The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1935 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 18, 1935
Page 3
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•I*AGR SI* )!),, (AM.) ...CQTJRIEft Nfi gun iSEEKIKCtt Speed of Five Miles u Min utc , Spells Suicide 01 Slight Slip. BY .JIMMY .NBA 'Sirvlff Sports Writer DAYTONA BEACH, MIL —Si Malcolm OnnpU'll. Minllsh until mobile,-: racer nnd , world rcoor •HoMer of 272 inilr-.s n« hour, is inrd iniui lo satisfy lom llnus, Ciunpbell has risk« > Ills nwk on the U inllo ••Irclcli a niylona iVarh, loeketlni; ore the coinic nl .speed vaiytim (ron '{01 miles nn lioilr'ln -)928, lo' th pir-scnl 1 ipcoid, h?l In Itoli He v,on't bo conlent unlll h< does 300! Ill his rebnlli Bluebird, the simi' cai'.In which lie sel (lie prosc'n iccord, wilh changes In slreain lining, a slight Increase In horse power,- ami, four.rear wheels fur nishltiE Iraction Insipid of Uvo (he tilled Briton will mnkc nn other. nss,inll on time Iteic Oil week, Ihe dale depending on th tide thai hardta* Ihe while sum Should Campbell stick his nnr cut of . Lhc* .sld" of his S|weilin(j rue-Ion steed it would bo Ion _ from the .shouldei - "In 1028 I crossed (lie rinisl line going 170 miles im hour, nnd lalsed my arm lo uau 1 nl tin eroftd,' jeUtes Sii Arnlcolni. "On ly pail of Die Imiul extended n] over Ihe alnss shield, mid th force or Ihe wind wrenched >n> Jhoulder so Iwdly IhTl I H uis dislocilod' * * * itcqnires llenly of N«rvii A glance to (hi- light 01- left nl a speed of 212 miles nn liom might iliroiv O.imptell nmny fcol ofr hU coin so nnd into rouiih snlic! Ihit would spell loss of coiitro and .dlsnslei There Lv Ihe .coaslnnl ihic-t ot Some defect In inrchnnlol mnkc ii]> o( the ear connonllnt, the ilriwr, as Ihe only lesi U K |>lvcn nt top tp-ed K ihe nelinl ns.simll on the iciord ClMrs m the rni rule nre sub jccte<l lo such «ienl pressuic llml they become ovu healed after n minute and a hnir nl lop speed atnl ir one should (.riik—wpll please omll floueis Th« lues he ILSCS nrc given -x life of lliiijc minutes at hLs ter rifle speed, and ihcj inust be changed after hts first run do^n the beach before hu slnrls 111' inad dash back So.i shell's along the course tenr thr nilib»i • /The diiver must Ihink in split seconds 11 (nkes nLoiit four- tenths of n second foi 3h Mnl <y>]n\'s ftintl jto tell ins miisck ^bji} .to do, nnd in thnl time lit nurtllns' slew! 'hns-'covcrcd—396 SeiiGlns nil (hese dangcis tht Engllshmnn. has designed hii cai to glve^ the iimMmum In surely 'The double wlieelv in (he reni not only lend more Inbllon bu hclp ( »,lablliEe Hie car. nnd ellnil nate, the, Undincy^lo skid side \1L5C ') . . t Broke Jicconl Four Times Campbell is 49. an npc when most,, persons begin \\ondcting what is going io happen to llv Tcjvnsend- pension 'bill Ho Ls the onjy man. c \er lo set moie tliai one record al Dajtona B L ach nn liej set four of UINH—207 mlK' an hoiir , u «28. 2457 in 193! 254 in 1932. nnd 272 m lojj He has been racing 10 5C nri and the .sporl h in his blood H provides cxcilcmenl um hiun drum existence Incks u»l s-ind ftlchwl between tiips'in .ntrpinnci and expeditions hilo ihe RoJiti, Sens to hunt for lost plmle gold It manages to keep him out ol , mischief and siliatcs his desire for action. W? 10 ,P rol) ' lbllil y °f bis rcaclilii! 300 miles an hour is fair -ni rebuilt -speedster lull, 100' miles an hour In i ov ,. 205 In second and, when he gets pnst that murk he shirts into high! Hs has an approach or four miles of beach before lie hits (lie line denoting tu e s [ art of the measiu-cd mile oici which his t pee i?, is .? lock " t '' ancl by-Hie time he hits the line he is going nil bhst, with 205 miles an hour Ir second gear giving h, m nearly.'ai much momentum as was averngi speed in the up and down run: of his retord dash in 1928 Sir Malcolm lias confidence li his six-ycir-old Bluebird, and «lule naturally rctlccnl to mak< an out-aud-out prediction hell hit 300, he wouldn't i spending (he scads of money nc cssavy to build a car ond br! he FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. POT. over Oeccolo nnd Kelser and ihrvexed twh from Wilson by close rriarglns. TlM>.w olflr, piny like winners, look Ilko wlimrra, .nnd Imve Mm record of wflincrs. SchVvarl'/.'s Lassies Look Like Cl,ir,s of 1 the County's Teams. OSCf:0i,rt, rtik.- Word comes Uint Conch o Scliwnrty. up Iiiixoi-n htm n ipnin or (nil p.lrls, wlio nlirmly )>/>v,' tliel/- t-yp Mlsslssl|)]>l cniiniys tasfalbnll :»l). 'I'lifiy nrn working ovi<r-lltnc low jmllslilni' off for UK, rmmiy tnwno.y horo lYIirimry '22 nnd Xt And iho Initorn umld.q linve inoi-c llinn jiLHl. n wlsli i<> ter-V lliflr lioiif.s for tourney >.uc." . 'I'lic-y wore In UK! piny-oil srrnncl place; . IHKI y mr , nn ,| IK TliR DISTU1CT COUTIT OP T»n Ui^irrrO STATRS OF THK RAS1RRN hiCTftlCT OP AR : Iplf J iii the Mutter nr 11, J. Oolien, . htinknipt, No. ifi02.- NntiW!, Is hereby ijU'en lhfi(. ppll- llon roi'^URcliiiiue of Hie bnhkiupl 1ms been m«l, nnd sniiic will lie liourd In UK> llnlteil Stn'tos fjoiirt Room, til, UUIn lincl;, ArlfaiinaA, nn ihe 'JllUi ilny of Mnrcti, lilfiri. in VI A. M. •HID 11. liKDUlNO, (Jli-.rk, Hy Hew, Mallira, n. o. (if) tc-s lor will luivr? (rain line): i\|>oln ' thts ,,, 1( | m Tn .— ;-""••• . «">-i i.i'tt.Aiil. in Mubel Oooi-go, Hchwnrt?. has n cen- ler well over six feel. They am 'nsl on d(*lc!iso, nnd on offonno Itsjiiny tin cjn for the banket scl- lom seen In rjtrls' gaiincs, Already Llixorn hnn chalke<i up victories niinlnsl cvejy sextclt* In the county llml can be considered Rcrloiis competition for the trophy. They have won ROXY LAST TIME TODAY MAT. & NITE—lOc - 25« KDMDNI) I.bWK ;>ml JACK HOLT THE BEST MAN WINS' COMEDY Tues.-Wei-Thurs, IP complaint -nf HIP plnlntlfT, ohfslor 11, Terry, Diilrcl tills Sfllh ilny of ,1,1/1,, 1935. II. M. CRAIG, Clerk, ByEllznbnUi linilcjy, n 0. Chiiitta p. coopi'i-, ' Ally, Ad, Iillcm, ORDER m THR CHANCERY CJOUTIT C11ICKA3AWBA DJ STRICT MlSSIBSIPI'i COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ' Cliwlc'r I,. Tf-rry, Plaintiff, No, MO.I v.t. , KnlhqrliM Tftri-y. Tlie defendnni., Knllmrinc Terry, l.s a'arnod to appear within thirty Last Time Today MAT.—2:00 - in c & 25c NITK—6:45. - lOc &'35c 6CORGI RAH .Paramount News Musical Short Tuesday - Weds. IN ONE HAND ..Horror in the other! i "* V EDMUND LOWE RUTH ETTIftG Gloria Stuart Phil Baker P«ul Lukts Chtrttr Morrn Bmnit Birnei K.rloft Gnhim MeNimc* Alice Whit* Victor Maori Huth.O'.Co'nnilli Sttrllnj Hoflowj Downiy Snltn Do u gin Fowlty :H«l«n Viriio'n c^on"• ^'id^Jr 1 -{K Wh jl ; Slud ^ Typ" Way Andy Clyde Comedy Fox News Paramount News Comedy Novelty Reel COMING TO THEJ RITZ- faundny & Monday, Feb 2-1-25 Shirley Temple'and Lionel Barrymore in "UTTLK. COLONKI," ASSESSOR'S NOTICE ™ I M Vill .,, be '" my ofTicc at thc courthouse in .lytheville each Monday and Saturday dmine the month of February for the purpose of nsscsaing ' lo™ lots and personal properly located in the Clnckasawba District. All persons having property are required by law to have • an assessment. R. L. Gaines . County Assessor. woriifn j fnnnlry jier ccnl of all men a«t tlirt HBC of M in Jvif' Mglil. HAST PALESTINE, O (UP) — Vnnirn 0. Stuller, 20, totally blind slurp nlg|i(, WHS iimoiiR UIOSB sworn o HIP Olilo bar lectiiny ),y lor Jiistlco Ctirl V. yVoyiiahclt, of Ilif slnlfi sujirr/nc foitrt, ' •''"Hi"';,* to' «,„,.,, „,, Ohio pi me unlmrtity (iuuiieii pir-v on:!ly nt Cpi»Hoi Uhhwslly, Colilmbus, nml . Dm ohto Ktnlfi School. for. llift BIliHl.- Tiioiijjli. Jm' read to him He His nay through 1 " 18 are. mnrie In -^MONDAY, FEBRUARY i a.- loss i, sign- i«.., ra n, u . muim m pictures, since most of Ihe trawler*'cannot rood; niitos tire routed one way niid camels nnd horses another TJie archer -brines dmvn ia-cLs hy- s ^ln lV ;« /I Ihem, has teen seen t n --•• " in nwny. Now r/rotrd a( 101 Narl'.i Second ADDING MACHINE «f TYPEWRITER :-.. SERVICE BUREAU i)ON KDWARflH, Proprietor ill mab.i!flf«hiil)l Typewriters, WiUnjr Kepal ring—Pa i t«-^RIhbo us ,,. *?**' ^f inest Bargains You tSver Saw - 3S Cars Sold the First 3 Days But There Are Plenty of Good Buys Left USEDCARSALE Positively Closes Saturday, February 23 12 Truck Bargains .Truck No. Mi) 1933 Chevrolet 11 Ton Truck 19.'i3 model i^ ion truck with 0 Toot Ktnke body,.- new nililicv, tlOxfi dual tirca, motor-reconditioned. All ready, for work. $375 '• Truck No.'599 1933 Ford 1*2 Ton Truck MM model Pore 1 , V-S 1</, ton .truck, 131 inch whcelbnse, chassis and call, 20-600 dual tires'. This (ruck lined, very 'little, can't tell from new one. Some bargain at $369 , Triick No. 565 Chevrolet Truck O model li/, tonVtuick, stake hoilv, 32\G siriKle tues, nil tiles neatly new, motoi OK 'L'ncs alone uoilh \\liul \v c ask loi tins cai $99 Truck No. 577 Ford Truck 1920 model !'/> ton truck, stake body, ;i2xG single tiros, a truck ready for .service in every i-especl and at the low price of ' > tv. iv»» . in ivtJ UI $79 Truck No. R 104 1930 Ford Truck l'/2 ton truck, stake body, dual wheels, motor and body in first class condition, Urea only fair, repossessed. You buy for balance due. ' '. : - S7L50 1934Chevrolet Pick Up 1D34 • Chevrolet Pick-Up, blue color, low mileage, body, tires and motor like new $409 • Truck No. 564 1934 Chevrolet Truck Chevrolet mi I'/o ton Chassis • iinil. ciilj, ;i2xfi heavy/duty tires, six itieh wheels, motor iust reconditioned—An exceptional buy! S449 BRIN^TIHS COUPON ^^^^^^^^^^ Truck No. 288 Dodge 1^ Ton Truck 191(2 modfi] Dodge chassis and oat), liil inch 'wheelliase, nearly now .30xfl tires, dual reuv, reconditioned and ready to go. $265 $10 CASH $10 This Coupon Good for $10.00 Cash on the purchase of any used car in this sale priced over $100.00. Good only during this ten day sale which closes Saturday, February 23rd. Nabors Trailer , One polo tjpu Nahoi .Tinilcr,, 18 point stake body, ,iO\5 dual tiros Tnes \ei\ gnod, new axles and boanngs in tins ti nilcr ' Special price. $145 Truck No. 578 Ford Truck 1930 Ford Truck with stake bod}', 30x5 dual tires, motor good, body and cab extra good. Worth much more than . " . $95 Truck No. R 90 1934 Chevrolet 1| Ton Truck 193-1 model long wheelbase, V/, ton truck, 12 foot stake body, 32x6 heavy duty tires on 6 inch rims. Truck only used short time. Real value at $625 Truck No. 450 GMC Truck l'/2 ton G. M. C. tnick chassis and cab, 32x6 singie tires, motor fair. A truck for service at this low price. $89 PASSENGER CARS . ALL MAKES AND MODELS 1932 Chevrolet Coach This car traded for Saturday, extra clenn jn every respect, read'y to go. S298 Car No. 596 1929 Ford Coach Paint good, i iihhpi vei v grind, mo- toi m tjood condition, inside of tat iough r hut-foi Lpal cheap transpwlfttion see this one $69 Car No. 557 Dodge 8 Sedan fj \\iie u heels, new paint job, mo- 101 in good condition, cai sold foi Dvei $1,200. Some value in this •one. now. at" Car No.'518 1933 Ford V-8 Tudor This car driven only a few .thousand miles for home use. Checks perfect in every detail. Can tell; former owner for your inspection." A Real Value! S379 Car No. R 97 1927 LaSaDe Sedan Tires good, paint good, motor runs perfect. Just rt big car to be sold at the very-low price of' $99 Cor A r o. 53,9 1933 Ford V-8 Tudor Equipped with Radio, .just repossessed, you can buy it for balance due. A car that we won't have lonp- at this price. $385 1929 Ford Roadster Motor in fair condition, upholstery and top good, tires $60 ••'•'- Car No. 521 1933 Ford V-8Coupr This cai in pot feet mechanical condition, bod\' blue, uphohterv hab had <^eat coveis and 'ii pei- icct condition You <an't enual tins foi S345 Car No. 530 Chevrolet Coach I92f) model, tnes extia good, mo toi fan, nothing \\ipng \\ith this one but upholstery worn. A special buy for ' $79 Car No. R 101 1 1930 Ford Tudor Repossessed car you'can buy for the balance due—Car is in perfect condition' and one real value for someone. $124.50 Cor. No. 582 Pontiac Coach •Jlotor okay, tires are good, 6 .wire wheels,. cm- painted black. 1 Nothing -to do but drive it off Would be cheap at S125. onlv - -L-lH-tll^ tllr OJ-Ctj $79 Car No. 549 1931 Chevrolet Sedan C wire wheel sedan, original green Duco paint, motor OK, has trunk and seat covers, A better buy then yon expect! $235 SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. R. R. & Walnut Phone 633 Blytheville, Ark. -"/.,

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