-LV ^—en (°)NCE .HE GOT f\ . CkSE 01= CLOTHESPINS ,

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