The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 18, 1950 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 18, 1950
Page 10
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PAGE TBK BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 18, 1050 Navy to Allow Airmen to Talk * ;To Press Today ; Two Captured Fliers Arrive in Hawaii But 'Aloha Curtain' Falls PEARL HARBOR. May 18. TAP) — The Navy promised to lift ill Aloha curtain today and lot two American airmen tell the story of their 18 montiis as Communist- prLsoners. The airmen— Marine Master Sgl. Elmer C. Bender of Cincinnati and Navy Chief Electrician'.'. Male William C. Smith ol lying Beach, Calif. —arrived here Tuesday night after a 5.000 mile rash (light from China, For eight minutes the Navy permitted photographers' flashbulbs to pop. But it wouldn't allow newsmen ctase enough even to ask Smith where he got his Hawaiian shirt. Then it dropped the Aloha curtain. That's the Hawaiian style "iron curtain" but composed only of goodwill, the Navy said. "What we're doins now is frying to untangle everything," a Navy spokesman explained. "So when they hit the mainland, we cin tell them, 'Boys, have a good time. You are on your osvn.' " In Strange Category "As military personnel, [hey are in a very strange category," the spokesman said. He explained that Smith and Bender, when they landed in Red territory Oct. 19, 1948, on a flight from T.singtao, were attached to the U.S. Wast Pacific Fleet. This fleet no longer exists. The Navy had to find uniforms find figure out how much back pay and leave was due. A .spokesman said the pay would total between $3,000 and M.OOO each. And otters for their story— from magazine. 1 ;, television, movies and feature syndicates—swelled to JIOO.OOO. Mainland newsmen Jangled Pearl Harbor telephones much of yesterday .seeking interviews. The Aloha curtain was drawn tight. A Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter brought out a personal message from Smith's wife. He was nob permitted to deliver It. In Chicago, Bender's wife. Shir-. ley, said she tried to call her husband from a radio show but the Navy would not put it through. The two were released May 3 In Tsingtao. The Communists said emith and Bender finally had "confessed" to spying, Mist-ria! Declared In Murder Cose PARAGOULD. Ark., May 18. Wt— A mistrial has been declared in the case of a 19-year-old farm youth charged with slaying his father. The circuit court Jury which heard the trial of Daniel Monroe Scott on a charge of murder reported yesterday it was unable to agree on a verdict. Judge Charles w. Light discharged the Jury. Scott was allowed to remain at liberty on bond. No date •was set for a second trial. Scott testified he shot his father, W. B. Scott, 50, last June 8 because he feared the older man. The father was killed as he operated i tractor on his farm. FRANCHISE ORDINANCE NO. ill AN ORDINANCE TO BE ENTITLE!): "AN ORDINANCE OF THE CITY COUNCIL OP THE CITY OP E THEVILLE. MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. GRANTING TO THE ARKANSAS - MISSOURI POWER COMPANY, A CORPORATION, THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT AND PRIVILEGE AND FRANCHISE TO LAY GAS MAINS ALONG THE STREETS, AV&N- UES, ALLEYS, ROADS AND HIGHWAYS AND OTHER PUB LIC PLACES OP THE CITY, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DISTRIBUTING AND SELLING NATURAL GAS TO THE-INHABITANTS OF SAID CITY AND TO OTHERS. AND ALSO THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO LAY PIPE LINKS IN THE STREETS. ALLEYS, AVENUES. HIGHWAYS, ROADS AND OTKER PUBLIC PLACES AND GROUNDS OF SAID CITY FOR THE PURPOSE OF CONVEYING NATURAL GAS THROUGH AND OF SAID CITY FOR DISTRIBUTION OF NATURAL GAS TO THE INHABITANTS OP SAID CITY AND TO OTHERS BEYOND THE LIMITS OF SAID CITY, FOP, DOMESTIC, COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL PURPOSES. AND PROVIDING THE REGULATION FOR THE CONDUCT OP SAID HAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM, AND OTHER PURPOSES." BE IT ORDAINED BY TBE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. That the city of Blytheville, subject to the terms, conditions and stipulations mentioned in thU ordinance, consents and the exclusive right, permission and franchise ts hereby given to the Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, a corporation organized and existing pursuant to the laws of the State ot Arkansas, Grantee, and to il.s succesors, lessees, and assigns to lay, co'nstmcl, equip, operate, repair and maintain a system of ga.s mains, pipes, conduits, and feeders for the purpose of supplying and distributing natural gals for light, fuel, power, and heat and for any other purpose, to the residents or Inhabitants of the said City, as rap- Idly as the said Company, Grantee herein, shall find It practicable to do . so: and further, the exclusive right to lay, construct, operate and maintain a system of gas mains, pipe llne.s, pipe conduits and feeders and the necessary attachments, connections, fixtures and appurtenances for the purpose of conveying, conducting or distributing natural gas from any point beyond said City limits in order to enable the said Grantee to distribute and sell natural gas to the said City and to the residents or inhabitants thereof, and lo others. SECTION 2. The Grantee herein Ls expressly given the exclusive permit (subject to the provLso hereinafter contained) to the streets, avenues, roads, highways, alleys, sidewalks and other public places, as now laid out, or hereafter to be established, for the purpose of laying ga.s mains, pipe lines, conduits and feeders, and the necessary attachments, fixtures, connections and appurtenances for the purpose of conveying or conducting natural gas from any point within ,he said City or to any print be- •ond the city limits of the said City r lo any other point, through and beyond the city limits ol said City, and to operate and maintain a sys- ,cm of pipe lines, pipes, conduits, 'eeders and the necessary attachments, connections, fixtures and appurtenances for the distribution of natural gas within said City to serve the said City and the residents and Inhabitants thereof, and others; provided, however, that where alleys are accessible for lay- ng mains and pipes, the City shall have the right to require that the mains and pipes shall be laid In he alleys instead of the streets, and plans lor laying mains must be submitted to the Council or spcclal- .y appointed representatives before final designation is made. SECTION 3. Subject to the proviso in Section 2 hereof, the main pipes of the Grantee may be laid in the highways, roads, streets, avenues, alleys and other public places as now laid out or as the same shall hercaltcr ue established, and when laid In highways, roads, avenues, streets, alleys, and other public places, same shall be laid in accordance with the -lines and grades now established or hrrenlt- er to be established by the City, provided that such main pipes and service pipes be laid at the minimum depth of eighteen Inches below the grade of streets, alleys or ditches. SECTION 4. In the opening and refilling of nil openings made by the Grantee, it shall relay the pavements nnd dp all other work necessary to complete restoration of the streets, sidewalks or grounds to the condition equally as good as when, disturbed; and when the Grantee shall open any ground in said City for the purpose of laying any gas pipe or for any other purpose whatsoever, the Grantee shall open no more space at any one time, or at any one place, nor keep tho same open any longer thi hLs necessary to properly execute the work for which same shall have been opened; and it is especially required that in all cases where work requires the exercise of skill, as the laying or relaying ol pavements en sidewalks, the Grantee shall emploj skilled workmen familiar with the execution of such work. Whenever deemed necessary by the proper authorities it shall have the right to construed In such manner «s to in any manner abridge the right o! the City lo pass and enforce the necessary police regulations for the purpose of protecting the citizens of said City and their property and (he property of the Grantee. Grantee shall «t all times keep and display the necessary danger signals and proper guards around all excavations and obstructions, and shall keep sufficient space In good condition for the travel of vehicles on at least one side o! all excavations and obstruction;, and shall as .soon as practicable restore nil opening* on the highway, road, street, avenue, alley nnd other public places lo condition equally as cood a.s before satd openings or obstructions were made. SECTION 6. The Grantee shall do no injury to any highway, road, street, avrnue ,alley, ]anc, bridge, stream or water course, park or public place, nor In any manner disturb or Interfere unneccsarlly electric lines, nor with any public- or private sewer or dralrage system, or water lines, now or hereafter laid or constructed by the said City or by any authorized person or corporation, but no electric conduits or sciver or water pipes shall be so bid as to interfere unnecessarily with any gas main or pipes which shall have been laid prior (o the >ime of laying such electric conduits, .sewer or water plpe.s. The agreements are lo conform with (he state laws and regulations governing same. SECTION 8. Tlie Grantee «hall make, own and'maintain all necessary connections with its mains, lay pipe to curb line, or to point on or near property line where no curb line has been determined, and may at its option install a .service cock and box. Grantee will al-.o designate location of, set and own the meter, but all other piping, connections and appliances for the purpose of utilizing ga.s shall be furnished and'Installed by (lie house owner, or consumer, at his risk and expense. The Grantee slmil have the right to make and enforce as a part of the conditions under which It will supply natural pas for power, litiht, not inconsistent with law and the provisions of this' franchise. SECTION 9. The Grantee shall furnish promptly to the proper authorities any and all information which may be asked for by them In regard to the size, location or rteptlis of any of the pipes, mains, conrtuits or service pipes, in any form v-'hat-oever, and any other information in regard to Il.s occupation of roads, highways, streets, avenues or public grounds of said City, which they may demand. Whenever the word Grantee occurs in this ordinance, it shall mean nnd it sh"il be understood to be the Grant-e. shall fully indemnity and i Arkansas-Missouri Power Ccinyiany. save harmless the City from nny nnd all claims for damages for which said City shall or mi'^liL be made or become liable by reason of the granting of thus franchise, or nny negligence or carelessness on the part of said Grantee, or because of any act or omission of the Granlee In the construction and operation of Its system of mains and pipes. SECTION 7. Tlie Grantee shall supply natural ga.s vmdcr the terms and conditions herein specified to all applicants not in arrears for any bills for natural gas, service, pipes, appliances, or other things, owning or occupying premises on or nbul- tlng the streets, avenues, or other public places In which such gas mains or conduil.s are laid. The Grantee shall have the right to require a written agreement with all applicants for natural gas. The rate or rates to be charged for natural gas. according lo Section 15 hereof, the minimum monthly bill, the meter connection, moving or other charge, the amount of the mmcdiatc deposit, the terms and ndillons under which natural gas to be served the Individual appli- nt. and other things shall be de- rmintd by sur.h agreement. Such designate Its engineer or other per- .to superintend and supervise, the refilling of the highways streels. avenues, roads, alleys cither public places, and the relaying or refilling of the sidewalks nnc pnvcmcnts. all of the repair and replacement of pavement, sidewalks and other grounds disturbed for the laying of the said pipes, ahal be r»t the expense of the Grantee. SECTION 5. No fees or chnrgc- ol any kind shall be vipon thc Grantee or upon any successors or 'upon any consumer of natura gas for the breaking or opening o nny highway, street, road, avenue alley ,or other public places, or fo the laying of any main, service pip or other connections therein, cxcep a.s provided herein. Nothing In this franchise shall b Are Termites Ruining Your Property? Government statistics say (hat Tcrmile damage was second only lo fire in the United Slates. \Ve will make an inspection and give you an eslimalc, if needed, without cost. Our work is licensed by (he Arkansas Slate Plant Hoard—we have 12 years of experience to guarantee you satisfaction. • FREE INSPECTION • SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. H. C. Bliinkcnship L. J. Xeller 309 East Kentucky Phone 2350 or 3579 Its successors, lessees, or nsslgns, nnrl whenever the words "authori- •s" or "proper Euilhrjritics" occur in this franchise they shall mean and -shall be understood to mean the authorized officer or officers, committee or board representing the City of Blythevillc Mississippi County. Arkansas, or Grantor. . SECTION lu. This franchise shall take effect and continue and remain in force perpetually as provided in Section 44 ol "Public Utilities Act of 1935", Acts of the State of Arkansas, amended from as same may hi time to time, and upon the written acceptance by the Grantee ot the terms and conditions of this franchise. SECTION 11. Be it further or dained that the Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, Grantee. shal have 12 months from the final passage, approval and publication of this ordinance, and not longer. In vhich to begin the act'jal laying of pipe lines and laterals for the distribution of natural ga.s in said City, a failure on the part of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company, Grantee, to comply with the tore- going provisions of this section as to the time in which to bej;in the work shall render null and void this ordinance; !t Ls further provided however, that upon a showing by the Grantee, that the actual laying of pipe lines and laterals for the. distribution of natural ?as In satd City has been delayed due to the Grantee's Inability to secure necessary pipe or other materials, or due to acts of God, the period allowed above shall be automatically extended for an additional period of six <6) months. It is furiher provided that the City Council may at the end of the six months extension give Granlee additional time which to begin construction If the City Council deems that such •xtcnsion of lime should be granted. SECTION 12. Grantee shall pay, and In consideration of the granting f this franchise agrees to pay, to the City a.s a franchise tax and compensation for the rights and wivilcges enjoyed hereunder, the following amounts: 1. MOO per year tor each year after May 16, 1950. through and Including the year ending May 16, 1955. payable annually. 2. One per cent (1%) of Its gross revenues received from the sale of gas to domestic and commercial consumers (revenues from Industrial consumers being specifically excluded) within the limits of the City for the live (5) year period Irom May 16, 1955, to May 16, 1960, payable monthly. 3. After May 16. 1360, two per cent {2^) of its gross revenues received from the sale of gns lo domestic and commercial consumers (revenues from industrial consumers being specifically excluded) withir the limits of the City, payable monthly. Such payments shall be in lieu ol all other franchise licenses or occupation taxes which may be levied or attempted to be levied by said City for said gas business. Upon request of City, Grantee shall make available for examination by duly au thorized representatives of City the necessary records to determine the payments made hereunder. SECTION 13. Said Grantee shall have the full right and power lo assign (o any other person or persons, co-partnership, firm or corporation, any and all rights conferred upon It by the terms of this ordinance, after it has Installed, erected and ouill a gas distribution system. Any assignee of the rights of the Grantee herein, by accepting such assignment, shall thereby become subject to all of the terms, conditions and provisions of this ordinance; anti in the event of any assignment by said Grantee of the rights hereby conferred upon it, such assignment, shall be In writing and a duly authenticated copy thereof shall be 'i'«i In the oflice ol the Clerk of said City of Blytheville, Arkansas. SECTION 14. The Grantee shall maintain sufficient, suitable and adequate pressure of gas in its mains, svhcre the service line lo consumer attaches to the Grantee's main or pipe line In a street, or alley adjacent to such consumer's property line, for domestic, commercial and industrial users. SECTION 15. Be it further ordained that, the rates charged and tile Rules and Regulations unaer which service is to be supplied, per Section ^ above, for domestic, commercial and industrial consumption of natural gas shall be reasonable and as may be approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission or tt'e Commission or Rcgulntory Body then having jurisdiction over the rales of public utilities operating in tne stale oi Arkansas, as Ls now provided by the "Public Utilities Act of 1935." amended by Acl 252 of the Acts of the State of Arkansas of 1045 or as same may be further amended from time to time. SECTION 16. If any section, par- agraps, .subdivision, clause, phrase or provision of this ordinance shal be adjudged invalid or unconstitutional, the same shall not af-, feet the validity of this ordinance as a whole, or any part or provision other than the part so decided to be Invalid or unconstitutional. ANHYDROUS AMMONIA Don't take leas than the best! 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Malln, City Recorder Approved by me this 18 day of May, 1950. S! Doyle Henderson Mayor ot tlie City of Blytheville, Arkansas \ The Arkansas-Missouri Power Company, a corporation, Grantee, hereby accepts the above franchL;e subject to the therein. terms and conditions contained therein. Dated this 16 day of May, 1050, ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWSP, COMPANY, A CORPORATIClfPr GRANTEE S,By Jas. Hill Jr., President PLD $TAGG ^Straight Kentucky Bourbon in all Us Glory! ^Naturally a finer / drink > Never v Sold until \ Four (^JH) i'ears Old! Anil it's only $1.67 $194 **4-5 QL iPinl $450 I v, ft. Si PSBOf. HKIIICKT SIIAIHI lOUJBQH HHISKEl. IKE SMS DISlllUNB OH.. FMHKFOH. UKIIIttt. AMMONIA FERTILIZER EQUIPMENT 1,000-GalUm Storage Tanks with al! hose and fillings $497.50 Two. * 267 5 Q 297.50 BarksdaleMfg.Co. South Broadway Phone 2911 GASOLINE — TRACTOR FUEL — KEROSENE FUEL OIL — DIESEL FUEL OIL & GREASE G. O. POETZ OIL CO. 2089—Phone—2089 Office: 116'W. 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