Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on January 19, 1955 · Page 2
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 2

Lake Charles, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1955
Page 2
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Paoe 2 American Press. Lake Charles, Jan. 19, 1955 State Colony Resignation Brings Rift BATON ROUGE «*-Dissension among board members and wi[h the director of institutions broke into the open yesterday over the resignation of Dr. William Hurder as clinical director of the State Colony and Training School. A subcommittee • will consider ihe resignation later today, but the colony situation soared to a new climax when two board members wrote letters defending the appointment of Willie Kees as full superintendent of the colony. Kees promotion in December led to the resignation of Hurder, who had shared command with Kees at the feebleminded home in Pineville. Gordon Randolph of Colfax, in a letter dated yesterday, said dual authority failed at the co!o- ny because "both men were sold the same bill of goods" and promised command. Institutions Director Dr. Edward Grant, visibly shaken by Handolph's letter, objected to the term "sold the same bill of goods." "This carries a whole train of thought," Grant said, "and would seem to indicate things not done in accordance with your wishes." Contending that the actions of m i tfl ^•'i^S&S^SS®?^^ TJlulktt the bord in the Hurder matter were "clear, terse and to the point," Grant said he would have more to say about Randolph's letter at some othei time. "I don't believe It is wise to say now all that I feel must be said to you regarding these statements and triplications." The letter, along with Dr. Hius der's resignation telegram, was read to the board by a staff assistant. Two other board members, Mrs. Mildred Whitman of Shreveport and Dr. Earl Guina of Pineville, took issue with Randolph's claim that the appointment of Kees was unanimous. Both said they abstained on the final vote but on a prior vote opposed the promotion. Dr. Edwin Zander, board member from New Orleans, asked to have incorporated into the record his letter of Dec. 31 defending the appointment on grounds that Kees was better qualified than Hurder to be administrator. Both Randolph and Zander claimed the hotel meeting that named Kees was "open to the public,", although reporters were cot advised of the new meeting place and had previously been told the board had concluded its regular December meeting at the Capitol. After officially receiving Kur- der's resignation, the board referred it to its mental health sub-committee. The young psychologist and physician said he was unable to take responsibility for the Colony's 1,150 patients without au- thority to carry on a program of training and treatment. Randolph, in his letter, admitted bringing the Kees appointment before the December meeting and maintained that the presence of two lawmakers from Rapides Parish, where the colony is located, was "not injecting politics. ... No one put any pressure on me." Repi. Cecil Blair and JL N. Goff told reporters after the meeting they urged the naming of Kees when both men complained of dual authority. Two weeks ago a group of legislators. In town for the special session, warned a board subcommittee that "politics" at the Colony could endanger the future of all constitutional boards. "The implication of political injection is unfounded," Randolph contended in the letter. "flier* were DO factional Interests at the Dec. 21 meeting." He reminded that Kees bee am* superintendent In July, 1SS2, nearly two years before Hurder and though not a professional man, he was "trained in business administration and old fashioned qualities of tenderness and human kindness." In September. 1SS3, Randolph continued, Kees was "demoted to administrator and I opposed it but was given assurances that he would remain la authority." When Hurder came aloeg. Ran* dolph added, "dual authority did not work. Both men were sold the tame bill of goods. This type of administration tends to confuse the personnel, brings dissension and affects the well being of the patients." Grant rose to his feet slowly, and with tlghtented emotion, urged the board to look into , The first European wttler e« the record and determine who j the site of Boston, the Shaw- was responsible for th« actions. As director, !t was his first open difference with any board mem- bet-. mut Peninsula between Charles River and South Bay, was William Blackstone, an English clergyman. COOKED FINE DINNER GAVE IT TO THE DOG One Lake Charles lady stated that she threw her own dinner to the dog several times She dreaded the sight of food. She was afraid of the miseries of stomach gas. "Oh! those gas pains were almoat unbearable!" she says. Finally, she got SYS-TONE and says she now eats everything In sight. 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