The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 22, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 22, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT Hours Also Lengthened . With Work Draft For Women 'WASHINGTON (UP) — with from 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 fewer workers, Germany has maintained peace-time -industrial production since outbreak" of the war by lengthening hours and mechanizing production methods, reports to official government agencies reveal. Pull statistics are not available .but_ the reports said that an; improvement in monthly production was expected, since a larse number of war prisoners and civilian laborers, now engaged in harvesting agricultural crops, soon will be available for industrial pursuits. Approximately 1,000,000 industrial workers were drawn from the oldest and 'youngest age groups, and several hundred thousand war prisoners were used in agriculture. Despite this there were between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 fewer industrial workers than the peace time total. The latest peace time figure was 21,840.000 workers and wage earners on June 30. 1939. Working Hours Longer This, reports showed, was offset by longer hours and rationalization which included particularly mechanization of many production processes, permitting use of unskilled labor and releasing skilled labor- for other, purposes. Production.-' programs have been shifted to harmonize with the present phase of the war, with military operations in the air and on the sea succeeding land operations. The change in the type of warfare enabled dismissal of some but not very large categories of soldiers. • 'Of greater importance was the dismissal of an unknown number BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS of building workers formerly constructing land fortifications. This permitted resumption on a moderate scale of private construction, particularly of residence, and work was resumed on some buildings in Berlin and other large cities. Women Put to Work Conscription of a small number of women' workers continued during the summer, .these recruiLs be- ins used mostly in aviation industries. Building trades were exoecced to receive the labor of 175,000 war prisoners in the fall to augment the 1,000,000 employed during the summer. This figure was believed to be the' 1 maximum the trades could obtain, even with conscription. , French and other prisoners of war were pufr to work during September on Germany's super-automobile highway construction, and observers reported that in general war prisoners and workers from occupied territory are a most important factor in war economy. On June 30, 1939, there were ,21,840,000 workers and wage earners in the Reich. SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Disappointed Fisherman At Last Hooks Bird i THER'MOPOLTS. Wya. (UP) — This is the story of a fisherman who caught a bird. Spec Maret 'fished for hours. No success: not a nibble. Finally lie saw several magpies in the trees above him. So lie cast hook—up into the air. Success: Ho hooked a magpie through the web of the ring. War Raises Beauty Costs CAPE TOWN, South Africa (UP) —Beauty aids are costing South African women considerably more' owing to the war. The recent budget Imposed a 10 per cent tax on cosmetics, and wholesale prices are higher, so that face powder, lipstick and rouge have risen by about 20 per cent. We Must Prepare Our Own Hearts To Receive the Seed of God's Word Text: Luke 8:4-15 BY WILLIAM E. GILKOY, I). D. The title of this lesson, "Attitudes Towards the Gospel Message," rightly interprets the real point and meaning of a great parable that has almost universally been wrongly Titled. This so-called "Par- , O f have been called the "Parable of the Ground," or the "Parable of the Hearer"; for its lesson is not ''Take heed how ye sow," but "Take heed how ye hear." minds is the ground. God has broadcast the seed, very widely, but if our hearts are stony, the 'seed will not take root or produce 1 anything, if the ground of our "hearts Ls shallow, there will be no growth or harvest. But if we take the seed A 20-carat diamond was found in a piece of the great meteorite | that .fell to earth in Arizona and formed Meteor Crater. The parable was a favorite method of Jesus in His*- teaching and preaching. Sometimes today those who read the Gospels seize upon this to point out how simple was the teaching of Jesus, how much it appealed to the people, and how easily it was understood. A keener reading, however, would .show how incorrect this is. The .parables seem simple in their story form, but almost invariably who hoard Josu.s were .somewhat puwsled. The story may have taken hold in their minds, but they did not understand what it meant; so they asked Him again and again to interpret the parable and make Its meaning plain. The Christian truth contained in the Gospel and in the application of the Gospel to life is deep and varied, it cannot always be' made simple. There are things ou»ht to be made so clear that he who runs may read; but there are other things in the Gospel that reveal the fullness and richness of their meaning only through study and meditation and prayer. The way of the Christian life is not morally or spiritually easy. Truth is a quest, and those who would know and understand the truth must be willing to take pains and make sacrifices that they may know and understand. But to get-back to the parable Jesus Interpreted. It is a parable I for hearers. The seed sown is the ' word, but in human hearts and forth fruit manifold. This parable at leasi seems demand plain when we put all the emphasis upon the hearer. To make it a parable of the sower would be to pervert the real truth; for if the .sower considered too much the ground, he might not .sow at all. Or if he watched to see whethf-r every seed were taking root, he might become discouraged. the truth is expressed in the verse of a well-knpwn hymn: "Sow-in-the morning thy seed, at•• eve" hold not thy hand; "To doubt and fear give thou no ear; "Broadcast it o'er the land." It is the fact that the seed of God's truth is so widely broadcast that makes it important that we should carefully consider and prepare the ground of our own hearts. American Counties There are 3070 counties in the United States. Eight of these produce 25 per cent of the total value of manufactures in the country. .They are Cook county, in • Wayne Mich.; New York, N. y. ; Philadelphia, Pa.; Los Angeles', Calif.; Allegheny, Pa.; Cuyahoga, O., and Erie, N. Y. Dead Indian; Population II SHALE CITY, Cal. (UP) -This city, located in the Dead Indian District, is not such a dead Indian as the name of the district indicates, its 11 inhabitants have just made known. They have notified the proper authorities that not a single enumerator came to take the census. A single examination Is not enough for healthy eyes. Even if glasses be fitted", they should be changed occasionally. AC N E ^ ^EXTERNALLY CAUSED •• Clearing-up help aided by germicidal action of Black and White Ointment. Soothes out burn and ? es l f oryoilrmo in cleansing is ? nnri w^if„ &,-.„ J 5 o , . b ' tjac!{ - *•"' vital in cleansing 1 is »onf] So far as .sowing is concerned, soap,get Black and White Skin Soap SUPER QUALITY iJ.M.Rrr.U.S.Pjt.<W. ***** •••» X WnlLI1 " WASHED.DUST-TREATED.WAXOLIZED Guaranteed for Furnace, Stove or Stoker Try Our "Warm-Morning" Sentry Coal tor the New Warm Morning Stoves GAY & BILLINGS, Inc. PHONE 76 Heat and Cook The Easy Way ~ The Florence Way | FLORENCE OIL STOVES LOW FIRST COST... LOW OPERASING COST ~. LASTING SATISFACTION FLORENCE CONSOLE OIL RANGE Here is a practical open front range at an extra low price. It has five burners, three beneath the cooking top and two under the oven. Roomy .cooking top. Accurate oven thermometer.' See the FLORENCE OIL STOVES Before You Buy! Florence Table Top Oil Range One giant and two standard wickless burners. One standard burner at each end of cooking top, the extra-powerful giant burner beneath the oven. Fully insulated oven. Porceltxined oven linings. A beautiful. low-oosC unit. $45 FLORENCE DRIVEN AIR OIL HEATER The built-in electric rotor unit of this super powerful heater maintains a constant and thorough "driven" circulation of warmed and humidified air. It draws warmed air away from the hot inner chamber, and sprays it i n an abundant gentle flow throughout the home. FLORENCE Radiant Oil Heat In this type of healer the body forms t a sealed combustion chamber. Of circular design this model is distinctly designed for utility. The body is of drawn steel with welded top. The draft is operated by an automatic control. This handsome white porcelain model has red. chromium-trimmed handles. Three surface burners, two oven burners. Its extra big oven provides space to cook a whole meal at one time. Smooth paneled front, fold- back top cover. Large utensil storage space. 579 FURINTURE CO "PUTS UBEESr SEU£« ATIO THE HOUSE OF MEAD! No star can be- seen througho^l ;the year at the equator, but eve*] star is visible during a portion If the year. Expert Radio Service Home and Auto Radios All Work Guaranteed Phone 676 Montgomery Ward A Message to Wives! Don 't let the Turkey have all the dressing next Thursday You'll be dressed up for Thanksgiving ... so will the turkey! But how about that man of yours? Wow, if. ever, is the time tor him to dress up! Thanksgiving holidays, home-comings are all just ahead ... and he certainly deserves a new suit and topcoat for all these occasions. HART SCHAFFNER & MABX Drape-Swagger COVER-TONE TOPCOATS He'll look swell in one of our Cover- Tone topcoats . . . the nearest approach to imported coverts we know of. Showerproof . . . never wrinkles when it sprinkles. HART SCHAFFNER & MARX Handsome TRIPLE TEST WORSTEDS Triple Test Worsteds are the standard by which all other fine suits are judged. Each suit must get the seal of approval from a jury of experts who pass upon their quality, style and value. At $37.50 we believe they're the best buy in town. *37 50 As Usual the Best Is Always At MEAD'S 322

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