The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 7, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 7, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII. NO. 302 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION Ulytheville Courier, Blythevilie Herahj,_ BlythevUle Daily Ne-vs, Mississippi Valley Loader. HI.YTIIRVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, J1AKCII 7, 1931 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS to Death In olina Prison Camp PERISH US FIHE GUIS S Flames Halt Rescue Efforts! After Rescue of 41 Pris-l oners. KENANSVILLE. N. C., March 1 (UP)—Eleven negro convicts were burned lo dcalh early today at (he Ounklin county prison camp en the Wilmington-Kenansville; highway several miles south ofj here. There were 52 in the stock- 1 adc. Guards and citizens rescued 41 of them before the raging blaze halted their activities. Of the 41 men rescued 11 were white ami! 30 were negroes. Cries of horror and pleas for help rent the <|ir]y morning air as tljc conflagration" swept through Hie ramp. The alarm was sound-, ul by Camp Superintendent John Ec=.l. who used the only telephone av:iilab!e to summon alrt here. Guards Immediately turned out every convict they could, but the heat was so terrific they could not reach the 11 remaining negroes. A greater twrlion of Kc-nans- Nevada House Passes Six Week Divorce Bill CARSON CITY. Nev., March 7. (UP)— Divorces granted alter six weeks residence, with the time 'passing swlltly by reason of "wide open" gambling laws and prohibition enforcement reduced to the vanishing point, were In prospect for Nevada today. , Tlie new six weeks divorce bill, cutting in half the residence. |>eriod required by the existing Nevada law, n^soiiated its first hurdle by passing the lower house of the state legislature. GREAT LiBUt OF H Tomorrow His Birthday ,ge Has Not Dimmed Keen Mind of Justice' r Oliver Wendell Holmes. Mrs. Bader Elected Chap-! lev Chairman; Defer Se-' lection of Secretary. Roy Walton, who has been chairman of the Chlckisawba district chapter of the American Red Cress for a number of years, submitted vi!!c population rushed from their. his resignation at a" meeting of th: teds In Ihc (!arl: to the camp to; ^^4 of directors last night, and nld in the rescue work. The flre fcrcke out at 2 A. M. Mrs. J. W. Bader was elected to succeed him. Mr. Walton explained to the I board that he was unable to give I the time required of the president. He was . elected treasurer of the chapter. ; --'•«.( • Taf board deferred-action on the selection' of an executive secretary to succeed Ntrs. Ethel \Vilspn. A resolution was' adopted authorizing officers of the /chapter to get in touch ^with the Mid-\Vest branch ' ' Cross at St. Louis' Peroiscot Residents Take University Work " COOTEn, Mo.—Out of a total'of 8.293 correspondence and extension courses given by the University of Missouri In 1923 nnd 1930, 88 were enrolled in Pemiscot County, 60 of the nmnbr-r teing correspondence of the-™, wuss ui, 01. i«u«, »,«, nnd 28 extension courses, according! a view to obtaininf a tral , 1Hj nom . to n recen nnouncemcnt by Uni-1 ^^ worter fo / , hc t „ on * - yevsity authorities. Although more fe ava ,, able at a sn , \ vlthm the ihan 00 per cent of the number were taken by teachers, many housewives, farmers and business men were enrolled for the two cbsEcs of work 1 . Petlis, Jackson nnd B'.ichanon counties led in the iv.imb^r of e:-:t?n-ion class and ex-1 tension center .nirolimet, the an-! nouncement states, ad St. Trills, ] Jackson and Uoone in the corrc- s[)cndeiice course enrollment. . . - BY KODNKY DUTCIIEH i NEA Service Wriltr | I WASHINGTON, March 7.—Still a \ i fighter despite his 90 years, Justice \ | Oliver Wendell Holmes of the su-! ' preme court of the United States • remains from many standpoints I the most distinguished figure in 1 American public life; liis liberal I views still undimined by age. j His large, bent frame is perhaps slightly more stooped than a year \ ago and his physical and social ac- | tivitles are somewhat curtailed. But; I the clarity of mind, the forcefulness, wit and beauty of literary expression, the liberal human sympathies that have made hitn world- famous in his more than 29 years on the nation's highest court remain unaffected by age. Tlie arduous intellectual work o!' a supreme court justice appears ta be no more of a strain upon him than it ever v:as. Some of his most devoted 'admirers believe that the past five years have found him a: new heights of legal thinking an:: [expression, demonstrated in tome of his dissenting opinions. lie writes hi longhand, without dictating ever, and has always believed In economy of words. Thru Prclliest E JURE VOTE PUTS 10 EFFORT Jim Harrell, Wanted For Lcachville Crime, Eludes Pursuers. Holmes' and' anecdotes about t.iir. \ favorlle Photographs, while at the left he appears Jn his most recent picture, taken as he left the supreme court chambers nt the capitol Three Residences Pair Caught at Texarkana Returned to Osceola to Here Ransacked by Face Charges of Robbery Thieves Last Night OSCEOLA. Ar^March •?.--jack Morgan of Lcpanto and Prank Three residences In this city were have become familiar. Not so familiar are many ringing passages from his dissenting opinions from the high court's conservative majority, although they, are often fondly quoted by liberal thinker: as the brightest gems of modern jurisprudence. Here are a few of them: "Freedom for Those We Hate" Nfost popular and frequently rjuotcd Is his dissenting opinion In the case of Mrs. Roslka Schwimmsr in which the court majority bane:, her. from citizenship because shi: would not promise to bear arms In defense of the Constitution. Justice Holmes said: "Surely It cannot show lack of attachment to the principles of the Constitution that she thinks it can be improved. I suppose that most Intelligent people think that it might be ... Only a judge mad with partisanship would exclude because, the applicant a few days ago. Hammon of Little River, charged ransacked by petty- thieves last with burglary and grand larceny, Dipht but only n few articles were | were returned from Texarkana by believed to have been stolen. All ] Deputy Sheriffs Hale Jackson and three homes were entered early Baker Turner of Osceola last night, in the evening during the ob- after Texarkana officers had de' sence of the residents. livercd them into custody ol the The Bob Blaylcck home. 630i Osceola officers. West Ash street, was ransacked. | The two are alleged to have brok- A writ! watch and some money Jen into H. M. Swift's store on Lit - v.tre missing when the robbery i lie River last Saturday night nnd was discovered. Entrance was gain- j to have robbed him of practically cd through a window. I an entire stock of boots, shoss, grc- V'enerable .Justice Wi 11]Numerous Activities Plan- Broadcast in Celebration j ned as Part of National of Birthday. | Observance. Jiin Hari-cll. alleged robber, who slipped out of thn Mississippi county Jail early this morning had apparently made good his escape today, oiflcors .who have been searching for Harrell since his escape had found no trace of the fugitive late this •afternoon. The fugitive was arrested In Tampa. Fin., aboul a month ago and relumed lure by Sheriff W. W. Shaver. Ho is alleged to have been Implicated In the theft of approximately $800 from an aged I fanner, near Leachvllle. Two men, John Anderson and 1*010 Crlder, are now serving sentences in connection with the robbery. The manner 'In which Harrell escaped from' Ihc bullpen, where he was Imprisoned with eight other men remains somett/.ng of a mys- ttry. Eddie B. David, Jailer, and Floyd Sharp,-turn-key, believe thai the cell lock failed to fasten securely when . the cell was closer for- Uie last time' yesterday afternoon. '•- - . . : The alarm was sounded by tw< prisoners In the bullpen, who heard Harrell make his exit. .They pre vented the remaining prlsoher Jrom making a break and-summoned th .turn-key from ills quarters on th firfit^'floor. .The "Jailer refused t reveal the Identity .of the :pni who reported ths break. Investigation showed that Har rell had opened the cell door I some manner and slid down dummy elevator Into the kitcbe of the Jail, passing gut throug a kitchen door. In this way Har rell avoided going down to the flrs floor of the Jail proper wher Turn-key Sharp slept *ith a- larg German police dog also in tl room. The alarm was sounded shortl after Harrell's escape about o'clock but the fugitive, who es caped during a hard rain, wa I WASHINGTON. March 7 (UP)—| This city will participate In sev- Oliver Wendell Holmes, grand old j era! of the scheduled activities man of the United States supreme i for National Business and Pro- court, will make his first radio< fesslonal Women's week next week, rpeech tonight on the occasion of '; Mrs. Ruth Stllwell Holder, chnir- his QOth birthday. [man of this committee, has an- Thc speech will be broadcast at j nounced the following interesting mvtr sighted after he left piieon. thought that the 18th - amend- I 10::?0 p - M-. eastern standard time. ment should be repealed If there is any principle of the Constitution that more imperatively calls for' attachment than any other it is the principle of free thought^not free thought for those who agree with us but freedom for those we hate. I think we should adhere to that principle with regard to ncimls affalrs: Sunday, 3 P. M. A tea at the Woman's club honoring the woman that has been in business which' Chief Justice Hughes. Ecan ] longest in the city of Blytheville, i Holmes' speech to be given from his modest home here will be the highlight of a radio program Charles E. Clark, of the Yale law school, and Charles A. Boston, prfs- Ident of the American Bar Association, will alM participate in paying hcmnge to the venerable judge. radio tribute is sponsored sion into, as well as life within. | -J' the Law Review of .Harvard, The Bill Chamblin residence, 10i9 j cerics and dry goods. Shortly after West Main street, was entered in neon Sunday they were apprehend- a similar manner. Although triced by Texarkana officers who wired house was apparently thoroughly i the sheriff's office here after find•searched by the Intruder he did! ing Mr. Swift's name and address not remove any articles. I on boxes containing goods which An intruder also turned the Morgan and Hammon were carry- Merrill Jontz residence, 1108, topsyjtng in the straight eight Jordan turvy. apparently in search of > automobile they were driving, money but failed to take any-] The contrast between r. clean thing when his .search for cash i new set of license plates und a was fruitless, police said. i muddy automobile attracted the at——• i tention of officers in Texarkana and led to arrest of th pair. Tho Luther Pasley Draws I license plates were traced to the r . , . PL i owner of a car in Hope, Ark., about fine On Liquor Inarge; 30 miles from Texarkana, from Luther Pasley was fined $50 on a pica of guilty to a charge of pos- whose car H Is alleged that Morgan and Hammon took the plates when they passed through Hope. liquor for the purpose of i The men, according to their story. sale by Judge W. D. Gravette In police court this morning. Benard Collins, negro, was fined won the stock of goods amounting to approximately $300, from Russell Sanders, employe of the Swift $25 end meted out D 10 day Jail j store, in a crap game Saturday sentence for the theft of two tires , night, and were taking it to Ihe ol! and wheels off n Iruck owned by | fields to Texas, where they expect- j In setting a limit to the exprcs- this country. And incurring to the opinion that bars this applicant's way, I would suggest that the Quakers have done their share to make the country what il Is, that many citizens agree with the applicant's belief and that I had not supposed hitherto that we regretted our Inability to expel them because they believe more than some of us do in the and Cchimbia universities. CO-DP flFFIC Miss Barbara Moses of Lnkc Charles, La., haa been chosen as :he prettiest co-ed at State Normnl College, Natchltochcs,- -, La, —-and who'll, disagree with the .Judges? She 'plnhs to be a school teachtr. Proceeds, Estimated at $1000,000 Yearly, Would Have Aided Schools, LITTLE ROCK, March 7. (UP! | —A second and final effort to legal- i 170 Gambling on horse .racing hi I Arkansas was killed today when the ! house of representatives decisively ! defeated the Graham'bill. 'The original vole was 68 to 2C, but before the ballot was cast seventeen of those who had voted In favor . of the bill climbed on the 1 band wngon and changed 10 the'fruiks of Its opponents. A similar bill offered by 'RLV.C- - sentalivc Splnks. Crawford county, was defeated two weeks ago by an overwhelming majority. The Graham measure was offered the first of the week In the belief thai many members of the house would change their position If revenue from horso racing would go to the common school fund. .V Representative Graham, Lonoke county, father of the proposed leg-; slalion, told house members' Wat this bill would increase the soh'&oi fund coffc-rs nearly $1.0KMp 'an-';. I nually. It proposed n two per/cent /I (ix on the gross amoun't-of-.wagers'";. I and a tax of 25 cents oh eaclv'.ad-^v mission. " ~' : -^,; •';:?' Opponents of the bill condemned , it as an "effort to sell the Integrity " I and good name of Arkansas'for. a THEIR PROPERTY bit of pottage." Debat? was limited "toV30. mirU '• utes.nnd an almcu'phere-oriiitense;:!- interest pfe vailed throughout •' tiuQ discussion'. .'"..., '.. :-.:..".:'! >*••!• Goes to Jail to Save ; ; V MOBERLY. ?vfo., March 7 (UP)— O. C. 'McAllister looked ''forward/, to-. . day to n jail term as lorig as the length .of time he. can' keep secret ;' the hiding place of Ills pet bull- " dos. .. ' ' v . ' One of McAllister's two. dogs bit a little girl. Tho court ordered both killed, Police disposed of ona"-' but could not find the .other: . ' The judge' ordered the owner : Jnllcd, to stay until' the second dog vas. produced. . ',' ' : "I'll stay here forever before I tell them where my dog is," Favorable Winter Weather- Has Brought Painting 1 and Repairing, i j ' That local property owners took advantage of the moderate, weather during January and February to do much of their-spring painting, «- Allister said, "and even then .1; modeling and repair work was indi- j won't tell." cated in a checkup this week showing the expenditure of npproxl- mately $15.000 for that period for wall paper, paint, - building materials and labor. Among the principal downtown remodeling and painting projects were the additional offices of the Arkansas-Missouri Power company over the Farmers Bank, the N'2 1 Virgil Sykes, 18, Dies 7 at Home Near Huffman Funtrnl Eervlces be held Sunday afternoon .for Virgil Sykes,' " 118 year old son of Mr. and ..Mrs. | George Sykes, who died at the fam- Nearly 20,000 Bales 1930 CropColton Handled by Mid-South. The Blytheville branch office of j the Mid-South Cotton Growers Association will close today and re- unlll sometime In Mrs. Charles Waters. Monday, 10:30 A. M. Miss Althea Edwards will speak at the city hi7h school nn Ihc subject "The Varue The National Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs Places on Education". , . , Monday evening. 1:30 o'clork.i m ^ ct d ° 5ed Public Speaking class at the Goffi aSV^fllu^.^ ST"— U was opened las, Business and Professional Women's Club and Its Service To The City 1 '. Thursday. Miss Minnie Matthews will address the Rotary club re- phmlpSi cbsser . , vho has <e °° ' teachings of the Sermon on the jHope of Mnlc Hcil' to Im- In Defense of Free Speech I penal Thl'Ofie In Abrams vs. United States, a • l i f r iL T' case where five Russian-born per- pOimed K>v 1'OUftn lime. sons in New York were sentenced for distributing circulars protesling the American invasion of Russia in 1917, Justice Holmes wrote: "But as against the dangers peculiar to war, as against others, the principle of the right to free speech is always the same. It Is gardins; the activities of the local Business and Professional Women's club. All arc Inviled to these affair: Disap-' Frlentis ot Mrs - Waters, September, will return tq the main office of the association at Memphis until the office here Is reopened. The. local office Is the last branch oftice of Ihe association to clone for the season, all other | York store, the Central Shoe store, Henry Heldman's store, the new law offices of Harrison, Smith and Taylor, office of U. 3. Branson, architect, and Jimmle Boyd's Playhouse. While minor repairs nnd improvements accounted for much of the total ssient, several houses have been newly painted, Including t!:e recently constructed Church of trie Nazarene on South Second street. Local lumber yard and paint shop managers were agreed that duriii!; the next two months, provided there ls favorable weather, an ev»n more substantial Increase will be noted in this type of work. i r , branches having been closed some 'bettwh'niE ago- known a.s "Mother Waters", are especially urged to Join with the organization members In paying tribute to her. Miss Cora Lee Baldridge Is chairman of this affair. t . " Tirp-rinl Maternity Villa today. her fourth d.icshter. leavini ihc| Jai:ane=e Emslrc without a mala; heiv npparrnt, I The baby W.T barn at 10:02 P.I l'sl Negro Quartet TIP;I <•<• »• Will blVC Alf office was opened last, fall It was originally planned to close the office In January but continued business kept tho office here active through February and Into March. Although the co-operative offlO here was assured when 10.000 bales were pledged to the organization, Plans Made for Dean Services Tomorrow ily home near Huffman yesterday . morning. Death resultrd from Complications following an attack of pneumonia. Interment will be made at the. Huffman cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking company Is In charge of arrangements. The deceased Is survived by his parents, three sisteis and five Brothers. Funcr/I services be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock for Great Britain's Railroad Tracks 51.QOG Miles Long LONDON. (UP)—There are 51,000 miles of single railroad track in Great Britain which cost ever $30,000,000 per annum to maintan, opart from renewals. Between 1.200 and 1,300 miles of track are renewed anually. Nearly 210.000 tons of rails, 4,- 50C.CCO sleepers and 2.003.000 tons Cecil Dean, who succumbed at the °[ b f lla ^ " e rft , <lu ! rcd ln Blytheville hospital ye^.y " officiate. Interment v.-ill be made only the present danger of Imm;- j &'• The Imperial child weighted 7U | The boys quartet of the Armorel dlatc evil or an attempt to brlnj It about that warrants Congress Carl Christian. jed to open a business. Charges of fighting against Lillte' Sanders, according to his state- Mao Robinson and George Fcrgn- i ment, was attending a neighborhood son were continued. Tlie two are' party on Little River Saturday negroes. , night when the store was broken Into and the goods stolen. The men, who are lodged In the Osceola jail, will be tried before r !• .• n/j ,: Justice O. L. Waddell of Osceola Evangelistic Effort learly next week. Ministers Planning The Ministers Alliance will meet! nt the First Presbyterian church • WOMEN WEARING COTTON CLARKSDALE, Miss. IUP)— Wo- Mor.ciay morning, 11 o'clock, when!men and girls In the rich Miuls- plans (or an evangelistic campaign' sjppl >cotton delta are wearing cot- among the protestant churchfs ton dresses to Increase the con- of the city will be formulated. This sumption and demand for that campaign Is to begin March 22. I product. rounds nr.d was 49 crntimeiers in! Negro school will broadcast from height. Mother and daughter were, station KB7M. Paragould, Sun- rerrrkd doing well. FoFr the fourth time the hopes of nil Japan for an heir were unfulfilled. The desire for n boy was shared by the Imperial housc- ciav aflerncon, 4:15 o'clock. This group has appeared frequently at public affairs recently. They Raekctcered In Fgypl hold, where n boy might te reared; CHICAGO. (UP)— RacXetccrins to eventually succeed his father.' i n ancient Egypt has been revealed Emneror Hlrchlto r>s the 12oth through mummy exhibits, et the slon of opinion where prlvat: right. 1 ; are not concerned . . . Wh;n men have realized that time has upsel many fighting faiths, they may come to believe even more than they believe the i foundations of their own conduct that the ultimate good desired Is better reached by free trade In Ideas—that the best test of truth Is the only ground upon which 1 Elaborate ceremonies were car-' arms and lees of many of the ell their wishes safely can be carried out. That, at any rate, is the theory of our Constitution, It Is an experiment, as all life Is an experlmenl." In an opinion from the majority , J t u . v«»*t.inn,, 11IIV1 lUVllL >. Ill W 1LI11U.J settlement has been made through at Elmwood ccmct ery. Funeral than ••"•" *-'- '--"-"i.-™'" I plans nre in chnr * e °' f thc Cobb 3,000 which settlement was made through 16,500 bale. Approximately | ^dert a king" company, hales were classed here for Th . ,„„",„, '„, ' the Memphis office, running the total of bales handled through this office to close to 20,000. .WEATHER ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy, colder In the cast portion with freez- emperor In thc unbroken line of de- Field Museum X-Ray photographs ln ? or lower temperatures tonight •Tndants of Sun Goddess Amatcr- ot themummy show that the em- a ™rt&y fair, asu Omikami. ' burners preserved only the heads, Accotdlng to ihe offlc | a i wea[her observer, Charles Phillips, the mln- ri:j out weeks in advance of the eiits. To save excuse, the torsos of i mum temperature here yesterday terlh of t!:c child. the bodies were removed and the, was 39 degrees and the max irmini ..mappings disguised to appear that 66 degrees; c i oudv w i lh . 18 lncrl O f (Continued on Page Three) Experts have estimated the agB, the en "« b:xj >' had of a cypress tree growing In Talla-1 hnssec, Fli., at from 2COO to 2800' Sheep were first introduced in ' America at Jamestown in 1609. rain. On the same day a year ago the minimum temperature was 43 degrees and the maximum 56 de trees, with .93 Inch of rain, The following will serve as pallbearers: U. W. Mulllns, Virgil Williams, Dr. W. D. Orlmmett. J. D. Gracy. Arch Lindsay and Lehman Glllesple. :! Track-laying machines which lift ] | out, complete rations of nbovl 45 to 60 feet of track and place new sections In their piece are u;ed. last year a total of 1.705.000.000 : i: •tssenger Journeys wer? :nade over t!:e 51,000 miles of track. Coloradan Wears Same Overcoat for 38 Years Tests "Synthetic Air" '„ on Wedding Anniversary PHILADELPHIA, (UP) — Commander Slonn Dar.enhower, who will pilot the submarine Nautilus . "'when Sir George Hubert Wi'.ktns PUEBLO, Colo., (UP)-Believe If takes off fcr trv> northland, spent or not, John Miller, pioneer oradan, has worn the same over-j an odd way. tenth wedding anniversary in coal for 38 years. During most of the day he was Miller sold the coat has not yet O n the bottom of Ihe Delaware seen Its best years. He plans to! r i ver , where he tested "synthotic wear It the rest of his life. He Is a ir" for -divers with which he And when he passes on, his hopes It will be possible to rave son Intends lo utilize It. ! underseas men from getting The coat—made of chinchilla—: Cr0 mps was purchased by Miller when he! when he can>e lo the surface, operated a brewery in Leadville,' a ft er tho tests, he smilingly artmlt- famous mining camp, in 1893. ted" he had been wed for ten y»ar».

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