The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 23, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, July 23, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX DOMINANT NKWHRAPKU nn> MnDTawAirr ino-..,-._ ^^ m • ^"^ VOL. XI,IV—NO. 102 Blylh«vUl« milj Newr Blytb*»lU« Courwr Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Vtutj l/woer THK DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND BOOTHEAOT MISSOURI 1U,YTHKV1I,UO, ARKANSAS, WLCDNICSDAY, JULY 2«, 19,17 Guards Seize Armed Man in Capitol Building j Arrest Disclosed Following Truman Visit in U.S. .Senate WASHINGTON, July 23. (U.P.)—An unidentified man 3!iid to foe carrying a gun was seized by capitol police on the Senate side of the Capitol today soon after President 'IVumau visited Ihe chamber. First reports said Ihe man was htirif; questioned brhinil HOM-I! doors by Secret Service agents as well as capitol police. lie was picked up within an hour after Mr. Truman left tlic Sen=tc . floor. James 1. Maloney, chief of the Secret Service, said he "under sloort" lhat a man with a gun in his possession was picked up In Senate washroom. The Secret Service is the agency assigned to protect Ihe President. Pays Surprise .Visit to Senate President Truman, had surprised his former Senate colleagues lod^y by strolling onto the floor of the senate chamber and taking a seat in the back row. Tlic chamber and the galleries immediately burst Into applause. Mr. Truman had gorje to the capitol to lunch with rmembers of the Senate Republican and Democratic policy committees. His host- vas Leslie Bifflc. director of the Democratic policy Committee, and an Arkansan. Shortly after 2 p.m , Mr. Truman walked into the chamber behind Senate Democratic Leader Albcn W. Barkley. other members clustered about to shake his hand as lie took a seat. It was his first ap|>earance in the Senate since he became President on April 12, 1945. On several occasions he has addressed joint sessions of congress in the Jlouse chamber. Voters Reject Bus Franchise IhLiitleRock LITTLE ROCK. July 23. (UP) — Nearly two-thousand more Little Rock clllmis voted against a city ordinance renewing for 25 years the Capitol Transport a lion Company's franchise than voted for tlie measure. The official tabulation today showed 2397 for renewal and 4332 against renewal. This l.s on the basis of n lolnl of 6729 voles cast at Ihe cily's 22 precincts, plus 00 absentee ballots. The heaviest vole In a single box was in precinct "C" in Ihe Kiflh Ward, where a total ut TX voles were cast—23G for and 500 against rencv/al. Bomb in Berlin Causes Damage Eight Persons Killed, Four Injured in Blast In Russian Zone BERLIN, July. bomb explosion 23. (U.P.) —,. A demolished two stories of Berlin Traffic .Police Hcadcmartprs in the- Russian zone today, and an official reported from the scene that eight persons were killed and four were injured. An official investigator said the blast which shattered the Nc-rth wing of the yellow brick struclurc was caused by a bomb. Police Central Headquarters earlier had attributed it to an accidental detonation in the ammunition room. The blast was in the, office of Heinrich Kanlg. chief of traffic police and second ranking olficcr in tlie Berlin Police Department. He was not in the office. Squads of police ringed the tlircc-story building and kept spectators and photographers away while firemen and rescue workers pried into .the debris in oearch of bodies, Russian detectives Among Einmrieil, Bureau. 'Ihc linking O f Kanig'.j with the explosion raised a ixis- sibillty or political implications Katug_ a member of the Auti- communist Social Democratic Party, was first in line to succeed Police President Paul Markgraf who belongs to the Communist- dominated Socialist Unity Party and is a Russian appointee. Police announced the explosion and a preliminary accounting of casualties, which they said might run higher when the wreck-ire and personnel were checked ' The North wing of (he headquarters bunding was shatteiel by Ihc blast at 8:31) a. m Bodies of some of the dead were" laken from Ihe wreckage a short time later Soil Conservation Work Resumes Arkansas PMA Officer Expects $275,000 in 1947 for This County Mississippi Countinns today can resume conservation work halted two months ago as a result of Congressional aclion Tuesday resuming issuance of purchase orders for payment for such measures and providing Mississippi County with S275.000 tills year for tiial purpose. Notice of this aclion and the concervation allocation was received this mornim; in a letter irom J L. Wright of Little Rock stale director of the Production and Marketing Administration, to H. C Knappenbcrger. vice chairman of the Mississippi County Triple-A committee. The letter, dated yesterday, quoted a telegram received by the Little Rock office from Dave Davidson, assistant administrator in Washington, D. C.. which contained Ihe resumption order. The lele^ram stated: House action today provides $265,000.000 for 1947 conservation program including $22.000.000 for administrative purposes. Based on this action you are authorized immediately to 1 resume -all Agriculture Conservation Program opei-.i- tions including issuing purchase orders, basis procedures and-progr.iai provisions .in ^effect prior, to <M»i; ' : "'' :&•''' ^- ' V'"--- ' '^1?^ Mississippi Country's ..share'^fM; $275,000 will be used for ditching,; leveling spojl. banks, planting vaMh 1 and oth'ericpnservatlori -measures 'V These measures were halted May 23 and,the PMA,pfflee,h'ere receW- edMnstruc lions' "-to: stop ..Issuing: purchase orders May 27. The program was. -halted because Congress 'had not commuted itself-on" appropriations to pay for the work this y?^r due to, a controversy over the legislation. To Issue Purchase Orders Payments are made on the basin of about 75 percent of the cost of tlie conservation practices. -Prior to May 23. fanners were getting 10 cents a cubic yard for ditching and spoil banks levelling and 14 cents a pound for vetch seed. Much ditching work in this county was stopped prior to Tuesday's resumption order, Mr. Knappenberger said. Mr. Wright's letter further staled that "bated in this information it Is felt that county offices should: ail vendors -of .super- phosphate. ; lime, ponds, ditches terraces, cover-crops.seeds, etc " officers joined German in the invcstig-Uion; the dead was Hcrr chief of the Personnel name $1,430,360,000 Foreign Aid Bill Goes to Senate Committee Adds $80,000,000 to Limit Set in House WASHINGTON. Jr'v 23. (UP) — Tlie Sr-nalc .Apprcprialions Com- 'iiittee r/idiiy approved tl.430.361,400 iu apiirrpri-.'ions for foreign aid, adding nearly fBOO'O.CCO lo the Ic'-! vrted by tlic House. (The f'i-"isn itnns were |-,ni:t ot t>. J 1 .fi<M'n simple-mentnl i-p- prcf.rlation -hlV, which is one of Hie remaining 'irouey measures be pissed ibcforc Ccn- gr—-s' :i<ijourns,.S-,'urday. T-'.illowiiiK the lead ol tlie House, 'ho -Senalc Committee cut $13.- COOnoo frr in the idtninislr.-il ion re- ouest for *3SO,000.00) for relief needs in l' Greece. Trieste, I run "my. Aurhia, Poland anrt China, trhc- House mnde it, clear 'hat. Ihc cut \vi>i intended to deny fi:nds to Ihc Runian rairilitc M,i'rs, Po'aiul *,|»1 Hunrfry. Tlie ccvi-i'jv'tee erso denied a stale department rennet, for an- lliorily .to snonrt SH.ODO.COO for f-hip- pins oil refinery eqnirmiciv. to R-ux- Ma in the clean-up of .the leml- Cc-:innMtee action came is Con- crcss stepped up Its drive lo got "m-u^." legislation cut of tlie way in tin-.c for 'adjournment Saturday. Ai:-irr.!>rintioii5 bills were given top-billing. The most serious threat to afl- journmcnt plans was removed by settlement of differences bclwern Din Senate and House on Agriculture Department funds fnr fiscal 1!)48, 'BcUi l.hc iwouse aiH Senate for>i-n aid bit's carried the lull ;-KW.p-n OCO requc-s'cd bv the ari- nanist ration for Greek-Turkish aid. •For p.avernmenl and rolief o:--u'.:ied iircas, the -Sevi-.'e corn- mil tee rerarr-.-nendcd i625,Q3XO(B in P?-'I ,-lld MOO.flCO.COO iii contrnei •nilhoritv. Tn effect It allowed the frfl .W50M.OCO asked by the ad- Thc -House allowed only $550.000.- Nearly 800 4-H Club Members Participate in Rally , Contests Approximately 800 farm yontlis, all members of North Mississippi County 4-H Clubs. nMlieiwi »t Walker 1'ark SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS »t Walker 1'ark today tn hold their first club rally since 1!)<1-|. The all-day affair col underbuy* — ' — _ '. __ . nt 9:30 Ilils inorninit when the [context will be announced at lh« coiigresalcd m the e nmd climax of the rally late I Is evi : stands for Inslrucltons on the day's | Ing. first place events. After the announcements' lor division will were completed, the young fann- ers opened the rally with InU-r- club softball games, horse shoe pitching contests, racc.s. and various 4,-H demonstrations. These continued until noon. At noon a picnic lunch was .served the group In- the park, willi Ihe members spreading Ihe lunches llicy had brought on the ground and eating togrtcr. Refreshments i were available ut the concession stand III the park. Slimts Presented liuiuedialely following the picnic lunch, tlie group gathered In A single group lo witness the "stunt program" of each club. Each club had to furnish five minutes of entertainment for the rest of the clubs during tlie program. Following the stunt program the girls' 4-H style dress contest WHS conducted. Winners of both Ihe iunior and senior divisions of this and ..encourage vendors to re- Editors Arrive in Korea SEOUL, Korea, July 23 <UP>_ Tlic American newspaper editors ounng the Pacific arrived In Seoul last night. They dined with Lt. Gen John R. Hodge. United stales commander in Korea. N. Y. Stocks CLOSING A T riirl T /.;r.?r Tobacco ... Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Cluyfer Gen Electric ..'... Gen Motors Mon;gc:r.ery Ward M Y central Ir.t Harvester ... •North Am Aviation Republic 6teel ... Radio Sccony Vacuum . Sl-udcbaker £;anrt-.ird of -N J . Texxs Corp PncJvrri . .-. U S SI eel STOCK PRICKS 157 1-2 78 37 5-8 89 1-2 61 3-8 38 3-4 60 3-4 63 7-8 16 1-2 90 3-4 8 1-4 27 1-2 9 17 22 7-3 78 3-3 67 5 1-2 75 1-?. sumc operation immediately on currently needed materials 'and services, and tomake preparations for supplies ot materials thai will bu needed later this year." County offices also should "renew cancelled purchase orders and inform farmers that materials and services arc EJain available through the county offices." Final action on the bill providing the conservation funds lias not been taken but the action by House indicates that' most of the 1947 funds will be available The ° ! " 10 J cwisl1 underground bill is ready to go to the Senate •—•'-•- CO? o;i grounds thp.t .Hie ad-ninis- ir-.tiin prop-1-rn extended three- months -beyond the 104? fisca year. The Senate cmmiUec restorer! the full j,mou'.-'. ,li avoit' emptying t,he supply pipelines at ,^,,^, m ,.. " I -""" th( , (0 _ ises wfl' -h 1.353, *-"-'^7 r J- -™.Vt'^ T -^^ r -,*T '^''T? nousc. •w-tr-te' ll-rsage bf the .•:upp"'nncn- tal bill W3i net exjra'crt before Iciinrrcw., -although appropriatior measures were getting top priority. . .; Bol.h the Senate and House now were expected to amjrove- prhmptlj f. crr-iipromisB. agrlcultri-al appro- p-l-'ilon of about. fftPO.COO.CCO. It included J^6~>,C03.COO for sof rcnscrv.-1'ioii payment's in fis:a F4S. ?45 OrO.GCO (for school • lunches 815 rro.Oro for tcnaiil Joans. K.- Cfirvoro frr 'meat infection and S150.CC0.003 authorization for sol conservation In fiscal 1949. The Senpte ihad been holding Tt for Vrser amounts for these disputed itr-:iv>. The House's ori- cirnl recommendations limited J<MR s"V conservation funds to SlGo.OCO.MO and authored ncth- inc frr I .he. next year. It approved cnlv $1SOOO,Cro for fcticol lunchc. rnd nclhir-3 for tenant loans. Underground Sinks British Ship at Haifa Laborer Accused Of Burning Shack Fire is Discovered In Walker Park After 'Vacate' Notice Served Mac Taylor, 48-year-old itinerate aborer. was arrested by Blylhc- i'ille Police yesterday and charged with arson •alter he is alleged I* winner In the «en- be awarded an nil- expense trip lo Hip sUtc 4-H Unmi) In l-'nycitcvlllc next monlh. and vie for ihe honor of'nl- ArkatiMis nl ihe NnllaniU Camp lo be lu-ld In Chicago.- l!o>9 Play Softball 'lids alternoon's events will Include Hie all-star soflball giuuc !>•' • tennis composer! ol club mcmbi-rs from clubs located K:isi of HiR Uikc Olid club members liwu West of nig Lake. will be a- wardfd lo winners of both boys .mil Bills gnmt's. The Walker Park swimming pool will l>e open to accommodate all club members who wish lo spend llu- aftmioou swimming. "Ighllghlliig Iho afternoon's ae- llvllies will be a "truth or consequences" contest conducted by D S. l.anlrlp. of Llllle Hock, state director of 4-H Club work, Winners In this contest will be awarded prizes- Dutch Route Indonesians In East Java and Head For Island's Capital Gity ___ •! * ' '"•' i«r " UN InvAdirwtftK 'Defenders Claim Plane Shot UN investigators Down; Few Casualties Reported Hear 'Guerrillas' R.B. Stout Heads Dud Cason Post have set fire lo a small shuck which he had been living nt the Walker Park Full-grounds. Alter his arrest, iwlicc si\ld Taylor admitted firing ihe one-tiii:c tool shed he uscrt for living quarters. He said he did It in defiance of orders from Mississippi County Fair Association officials to movt . The shack was located Imme- Legionnaires Elect Officers; Ed Burks Is Vice Commander R 1!. Slout defeated T. !•'. nciin In (he race for Ihc office or con der of Dud Cnson Post 114 lit Ihe annual elccllon of officers lie-Id lasl nlghl In Ihc Legion Hul, He succeeds H. G. Pin-How. Wuilc jeffcrles was elected llrst vice commander. He was unopposed alter E. N. Shively wllhdrvu diately northwest or exhibit building and the on livestock the site' ' of a new structure [or which work-.' men were clearing the ground. Fair Association Secretary Robert E. Blaylock said.he told Taylor at 2 o'clock he ^IHjAJHtTlpttf' later, the ground. Alter Jetting t**bta« -T»ykW')pft the scene and "litnrtcd 1 ncrbsV 1 the park. When' Pollccmiin 'B."Ij.- Vastbinder begfth looking ''for the occupant of the shack, a group yf cntc. youngsters fold 'him they' had seen I Other retiring, officers are as a candidate that offlcn . In the only other contest. Louis Green was clcclcri sergennl-u-arms, defeating cniulldnlcs W.- P. Million anil Roy Cunningham. Mr. Gn;cn was nonilnntcd from the floor luil night. four unopposed nominees were formerly elected. They are Ed Burks, secqnd vice commander; Burnett clmplnln; Or. .lack surgeon; and C. A. post historian. Mr. was re-elected. ' Trie new commander will ni\me Legionnaires lo (111 the npimliulvc offices of adjutant, serving . officer. finance officer and Judge ndvc- H L. -lold Mr. iBlaylock, Fire Chief Roy Head and Fair Association Chair- Taylor crossing the'''park. Police- Halscll Jr.. first viq c comuuuulei man' Vastbinder. who And • driven iul[i J- R- Johnson, scrgcan', thc fire truck lo the park, hallod anus. a nearby taxi cab and nnbbcd Tay- Mr. Stout, a World War I vcl- lor In tlic South end of the park. , cran, has been active In Lesion Witnesses Located (work for a number of year.-;. lie Two meii^ working r.ear tlie shack and other new officers will be installed at the Aug. 5 meeting. It was announced last niglil that man L. H. Autry tliat they saw Tay- }H'c regular meeting next Tuesday 'light has been cancelled because of the stale Legion convention in. Litllc Rock. Dud Cason Post Is allnwerl » delegation of 54 and I.rglnn olti- cials said nearly all of Hint number may attend the stale meeting. H is expected that the Appointive offices will be filled by Ihn JERUSALEM, July 23. I U.P.I — The British transport Empire Lifeguard, which ferried illegal Jev:is!i immigrants to Cyprus internment camps, was blown up and sunk today in tlie shallow waters ofHnif". s inner harbor. Authorities said the Empire Lifeguard was mined by lor strike thrne matches In an -!fort to burn his living quarters. The lliirri match set the biazc incv said. Mr. Blaylock said Taylor iv.i:l > done some work at the Fairgrounds | and had asked him lor permission lo live in the former tool shed- The only damage done, officials pointed out. was the fire bill run up by the city on Ilils call lo pay volunteer firemen who answered it. The shuck itself was to be torn down to make room for Ihc new livestock building.-. •-, Taylor came hrre-from hear Caraway. Mr. Blaylock said. He has been here sovcral limes and was known by police. Ho iind previously served a five-year term-In Ihc slate penitentiary on nnoilicf '.ctiargc. lliey said. Negro, Fined $60 on Two Traffic Charges, Appeals Robert p. Hr.n:s. Bivinevlile Negro, was fined a total of $nc in Municipal Court this morning when he was found guilty of two traffic violations—about a month after the accident from whicn the charges arose. Karris, who at the time of the accident was driving a pick-up truck owned by by Tom Little Jr. was hailed into court by Mr. LiUIt- when he missed a payment being made in restitution for damages to the truck, testimony showed." After Harris was fined $50 for reckless driving and $10 for speeding. Defense Attorney Claude Cooper requested and was granted an appeal which would take ;he case lo circuit Court. Bond for appeal was set at SI 50. According to testimony car also struck a parked longing to another Negro. Hnrris' car be- N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. July 23. (UPl — Close easy. x open high low close March 3-120 3145 3391 3391 May 3391 3-112 3360 3362 July 3313 333G 3«8 Ocl 3522 3530 3473 Dec 3463 347H 3«fi lose 3278 3473 3-t2fi izalion Hagana, apparently while ig loaded at Cyprus. She arrived last night with 261 imn-,i- ranls being returned lo Paleslnic. About 50 immigrants and a number of crewmen were aboard when the blast rocked the ship, bul an official statement, said there were no casualties. Petrillo Agrees to Let Amateurs Make Records WASHINGTON, July 23. (UPl — Rep. Carroll D. Kearns. R., Pa., announced loday lhat Music Czar Jumcs C. Pclrlllo had settled his long-standing dispute wilh amateur and military musicians over radio broadcasts and recordings. Kcarns. chairman of a House Labor. Subcommittee that has Investigated Pelrlllo. said the dlspulcs were sellled al a conference here yesterday. Pelrillo. presldenl of Ihc American Federation of Musicians (AFL), met with educators and military officials. The educators appointed a committee to draw up a "code of clh- ics" lo be applied on a nationwide basis, the Pennsylvania!! said. This code will be submitted to Kearns and Petrillo for their approval. At the same time, the union leader agreed to permit military bands to make recordings for the exclusive use ot schools, colleges an universities. No limit was set o- the number of recordings to be madf. U. S. Drops Plans To Give Poland Funds for Relief WASHINGTON. July 23. (UPl — The State Department announced today that this country lias dropped plans to send relief lo Poland. The department, said a recent survey .showed that Poland cnn satisfy lier own minimum food needs. The department's decision followed by several days House action in knocking S18.000,000 out of the $350.000.000 posl-UNRRA program for relief ot war-ravaged nations. Tlic House did not say specifically why it cul out the $18,000.000. But it plainly Indlcaled il did not want any relief money spent on Communist-dominated Poland and Hungary. The bill Is now being studied by the Senate Appropriations Committee. new commander within the next two w r cckfi. Jaycees Plan Improvements On Club Site Men Attacking Greeks Say They Received Arms from Slavs 1CNN1-NA. frmw. July ail. (UP) United Na.tlons Investigator:! hi-iird li-sliiuony today ll|-.t gu^r- riVas flghlliiK in Norlluveiitcrn Ori'iTc received help in bnl-h Albani:i and Yugoslavia C:ii)lurc,| guc'rrllln.s acknowledged Hint limy parsed through UK I wo Ccnnnuiiisl-dcii-lnilcd coun- Irlc.s, bul denied Greek charges Una ni'-mbrr.s of an "inlernnllona brigade-" Joined the righting. •lAUirns rr-pmlnl « ,,;. w (m t_ brcnk of gum-ill-i riglitlng, ihl.< lln'p i^lons Hie lUilgarlan Vxinlcr <Tln> iiovunimenl announced Unit 4 r O ruerrill-s raided I be town of •Nlsritn. :17 inKr.s NorlhcaF.t of Sa- lonika, and in n 3-ia hour L-atlli. kl'liM a-t civilians, Ten houses wen, burned. (The Athens niinciinceineiiL .s»l< eight mu-rrilliui. Including one ulrl were killed before the guerrri'iF lied when noveriiitieul- forces np- pronolied.i Tlie UN I'Hk-m rubeoir.inillcc whi^ii 1-. in Or( i ccL x to watch Tm bcrdcr Iroub'i'S br-rird ssvi-rnl cnp- tiwwl |-ucri-IUns up?at nvirjrs of ail InlcnK-.llotliil l.-rlgadc, but none said HHV- s:nw It. E. Velk-s. one of lli» wilniwi>s stild his h-'-'l-llon -if S'-O puerrl'lnS was recii-ullrd mostly by force In Gi'ercri's Nrjr'. l 'ern mounl'llli-s. He '•-ild the b-'llnllen crcvsrd from Orec^o inlo YU[{oslnvla in Juntv He -slid Yu^cjOi'v . i :rT'llcrs !i''ii'/:d Ihe "uni'rillns wll'i riFlr.-i, mlnr^. nia- clilncguns nnd mortars. Fneh guer- rill.i, he s^lM. received ICO roundf; Wolrninerl in Albanlii Velkos K'lld ilwo other ' v ,ittall(in.-> oC guerrillas entered Yfgos about. Ihc ;anic tlinrr. and u'hon 11 were c*iii l p-icd. . Ihcy relurned o Oreecc in July near. nrrln-i. Tlmn llicv m^ved inlo Albiinia. ^clk^ 1 : said. [Hid were welcqincd hy he Ali;'inia)i trouUr-r guards. ,,yclkf.s !5lilcl -l.'.iat on July 12. Ihe lucrilllas' crcf.ied Inlo Greece, bill Cli-nek ' iroverhmenl artillery (ire Tpjccd Iboin back Ir-to Alliinla. ic-V-rflirust Iri'.o Greece, lie rc ,-iiil, -nrrlcd Jhoiii. lo wllliln VI. t'nllcs of T/)nnnipa : : [Ya|iirinV/ -Ilr said jio never,- .tiiw any nim-Orcekfi ilglxtlng with it'-n guerrllfa-s. An illLleTrtli! Micedonlan .'ihep- •ierd Joined Velkcs In rejnrlLng )|il. uucrrillil leaders rcpontcilly referred lo exilcn'.ed help from an Mlrrm-ilional briitudc, but 'the brigade never materialized. flhc r'lephnrd said his urcup received arirs from Albanlnn frontier gr.Tnh as well us iTJritish-imidr 'iucir v ™n. force which "invuled" Ncr'licrn Oreecc miinbcred as inany 3.0~0. mm! jiuffcrcd from MO to 500 casualllcs. !c testified -thai. guerrillas "d-ii tied" him Into their force In ^ ijnry. iifbeti -l-bev, took -120 imen from n "village r>f ,4ro fnmi'le.'; ncir Fl^rlnji-i 7To clnlmeil tlial 7 hc 'tiled lo dc-crt; bill failed. .. ,:, ,- HAIAVIA, July-28. (U.P.)—Dutch forces claimed control ol i,ll of .Must Java today, iim i .sent two columns driv-' mi: ImvMixl the Indonesian cnpitnl of Jogjiikart • • ' Dnlcli aircraft atluckcd. JoKJakart thta afternoon - In- K-SIHII anti-aircraft Kimnei-.s claimed they shot down oho piano. - • •: ..-- .- •, Rotary Speaker Policemen Turn Firehose To Halt Strike Violence BENTON HARBOR. Mir.h . .l'l!y 23. (U.P.)—Police turned firehoses on more than 1,000 pickets loday as violence flared nt Ihe strikebound Remington Rand plant and county officials appealed for state aid to quell "riot and insurrection." A squad of 50 police drawn from here and nearby towns subd:ie:t with hoses and billy clubs CIO workers who sought to stop back-to-work movement of 50 to 75 non-strikers at the plint. A half-dozen pickets were clubbed lint none was hurl seriously. "October Morn" Temperatures Arrive in July Sam H. Williams, president, of ithe First National Dank. -*ill speik to l.hc Junior Chamber ot Commerce [•it Us meeting Aug. 4 on floating a bond issue lo aruuirc funds for Hv: i construction or Ihe clubhouse and j Playground lo be built by Ihe club. Present plans call for tlic sale | of non-intcrcst-l»nrinn bonds lo members of the Junior Chamber to acquire Ihc funds. Clearing and filling of Hie duii- liouse and playground site on North i Second street opposite the Lrislon Hut Is underway. The site Is being i purchased from Mrs. Tilme.sin Mtz- simmons. who Is also donating .-in adjoining 100 by 150-foot area to be used tor UK playground Several persons interested In Ihc Playground's development have contributed Ihcir services to the project, w. D. Cobb.. civil engineer, surveyed and slaked out the lot-s. He was assisted In Ihc survey by C G. Redman, secrclary of Drainage District 17- Max Logan. Blythevllle real estalc agenl. assisted the club with transactions for the lot purchased and Ihe Terry Abstract Co. brought the .ibstracl up to date. Percy Wright, Blythevllle attorney, examined the title and proved Ihe abstract. Tlic first loads of dirl required In filling the lol.s to bring them to above street level were dumped on the site by tiic Hughes Construction Co. To stimulate inteiest In Ihc protect, a display of the numerous awards won by tiic Jaycccs tor club and civic activities was set up In a show-window of Joe Isaacs, Inc., department store. At a meeting of the club Monday ntghl James C. Cole was in- iluclod as n lieu' member. It wasn't June in January hero yesterday, but it was nltnnsl October In July as the mercury refused to budge al>ovc Autumn tcm- pci-alurn levels and ([urine IsiUl night (hopped In a chilly low of 51 degrees Chicago, too reported a low of 51. This marked a "low' four degrees belo.v Ihat record during Monday nlghl nnd sent Illylhevllle residenls beneath covers last night No one complained of Ihe heat yesterday, cilhcr, as the temperature reached a feeble hli>h of 70 degrees, according lo Robert E. niaylnck. official wcalhor .observer Last night's 51-dcgrec .low was one of--the lowest temperatures recorded here lor July and Is believed lo be ncar-rocord minimum. It was 1-1 degrees lower than the lowest minimum temperature recorded here during July ol lust year. Harold Harris Members of Ihe Blylhcvllle Hoary club. nu'Cllnij In Holri Noblu ill noon lomorrow will hear HII iiddruss by J. Harold Ilarrh. of' Wynne, governor of the IMln Ro-. Inrl i:islrlcl, U was imnounral today by Phillip Deer, supervisor of Mississippi Counly schools and president of Ihe Blythevllle Ro- larlans. Mr. Harris, while in Elyttiuvllb, will assist Mr. Deer and other of- tlceis of Ihe club on matters iicr- talnlng to club HdinhiisUation. The ISBlh District; which lie heads, h»s (12 clubs. Mr. Harris Is .1 lumber denier anil banker, .nnd'u member of Iho Wynne Rotary Club. Russia Balks < At Conference On Jap Treaty LONDON, July 23. (U.P.)--Tho Moscow Radio announced 'today that Husslii hnd rejected a united Slates proposal for an 11-nation conference on Ihc Japanese peace Ireaty on Aug. 19. Foreign Minister V. M. Mololov's reply to the American propoml for a preliminary meeting on the from Moscow. Molotov churned thai the United Elates, in proposing the conference, had nctcd unilaterally, without consulting Russia. Great nrlt- in or Chhm. The Soviet nolc demanded thr.t the matter be taken up by the Council of Foreign Ministers before any such conference was held. The Russians suggested that the Soviet, and British am r bassadors In Washington, togclhcr with a Unllcd Stales represcnla- tlve deckle on "the earliest possible moment acceptable lo alt the interested governments" to call tho council of ministers Into sc.yftnn lo consider the question o[ the Irealy. A Dutch communique said that IJuk-h troops, after beating back mi Indonesian counteraltack, cap- lured Salallgii, 55 miles'North of Jogjakarta, nnd continued to nd- viince. Another Dutch force, the communique said, was apprbuchinz the capital from the Nortlieas'.. The Dutch were creeping forward on roads lhat flank each side of 0,000-foot Mount Mara'pT,' which stands "as a, great barrier jusl North of Jogjakarta. Unco'n- lirmcd reports 'said the column from Ihc Northwest reached'.'Uei- JniiR, :10 miles from 'Jogjakarta, while the column.for the Northeast was at Ampcl, 26 airline miles from the capital. •••--•:• v'^r The Uiilch communique salct ail, of Easl Java had fallen to tho Dutch. H said Dutch troops'' w ero In numerous coastal towns. In East Java, and Dutch units • from 'ihe NORTH und SOUTH were .closing tocgther to pinch off the casvprn tip of the island n't Its 'narrowest' point. , ' . .--;. , The Southern nun of this. pinccr war, composed of seaborne' troops:! landing at Biunbang in. tho - Jlrst- i mnphlbious. action of the South eoast. / I Dutch lighter planes.slashed Ihe defenders with bombs, rockets nnd • machlnegun bullets. Indonesians Illious and guerrilla tactics to stop the Dutch. . j. • -.- - Indoncnlans had claimed; earlier thai they luiltcci the.; Duleh. at SaliillgH. The Dutch.-force -Ihcro was reporlc'd• spearheaded iby.'Brorr guucarriers ' '- ..."- ;.';:>-'.'-,- . • The Dutch coriimuol4ue'.>rei)ort- cd Netherlands troop* 'also we ,c fanning out ' oyc'r \?fsl<>l'n • ^Java, advancing 60 miles frorrir JBalava. * In till? (stand of . Sumatra; Die Dutcli.werea-eported ,to jmyc, .push- . Dutcli.werea-eported ,to d • 'Jo-'lnrtcs' llfla'ii*. ! he urJclj-i«)^ fields which arc pnr|ly Am*.ricih: owhM. Tlic Incfonesla'ri •'•' ra3lA''.repi}rttcl Indonesian forces attacking' SamfC- rang, the' base of ' thb-i*S.'!r«itch 'columrts • heaae'd' toward ('Jogjakar- ta'."' Tills 1 -was regarded''ns.-a'<dt- vislonary hSove.i a na was; hot :; cx- pected' to'-keep the DutchV-frtim entering Jogjakarta In a weelc br les-s. ' : Jogjakarta lies on a plain which Is readied easily by the two roads over which ihe Dutch columns aie advancing. - - •• Today's Dutch communique said Indonesian resistance had been "sporadic." Dutch - casualties, it said, totaled 17 killed,-23'wounded and three missing. .'.'.'. The communique said that ar> a result of Dutch pamphlets, tils population had remained c»lm ? and the people's minds ..were 'lat rest.'' Tile; .communique . chargied "tha't Hie scorched earth ' policy ' wraith .tile., Indonesians^ have.' said '.they were following' acl'ualiy 'oo.nslited mainly of robbing rich- persons, mostly Chinese, ahd Burning''their property.' '"' "'" The 'Dutch' announced Xndbnea- ans started fires^ in Soekaboerni. where the posl. office"was burned compjeleiy. . '"'.'' Wage-Hour Hearings Delayed Until Next Fall WASHINGTON. July 23. (UPl — A House labor subcommittee loday formally deferred consideration of wage-hour legislalion until next Fall when it will study general revision of the wage-hour act. The subcommittee held hearings on the acl in this session of Congress but dealt only with proposals to Increase the present minimum wage of 40 cents an hour. Next Fall's hearings will be "on a broader scope." A fcssil cactus imcorthed in Utah is estimated to he SO.COJ.COD years bid. H differs little Irom modern viirrio. 1 ;. Blythcvillo, Manila Get High Airport Ratings Blythcvlllc's Municipal Airport and Flceman ricld in Manila fc- celvcd nn "above the average' ral- lug through a survey conducted recently by Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of the 5.000 civilian airports in North America, it was announced loday. Tlie two Mr.vii.'.sippi County Melds were given their high rating' on bails of the salely. service, nnd courtesy code set up by the. orga- ni/alion. the report s'tated. Only •141 fields in North America received this rating. The survey was launched 14 montlis ago by pilots anrt aircraft owners having occasion, to observe it first-hand those conditions nt airports throughout the United Stales, Canada and Mexico. Scoreboards furnished by the organization, were used by the visiting pi-, lots In grading each airport, of the survey and announced the nger for the AOPA. was in charge J. n. Harlranft jr., general man- flual grading. Both the Blythevllle and Manila fields received lop grades by most of Ihc pilots visiting them, Ihe report said. Fire Damages Rug Fire caused by a flare-up In oil cook stove resulted In slight damage to the 1-1;- nnd Iloor benc.ith It this morning At the Andrew kor residence. 101 East Sycamore, Pirn chief Uoy Hend reported. GOP Leaders Ask Probe of Living Costs WASHINGTON. 'July 23. (UP)— Senate Republican leaders loday approved congressional 'investigations of -the homing "shortage and Ihc high cost of -living. These Inquiries were o.mxmg several endorsed by the Senate Republican Policy .Committee. Chfiir- n:ari Rcbert A .Taft.'-TK, O., said, however, that if controversies dc- velop,*,. rto,ne., \ of -. the 1 irwestisr^Ung proposals wfl be permitted to delay, scheduled adjournment of-Congress on Saturday. .- '.,'.,,.'.<• i A Hcuse'Ljibor snbcom nnf tee already' IJ'is Scheduled hearings start- Ing Aug. 4 on "restrictive prac.- ticcs. TT-jCiiopciy and racketeering" in the housing Industry. The housing- resolution approved fcyt the Sefthie TJepublicani'calls -Tor* .-e*tabUslvnent - ot\ • a bpecial House-Senate committee -lo Investigate Tlie need for housing,, the ex- .tcnt to which building shortages have contributed lo the •housing shortage, the reasons for high costs of materials and houses, tho; effect of "archaic building cedes," government housing activities, and Ihc avaUiblllty of 'cap- Hal for construction. Weather ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy.- today, tonight and Thursday. A few scattered showers In extreme ^Vesjt portion today. Slightly warm'fr'in West portion today.

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