The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 3, 1937 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1937
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVJtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NBWfl DIFFER Ifl BIG EIIFII III PEISI Annette Boldly "Crashes" Emilie'sNT'ea Party WIODNKSDAY, NOVEMBER ,3, 1937 Girls Are Found Fi^e. Utterly Individuals EDITOR'S NOTE: Tills Is (lie fourth of a scries of articles telling for the first time what science hns learned nboul the Dioniie quintuplets. The articles fire based on scientific papers read before Canadian and Anier- i* an scientists at a special meet- liij In Toronto. BY BRCF. CATTON -•VKA service Stall Correspondent fC"'ivriglit.,1937, NBA Sen-ice. Inc.) TORONTO, Orst.. Nov. 3. — The Kicnne quintuplets may look as inuth alike as five peas out of the . tame pod, but their personalities are already as different as Jive personalities can be. •nicy have the same heredity and lliey have been growing up in the same environment—but the result Is five utterly distinct little girls \\lio are already setting the patterns lor widely divergent character traits. If you wanted to characterize the girls briefly, you would do it about like this: Yvonne Is the motherly type, the most mature socially of the five. Annette is the social climber. Emille Is the happy-go-lucky .member of the crowd, willing lo rive and take on a 50-50 basis, She Is also the most self-sufficient. Cecile is the unknown quantity. Marie Is the baby of the family. Plain Common Sense These are not mere casual observations, bill the settled conclusions of science. They are expressed in a paper on the quints' social development written by Dr. W. E. Blalz, D. A. Millichamp and M. Clinvles. after these psychologists had spent two years observing tlie.qiiinls. During those two years the psychologists scrutinized the quints methodically to see just what Iheir social relations with each other were, The -way such an Investigation is' carried oh looks like hocus-pocus, at first glance, but when -you strip it of Its 1 solemn verbiage il,'turns out to be^plnm common sense. For instance, suppose that a study is being made of you and inc. I offer you a; cigaret; the iwycliologisi ' noles lhat I have made un "initiated-lo" contact. If you turn away and pay no attention. It's no dice; but if you take it, you ar? credited with a "responsc-lo" contact, and if you say. "Thank von, eld-timer." I am' .credited with a "frcni". contact. See? Watched Them Solemnly That was the way the psychologists worked with the quints. Sometimes they 'wouli isolate two sisters in ii play pen and make, a note of every contact between ' the two; .sometimes they turned all fivelcnsc together and sat there, solemnly, pencil in hand, to write down what happened. Here is a sample from iheir record: "Annette runs and pushes Cecile, who apparently ignores this overture." (Scored as a contact between the two. initiated by Annette.) "Then Annette pushes Yvonne, who pushes back in retaliation." (Recorded as n contact belv.esu Annette and Yvonne, initiated by Annette h n d responded to bj Yvonne.) "Then Annette pulls off Yvonne': )i"i.- ribbon, causin? Yvonne to cry, I whereupon Annette hands back tlie ribbon which causes Yvonne to stou crying and look at it." (Annette is credited with one "initiated-to" contact and one "respoivse-to" contact: Yvonne gets credit, for Uvo "response-to" contacts.) From all of this the psv.hologist makes no a b»x score, thus: An!•"'!•>• four "to-contacts" ilhre e initiated, one responsel; three-"from" co^ta^ts (all responses). Cec'le: one "from" contact (from Annette!. Yvonne: three "to" contacts (responses —- to Annette); three . "from" contacts (from Annette). Which !e:iv(. s Annette, for (he moment, leading the league The Way It Adds V\i .. All Of this may look Just a iillle odd, to the layman; but when such methodical records are .kept over a period of two years, and arc duly tabluated and interpreted, you do -' get an accurate picture of personality- growth and development such as could be obtained in no other wav. The psychologists showed, fcr instance, that Emilic lias about' an equal number of "to" and "from" contacts; that is. she receives the overtures of her sisters just about as often a she makes overtures to them. Annette and Marie, on the other hand, have considerably more "to" contacts than "from" contacts— which is to say that tney make overtures to their sisters oftener than their sisters make overtures to them. Cecile and Yvonne. hor.-ever, Emillo. the happy-^o-lucky quint who doesn't mind playing by herself, is all set to have a one-girl ton puny. Comes now Anni'tU 1 . the "social eltmter," to crash draws up a clinlr. but Emille pays ho attention. the unity. .She I outstanding- fuel vcaled by this '5 Dial they are different. "One Ililng is certjiln," .says Dr. '• Mate's report, "and that is that 1 these children do not fit into a shn- i liar mold of personality develop- j nient, mid that the variation inani- I rested at this age Is showing sl-^ns of wider divergence." Pemiscol County Legion ! Post Installs Officers' CARUTHERSVIL-LE, Mo. Nov 3 - Oflkrr.s for Pemlseol County Post of the American Legion ivej-e ! Installed us a part O f this pro- : gram of a "slum supper" here last iiif'r.l ul the Lotion Arena. About : ISO r.tleiuled the supper, :,l u-hlch i lime plans Mere made to have • ! die post represented at tile dis- ' irii'l Armistice |) ay celebration festivities, to hi' licld nt J;ieks,!ii this year. New officers of the » s ™- "?">• B- MiUloure, Canithcrsvtlle,.! and mwMnmeM study, iadutant; Austin A. Tilman, Cam- j Clarence U Malloure, chairman membership Ullle, custodian Legion committee. ™ ' properiy. AVOW THE «AFE' STICKER KRKIJ TcsliiiH' of Hrakcs, Wheel Aliftnmcnl, UtfMs IJKKORIi K"i«S to :i» autlim-m-d Sl.-ile Inspection Slitlioti, have us lesl your car or Inich (any make* KUKK OF OIAHGI-:, r(mfii'<|ucnUv you will know IN' ADVANCE v.Siellicr or not il'will p;iss the of. iici;tl lest. AIo.<( Modern of Testing Kqniiiment for Hraki-s, Lights, Wheel Alignment, K'tt-., is operated hy our faeloi'y-lrniru'd set-vice men. post t<re as Jack Dowdy, SU-cle, Pu.u Commander; Guy E, Mlchitt. Cnruth-j trsville. first vici-Cornmundcr; »>• i J. V. Mode, jjayti. u-conj vice- • Commander; j, j>. Del.isle, 1'orl- ! ateville. third vLe-Commandei- ! I. L. Fisher. Holland, fourth vice- i Cojiunamli-r; Van I,. Johnson, i ONKV MAKK FHKK. OH1VH TO 0[!R Sf .KOHK DKCKMHKH IH(. FOR US DRl'AimiHNT PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY rfione 810—21-Hour Service > Undaunted, Annette takc.s n scat and elve.s one to her dolly. Emtlie goes right ahead and gives her own doll 11 drink. Hut Annette wiuus to be reaches 'way across the table to «ive Emilic a cup of t?a. at it. So she nave more "from" contacts than 'to" contacts; that Is. their sisters come to see them oftener than they go to see lhr;r sisters. to miy advance mndc by the others. | picking up little pebbles and bits Furthermore, nil four of the dill- j Df grass— ivhicli, later on, she is dreii respond eagerly to Yvonne ' luite apt to transfer to the pockel , . . . , wllcn sllc "lakes overtures, when I o( °»c of the investigating «sv- of which means just about Marie or Cecile try to start some- ! ciiologlsts. who usually discovers vhnt you would suupose it means, thing, however, only Yvonne and j it only after returning to Toronto Emihe goes along on a SO-50 basis. Annette show much interest. Emilie | It Is Emllie loo who 'mis inn in' Annette and Marie arc chilly I doe., not respond to any of the dividual way of waving he," Mui others with the interest she shows i to say "Goodbye." The others -»lvc toward Yvonne. „ (InlllUly formal lut!c wavD . This boils down to (he "'"" '""' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' LIVER BILE- Wllbjut Clloctl—AnJ You'll Jump Out c( Btd in IfaeMoniiagKarin' laCg < Tho Ifvtr shouM [Jour out two pounds of lldul.l MR- Into your bowelj dnili'. U IhisUk lanotfiawtnsfrceJy, yourfooildopEti't air^L : It just decays in tltc bavvols. (3as bfuau uu ' your stomach. Vou i:«t cimslipaiej. Your j v/holc ai'stfm (t ?»oi3onfd anil you feel EOur, ! aunrf ftnij the worM louks punk. [ I.osalivi-s BVI- only ir.aki'sbirus. A mere I Lowe! movement dovsn'llrut nt tile ct,\i°i* U | takrs Ibmo food, o.VI Caflcr's lAMn Liver I'lIU to irH tl.i'ic lw,. l>nmn]:i of bik- llovvh\t; 1 fredrunJ matron r.-l"ui.imJu!)".Unrm- I kit. ti'nil... y,,i nmniini: in tiwkin/ hilc Bow ' tredf. Ask f,,r Cxrlrr'a J.ittlo UvcrPHb by Qam^. stubbornly refuse udylhim elae. Zle. n?eri"islve, and Ceallc and Yvonne ! sought out. by (he more along the •we the ones others. But there is same line. Vvonnc Will Kespinul Yvonne Initiates relatively the fewest "to" contacts of any of the sisters, but responds more often to the overtures they make. That is just another way of saying that Miss Yvonne is more'socially mature; she remains on the ouislde of tilings, iiivcr. thrusting herself forward. but/Is nhvays ready to respond - fact that Yvonne .Is the most sought-after of the entire group—and Marie the least. Annette makes a great many efforts to Interest her sisters in herself mui her own concerns, but gets much less attention than Yvonne gets. Emilic, on tlic oilier hniid, roes her own^sptt. Like Mr. . Kipling's cat, she IsMvilllng to walk by herself. She has a way of strolling oft in (he yard or garden alone, :rd in a>gay. flips her hand outwnr "Hi there!" manner. Watch Annette Most Anyone who has observed small children knows that they spdiirt a good part, of their time together simply in watching each otlieivTlie psychologists made careful notef-bn the way the quints .\vatched-each other, and came'-up with som'c' Interesting discoveries. • • Annette, for instance, is thc : 'one the other girls watch the ' most often. They watch her far more j than she watches any of them. Little Marie doc.5 more mUching than any of the others do—and gets watched the least. Marie has been handicapped physically, and hence —from her sisters' -standpoint--lias been the least worth watching. All of this is interesting to the general public, but it has been even more interesting to the psychologists. Far here are five children who, from the circumstances ot their nfrtri and rearing, might be expected to be very much alike; yet the FIRST and ALWAYS at HOTEL IffiLBCPRNE *A nights rest that's peaceful end refreshing-a pleasantatmoi- phere in the lobby-the warm glow (.hat good Food brinqs- the plecsant reaction that low prices give - these are the things tot make the Melbourne tbe choice oFevery.expericnced trnveler, J.K. BRYAN 400 ROOMS WITH BATH WAY TKW-WSftC/AL SPECIAL Merchants Plate, Lunch HOTEL NOBLE "Where Hospitality Is a Kfalliy." SQUAt STOOP MILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAME, SAW AND AGREED "You'll be ahead with a Cfievro/etf" Millions of enthusiastic visitors in the first twenty-four hours! Scores of thousands of Imyiiig orders! Thousands upon thousands of requests for demonstrations! That's the way jicople ara greeting the new 1938 Chevrolet— lIiK far that is complete —the oar that says to you, the miziule you sec and drive il, " You'll be ahead uith a Clitirolcl!'' Deeiile now to be kind to your desires and equally kind to your pockethook liy buying the car that bears the Chevrolet trade-mark nM of CHEVROLET MOTOR DIVISION Crnfrat Me for* .So/« Corporation UGTllOrr. MICHIGAN HP^i'SkJff W T*^"W^W WT 1 SUM. LlllJLEi Phone 633 Styling a* different ai it is beautiful, for (hii bigger- looking, beirer-looking fow- pficed cor. Smoofh — pawciful — poiT- tive ... the safe braScei for modern travel . . . giving maximum motoring pr&Tec- tion. (WITH SKOCKMOOF STEERING) So Jafe—so comfortable— jo different. v . "the world's ffneiT ride." r.'.llH SAFETY GLASS All AROUND] Larger interion-'-ligMer, brighfe/ 1 cafan—and Uni- iteel corotrwclion, making each body a for!r«u of lofely. (ha moiT efficient lionof power, ccoo- omy end dependability. Giving pratcciion agoinit draftr, imol*, win<J*hi»)d clouding, and aiiuring *aih paisenger m'dividgally controlled ventilation. •ON MASFrt Of LUXE MOIXLS ONL Y ral Motor* Tnttdtl/ w onttily pa)frsmls to your pufit- -< Cmtral M CO. 301 W. Walnut

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