The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 29, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1949
Page 8
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!; IAHK.) CUUKiKK Women are not Rhodes Scholarships. eligible for IN HOT SPOT—With the current situation in Europe, the U. S. ambassador to Yugoslavia holds one of the most critical posts in diplomacy. Chosen for this job Is George V. Allen above, assistant secretary of Male for public affairs. A career diplomat w i>o was ambassador to Iran in 13-16, Alien will walch out for American interests in ihe Uriiggle between the Kremlin „ and Marsha] Tito. THI NATION TODAY— Armed Service Unification Law Of'47 Witt Joint Chief of Staff {Basis for Latest Military Row '-( _ By James M"arlow . . v .. WASHINGTON, Oct. 29. (/!')—The quarrel between the Navy »ud th« other armed services has Its roots in the unification act. '_;'!,;; Congress first'passed that act in 1047 and then, tightened and toughened it thl* year. It lias this purpose: -; To make the armed services work together better as a team, produce better planning, save money on purchasing equipment, and so on. This Is & brief explanation of how* • - ' the set and the trouble grew: Until 1B47 the Army and Navy were completely Independent of each oilier. 'Die Air Force was part of the .' Anny. ; Each had two heads, military and eiy)|iaii. This way: Army, chief of *t&ff and secretary of the War Department Na;vy, chief of Naval operations and secretary of the Navy Department. In both cases the civilian heads were over the military ' chiefs. , Further, the two secretaries operated Independently and each was »: member of the President's cabl- - net. This meant they could go directly to the President with their problems or complaints against each other. Tis set-up was changed by, the ' unification act of 1947 and furtlie changed by the revised law passet this year. TiiU Is the set-up now The Air Force was separated froi the Army. Now there are three ml .Itary agencies: The Army, Navy an Air Force departments. " : .* Each has its own top miliUir man: Army chief of staff, Air Fore chief of staff, and chief of Nava •operations". •* And «ach .department has Its owi •civilian secretary. But—power, wa {taken from' the secretaries. They n • longer are members of the Pres: Cent's cabinet. < ^ :, New Department Created • '•^ That's 'because Congress create something new: , ~.£l. A Department of Defense. 'Hi : Army, Navy and Air Force depart 'merits are all parts of the Depart jnent of Defense. - . ."? 2: A secretary of defense fLou! 'Johnson) to head up the whol allow. He's a member of the PresI dent's cabinet. He's bass over tli three civilian secretaries. And—those three civilian secre _t«ries cannot carry their complaint 'to the President, unless Johnsot approves. And they can't go to th President over. Johnson's head. Sc he's top man of all. The only one who can overruk him on questions of the Army, Navj or Air Fore* is the President, win !• '.cothmander-in-chief. For example Navy Secretary Xtaocis B Matthens may thini Johnson is wrong in wanting to drop 60.000 Navy men and officers fron their jobs,j,and he may tell John "aon so. But : if Johnson still say; they're dropped, they're .dropped. Something else was added by Ihi unification act. That's a body called the joint chiefs of staff (JCS). It'j made up of- The Army chief of staff (Genera! J. Lawton Collins); the Air Force chief "or staff (General Hoyt S Vandenberg); and the chief of Naval operations. This Job was held by'Admiral Louis B. Denfeld until President Truman fired him Thursday. Secretary Is Bos« There's a fourth top man—In fact, the top military man of the coun- try—tn the JCS. He's the chairman (General Omar Bradley). His Job L= to act as moderator. He has no vote What final authority do the members of the JCS have? Suppose the Army and Navy chiefs think the Navy strength should be cut down, although the Navy chief disagrees. Is that 2 to i vote final and is the Navy cut down? No, says secretary Johnson. He told Congress the JCS members have final say-so on nothing, that they can only recommend what should be done. He makes the final decision. . The admirals squirmed but were unable to block decision after decision to cut down Navy strength and ambition. Before unification, it a been able as an independent agency; to do its own planning, subject- only to clsiorrs by the President and Congre.:s. Finally, unable to do anythin imrter the unification law to ge what they wanted for the Navy, tlie admirals finally protested by making their feelings public. Negro Churchmen Plan Goodwill Meeting Sunday The Rev. E- H. Hall, pastor of the Dell Methodist Church, will be the principal speaker at a goodwill meeting to be siwnsored tomorrow by the Negro Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance -f Blytheville at Enoch A.M.E. Chapel on South 21st Street. Other while ministers who also will spent Include the Rev. K. L. Lewis of the Armorel Pentecostal Church; the Rev. Harvey T. KIdd, pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Blytheville; and the Rev. Eussel) Duffer .pastor of the New Liberty Baptist clmrph. The Armori'l Pentecostal choir will sing at the special services Rev. Gatemouth Moore and a choir or 50 Negro singers will present a spiritual recital at 8 p.m. tomorrow night at Enoch Chapel- A special section of the church will be reserved for whites at both events. COURTS TOPS FOR COPS—This traffic policeman in Rome is ready for rain, tie's equipped with a new plastic umbrella over his platform in the center of tlie street. In the summertime, the umbrella will help keep off heat. Rescue Crews Try to Identify Plane Victims PONTA BELGADA, Sao Miguel, The Azores, Oct. 20. M'y—Rescue workers today began identifying the burned and broken bodies of 48 victims killed in the crash of an Air Prance Constellation. The plane plunged Into n mountainside yesterday. It was bound from Paris to New York.. A French technical mission also was at work, trying to determine Die cause of tlie crash. Boxer Marcel Cerdan, Violinist Gillette Neveu and Painter Bernard Boutet dc Mon- 'el were among those killed. There were no survivors. Tiie body of 28-year-old Miss Neveu, one of Prance's grealest wo- nen musicians, was one of those co 'or identified. Another early report from the crash scene said the body of one f the pilots had been found almost ntact, his arm thrown lip as If to ward off a blow. Details were slow in arriving from he remote spot of the disaster, high m Sao Miguel Island's highest rocky leak, near the village of Algarvia. But first reports confrimcd that tile ilane crashed into Pico Rcdondo t 3 a.m. yesterday, ten minutes fter it sent its last message lo Santa i\faria Airport, 54 miles south ~>f the crash scene. The plane then said it would land it Santa Mnrie for refuelling In five nlnutcs. Shepherds In the Algan'ia area aid they heard the sound of en- ines overhead, above the east cast of the island. Suddenly the ound was cut off. they said, and In he distance they saw a brilliant ight In the sky. Then they heard trash. This same report came rom many surrounding villages. Continued from Page I assault with intent to kill. Shelton Ficklin and Jimmic .lames, five years suspended for grand larceny. Tivu Cases Continued Allen Garcy. five years for forgery and 20 years for uttering, of which 10 years were suspended. Ollie Smith, three years for arson. Richard Graham, seven years for burglary. Jimmic Rogers, one year reform school term for grand larceny, which was suspended. Anderson Hill, 10 years for obtaining money under false pretenses. Two cases were continued. One involved charges of obtaining money under false pretenses against Frank O. Gwyn, c. B. (Buster) Oliver. Bill Denton and Paul Taylor. The other Involved a charge of burglary and grand larceny against Elmer Kidd and Napoleon Shipinan. Two other cases were dismissed. In one, charges of burglary and grand larceny against Leon Austin were dropped and In the oilier, a charge of burglary against Houston Lloyd was dismissed. Megro Deaths Services for Francis Smiley 63 vho died Tuesday at her home in ride Addition. w m be conducted it 11 Sunday at the West •>ncl Baptist Church by Rev. L, A folden. pastor. Burial vill lie in Wt. Zlon Cemetery, she is survived by a son, Ely .Moton. and a niece, Ella Rice, both of Blytheville. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Deputy Sheriff Wounded; One of Two Assailants Killed in Street Battle BOfSSEVAfN, Va.. Oct. 29-Wj —One man was killed and another wounded in a gun battle with a deputy sheriff they shot on the streets of this Southwest Virginia town today. The deputy, Ed McGlothlin. was struck in the back by a bullet and »-ns rushed to the Blucfield, W. Va., sanitarium for an emergency operation. Police said the two men were believed to be those who held up a West Virginia state liquor stort- at nearby Anawalt yesterday and escaped with between $450 and $500. Tlie wounded gunmen, not vet Identified, also was taken to the Blttefield sanitarium wilh a leg wound. ' '• Police said the two , men had five revolvers between them, in hip and shoulder holsters. AWOL 41 YEARS—Pvt. Ray H. Whe.-iton, 05, above, turned himself in lo Ihe Army at Ft. Lewis, Wash., after being "over the hill" 4! years. Whealon said he descried from Newport News, Va., in Oclober, 1908, while waiting transfer to Cuba. He gave himself up because, he said, "I can't stand it anymore." The Army said Whealon will probably be given an administrative discharge. Obituaries I. Q. Hall, Portagerille, Mo. f Pioneer, Succumbs L. Q. Hall, .pioneer resident of Porlageville, Mo.,'died at his home there about 11 o'cloc' last night. e was 80- Funeral arrangements were incomplete today, but services are expected to be conducted at Port- ngeviiel. Tile body Is at Holt Funeral Home In Blytheville. + • • Phillips Infant Dies Services for the Infant son of Mr. mid Mrs. John Phillips, Sr.. will be conducted at •! p.m. today at the Holt Funeral Home Chapel. Burial will be In Memorial Park Cemetery. 'Hie Infant died a few hours after birth this morning at Walls Hospital. Other survivors includ two brothers, Larry and John. Jr. Saturday' 'BEYOND THE PECOS' wilh Kod Cameron Cartoon & Serial Saturday Midnight Show "WAY OUT WEST" with Laurel anil llarilj Carlorm Sunday, Monday & Tuesday TOP O'THE MORNING' with lihi(- Crosby, Barry I'itzgcrald Warner News * Comedy NEW BO.T Opens \ l>:iys 7:00 p.m. iMalincc Ssturdaj <t Sun.l.iys >Uat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont Showi Manila, Ark. Shows EVERI NIGH I Saturday "SOUTH OF DEATH VALLEY 1 wilh Charles SUrrclt Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show "TUCSON" with James T.ydon Also Shorts Sunday & Monday "COLORADO TERRITORY" wlfh Joel McC'ro.1 and Virginia Mnyo Also Shorts Brick Company's Tender Of Kiln Ovens Agrees To Take Belated Vacation EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Oct. 20. (AP)—His employer finally has persuaded 68-year-old Carl Grautein to take a vacation. A kiin tender at a brick company, Graulein has worked seven days a week for 41 years without a holiday. He took a half-day off in 1014 to get married nnd another half-dny in 1915 when his wife died. Graulein lives in fear someone might "mess up"'the ovens in his absence. Frank S. Robison, company pres- denf, said Graulein has accepted his offer to pay the man's expenses on a two-week air trip to his native .own of Strambach, Germany. Tlie ovens? They will be left in care of Gnuilcin's son, Kenneth. Minimum Wage Boost To Hurt Southland, Senator Fulbright Says HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Oct. 20. UP) —Senator Fulbright <D-Ark) saitl yesterday that the new 75-cent minimum wage bill signed by the President last Wednesday was designed to "hamper industrialization ot SO'ithern states." The senator, here for a brief '"st. wild that "Northern and East"ill Industrial interests who backed the measure correctly figure that it will work- an undue hardship on small Southern business enterprise." KuIbriRht opposed Ihe bill, which raised minimum wages from 40 cents per hour to 75 cents, on the Senate floor. He said he believed that minimum wages should be raised, but, that It should be over a period of time In order that small business might adjust llsclf. Rector Youth Killed When Truck Turns Over By Ihe Associated I'rcss At least two persons died violently in Arkansas Friday. Lloyd Reddick, 16, Rector was killed when his truck overturned on a country road near Piggott, Ark. A circus employe identified as Emery Barnhnrd of Carnuchael, Pa., was electrocuted accidentally when he came in contact wilh a high voltage line while erecting n tent at Hamburg. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1949 SKY LINE DRIVE-IN THEATER Box Office Opens at 6:30 Show Starts 7:00 2 Miles North at Ulyllicviile Saturday Three-Year-0Id Boy Rescued After Spending Three Hours in Old Well By Bo Byeri AUSTIN. Tex., Oct. 29. (/P) — Slight scratches on the face and side were the only physical reminders today that Bobby Andrew Gow, a three-year-old, was Imprisoned three hours yesterday deep In an eight-Inch cistern pipe. Bobby, whose 26-pound body dropped from view at 2:48 p.m. just 50 feet from his back doorstep, was reported In good shape ut BracRen- rldge Hospital He spent the night there under observation in the pediatrics ward. Maybe he owed his life to quick- thinking 12 - year - old Johnny Schneider. It wci.s Johnny who shouted the alarm when Bobby slipped feet first into the abandoned pipe. Johnny dashed Into the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Gow and told them what had happened to their little reddish-golden-halred boy, youngest of three children. As the, father rushed to the backyard,. Johnny stepped to the telephone and dialed 4333. He remembered the number of the Fire. Department because lie had been . a fire marshal at his school last year. Firemen and policemen wero on the scene In to minutes. Civilian volunteers rolled in. They swung pick axes and shovels. A steam shovel went into action less than half an hour after Bobby disappeared from sight. Two more shovels and compies-sed air hammers joined the scooping-ont operation which allowed workers to get to the base of the pipe. An oxygen line dangled in the pipe near Bobby's head and kept pumping until rescuers with cold chisels and tin snippers cut through lo the lad at 5:42 p.m. Master Mechanic M. R. Miller of the fire department held Bobby's hand to comfort him as the section of pipe was removed. Miller then lifted Die youngster and handed him swiftly but gently lo Police Lt. Otto Ludwig. Bobby was kicking. He hollered. "Daddy." The cry was almost lost in the roar of some 2.000 spectators who had remained silent until those pressing against police ropes saw the child move. "They've not him. . . He's alive." the front-line onlookers cried out. 'Oh, Lord, just to sec that boy. . " Gow said tenderly when asked how lie felt when he saw Bobby released. Statehood Nearer for Indonesia By Hie Associated Press The United states of Indonesia moved a little closer to statehooc today. It was born in war and revolution against the Dutch, who ruled the rich East Indies for 300 years The Dutch now have agreed to give the new state sovereignty am maintain friendly tics. At the Hague, where Dutch and Indonesian leaders have been work ing toward a final settlement of their differences, representatives ol 15 member states in the Indonesian Archipelago initialed a draft constitution of a new federal government for the United States of Indonesia. The draft constitution was signed by representatives from the Republic flf Indonesia, the federalists states of East Indonesia and local governments of other islands in the archipelago. Burglars Get Watches, Pens from Drug Store NEWPORT, Oct. 29. (AP)—Merchandise valued at aproximatcly $1.000 was stolen from the Heatiley Drug Store here last night. Police Chief John Moore said burglars entered through a rear window of the store. Fountain pens and watches composed practically all of the loot, he said. The only cash taken was the nickels from a coin-operated music machine. An Investigation is under way. Tiie cooking experts say that cider can be used in making the finest kindiOf apple sauce. It also Is a help in apple pies. Armistice Day Appeal Sounded by President WASHINGTON, Oct.. 29. Iff) — President Truman today called on all Americans to reriedicnte themselves this Armistice .Day "to the cause of peace throughout the world." In a proclamation he asked that the United States flag be displayed on nil government buildings November 11 and that the public observe the occasion in schools, churches and other gatherings. Adults 50c Kiddies Free Open 6:30 Last Day • Two Big Hits • Last Day Yvonne DeCarlo in v Sonny Tufts in " "BLACK BART" "SWELL GUY" — COLOR CARTOON — Sun.-Mon.-Tues F* sun, .-Tues F* t ft • f>|f 111 , 6:00 hrst Showing Blviile Also • Cartoon • March of Times .asl Day • Open 12;.|5 Jackie Coo gun in "FRENCH LEAVE" | also ' ULYTHEVILLES'oNLY "UNDER ARIZONA .ALL WHITE THEATRE SKIKS" Serial—Cartoon ^' =0\vl Show 11 ;15= ,. Louis Jordan in "Reet Peteet and Gone" ^ Sun.-Mon. TWO BIG TECHNICOLOR HITS HAYWORTH I *«KY PARKS,. DomntoEantJr) in TfCHWICOiOIJ •*irn j- , * ERROL FLYNN (•- OlIVIA Bt HAVIUjUiD / Latest World News Wall nlsncy" Cartoon iVovelly Short K ELECTED—Dr. Lowell J. Reed, above, of Baltimore, Md., wag elected president of the American Public Health Association at the organization's 77th annual meeting in New York. Dr. Reed is vice president oj Johns Hopkins University and Hospital in Baltimore. Navy Commander Denies Report Sub To Carry A-Bomb PEARL HARBOR, Oct ->9 (OT- Cmdr. John S. McCain, Jr was misquoted by the Associated Press m a dispatch reporting submarine- launched missiles could carry tn atomic bomb. The dispatch dealt with a Navy announcement of plans to launch missiles from two submarines off Hawaii Nov. 7. The Associated Press reportd onfrcnted with Commander Mc- tolii's denial, today, conceded he misquoted him. The reported said: "When Commander McCain fin ished answering questions concerning the plan to launch missiles from two submarines, he was asked if they would contain an atom bomb war head. I thought McCain answered affirmatively. I must ~on- cede I misquoted him." "Tlie fact is," Commander Mc:ain said yesterday in his denial of the AP report, "I d on ' t know 'lything about the atom bomb In my naval experience I've never hud inyrhiiiB to do with atomic exneri nents." ' v Commander McCain Is In charge of submarine guided missile rtevcl- cument. What he said was: "The submarine, with guided missiles las become a siege bombardment' veapon." Department Store Sales Show Decline ST. LOUIS, Oct. 29. (AP>— Rock suffered the largest slump i n department store sales of any metropolitan area In the Eighth Federal Reserve Bank district last week. The bank said in its weekly review that compared to the corresponding period a year ago, Little, Rock department store sales dropped 22 per cent last week and for the four-weeks period ended Oct. 22, were down 16 per cent compared to tlie similar period last yiiar. St."Louis, Louisville, Memphis and "other cities" also recorded drops and tile district as a whole showed a 13 per cent decline for the week. Fort Smith, Ark., is one of the cities included in "other cities." So far tins year, Little Rock department store sales are five per cent less than they were for the cfl^- respnncUns period in 1018. vw, The bank gave no explanation for' the slump. However, there have been several major industrial strikes in Arkansas recently and the 45- day Missouri Pacific Railroad dispute was settled only Sunday. Motorist Forfeits Bond; Another is fined $35 One pei-son was fined and another forfeited a $54.75 cash bond in Mu- nici[>nl Court this morning on charges of driving while under the influence of liquor. Fined $35 and costs was Joel Francis and forfeiting bond was H. Perkins. Trapped by Mistakes SOUTH PASADBNA, Calif., Oct. 29. (AP)—Police accused William R. Livingstone, 20, of making two mistakes. 1. Burglarizing a cleaning establishment and taking, among other things, a suit belonging to police Capt. Robert Blakeiy. 2. t/Uer sending the suit to the same cleaning plant to be pressed. Capt. Blakeiy was there to welcome Livingstone when he came to pick up the suit. Broadcasters to Meet LITTLE ROCR, Oct. 29. (;Fj_The annual winter meeting of Arkansas Broadcasters Association direct<ii||l will uc held here next Feb. 10. ™ Date for the • meeting was announced yesterday. Resignation of Al Godwin of Fort Smith, as secretory-treasurer was accepted by President Ed Zimmerman. Little Rock. Ted Rand of Paragould will serve the unexpired term. ( Pictures You Will Like We specialize in commercial and home portraits which you will enjoy throughout the years. Cal. lot appointments. Plione GO 11 FAUGHT'S STUDIO 112 South 1st. (Night Phone (5321) FILMS DfVElOPfD PRINTED ENLARGED Phone 3075 SHEET METAL WORK. OF ALL KINDS Cuslom work to , g ins , a | ta lt a mills, oj , mj ,, s Cust()rn ^hearing up to J/4 im . h 1hj( . kncsg Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway ,£„„ 2fi5 , NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Phone 4474 KEROSENE and FUEL OIL G.O.PoetzOilCo. Phone 2089

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