The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 4, 1937
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER O* NnnrwRAKv in,.-.,.,,,.,, «•-• t T F<«/ VOLUME XXXIV—NO. 197. Blythevllle Courier BlythevlUo Herald Blytheville Dully News Mississippi valley Leader NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI THURSDAY, NOVKJIHIOIl •), 1!):!7 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS EFARM Engineer of Panama Limit ed Is Also In Critica Condition BATESVILLE, Miss., Nov. 4 (UP —The manvled body of j. p. white 48, of Memphis, fireman on th crack Panama Limited all-puiltna train of the Illinois Central, «• taken today from beneath th wreckage of the engine. White's body wns recovered wlie a meeker arrived from Alcmphl and lifted the locomotive from th ground. White was trapped when th engine, two express cars and a ca filled with race horses were strewn along the torn trackage after th flyer plowed Into stray cattle. I was believed he was killed instantly Charles Barnett, also of Mem phis, veteran engineer of forty yea' service with the Illinois central suffered critical Injuries and wa rushed lo a Memphis hospital. One arm was entirely severed from his body and he was binned .severely. Disrupts Communication The train tore through the tele phone and telegraph lines tha parallel the right, of way. disrupt- communication hours. for scvcra The Panama Limited was enroute from Chicago to New Orleans anc carried, only pullmnns in additioi: to the express cars. None of the Pullmans left the rails and passengers suffered only minor bruises. The train left Memphis at 12:30 am. and the derailment occurred about an .hour later. The passengers, Jarred from their berths, huddled about fires built by the tracks engine arrived to'pull the •cars-back'to Memphis,, where the j were to lie rerouted. —The rice' horses, enroute -from Chicago to the New Orleans • track were owned by c. E. Davidson of Maryvllle, Mo. At least three of them -were killed and It was reported severaKothers suffered injuries and may have to be de strayed. Cooner Held To Await Circuit Court Prosecution John Cooiier, 21 year old fanner of a Chapman Dewey form at West Ridge, was bound over to await prosecution in circuit criminal court on a murder charge after waivinz preliminary hearing before Magistrate W. P. Hale, nt Oseeola, this morning, ire wns returned to Jail to asvalt the setting of his bond by Judge G. E. Keck. Cooner Is charged with the murder of Pless -Buddy 1 ' Hulsey 18 year old neighbor, who dfcd "early Sunday morning several hours after Cooner allegedly struck him over the head with a bottle. The families of the two men are Intermarried. Ants Reveal Rich Goldfield v BULAWAYO. Southern Rhodesia (UP)—Ants were responsible for the discovers' of a rich gold pros- pcc,t near here. The mine Is 50 miles from Bulawayo in n district which had not been prospected before. The gold reef was several feet below the surface and there was no outcrop to guide searchers. . ILL T€LL BY 1 BOB BURNS I believe we'd get along a lot better if we Just realized that we nil need each other. Sometimes .you see people that you kinda envy because you think they have just about everything, but if you stop to ln<lire, s-ou'll find out that you've got a lot'ta things that they would like to have. My Uncle Potency is a farmer down home, nnd one year he had n big. bumper crop but there was no market'for It. One day he went to the bank to borrow some money (ind the banker says "Why you don't need no money I" He says "You've got plenty of butter and eggs and milk and all kinds of farm produce to oat!" and Uncle Fotcliey says "Yes, but you come back here four or five months from now and you'll see the fat- cst, sleekest and the nakedf-st farmer you ever satf!" A. F. ofjL. Head Approves Cvi tici sm, Hits At Bedaux WASHINGTON. Nov 4 <Ut>> — President William Green of the American Federation of Labor today approved 11 resolution hy a Baltimore labor group - criticizing Charles Bednux, who will guide the Duke and Duchess of Windsor ou their tour of the United States The Baltimore Federation :n a "truth is stranger than flc- lon" episode, Mary Lp e Williams above, made the tragic- discovery a month alter her marriage to Ben ipock that he is he rbrother Orphaned 20 years ago. they were "ared by different families." Ipock lo work for near Springfield, Mo. They Investigated and erified the fact that Ipock. was ier brother. When they told [he ii'l. she revealed Hie .secret mar- inye, which now lias been •< nulled. slimmer came foster parents Jndispuled Profits, Estate and Gift Levies, Nuisance Levies Examined WASHINGTON. Nov. 4 (UP)- lialnnon Fred M. vinson (Dem., <y.) of the house ways and means ub committee, said today there is eneral sentiment among his group or relieving the "sufferings nnd nrdshlps" caused by the undistrlb- ted profits tax. Vinson said afUr the initial •ieetlng- of his group, which Is tudylmr general tax revision that mong the taxes that will be stud- ed for possible changes. In addi- oa to the undistributed profits tax Capital gains ana losses tax- Estate and gift taxes Nuisance taxes. ' Administrative provisions of the >- laws also will be considered he aid. The committee heard testimony May by Undersecretary of Treas- ry Re-swell Maglll. Vinson said that if the revisions 'suit In reduced yields from some axes they will be made up In other ays, out, he added: "It Is not our purpose to brinf i added revenue in excess of the itimates that the present revenue ws would yield. In this position B arc in conformity with th c treas- Lnhflr, denouncing the duke's 37- day tour ns "n slumming- trip professing to study labor," adopted' i resolution unanimously disapproving the visit. It assailed Bedaux New yoi-k industrial c:'.g!:i- 3er, as an anti-labor sympathizer and sponsor of the "si retell out" ystem. "I believe this typifies the altitude of labor toward the Bedaux system," Green said, "because It involves the stretch out system which is objectionable to labor." Bedaux was Informed of the Baltimore resolution at , hotc lissionary Gives Facts On Chinese People, Far East War There ! s only one mlaurnnt in all of China where chop suey Is sold—for the convenience of An\- em-an lom-lsts who think that ulsh is the universal food of Chlnn-bui which rcaly isn't at nil, according to the Rev. Robert P'lco Richardson, Presbyterian mlsclonnry to chlnn, who spent last night nnd today here us the guest or liis brother. K. M. Richardson. Tliis wns but one of Hie amus- i; incidents of Chinese life which He told In his tiilk at the prayer meeting sen-Ice of the First Pies- byterirm church last night llnc | at he Rotary club lunehcou meeting 'nnrtv ^ today. liis accounts of the undeclared war In China, Die life of the Chinese people mid of the Americans -vho reside In th c orient were so The Rev. Mr. Hlchardson Is not Pious type nirui who has sacrl- ned his life nnd that of hts fam- ly for his calling. He is a hand- Mr. Hlclmrdson has ••"• iiLi-nni-uson lias a complete jili'luri- of Ilio war mid the m .|i(., Mile- hprcccded Hie aclunl il K ]>t- 'Wltat ? nswc ''" f? lho 'HKull [,\ lit'tnf ,1 , ' , "i mm, mat Jiipan wnnts i •Jlsimted leiulei'shlp in Asia, lo "be wciire from mii-slde nttncks nnd U1JH.S ,i SWWt , IMtkvi m C|1|l . a or tift good-i, To oblnln these • Hugs, she must hure china, with Its nlmosl 500.000,000 people and 'I* rli'li undeveloped resources ol M,t I.. ". "" ll °""' r minerals. Chinas subjugutlon would mov "'ore ui-miis hi a war with Russia, winch seems certain to come. | nd n market for her goods, mid e resources will glv c Japan mon- ncedcd lo contlmii' her ambl- tion fo. "Moifroe Doctrine of some man of years with York Cotton NEW YORK. Nov. 4 (UP)-Cot- n closed steady. open high low close an. ar. ul. ct. 761 761 767 771 777 78S 767 765 771 777 782 793 758 758 7Q4 770 774 785 764 765 769 775 7SO 790 Spots closed steady at 779. off 2. Vew Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 4 (up)_ otlon futures rallied today to close eady, down four and five points ec. an. ar. ay ul. . •cl. open 769 767 774 782 783 792 high 777 772 779 784 790 797 low close 766 767 771 775 780 791 773 772 778 7B2 797 797 Spots closed qnlt.4 ai, 773. oft 4. Spot Average Is 7.65 The average price of 7-8 Inch Iddling cotton on the 10 spot arket today was 7.65. thc Blylhe- .. lle Boacd of Trade reported. suite here nnd shrugged off th n-fticlsm. "1 am working with and for sc many labor unions in so man countries," lie said, "that 1 vc gret that the Baltimore union tha made these remarks has not sufficiently studied the situation i. make use of It too." Officials of the Committee fo Industrial Organization, while refusing to be quoted, snld the attitude of their organization on th^ Bedaux system was "well known.' May Curtail Trip WASHINGTON, Nov. 4. (UP) — Bitter labor criticism of the Duk of Windsor's' American tour as "slumnilng 'trip" and censure o his American, guide today brougli the possibility the former British ruler might curtail his trip. Tht criticism recalled an Implied threa that the trip "might be curlnllcri. The suggestion -was dropped b> Charles Bedaux, New York effl clency expert, who will guide the duke. "If the radical press are inclined Bedaux told reporters: "I the radical press are Inclined lo butcher me I ivouid suggest that they wait until half the :cur is over because I would like to see the lour completed." Bednux, personally under criticism for his system of industrial efficiency, conferred over trans- Atlantlc telephone with the duke todaj- after being informed of (lie growing criticism from labor lead- At White House Nov. 12 WASHINGTON, Nov. -1. (UP)— The White House announced today h hat thc Duke and Duchess of Windsor will be guests of President Roosevelt sit tea *Vlday afternoon, Nov. 12. Mrs Jnmes Roosevelt, daughter<n-law of the president, will be Willie House hostess for the duke ind duchess, thc announranriit said. Mrs. Roosevelt will be absent from the capital on a lecture tour. Express Apprehension PARIS, Nov... 4. -(UP)— Members if the encourage of the Duke and Duchess of Winsdor expressed apprehension today as to the reception the couple might receive In the United Slates. Escape Injury When Train Hits Trailer Of Truck 'Jesse Seeman, local drayman lid his negro driver narrowly es- nperi . injuries early today when 'he southbound Frisco passenger train struck the trailer, of a truck '« which they were riding. The accident occurred nt Joiner shortly after six o'clock. Seemnn «nd his driver, who were dellver- ng a load of com near Joiner were crossing the tracks eastward' when the train struck the trailer The trailer, which was torn loose rom the cab, was demolished. 901-2 913-4 893-4 901-8[ground. Tame Crow Becomes Barnyard Guardian SOUTH HARWICH, Mass. (UP) —Hazel Hickerson has an efficient 'wntclicroiv" to guard lier farm. — Jim, a tame crow, recently drove off a hungry hawk about to attack lurkeys. ' The bird's favorite trick is re- .rleving sticks and stones thrown for It to chase. Washday Is Jim's fun .day. It -picks clothespins oft , the line and apparently enjoys •81 seeing the clothes, fall-'lo Ui<? j . •* J *.<i»ij wi i/i n toiiiiiant personality who wanted 10 help in s fellow man and so •wunc a missionary to china- He expects to continue this work as long us he lives for lie oves China and Its people and Jjilnks he Is having n wonderful .time living 0; i n house boat ul least five days in every week ns lie goes about his work of leaclr- ing the Chinese. Having been, stationed at Tat- chow, Klangsu, China, for the furlough scevn years ago, the R<?v. '-f Asiatic people. He dealt at length. „„ the mi- deUarert war now In progress aim m-e. m his opinion. China will He guvc t |i rcc i information ""' 8 compared th,, . e tin t of China, mid said It wa remarkable that China has stoml on llic Japanese as long as they Ho opined that (f China been given five, ten or 15 , more years to Improve ns In the PM ten. that she could hnvc rmshed Japan |,,, o the sea and that Japan realized this with Although the Chinese people re•"».""* will lose, they are op- I mistlc as to the future, the missionary -sold, in dlsousslug their characteristics he pointed out that have » delightful 'Continued on Pnge Three) ther In Little Rock Fof Annual A. E. A. Convention LITTLE ROCK, NoT", vut .,_ Tlie 69th annual convention of the Arkansas Education Association opened here today. Approximately 3.COO school teachers from nil sections of the stncc were in the city for the meeting that will close Friday night. The association's governing body, the council O f education, met lo receive committee' reports and transact routine business. Sectional meetings were scheduled for the afternoon as well as the meeting- of the board of directors of the Teachers Retirement System. The Teachers .Retirement Sys- em's board during lh e aftcrnoo' wns expected to nominate candidates for three vacancies on thr 1st of directors. During Friday sessions the taocn- •rs will hear Gov. Carl E. Bailey Late In the day the election of ifflcers who will serve during the coming year will be held used Of Six YeaY Old Slaying; Six For Hampton trial cult s Hear- Missionary And Memory Expert "Communism In China" was discussed bv the Rev. Robert Price Richardson, Presbyterian mlsslon- w to China, at the weekly luncheon meeting of the Hotarv club to- •"av at the Hotel Noble. The mem- >ers and guests were also given Irst hand information on how to mprove their memories by W R. Buckner, of Denver, Colo. Japan's propaganda that sh e is Utcmptin? to stamp out commu- Month; Murphy, negro, the first or several defendants slated to stand at u le p rcsc , u lcrm of dr _ criminal court on murder es heard the stale accuse him the deliberate murder of Charlie Howard, negro, today. Murphy was ai-tcsted In Chicago several months ago for the slaying which occurred about six years ago He had been sought unsuccessfully for many years until his arrest occurred, almost by chance. Virgin Greene, attorney for Mury. Questioned stute witnesses n s to their memory of the slaying. Most of the other murder defendants awaiting trial are white men ncludlng Earl Parker. Percy shel- lon, Dick Chftmon. and Leonard 5nd Vernon Jernlgan. Russell Hampton, neero 'vas found guilty of reckless driving resisting an officer and public drunkenness by a circuit court jury late yesterday. The cases, all appealed worn 'municipal court, were tried Jointly. He was given two 90-day '»'l terms and a total of $125 in fines. The trial was waged with considerable v-l^or by ouposln? counsel. Bruce Ivy. district prosecutor and n. a. partlow, his deputy, coti- - tives , , that Hamoton and his rela- were constant sources of trouble here while Neil! Reed, defense counsel, contended that the offlcrs were prejudiced against the Hamntons ond were frequently "beating- them up" without provocation. N. B. Dukes was found guilty ot aggravated assault and zlven a S50 nism as her cause for war is rldic- flnB and 30 dav Jail sentence by B Jlous in the opinion of thc mission- I •'" rv - He had been accused of as- ry, who told of how communisi.. las teen disapproved of by Chinese eaders for the oast ten years and hat it was already continuously ieln ? -stamped out before Japan x>gan her undeclared war. He said that China had Improved greally during the past ten years under the leadership of General hiang Kai-shek and Madam chi-n?, members of the Methodist hurch for tea years ancj suonsors >f the "New Life Me-vemenl", who itibllcly disapprove of communism nd who have been a'ctlve In re- Its spread. sault with intent to kin. a felon* which carries a penitentiary term UDOII conviction. He was represented by Mr. Reed. Stock Prices AT&T 15ft 5-8 Anaconda cop 27 3-8 Assoe DO 91-4 Beth steel 60 Boeing Air 23 1-2 Chrvsler 70 1-4 Cliles Service a.i.g Coca Cola us Gen Elec aq 3-4 Mr. Buckner called off names of Gen Mot 39 3-8 lit 11! || OFIOSISTFI Farm Youth Says Comoan- ion Robbed and Killed Women EMINENCE, Mo., Nov. 4 (UP)— Sheriff Freeman Powell snld today that Lynmii TMpp, 22-yciu-olt runner hoi-c, had confesse<l to dilv- ng Uoiiglas Shedd, a W1>A worker to Uio home of liertlm and Ulllmi arewy el-Jcrly sisters found doac 11 the burned ruins of their furti House, yesterday. Trlpp, uccoidlmt to tj,e slieriff, accused Shedd o Xlllliiif (he women with n shotgun robbing them of &100 niiil scMn fire to their liouso. sh«ld denied tho accusation. Both men were taken to West Plains for safe keeping nflcr n mob formed on the Shannon county courthouse yawl here. Raymond and Bucl strain, brothers, and neighbors of Uic sisters discovered the fire. They told « coroner's Jury the roof wns fallin» In by Hie time they reached the dwelling. > Mr. and Mrs. Horace Chilian, they hoard an automobile near the Gregory home about midnight They heard what they thought svns backfiring of an automobile, but which might -have beun shots. Tlic mvejtlTOtlan and arrest of Shedd and Trlpp followed. A nephew of the sisters. Claude Smith, is county superintendent of schools of shannon county. Alleged Cow Thief Returned To Osceola Elmer Young, of Etownh, who skipped bond following his arrest on a grand larceny charge, was niieattd at BU? Flat,,.Ark., today. He wns returned to Osceola, where he will remain In Jail unlit the next term of court. Young, who was attested some time ago on a cliargo of stealing a cow and some geese, did not appear when his case wns called at tho recent session of circuit court u'l Osceola. Mrs, Charles A. Wood's Father Accident Victim Mrs. Charles A. w Wood went to Dexter, Mo., yesterday because of the death of her father. Andrew Anderson, who wns fatally Injured when struck by a car In front of Ills home Tuesday nlglit. she was accompanied by her two daughters nnd HUss Mary Prances Stacy. Mr. Anderson wns standing on 'he highway by the mall box In front of his country home when a motorist struck him He •lied several hours later at n hos- litnl In Poplar Bluff A native of Denmark, Mr. Andrew came to thc United States I when 20 years of age. He wns 70 years old. He Is survived by his wife. Mrs. , Slgne Anderson, and 11 sons ancllj daughters, who live in various parts of the United Slates, n brother In Houston, Texas, and one sister and one brother In Denmark. He Killed« Seventh Thief His trusty double-barreled shotgun over ht 3 shoulder, Jntncs Bullumore. 78. of Somers, Wis., is shown above In Ills counlry store whore tie'shot nnd killed in unidentified burglnr (lha lore's 'seventh) during on ut- temptod robbery. Wnrned br nia homc-mnde burglar nlnrm, Bullamore hns cupturcd six oilier robbers. Only the seventh was foolish enough to dnre tho storekeeper's miirksmiuishtp. Declares Leaders Should Give Farmers What They Want JASPFR, Ain., NOV. 4 (-ijp)_l, Scnntor John H. Bankhead/ (Denl., Ala,) ottered a. new cotton contiol bill today after criticizing tentative measures prepared by Ihe vnnlo ngrlcuUuval committee at Washington. IMnkhond charged that leaders In Din (arming ot now ' contiol legislation, were hesitating about 'Mug fai-miM's "the ktnti of legislation they nrc asking (or" and tlcclnrcd: ''Ninety per cent of the 'farmers favor a law that will compel clils- clci-B to get in line with tho co- •cachyille Man Victim Of Peculiar Accident Last Niglil Funeral services will bo held at .eachvlllo Friday afternoon for Im Honncll, 45, who was ln- tanlly killed lust night when truck by n truck at ^fallen^m's tore, hnlf way between Caraway ml Black Oak. Honnell, who wns "Unless congress passes affective" control legislation and If prices further decline the -whole subject will doubtless go Into the primary elections next year," said the veteran author of numerous cotton measures nt his homo hero last nlglil. Outlines Proposal Bnnkhoad outlined a bill which )x> snld ho would present "the day congress opcjis". "Tile lofia! imsls will bo control of marketing cotton in Interslita niifl foreign commerce. The secretary of agriculture will ascertain before Jan. 1 each year the probable domestic consumption and exports," lie said. ,\, "An adequate surplus or carry over, which may bo called the ever normal warehouse supply will bo provided to meet such contingencies as floods, drouUu, wars and Insects." "Tho secretary shall annually I proclaim tho number of bales needed to supply world requirements and maintain tho over normal -sup- lily. Hfl shall fix the number of ncrcs, which- according to ave-a<?e yield for the previous five years will normally produce the desired rtuaiitltv of cotton. .-. -.-•.••••"All the cotton produced on the allotted acreage mnv freely be sole! into the channels of Interstate and foreign commerce." •"-•.... Would Extend toana Bnnkhcad said lie would favor 1 extension of the present cotton loans until January, -1939' "because forcing farmers to sell their cotton . „ vhig ou Earl Kelth'fVm Uven ' cnt •L,,,!: CIVCllV " Ie '' wns | sacrifice.' members and words and numbers ivrltten on a board without hesl- ation as an example of how the mmiory may be trained. Other visitors were: Lee' Brown if Saugus, Calif., houseguest ot J. L fjeech, the Rev, George w. Paterson, Christian ••• minister from Stuttgart, Ark., H. M. Scott of Tula, Okla., Oma Caiieer: of Montebello. Calif., and E. M,"Rlchardxon, brother of the missionary. Int Harvest 71 1-2 Montgomery Ward 33 5-8 N Y Central 19 1-3 Packard 53-4 Phillips Pet 45 1-4 Radio , . 7 1.4 Schenley DIst '... 29 1-4 Simmons 24 3-4 Socony Vac 15 5-8 Std 01! N J 50 Texas corp , «'l-2 U S Smelt 64 1-2 u s ate«i 57 3-a Eugene F. Still Plymouth Paper's Feature Subject Ku«cnn p. still, formerly ol this city and now of Plymouth. N. C. was the subject of a future story In Ihe newspaper of his city this week. Under a title of "Man, of the Week", Mr. Still was pointed out as one of the leading citizens of Plymouth. Mr. still, who Is president of the Plymouth Box and Panel company, which he leased In "»3 r,fu>r the Chicago Mill closed the plant (where he had been office manager for three years), Is also president of the newly organized Uons club there, the Building and Loan Association which Is sponsored by the Ltons club, and In 193-1 and '35 was chairman of the Plymouth school board. Mr. still lived In Blytheville for several years and nine years asjo- married Miss Eva Ruth Stevens, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. c. S. Stevens. When here he wns connected wit!', the Chicago Mill and Lumber corporation and was later transferred to the Plymouth office. Chiccifro Corn Deo. May open 573-4 58 53 !„„ w« ttfa 573-8 57 1-a Hl/e.i cured at Lcnohvllle. Tile accident occurred about even o'clock. Honncll was driving car which struck a parked nulo- moblle, which ho apparently did ot see becnuso of the lights of an ppronchlng truck. Wlien he struck i« older car, Ifonncll's machine kifldcd across the road Into the alh of the truck, wlileh slrucl; II, fonucll wns thrown from his car nd the truck passed over his ody, eye witnesses snld. His skull us fractured, his ri^ht leg crusli- 1 and ills body mangled by th" ntck, Honnell l s survived by h!s wife vo sons and daughter, his father' T. Honnell, all of Leachvllle fn criticizing the general . farm control measures now lietu s considered by the committee Bankhead snid "it seems stnin?^ Hint in » representative government members of congress should hesitate about «rtvhn cotton farmers the kind-"of legislation they arc asking for, especially when they are seeking to elve effective npnUciitlon to th« age old law of supply and demand.". °;'Tickets To B« Full Price Through Game Foitball faas who arrive late at ' ' J aley Field tomorrow .night for l| 'e Blvthevllle-Hopa rame w u] b 0 ^inrged the full admission price- ^f 75 cents regardless of how far 'he game has progressed when 'heir tickets nre bought. This an- louncement vas made by local •choot officials today, who said 'c!rel.s would be on sale throughout the game nt nil gates. ^ccordln^ to school authorities many fans have protested paving *e full price when they arrive Curing the second or third quarters. previously announced, slu- tickets will not be sold' at 'he gate, but must be purchased beforehand If the reduced student's rat; is desired. 591-8 591-4 581-2 591-8 banned. two sisters, Mrs. Freddie Tra:et of nint, Mich., and another sister residing In Rosboro, Ark., and inc brother, will Honncll, of .Vfacy, Ark. " Howard Undcrtsking company Is In charge of funeral arrangements which have not been completed. St. Paul Gives Grade " Children Bill of Rights ST. PAUL (UP)-Ptiplls are going to school under a n;\v dea> in St. Paul this year winch spares them the old-fashioned spank- 'ngs, dusting the erasers and stay- Ing In at recess nnd after school Under a new cods adopted by St. Paul department of education, the youngsters nnd themselves free of many of the disciplinary nuthcds used in the post. Says the code, In part: "Teachers shall control (hem- selves In the presence of pupiir and shall avoid scolding, nagging, nnd use of harsh or violent Ian- gunge." And if the teacher reaches for the strap or ruler, Willie can raise his hand and quote: "Under no condition should the teacher or principal be permitted to resort to corporal punishment." The rules now will prohibit teachers from keeping students during recess or after school— longer than 15 minutes The child, on the other hand, " lgllt ' lowwt faces R handicap himself. The big The maximum temperature here which one time placed! yesterday >was 60, minimum 31, clear' favor, now Is ta-| according to Samuel P. l-Jorrls, of-' from students are; clal vreather observer. Last night 1 Ihe tonpe/ature dropped to 24, G.COO worms to Catch 63 Fish DEAL, Kent. Eng. (Up) — At a fishing- competition here. 279 children caught 63 fish, wei^hlr,-? CO pounds, as well as numerous crabs and stafflsh. They used more than 6.COO worms and bushels of cockles as bait, und consumed 1.250 buns, 100 pounds of apples and about 1,000 bottles of "pop." WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, probsu bly showers in west portion tonight nnd Friday. Warmer tonight and in east and. south portions Friday. M"'nohls and vicinity—Increasinz cloudiness with probable showers late today and Friday. Wanner to- 48 to5t). h nm boo. Gifts

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