The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 22, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1968
Page 3
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In Search of Issues In search of safe issues, two candidates this week took aim at Internal Revenue Service. This is sheer political poetry. Next to "Communism!" the Internal Revenue Service is the target the candidate may hit again and again without {ear (of losing a vote) or favor. Displays of this sort of courage came from Clyde Andrews, a member of the pack which is seeking the First Congressional District chair, and Marion Crank, who is just about through testing the gubernatorial topsoil and seems to be ready lo tie on his track shoes. Both gentlemen deplored the IRS ruling which negated Arkansas' Act 9 and Amendment 49 industrial bond issue features. In fact there was a lot of gloom around the state after the IRS announced that such bonds in the future no longer will enjoy tax exempt status. This is reason for gloom- However, it is unlikely that either Mr. Andrews or Mr. Crank will have an opportunity to do much about this. Blytheville's delegation to Washington this month was told (by the highest authority) that since the IRS ruling affected (in one way or another) 46 states, and that since the members of Congress of each of these states are unhappy about it, that the chances of corrective legislation are very good. Arkansas is not suffering alone in this. No other state can entice an industry from this on the basis of tax exempt bond financing- However, the tax exempt industrial bond, when used with prudence, is a good thing for the several states and a good thing for American industry because it gives the latter the flexibility to seek its most profitable and productive locations. f tote ". This (Thursday) is Spring? ;"-' Could I please have back that last day - ; of Winter? f : •*• + •*• '• : I would ask your cooperation in think:' ing positively about the weather this year. ;• x We do not want a rerun of 1967 and its silly kilometer of rain. * + * ^ Two women, both sort of up in years, were standing in front of the Ritz Theatre ticket office this week while Valley of the Dolls was showing. "I read the book," one said to the other as they dug into their purses, searching for their money caches, "and it was awful." This was followed by more scratching around in the handbags and, as they came up with the money i "Awful!" And clutching the ticket and headed Bward the door: | "Just AWFUL!" .'•; * * * f' Rodney Banister, an old friend, passed nVay this week. " Heaven will be a bit less grim. * * * Mayor Tommy Little's recovery should have surprised no one who knows him. He's a gutty fighter who has stared down death before. How to lose when playing the publicity game with your neighborhood newspaper guy: "Don't change a word of this and put It on the front page." + * * And speaking of losers: Assuming the Republican National Convention will be In the hands of what the "in" Republicans refer to as The Syndicate, Nelson Rockefeller will be running for exercise. The Syndicate Is from the heartland of America and is still smarting over the fact that the eastern "liberals" took the 1952 nomination from Robert Taft and gave It to Dwight Eisenhower. They'll go Nixon on the first ballot, if possible. Nixon vs. Johnson. Would you buy a used car from these candidates? * * * The major league baseball season will open in the snow as usual and the pro. football camps will open on the Fifth of July, the day after the National Basketball Association teams open their tryouf camps, You ever see a fat NBA player? Ste What 400 games of basketball a year will do for your figure? The Nazis got the same result* at Dachau. -H.A.H. Trust, Confidence Makes a Marriage DEAR ABBY: My husband tnd I have been married for two years and have two adorable babies. Right now he It away in the army. He's been gone five months and this is the first time we have ever been separated. So far I have received 58 letters from him and in each one he tells me how much he loves me, and misses me. And he never fails to say that he is being TRUE to me. I believe him, Abby, but when I tell this to the other wives they laugh at me and say that all men are alike and when they aren't with the one they love, they love the one they're with. This hurts me very much. I would like your honest opinion, Abby. Are all men alike? WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: No. All men are no more alike than all women are. You have proof of that. The "other wives" don't think the same as you, and obviously their husbands haven't inspired the confidence and trust that yours has. But, ioft peddle your good luck, dear. Some people don't like to hear about it. «» DEAR ABBY: My son Rick is not yet 19. A year ago Rick wouldn't even look at a gir!. Last August he started seeing a 17 - year - old girl day and night. At Christmastime he gave her a small diamond, but he s a i d they weren't going to get married for "a long time yet" — which was a relief to me because I thought they were both too young. Well, like a bolt out of the blue, Rick decides he wants to get married now! He asked me to sign for him and I refused. He doesn't have a steady job. Besides, he's got the army breathing down his neck. Now Rick and I aren't speaking. I don't like being on the outs with my own son, Abby. We've always had such a good relationship. What do you advise me to do? UPSET MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: I advise you to start talking to Rick, and encourage him to talk to yon. There may be a very good reason why Rick wants to marry this girl in such a hurry. DEAR ABBY: Will you please set me straight on a problem that has me worried. Could calling a little five- year-old boy "Mary" (just to tease him) leave any lasting emotional scars in later years I'm afraid it might. 75 Vears Ago —In Bfytfieviff* Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Gee, Lloyd Ward, Kemper Bruton, E. M. Regenold and Charles Rose will be in Memphis this week to attend the Ark-Mo Gin- ners convention. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Jackson were hosts for a rehearsal dinner last evening at their home honoring Miss Peggy June Stallings and their son, Charles Robert Jackson. Mrs. W. H. O'Keefe and Mrs. Ray Johnston were guests when Mrs. Frank Seay was hostess to members of the GEO Club for an evening of bridge at her home. My husband calls our little boy "Mary" when he wants to shame him into acting more like a "little man." This hurts the boy so much he goes to his room and cries. My husband tells me that I have no "sense of humor," but I can't see anything funny about this kind of teasing, can you? MRS. B I>EAR MRS. B.: No. Your husband's sense of humor is out of joint. Tell him to think of a more humane nay to make a "little man" of his son. CONFDENTIAL TO "CURIOUS": While a deficiency of physical ardor it no fair measure of a husband's true love, devotion or fidelity, neither is excessive physical ardor proof of it. And that goes double for wives. Everybody has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069 and enclose a stamped, self- addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet "What Teen-Agers Want T« Know," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. ^ Blytheville (Ark.) Courier Newt FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1968 Page SU TflB BHTHEVHUI OODBflSa NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H W. BAINB&. PUBLISHER HARRY A. HAINES AMbwnt Publlsher-Sdittt OEMS AOSMN Advertising Managu •tit Nttlonal Aiwrtliint Representative Wallace Wltmer Co. New Yorft, flhjcago Dotrolt, Atlanta. Me Second-class postage paid &t BljtheviUe. Ark. IlemBK of the Associated Prut SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier in the city ol Blyflie. vine or any au&ul'&an towu where carrier service It nulntalnM 3Sc pet week. $1.50 per month. B; mill within a radius of ft miles. $8.00 per yeai. $5.00 lor rix months. «3.»! for thru months, by mall, outside 5j mllea radius 111.00 oer year payable In advance, M»M subscriptions are not accept. ed In tovha and cities when Thi Course* News carrier s«rvlc« 1> maintained. «*•)' nubscrlptloaa «i* payable In advance. • NOTE: The Courier News attunut responsibility for photographs nmnucrlpt, engravings or mat* left with tt (or posstblt pub.Uea.tiom. FAULTOFIrlE RAVERS ORIHEAIANAfiER? FAULT OF THE MANAGER! be at- . by dick kleiner HOLLYWOOD (NBA) A benevolent by - product of the canceling of Run For Your Life is that maybe we'll be seeing more of Janice Rula from now on. Janice is officially Mrs. Ben Gazzara, and Ben was the star of the NBC series. "I was lighting candles that the show would be canceled," Janice says. "It was too tough on Benny. And we hardly ever saw him." But about that by - product business. Janice says that her own career is subservient to Ben's, so she couldn't take the roles which required her to travel. And most roles do these days. Now she'll be more free. They may even work together some more. Janice says Ben is "a brilliant director and I'm saying that as an actress, not as his wife." And she would like to work with him, and vice versa. "He'd love it," she says, with "He loves being the Big Daddy, but if he wants to be Big Daddy, it's 0. K. with me." Janice says she was offered the lead in "The Beard," a play that has run afoul of the Los Angeles police for its content. She says she teased Ben that she was going to take it, with its red-hot love scene — "and his Sicilian eyes flashed and he said, "Who's going to play the guy?' and then quickly added, 'Maybe I'd better play the guy.'" voice, Madeleine has sung be- leine says, "is sweet but true." Madeleine is that she isn't rec- fore and Sally's voice, ade- One thing that has surprised ognized everywhere she goes. The Doctor Says - by wayne g. brandstadt, m.d. - Q — What causes spastic foil- tis? Does it lead to a peptic ulcer? Is there any connection between spastic and mucous colitis? What is the best breat- ment? Is rest necessary? A — In most victims the cause is a high-strung nervous system with emotional instability. Although high - strung persons often develop a peptic ulcer, the two diseases are not usually seen in the same person. Other causes of colitis include mm WORLD allergies, chronic amsbic dysentery and other intestinal infections and persistent use of laxatives. Other terms used synonymously with spastic colitis include mucous colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. The treatment is difficult because it is' hard to correct the underlying cause. In addition to a bland diet, antispasmodic drugs and avoidance of laxatives, a short course with a tranquilizer may Last fall, I was surprised that the distinguished .Broadway actress, Madeleine Sherwood, had agreed to play the part of the Mother Superior on The Flying Nun. Now that the season is over, I asked her how she took to it. "1 enjoyed It much more than I expected," Madeleine says. "Mostly because I grew to be so fond of Sally Field. I feel a mother - daughter relationship with her, as I do with Jang Fonda. And Sally and Jan« are a lot alike in their drive •nd ambition." Madeleine, Sally and another of the Flying Nun air corps, Marge Redmond, have teamed up to make a record. Marge bai a beautiful, well • trained "S*W be necessary. Although strenuous exercise may, under some circumstances, aggravate your encouraged. Rest is not particularly helpful. Q — I have a bowel movement every time I finish, a meal. What causes this? A — Eating a meal Is a natural stimulus to the entire digestive tract. In most persons this results in a bowel mve- ment within an hour after finishing breakfast. When the stimulus is strong enough to cause a movement within a few minutes after every meal, the vic- time usually has an irritable colon. Q — I have four or five loose stools a day. My doctor prescribed paregoric which helps but the condition returns when I stop taking the medicine. What should I do? A — Paregoric is a very valuable drug for slowing the movements of the digestive tract but it is not advised for the treatment of chronic colitis. You should, consult a specialist tat gastrointestinal diseases. Q'- Will diarrhea eventually stop'by itself? A — Only if the cause is removed. The acute diarrhea of food poisoning is usually self- limited but the chronic diarrhea of mucous colitis requires expert treatment to bring it Under control. Q — I have had several attacks of spastic colitis. My doctor is giving me Combid, What is it for? A - This drug is a combination of a tranquilizer and a antispasmodic that is w i d e 1 y used in the treatment ol digestive disorders. When used under medical supervision It li 1 iaf«. " •.••.•.••••.;.••' She attributes that to the fad that her hair is hidden in tin ahow's costume. "Whenever my ego needs a boost," she says, "I put a scarf on my head and go out — and then I'm recognized." Ken Berry te set to 'star to Mayberry RFD next fall, a spin off from The Andy Griffith Show. That's fine with Ken — he needs the money. "I'm saddled with a bad Investment," Ken says. "I put 8 lot of money in a coin-operated dry - cleaning place and it keeps losing money and I can't get anybody to buy it. So I keep pouring more money Into it, and into the laundry next door which'my father owns." Berry says he won't use a rural accent on Mayherry RFD — and, he says, if you stop to think about it, there were several of the Griffith regulars (Don Knotts, Frances Bavier) who were accenfless, too. What Berry would most like to do is musicals — he started Out as a dancer — but "there's not much call for hoofers, and that's basically what I am." . Maybe tie could do a musical about a coin - operated dry- cleaning place and kill two birds with one overture. Nev«r Anothtr Egg WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) Louis Menocal, 19, a freshman at Harvard University, ate 50 eggs in SO minutes Thursday. Egged on by about 35 Wellesley College girls, he said he downed the eggs to pay off a debt to a Wellesley,girl. Menocal .ate his first egg raw, switched to eggs fried, scrambled or boiled, then ate the last five r \ ' "I v> ,il never eat another egg for the rest of my life," he said. Wolves at Door DALLAS, Tex. (AP) '± Dallas County commissioners have taken steps to keep the wolf from the door, Commissioners said Thursday they will pay a wolf trapper tjso per month for nine months to deal with the pesky critters,

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