Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 18, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 18, 1896
Page 6
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THE CURE The Case of a Veteran Cited Whose Paralysis Came from Ex= posure in the Army. The Equally Interesting Method of His Cure, and His Enthusiastic Endorsement. From.the Olttffo Farmer, Coopentown, ff, Y. In the town nf Oncontft, in Otst'go Counly, I to road. In the pnper I saw an account^ of New York, for n grent many years there h*. I }};«$•''}!($ 'i'i'liJ'f™ I'l'le Peoplef" Wno lived a man whose hie 1ms been overslnul- - - • • -- - - • owed by tlmt terrible disease, paralysis. Recently it was rumored (lint n miracle hail _„ „„ , . . "• •'. , .. , ,. ifS.Ofl per month. Hut soitin way 1 wns ini- bcen perlormed-tlmt tins man had been re-1 J)rvssi ! d witl , wllllt Pin |; p i]ls hutl (lo|10 and stored to Iiis normal health nnd strength nnd ilftcrniincJ (otfivu tliem « fiiir trial, I did fiiiili in piitcnt medicines, I hud spent over S-'UO.OO in them, all ti> no purpose. Uniiblc to work 1 luul mi income save a pension of month. But to ascertain the truth or falsity of such u rumor your correspondent visited Oneonin, to-day and bcii'.t; directed to the man &uught not think from my npjic:irtii:w, but llluurtwn boxes I luul recovered lull use of ,, . XT ... o „., i my limbs, my rheumatism was none und my rn 77 years «go, in -Vu' S.eothi/i.1, h ^ , roll l,I« relu-ved. Duriii,: my sicknc.4 on interview with him, which was reiHily and clicerfuily irruntuil. The man told his own story as follows: "My iiiuue is -Edward lliuiwcll. You would was born Allmny County. I wns rer.ivd on u farm and lilesse't f»y XiUurt* with u .•.-£r«>n^ f'O.'i- stitution ami i^oo-.l lit-aUh. Early in Hie I removed to Albany, liicnue to Hciii.'iii'yus, in this county, and iiir.i'.iy settled ilown in On- sontn, where I huvc lived ngrent m:my yours. "When the war broke out I wtts strong and active, Being nearly six fuct mil ana woiphin? -25 pounds. I cdH.sted in the Third !Nc«" York Cavalry iu:d served three years. Of thy Ion?, wiry mni'dics, especially in Is'orth Carolina of tlie days nnd ni.^lila of exposure 1 will not speak, for it M'IUS in tlio barracks «t Washington tlmt uiy^ misery began. While there heavy rains fell and not having sufGciuiit protection ofttinics we awoke- in'thc morniii™ drenched with the ruin. At this time [ coiitmcteJ a cold mid aloiiK with it came that dread distia.se, rheumatism, I rapidly crew vvurse anil was removed to tho hospital whtre I was attended by Dr. Leonard, now of Worcester in this county, lie made mo us comfortable as tiny maa could, but _ I could not shake oiT the disease. It \n.s in my system anil after rny aeturri home with Impaired health und strength reduced, my nerves oive out and additional sufleritiT ensued, I coul-.l aluve trbuncl and w;us able to do some w»rk—.'it length I went to ivurk in tlio Ciir Aiops hen-, inside work wholly—hut th^ least exposure would bring on terrible pnins .and Hie was made miserable for me. After a few years my .strength gave out and [ \rnt_ umtble to fight against my pains. In addition to the.' rhcuiadiFsm extreme nervousness took_ possession of mo—then heart disease set in ; I «ould not lie down to sleep and was brought Tory Inw by this coiuplieiition of tliseiiscs. My wrists and ankles hccume swollen, my Ici*;i distorted and my hips sunken, now you ean feel tlie cavities, also thrust your hmid into my back—such were the ravages of rheumatism. " But; this was not all. About sii years ago I lind n stroke of purnlysis which aH'ecU'd my left side—but by extra cure I recovered somewhat from this. Three years ago I luul •fcsecond stroke which rendered me entirely. helpless. My leftside was wholly useless and I could not fyel it wiien a pin was thrust full length into my leg or arm. Before paralysis set in J jIjT^ght I wna niiih to 'deaf h, 'l*rt How Came' the horror of a living death. On account of my heart trouble winch was aggravated by this new disease, I could not sleep and could be placed onlv in one position—bolstered up in n chair reclining , not slop with one box but used three boxes Li'l'orc I noticed any ell'eet. After taking three boxes I felt a ehanve coming over me. I kept on takintr Pink Pills anil kfjiton feel- • inf; bi-tlcr. Gradually my pain left me, I hc- tj'" 11 to f L ' 1 '' lu ' u ' '''' L ' cniu'se through my body and to my Kitrpnse and <.h'lit,'ht, ii-c-Jiji^,' bo- irnn to come into my side and life and into my leg and arm. After takiti cso. BUVW,: ivrotea. bejJiff, ,J romv tho states , Colorado; Callfonila. 1 Utah, Montana •'Idaho, -Wyoming, Nevada and North Carolina and tho territories of Arizona an New Mexico. Minority'! Silver l'(»nlCK. Tho minority report ot the rosolutloi-.a commJttteo took Issue squarely on the six- toeii to one sliver Issue. It suts 1'orth ua rollo'v.'s: "Tbc. republican party ftvors the use of both gold mill sliver ua vqual stiinclurd money, and pledges Its power 10 .secm-o tlio free, unrestricted and Indrpondent coir.i of pold and silver at our minis at tho ratio of sixteen parts of uilwr to one of sold. When this WHS voted down. Mr. Toller offered the following, propc>seJ l>>; Senator Cannon, and. Intended to 1 combine sllve. and protection: "Whereas, Tho basis of the gro.it doctrine o! protection Is to Rive coiiHtuncy of employment and (food wages to the tollers: and upon this basis the great men of the party have stood und the purty'ti victories have boon achieved; and "Whereas, The effect of thii sltxlr; sold standard In thla country Js to muko employment Insecure und to decrease the wases of tollers by decreasing 1 tlie prices of human .productfon; and, "Whereas, Since the Hlnt-'.lo prold standard and protection are lrn:coiic)laWc, It follows that a party cannot reasonably declare Cor both and attempt to achieve the purpose of both; ami It the republican party Shalt devote Itself to the single gold standard It will be led to the I'atal policy which commends the Americans to buy where they can buy the cheapest' ur.c.1, "Whoi'Wis, Ji! the republican party j s to still continue as the advocate und exponent of protection to the American pcuplc Ii must logically oppose thu single Ko:d .standard policy: now, therefore, be It "TtcHolved, That the r»puhllc.in party, In national convention assembled, holding to thu g'roat truth that Its highest miHaloh Is .,, . . ,,•.... : .••' : <;.'-...~ •'.,-:• :.:' Cubun'Itenbiutloii. .-,! 1 . ;''..".".,,„ "Tho government of Spain; having lost control of Cuba, and belnpr unable to pro-, toot the property or llvcs,of resident American citizens there, or to-comply with Its treaty obligations; we demand that the : armed force of -the United States Hhall bo promptly Interposed to restore peace In the Island, Wo hold It to be necessary to our national peace and prosperity that the people of Cuba shall achieve political Independence, and. wo-plcdire to them our sympathy In their noble struggle against the corrupt and barbarous Spanish mona- archy. • The Flimnclnl Plank. "Tho republican party Is unreservedly for sound money. It caused the enactment of tho law providing for the resumption of epecle payment In 1879; since then every dollar has been as sood as gold. "We arc unalterably upposed to every measure calculated LO debase our currency or Impair, the credit of our country. We tiro therefore opposed to the fr«e coinage of silver except by International agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to Tomotc. and until such an agreement can >e obtained the existing Bold standard must be preserved. All our silver and paper currency now in circulation must be mnin- taincid at parity with g-old, nnO we favor all measures designed to maintain inviolably the obligations of the United States and all our money, either coin or paper, at the present standard, the standard of the most enlightened nations oC -he earth.' WHITNEY~CHANGFS~HIS MIND. President Cleveland Makes a Statement for Publication, THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE Anxious That No Mistake Be Made- Refuses to Believe Convention Will Adopt Silver Platform. to my xes I slightly on my ri;,'ht side. Now the paralysis affected ray litad and I would remain in that position asleep in the chair fo'weeksut time without nw/ikenin™. Words cannot I endured. All this time I cmisulun 1 . doctors and tried all kinds of ixiicni mr-di- cines without receiving any benefit. I wits doomed to a lingering dentil mul n-ii.s i;i desnalr. One day u paper was handed me my weight had decreased from 2ffl pounds to M-l pounds, hilt to-d«y I ivcigli 170 pounds, HIM .strong nnd active und you would not. take mi; 10 be "T years old." While speaking. Mr. IIoswcll showed considerable emotion' und when questioned he lidded: "I cannot sny too much in praise of Ur. Williams' Pink Pills mid 1 cannot express ray gratitude to the Dr. Williiims 1 Medicine Company, they .saved my life and gave me hack lieiilth I had not enjoyed for over 30 years." When told that people uiight not believe such a story in print, he said: "I am willing to go before a Justice of Peace and swear to i;s truth, it" you wish, itml I sliall be wily top gltid to nnswer. inquiries anyone may wi.<li to m:ike," 1.).-. Willinms' Pink Pills for Pule People are up unfailing remedy for all diseases arising from a poor mid winery condition of tiie blood, such us pale nnd sallow complexion, pcnen:l_ muscular _\reiikness, Joss of Appetite, depression of spirits, lack of ambition, iinse- inia, chlorosis or green sickiicssi, pulpitiuion of (he henri. shortness of breath on slight exertion, coldness of hands or feet, swelling of the feet and limbs, pain in the buck, nervous ht'iidacho, din/.incss, loss of memory, feebleness of will, ringing in • (he curs, early decay, all forms of female weakness, IciK'orrha'ii, tardy or irregular periods suppression of menses, hysteria, paralysis, Jocomotor utuxin, rheumatism, sciatica, nil diseases depending on vitiated humors in tho blood, causing .scrofula, swelled glands, fever sores, ricKcts, hip-joint diseases, Miiichback, acquired deformities, decayed bones, chronic crysipelns, cntiirrh, consuni'ptiuii of the bowels und lungs, and also For invigorating the blood and system when broken down hv"overwork, worry, disease, excesses and indiscretions of living, recovery from acute diseases, such ns fevers, etc., lofe'c-f vital powers, spcrimifflrrjiajn, eurly decay, premature old age, These pills arc not a purgative nicdi\inc. They contain nothing that could injure the most delicate system. BENATOn FP.A.VK CANNON. OF UTAH. to advance the Interest:; of the toilers of the Unlu>d States, realilrms tin: doctrine of protection to American Industries and resolves to nsi! all Its power to achieve bimetallism, ln-lng ;li« froe. ur.raHiHete'J .ind Independent coinage of silver at our mints as they were cor.imx previous to ]->7S," THE l-I.ATKOKM. They act 'directly on the blood, supplying to the blood its life-giving qualities by assisting it to absorb oxygen, that great supporter of nil oramie life. Jn this wuj- the blood, becoming " built up" nnd being supplied with its Jiii'kin!,' coiK-titiients, becomes rich nnd red, nourishes the various organs, stimulating them to activity in the performance of their function!!, and thus to diminnte discuses from the system. Tlfcsc Pills nrn manufactured by the Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenoctady, N. Y., and arc sold or.ly in boxes bearing tho firm's trade murk nnd wrapper, tit 50 cents a _ „ „ -. - box. or sis boxes for $'2.50, nucl ure never sold express the misery I was in and the suffer- in hulk. They may i>c hud of all drufrgists. Text of tho ItesoIutlouH us Substunl.liili/ Atfl'BIXl TO. "The i-r;|)Ubllcaus of the United Slates tissomhlod by their .'•p|in-s t -.-;t;itivi.'.s in Da- tlonul convention, appealini; for tho poi>- u!ar anil iilstorlcal jtislliluatlo!: at their claim to the bluer fruits of four years of UomocraLk- control, a.s well i\.s the mntciiit-'rf.s achlei-cii-iont'j ol' CJ yeajs ol' ropul^lican rule, earnoatly and cor.ildcntly address themsolveH to Iho awaiif-iK-d In- tniliy(?fii--o, e:;per-i'.'ijC'? rtnd coiuicionce o!' their countrymen in the followlnc; declaration of fuel:) and prlnc!j;!ui;: DrclduH to Attend tin) C'hli niro Convention. Instead of Going Atiroiul. Kew York, .Tune 17. — Willium C. VFhitiKjy, M-lio hud taken p.-iw.-ijj-f for u rope, on tlie Teutonic, which sailed i'or Europe Wednesday morning', said: "I decided hue Tuesday ni^-ht to remain ,'it home :ind g-o to the convention nt Chieii^'o. I do jiot think t.liat I ean help matters much, but 1. hiivu yielded to irw requests of many friends, who have been txt me for several weeks to l;c present \vlien tlic'convt'iitiou moots. All this muddle that; thu party h;is got into over the silver question m;iy, in my opinion, result in its disruption, and if I can be of ns.sistance to those who wove ip.striimeiual in helping to reform matters in .IS'.Ji, 1 sluill be glad To do so. Jfothinff said by Mr. Cleveland has influenced me. ;is I have not heard him directly or indirectly. Ili-s renomina.- tion, is to my mind, impossible." The sudden chn-iiffts in Mr. Whitney's plans is regarded as nn indication that the democrats of the ca.st anticipate one of the ha.rdest fights in tlie history of the party. M.r. Whitney's determination not to g'o abroad was the outcome of the pressure that h:is been brought to bear upon him by such staunch democrats av Diivid Ti. Hill, Senator Gorman, ex-Senator Ma.Uhew C. Ka.nsom and Coi. ,1amos Stunlock. "For the llrst Lime since the civil war tho American puopUr )iiL\'e now wKneyKed the calainltoua consequmiccH of fi:ll an.I direct by mail from Dr. "VVilli<nns ; .Afedicinc Company. The price at which tln'sc pills Kresold makes a'course of treatment inexpensive! 03 compared with other remedies. THIS LOOKS AS IF HE READ urc THE LEADING AM> P MOST REFINED HUMOROUS PAPER Our Evmr TuesoAf VITALIS THE NEW FRENCH REMEDY. THE ABOVE RESJUtTS, aoth Pay. \Viwtlntf dlaonscs nn<l all rlToclH of solf.ivhuso •»icenB nnd Indiscretion, Eestorca Lost Vltiillty, Tower und I'ftinnpr iMoraary. Winds off Insaulty w>U consumption. Cnres when allothufflrail. Inslat «n having VITAI.1S, noother. Can bo carried In tho vost pocket- By mull 81.OO cor packaga or all •forS^.OOwith ixKimrnntco to Curo orltciuiill ilio Money. ClrciulnrFroo. AdOrcss CALUMET MEDICINE CO-, CHICAGO, ILL. For sale by Ben Flsber and B," T. . Families In the Country Sfconld always keep Brazilian Balm on isnd. It ia the doctor in the hotiaa, klwnyii ready and reliable. For colds, coughs, croup, catarrh, usthcna, pleurisy, iheumatism, constipation, female troublex and all kinds oi fevers it acts like magio and saves many a doctor's bill an f l mauT Along sickness Keoil Uoo/ia't Tnlh. W(isliin{rton, June 17.—Hon. Thomns Ii'. ]{eecl has sto])[>ocl talking'. The freedom of speech in which Mr. Eccd has indulged since the adjournment of con- .S'ress luis been superseded by ;i marked roticenco. He snid he did not care to discuss I'or publication the statement which I.ho president gave out Tuesday nig-ht. " Rlurrlorod by a .Neighbor. Canton, 0., June 17.—John Schneider, u Swede, was shot and painfully wounded by a neighbor nnmcd C. Ar- jioid \Vudnc.sday morning. The two had some trouble over wages alleged due Schneider's daughter, employed by Arnold. . Charged \vltli Kinbuzzlemont. Boston, June 17.—Frederick J. Andres, iin' importer, of cotton, was misted Tuesday Bight upon a wni-rant stworn out by .T. B. Moors, a bn nicer, g 1 Andres with the cmbczzle- TOLM'.t Of $S,000. ' . Torpedo ItoAt Ericsson Acocpt«<l. Washington, June 17.—The navy de- wrtmciit luis accepted the torpedo boat fi'oui tho builders, the !D»- buqxic iron works of Dubuquc, In. The ust payment of $S,OOP ivas uiade \Veclnesday. ' government, Ii; iia.-^ been a record ol' unparalleled iiicauami-.y, dishonor ar.d disaster. In the administrative miLiw^mvin it has ruthlessly sacrificed lndl!i|»-iisabl« revenue, el:cd cut ordinary current running expenses with borrowed money, piled up thu-iiublie debt $2G2.00C,uOO in tlmu or r-oace, forced an adverse balance of trade, kept a perpetual menace hanging over the redemption Jiund, pawned American credit to alien sfyridlcateji and reversed ail t))e measures and results of successful republican rule. In the broad eftVct of It.s policy It lias precipitated panic, biig-htt-d. l.ndUHtry and trade witii prolonp-od -'-depression, closed factories, reduced work and \va£cs, halted enterprise ar.d cripph-.d American production while stimulating forelsrn production for the American market. Every consideration of public safety and Individual Interest demands that the Kovornment shall bu rescued •from tho handS'Of those who have shown their.selves IncapalDle of conductinjr it without disaster at home and dishonor abroad and shall be restored to the pn.riy v.-hich for 30 years administered It with unequal success and prosperity; Policy of Protection. "We renew and emphasize our allegiance to the policy of protection as the bulwark of American Industrial independence and the foundation of American development and prosperity. This true American policy taxes foreign products and encourages home industry; It puts the burden of revenue on foreign gocds; it secures the American market for the American producer: it upholds tho American standard of wages I'or the American workinsman; it putM tiui-factoi-y by the side of the farm, and makes tho American farmer less dependent on foreign demcnd and prices; It diffuses general thrift and founds tho strength of all on the strength of each. Jn Us responsible application It Is just, fair and impartial, equally opposed to foreign control and domestic monopoly, to sectional discrimination and individual Ia- vorltlf-rn. Bo.nocratlc Tariff Denounced. "%Vc denounce the present democratic tariff as sectional, partisan and .one-sided, and disastrous to the treasury and destructive of business enterprise, and we demand such equitable tKi-l/I on foreign Imports which come into competition with American products as will not only furnish adequate revenue for tho necessary expense;) of the government, but will protect American labor from degradation and the wage level of other lands. We are not pledged to any particular schedule. The question of rates Is a practical question, to be governed by the conditions of the time and of production. The ruling and uncompromising principle is the protection and development of American labor and industry. The country wants a right settlement and then It wants rest. Pledges Jtunuwed. "The republican party renews its pledge for tho protection of all American Industries against foreign competition, and declares (ts faith that the supremacy of the United States among the nations is the result of such a policy. We believe In .liberal reciprocity and jusi. retaliation, and demand the application of the golden rule of commerce to all future legislation affecting the tariff and foreign trade. DOIUHIK) for Itci'lprocltj, "We believe the repeal of the reciprocity arrangements negotiated by tho last republican administration was a national calamity, and we demand their renewal and extension on .such terms as will equalize offr trade with other nations, remove the restrictions that r.ow obstruct the sale ol' American products in the ports of other countries and secure enlarged markets tor the products of our farms,forests and -factories. . i Twin McuHtiroi. "Protection and reciprocity arc twin measures of republican policy and go hand in hand. Democratic rule lias recklessly struck do.\vn both, and -both must be reestablished. Protection for whaf-wn produce: free admission for the necessaries of lifo Tvliich we do nut' produce; reciprocal agreements of mutual interest which gain open markets for us in-rci.urn for-our open markets to others. Protection builds' up domestic Indstry and trade, and octturea our own market for ourselves; reciprocity builds up foreign, trade and llnds an outlet for our surplus. Present AilmlnlHtrntloii Coiiiicnineit. "Yv T e condemn the present administration for not keeping faith with the sugar producers 1 of this country: tho .republican party favors Mich protection as will lead to the production on Amwlcah soil of ail sugar which ihe American people. 'USe, and for which they pay to the other conn- trlou more ihan $100,000.0"0 annually. "To all our products, to those of the iiiilio and the ilr-ki, as well as those of the shop ar.J the factory, lo v, oo!, the products oi' tlit grcii.c Industry of ,'ihtep husbandry, us, \vell as to the Unishj-d wool-oils of the ?tnliu:'H Dciuocriittc Convention. Portland, Me., June 17.—The democratic state convention met Wednesday. Chairman Cleoryc. 10. Hughes, of the si.-u.e committee, called the convention to order und introduced Hon. Charles F. John-son, of U'utcrville, the chairman ol! the convention, who praised the arl- ininistiM.tion of President Cleveland iu i\'£-urd to botii doiiu'xtie and foreign policies. Mr. Johnson concluded by niiining '\YilIi:im K. Ttussell, of Massachusetts, :LK the ulioiei of the democrats ol!-M:j.ine i'or theprusidcncy. Tell Four Floors. New York, June 17.—L. P. Hanscn,35 years of ugu. a crockery and glassware iloulcr, whose bustm'ss is located at the corner bl Third Jinil Main streets, Fremont, Neb., urn! «'lio in ;i member of i.he city council OJ' th:it town, was almost killed by a f;)Il from the fourth story window of t'l;e .Hole] JJenm.'irlc, this eity, early Wednesday morning. Hnn- sen wns on Jiis -\vuy to .Ocnitiii."ic to .see his dyinjj iiiuthcr. He lins u \\ "e and sevens! childn-n. wlioiii he left bull.ud ill his Nebraska home. Many ALtty llitvo I'criHhocl. l,oni:lou, ,lti;ic 1". — A disptitch received here Wednesday reports thatl-hc British steamer Druromoml Castlo, which sailed from Table Bay, Jfay 23, for this port, with 3SO persona on board, has been sunk near Ushan.V, the most western of the islands oil! the coast ot Brittany, France. Two ot the ship's company have been picke'd up by :i lish- ing vessel. Nothing is known of the fate of tho others on board. KatlroadH Will rny Dividends, Xew York, June 17.—The New YorJc Centra! Eailroad company has declared, •n quarterly dividend pi one per cent.., pn.yublc August 1. The Lake Shore Eailroail company has decliired a seiui- niinuttl dividend of three per cent., payable August I. The Michigan Central llailroud company has declared a semi- tinmial dividend of two per cent, payable Aug-ust 1. Hurricane Striken Outline, (>. T. Gut-hrie, O. 'P., June 17.—A hurricane on Tuesday wrecked the Central high school building and state capita] grounds, and badly damaged the Episcopal bishop's residence, the Catholic colored academy, and many private residences, besides doing many thousand dollars' damage to other property. There were no fatalities. Washington, June 17. — President Cleveland on Tuesday made the following' acply to a representative of tho New York Herald who asked of ilie president a statement concerning- ihe dernceratic situation. Mr. Cleveland said: "I have made no figures n? to the probable action of delegates already chosen or to be chosen to tho democratic national convention, but I refuse to bclli.-vp that when the time arrives for deliberate action there will he enjrraftid upon our democratic creed a demand for the free, unlimited and Independent coinage of silver. [ cannot believe this because 1 know rhe democratic party is neither unpatriotic nor foolish and because It seems so clear to me that such a course will inillct a very Kraut injury upon every interest of our country, which it lias been the mission of democracy lo advance, and will result In lasting disaster to our party organization. There is little hope that as u mc-aus of success this free silver proposition, after its thorough discussion durlnu a poIKioo! campaign, will attract a majority of iho voters of the country. It must be that many of tlie illusions inlluencing those now reiving upon this alleged panacea for thoir ills he dispelled before the time comes :'or them to cast their ballots which will .?x- pr-ss their sober seconij thought. The adoption by (lie democracy of this proposition wouhJ, I believe, tflve- to our opponents an advantage both In the present iind future which they do not deserve. "My attachment to true democracy is so strong that 1 consider its success as identical with tile promotion of the country's pood. . This ought sufficiently to account fur my anxiety ihat no misiakc be made at our^ party convention. In my opinion no effort should be spared to secure such act ion of the dclusates as will avert parly 'Je- morallzaLlon. It ia a piace lor consultation and comparison of views and tJioso dcra- ocrais who believe bl tho cause of sound money should there be heard and be constantly in evidence. A cause'worth flght- infc' for Is worth lighting for to the end. If. sound money democrats suppose there ia danger of a mistake being; made sucli danger should stimulate thclractJvity Jji averring it instead of creating discouragement. "1 am very far from arrogating- to niy- oelf a controlling Influence upon the policy of my party: but as an unnlnchine; democrat who has been honored by his party and who desires hereafter no greater political privileges than to occupy the place of J privnte in :is ranks, I hope I may not bo IS HAPPY, FRUITFUL JIARRIAC"." Every JTim Who \VouId Know Hie Grn.ml Triulm, iho Plain 1'nctn, i!:e New DiHcovcrfcft of Mcdirnl Science an Applied to JJnrrlcil J.il?, Who- \Vouicl Alone for Pawl Error* nr. I Avoid Fuiurc PI I fill In, h'konlil Ss.-l:r3 ihc YToaiicrful Linli- r.oo'.t ( :L~.:. : "Conipleie Wnnhood, nu<l How KI/.:- tn:« Ii." "Here nt la?i. in informntt™ from .1 l:i-'i medical source that must wm-k M-onders ivf j this generation of mon.' 1 The book fully describes nmcilio.l h-wb'rh to attain full vigor and maaly power. A method by w)iic!i to ccd a 1 ' uacutu'iil Drains on tbCbystcta. a jr.rleil nn-1 v.-c.-n r-••.::•' '.-To cure lorevcr'cii'ccts el''erccs.-v-.-,'(,vl:-.v-:'"'. 'To'r ivufrll strength, devo'op^—r.' .-: ' ---j 1C tvu-y portion ami orr.'in'cf i'i;e I..)- 1 -,-. ^•"Q "O b.-11-rk-r. Failure i^-pc;.:^;; Tv-j The book is purelyla&licMl f\ *-;•• — ••*•• n«ltfss 10 curiosity tec-l;crs, ir.v.-L.i:.::.';: ; :;.v.- t::iy v.-lioTjecrl it. Ai'.:-.=pairinK man, who hail .-.— !.-' :.j ::~, r.or-n nfi or wrote: ".Veil, I tell you that fir.-t i;.-.-.- :i C' " l'.\ .it-.-.T rorcct. I just bubt!;d v' '; > -. I <T- —M to Li-.; everybodyan.l u.l -,' :"-.:-•.>.!:• If h:i<l died yesterday, nr.'!: .•:•.-—••«.'.•' v..:.-. bn.-n lo-Uay, IVhy fli<::>'t v..;i i ': , ; vh'n I Sisst wrote that I v.c-1.1 :.'- -1::'.!.;.; And another thus: "If you fli:mTK-'i a cart lor.O ' f '- '" •*:-:-: fci'i it would n-a briofc buch t 1 I;n-^•.•^^l:.l." n.y 1:1 e ns your rsethod lias lionc." \Vrr.o :o T i!ie KRIE MEU1CAT, Cm'.r>.\~"~, c:iiro!i'"COMPLETE "M\N::o'cij. : ' L V?*ri'r' : '* I'jismper, a-jdtlic coiiijKiny pron-".'? 1.1 -'.•., lli-: .loolr. in ^-c'ltcii tiivc:<)]X', ^\-:;a:'::!. ,i'y :-.•>n:s,J"id entirely free, en;; i; .j >. v .: •::::-,> The COAST LINE to MACKINAC - >• >'TAKE THE- blcir.ed lor saying this much at Uiis time. In tho interest, a.s It .foem.s to me. of tho j^raiui old organisation, so rich in honorable, traditiona, .so ji;s|]y proud or jta achievements, and always so undaunted anrt bravo in Its battles tor tho people's wolfc.ru." Chanco for Silver's I>crcat. Indianapolis. Ind., June 17,—The gold rai-n of this district, who are making the figlit assist Tree sliver, sny that the rule of dcmoertU'ic nailonal conventions requiring a two-thirds vote :'or action will prevent tho nomination of n Etralslit-oul silver can- dldate and a platform declaring for tho free coinage of silver at the ratio of sixteen to one, \Vhiie they admit the strength of the silver sentiment in the middle. soul.h?rn und western states, they say that the gold delegations from eastern states, and such scattorlng gold delegates as will be picked up here and t.herc. will make more than t'.ie other third of the convention. Sonmor Xurpie Declines. Indianapolis, Ind., June 17.—When ex- Congressman Bynum returned from Washington last Friday he brought a report that Stewart and Jonea and others of the silver senators and representatives tliero wore talking strongly of Senator David Tuiple. for the democratic nomination i'or president. Tile silver men thought ho would make a strong candidate on account of his Financial views, together with what they termed his "ol<J-lln«". democracy. Tuesday evening Jacob P. Dunn, who ia editljiR the Sentinel In tlie absence of S. E. Xorss, consul general to France, received a letter from Senator Turplc saying that ho wus not a.nd would not under any circumstances be a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination; that Indiana had a candidate (Gov. Matthews) whom both the state and himself would heartily support. Killed In u KuuawHy. Shelbyvjlle, Ind., June 17.—The suJ- den appearance of a bicyclist around the turn in the road scared the hor&a driven 1>3' Mrs. Levi MoKnjg-ht, upsetting- the vehicle and throwing her under the wheels, iu which manner she was dragged a quarter of a mile. Her l;ead was crushed to a pulp. Banker \Vj>okoflt'»» Condition, Kew York-, June 17. —President (Jeorjje H. IVyckofl!, of the Bank of New Amsterdam, who was shot by Semple on Monday .'nst, spent an uncomfortable night. His physicians say that it is yet a matter cf life nnd death with him, with the chances slightly in his favor. TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Pasgenger Steamers TbcQrntent Perfection yet atuined In Bolt Coiutrnctlon— -Luxuiiou* EqulpmeDt, Artlttlc Farnliblnc. Decoration •od EHIclent Service, insuring the highest degree of COflFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS pra WE« BETWEEN ToIedo,Detroit^Mackinac PETOSKEY, -'THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. tOW RATES to PIctuKtqiw M.ckinic M4 Return, Including; Hull and Bertns. Prom , »i8; from Toled*, JiJ; from Detroit, EVERY EVENING J Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Rarliest Train* for all paints Bast, South and Southwest a ad at Pctrolt for all points North and Northwest. Sundtr Trlpi Jun», July, Aiigntl ind Septtmbtr Onlf. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay J Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Addrexi '' A. A. 8CHANTZ, «. p. «.. DITIIO1T, HIOH. Be Mf and Cleveland steam HV. ft. ONE-HALF SCE OF COX. THE_MABKETS, Craln, 1'rovUIoiiH, Ktc. Chicago, June ITr WHEAT—Moderately active and higher. ,run«, 57®5Sc; July, K%@a$y f c; September, Vurmonc Kopublluantt. Burting-ton, Vt., June 17.—Therepifb- lican stafe convention was held here Wednesday. Col. A. A. Hull, at St. Albans, wns temporary .chairman of the convention and addressed the body. The temporary organization wa.s made permanent. The address of Chairman Ha.ll w'ns in ciilog-\ r of McKinley, of protection and reciprocity. dine Dinmlnseil. Portland, Ind., June 17.—The famous breach of promise suit, with .a demand for $23,000 damages, brought by Ola Brown against Grier F.. Gemmill, a wealthy and influential,citix.en of Penn- villc, was diemissed when just ready to proceed/with the trial. The dismissal was by the girl's attorney and was without, prejudice. Will lie a Cundlctiito. Teire Haute, Tnd., June 17.—J. G. McJTutt has .decided to be a candidate for the-dereocrntic nomintition for attorney general before the state convention. Mr. McNutt was deputy United States district attorney in the first Cleveland administration. Bourbon,Ind.,,Tunc 17.—-Joseph of this place, who attempted to cut bis throat hist Snturday, has beet declared —Firm. No. £, 27%lirOT?ic; No. 2 Yellow, 2S'-Mr2SUc: July, 2S%c and 28V4® SSKc; September, 20Vi®25>jC; December, SOc; May, 3255-32-<,c and 32Hc. OATS—Slow and steady. June, ]"V»c; July, ITyigHT'/c: September, H^ft-lSc. Samples steadv," No. 3 at iT'.iSUS'.ic: No. 3 White, 18V4©13 ! )ic; No. 2, IT-'SiOlSc. No, 2 White, 19%©20c. RYB—Market slow and weak. No. 1 cash, 3iy,c; July delivery, He; September, 33Vic. MESS PORK—Offerings rather liberal and demand active. Prices higher. Quotations ranpeil nt 57.20Q17 25 for cash: $7.20 6)7.26 for June: J7.22ii@7.2TVs for July: 57.37V4 Jii'.-lB for September. T-iAKD—Demand moderate and offerings free. Prices steady. Quotations ranged at $4.15(5'4.2l) for cash; $-!.15iiJ>-l,2C for June; fl.20(SM.22>,3 for July, and J4.35((j)-l.37yj for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, IO@Hlsc; Dairies, 04fl2c. L,I.VB POULTRY—Only moderate demand. Turkeys, Gig>S C ; Chickens, 7V1-JJSC; Spring Ducks. Uftijjc per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00@4.00. New Tor!;, June 17. FLOUR—Quiet, weak, unchanged. WHEAT—Steady, moderately active. July, (!3%rrpfl) 5-10c; September, O-IS'O-I 7-IGc; December, 05S@CG>-J,c. CORN—No. 2 dull, firm. No. 2, 33%ff-34"4c; July, MW@3J?4e; September, S>ViSi350ic. OATS—No 2 quiet, steady. State, 24® 2Sc; Western, 2302SC; July, 22'.ic asked. I-lvc Stock. Chicnpro , June 37. CATTLE—Best steady; others 5@-10o lower; Texana 15c lower than Monday. Fair to best Beeves, J3.-l05I-i.50; stockers and- feeders, $2.50^.3.i!0; mixed Cows an4 ISulls, fl..)0@3.75; Texas, £!.4oe-3.70. HOGS—Market BfiilOc hl.irhsr. Light. 53.25 ©3.55; rough packing, SS-SS^UO; mixed and . butchers', ?3.15&:3.-I5; heavy packing and I shipping. ?3.1ifj>3.-lO; Pigs, pozzoiNrs 'COMPLEXION POWDER! | bus been tho ntnndnri for forty yoars and* Is more popular to-dar than ever before. pqzzo.vrs | Is too tdoal complexion powder—bciutlfj-Ii.^ rcfrchli'.DK, cicrinly, h?nltliful nnd hiutnlcss. A \ Adfillcutt:, hiTlsiblc vrotoctlnn to tho face. WlSh evorv i>i>xof I>OZZ«»TS » mag- 1 ' ninc-eiit Kconli's COLD PtFF ' BOX i« |p%'en free of cbargv* 1 AT DRUGGISTS ATO FAJfCY STORES. ' Going: For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy If you take ouo of the ,AKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S iEGANT STEAMSHIPS, 5oilinffs between Chicago and Mack in ac Island four time* every week* T';T' new stool steamship "Mtniton" is a ;":M!»K palace. Travels 'iwlxt Chicago, .Yirlevoix, Harbor Springs, Pctoskey. .;odnac Island, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, frov. or ask your nearest ngent. 1 Address Jos. Bcrolzbelm, G. P. A. LAKE DllCir. AND 1..VKC SUPERIOR IKANS. CO. RushandN.W«lerSt, Chicago, .<?n. ciunnturf;' ai* ion, irritation or ulcer* tion of mucouH. raom- Sold by DrncnclftU, 'or flont in plain wrapper, br cxprwii, propuM. for 11.00, or 3 boi'tle*, fci.TS. Circular sent ou request-

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