The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 18, 1950 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1950
Page 8
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JACK TWBUHB BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 1MM pM llB* 150 «IM* 9*1 Hn» p*t <Uy t»e UMIM iwr lln« p*r day *n «BM p«f lln« p*r day 7o * p*t MB* p*i d*r *o pw «n« We « fl¥« fcT*rM< worrJi to the line d«rMt for lhrr« or »Lx llm« »nd b*for« *iplra"on will bi chine* th« number of tLm«* tki» >d and Adjustment of bill mart* All CJ***Ifi*d Adrtrttilng copy nub nHtiil by p«r*onM recldlnR nvililrJ* or fh« ctiy mttrt b* Accompanied by c*»h fcfttM m«f e**tly b« computed (ro» t»* fctoov« Mbl* Adr*r tiling order for rcpulir ln»*r- HMM MkM »he one Unit Itblt Ma responsibility will he ink en COT MOM ihun one Incorrect Inaction of iny flkMiHed ad AH adc nr« re*1rtel*<i k> their proper •.. -<lflf(Mton • i y I • and trp« Th* Courier New* rr*erre» th« rl^hi to *drt »r r*J*c* any art >tjxrrtment for Pen* Small Fur. efficiency. Close hi. Mrs Harry Lewis. Phone 3487. 1218 .rk t( 1 room Jurnlshed npnrtmeni, Phnnc 9798. 12'16 tf 5 room until r. not. Gas heat 100 W Kentucky Ph 6738 12 1 tl 1 room fur. apt. $6 per wrcfc Phono 6213. 12 15 pk 19 2 room fur. apt. Call 4684. BO I N rmnfclln. 12^15 |ik 22 S rm- \mf, duplex Prlvatp hath. RBS heat. 207 DoiiRfln. Ph. S362 alter 5, 12115 pk 13 3 room imf. rvpl, with bath. Ph 49^8 I?,! 15 pk 19 3 room apt. unfurnished, clone to high school. Call 2552 or 2344 If I room furnished apartment with rrlffldalr*. oil heat. Utilities furnished 1408 West Ash. 12 }5 pit 22 ! room unt. apt. Call 2660 or 35&B. 12'18 ck J Tintur. uptn. 2301-2305 Cflrolyn Phono 2491 Dell. . 12|]2 ch 19 3. room Unfur. apt Cnll 2660 oj t»». ia]l3 rk tl Nice 3 room apartment, private bath, lie*ting stove and automatic hot water he*ler furnished. Also has window •hadi-a, 3 closets, hullt In kitchen cabinet*. s«« «, 1518 Heurn or nhonir «14. 13 pk 20 3-room furnished apartment, private tMth. electric refrigerator. aiitomalLc hot water tank, etcctrla atovft I/i- r*t*d M* W. .Chlckasawba Ph 3900 11J21 ck tf TJafur. 3 room apartment Close In Phont 5W or 2595 11J27 tf 3 room nn( apt., prlratt bal.h good ocAtton. Ph. 33M. pk 12127 I room rum »p».. up«t*in Artutt* MlT- 700 .W Wftlnut. ph 700* ' • 1«!3 ek U r fur »p* 4-roomi •% b«lh « •qulpmjn* Bit*, refrigerator 134 D*r1« ph. U73 **. Simon , 1 mama and bath equipment, eleclrlc refrlRermor funttur* Ph 3178 «]« ck tf »nd bafeh call 4912 unfur apt Xirto 5vpp/i«t and Services ro AKD puRHirrmB LOANS Prompt Ptraonal Serrlc* *«tr«] Contract Pure h KM Corp 1M Bouth 5th Phr>n« M03 *• i'5 ck M *'« *ndan)r«r ynnr ramllT with wr«^-BtF7 bn TIRM 8BRVIC1 STATION irm Phnni 2563 tf Services For Fasi, neprnriable Television & Radio Service, Call CARL LONG BT.YTHEVILLR TELEVISION & RADIO SERVICE 1141/2 W. Main Ph '3796 ^^ il-is ck tr ih* C l a ** pert otl 8tOTB rcpair clewed the, TAcuura «a r 10 ycai.s exnerlcnce i|L work *""*nteed Ph Harry Myers _ Hi22 pk 12122 jf your store n^e^j cleaning w palrlng, Cell 3394, dajr or night. SHOE REPAIR 1A> offer 1-Day Serrlce with "SailMRCtion Our Attraction" WILSON SHOE SHOP South ol U*ln on Broadway M.H ck tc Interior and Exterior decorating Call 3«, ifk for Mr, Card welt, 12|13 pic V) up For expert service, cull John Wisdom. j>h 3450 11117 ck 131 Watch and Jewelry Repair wMcties Rtid clock* (Juxrarueed work; rfon« bj vxpen repairman Lowrji "PAT O'BRYANT Alain A Second TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. Ml W Walnul Phrrn* 33H2 Plenty of Parking Space For Sale, Misc. Fresh Country Kfegs, Christmas Trees, Kireworks, Fresh Fruits uncl C;uulics. Kazan's Sotre. Dogwood Ilidgn. 2 mi. S. 61. . 12-12 pk 2-1 PhonB 2070 to pmce ynur nrrtot fni nnllrtny goodjrs •tinnn-mnrte fllvlnlty fudge, pineapple upside clown cnites 11121 |>k 1227 CHRISTMAS HAMSTERS It!eft 1 pruts you'll enjoy at) ibe v-eni O A Hunton \<3 Ml 8 On Hy 61 Child's in LOrse. Phoii p pin no. In rue rockhic -JKfl. 12[1R pk 21 1 usen en mm n TK in gond cnridliinn I 1947 .rep 1 ii.'ecl Oliver 3 row trn.ctor-CuLilYator riced rJght This equip men I all tt «dy To RO to work Ctlln Harrison Implement Co II TWO NEW PIANO3 AT COST WE HAVE TWO NEW PIANOS WITH I'filt YEAtt FACrrORV GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL SELL AT COST OROOKS MUSIC STORE. 107 K A 3 T MATH STREET. BLYTIIKVILLK TELEPHONE 68H. - II|3fl City Orll) Cafe, I.eRchvlllp, ArV |1 500.00 12]U pk 1|14 IB' house trntler, complete, S2.10. 5 horse ont-bonrtl molor. 5^5. 22 aiilo- miitlc Winchester. Jack Hunt, Bny Courtji. Apt. 3. ]2]M pV 21 Qrcy Chow pups. Pern Ales MO. msle 540. 4 mo. old.Ph. 593. ; 12|U pk 21 A John Dcrre Tractor, 1 rou- cnlll- fttor. 2 botton M" Breaker. Mccormlck Disk, chain hnrrpw. aprlng tenth har- -oo,-, John Deere trnller. McCnrmlck fleering trailer, met si gmln .tnvtler All In perfect rendition See Paul Kllrh next to Clear I>nke Church. 1 pk JJ13 12;R pic 1|3 USED WATCHES Hurry . . . while Ihey Idstl Bis jnrca.ns In. nallon:vUy-ntlverUEeil «• .itches . , . BulovnK. F.lgLn-1. Walchnm* . . all Rimrnntrccl us ROCH) us tie a* I Here's one: 17 Jewel Bulova with nittal wnlch band . . . 110.75! Pick yours out today! PAT 0'BUY ANT, Jeweler Main .fe Second niyiher-Ue I2J12 Ck 19 Jersey inllX cow. 1!» miles WM\ of Dell School, Tom Buss. 12|I2 pk" 19 Karris' Grocery Including stock A: fixtures; In) mediate jjodscsslon. Good business locntlon., 307 S. Frntiklln, ph. 8. i2.s pk 31 2 room house. 3 years old. T block north new hlRh school May bell *\ib- dlvl.slon. Price S15DO Write C. A. HIcX- n, LcRChvlUc, Ark, 12J15 pk 22 Colonial type walnut bookcase ant) table. Mrs. Mitchell 63R9. 12J15 pk I[2 ELECTROI.UX CLEANERS—Sales- rvlcp. Supplied Call for tree demonstration. Your old clcnncr Inspected free J. R. Harris, ph. GfiDl 701 vChlck- wb* 12|U pK 1)11 Etun ot IDC mJH rougli lijmber de- ivorccl at Blytticvllle 570 thousand lmrlf-s Brlglit Phone 2556 I2;8 pk 22 EVEN A BABY Can See Are Bargains in USED CARS! Here Are Just A Few: 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan...only $95! 1936 Pontiac Coupe. . .now only SI35! Ifltfi Buick in sharp condition. . .only ?S95! 19'lfi De Solo 'I-rioor Sedan...yes, i'f's only JS95! 1949 Nash 2-door Sedan. . .just drive il...$995. • '51 Pontiac Now on Display I Noble Gil! Pontiac, Inc. » USED CAR LOT Across (he Str««i from th« Cllj- HaM Examplet of PHILLIPS' Better Buy* TRUCKS CARS... lfl-1!) Chcrrolel Kleelline deluxe 2-<l<M>r Sedan.. .$1 295 liMS Ford 'I'tidor Sedan, nidio and healer. . .?895. HM7 fMynioulh Conch, niiiroun color, radio and healer .. . $S95. l JllnO Ford "8" Pickup, dark blue color. . .$1 250. 19-18 International '3/.l-Ton Slake (K2)...$79S. Ford Slake Truck wilh 158" wheelbase. . .$795. 6lh. * Walnut I'hone 4453 f). Ph. 92Y 12113 pk 21) New sales on easy lerniB. 110 E. Main; Ph. 2012. 12J19 pk |;io TURKEYS ' HIMIIR grown. Toilng and , fat. Any *l7.e On rcKii or dressed. Phone 6(562 B. E. Hesst- 12112 pit 27 EI.ECTROI.tlX When thinking ot hnns* denning, think ot Eleclrottix Vnctiiun Cleaner ftnd Floor 1'ollsher. then call E. C. Thompson, ph (W17 Ymi'il 'be.. gl»d you did. 12[liU pk 25 Pure ( bred cocker pups, red and white. Mrs. N, G. Jerome. ]>h :i!0l. 12fI8 pk 75 Thr<« u acre tmcls. K nod home ami liiifii. ST.OOfK One W— nnlf clcnrpd. M.SM. •1^2 ucrrs, 2i,i miles from Wilson nl] In cilllltallon fiso ptr »cre. J25 000 will handle. •AH In Mississippi Cmmlf. 160 neres ncrthcnsi of llernle. Sandy oa.n l»nd. 6- room rioi.s» anrl 4-room Imusc. $125 per acer and worth the money BO acres. 3 [raises mnt barn. Al] In culllvntlon. 180 per ncrs ""' 2 h ° Ube " '"" """' on !"•""'• For Sole; Real Estate Here's R good buy in a 5- rodm home that you would enjoy living in. Located in a very good section of town near Walker Park. All rooms are large and there is plenty of storage space Can he financed R-HA or'Ci. 1. See or Call Max. I'.bgan. Phone 2034. Lynch Building. New and modern home on East Cherry St. Can be financed with small down payment. Why not give your family a present for Christmas that they will'enjoy for years. See or call Max I.ogan. Phone 2034. Lynch Building. 12-12 ck 19 hnuf« IflfMW Bll ck IT 5 rooms ana oath By nwnpr Kqulty t-iood rocallon Shown ooly hj appoint ment Ph 03S9 Ilj20 pX 1220 8LVTHEVIL1.U REALTT HOLIDAY SPKCIAUS—HOMES SI.500 UP TO RUY OR SEU,. PHONE 2394. 119 pk 23 <32 acres fine cotton, corn and bean ml Ornvet iond through the fnun. and well drnlnccl. Situated In the snu- •rn part ol Mlssl-islppl County near Wilson. Plenty of. housrs with no wa*l« rt This farm contains aclnnlly 452 l.s 36VOOO which \x iKf* thnn ll.M) prR i\ime R 4% lonstimp Innn of S2R.OOO with nalancp to bp carrlrcl by owner !'OM;e5.s!cm Jnn 1. ISSl. This farm Is most certainly Is A Hrntul Invc^tnifni ami will com p tire favorably, from n sifindpolm nf procluctlon with nny 5JSO to $:iOO land I2:i nrr«5. vrty fine type of soil. npnutlful tocnllon. on HLshwny 61 South Two nlrc 160 acre tnrni5 In Southcnsl MlF^ixirl. tt unerr.itrrt see or cnll «' M Burns phone 33CI \V. M. BURNS Realtor Lovely ;i bedroom. 1 'A bath, home .wilh attached garage, on Pncan Avenue. Spacious living and dining room combination. Nice size kitchen any woman would like. Large screened liack porch. Lot 70 \- 1GO. Large FHA loan. Price ? 17,000. Well located ,T - bedroom home. 001 Hparn Master bedroom Ifi x 18, large living room, nice size dining room and kitchen, screened back- porch, garage. 2 outdoor storerooms, beautifully landscaped and fenced yard; This house is in exlra good condition. |3,900. cash will handle, balance FHA. Property is vacant. Price $11,000. JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 Res. Ph. 25!>« 11-28 ck U nrl ' | 0 nnrt for ' arnl ' rom ° h "" >•""« per »cre, Smnll , P»ymc.M. nna long term, on b. H M BRCK Ph. .1893 Blythevlll. or KA V BECK Ph 975 _____ ___ 12i 1 5 pk 22 My eqiilly In C3 r. HoT^T Wlll~cTn- ldcr Rood car In trade 524 a W pVrk- «y Drive.- Phon. « 8 ». be[ ,v r . n J'\ Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS I* l»ler«Rt»d in ng *^ Noble Gill Agency REALTORS — Cecil E»rls — Glencoe Blclg. Ph. 6868 __ Help Wanted, > .30 ek U Lars. Chair, concern hiu nptnlnes ror trnlncr-s to heroine roppartment Hrndf. and Mann B€r ». We ,-anl Bg^rf.,- 'Ire nnd resjinmlble men Interested In opportunity and who are willing to T', i '? !1? 1 V.'"" ! "I'MWS. A B e 26 to 35. at least h]s;h ^rlion) e(1iir«tlon and a SnK ""V' 1 "'"™ " rc '"'""= "<l»IMte S Enlnry ol 150 to .start and .VK-reMfnl Mtidld»ies -iniilrt he earnliu over tnoo per month In r, yeiir's time wilh "on. pnrt.uilty to ,„ fnr h eyon,l this I,, reply, please B lve nge. education, family stnins anrl rnll details nr prevlotK experience to PF.RSONNEI. MAKAC1ER I" O. BOX 3383 nK.SQTO STATION MEMPHIS. TENN ____ __ HH c* 31 Business Opportunities (•Hr ^a[ t ay rjwn^r—cnmomatton nool room n..rt domino ,i«"»r In Oicpnln Eiiulpinrm like new Goml lorattnn nnrl n rnur m1ll1rin ilnllar Iruilc ninnt •online: with hlg pajroll Stt or wrltf ',„ '' *' d ' r J1S w {I A " Blnhe. Illc. Ark Th 6113 119 pk ,, 9 t.ROCERY STORES AT INVOICE OTHER BUSINESS OFENINOS BLY- THEVILLB REALTY. PH 2.194 139 pk 23 Are You Relaxed? iy?y FX)rd Custom Fotooor Sedan 19W Sajh Club Coup« 1 1349 Ka^er Dehixe'ft with kll • tra.i and many more, all The 61 Motor Co. Your Kaiter-Frazer Htadquarten North 6th St. Phon* 2142 We'll to Her* TOMORROW to BMk Op Whit W» •»; »« De TODAY I" Ferguson Model 48 It's Ready to Go/. . Tractors $985 John Deere B Model 1 Good Rubber. 2 Pieces Equipment Masses-Harris Model 30 5 Pieces Equipment Ford 8-N f Vr. OW 4 Pieces Equipment . '1250 '1650 See These and Other Valuet Today! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Also Your Ferguson Dealer in Osceola 2371 Lovely Brick Home On Country Club Drive OPEN SUNDAY —2 to 5 p.m. Week Doys, by appointment 3 Bedrooms - 2 Baths . . . $28,000 rt'irJ"^- Brkk """" ' S q " ali '- v (llrou ' 1 "'" 1 - B«-»utlful KIT- H«'r' v/m'S-" ""'* Cilhinels wilh »» 'h« acce SS ori««, BRRAK- frASI NOOK, nicely pro|iarlicineil DINlNCi ROOM inariam UV.NC; «OOM wllh „.„„ M , rble ntep , act . Th.'-.'h^SS" tdO.MS have large c«l;.r linert wnlk-in closets. Both BATJIS ,a,-e colored fill ure S »nrt B:IS wa || healers. Slor aR<! -pi u , , n) (' f »il'! r |!k h °^ K 7 KT ' Marhl<! Fla »'""<- TERRACE, v" will like lh« spacious 82 x 200 ft. shady LANDSCAPED 1 OT (.hoirr nstghbors. IXin'l fall I 0 inveslleate II,e slunliricM ,nd choice'malerial, us«d In ronsCrticUon of this home. '."trials us«a JOHNNY MARR, Realtor Office Phone 4111 Res . Phpne-2596 12-16-ck-2J Notice NOTICE LISTEN The Best In vestment on today's market is a GOOD WELL LOCATED HOME. Quality homes are fast disappearing from the market. JOHNNY MARR Realtor Ph. 4111 Res. 2596 12-16 ck 20 HST« yotir baby> shops preserved In everlasting bronze Ph «98a 13,< pk |J4 REAL ESTATE"" If interested in a home or farm, see us. We have any. thing from a vacant lot to a plantation.- Also city and farm loans. CATES-WIGGS REALTORS Ho S. 3rd. St. Blythfiviile, Ark. Ph. 2751 9-11 ck tf ATTENTION CREDIT OKANTORS- Tho Credit Bureau o! Blyllievlll* L[ir Knrmcrs Bunk Bli]« hR* over ^(KMi indlTltlnal fllea. and offera ymi coinpLete credit ^errli-e-lnrestlgpiilnnfl •eporv-i »nd roirpctlons Member of A».tocl*lect Credit bureau* of Amprlra E>!nl 20M-2065 Mrs Vcrnon Bnyd mnn- Rper. Mrs Luclan Galncs. As^lKtrtnt manager 11[21 pk 12 ! 2l Inturance Call 553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection !" W Xih 31 OI.FNCOH HOTEl 8UI1.UINO «S (* K W. L. "Bill" Walker" WALKER INS. AGENCY Low Cost Protection Fire - Auto - Casualty Bonds - Investments GLENCOF: HOTKI, BLDG. Phone 4360 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Gn«i»nleed Besl Kirby Drug Stores For Sale, Cars and Trucks CARlPAUL Corner-Wilson Motor Co. ' 317 fhone 3055 Wontmd to Buy Hight on the corner,' right J" the price. Dyer's grocery 125 Lilly, comer Lilly & Ash. Highest prices paid fin-.poijl- try and eggs. Ph '4970. See us before you sell 12-7 pk 1-7 For 2-room furtt cottage, electrln kitchen - ch °' waler - P rl '»« b«h. 226 "B"" St. i 3 ; 14 x 2I Modern Cabins * A pts " JI 50 ,, p «>eklj rate.i Lost Boy Courts Fire- ph 0 «"" d ' nK M ' S " C 3 room fur. house with hath call 2268 . 12:12 pk 10 '* II " ltnr hoiiKft 3 ml south on Hwy 61. Uplon Booker. , 12:1^ ph 19 Drive & r^-" fl ' r hftll " B on Kenwoorl 4 rm. house Rnd bath, fur MA per month, water furnisher]. SOS N Broart- «ay. Call 4057. „.,', pk 24 Private Rooms Rooms, oil htRt B'Tllle Hotel 11128 pk U|26 NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Special rates monlhlv and weekly Ph. -H64. 12-4 ck tf only Mix E p 1LI30 pk I2:3U t bed mom* Mm Blomeyer Ph J6C8 Bedroom. con»cnlcnt to baih at««m neat Sll W W«tn, ph 3325 11127 pk 12;27 bath Ph 2338 11H1 ptt 11:21 Concrete Culvert TiU SI»rt « F li .U In. Corrugated Metal Culverts Sl»« «* I* M In. *»U«all. Tlna4 Gain Concrete Septic Tanki Met»l Septic Tanks Sewer Til* A. H. WEBB B*»)«w.i II .t gut* LlM ri.*,., 714 NU-WA Laundry & Dry Cleaning Call 4474 MONDAY, DECEMBER 18, '2-DOORS 4-DOORS COUPES Chevrolet! — Oldsmobiles — Ford* ' Plymouth! —' Packard* . 1313 Chevrolet deluxe 5-1'assenger Coupe.. .$139S. 19-18 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan.. .$109.V 1917 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. . .|995. ]919 Plymouth 4-dobr Sedan.. $895. 1919 I'Hckard 4-door Sedan. . .?!295. 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. .. $495. 1941 Ford 2-door Sedan. ..only $395. 1950 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan with famous 'TdV«r. Glide", very low mileage. Come in and net this Utt model bargain. . Most of these fars are equipped with radios, heaters defrosters, seal covers and many other extra*. ' ] 9.10^ Ford Cab & Chassis Truck with 2-speed axle 1945 Chevrolet long wheelhase Truck with 12-ft. bodv iq!S n^ Vn>1 ,!' <r ng "' h(>ell)ase Cal > * Chassis,. .$39^ 1918 Dodge y.-Ton Pickup Truck, has both radio ar$» he.iler..-. a steal at $795.* Mnny more lale model (rucks. . large and small. EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always get a good deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 301 West Walnut Ph»n* 578 LASTING LECHORN-MichHel Lehnerer of » would b« outlasling his .fellows. flowers ior fvery Occasion BLYTHEVILLE FLOWER MART OUR NEW LOCATION 1500 W. MAIN PHONE 6002. WE DOOD^ IT AGAIN! YES, WE'RE LOADED WITH GOOD-USED TRUCKS toMo KY ' RK PRICK!) '"'0 GIVE YOU MORE FOR IS H ? NEYl SEK HORNER-WILSON BEFORE i OU Bu \ .' : Two M9 CMC tt-Ttrn Pickups. . .your choice, . .f 995. One M9 GMC 3/4 -Ton Pickup... now ?995. One '.(7 Dodge 3/J-Ton Pickup, stock rack. . .$695, One M9 Chevrolet 1-Ton Pickup. . .now One '16 Inlernalional i/,-Ton Pickup with slock rack . . .now $J45. One 'JS GMC 2-Ton LWB wilh 825 x 20 tires. . .$S9S. One '1C Chevrolet 2-Ton LWB wfh 14 ft. bed, 825 x-» tires. . .$195. '^ One '12 GMC 114-Ton I,WB wifh 825x20 lirea...|165 Others To Choose From. ALSO A GOOD SELECTION OF USED CARS SALE- PRICED FROM $95 to $1395. HORNER-WILSON MOTOR CO. •Mf Utt M«in 2056 ...I,

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