The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 3
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, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER -I, !<M7 Missionary Gives '. Facts On Chinese! BLYTHEV1LLE. (AUK.) COUHIEU NEWS 'Continued from paw Onei of liiimor. lo Hint, of (he American people, and 31 f lioin'fulncss and rapacity (o en-; 'lure which is most unusual. Hci Mil's they will make the best of Hie .situation vvlicn they become! rtnvrs to Japan. One ihing \vhicli lias retarded Hie development of China has! bcfii the liick of social Interest: fcfyond the faintly »nd this liii.s \Kf-n emphasized in recent years I by the government and churches, ho said. He pointed out that (he Chinra- are really intelligent people and thtit it is Hie only country in thu world having a r<>- or.rded history for 4000 years. ID answer to qup.stion.s- concern- • inn liis work nmoiig the Chinese i the missionary told of how he travels on a houseboat and motorcycle to be In the midst of the people at their work. He .said Ilia! although the new testament was first taught the people, with the <Inncltr-.s of China -and missionaries cooperating, (hat the people .soon better loved the old testa- mcnl, because it was history. When they first sec i-jm the' 'c:tll him names. mcjiimiK "For»i«i IJevil" and "Big Nose." but he says it isn't (Uincitlt to vistiali/i evangelism for them. Although 8C per cent of the people can neither read or write, they arc fast IjciiiK taught in schools. After six weeks they can read newspapers and the Bible. The Rev. Mr. KichaHson preaches in Chinese, using colored picture, charts lo illustrate the teachings of the Bible. There is one Christian to every 4,000 people in that hind. lie says that one of his biggest helps is that the leaders in public lift- in China are becoming Chrls- tions. He docs not believe the war will hurt tile missionaries but does believe that the Chinese churches will suiter at the hands of the ; Japanese. He pointed out that there are missionaries in Japan, :: just as there are in China, and ; that the Japanese people arc "just i ns nice." It-is his opinion that the missionaries in China will do as they now do in Korea, "keep their mouths shut." There are not nearly so many Japanese of hiah nub- ile'slnmling who are Christians, as there are in China, he said. ' The Rev, Mr. Richardson, who arrived in the United States in; July for a year's furlough, was born and reared at Memphis an.1 is supported by the Second Pres- i OTan church there, lie is a graduate of Southwestern University, jioiv at Memphis, and the Presbyterian Seminary at Richmond, Va.. and was in the aviation corps during the World War. He is a nephew of Mrs. J. Walter Cobb. wife of tlie Rev. Dr. Cobb,. who was pastor of the First i Presbyterian church here for a number ofv years.' Mrs. Rfcliavd-•; s:cn. who studied to be a mission-. ary, and their four children, arc' visiting relatives in Georgia while he is o,, a speaking tour or two ' months. li'-r inoth'-r. Mv.'i ICinnia Allen. Mrs. o. T. Martin uf Ibis cliy and Mr. nmi Mr*. Hurry Cimnin.nunn of CitnitliersUlle and Mrs. Clara Adams of Ponliac, Mich., were lr. Cap e OtviU'dcau Friday visiting itieir motlier. Mrs. M. k carter, who was recently injured, (n mi accident ;it which time IUT .son, W. W. GMinm'ngliam was killed. M. K. SlieUon of Charleston, was here Monday visiting his ;,on. Hunter .Slielton. Mr. and Mrs. Alison Coclirni) -spent n few days lust week in West Frankfort, ill., where they auenrtjct tilt funeral of .Mrs. Cochran's sister's husband. Ira Dunn, v.'no was, killed in an accident at Cincinnati ' Ohio. Mr, and Mrs. Claud Haswl have moved to Steele, where Air. HUH?] Is •HI\V in business. ; Among those who nttemled the :lanee at Cliarle.-itnn Monday ev:-n-, in?, when Slicp Kiekls an;| Ills orchestra played wine Misses Mar- ,'uvi MyriC'b. imosene Alsap, i [Met SlrieWm, ww.:-\ Ilald.\in an.i •';;!.'K'<-.s; worinnu cottrcil. T .':uik Lowery. Francis Ijaird. Itich- ! ird Eucll and Noah Barkovit/. : Kc'v, n O Lantc. formerly of heve and now of Pine ijluif. He said: "Repentance. wh!:h Is sorrow over sin, docs not seem to man to b c n vital factor In his happiness fliid peace. That Is why the outstanding characteristic of human life Is its restless weariness. Nineteen hundred year ago Jesus oirerved the life and living of the multitudes and was .struck by just that characteristic, with a heart full of divine pity and love He offered peace and rest to men by the way of repentance. He announced: 'i am come to call sinners to repentance'." Tonight at 1:30 the Rev. Mr. Lunge will speak on "Do I Need Forgiveness'?". A cordial invitation is extended to all. soliitiun. * * * lias Illrllulay 1'uily Mrs. Clone Drown u party Canith(M'*vilIe Society - Personal i To Talk A&out j Einstein On Sunday! A ;-prico. with Annislicu Day nsl lie setting, will lie held at Tern-1 le Israjl Sunday afternoon at! J o'clccK.. Appropriate selections from religious writing and literature generally, expressing man's longing for peace, will be read for the occasion. The t!;emc of Rabbi Herman Pollack's pennon will be: •Albert Einstein, the Prince of Peace," the second talk of n .series dealing with "The Jews' Can- Uibntion lo Modern Thought." Immediately after services a weekly current events discussion will be introduced. In liis .sermon Rabbi Pollack will strive to show that it is a paradox that at tlie tune when the peace-loving peoples of the world are preparing to observe the 19th anniversary of the cessation of the World war, that the menace of another war, to te even more destnictire than in the past, should haunt us. Need of Repentance Subject of Sermon "Do I Need Repentance?" was the question discussed at the Lutheran Church hist night by the ON K~~~" PRESCRIPTION FOR One supremely good prescription for rheumatism, sciatica, neuritis and lumbago—when caused or aggravated by excess uric acid or othtr circulating poisons—and most of it is—is well and favorably known ,to ,iiiw pharmacists ali over America. Just ask for 8 ounces Allcnru prescription and take as directed-ii is swift and safe—often tlie pain and agony • leave in 48 hours. CosU about 85c. Cut Ihis out and save it. Lucky Ni,:e dull Meet Miss Cynthia Itcbimon was hosl- «'"> tu the iiipnibi-rs of the Lucky Nine club at lu-r home Monday evening. Prizes were awarded to Miss Je\vel Williams for high score, and to .Miss DDllye Hobin.wn to:- con- Emory Eiijjo!!e's fourth blrtluhiy, Monday aflenioon. Elulilcon boys nnrt t'rls were present, 'Hie children spent the afternoon playing oukloor games. Rivers of nil-day siie.'cm were given cnch of tliein. • .Miss Mchrle Hostess lo Chili Miss Mnry Mchrle was hostess lo Ihe Monday night, contract cliibnnd a table ol guests, at Ihe home of her ixuenls on East Eighth street, Mondny evening. Miss Mary Myrtle McAitlnir of Sleele. Mo., and Mrs. ,| Jlmmle Tijilon, Mrs. Hoberf MelirJo- | and Mrs. Paul Mchrle were guests. } Mrs. John McDonald received high club prize; Miss Murtliu McEIvnln i received consolnlion prixe; mid I Miss McArthnr received liixh guest ' pri/.e. ifioy With Bare Hands ! Captures Coyofe Pup 13CVD. Wush. lUPi — IJobby Henderson. ». 4-11 Clnb ineniber. Is alntl lhai he didn't yo on a coyote drive with wvernl older boys In his iicl(.')iborltoad. He got his eoj'oli. 1 —tlie others didn't. Trying lo ease his feelings bc- ;cuiisi- Hi,- ulliers deemed him Ul j younu to accompany them, he i climbed (<, „ |,| B |, (,(,„[. | 1U ,, 1U n ,i entei'titlned watcliliiK them, of her son. He spied n fut coyote pup oil a H'ty ul Mull Moon Is sponsorlni! » snndwicU mill Ice cremn supper ul the I lull Moon school Krldav •iillihl. nearby Icd^e mm iH'iipered It with .stones, (hen nuiiiln it with his bare luiml.s. Plan Ice Cream And Sandwich Supper Friday The tt'oinon's M(s.siorinry Kuc- Ccmetery Association To \ Serve Dinner Saturday] ^The meinlxM-s of Hie Maple Oi'ove Crineiory Assoclullon will tlielr iinntiiil chicken dinner e Aincrlcmi J,f((loii luil «at- beginning ut 11 o'clock. c«rdn?lon mot<>1 . * ™ ""'1 vtoltil PAGE THREE Head The, Courier News want ads. , hrsiadt. who is nl Drs. Wert & Wert • OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' store "WE MAKE 'KM SEE" Phone 6-10 Wanted Pecans WOLF AR1AN 128 l: ' Main 1'iioiic m I;I.I:CTHI<; & ACKTYI.KNE WELDING AT UliST PHICICB 1'ROMPT BISHVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'HONK in Hemorrhoids- Cl^HrOI) WITHOUT St Pile S Safv, sure. n ,,,| «llh lr. SH ,l ronOltlo,,., o f All NI Main I'hone 98 iS&NfKS. Ulyihcvllle, Ark. Hayti Society — Personal A1r. and Mrs. Ernest Letler have returned home following a two weeks' honeymoon to Washington D. c. Mrs. Lefler was before her recent marriage Mtss Kathryn Long, of Braggadocio. Miss Juanila Cranford, of Sikeston, spent the week end here with IVnnev's hifonp UK Market! Good Look ing- New Full Pat- bantorizcd sh'runk, broartcloth, madrass- es ami other line, t'ab- NuCraift collark. Merchants Plate Lunch iVhere. JInspilalily Is a Kealitv." Heavy weight riuue,! unions, 15^ wnol for extra wannlh. All sues. Special Purchase 20 Dozen Men's Fast colors, full cut, plain and fancy, all .sizc.s. Dollar Daj Special 200 Pairs Men's Sharkskin Heavy winter weight, fine narrow stripe, fiill v . utp Hrtl martc. Priced risld PENNEY'S BRING YOU FORD V- HEATERS I'lllS Small Installation Charge Western Auto Associate Store 5 DAYS icimeys are mu y with Bij itareunis for Dollar Days. V« r ,„,*., „.,. „,„., ,,„„ ,,„ ,„, ,, - „ ,„„,,.,, , All new mrrrhaudise for I His ..'national event. Now lUe.y are ready, J,,sl luck ,,| |. c , ,,,J., „„,,„. » ,% ,Vhl .ci^.nher y.ii. arc safe fiom «.,-...iils al ro.n.c.Vs. W.. dc,,.'l allow ll,,,n m 'store. Come « rly-slay I, ,'• FRIDAY-SATURDAY MONDAY-TUESDAY WEDNESDAY llollai- Days Feature Men's SHIRTS-SHORTS 6 for $1 Shorts at' sanforized broadcloth, shirts of Swiss ribljctl cotton. 100 do/on to. go at this low ))i'ice. • • Specially Prit-cd, ,'!fl(l I> a i r Men's Fancy SOCKS Men's better silk and rayon socks, llijjh .spliced heels, sixes 10 lo 12. (j ]Kiirx lot- lixlru Special Mil Yds. Metier Oiitini; FLANNELS 12 yds. $1 Kxtra Itcitvy, ;i(i incli ttnrk itiul light. fntiricH. Don't miss tlii.s Kxlra Sjiecial Seamless SILK HOSE (|tialiL,v, sinnrl colors, ptn-c Llircnd silk. Don't miss llti.s one. -1 pair for Men's Han<) Made TIES 2 for Pure silk, hand made Ties, brand new patterns, bought for this event. 1 for 1 Specially Triced 97 Hoys' J)rc s >- Itrrtnccil for Dollar Days 97 Hoys' I)rc ss - (£ jg m y ,, s ,,| Kl| i,,,^,,, SHIRTS 3 for 'I siLliS 2 vds 'irst (inality, fnst, colors, all • VIB.HW fc JUO l/.ei,. first come, lirst served. Mi 39 '" ches wl[k> ' I'rlnlcd : 39 Inches wide, printed and Dobto Biitf creiies. 2 yiirds lor UN10NSUITS 2 for 1$ njj- .-Iceve, lonff le^s, ecru color, siics C to 1C. Special for Dollar Days 25 Do/., liovs' Fancy Orcss = SHIRTS 2 for $1 Exlra quality, fast colors, n real buy. Sites 6 to 14. Amazing Value Men's WORK SHIRTS 2 for $1 Sanforized shrunk, extra heavy covert shirts, 1 button fronts, 2 liockcLs, all sizes, 500 Pair Hoys' OVERALLS 3pr.$1 Heavy weight, full cut, C pockets. s/cs G to 16. Overall Special Men's Heavy Weigh I / OVERALLS , 87c 8 oz. Sanforized shrunk if not Ihe best overall | n Mississippi county for 87c your money will he refunded. PENNEY'S J. C. PENNEY COMPAQ, Incorporated SILK HOSE 2 prs. for $1 Rintfless, lovely .sheer chiffon. Ne\v fall shades. Perfect finality. 2 pr. ... LADIES' TUCK8T1TCH COMHINA- O| TIONS, :j for 9! GIRLS' LONG sr-EBVB WASH DRBSSES, 'I for 51 PORK THREAD LINEN CUT WORK PILLOW CAKES, Pair LADIES' TUCKST1TCH PANTS, <M VESTS, (i for ., 9! MEN'S NAINSOOK UNION- SUITS, :i for Slxlfla SEAMLESS CRINKLED HEDSPREADS, 2 for WOMEN'S HEAVY FLANNELETTE GOWNS, Ea CHIDHEN'S KITMED HOSE, Pair WOMEN'S HOUSE SHOES Pair BOYS' ALL LEATHER BLACK OXFOHDS .... si $1 37' r 25 C $1.47 Special Purchase '- Stamped Pillow CASES 2pr. $1 lltimllldicd, siampcd, rfaily to rmlii'ofrtercil. Reduced! 150 Pail- Ladies' Hieh Priced SHOES Slpr. Black, hrown— plain and fancy Icalhcrs. just i,. t| mc for I)ol| r Days. jji'oup of s i) p. or Terry 1) it f'h lowcls, sixo 17x30, with guy colored liov- (lor.s. Redneed 50 Only Novell> Rayon Damask Special IMivchasr .See These New TAFFETA SLIPS 3 for $1 V-Top, l.icc trimmed m tailored in Tea Ttofc. Will not (mil al *rani.s, al! sizes Silk Petal liouiloir PILLOWS 3 for $1 I'urc kiipok lillcd, sltccial for Dollar Days, AlanufacUifci's' Close-Outs FuTl Quilt Si/.e COTTON BATTS 5 for $1 Takf advantage of (his Dollar Day Sffml for your winter's supply. I. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Incorporated

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