The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 12, 1933 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 1
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i Serued by United Press EHTHEVILLE ^^^^^^ * m.m n mrTXI & VTTTt WPllf QT1 ADCTl ^W 1 ffiR THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPEH OP NOKTHEABT AUKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. XXX—NO. L78 " Bly'iievUle' Dally. Mew*. liiylhevlUe Court«. Valley Le»d«. Rl?th)-?1U» H«f*lfl. BUTllKVIU.K, AUKANSAS, TIH'USDAV, OC-TOiiRK 12. IttM ?: SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS I h Observations -- by 0. U. B- Honr- Clarence Wilson, sheriff and <•'»- j .ector, and Hal li. Harrison, county j judge, liave done irvcrylliinx within their power to case the p.uii nl j liard-prf-sspd taxpayers. Personal j properly taxes, which becanu- <!••-' linqueni last April, are still ben:;,'I reccivHl without penalty. i TaxftS. ho-Mver, must Ix-. colU-cu-.l' tO Holders or." schools and KOvr-rniuiMii an- I" i be maintained, and S::eri[f Wilson i has announced that no further '.'X- tension of lime lo those who o'.v: 1 for iieniiaiien'. solution of. personal property tax»s will tap pu.-.- »• ii'-obl'-in in D-ainiixi 1 Uis-j slble. Next Monduy. O:-tab-r Iti. i; 17 of this coiinlv now resls the last day on which such laxes i-kcs 3? Cents on Dollar Av;"labl' 1 Its Bonds. Second Bynl Ship Sri for AnUiiriir l.tixora Deputy Robbery Suspecl Aclmils Planning Break for Liberty. OSCEOLA. Ark., Ocl. l^.-Dan Klutts, 35. charged with rcbb-'ry al fills on rhn dollar had ."O'.iBht a loan t-r-.r" 10 ih" conclusion 1 i ':nUt- r amount, was all The district sufficient to nrrmit a 40 to SO ner cent settlement, but the n. F. C. annarfntly lha'. I he llmt the abiliiv of Ihe district's Vn In Bnnflhnlilox What Urn attitude of the bnnd- t'Oidevs M-'jl] be 'o nil ifler of 32 r — ci-i'i in cash in finnl settle- liU-ill of th"ir claims remains to be y-"-n Bruin's of the dim-let hnvc Miiri as Irvv a;; U cents on the ricl'fn-. evidence iliai some of Ihr l-rmdho'ilfT:; would take 3'>. vwr "•put with lYboritv. j>ul wheihcr ili :< ; is lino of a sufficient nuni- 1-^1- lo nifke (he rr?fu>idin ir u c uc- ilay. It would be unfair in ir.e.-x- treine for in authority to fail lo compel all to pay. And, in as has been demonstrated years in Blythevlllc- and in SO:IK- oilier communities in county, the collection of psrsonai ! property taxes can be compelled. The collector has authority to take possession of properly \i|K>n which unpaid laxcs ai'e ssseised. and resort will be had to this procedure when gentler methods of collection fail. Tne sheriff, it may be said, does not intend to seize the few household goods of penniless widows, bin lu- does intend to use lh° powers granted hire by law to see that taxes are paid by those who can and should pay them. Which, Jackson nnd Gwallncy when I'ney' searched him late Monday after-, noon and took a small pistol from '• beneath his belt bui-klo. "Tiwior- : row morning I would have b'.-ui on'-. of here." Women Confess Officers spent Tuesday and yesterday rounding up suspects and 1: Himself Out Sympathy Whh Policies'' of Inland Receiver. FLASHES TO DM'OKITS IIII.ADKM'IIIA. OH. U (I'l'l —A i>Uui tu ii'ltMsi' fin/en ili 1 - ,---.iK In iKiUmu! :iinl -.kid' b.uilis ainitiiinf rd li) ] J ri nlih-iil l uUhln ;i wi-cli. arrcird- IIIR t» Srrrrl;in i>F (lie Treasury SSPI IN ORSGHEL O. i j . MOJ.S. wl'.o lia:^ iKen cmi- j . ncctcd with llic Arkansa.s-Mrsomii ! power coiniinuy since tls ovunni/.i- . .] iton 14 years nijo, lias iTslunul .!•< I 1 Us general uianascr. eiteclivc So- j j vemui'r 1. j 1 .1. I!, lllli, iv!:o took over most tfl Mr. .Moss's ilnlles several weeks u-^ i ; Is his .siirressoi 1 . I : Ills ivsignallon. Mr. Mnss said' i ICKlay. came liocau:-c lie Is («H of symimhy wlili Hie policies of L. S. ' l-luistii'lm, receive: 1 for Die Inhuv.1 | )'O.V:T coinp'jny, whli'ii owns IV.e , i-ominon slflch of the AHaiwas- i Missouri Power company. StwkluiUlcls SulTer '• Th» I''!o:.siv.'hn iiollelL'.s. In: tiiild. ; liave rcsuUcd In loss o( marnK 1 '. ninoni; cmiiloyes ol l!ie cii:»pjny 'and of uooil will in conmninllles. •sowed by tr.o comjiany. ant! have I been prejudicial lo the Inlerc&is ctj ' liolders (j[ the company's preferred muf" will lu- inmmmril Minn. Hi- ; Intimated thai (hi- a-liiiliiKlr;i- i Him lumld have a sl:iU'nli-ht .Mini- ', il:iy or Tm'silay nil llu- kinkillR j sitlKllillll. ! OI'rOSKS INI-LATION ' WASHINGTON. <M. It. (VIM ! —VlRiivoiK uium-dllon lu riirii-n- i-y inlhition c\|irrssi-d ill rt-.s- nliitioiis HULirovi'il Iwlily by Ibi- Amciluin |-'i:iIiT:iUon nf l-llnn 1 . A rr|wrt of Ihe rrtnliitlnns- f<;liihllUee approved by Ihi 1 frd- rntlldn in Us frinl immial convrn- linn drchrrd (h:il Inlkitimi wculd bilnir "tin- srfiiksl iKjsslbli- harm" To N"lEr r-.iniers;. iKalhmne's Smile Fades, ; Kelly Defiant as Sentence Is Pronounced. • OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. 12 IUI>> "(icu!^* 1 '-Mac-hint; cinn" Kelly and liLs wile. KalUcrino. llu- lasl cf li;:: gain; lhal kidnnpi'd oilman Chart:'; !•'. Urn-hel. were given life st-n- lenecs lo-Jay. li:c maxlnnnn IKII- iilly ni'.diT tin.- new L!ndlicri;h l3'.v. ThiH 1 v.'.rt- foiniil ijuh'.y by a Jury of sjnall lo'.vn butiiicss mm iiirl fni-mers iliat, ruparlt-d 111 vcrdlc-t lo Fcdurn! Jiid^ Eclsnr S. Vnught, :il u:M a.m. j "flic Jurors had reached 111-- 1 vcr- [dlei. In only an licur's tlelltK-ration •• IfisV nlsln. The Cals or Ite dss- ! |jcrndo and his :uiburn Iniirea wire I wi\s sealed nnlil court convened lo- Idny. j The case liad Iwcn given lo the Ijury lasl night i\l 5:45 o'clock. Nuvy Trials Drulril ItnimtlSaU'ly tiller l/o vejUicl was read, attorneys (or the convicted •couple fllcd motions lor new Iriiiln. is unknown. A bond honder's|n seems to me, is as il should be. elive comrnitlee was or'-'finiv-1 n&o >*: -;overn| .mon'hs a°o nf S'-. Louis. [.- H|« ,v*<»lii''Hcr* j-cum'ds i'l" set-l t'--<'ifuil .is (he best, obtainable ill ' : -ill r.n tionw. undertake lo line no! ih" bondholders in favor of. nc— Of the district's £4.000,000 debt • «i noo.000.,l s already ii\ default. .Tan- delirimiencv In tiie -district has Iwen Vvidpsnread collections for several yeavs have been inadeciuaic •I'jl-ITieet current interes* maturities. •WllnE -lomi of the debt on ihc k-nn offer would permit n reduction in Ihe tax rate which it is iH-lic.vcd wnutrt restore much lan<l i" Ihe district to (he lax books mi'j, accelerate Hie develomnent of ihe district. Drainage District 17 embraces 'he northern part or the it thc jail. Carl Young of Litlle River, said ; . to be owner of Ihe pistol, is also In , jail and officers conlemplaied other arrests of persons implicated the attempted Jail delivery. The Baker woman t.o!d Officer' Jake Thrailkill thai Klults oflf K-.l : her $50 to set ihe pistol to him., Jailer Gwallncy had a tip several' weeks ago Ihat she would atieiiijit' to smuggle in tne pistol and li:vj I Conn.. .Is shown in j which permitted control of the com- j pany by Interests having no mteri'Sl ' in its \veliriYO and progvess. Ke condemned, an nrransemcnl under which Mr. Plorshrlm draws WASHINGTON', Ocl. 12. Itll 1 )War clouds in the tar east lodny drew the anxious nt trillion of American offlclals. Soviet R\:sslii again Is cliallenj;- II GIRL'S.DUI CHD ulleijed Japanese encroach - approximately $15.000 frcm I'nc Arkansas-Missouri company for "management services." Mr. Fiorshctm. j iuenls on Russian Interesls and he isiild, draws similar fees from citizens in Manchuria. Ilol words other Inland subsidiaries, amount-1 n rc helnj s|»kcn In bolh Tokyo and Ing in all lo about S»o,003 per y«r. j MOSCOW. War apirears possible. to the Jail to see Klutls. bul her daughter,'Lllllb'B. smuggled In Hie gun last Sunday a week ago. hidden in ti-.e boscm of her drei.;. ihc j mother said, and last Sunday the fl C e j older woman brought cartridges 1 concealed In the same manner. Her statement was later corroborated by I ^J" the daughter, who is held in the'"' Weapons, Delegate Asserts. GENEVA. Oct. '2. (UP)—Dr. Rtl- dolf Nadolny, Germany's delegate to Ihe arms conference, made ill River leuaiit farmer, plain today that Germany will re-! some days in jail with Klutts ta?t Youlh of 18 Taken. honilCoronerlnvestioHaPossi- Louisiana Jail and Hanged from Bridge Rail. LABADIEVILLE, li., Ocl. 12. CUP)—The body of Fred Moore, 18- Favors Itccclvcr&hiii - B vt u .. Thev sa h ' e t hc pistol from Cari Young. Little rose 14. white girl. a brldgw '" e nigh epn nf Bi« Lake tmd j 01!e slded disarman-.f-nl the J. U C, nnd E rail- sallies treaty." rnad. and that Dart of the Little 1 " River bnsin south of Big I.tike. lylnB in this county. • Kirsl Loans Approved Draiinw District n and Drain- L.UC- Dislricl No. 7 of Polnseti trimly were Ihe Srst districts to -' ;•• " C loans ..'.'.' t'ie net nt cnnaress aouronrlal: '3 !.','<• i"00.000 for reliuancina drainage, levee and irrlsaiion districts. A loan of S1.674.7SO was aonrovcd for Ihe Poinsett disirict. which has a bonded debt somewhat larger than Him of Dislricl 17. The loans lo bolh dislricls were obtained lareely through thc ef- forls of Clifton H. Scott, receiver for District n. who as president of the National Drainage and Irrigation association is intcrcsled oblaining loans for as many fuse to accept whal he terms "tl'e of the Ver- As if in reply to the decision of the* three iwwers, Britain, Hrancs and [he United States, thai there spring wlin =ncnti a !nob of 10 ° mel • ' The mob marched In orderly manner to the jail and demanded bond on a robbery charge. IManni'd tn Seue Car Young and Klults planned (lie the keys from Deputy Sheriff Ac!el Landry about- 10:30 o'clock lasl night. jail break ilwn. Klutts told Chk-f j Landry surrendered the m>2 Hale Jackson yi-slpnlay. •«''"> was rushed to the brid-Jf ' The dispute datcj back to 1031 when thc Japanese! war .... . p. .i. .• atni..i uwjxiMiwiuui j ui mi. iiirvmi- volllng liidQUiitabi^'. noclh.i crofeied ' blllty thai KoniD May /sas-Mssorfrl" Power -company luf life'Ohlnc.w Eastern "rallvoad al. i i ' /-, in' i " lc 'r sult for n receiver, which Have Caused Disaster. :h IIBS Tsllslhar and Invaded Russia's ; been taken under mtvlfcmenl by [sphere of influence In northern -Federal Judje John E. Martlncau. j Manchuria. VALPARAISO, Ind . Oct. 13 He snld that he had not concealcc! observers here believe thai Rus(UP)—Carl Davis, coroner of Port- from those at.present in cnntrol ofl s i a , oven In its improved pssUlon, bill live minutes, the (jovprn- mcnl's swift, unrelenliiH! prcsecii- Uoil of Ihe bund I'nat conspired lo kidnap the nilllloiuilre Oklahoma Oily oil man ended. Dcfcnsi 1 motloiw fnv n;w trials. am'Stcd Jitdgmeiit and nollces o! np|:i'al attacked the Undbcrjh law. us "Indefinite, uncertain, and un-" It war. Indicated llie uolorlous Kelly would b? ttikcn Immediately by alrplanu to federal prison. •• - Kathcrlnc's-Smllf Gone-."-: * For flistyflrst time s!hR?<<t\eir. capture Septemb":i-' L'B hr Memphis. Tcnn., Hie couple nppc-aicd completely subdued. . . he was ihe company that i:e disapprove;! woulti prefer lo avert war, bill np- that n of their pMlcks and believed the parcntly is determined to check Ja- time bomb may have been hidden rights ol preferred stockholders pan's advance on the Asiatic mniu- In the lill of n Unllerl Air Linns were being disregarded, and er countv. revealed torlav investlgnllnir n nosslbllitv passenger plane which rrashcit thai his resignation probably incrc- wlth an explosion here Tuesday ly anticipated his dismissal. For ', some time lo has had Hide effcct- e voice in thc company's umn- . Mr. Moss said thai months ago of t!i'.';)ie rccORiil/cd Ihe necessity of rat: night, killing seven person";. Davis who made his statement! I following an incincst said he at- j i rlbutcd" Ills belief to the fad that [ i the contents of llie Deputy when he described just liow he nany "immediaiely." Dr. Xadclnyj planned to it. He -i-as go-1 mblbhed today in she Volkerb:nid. i ing lo wait until Jaiicr Gwaltney from tl'.e raitinu. diall be no rearminnenl of Gei-' nany ptiblbhed today in she Volkerb:nid. j ing lo wait until Jaiicr Gwaltney this morning. A roughly writ! weekly organ of the German League | opened the door to the jail com-1 note pinned to the dead mon of Nations Union, a declaration s?t- | partment. which fourteen other: clothing warned all persons agaiiv. ting forth Berlin's demands for | prisoners shared with him, then rei attacks on women In this comimm- "defensive weapons." i was going to throw the gun on him. jlty. "Whether the conference achieves j march him down stairs, force I'ini any compact or not." he wrote l>o!d-1 to oi>en the outside doors and turn ly. "Ibeie can be no return to the j his car keys over 10 him, and lie Versailles limitations or one-sided I expected to make his escape in the disarmament." j jailer's aiilomcbiie. He didn't plan "If the conference decided." he a wholesale jail delivery, r.e sriicl. continued, "that tanks under a cer- i "because there are some in there tain tonnage and guns up lo lli or I can'i irust." 20 centimeters, and cerlain types of He meant to effect hU oscfH) 1 -' airplanes are defensive weapons. Monday morning, afler receiving there can be no argument under | the cartridges Sunday, but therej ."!iii> v.'ore riddled more than cus- : readjustments in same i>f 111? lowns ternary in air r.rnshe.s. He ques- served by the company, nnln 1 .)!- lioiied privately sevcrnl witnes-es Kenivjtt'and Cariilhersville, and \ bul I he'red army is Understood lo number GOO.flCO men. -Both coun- land. Japan is far superior at sea. having ihc world's second or ihird ranking navy. Russia has only three battleships, six cruisers and u few destroyers. Japan's army, according lo offlniu JnpanMe njures. Includes n.3W officers and 259.3IH i-nllELed nic-n. publishes na oillclnl tianrcs rm . , , . LiuiiL-li ij:i»iiiv.i^ .^11,1,11 ILL.,-... .] [I'J 11 ailU U .1 n 11 [1 erSV] 11C, . P'L^l J Iftd " 0 L^" r ™^ i" 1 the ciash and aid I,i 5 Invrstl- ; blamcd relusll or tht . [nhn(1 Mon j ceivcr to approve such a policy to:- possible of the districts in need of! which Germany can be refused i>o.= -' were loo many "nock-end federal aid. Mr Scod is now jn I session of such arms in (he future." | in ihe jail lo make it sn!e. fo hi' Washinnlon compleling arrange-! •menls for the loans approved. Appraisers, it is stated, have 'completed work on many other districts that have applied for • funds, and apurovnl by the R.F.C. of additional loans is expected lo come rapidly. The S50.000.000 appropriation, however. be far from adequate to provide aid to nil the districts. It was reported nt Washington that 242 applications, totallne 8140.000.000. hnvc Murder Suspect Arrested at Tyl OSCEOLA. Ark.. Oct. Mcl-'adden. negro, charged •| put it off till Tuesday morning. j Klutts and olher prisoners in his i comparlment liave been searched .. |dally since officers got the lip iwo iuO.JTveeks ago lhal ihe gun was ts b; mugglcd In. but the gun was not Commillcc on Proposed Walev Plant Purchase to Hear Caldwell. would be continued. of 1 "" Unilcd Air Unc-sjihc overwhelming endorsement of in Chicago attacked Davis' state-la municipal Oivner.shlp pi-ogram in ment. They snid tho nlano B-II a recent election at Kcnnctt. f.o badly svivctert Ihat any attempt j Mr. Moss, a native of Columbia, to reconstruct the accident would i M O .. name here us local manager lx> innxissble. Davis uolnlcd out! when the Arkansas-Missouri Power however that the belongings of i company wns orpiiibcd to take over 'evcrnl oasbonijers and express the I31ythcv!lie and neighboring carried in Ihe lall was damaged utilities plants 14 years a;;o. He more than he believed it should. w(ls mnt j c gcner!l | inanagcr'ln 1M7. have been and wen- scnllered over. jj e f 0ro ro:n i ns i ;cre ) le wns n-jth the n 1.000 foot area. | Arkansas Power and Light cam• Witnesses of the crash said tlic'pany, and before Hint \7ith Texas ship exploded as it passed over- [ utilities, head in a rainstorm. with one of its tries have strong air forces. ed section In llames. There was| nnother explosion us thc plane struck Ihc ground, witnesses said. Unemployed Teachers Are; lo Register Here! Police Raids Frustrate Plot to Sci'/.e Arms for March on President. Mayor Cecil Shane's commltUY «' seven, named to study a proposal " ,'"\,^1;"[,';" i for purchase and operation of the with:noon when Klults w^s removed ..I 1 "" 1 wnl " r .» 1;im Rntl 5) ' st ™ by All unemployed teachers residing 1 in Mississippi county who arc not PHILADELPHIA. Oct. 12 (UP) -Plnns of the Khaki Shirts of to sta-^c an armed March Attractive smile \vas gone. Rhe appeared' serious and worried us she awaited the verdict, she- was seated beside Kelly. . . Kelly had said no word to the. court, offered no defense testimony for himself throughout the trial. Court had convened ai 3:34 a.m.. late because Ihc judge was'delayed. "Tiic jury has found you guilty and (he court fully I-OIICUIT. in lhi- \erd!ci." said *-he veler.m judge.-"ft Is therefore li'e Judgment cf tills cons i that you be sentenced to ihe federal penitentiary for tup rest of your natural UVM." Officers maintained a strict, guard. . over Kelly, mindful of his impulsive, bellgcrent action .Monday in the clash with Agent- J. 0. White. Tr.c gangster placed his left hand . en h!s hip and stared at Jndg? Vnuglu-. a look of inlnglcd anger and defiance on his face. Judge Thn-alened " Jiidje Vaught revealed today that he conducted ihc trial of George. | and Katherine Kelly under -• a threat of • dentli from gangland.,' "If you do not dismiss these I'L'oplj you and your family will be 'silled nnd yc.ur house blown i.p." l:c baid the threat read. "You •.lill never live to sentence thsm." Judge Vanght said he turned liic letter ovar to the U. B. bur- on Washington with ihe intention of making President Roosevelt j licensed to teach in Arkansas have I "dtclator of America" were frus- '° -•iv» auui.1*, lltslv. l.ll»LKt:ll \Sllll. -l«wll UUI-JI f\.lllvL.S «ni ll-lu^n.-u •-(., . . lit Jirt<rtorl t ihc murder of Percv Burnetle, an- -a cell by himself on ire top floor! »w municipal.!!, cu.cuien ai T> ;, = , , i enecln»> l-oe+/lv^ou tn {lluitf other negro, on Belle Claire plan- • of thc jail and a final search of; ~ tatlon. near Joiner, about ten days. his person made by Officers Jack-' ago, wa s tried before Justice c-f j son and Gwaltney.' The small pis- the Peace P. W. Holt at Joiner tol «-a; discovered cleverly conceal- i nr.~: . b:en nfknS lo resistor at one of Case Aeainst Senator the Federal Relief ofHc« Immedl- ° • atelV. Tl'.p^e nfllppc n-e Ifvat/iri n'. T-, "' T , ,. Caldvell. federal receiver for t..e utility already been filed. Action on many i Tuesday and held to the grand ed between the prisoner's p.ints and of these will be delayed because of! iury. which convenes here Mon-; shirt just under his belt buckle. failure by the districts lo comply with regulations covering applications. Tlie loan approved by thc R.F.C. for District 17 makes no provision for work necessary to put the district's physical olant in effective nneralim: condition. Estimates by J W. Meyer, thc district's engineer, culled for the expenditure of S350.000 to S400,000 on physical rehabilitation and Improvement. It w« s at first planned to nsk the R F.C. for money lo do this work In connection with the application for ihe refinancing loan, but this WAS abandoned before the application was presented. It Ls possible Ihat if the district's debt can be refunded on the basis of the SI. :t!2.000 loan an effort will be made lo obtain from Ihe R.P.C. funds for the rehabilitation day. McFadden was taken in at Tyler. Mo., yesterday by Sheriffs Shell Harrison and Jess! Greer and constable W. IL Slayton j of this county. He is alleged to I .„„__ TVT _ ", have shot thc Burnette negro in! j^nttijiMj. the back following a miarrcll Gastronomic corporation operating the government _ concluded_ Us •:mi(tcc. 1 The commlllee drcidjtl \-cs"-"dT lhal the proposal calling for (inane-' ' ----- --- .™^-.^« ... lZ lUP.-Thc ! Blythevllle. Osceola, Manila and it -^"' i > ! Leachville. , While no 1-.HS to thc reascn t M.n : int •• lot-' tllC uelCn..e al fl.S llklll , isns; fo * Wnnlin 3 "'•* Isachers registered ^i^ ,. . , 1M j rtrr! _.,. .,„, ( . .„. , 11 ls thai thc federal (an of itweMisatton which did not fipi>ear to regard ii as ihe \vo.'': o! a craiik. by police raids today. a result. An j. smith, na-i Manila irian Is Held lo Jury In Shooting ..... - -- „,„.,,, cry charges «-•"- - a S±£i Black Cats, Ladders i £»£*•£ 12 M'St ^l ^ =^^ ,1,. '"• tlonal commander of thc organl?.- : atton, was reported a deserter; from his army, and 24 of his fol- 1 l(."'-"rs were In jail. ! Andrew Jones of She Manila sec- Thc raids were made on the ' tlon, alleged to have -.;hcl off the Khaki Shirls headquarters after ' i lall[ ) ot a ,| 0t ser' man. waived pre- authorllles learned of an nlleccd n m inary hearing on a charge oi as- plans to employ these plot to steal weapons and ammu- £nu i t i teachers for vocational classes in thai at l':-e Rv UnioUP Cillb ; c f the plant and not lo make lax- The contention was Dy unique Vluu - )a( , rs j inl)lc Cor a , c lMn was worlh time of the alleged tic'.itmi Di«i- : camiis whlca may established ' for imcmployct! \vcm:;i anJ girls. , \i»)^i& ILUULV: ivt win; LUHLI vnw V iw.-.- -- --j _ ^ ,'further and more complete consid- had assigned, his contract to oi"r-, ? , *««!„„„ '; crnt ion. ate the Moose orKaniution cioD^r;-] J oday the Anniversary intent to kill and was nltlon from thc third regiment neM to the grand jury by Munlcl- annorj' for the purpose of arming , )a i Judgc c A cunnlnsham y&s- Ihe marchers terday. Forty guns, ammunition, knives, HMr HalK involved in the sword cares, black jacks, and oth- case alld 5lm ii ar i y charged, had his weapons were confiscated In C1SC COIUinl , cd . Outlines 'Perfect h ead oi University Music School Dies LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 12 (UP) — Dr. H. D. Tobcy, head of the I further steps Icokln? toward nn^-roM mp>—HPH-V; the mem. mirror will he shattered, ladders,, BOSTON (OPi Meres the menu .. d d all th( , olher fts( . ^from Ihe Reconstruct on Fmance [Corporation and an electlo:i on a ,! bond issue. for a "perfect dinner' by Louis La Franche, Boston hotel man, formerly for many years in charge of Lynch On St?,to banquets al Sherry's, in New,Initiation fee. old 6Uperstlttons defied. Each member p.ild 13 dimes a Bankers NRA Committee •years ago. was honored today in place. While they questioned him i country wide celebrations. | le leaped from a window and dis- York: should be served real "First should be serven real c . ., caviar," he said. "This should bo Supposed Attempt OH Lite followed with n cup of 8 re «> lur-j * D«„.....,:«', Iflnw Failc tie soup, given added flavor by Ihe <" KOUmama S Nine rails addition of some fine sherry wine. Then should come some English sole with white wine sauce. Next, | Mrs. Margaret Walker Dies Today at Memphis Mrs. Margaret Walker, wife n' VIENNA Ocl 12 (UP)-A sup-1 Justice E. D. Walker, died Rt the posed attempt to assassinate King' Memphis Baptist hospital at a whole roast partridge, with'Carol of Roumania failed today. »-m. today, an hour after she rcac:.- bread sauce and bread crumbs, j when a rlflo volley wa s fired IntoiCd the hospital. Very small and tender strlngless a train which loft Tragovtste, The deceased, who had been il. . T^IJ oxkuii n,.« t f o^ I ... ^ ,_ r...^ «sj.,..i*^ • u-nrtlr FW\.M AM l«r^f*Hrtn U-T: rc- Ab bean* should be served for the station. Rounifuila. five minutes; week from an Infection, was m.aii;> okivuiu wv . I ... ., ..._._ .__,„ nnF pnJ >«nt,o^1 l~ IV,A h/\enllql In ft I Universiiy of Arkansas School ol veBClabre"and a nice- green -salad after the king's train passed I moved to the hospital in a & - -• -- The bullets fired at the follow- ambulance. ing train entered empty compart-1 Funeral arrangements arc Music for Ihc past 25 years, diedlwllh just a suggestion of garlic, r.cre today after an illness of one then assorted cheeses and a bowl nick. wns 49 years of age. of assorted nulj and, frulU." IITTTP nnrx 7 "n,-, i" iup--! ncss hol " M in mftl ° r clllcs worc LITTLE ROCK. pa. 1.. (Ui I C i 0 f<;d. America and Italian nags Members of the bankers NRA com- . vcre ^.^ at s . lnr|sc al , d mam . lattice of Arkansas which will as- mo[h parttdM tcalurcd tt number slst the banking code committee j i)f (.nt^dd,,^, wc-ie appointed today by T. C.j' K ,i{ ?hts cf' Columbus diopters country .5 tonight. planned McRac of Prescolt. president oi, tnrollg ; h(wt thc th> Arkansas Bankers association, l Ce i e - or!l tt oll5 lon i James H. Penlc of Little Rockj vas ap|»inted chairman. Other members of Ihe committee lncl'-d- Dips Polices al ni rd: D. A. Lynch of Blythovlllo, ORLEANS. M".'-5. (UP) — Cnp'n j. H. Mvcra of Wr'nut Ridjc. Art ; Nehemlah S. Hurdlu-!. this Capo T. Lewis of Faytttcvillc. David T.jCort town's oldest rosulent. obscrv- Pi-j-an of Van Burcn, Lloyd Spen-jcd his 91st blrlhday annivrrsno ?nccoon Meal Cost Canada Seeks Prison Probe MONTREAL . (OP) — A reQues 1 . for the eariy appol:it:r,ent oi a Royal Commission to investigate prison conditions In Canada has been forwarded to the Federal Minor $95 Fine Government by the Canadian miner $« rlne|Prto;i ey!:- Welfare Association. PROVIDENT, O. (UPi — Frank Gendry, miner, has become convinced that the NRA has sent prices up. Gendry paid S25 for the meat WEATHER Arkansas— Partly ] except cloudy, cc'.dcr , in extreme southeast px- n raccooil. cooking t:on tonight. Friday partly cbudy, Oendry's stcve when, a game colder in E0'.r!h;ast. \Mted tho liomc and :inu Vicinity— P»rtty menls and no one wns hurt. i complete. ;ii-1 cer of Hope j Warron nnd Carl Holli.v OT cd his Olst birinnay annivrrsav) ..jmtn t^ut.. n« ......v .--.- • -.,1^- loivt n n-l Frl by chopping wood End digging the found (he hide stretched on the cloudy nnd co.d,s Um.g.-t and rr. potato crop he ulanled lasl spring, wall. | day.

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