The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 11, 1933 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 11, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHflVlLUJ, (AKK.) COUitlEU NEWS WEDNKSDAV, OCYObUK Jl, 1933 THE' ; BLYTHEV1U,13 COUU1EK NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS C. R. BABCOCK, Ediloi- ;B. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager Solo National Advertising Representatives: Aikansas Daillef, Inc., Kc\v York. Chlcaiio, Ueti'oU, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Lllllo Hock. Published Every Afternoon lixccpt Sundny. Knli-rcd us second clay* mailer at tin' post otlke at Ulyllicvltle, Ar- kansa.s ur.d;T ,icl ol Coiijrc.-is Oc- .i.— loter 0. !31Y. Kcncd by the United 1'rcss. S'JliSCRIimON RATES By carrle-. in me City »r Blythcvlllc, 15c iwr \vcek or $6.50 per year in advance. Hj mail within a radius o( M miles. J3.00 IXT year. Sl.M) for six mouths. 85c lor llircc months; by mail in poMal y.onc.i loo lo six, Inclusive, Sli.SO |icr yrar. It 1 . nones bcven and cij;hl, $10.00 |x.'r year. imyalnV !n advance. Conic, Injlulitm Or No 't'lit.'l'x; is | reel"!!.-; It!lie seii.-e iu worrying jibniit the ilemand for inlla- tion uiils ss vvi' also are willing lo worry about 11 if t!iiiii;< that i-aus.ed Hie demand. Thai we ai'e Koill;: 1<> have stinii.'- thinj; like ;i linal, deliinle sbuwdown in inflation this winter is Invumini; obvious. Tlu: pressure I'm 1 inllatinn thai has. been ]iil( on 111' 1 \Vhile lloii.-e in I he last month nr f.o is only Ihc- lirsl breath of a jjalc that will break lonsrj wllL'll ClliUnV-S l-(HIVfll:'S. Ami lo ivati some nf the indignant outi'fic.s beinjr raised these days is I" j:ei Ilu- impression Ilial demanding iu- llalion is a ri'iinr ajraiii.^l nature. We are reinindixl tiver and over a^ain nl tin 1 doll-fill tilings that ha|i|»'iie<i lo Russia and Cln'inany wlu-ii I hey senl (heir paper up in Ihe windsloi in. Kliil; a |iiu through \iiin 1 new:-.]M|.rr at ruiidoin ami you art likely to im- piiii; an inltrvk-w with sonic L-wnomist or other full ol' dark prophecies ;||I || ilirc foi'cb'jiling.s. » i • r All tins iiL'ssin'iism may be entirely ju-liliril. That, at Ihe moment, is hardly I he- point. The important thin;; is to realixt; thai the vlamiir for in- llulioii Uoi-s. not arise, from sheer human perversity and v.'ron;;heiided- . new, but that it prui-eeil;: I'rom the contemplation of wrongs which a Kient many people iiave dn-ideil Uiey are not goinir lo (.•ndiiix any lontrer. I)' you borrow a dollar which i.s worth one bushel of wheat anil liml, when you come. t:> pay il l;i;c!;, !!iat it _ is' world three bushels, you have been tt.V!>|!«l, and no line latl, about the .-anc- tily of sound money is ;;oinu lo make you i'f:el any heller about it. * f ^> 11 is precisely that which has happened lo millions oi Americans in the last few years. Deb! ha--, turned into a sell'-fiicreasiiij; .-nowba!!, and il has become a load which is just about Ion heavy to be carried any far!her. I'ayini; I'm- ;i tlrad horse is' never much fun: when fhr corpse (roes on rising in value beftnv you can ;;el all your payments in, you hardly van be blamed if you divide (hat the rules ,i Ihe u;:me oujr! : | lo be changed a litlie. Inllalion ni:,-,- i,, i^],,. i),-i-/l;i ,,f folly. Dill an e\en luflirr ]ica!; w-mld be light against inllalion willioul oll'eiiiu,' any remedy for idu wronjjs which iiavc iniide inllalion look desirable. If we are not goinjf toV.uvc inlhUion we nui.-t have something thai will whittle our debts down to Ihe sixe they were when we contiacled (hem. And il niusl be somHhinj; Unil will work. ---lirucc. 1'alloii. 7 he Presidential Vote \ he famous lame diu-k amendment lo the Con-dilution lakes elfecT I his fall—and a very j-ooH amendment il is, loo. Now il is reported thai ceKain statesmen, including Suialor Norris, who spon.-ored this amc'iidmelll, are prcpariii) 1 : lo s'lldiiil imoi'u-r one which would abolish Hie electnr:d college ;mil subslilule a fairer' inci!i"d of counl- inj; tdetioral vole; in ;• presidential election. Al presenl. if a eanuidaft: j;eis a majority of ihe jiopuiar vote in any stale, he tfcls all ill:'.! s!:ile'.s eleelora! votes. Under Ihe propo-eil amendment, lie would gel a iK-rceii'ajie of them et|lial lo his p; ivi-nlajje of the popular vole, ns a sample; In M'l'S Air. Hoover carried New York by a narrow nmr- jfin over ,A|r, Smith an:l ^o! all New York's 'jr> ek.'L'loral voles; under (he Hew system, he would hnve irnl '.'•'• and Mr. Smitli L':_. Thai Ibis would niak.- I he eteelot'al vole a. much closer reflection of Unpopular will is indis|iiil: ; l,le. There i.s only o)nr [|in.-<lioii thai :>ccura lo us: \Vhy nol, while we're about it. the- electoral-vote Imsinc-^ entirely and imike t Ii e presidential election a slrai(,'hl-oiit mailer of p rpular votes'.' SIDE GLANCES By George Clark Ld (76 Know All 11 needs to be empluisi/cd llnil lite (li.sdusill'L-.s Ol' lllr Seiwh: l>;inl;ii>j; commiUee.'s jiiveslijjiilion ;in- ilNliorUml, not so much lujcansi; lliey <K-e»>ii>n;illy ivvenl uiiclhk-iii iicliuiis l>y men in high [Mwilioiis, hut bcL-aiiNC lliu.v give us an inxiglil inln Hie. wiiy in \vliidi forlimus an- jrilut! 'lip by nirii who give: MjriiMy very liUlc hi rc'llim I'oi' (lie motley vvliidi .suduly j-'ivus Ihcni. CuiTe.nfly, Cur fiisUincu, we rr;i<l of a banking house, wliidi orgiinixwl an in- Yc'slmenl trust in liiLM, olilaitiiiijr. fur SI00,000 stud; that later wit* viilucil (in till; Slodc Kxdi;ili};e. :il SjilXi,1)110.001). \Vi: read nf a banking li'iuse. geittin^ a ?H,(IHI),OI)() commission for selling Sfili,- 000,000 worth of stock, o|' a linn bny- injc iiive,slnie,!il Inisl slm-ks Tor ^') iTiils a .shai'i: and si-lliiHr UK-HI, htler on, for ^5f>. Thcsi; tliing'H, ol' roursi'. li;i)>|'etu il in lilt: easy money days, ll is iriiiioi-l- iint that we liml out iibn'il about Ihem. Not olliciwisi! can \ve nii(lei'sl;,nil Ihu Irnu weakness ol' those mneh talkai- nf bituni limes. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO From the flit, of t»e BtrUitTlu» TliurWUy, Oct. 1), 13J3. l-i-o Llntzenlcli reports the loss ol Ihrco line bird dogs bcuis poisoned by someone. Ifc has one left and will keep it in a salcty dc- po-sll box. Tin- Qiiannu-.s. n irlbc of tile tinnp lire girls, hnvc reorganised for thr year. Mary Loulso Taylor the, Maruucrile Grain Ihe KiT-rrtary. mid Juanlta Smith file- treasurer. Other members of tills tribi: arc Lillian lioyd. Minnie .-'relcr. Minnie Knox, Margaret Webb, Mr-Ion Dlackvi'll. Aleecc Ncl- . Anaboth Buck, Eiuin Ora- hain. Annie Laura Ellis, Grace (,'ou!;, and IjOiih El Dorado. Ark.—The Ifc-v. .1. W. Cobl) of liiylbcville was elected modcralur here last ni^hl at the cpeninu sesMon of the Arkansas synod of the Pr<-. v Uytcrlan church. "You'll have lt> count n«i> mil of liml |>i>U'r hrys. y,y wife i!nc-n'l :i))iirnvv of .n Mc.sdamos Cnrli-ton Smith. Er- Hoc find Dr. Sims, of Hurd- rU<-. spenl U'edncsday in town A letter from Lloyd Slickman, R'cli Lnou'ti ytiiuiy man of near Yaibrn. whr> is ntlendin^ Hcnrlcr- son-Hi'own rolk-gc. -says lie is £et- '.ing along line in -school, having bti-n eleetcil president of the sophomore class. This Ls a good s:lart nxl means that he i.s pushing ahead there a,s lie IKIS always done at home und in the hifh school. - THIS CURIOUS WORLD PROPOftTIONS AND CAUS2O''5OCH HEAW LO&SES, , THAT THE. STATES OF HOLLAND FOUND IT NECESSARY TO ISSUE A PROCLAMATION ENDING. THF WILD « ONE O* THE \)/0(?LD'J JtOGT ANCIEIMT H \W6 PtAVEO IN PERSIA AFTER THE 6IRTH OF CHRIST/ JNatural Change in Vision o (.ionics With Atlvancing Age isv in:. Mounts t isiiiin.v Cditur. journal i;f Ilir. ilcdli'al A^sociatinn, and nl" II}- fcria, Ibe Hoallh IMaxazinc When yo'J find you cnn sc<: bj^- ter at a distance than elo,,e by. and the type in the telephone director, to be smaller ti'uii ever, it'.i middle ase has CU-IM Up on yon. For investigators have found Ih.u the e.u-s ivvcal the lira! Irmlcnoie:- 111 til'.- [MS-. lo complain uanirm is I ; hve some 70 ys-.irs. LJiu I lie tf-adenry ot various cells .11 dif!riv:il parts of tin: hotly is to :-ep!,ue thi-nwelvc:, at certain intervals. Tjie ei aline thai takes place in Ihe eyes -jflcr niiildk- a^e in- crcu?rj slowly but steadily to about CO years of age, when it rcniainb fixed. The chief chanr.e r,;,,ociaU-d with middle age is the h-tidency ID see nci?;. '.veil at a distance, bm nr;t so well ear:;, onieii L-^i.i «"l:rn IrwSi*; at objects, nrarby. But renter d;ilin;!l,y :;:' these changes in the eye.', are .siml- ]l art IbrriKlmi; iiredlo-. an:! bwkk-x-p-. Jar lo other changes takin: '.'i-.i ih-.d Inures blwrlii-.; hefore t;-.c:-,- in Uic l,osiy as a v'.'.olr. i-yc.s alum to'.vavd ovcniiy. Tl:i; lens"of tJ:e eye in the child rir..l:v.)|)i:i is the scientific Icrni. i.s olnslir. 'iiii.s facilitates accuiii- lln:-. miti:rar of '.'?.•• inutlntlon c! the cyi- Iu .see at vat. The term is derived I:cm ! rlrms- rii:-:tame.s. lint the elasticity minis it'.i'aniii'.; "<>i<| urn: 1 - a.-.-j or th- \ri-.f :;r.:dii.ii!v <.ii5ap;"nn "Main.- Tin: condition Ls nol n.wnli a<;i-. disease, imt it rriin-senU a yrart'i.,!! An Invi'sliii.ilur compare;! tin' chaise in i.iiniiiii tissues \vlii-.h' i?r.!.:th of life <;f various iieiiaii comes (.11 with h:::r:-asini; Yo;:r b xly i» a liviuy < which Kiiki-r, 70, Hasn't :ili»c<l I>»y HOI/YOKE, Maf.s. i.UI'i—Kicli- d Dlrlx. 70, has uccn a taker In llolyokc ftO years and all dunny -lint LiniL- ha.s tji'cn ^t'tlniK' lo hi.s E!K'(> n'ery workday al I a. 'in. lie became H inker nl 12 in his nal-ivc inniH.sdiaii. Clrininny. A TAOPOLf DOES NOT «.f?owrrs HIND LE&S £7/3S7~/ TBC .ARMS AND LESS DEVELOP SIMULTANEOUSLY; SOT THE ARMS GROW BENEATH THS GIU. CHAMBERS, AND CA^i^4OT W SRBN t»4TH- THEy BURST THROLXJH Trig SKIN/ I0 .|| Duriiii; the ."Tulip -Mania" in HQllunU, every Unie had ;i biiildlnt; whi-rc it tarried on i;s tidip yainblin^. auti inatiy ::urioiLS trades were made. One bulb of Hie Viceroy Inlip ;;ol<i for "2 lasts al wheat. * of rye. -1 fat oxen, 3 fat swim;. 1! fat shicp, 3 hotheads of wine, 4 tuns of brer. 2 Inns of biillcr, HIM Blinds oi cliceae, a tal, a suit nf ciolhe. 1 ) and a silver beaker." NEXT: What iii Un: wurltl's sondicriiminl city. 1 An elccti ieal itunnin;,- device i liinimcteralc cxpusua- to the sun lor th? .'.laiiylucr of pis:; i.s nov:! can rliii; on various skin diseases. i:> list.- in Hndii|K-:;t, Hungary. iucliiiliny a form of cancer. witi: tl;f tune when Hie in the c;,c came- nn. He found thai ] IIKIilV IICIIK TODAY linnnlrr. lia* f.illrri in lore Mtrji JO.MV WAIII.VC. |>rr(Cr M<-m»hi» JTlrl. Hnb h» come lo .HrmphU in conncclliiT) ithb M* fnllicr'ii mtv* »«-x*llc plnnl. lip JlrM IHMT- Jiw» nit n train itlirn »fce wan rrlurB- iwc rruni rnllrcc lirrn«»c n( lier H'.» KHAI^'l-m'nTNEjY, »otle-<T prirl. U M-licniTnfr lo irfn Ilob nwnr from ,lu:in. 'iiluaird ,>IH, Ji:HUV KimHKKr- l:i(. «on ol :,rr rmployrf. MIIS. 11.MI1M; in hn|irful lhat hrr two ilniit^lHi.i-N ,\lll marry tir-H flMri rhiir.t l« initlrd to a Knd«« Ir and, to vrmundc ni,h tu r> *"«. «hc arnnKrn In tinvr n Invllrd. Jonm QMd Iroh ae- nl (he hnt»f rarijr. The nrh- for a hr,r»Fliarlc rltlc fiat ?lippi:il lier linml fr.inkly Into. a-I( Pi"-. 1 r. T_- JJoli's. Joan saw Jiis liand cloL-o[f;t % ^ 1j\'3 ,3^:-;'.'. over Jiarbara's. just ,n lie bail j JOHU r's??jy vi'\: ; clashed lier own. What a fool B!IO i rt'.i L<'.'-< e vllxy had -b«ji, tcmlor. lliuijplittnl (liiiigs lie dii] into .1 romantic iinttcrn f^r licrculf! And tbcn someone .said it was one o'clock, lime lo begin tl'.c drivo back. Joan tliuu;: she—" Thcro Ii-i •>•,", (..'. • • Barbara T.H aro crazv al^nt bev, tJiie dlil not r-ur,-n f but continnciJ, "J tau't t tlial was yoinelhitio sorry, IJob. Don't :isk I [In be thankful lur. )l would liuvu i I'll try to believe the f:= sll yo'l r,i- ibcon unbearable to go insidu Ibc i sho is. I Uiink Mho iif Urribly a-.. ! house, and dance, to dance with I tractive!" ! Holi, Irylns to rcjcli him Ibrough | t3ob decided that was rather gvu- tlils wall of constraint crowing up liclwcen them. which tiax.L's tlivuuali a (Ipuiiitu • the [IIT.-OII uyos change moa- i I'.M'le. and al] ihe c,-IU of !!;;• b :-!y . slowly is likely to liv; longer than ! ' •ii'.in, i\iio h nK ftn rfdinK dome-*. OAUOAKA, pinniped iluwil in Hie .:i"i !1 'wAHV 1 |!;i.vr l a,'«' ra c'r,c'' 1 Vn 1 ,'! 1, ''Ouster, bcr bead companion- thruti|; Iheir own iiiclivjiiniil ' thf one in whom il'ese cliMiigcji ' come relatively early after middle ' ; If yo'J have p.iss«l middle a'^c . aim ycnr eye.- havebi-^uti to change. , >i)u should .sec n competent pliysi- ' cian as .soon as possible, [o secure : leiiM.-s ivhicb will aid vision. Ti;e : iU'lllieial -las-, letitr:; help i o t a t ;? jlhc place of U K . actual lens within jlhe eyr whie!i |-.a s betrun i/j fail ; hi iis ]>owr:- in limclion. N'uwaclays cyejjki.sM.-.s liav-r IK-CII . hiiprnvKl so tivinijiuloiisly [hat it | :s pnsMblc to ciilain u vjl vhirli lR-rn:it vision at dillrmnt dis- CHURCH EXCUSES liy <!to. W. liarliani .J.m -Iliat':. inv liii.-.lKHirl--'t!io-.t;h| v- had worKid ciiit an idr:il p'.an | • ...-^ n: Hie dime'! and hr |iir.s,- r ,in| i i : i " r ''- s . l "'- 1 ' which ;ux- al IJti- s:ime '. I'l nhiil hi- li:;il Ixi-n t'l'rl wis •*""'' s: ~''l'y and rotllfortab!:- •i'i-.- ui!i-l!l-.:"iit |>i-e:(i-ll- I Yml '" n ' ;<1 »'-<t CVOylnw., not rji- or fin liml nwii-r. ' " u!y nl " i'fm-lll your sl|;ht. 'in' "J..U-1K. Mi: like, .... ____ through llarSnrJi'M i^rrlrnKCX. Ji'.-in. Icalumi of Ilfi!,N nllcnlinnv ti» llnrrmrn. *1xyi inrr> Ihr o(hrr EirlV bnndi Iu acrrpltnc Jim'. In- vlrMInn to Hri^c ti, w linrT,nriir •>il,i,<cr nilh him. 1'lit^ orTrndn llnT,. .\o\v c,n ox WITH Tin; STOKV CHAl'TKIl XII eron.'i. Ibis frank acktlowlcil^cmont nf Joan's charms. He reaciKd over and squeezed her band. I'VK KYllom' alopt late next ably close, lo Hob's sboaldcr, was j inuruin^, strugqlin^ down in re-' ' talking aniiitalodly. "I ( do love • lays to he served broiled ham, Inil,' ]r AY and Don Trent le lo lin: harliccuc silc. oiiRo pai [ie.s. ilon'L yon, Itob? They • wafiies rc so informal. Von ^cl lo Unow'Timl witb drawn butler, ' what, people nro really like." "Wliat are yon lalklni; ahonl?" Hub n:ikcd. Jlc bail an idea that Barbara was driving at something inlrleiily nnacconlllably IliU Uill a. \VilS the way I „,,,,,,„ ^ Later .loan JDincd .1 croup for tennis, tt was a Baltic in \vhich she lirxl always cxrclh-rt. Hut Bob- was not Uicru lo witness IITT saint Pi;;il and triumph, climaxed H was an ! irrilatdl with her. , liy Jim's. "Ih.i stnrt! y.jn're ii;c open fpatt bcwc'J from the wood- 1 lUrbara answered easily, "Abunt : ''. Osl K ' r ' I'laytr l'-.c been in a Ion; " laml. stumps of trees, like buddlcd j Jim." bl:n.'k dwarb, showed eerily in i), 0 "fil.l fro,,, the big borfiro where wic,^wcreto,, 0 roa,,d. At oae "Oh." said Hob, relieved <ittl« Blamed oCliis siiH.i orrd m tl,c barbecue nit. A col- intere.l in anybody or unylliin^. j r«n.l 1'copl-. 1 asr likr clnidrf-n in a\ aliiiiB for .•-oniclhini; new. .- 1'ivniici M U . ; they will also lr.iv.,, il,,. Ul; , r ; ,.,. tear on ymir Wl-,- comi:iu [i-r <-.i- *ri"J |'-:IM:-, But lie"3 really capabir of a yn pas.5ion. Anybody wilb cyc-s can '• oce. Iliat." i "Yo:t mean -loan," M.iid Dob j Beer Drinkers Give 3.2 Their Okch Minn Ul(>i —Minii,!- n 'J '.! |MT ("'"III l^rt MionlUs i;[ manniiir- ii".i- la-i.r, the rlcvi'll •»cii.-s o! [In- Man. l,a v ,. ,,| T11 ,.,| on! CL'l.BII barrel:; up to I hi- lir.-.l ;:i)'v!-r]imni'. ruvcutji li:''-wers said Hot this w,t, i.lxmt r lime:, as much h';er ;is «;,-, ron.suLiert in tlir.. sliiic din in- I],.- r " h"fr days. 'I hr ,.,..,.' | w .,- li:rn;:lil LI ,c\cimr n' . —. le. Mmncr.>la. A !t '; I I*l»lty '!! enne, .- intelh:;CLil In (• II 111'- )i;x 1:11 •••OHM thai h L1 . al !., hi:,; lo'.d llli:: if !i- lo church ail i shonid luve ih.i V.-HllllI ll»l tllir.!: (•: ;:nvri .-la-ll :, plan: likal .lii;i--'i'.:,|-.s h" band- -plan ur idv;, nl h. riil.u- clinrrl, HT name w;i.s nol only .Mil like eiitil:^ \om eaki- you Mill had il. Id: i:!\nl him why 1-r i;i..| im: en k 10 0111' I'lll I'll-..sell Inr tr;>. and i:ri '.i: ;'i: t i ll'-lc hill .Tim li.i.-.: tolj Ihiil \\llrll wr iimv* [i 'r.rii- -.M- le old and wn: n i,m . r-li" pu-acher had tin- slatlitr nt lin:'.-.n l-in h iilKl Ihill Wf I, i[| Ii! -I .. ovi r raiher lliun ::y in ,v. oM Oilc.". 'i ouw WAY By William LET ME HIM INSIDE \sinw our ,v-%> P'ir^; steam- in 'Jie world established be tween a-ficl tfoboken., "The waa ttinilng tlic meat on fork. TTVO tablej were covill: Ini-.vh of sjlail, busc " of bread, liapcr plalrr. und;i r I ''Ycf," r-iiid Uarbara. "It.ncn'l '• .,', I a h I r :;—the ' J'ou nolfr-rd?'' Then, as hr. did not I j ( arranc--d for l rc P'-'* s ' 10 said Kcnlly; "ilnn't tbiiik j .'lin-r.i,- called !' ,,,,^ r ,,,, ,,rr t , ^* S , ..... » ' , " '"V/ "' "' e ant ~-» um were fnrjnci '^ ,''","'1 , (Ircenvillc for »* •'« co, , , ~, I"'"'" <«»•, "])u you J linii Iwkc.l :il Join. :li:::diii-4 in,[ f ; ,r a'.>-;r.-. i 11 ; 1 . about IIT, her f;i' I'liir. Win.:;] Hie bb-:e 1:l:iiil> [:er eyes sfiowed ,,„„.„„,. I(ari ; ahollt ,,,,„,. mi . k M f,,,,|" Sho ivii.! her dark e a w iiilc a fr.-.v tllllOB ; wilh girls win S'.'d n.alra'-l I rflionl aii'l like herself, "II. IMI'I. !k.b. -What would ;•„„ ,'"" "''•- l - lk = "rnnjr: s--.-rinii?iy. think it yijti Vnr-.v very lirfi i Al :•• -ln«,l a iv.iiiiil (,-iiine of In l-lrr, afternoen—whilo wr wcro ridiny;—• I b ;| d b-cn 'tivi-i jnj; *\ IK-H Ibrrc \\.i-, liraiij up ,.; nr , ;tllr1 j inl W( , rp ;,j[(i TI| > ,,ff in iho ""'biiin hr!i,-r In iio. VVJicllicr 0:1-1 CHnlcii'f You tan Imagine hnw- s<n'- \ '- 11 '" or bj-.t mad-: w> difTeienr':. liki: (liiik, l>iK>l.-. Id: wa:i figiilin^ an im- ! l |r '^e'l I w;>s when Oarol lold inc. 'f lhi.,>i;li( she was really iln-il." Itnli drovt; r.ilrnlly bill Uarbara jnltl ,-i-e ll!>- fieri! Ktl of Ilia mouth :,iy Ibal ID a slrl who bad ; ;in,| ^,1,,. si,n smiled. FaiiBficd. h'-r. Iu bete." ".loan , lo-l'il '. . .libt-rai'-iy ditciicd you for a man -Aficr a wlulc sle; :=igb'-'l. ,|. I "(If i-OUrPO I klrr.w, llnb. j'l.'l. lilt'. l:ul MIHII : Ii': :^avv lln-n: waj a. iliiTen.-uro In •]•••. Jliirhiua lliread lh.: rln.-k ',iil f"r a nil. ;nii| Ji,,in di c-x I]:-, kin;; nf lirsirM. "Yu'i -.-in. ll's y,,,, r il-al." Mir- I 1953= 600 people $u.ner football injuries in rush to £et tickets 1 l!"t'. jilej^e hrlp" me -Mill Ihc^c I'liiti--!' 1 railed H; Ih'Ultlll Sill: cat; ! - ira-.dias from Joan to Uob. \<:\~:; i \:~ ;1IT | r.-.ll ibnl a ti-rrlblo rijk in tclliim you :laii; I yjtr.ply couldn'L bear seeing !cul i>arii. Jim \Var-jy ou B0 sol , e OJ| |, rr . (lirlu kiur.v • , was lito a re;l-;tbinqs and Ihe lirjt lime I laiil ,. :il T hriglit. .•dcri! r 5'C' on Joan I knew plir w.i; ill", i r ^, t? p-- 'ivho wouldn't ilirt openly but ' was no*, nearly a"! nulvc. :M yo'i . ~ Joan, sHid Jim. n , c ,, K | lt Phc wa ,. oh, Bob, ' * ; hale nnT' f.iy part;.-, but .loan was On Hi- fir.-l lianrl .l,,:i:i r •l'..v. in :]. r iu-icat wa., il';l Vn.v b'h:'. tlob mi'-!'- a or • bill ami l-ail'Ma i>»-.-.*••!. y one : j V VV.\;; ; , f ,iy pKrt;.-. but .loan was ' "Of cour.'f: nol." Bob sflid roosh-. J" |IK L , nlv 011C ,,,,„,,„ ., ni) „., ;ji,],i R |j,, nc'.rr \i> rcmrnilicr U aj say. ly. "But you'rr nrons about Jojn. i,.,^ .^ .. )lc ihuucbi. i'a-.; f <M aU'J I' -ii nii-1 ,}ira i-oinlcd long allcVs i Bbe'.= nol lb*t kind al all, ParlMid. • y ob ' ../^ ',,,,, ( , ir | .',, ,\ u , . ta ,\ r .. "" wMi liir-iv knlvc". The slicks . It joii think slic ati'l .lim Warlicl-l | -fjrV;,, s.'-niu' T p ':ii w.-:- .-i"r-.>., '•m )•> b; iiscil by Hi- S nrtl^ la ! planuc'l to slay HIPIS i-lom: H-n ; ,| iraan( i K.aii." b- cv laiirr-l v.!,n,, > -. -I wi-urr;:. Tl)<: cre-vid moved ; <vci e "rvcr more mi-=lakrn In j,,ur 1 Coan , ail [ ,,,,. VI ,, nr ]ln ..,| ., w , ; n and plates were bring vasscd jif c: ^\hv (Iiry hadn't even met un- i co ,,],i rsejli •rrtillpd. Tbr; nro died doitn j til vt got licrc! Aod beside; JOMU ; co mct!i(r.s." ipr." 1 .!? into flnino a^.iln Q3 Mso'l Uko that—-" H'^ vi>h:o ro.i 1 :. j }^,r|,.,ra',- <vh «,...,:! was riled on. Th» tar- I "nh. for cou'lDcii sak". don't =ct !A In , ^ |,j,., I'CIVC :1 was riled on. Tli^ tav- I "nh, for gou'lDCJ-i sak". don't ~cl r ihe barbcciie.l} EO cxcilctl!" liarbara Mi'), "t'^r. baps 1 was xirous about i!. Torrjct .-.I>L Joan would remember i H.irbara nnd Bob, sitting lottthcr. rbarn'y carcjslns voice, her li&ud Hcb's: .inn. v t-' what I paid." . wrpi<- ij-ii-. n i-i" • "T will," Bob said. AuJ Knew Uc j cxtva Irl-k:-." I wouldn't, ILiUfli^rl ac-irii. Silence. Trees alon; Ilic rurol . -Ti;, nfr.iH J ly s u s?c5te d old-fish-' blghwar fljfMtis by in orderly sc- >bini bi-w Sliest blorics. Eurybixiy-. lurnei an* tKcaatpnsllr 'tic ilsrt jr^nr-. :. : IK lo Uiini ot au old thriller. ontllEt- ef « cotlat?. Eartara . A:- th« rn l5-ir|>-ir» mll'd out oqce. "I'm I moTcd clwtr to Bob. Ones rbc' •i:t unr blj t|ll^fr: Hold njyUletic4. 'I'd. I'm fii^htEnsri lo dp|lh. "Whlt'e thf. mttler,'' E?b a.-k-r-J ! 'III [kind!)'. ,l aol," Earcirs i "Dool hs an irfisl, BisL-dta.. 1 tls . ... : ,| E |,t re ,i. ,|ii| vpiv*. On; p,,, 'Ibsv s by bfi laihirn i;:'d :-iri.'I .-.jam . bi'l , mrr. My. A( "lin Ilin? I f^ rvck^-J 51 n fr:U:j! rsrl: "Eslh" • v :•!'.-:. .I-MIV" Ucb 5i llo li= Csnlluueil)

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