The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 2
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PAGE TWO LE, (ARK.) COURIER.'.NEWS Social Calendar, FRIDAY'S EVENTS 1 American Legion Auxiliary hav-1 . ing regular meeting, 2:30 p.m.. lx- j ,- giou Hut. '•' I : Ladies' Bible Class of First \ j Methodist Church meets with Mrs. Frank \VEbb, WO W, Heurn, 1:30 p. m; ' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Cliapltr "N" of i P. p O, |taj Mcfthijr Qlia'itcv' "fJ" of p. E. O. met ! Monday night at the home of Mrs. i Harrj'' Kivby for the regular bhsl- ( 1 . T/!ie members voted to cooperate) wilh the Girl Scouts In the ReJ j Cross drive. . j Miss Alta Mae Gar!int>toi) had i charge pf the program which was i n constitutional quiz. Mrs. Farmer! England having high score, wa-j ] pscsented a prize. ' j Mre. Kirby served t«i ant) sand- i wiches. I * G •* • Delphian Finp (iris "Cliili I'.iitcls ; The p'elpjiiaji Fine Art>. CUib ; met yesterday morning at (lie Ho- ; tel Noble for Its regular bi-monthly , meeting. Each ihembcr answevc:! 1 ' Ihe roll call -by relating a ciir-j Vent cyeii!.. : Mrs. James B. Clark led a cU-»- j cussipn on "T'ie Pit' From Which j We Are pigged" lelling <;f the j architecture ,the position of wo- ; rtien and Hie •literature of Hie' Middle Ages.- Mrs. O. \V. MR- Cutchen talked on' "Tlirco CJiris- [ tianiticE: Stoic p})lloso]))iy. Early j Christianity, and TeiUilian's De-i fence." i The group volc:| to buy Hed - Cross bond. Over the Bridge Table By 'Keen , cluijiieij the uiidlvMcd attention of ; ; Mary Spain Usrey nnd Virginia! JWartin, who are ul Olg Mi'.s i , They went to New Orleans for Hie j game (heic iviih dales all plan- IJictl for. after the game. Mary Spain loves l!ie university, her mother says. • There's another jjlythcvJDe boy' maklnt! (joo.l |« Alabama. From f.uxora Society — Personal I "«• parents, rjr. and Mrs. McCon- »icll, while UIQ sev. Handle Is at- tending the anmnil Metiiodist Conference being held at Wrt Smith. Tlie teachers from Ihe Luxora school who ivili attend tlic Suite Teachers meeting lo be held in jniUUSDAY^OVE.MBKK A, 19,'iV Litlle Reck on Thursday and Friday will Include: Superintendent and AU'«. T. D. Wilkliu-, Miss Bolj . . . , Williams, Miss Ruth Bullorti, , I*m Slanford, Mr.s. R. L. Houck, Afrs. Maiiha Poison, and Mrs' Chai'lie Thomas. maklnt! (joo.l |« Alabama. From a ! Mrs - IlLsse!l Bowou comyllmenlcj MonlRpncry paper we ulcan in' lle ' sls ' c ' P ' Miss Josephine Jackson, an "Ov?f the Tea Cups" column I of Bwtenv'J'C. Tuesday a(tcrno;i:i Ihnl ' three of Ihe most attractive i at l)rld ? c - Twenty guests enjoyed tcys In town can be called a group lllis hospitality and at tha end of, of three musketeers. Top Homer, I " lc Sanies, Mrs. Joe Hires held hi'-ih' SH:IJ M"Kenl'.> and Bill McKenfze, I scofe ami was 8 ivc " ;1 brocaded bod i »'ho s!:ni p e girls, times and more I s f" lra< '. Mrs. William Ellas was giv- fun." ; en hose for second high score priz=. ; Mrs. Sue Slack held low score nnd Down In Talliiliih, Lii., Alice j received a conserve Jar. Hiss Jack- ; ,. „„.„,,, i Wnrc. daughter of the K. K. Wares,} son was presented a manicure kit crmimn hit:> u s|iorts one—but \vc i» !l| e (| nim major for the school, A salaa'piitlc and lea were served. Will) the 'ouilvt'.l crane raging we \vou) like to (urn this gossip vill fitlempt 10 confine cur .,. marks to the "ojlpty end of the pigskin spcrt. The fJlylhevlJle people wi'o went lo the Greenwood band anil from t:~c picture iy aijpe.iiltig In a Memphis paper. rim makes a cute one. --- - ,.«w u , Nancy Klrslmer has been (|iiite ,MI." 101 severaj weecs ieit imi-i-iv same wcr, deified lo with jl* ovsr at FayetteviUe an:! Morill « £" LouteS to joi, i« the former local townspeople there , Motncr Lcla went over last weel: husband, who is vcfuueratin- from . . bc.siJivs Ihc Jlajry rations, cr.:l ...» bit of sinus f.jid cam- I several months illness ° who played perfect host and liosl- • pllciitloii:i , . . Cecil Male, of j is: ID a number, (here were Mury Mai ion, who used la \>-< printer' \\ MIJC s'lKl K. (Joiner, IJtleii and devil at tlie Courier, writes us i John E. Matthews. Ihe fioy finder- Dial !•<•' hai n uc-iv "dei'ji"— hi? tons, t.-e Jolin K. Hugh's, Earl bvsl son. horn about a week ago. Eamiii). now sheriff there, and his . • The Dr. Tiplons jire home ; must attractive wife . . . Green- irom linoxvlllc. Tenn., where ili;y ! ivcotl |ieoj)le really have tlic \vay,s siw t'3n Jlmoiie and the other j ff tin: old ,';oulh finj the hospj- home tcy ; ; beat Tcmie.'-'sef, i'ntn lalily l°::cfc abounds . . . turkey rno up lo Washiiujlcn (o s:e them ''• dinners, llowei 1 :; fur visitors to beat George Washington, (a the s.unc and the bt'.sl li'timt l:y tho way of Ashevillc. Mrs. L,, [,«eeh, \vh; has Ireen the house jtiest of her sister, Mrs. 11. Kirk fo) several weeks left Sunday morning for Louisiana to join her j > Is recuperating from - -. is illness. Tlie Rev. and Mis. James 'J 1 . JJan- i illc and young son. Jimmy, left! Monday meriting for Booneville, i Ark., where Mrs. Bundle wi!l visit! TOO I..ATK TO CI,ASSJFV I'OK SALE . a lew of the many t<U)(l are but lovely thing's \ !;• Humphrey. Chyle Ohambjin jaiiil rtanict. Bnrutn. v.'ho went, ar- jrivf:! I :eir Ti.'ft'-day niglil to visit. l Ihe f'oi tone, were wined am) dined ; i teas. barns anrl tensnt houses When Mr, Tom Littlc arrived ^tonaft^cf *' ^ tk's l:omc from Columbia, 1 Mo.. Monday :• ' *•••••_•_ i cit-a i where she visited her Jaughters ' Handsame midr'u™" ArTola 1,« U 1 i-r M fflU^ T;'fL T'' B -" eW ' hlirclwo0(i Rofff - ^V "" "'Hi i"t~,S--'l!" --'=.. are ; _ "Now, |'|| ho tlic (airy princess and you IK ihc C-M:m- Veil stalk in and louk I'jihantic at me aiut s;sy '\Valce ni), In the name of Hie l.i\v'S" nfglit honoring ii.ssocialo Waller 55; at Hnlf Moon tcciay In a Moss; day j/mbMJoncc, i of bejjnino. associate graiu patrpi) ;•"•—••• ! Miss Eltabelh Ismi. of Kclwr. Is; of tin- Cider u! tlu> Kastcrn Slur i '"" nm a pallenti In the Memphis liapiisl h) Arkansas. | .';" m , pl ?!aylet Given At Siidhiiry f. T. A. At the meeting of Sudbury Parent TeaclTe'i' Association yesterday afternoon at Uie school Mrs. Matt : tlbnaghan. Mrs. Havvcy Morris and H. T. Sclince gnve a playlet' entitled "Rsport'Cards 1 ' after Mrs.! George. Cross read the pi-esldenl'c j message. '" ' i Arthur Nelson played two solos! _^____ ^_ ; on the vibra' horp, "Rosary" andj Indian-Love Call," am! Miss Win-' J - Frank Smcul. ol Llltouni. nie Virgil Turner gave 8 report on i f -J B - "r:jved yesterday inorninu to the recent "Mississippi County pj llslt llis ili'Mslitcr, i\Ivs. H. F. E]o- T. A.-congress held at Dye'ss. i mcyer. and Mr. ulomcycr, for i\ Mfr, 1 ,,*,, At^i,; ... A t:.^ ,, ., 1 1 i iv days. nut and 9th. 520.00 a month. Call Bits of- News Mostly Persona] ! of here and now of ; Gamers and the Earj Eaqui'ns- .-,., —.«. ..« j ,,, tM ^ i were also guests. After the yajni.' s you have tried for your coiigli, c , Ihe I'nUmtf tonl: ilieli' hoii'se co'd, ov bronchial irritation, you guests to the rinn<T> ;,t. iho r m ,,,. •. l cl . rcllot "ow with Creomul: Mi at the our Danger Signal .No mailer how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold, ov bronchia! irritation, you cnn gel relict now with Creoiimlston. • Serious trouble may be brewing and Ninety eight mothers were there j Jor the business session 1 and'Mrs. Mr. apd Mrs J. W. O. E. Quelmalz's room won i*Tcj eil>1 ° r Memphis, jiav. nltendance prize. The treasurer re- Mr ' Ccc , kl; 's '« ti'e ization.' i i|ra, E. s 1 . uioiiv They. planned a chicken dinner ] Monday [.'Q (II ' a ' \y to be given at ,the American; 'V-crc ,! h ,.n < d h c e. j c btisi- . ' Tin 1 Rev, M. N. Johnston and the Rev. Don c. llclniaii went lo Fort Sinilh ye.'itrrd/iy to attend .1 conference l!:ero. The Hcv. ancl Miy. H. l.ynn Walk 1 have been llu'iv since Monday. Miss Doris Kiclmnlson of Trcu-1 1 ton, TCJIM.. came today to vi.^it! prass g Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Cliamblin for j ' Wlicn a fow days. : j again (hey . ....... Mrs. W. A. Stickmon. Mrn. !ne/, Earl Eamiins, wl:o literally cap- I'Rtli'i'snn. Mr.-:. C'.iarlcs' Alfoid.[tme;l (he hearts of all the men; Mr.". I-rsiik Elovnll. Mr.s. J. A.'and ucmcn who met her. She u Saliba. Mrs. Cms Elicvdt. Mrs. B.; boks a little like Donna Wunler- ! jj B. Wils:!i and Mr. and Mrs. Rcd-.iidi. . ' ' !«..„.., ,„ „„,, „ vu ,, ure „„,, ney Sylvester intended an O. E. • Tim TciinBssco-Alatama ganie ul Ihoroiishly catisHeil with tjic bene- S. meeting nt Hulfman last night f Tuscnloosn '(lie nest day was lots 1 '*' 1 ' 5 obtained from the verv first in lioncr nf Mrs. E. li. Eogan of of fun with all of Blvtiicvill'c^ peo- i P 01 " 0 ''Creomuisloalaoncword—not r'of t^e Eastern "si"" of ^fco 's ''Y'""* ^ '° "^ "^ ^'^ '"''" a '" "" ^^ " V "' FOll SALE Any size tracts from one acre to larger tracts. Before buying, nee us. Thomas Land Co. 4-ck-8 eens, ,,,y dMra. '. ; ;,, n,, viei Ivto tlie Harry ."nitons coine . tlip scat of I):D tro«W?aijf> a Sis ni- ey are 'going to bring jhc ' l »' c to soothe nnd hcalthe inliamed ciliins, wr.o literally cap- .mucous membranes a:id to loasen e hearts of all the men ; ai j? v ^'^ '^.fe™;!^ P'ilf.f"!' " 01 . WANTED [ *Ve have calls for two 80 acre farms, well improved and well i located. Terry Abstract and Itealty i Co - 4-ck-C! LAMI1 "wAN'ftn I j W:> have buyers for any size tracts, j i If you want lo sell, see us at | once. Thomas Land Co. 4-ck-3 ^ ti:it!io LfgloA hut on Tuesday, Nov. 23. Snn Korn A son was born to Nfr. and Mrs. p. c. Sutherland early t'.:ls hiorn- . ing at (he Hjyflicyllle The baby, v.-lio weigl»s hospital. ;>3!inds and 15 oimccs, has not yet been iiarned. • e « ?fl)> TJ^rn . ff. s'oi) was born early morn- ii)g to Mr. and Mrs. \lti\a\d Nmin. The juo}hcy and baby, wiio weighs seven iwiiiids, are at the Blythc- yijlp hospital. « * * Plass ShpiYcrs Virifin}» Hayijts returned. Ip-' lol<l People n , "..j -i".ji jiuuniuii, Tc.x.'i where ' vtcre rslnlcd! . . . (white lie) 1 O P %mL""n, l % m' -^ <'ls|!?rt lie!' bfolhcr. II. R. Cul-1 Laum Hnlc was begging Mother O. L. Smoot, pud tamily ,,,,, ,,,„, ,„„,„„ j , c | ct , 1C| . s(ay over for t))c JIoinc ; Taylor is sick at ^' CI11| "B fiance when we pulled-put j -nrtiriv • '' Halloween in Birnnnshatn | 'while Russell 'Motley nnS Toari . (Adv.? Shoes Arc More Comfortable When Repaired al Smith Shoe Shop 115 So. 2nd. °» Blomeycr met her in St. Louis ami they spjnt Siinday tlicre bafore eomiii" home. Mrs. John O'Shea mul baby of 0" mid Mrs.' I'cr daughter. Mn. Nclll Reed, and 1 Mrs.' family. Tnllulaii, La.. C'Shea's parents. ._ W. A. Edwards. They acompanled j Mi. nn:l Mrs. J. Lbyd Ropp j Mrs. Edwards home after she had j of Morten. • III-., arrived ycstevjay r.3cn visiting them In Tallulah. ! lo visit Mr.s. nopp's parenls." Mr. ! Mro. Ed Stanley and Mrs. John 1 an'^ Mrs. n. B. Oakes They wlli ' •C'S::c3 and baby, of Tallulah, La., • spend tr.e week end here anci on: j ivlio are visiting Mr. and Mre. W. : their return home will Ijp accoin- |A. EJwardL'. are in Cairo today : pnnicrt by AIr»i Rojip's''rtauglitcr ; visiting Mrs. Louise O'Shca. .Donna Sue. 1 Mrs. A. B. Holland anu Zal B. W. L. Boiul motcrjd here yc;- j Hai-riscn are attending ( a busincis ' lercday from Greenville, Miss He j m Memphis to.1ay. This afternoon • returned today accompanied 'by Football last week end also Wli.v liny a |'Jioto-f:nu|ioii frqm ilincrniu trews when TJ}K SOUTIHVOKTH STUPID «ill issue. yp;i one AUSOI-UTELV FUKK, giving you BKTTEIl I'HOTCIGRAVHS, QDlCKlil! SElt-' V1CK AND DELIV1CKY and an absence of "-(o increase your oriler, J'ATIlOXIZn YOUR H03IE ..,-..+ „..„„» SOUTHWOUT1.I, Maker Of Fine I'hdto s r.iphs. MARKET I'hone 2,iJ. Hi K. in Hlytehville. We Di-liwr Merchandise of all Idntls and quunlities priced right Where Kclfer Foods ami Kconomy Arc a Ucalilv CAH CA.Mliiac DRKSSWAY FI.OIIK the best money can bnv CAM- BKfC URESSWAy FW)UE, (he rage' of tow,) and country. Ask your neighbor if this isn't the best to be had and the .sacks arc so handy to uss for quill tops, pillows, f,rusts elf Lay in the winter supply now. Special an ( ' « lljs. 12 Ihs. U liis. •IS His. . Hfi lljs. ., 5fic ...SI . SI.Oil .S3.K5 - WfilTK, 12 Ibs. .IS.. U | f)s . 90 C , -IS II* §1.75 Ha co n, sliced K rfy or Cudnhy, II) 35c Salt AJcal, Ib ny, K Hcvf Sloak, fender 1), ..... ., ..ny, c Pure l.ard, l\>.> 12!/ 2 c I'JK Kars, ]|) ......... n)c '-iver, II) ............. jsc I'ork Sausage, pun', Ih 20c Roasts, Beef, .11) ..... ir )( . I'nrk Roast, Ih ....... 22c I'urc Unl, r>() Ibs, SB.25; ll).s. •/ His. n7c; f> •Shortening, .] || )s 1. 12 15c . Lettuce, lgc>. Icel)cr« . .TK- Celery, Jumho Crisp ,JOc (.'ran berries, t|l ....... Jjic Gnuicfruit, Jarsfe pink Meal ....... " ____ ...r/u Ml sixes and kinds •'5 Ib. Sacks !' o t a I o e s, fancy HI Ibs. l<)c; sack Waltttils 11) 2 red, SI.K5 J'opcorn, Jumhr) Hustcr, .J. I'. Coats Thread G for25c Guest Ivory, :i bars . .lie School Tablets ruul Composition Hooks 2|/ 2 c Kiitli I'owd c i- and I'ufF. '/, Ib '. ...I5e Milk of JVlasnesia, pt 10c IT' Protcjn, 100 !bs. Hurlap .. S1.S5 100 Ibs. in Cotton ; § , 1 Rubbing Alcoho), pint Me Get Happy Feeds frorii us at belter prices. Complete line. Dairy 10';; §1.55 SJ.S5 -t. 7. Sudburr i' of Ih3ii-: O. Jr.. attended the wedding ol ; Miss Mnrgiicrlte Shifcley, daughter: :s. C.'.arl.-5 of Mr. and Mrs. John Slilblc-' of ._ , >n and ; Now Madrid, to John Ellis' of The H giiesU played -am-s 'lur-! n~ * Wilion attended an ' Vicksbiui:. Miss., yesterday at Kt« ing tiie evening liiilinn? gjfls were' 2^LJ".^f^' »'_Monetlr Tuts-'. Madrid. l),cy returned last nl-j.H. : given to Miss" Hayncs/Later, re-It' fresh me nts were served. Miss Marie Higgius >>'efls Earl Emmitt I.mrri- , 'Iitr. and Mrs. L. E. liiggins .in-I npunce the marriage of tiieli ' daughter. Miss Marie Rtegins. nnd Earl Enimitt Lowry. son of Mrs. j J. B. Lowry and (he late Mr. L:'.vrv.' The ceremony was performed Saturday n.isht at 8 o'clock at (lie Fir^t J3aptis[. Cliurch in Carutliers- v|l]e. by the p,ev. D. K. Foster. ' The bride wore a princess nio:]el i ,of green crepe with a satin girfle ; and 'accessories of tlie same shade Her shoulder corsage was of Talis- msin roses. Mrs. Edwin B. Akin, sister cf llic brfdc. jyas her only attendant. Mr Akin was Mr. 'wp-ry's best mail. Mrs. Lowry has lived in Blythc- •ville for the past seven years, hav- Ing moved here with her parents from Jonesboro. Arkansas. Mr. Lowry moved here with his parents ten years a?o. He formerly lived in Ciarksdale. Miss. They are ribw at home at 410 North Fifth street. — I'ADIES — FOR HEALTH'S SAKK ivlinj ll'ill (iivc >'o;i Thai I'crtccl Hjaic SUDBURY'S PLAYHOUSE ll^rolil Suilbury Chesterfields give everybody more pleasure Take out a pack and it draws 'eni like a magnet. . . right away smokers crowd around for that refreshing MILDNESS and BETTER TASTE At the Hospitals Arch forbey, who has been un- dergoin.g treatment fit (he Blytheville hospital for a \vrek. was removed to his home today in a Holt ambulance. Mrs. James White is a patient in the Memphis Baptist hospital. Mrs, S. E. conley and Infant daughter were removed from (tic BIythevilte hospital to their home CLEANFAL$E TEETH- GET RID OF STAINS Hew Easy Way 7-^0 IJruiWs v i St«ii K^ccn (imairR ne^ el^^cry.' rt* i Move* HaA^> tjln?. tararih, tartar lu,« \ m»«ic. Ju*f. JMJt7al5i>',i«-tlfi ^f Virid^ci in t \ ^ id MS r>[ v*trr and »idd St^rH-i^U'eii jm-xAcr, ' >to mfs^y br^-Jt)!^ Kccoairtn-trjc'l by ricn- i «»U— »M)ro\c<3 V Goo.J HiiisctciipJnir; At f all dnigfiau. Honey back it not delighted. •' WATCH FOR THE Make A Sentence To Bey'in FRIDAY, NOV. 5 IN AND CASH f^ \y IVEN AWAY Rosy and Prrfitahle For All CoFiii£,'« 193-, li«,£i r & Mvu, I":>.(.(.()'Co. smokers x , , e turning to em veryday

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