The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 21, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BIATIIEVILLE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JULY 2\, 'Good faith' Stressed in Rent Contract ' "Do's and Don'ts" for the guidance of landlords and tenants who are considering voluntary lease agreement* increasing rents up to, but hot more than, 15 per cent were outlined today by Ai^n Rent Director Chester A. Cunningham. The rent dlrecto rstessed that rents cannot be inlsed by lease agreement, unless nil requirement's are satisfied. All leases must he filed with the rent office. Each will be examined carefully. Leases which fall'"short of meeting requirements, or which contain evasive clauses, must be rejected, tmd any increased . rent pnid by the tenant must be returned to him, Mr. Cunningham listed the following "Do's": (1) Bear in mind that the law says leases arc to be signed by landlord" and tenant "voluntarily, and Jn good faith." No tenant can be evicted for refusing to sign a lease. (2) Put the lease In writing Rents cannot be raised by ornl agreement. (3) See that the increase is . no more than 15 per cent of the renl in effect at the time of signing. It may be less. (4) Be sure that the lease is executed (that, is, signed by boll landlord and tenant) by Decembei 31, 1941. (5) Remember that at the earlics the lease must not run out befor January 1, 1949. (6) If you are the landlord, fil ti signed copy of the lease wit! the rent office within 15 days afte . the date of execution (signing), 1 you and your tenant sign at dif Moscow Watches the Moskvichs Go By 3*.-..., The Mcishvich inidfM car rolls off the nsscmhly line In a newly Iniill plant In Moscow. The all- mot.-il limousine, shown above, j'.els 30 miles lu the Kallon and <!cvc!o])s speeds of approximately 5G miles per hour. The USSR factory pl;:ns to build -10.000 of llic ears annually by 11)50. fercnt time's, the Inter Untc Is the date of cxi'eiilion. (7) If you arc the landlord. Din three' copies of n Registration of Lease foiiii ;tt the time you til 1 -' a signed rony »t' I lie lease. Get lite registration foitns at the rent office. Slot Mac/irncs Seized DEflTHoF 6$ij SiiMct © byHilda Lo'ircnce; Dill rib \v:iy said lod:iy. "We have cotton lid of the .slot maeliincs mid there will he no more: Installed In I'uhiski County," Dim- away said. '•Unless 1 cliniiBo my mtiul I j won't file cluuws In the eases In j question." lie aeleled. ( Dun:uv:iy'.s statement came after one of the three establishments, the PINE HI.HIT. Ark.. July 21. iUi» nettle Hock Veterans of ForeiRii (UP) — There *1U he no chni'BCs j Wars r«M No. It, was .suspended by tiled follouiim the confiscation of j<| 10 stale Department fen- pernuUii)!? six slot machines in three Little [) K . usv of slot machines in its Rock establishments Wednesday, I clubrooni. Pnlaski prosecutor Edwin Duna-I . I "Mark Kiisl. And I onl/ want to know if the Miss Miller who ! died is the same Miss Miller u fiicud of mine used to know." Mrs. Casliman v.-as not confused, for your friend's sake: 1 hope not " ;;he said. "I didn't sec her 1 ' that mask lc.i by tSERVlCC. IMC. Till-: STOHY t«ll» her frlrnil, pr Mnrlt r.nKl, nlinut • Uplloftril Nllll'lllt* Uti lilt* ilrt«'fllvi' Itiith MEIIi-r's - >*1orlr »nil :• » . xv D R. KLOPPEL had washed only half the leaves of his rubber , plant and wanted to finish the job. He clung to his white enamel basin and petulantly soaked and squeezed his sponge. "It you want to know the kind ct doctor 1 am," he said, "slop any man, woman, or child on this Street." ; "I'm afraid you misunderstand,' •Mark said. "I'm perfectly conn- dent—" "I'm an old man and I have al *tte money I need. I don't iiecc 'Hope House. I go there once i 'ivrnck because those women iieg 'lert themselves and I believe ii {charity. I charge 50 cents a cal snrt sometimes give the medicine k avfny. I live alone except for i housekeeper who's gone arounc :th? corner to find me a chop for •lunch. Now if yon still nucstioi my integrity or diagnosis—" '.' ."But I don't," Mark insisted fl'm simply trying to trace th girl's origin. I thought you could holp me." "!l can't.. I never saw her befor -ihif night. I never saw lior alive. She was dead on arrival." "So I understand. Was there post-mortem?" "There was a broken neck, seemed sufficient." Dr. Kloppe put his basin on the mantel an sighed. "Who told you to com here?" "Nobody. I read about the cas in the papers and got the idc she might be the friend of a frien p£ mine." Dr. Kloppel raised one bush white eyebrow. "1 haven't got th time or inclination to argue tha tut you needn't think 1 believe i If you still want to play, go to 11 omim! house next door and ask Mrs. Cashman. She found Ihc ody, or her dog did. But keep wly from Hope House. 1 want play poker tonight." For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash Sh face because she; had on but I'm told it was pulp. M Kasl, I like I" died. There wa.i Ibis bvindh' of rags 1 thought it was, lying in a puddle, mid Ihero was Brother riding up. I might have Unown lie didn't have no bone. So 1 got down to look. Yon should have heard me «'.V- r C)U'RK ;c very brave woman, -^ l.'.l-s. Ciishman," Walk \vhis- ARK found himself on the sidewalk, grinning nt the rloir- or's neat brass plate. Martin ulher Kloppel, M.». Hobcrln •onlcl like the doctor. lie looked at Ihe house next pored. .001-. A card in the clean, fern- "Why, thanks Mrs. Cashman illcd window safd "Vacancies." howled. "You'd he loo. Iheies Vhile he stood there, try ing '.o | really nothing _lo it- Do you lliniK nuke up his mind, a small, neat voman with a while poodle caiv.c lown the street and started up he slops. Mrs. Cafibman?" nd 1 ;" She nodded, and her round eyes 'listened. "I've just come from Dr. Klon- pol's. He thinks you and I might lave a little talk." lie wondered why Mrs. Cashman braced herself before she spoke, but he didn't vondcr long. No one, tint even "Mrs. Cashman herself, could hear er voice without an involuntary cringe. : Surc we'll talk," Mrs. Cashman said. "If Kloppel says so, we will. own my house and he owns his •met all his friends arc mine. What do you want to know 1 ?" .He told her in a whisper, hopi'lR to coax her voice to Ihe Icvci of Ills, but the poor woman had been born that way. This is the very doit." Mr::. Cashmau catcrwaulrd, inching the animal forward with a tiny, immaculate shoe. "It was minim; was your friend's frien "I don't know. I haven't much In no on, but when 1 heard thut a l named — " \ '•liulh Miller. Stic wasn't very I popular; you'll have to excuse that, Init trulli's truth. While I was wailini: for the police — 1 hail to wait, I know the law — I was talking to oiur of the Hope House girls. She was I ho first to reach the scene after inc. And we kept each other company. Well, she didn't know who it was on account of the mask, and she kept saying to hcrsslf 'It's nobody 1 know, it's nobody I know,' like that. Then everybody else canic and they had a terrible time deciding who it was. Awful, huh? And Kloppcl cut the mask off and slill they didn't know. But they found orl somehow when the police i;ol there, they've fcol ways of tell in!!, and that's when I heard (he talk. No, she wasn't popular. She was menial, poor soul, and didn't cure to live. I'm i.orry for you and your friend." I "I wonder if you could Icll mo of the rjirl you talked Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba pitchforks but Brother and I lake 1 tlio name of the rjir our walk regardless. We wanted a | lo?"_ Mark aAcd ; ^ bottle of ale before the delicatessen closed. Well, around the corner by Hope HOMSC, Brother yot away and 1 thought he was after garbage. Big garbage at Hope House on account of so many eating, and he sometimes finds a hone. Well, sir — say, you never told me your name and that's not fair." Jewel. Jc'wcl Schwab. She works there. I'd t;iko you around myself but Bi'olhrr \von't p,(i noar the place. We have to EO two hlocks out of our way to Ket the nlc now. Tell Jewel 1 said it w;is :ill riRht to talk to you. Any friend o£ Kloppcl's—" (To lie Coiiliuucil) ll ' i * 1 COM- 19*7 BY KE* SEBtflCE, INC. T. H. REG. U. 0. PAT. OfF. 7-2 Although ulycerine Is one ol Hi" best-known .solvenst, some of Its chemical combinations are PMC,- tically insoluble. A newly developed method of iiKiiiiilnctiirlni; prolein fibers promises a synthetic raciilr better than beefsteak. Club 61 Hlythcvllle. Arkansas Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Pirties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Red) Bickcrstuff and George For Kescrviilions Telephone !i44 F.^rd "Dad, don't you think you'd better increase my allowance? If a holdup man ever caught me with this, he'd be so mad ho might shoot me!" fREOKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MEUdULL BLOSSER . Time Out I(LF THAT ISM'FA i I UON \ve HEAR. GATEWOOD GROCERY I Phone 975J Ark.-Mo. Slate Line • on the left at the Arch Vi ri. 7 Crown .............. 1.35 Calvcrt ............. 1.35 Schenley ............. 1.35 Cream of Kentucky ...: 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ............ " Four Roses ........... 5% Beer GAS, reg rt. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 *».15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6-90 4.50 17.9c;. per Case $3.35 Etnyl 19.9e •All Brands Gigar6fs,ctn.$1.35 j Chornblin Soles Co., Inc. Sales SUuleljakcr Service JUST BETWEEN! YOU AND ME, THE EXCITEMENT DID THE RX1CS GOOD. 'ESCAPED LIOM," INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection B Accident & Health f) Ho.spitalization • Fire • Automobile • Liability 0 JUirglitry • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety I'oiuls 9 Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Chiirlcs O. Illltncr-W. M. CUIUI Wil^o] r\ OLD LVr-u G6VEC..SLOW6R.M j A SMAIl- FOB. FO.3.TY First by Far With a Postwar Car Modern lime-savinj;; louts arc provided for our trained mechanic;;. They use their skill and the correct tools to five you better .service. We repair nil makes of cars and trucks. Guaranteed Used Cars ]!)IO Fonl Super 2-cl(ic» Iflll Plymouth 2-clocr roll Plymouth -l-clour 1010 routine in Hi Chevrolet ! : i t'.in I'ickup 1!)IG (151C <•'. ton 1'irkup If) 15 Dmlstc'/i Ton rick up 1911 Clicvrclet !i tun I'ickup I.cits of OlluT.s (o Select From CHAMBL1N SALES COMPANY Your Studobakcr Dealer "First by Tar ^Vith a Postwar Car." Bill Chamblin —Illl & Ash St., I'honc 21D3— Lex Cliambl'n WASH TUBES rpne. KMUK! S ,VC.& LE(\RH THIXT ^OOMTZ vasf HNJE ^PMNTED IHE HSINGLE BftBS ^8OUT TV1E TIME HE USEP TUBS 1NFIXNT 6USTEB. FOK. !> ' NOTH |5-f£-_ / "faO H 1 &.FTEP WL THESE SEftR.^ I ^il; I RET OLE KOOMT1 AINT POSITIVE WWtrt W : V B^BM PO ED FEiJ. WHICH PKHLEE' J^ r —^^-^ Ik'iiutiftii RY f-BSLIW TUKNEI / t .X OH omjine 1 \< ,. EBABV \SO\MV HE COULObEEl U SMlHOUT A't WNTTURHCP I TH \\Eftei\N IcAK. ON H16 LTTLE BS 0 THOSE S!N6!BSCOttViERClM.r ' VH'. BUTirWM'T "V IT'S WORTH ' W POU&H.WV! TESIN". Hc'O (il 10 EE ON W R(\OIL) UVCE WS LITTLE HEPiRTS SET ON i LE^M WOMTZ'S frPPRtSS W ItR. PAPP'S OFFICE.. THEN WE'LLCMt Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoopie Out Our Way By J. R. Williams RED RYDER Technical Knockout AEOUSJO MPCTCUES WITH AT GO AtftMV ROfcS STILL OOT AVUD PIES iri MY -••- ANYBODY VOO OOTA UP TUf- \_AV-! ,PilCv\ess/ FOSLIC SUILDlfOGS !>• 3 To tt'.S LOWES Ky EDGAK MAKXII* L-.l-..^DY2Jv:«= •"•;-•• C-"'vi' \<'~A I IS-' 1 ! L-'-S's-T-'-V-'Or I--5 / KICK -ii-RE" -u.vxr, Cftoe-r- •/ A=K?O ?<i To tt < "'v>^Jf-"> •^^,^.' M.LEY OOP Yeah? A Wreck? By V. T. HAM LIN iVIC FLINT f YCK, I Know Him "BY ancHAKi, O'MALLKY and >{ALPU T.ANE 'JiSVcOf >!:r,\.' Ht 7 (!i.' :.OEOOv Eli Wti iiiArc ivAlKfoV E t'.OJiO ! AH, YES.THE MINIONS OF T,IE l,\VV WERE ATlEf,VPTIHG TO RAIL- CO.VD All INIiOCEUT CLIENT Of- iV.lfiE. I WORKED ON A CAM IN WHICH fi'.S. BW-VilT-- BETTER HE- EK,:F'—WAS INTERESTED WlitN I WAS ON THE rosCE BEFORE THE WAR. THAT WAS JUST BCf ORt YOU V/ERE L THEM (SCW5XINS- V.H-CE'D XT- GtT CLOTH LIKE TH\T BOOTS AND ITTiR BUDDIES 1'uz/lcd By FRED HARM AN L^-xj^~—:

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