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Coshocton, Ohio
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OUR PHONE NUMBERS Business Office--206 News i 2 0 5 Always At Your Service The Coshocton THE WEATHER OHIO--Generally fair tonight and Thursday; light frost in exposed places tonight. Rising temperature Thursday. FULL INTERNATIONAL, NEWS SERVICE NEWS REPORT VOL. XV, NO. 254.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 21. 1924. CIRCULATION BOOKS OPEN TO ALL THREE CENTS NEW CASTLE MAN HANGS HIMSELF IN BAP A. c. PENG! ELECTED SUPERINTENDENT OF on SCHOOLS Former Principal Gets Office by a Unanimous Vote of School Board THREE STORY BUILDING TO BE ERECTED Prosecutor Shepler is Investigating Railway NEW Device Stock Sale Here IN SIGNS Roe Cochran is Second IITY TAX Choice is Made at Special Called Meeting of Board of Education Bon Ton Bakery, West's Meat at Noon Today--Is Educator of Wide Experience, Well 1 Market and Pastime Lobby in Last 24 Hours to End His i with a Rope Known Here--Salary is Fixed at $3,300 with Contract Covering a Period, of Two Years SERVICES THURSDAY FOR KING A.

C. Pence, superintendent of the Millersburg schools, and former principal of the Coshocton high school, Wednesday signed a two-year contract to act as the superintendent of the Coshocton high schools, at a salary of $3,300 a year. Choice of Pence as the new city school superintendent, was made at a special meeting of the school board held in the -Central Bank shortly before noon Wednesday. Negotiations looking to the employment of Edgar J. Llewelyn, superintendent of the New Castle, Indiana public schools, for the local position, were brot to an end Tuesday evening by the receipt of a telegram from him stating that he could not leave his present place.

Pence's name was one of the few to survive the process ot elimination that cut a list of applicants for the position, down from about fifty in number to three or four, and when the time for the final choice came Wednesday, he was unanimously chosen. He was in Coshocton at the time the choice was made, and announced his intention of remaining in the school here the remainder of the week or until the present school term expires. He will then return to his family in Millersburg, and make arrangements for the removal of his- home to Coshocton. He is the father of four children, two of whom are in high school at the present time. A.

C. Pence is a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, and he (Continued on Pagre Ten) Are to Be Torn Out START IN 30 DAYS Knights Templars and Masons Will Have Charge of Funeral; Rev. Winters to Officiate Will House 28 Office Rooms, Two Store Rooms and a Larger Theater Auditorium Sale or Issuance of Stock Held Illegal as Securities Are Not I Sends Message to Council Body oun(j an gi ing rom oist in Barn Employe--Wife i ft nnn I it 1 Qualified in Paid in Here, Says County Prosecutor--Promises of Factory Made Also in Newark--Con-' tract with Inventor Not Binding, Claim He Expresses a Fear of Some inequalities WILLING TO TRY IT Soon after F. L. Rippeth, his son, C.

R. Rippeth, and C. E. McCauley, Newark, Ohio, men, came to Coshocton i about two months ago and began selling stock in the Approval of Council's Absent When Rash Act Was Committed--Nervous Breakdown Given as Cause--Coroner Called at Noon, Leaves to View Body--Was Prominent Farmer Funeral services will be held Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock the late Walnut st, for Charles King, who ended his life by hanging, yesterday afternoon. The Rev.

W. B. Winters, pastor of Grace M. E. church and the Knight Templars and Masons, wall; have charge of the services.

i Interment will be made in South Lawn cemetery. Work on the construction of a new three-story building in the space now occupied by the Bon Ton Bakery, the Pastime theatre and the West Meat Market, is to be within the next 30 days, it was announced Wednesday. The building is to be erected by the three Chacos brothers, owners of the Pastime and Utahna theaters, and Paul B. Barcroft, who has been associated with the Chacos brothers for the past several years. The Bon Ton Bakery and the West Meat Market will be com called Railway Safety Device Corporation, Prosecuting Attorney Joseph B.

Shepler started a secret investigation to determine whether it was a sound project as far'as its legality was concerned, he disclosed today. A nervous breakdown from ill health Cochran, aged 38, who resides one-half mile west of New Castle, to commit suicide by hanging himself with Efforts to Solve Financial a rope in his barn, Wednesday noon. Difficulties of City Prosecutor Shepler said he took such action wholly! Fear that some inequalities may i with the view of protecting the money of Coshocton citizens. Thus far his efforts have been effective in uncovering a store of interesting facts. The device, invented by Peter McGinley of Newark, develop in tho execution of the a i a tux, as passed by Cochran is the second hanging victim in this county in two days.

Charles King, this city, ended his life the same way yesterday forenoon. His dangling body was found suspended by a rope' i i a ist in barn by.Charles Mossholder. who has ll was designed to eliminate joints on railroads. It was the signed ordinance. represented by the promoters to greatly lessen the danger) The ordinance was.

submitted- to i i i lunu i I.UA, itciaami v.ti..i council, was expressed Wednesday! been working on the Cochran tarm tor the past several Mayor Harry B. Hcaton, in days, message he sent to council with of wrecks. It is understood that the men got subscriptions of approximately $4,500 in this county, of which amount about $2,200 was paid in. Officials of the division of securities, Columbus, state that their records fail to show that the corporation has ever qualified its securities for issuance in Ohio. "This would make any sale "or issuance of stock! Healon Wednesday decided to sign i TTeaton for his signature Monday evening May 10 following its pas- sago at a special meeting of the city council.

By law he has 10 days in which to either approve or veto it. Realizing the Immediate need for 8thGRADE EXERCISES THIS EVE. pieteiy torn out, and the top of illegal," the prosecutor declared. the Pastime theatre lobby. Where the meat market now-standB there will be a business room 25x70 feet in size, arid the Bon -Ton Bakery space will provide a business room 14x80.

3 to be built out over sidewalk, and i the ordinance. Wueji the intention wasl The message which lie attached Program Begins at 8 O'clock; Marshall to Give Address; Large Attendance Expected Keene Memorial Exercises to Be Held on Sunday The Keene Memorial. Day exercises will be held in the Keene school auditorium, Sunday morning, May 25, at 11 o'clock. The Rev. George F.

Stewart, pastor of the Keene Presbyterian church, will preach the Memorial Day sermon. Kiwanians a College Man Wed. Creamery Men Will Meet at Akron Thurs. Fred Fairish of The Coshocton- co Creajnery and R. H.

Brumbach of the' Newcomerstown i duce will attend the meeting of the Ohio Association of Creamery Owners which will be held in, the Portage hotel in Akron. Thurs-. day. The meeting teas been called for the purpose of considering cream improvement in its relation to the manufacture of butter. Following the meeting of the creamery owners, milk distributors from the Akron district will meet.

Butter manufacturers from- the following courulies are expected to attend the c.reannery meeting: Ashtabula, Cuyahogo, Geagua, Lake, the Maln-st front part of the three 'story building is to be divided into 28 double office suits, complete with all conveniences. The Pastime theater lobby and stage are both to be enlarged. Balconies seating approximately 850 people will bo constructed, and the main auditorium will seat 800, a total capacity of almost double any auditorium in Coshocton. When completed, it is said that will be the most modern theater building in Coshocton. It will be known as of the and B.

Amusement Co. STEAL OF SATCHELS first 'made public they declared rlo the signed copy ot the xbnighl' the seventeenth annual I that whether the factory for tlui' manufacture of the device was be located in Coshocton would depend largely upon financial intere'st taken by local citizens. will be returned to the city iuh grade commencement ox- icll, is reproduced bore; crcisct) will bo held in the Cen- which ilouncl "To President E. S. Cannier.

and Members of tho City Council. tral auditorium. A splendid prb- bus been arranged. The man had taken his life wlhfla his wife gone to a neighbor's house to visit. The body was removed row the rope not long after Air.

'Cochran had killed himself, it wan said. Coroner 15. M. Wright was -called following the rash act, but the phy- Islcian Imdoi't. an opportunity to view I lie body and render his decision beforo today's issue had gone to press.

According to information received from New Castle the body was his homo shortly after cuttrom iifrc rope; At press time, the body had not heeii removed to any undertaking establishment to he prepared for burial Cochran had bocn suffering from "Gentlemen: if tho weather 1st a a a a nervous breakdown for the past Newark people now claim i a "1 am hereby i with Jiiy i a 0 rium is expected. Lwo During this time he like promises were made to them, a the factory and offices were to have been located in their 'city. Residents of Newark told I Shepler that Ritfpeth denied hav- ing made any such statement hi Veterans' to Be Marked by Legion Members Means' Evidence Agents Employed by Todd, Charge signature and approval Ordinance! pl ogrnm begin at No. T. 20, to levy mi a a 0 OC pation tax on associations A playlet, several musical mini- of persons, i corporations, illlfl address by Edgtir carrying on certain trades, profes-1 I are on the program, slona, occupations and businesses Coshocton.

in the city of Coshocton. A a i TIi Patent on the device ex- I i i i la measure my aji- nrnvil I I i i 111V ill- Tll 1 I I 1 A jn v-no I J-III J)3 1 I 1 d. tip i Oo'JCIl IUI Daugherty Disappeared thru Shepler learned. Ho declared a Delation of your i unless improvements are made on I olv a diffic.iHi.-a it within that i the article can-H" i ciL Coshocton I not be at the time Involved. We a realize that, i 1 The later fact wag I cipal problems nrc not of a partisan taken to moan that if the article' The of tax- WASHINGTON, May 21-- Gaston really possessed a merits a alion are borne by all cii.ix.ons re- B.

Means' famous black satchels, i at cnt a. containing valuable papers time would ardlesH i aml ia lliy be Keene Woman is Victim of Heart Attack Tuesday (Continued on fstye Ten) Failure to Get Dog Tag Costs Man Over $21 cost 13. K. Oenity, a resident of tho Modvawk i i i a than J21 for his failure to procure a 192-1 lag for his clog. I Thr; charge of harboring a.

Heart eauKeil the, death was filed by a evidence, wore stolen by two in- have boon secured. i tlie a Rippeth's contract, for the on P. fle Ten, of Mrs. Pl A. Beaver, aged I l)Or of Beatty's.

chase of the patent is not i i 1 of Lorain. Mahoning. Medina, Portage headquarters this evening for the Summit. Tnimbull, Ashland, Bel-! urp se of final plans M. J.

Almack, of the 'Mt. Union mcnt, Coshocton. Carroll, Cohim- decoration of all the graves of College, entertained the members biana, Guernsey, Harrison, Holmes, i veterans the county, the Kiwanis Club at their regu- Jefferson. Morgan. Muskingum, i iar meeting at the Country Club Monroe, Noble, Richland.

Stark. Pour squads of local Legion, men Wednesday noon with an interest- Tuscarawas, Washington a TM lea TM Sunday morn vestlgators for Hiram Todd, tho inventor, according to at cial assistant attorney general in torneys here and in Newrak, and New York, W. O. Duckstein, pri-! Present owners of the a vatc secretary" to E. B.

McLean, to turn it over, claiming the I Washington newspaper publisher, i a was misrepresented to tliera.j told the Wheeler-Brookhart com-! Rippeth planned to issue mittee todav, i 000 in stock, it was learned A subpoena immediately was i a tively. 'focal American I issued for Todd, who as the as-; The prosecutor said he i I fContiniiftfi on Pug" i push the investigation I Appellate Court Affirms Verdict of Common Pleas 07, her borne, on a. farm east of! jtvas brot to Coshoeton by Kocne. Tuesday afternoon. i knii-st WHS ut dcath WHS sudden.

before fc.wsett, jus- Several days ago Mrs. Beaver of Peace. A fine of S15 and her a figured in a a Wiws assessed againsthim. accident and the former a 1 is the first, arrest for tho confined to the City hospital i a wn violation to have been made i had recovered from the a i i ycar Sheriff Darr declared i She received a fractured others who are. guiUy of the I ankle and bruises.

sil mn railuro arc liab1 to arrest Just year ago yesterday her and Wl in the The vcnlicL of the common i lu n( (' liciivcr tMcd. i H'lnrier if lags are not obtained. in the case of Wilhclin ing address on the subject, "Education, Industry and Organizations Wayne. i ing, to visit all the cemeteries in i I Republicans Recommend Change in Primary HoberlH wa.s uffirtned by the court i at appeals here laat week, it loduy. Thc common court awarded thc pi'iintlff.

judgment, against the UK; sum of 5ISO. The for money loaned. Kloroncc A. was born in i Hyes-tp on October ISSfi. She was a of the iato A Leech repro- years.

George iHalml Hcsst. She was i in marriage with G. C. Buaver on October ISTSi in Tiicy i on a a in Kccne-tp for the past 40 CHIEF WARNS BIKE RIDERS These counties are included in i the- county in which World War Mr Almack is a native of Co-i the Cleveland and Canton districts skiers are buried and place upon shocton-co having been born in the! of the creamery- association. i soldlers white crosses NEW SCHOOL SUPT.

New Bedford vicinity. The value of education, and the necessity of organization were stressed by Mr. Almack in his talk. He attributed tho wars and dissen- tion in the world to thc failure of man to organize, and to use his brain powers to the best advantage. "Rand-McXally says that thc great American desert, is somewhere west of the Rock Mountains," Almacjc said, "but I think a it under the hat of the aver- i will organize a new 'Tunnel Hill within members of thc Lancas-: (i avs tor Kiwanis Club were present at the lined the plans for the Inter-City Kiwanis meeting which will be held in their city on June 4.

similar to those used on the graves American soldiers in France, i One will go north to Keene and 'other points in that direction, one Uo West Lafayette and other ceme- teries in the eastern part of the I county, one south to cemeteries in Franklin and other southern townships, and one west Warsaw. Albert Abel, John Criswell, Gene County Deputy Grange Master Renner and Ralph Wheeler will Harley L. Miller, of Oak Grove have charge fine squads. These Grange, announced today that he men are asking that township offi- Will Organize a Grange Soon at Tunnel Hill grange at cials or memorial committees in each township in which World War soldiers are buried mark the graves an Mr- i i a a lhere are'; in some manner, before Sunday, so meeting, ana OSsU) goof grari work that the legion men will not have in the Tunnel i community. i i in locating them.

There Is no grange in Bedford-tp, i Plans are also being made for the nearest being Jackson: the placing of white crosses with Grange, in Jackson-tp, Perry name plates beside tho memorial Grange in Perry-tp. and a a trees along thc Coshocton Cones- tomika Grange, in ville pike just south of the city. The officers for the n'ew order: These markers will be exact re- jwill perhaps be elected some of the white crosses at the i the next week, and the char- i heads of American soldiers' graves ter issued thru State Master Friday is last day A caton City Schools Close Friday Attention was railed this ing by Chief of Police Ray Duling the a i i and AUorneva was the last a annoyance caused by fieorgo T). i and ('. Homer jjf.

a i i small boys and i-von grown men Durai.d rf-prescnted tho a sho was a i and devoted i i bciyi-les on the side- In of Holder Mark- niot.hor. She of and hiwns. will ue ley. the court, affirmetl the M. made by police to curb thi.s trouble.

Power Will Never Be Re- 1 men I of $154.45 awarded the a i The-re arc; i i her a a i am i a being i ler. and a son, a phoned into police headquarters "The a i was filed for both of thc 1-omr. lf! ''hiof come to the con- money alleged to be due from Kinir-ni! i i will bf I hat some ar-tion must be sale of boroe. C. Homer Duriind a o'clock in tiikt Such a practico represented- Holder, and (ioorgi; i Canul i i i M.

K. i i i tin 1 of pedcs- U. i represented a in chiir'i' 1 of Uif H. A. i a I i i i i old persons who The case of liries vs.

Styer'i nian, of Rosfim and arc a to out of the way Canal M. R. rhurclies. i to avoid i The a i be omitted. Candidates Endorsed Burke Declares Convention gained term.

The last day the battlefields of France, and 1923-24 Coshocton public school I i i with the trees will constitute per- will be re Tunnel fl)11 Wl11 be seven-; manent memorials for the soldiers teenth active grange in the coun-1 in whose memory the trees were gram given by the high school stu- lanted dents at. tne school building. Italy last year increased its pro-! The I i a telegraph depart- There are no regular school of ironf and steel, a has extended a tele- being held at thc a zinc from the previous year'siphone line to Rangoon and is a weight, cargo 1 0 0 Vhis house thts week. I figures. to extend it to Mandalay.

1 afternoon. A. C. PENCE FLIES TO 30,000 FT. DAYTON.

May 1. -Harold R. Harris, in T-P a i a reached fcfrt. i a dead May -By a vote of 19 to 2 nile-t i of the Republican pro-primary con vention today decided to recom mend modification of thc i a I laws ofOhio so a-; to i tin holdings of pro-primary a con ventions for ihr' jmrpose of recommending canrtklaU-s for all elective state office's. tion on I ho proposed endorsement of any Miulidatt convention here.

The proposed modification does not call for abolition of isting primary of Ohio, but rcfominonds that it. bo no alterel by legislative' enactment that pro- primary conventions may be called to "recommend" suitable candidates. dismissed on the- motion of a i i that it because tlfifcnsc failed to feet, i appeal bond. The of C. O.

Avers, executor of of Aycr--; a i floreacod. i ter and others, wa.s over it thiit more-, at tin; present. )rjc fa j)f: Avor pnti tion to construo (hf will. CLARK NOT YET FOUND Local oliicers have not yet been abU to locate It is not planned to i i a a by pre-primary conventions, any possible; candidate from thi- regular primary contests, n(l stated, but. It to focus gener narrower field.

ipfMin evening got a hi-'FiiK chrick at tho Public Oil Corporation station at. a a i i i Oder forgeil on I ho lie; i i i i Church is Filled Rev. Thomas The A. C. Thfim.i.-i.

of Simman. I i a a 'I'll Hay i i a i i i i i i on "'I he Passing of a a a pastor. i tho past two years he ex- tensivoly for Chicago Tract So- and The Missouri Missionary Union. The lectures at church are tree and are given under tho auspices of the Men's Bible cl.oss of Seniors Will Give Tickets to Exercises i i a H. L.

of tlu- i i i i announced Wed- a i i tho liigli comniencenicnt a i i a a i serure tickets from the senior class. The is free. Tito i the seniors a given OIK will tax seating capacity of the a i Those who do not Set i i not be admittfxl. Tho doors to the gym will open at 7:15 p. m.

Thursday, The pro- On tho i i Or, Cha.sire gram will start at o'clock. nf i i i i spoke. His nddr- The a i is being ivas i lively decorated and the two plstt- and proving a all forms orecte.ri for speaker ann 10 the church c'. i the a a i class. SPAPESJ.

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